FilterPro (TM)

(c) Copyright 1991, 2001 Burr-Brown Corporation, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Contents of this text:
Brief descriptions of two Burr-Brown filter design programs
Supporting Literature
Hardware Requirements
Printer Output
Printing Response Plots
MacIntosh Computers
New Version of FILTER42-- 1.1
This disk contains a DOS-compatible program to aid in active filter design and two graphics dump utilities. The programs are not Burr-Brown products, but application information intended to aid in using our components. They are easy to use, with helpful on-screen prompts. Just try them!
FILTER42 designs a wide variety of filters using Burr-Brown's UAF42 Universal Active Filter IC. This state-variable filter provides low-pass, high-pass and band-pass outputs. Notch filters can also be designed.

EGAHPRES and EGAFXRES are screen dump utilities that can print response plots on HP Laserjet and Epson printers, respectively. See "printing response plots."
Filter42 can be used without documentation. You will eventually need the Application Bulletin for circuit details. These are available free from Burr-Brown. You can request the printed bulletins by calling 1-800-548-6132 in the USA or by contacting your local Burr-Brown representative. Or, you can have the bulletins faxed directly to you (USA only) by calling our FaxLine at 1-800-548-6133 (use the special document numbers at the right).
Application FaxLine
  Program # Document #
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Filter42 AB-035 20036
Note: Burr-Brown's 1994 Applications Handbook contains the bulletin on page 349.
Send written requests to:
Applications Engineering
Burr-Brown Corporation
P.O. Box 11400
Tucson, AZ 85734

These programs will run on virtually all PC-compatible computers. To
display response plots, you need VGA (or EGA) graphics. If you do not
have a graphics display, you can still use them, but you cannot display
response plots.

On some keyboards, the arrow keys will not work with Caps-lock and/or
Num-lock; turn them off if the arrow keys don't work. Numbers should be
typed on the main keyboard, not the numeric keypad.

Printer output (text only) for both programs works with any 80-column
(or wider) printer. Printer output is directed to LPT1.

There is no facility within the programs to print response plots. If
you have a graphics screen-dump utility, try it. We have provided two
simple screen-dump programs for your convenience. EGAHPRES is for HP
Laserjet printers. EGAFXRES is for Epson-compatible printers. Both are
memory-resident programs which work with EGA or VGA graphics displays.
The appropriate program must be loaded prior to running the filter
program by typing its file name. To print a graphics screen press
<Shift-Print-screen> while the desired plot is displayed. If it works,
consider it a bonus from Burr-Brown.

FilterPro programs are not available for the MacIntosh. A program
called "SoftPC" from Insignia Solutions Inc emulates a PC in software.
FILTER2 runs using this program, albeit very slow. To display response
plots, you also need Insignia's EGA emulation program. The total cost
of both programs runs hundreds of dollars. Perhaps you have other PC
programs you would like to run on your MAC?

Various add-on hardware is available for MACs to allow running PC
programs. These probably work, but have not been tested. The
equivalent PC must have EGA, or VGA compatible graphics to display
response plots.

A previous version of FILTER42 (1.0) crashed on some computers. This
has been corrected with version 1.1. There are no other functional
changes in the program. Version 1.1 produces the same filter designs as
version 1.0. Version 1.11 corrects some minor cosmetics in the program,