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Napalm is an e-zine devoted to computer security, with a healthy
dose of music, news, and ethics. We are committed to helping
people understand how to use their computers more securely, while
still enjoying the technology. If you feel you have something to
contribute, or you need some technical help (professionally or
otherwise), don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Here's a list of topics I'd like to see covered in Napalm
eventually. Email us if you're willing to contribute on these
topics or on any other topic of your liking.


Issue 12: BBS List, Solaris 8 DoS, chroot, DSL     (Oct 15, 2001)
  Issue 12 Addendum:
    Litespan Channel Bank Pair/Slot Layouts

Issue 11: Remedy Installer Holes, MARCs            (Jul 16, 2001)
    HTML Version

Issue 10: BBS List, Shareplex Holes, Chaffing      (Mar 30, 2001)
    HTML Version

Issue 9:  IPSEC Tunnels, Sun Cluster Holes         (Feb 5, 2001)
    HTML Version

Issue 8:  Millennium Phones, IPSEC, AT&T Assembly  (Nov 28, 2000)
    HTML Version
  Issue 8 Addendum:

Issue 7:  IPSEC & SAMBA, Resource Protection       (Oct 6, 2000)
    HTML Version
  Issue 7 Addenda: (for OpenBSD 2.8)

Issue 6:  BBS List, CISSP, IPSec, ARP OS Detection (Jul 13, 2000)
    HTML Version
    PDF Version
  Issue 6 Addendum:
  Side note:
    A limited number of print issues of Napalm issue 6 were
    available at H2K

Issue 5:  Contemporary Telenet, Ethernet, Music    (May 16, 2000)

Issue 4:  Securing Solaris, Just Intonation, Music (Apr 5, 2000)
  Issue 4 Addendum:

Issue 3:  HERF Guns, AI Security, C++              (Jan 31, 2000)

Issue 2:  Quantum Crypto, VPNs, more     (Dec 3, 1999) 

Issue 1:  Onion Routing,, Introduction   (Sep 29, 1999)

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Last updated: 12 Oct 2001