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42? 7 and a half million years an all you can come up with is 42?! - Life, The Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams

How to Use

From within any WWW browser, choose OPEN FILE and select INDEX.HTM in the root directory of your CD-ROM drive. Your WWW browser will do the rest. Although any WWW browser will work, we reccommend a HTML 2.0 compliant WWW browser like Netscape 1.2 or later.

Screen Size

On some browsers, when viewing .txt files, text may spill off the right side of the screen making the files difficult to read. This can be fixed by configuring your browser's Fixed Font to a smaller size (one or two points smaller). This will make the text slightly smaller, but enable you to see the whole width of the page on your screen without having to use the horizontal scroll bars.

Compressed Files

Some of the files on this CD-ROM are compressed with PKzip. To view or execute these files, set the helper application option of your WWW browser to: Some WWW browsers may allow you to "right-click" or "control-click" on a link to save the file to disk. For more information, see the UTILS section of this CD-ROM.

Obtaining Netscape

Netscape may be downloaded directly from Netscape Communication Corporation at or from mirror ftp sites such as: In addition, Netscape may be purchased from your local software dealer for a marginal fee.

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