GBPPR 2.4 GHz / 10 Mbit Wireless Data Link

What the heck am I thinking?  I have this crazy idea of adapting the KE5FX Experimental Microwave Data Link for 10-Megabit Ethernet project operating at 10 GHz into one that operates at 2.4 GHz, allowing the use of low-cost (sometimes free) antennas and feedline.  I have no idea if this will work, it's just scribbles right now.  There will be two seperate antennas for both transmitting and receiving, spaced vertically about 5 feet apart.

Parts used will be from old California Amplifier MMDS wireless cable downconverters, free sample 2.4 GHz VCO ICs from Maxim IC, an other miscellanous components.  Some of the Mini-Circuits filters will be replaced with their discrete alternatives to further reduce costs.

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