Informatik Journal

Once upon a time there was a hacker 'zine published by a couple of young punks from Texas. No, not Phrack, another lesser known 'zine. No, not cDc either. I'm talking about Informatik Journal.

While I wouldn't characterize Informatik as ground breaking, it was pretty cool for its day, and had a pretty significant readership among the hacking community. Unfortunately, no logs of the subscriber list were kept, and web access logs didn't exist (Hell, the Web didn't exist).

Here's the official archive of Informatik Journal. This is, in fact, the first official archive of the Journal, as it bounced around from FTP site to FTP site in the days when it was actively published. While it's probably not much of a resource for today's wanna-be hacker, it still provides a glimpse into the hacker (or cracker, if you prefer) subculture of the early 90's.

It is also permanently archived in the CUD archive at EFF, and can be found at

If you like, you can read the original announcement of Informatik Journal from Risks Digest.

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

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