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Vol. 1(1), 1, 1922Forward
Vol. 1(1), 4, 1922A New Type of High Power Vacuum TubeWilson, W.
Vol. 1(1), 18, 1922Direct Capacity MeasurementCampbell, George A.
Vol. 1(1), 39, 1922The Relation of the Petersen System of Grounding Power Networks to Inductive Effects in Neighboring Communication CircuitsTrueblood, H.M.
Vol. 1(1), 60, 1922Philadelphia-Pittsburgh Section of the New York-Chicago CablePilliod, James J.
Vol. 1(1), 88, 1922Transmission Characteristics of the Submarine CableCarson, John R.; Gilbert, J.J.
Vol. 1(1), 116, 1922Analysis of the Energy Distribution in SpeechCrandall, I.B.; MacKenzie, D.
Vol. 1(1), 129, 1922The Nature of Speech and Its InterpretationFletcher, Harvey
Vol. 1(1), 145, 1922Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 1(2), 1, 1922Physical Theory of the Electric Wave-FilterCampbell, George A.
Vol. 1(2), 33, 1922The Binaural Location of Complex SoundsHartley, R.V.L.; Fry, Thornton C.
Vol. 1(2), 43, 1922The Heaviside Operational CalculusCarson, John R.
Vol. 1(2), 56, 1922The Physical Characteristics of Audition and Dynamical Analysis of the External EarWegel, R.L.
Vol. 1(2), 69, 1922The Theory of Probabilities Applied to Telephone Trunking ProblemsMolina, Edward C.
Vol. 1(2), 82, 1922The Relation Between Rents and Incomes, and the Distribution of Rental ValuesHelmle, W.C.
Vol. 1(2), 110, 1922Power Losses in Insulating MaterialsHoch, E.T.
Vol. 1(2), 117, 1922Application to Radio of Wire Transmission EngineeringEspenschied, Lloyd
Vol. 1(2), 142, 1922A Low Voltage Cathode Ray OscillographJohnson, J.B.
Vol. 1(2), 152, 1922Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 2(1), 1, 1923Theory and Design of Uniform and Composite Electric Wave-filtersZobel, Otto J.
Vol. 2(1), 47, 1923Specializing Transportation Equipment in Order to Adapt it Most Economically to Telephone Construction and Maintenance WorkKirk, J.N.
Vol. 2(1), 67, 1923Telephone Transmission Over Long Cable CircuitsClark, A.B.
Vol. 2(1), 95, 1923Probability Curves Showing Poisson's Exponential SummationCampbell, George A.
Vol. 2(1), 114, 1923Bell System Sleet Storm MapKirk, J.N.
Vol. 2(1), 122, 1923Measurements on the Gases Evolved from Glasses of Known Chemical CompositionHarris, J.E.; Schumacher, E.E.
Vol. 2(1), 133, 1923Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 2(2), 1, 1923Impedance of Smooth Lines, and Design of Simulating NetworksHoyt, Ray S.
Vol. 2(2), 41, 1923Practical Application of Carrier Telephone and Telegraph in the Bell SystemRose, Arthur F.
Vol. 2(2), 53, 1923Machine Switching Telephone System for Large Metropolitan AreasCraft, E.B.; Morehouse, L.F.; Charlesworth, H.P.
Vol. 2(2), 90, 1923Relations of Carrier and Side-Bands in Radio TransmissionHartley, R.V.L.
Vol. 2(2), 113, 1923Public Address SystemsGreen, I.W.; Maxfield, J.P.
Vol. 2(2), 143, 1923Use of Public Address System with Telephone LinesMartin, W.H.; Clark, A.B.
Vol. 2(2), 162, 1923The Contributors to this issue
Vol. 2(3), 1, 1923Transient Oscillations in Electric Wave-filtersCarson, John R.; Zobel, Otto J.
Vol. 2(3), 53, 1923Use of Labor-saving Apparatus in Outside Plant Construction WorkKirk, J.N.
Vol. 2(3), 77, 1923A Method of Graphical AnalysisBateman, Helene C.
Vol. 2(3), 101, 1923Permalloy, A New Magnetic Material of Very High PermeabilityArnold, H.D.; Elmen, G.W.
Vol. 2(3), 112, 1923Telephone Equipment for Long Cable CircuitsDemarest, Charles S.
Vol. 2(3), 141, 1923Radio Extension of the Telephone System to Ships at SeaNichols, H.W.; Espenschied, Lloyd
Vol. 2(3), 186, 1923The Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 2(4), 1, 1923Mutual Impedances of Grounded CircuitsCampbell, George A
Vol. 2(4), 31, 1923Thermionic Vacuum Tubes and Their ApplicationsKing, Robert W.
Vol. 2(4), 101, 1923Some Contemporary Advances in PhysicsDarrow, K.K.
Vol. 2(4), 116, 1923Transatlantic Radio TelephonyArnold, H.D.; Espenschied, Lloyd
Vol. 2(4), 145, 1923Physical Measurements of Audition and Their Bearing on the Theory of HearingFletcher, Harvey
Vol. 2(4), 181, 1923Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 3(1), 1, 1924Relays in the Bell SystemShackleton, S.P.; Purcell, H.W.
Vol. 3(1), 43, 1924Some Applications of Statistical Methods to the Analysis of Physical and Engineering DataShewhart, W.A.
Vol. 3(1), 88, 1924Deviation of Random Samples from Average Conditions and Significance to Traffic MenMolina, E.C.; Crowell, R.P.
Vol. 3(1), 100, 1924Photomicrography and Technical Microscopy in Its Application to Telephone ApparatusLucas, Francis F.
Vol. 3(1), 145, 1924A Clock-Controlled Tuning Fork as a Source of Constant FrequencyFerguson, J.G.
Vol. 3(1), 158, 1924Some Contemporary Advances in Physics-IIDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 3(1), 179, 1924Contributors to this issue
Vol. 3(2), 181, 1924High Frequency AmplifiersFriis, H.T.; Jensen, A.G.
Vol. 3(2), 206, 1924Design Characteristics of Electromagnets for Telephone RelaysMiller, D.D.
Vol. 3(2), 232, 1924A Dynamical Study of the Vowel SoundsCrandall, I.B.; Sacia, C.F.
Vol. 3(2), 238, 1924Humidity RecordersWheeler, E.B.
Vol. 3(2), 259, 1924A Reactance TheoremFoster, Ronald M.
Vol. 3(2), 268, 1924Some Contemporary Advances in Physics -IIIDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 3(2), 299, 1924An Electrical Frequency AnalyzerWegel, R.L.; Moore, C.R.
Vol. 3(2), 324, 1924Certain Factors Affecting Telegraph SpeedNyquist, H.
Vol. 3(2), 347, 1924Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in the Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. 3(2), 351, 1924Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 3(3), 353, 1924Electrical Tests and Their Applications in the Maintenance of Telephone TransmissionHarden, W.H.
Vol. 3(3), 393, 1924A Generalization of the Reciprocal TheoremCarson, John R.
Vol. 3(3), 400, 1924The Transmission Unit and Telephone Transmission Reference SystemsMartin, W.H.
Vol. 3(3), 409, 1924Practical Application of the Recently Adopted Transmission UnitSmith, C.W.
Vol. 3(3), 414, 1924Impedance of Loaded Lines, and Design of Simulating and Compensating NetworksHoyt, Ray S.
Vol. 3(3), 468, 1924Some Contemporary Advances in Physics-IVDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 3(3), 495, 1924Some Very Long Telephone Circuits of the Bell SystemNance, H.H.
Vol. 3(3), 508, 1924Vacuum Tube Oscillators-A Graphical Method of AnalysisHorton, J.W.
Vol. 3(3), 525, 1924Abstracts of Technical Papers
Vol. 3(3), 529, 1924Contributors To This Issue
Vol. 3(4), 531, 1924The Stethophone, An Electrical StethoscopeFrederick, H.A.; Dodge, H.F.
Vol. 3(4), 550, 1924Mathematics in Industrial ResearchCampbell, George A.
Vol. 3(4), 558, 1924The Building-up of Sinusoidal Currents in Long Periodically Loaded LinesCarson, John R.
Vol. 3(4), 567, 1924Transmission Characteristics of Electric Wave-FiltersZobel, Otto J.
Vol. 3(4), 621, 1924Some Contemporary Advances in Physics -V Electricity in SolidsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 3(4), 651, 1924Theorems Regarding the Driving-Point Impedance of Two-Mesh CircuitsFoster, Ronald M.
Vol. 3(4), 686, 1924Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 4(1), 1, 1925Engineering Cost StudiesRhodes, F.L.
Vol. 4(1), 15, 1925The Limitation of the Gain of Two-Way Telephone Repeaters by Impedance IrregularitiesCrisson, George
Vol. 4(1), 26, 1925Practises in Telephone Transmission Maintenance WorkHarden, W.H.
Vol. 4(1), 52, 1925Mutual Inductance in Wave Filters with an Introduction on Filter DesignJohnson, K.S.; Shea, T.E.
Vol. 4(1), 112, 1925Some Contemporary Advances in Physics - VI Electricity in GasesDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 4(1), 152, 1925Carrier Telephony on High Voltage Power LinesWolfe, W.V.
Vol. 4(1), 178, 1925Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in the Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. 4(1), 184, 1925Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 4(2), 187, 1925The Transmission of Pictures over Telephone LinesIves, H.E.; Horton, J.W.; Parker, R.D.; Clark, A.B.
Vol. 4(2), 215, 1925Propagation of Electric Waves over the EarthNichols, H.W.; Schelleng, J.C.
Vol. 4(2), 235, 1925Open Tank Creosoting Plants for Treating Chestnut PolesSmith, T.C.
Vol. 4(2), 265, 1925Selective Circuits and Static InterferenceCarson, John R.
Vol. 4(2), 280, 1925Some Contemporary Advances in Physics - VII Waves and QuantaDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 4(2), 327, 1925Wave Propagation Over Parallel Tubular Conductors: The Alternating Current ResistanceMead, Sallie Pero
Vol. 4(2), 339, 1925Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 4(2), 347, 1925Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 4(3), 349, 1925Oliver HeavisideGill, F.
Vol. 4(3), 355, 1925The Loaded Submarine Telegraph CableBuckley, Oliver E.
Vol. 4(3), 375, 1925Useful Numerical Constants of Speech and HearingFletcher, Harvey
Vol. 4(3), 387, 1925Graphic Representation of the Impedance of Networks Containing Resistances and Two ReactancesCarter, Charles W., Jr.
Vol. 4(3), 402, 1925The Vibratory Characteristics and Impedance of Telephone Receivers At Low Power InputsCurtis, A.S.
Vol. 4(3), 407, 1925Some Contemporary Advances in Physics - VIII The Atom-Model, First PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 4(3), 459, 1925Transatlantic Radio Telephone TransmissionEspenschied, LLoyd; Anderson, C.N.; Bailey, Austin
Vol. 4(3), 508, 1925Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 4(3), 512, 1925Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 4(4), 515, 1925General Engineering Problems of the Bell SystemCharlesworth, H.P.
Vol. 4(4), 542, 1925Engineering Planning for ManufacturePennock, G.A.
Vol. 4(4), 561, 1925Irregularities in Loaded Telephone CircuitsCrisson, George
Vol. 4(4), 586, 1925The Sounds of SpeechCrandall, Irving B.
Vol. 4(4), 627, 1925Speech Power and EnergySacia, C.F.
Vol. 4(4), 642, 1925Some Contemporary Advances in Physics IX The Atom-Model, Second PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 4(4), 685, 1925Electric Circuit Theory and the Operational CalculusCarson, John R.
Vol. 4(4), 762, 1925Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 4(4), 766, 1925Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 5(1), 1, 1926Joseph Henry, The American Pioneer in Electrical CommunicationGherardi, Bancroft; King, Robert W.
Vol. 5(1), 11, 1926Correction of Data for Errors of MeasurementShewhart, W. A.
Vol. 5(1), 27, 1926The Theory of the Operation of the Howling Telephone with Experimental ConfirmationFletcher, Harvey
Vol. 5(1), 50, 1926Electric Circuit Theory and the Operational Calculus Chapter VI, Propagation of Current and Voltage Along the Non-Inductive CableCarson, John R.
Vol. 5(1), 96, 1926Some Contemporary Advances in Physics-X, The Atom-Model, Third Part, A Very Brief Recapitulation of What Has Gone BeforeDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 5(1), 143, 1926Some Studies in Radio Broadcast TransmissionBown, Ralph; Martin, DeLoss K.; Potter, Ralph K.
Vol. 5(1), 214, 1926Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 5(1), 219, 1926Contributors in this Issue
Vol. 5(2), 221, 1926Development and Application of Loading for Telephone CircuitsShaw, Thomas; Fondiller, William
Vol. 5(2), 282, 1926A Static RecorderFriis, H.T.
Vol. 5(2), 292, 1926Directive Diagrams of Antenna ArraysFoster, Ronald M.
Vol. 5(2), 308, 1926Correction of Data for Errors of Averages Obtained from Small SamplesShewhart, W. A.
Vol. 5(2), 320, 1926The Alkali Metal Photoelectric CellIves, Herbert E.
Vol. 5(2), 336, 1926Electric Circuit Theory and the Operational Calculus Chapter IX, The Finite Line with Terminal ImpedancesCarson, John R.
Vol. 5(2), 385, 1926Abstracts of Recent Technical Papers from Bell System Sources
Vol. 5(2), 390, 1926Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 5(3), 393, 1926The Power of Fundamental Speech SoundsSacia, C.F.; Beck, C.J.
Vol. 5(3), 404, 1926Extraneous Interference on Submarine Telegraph CablesGilbert, J.J.
Vol. 5(3), 418, 1926Neutralization of Telegraph CrossfireShanck, R.B.
Vol. 5(3), 433, 1926Operation of Thermionic Vacuum Tube CircuitsLlewellyn, F.B.
Vol. 5(3), 463, 1926Contemporary Advances in Physics - XI - IonizationDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 5(3), 493, 1926Methods of High Quality Recording and Reproducing of Music and Speech Based on Telephone ResearchMaxfield, J.P.; Harrison, H.C.
Vol. 5(3), 524, 1926Abstracts of Recent Technical Papers from Bell System Sources
Vol. 5(3), 526, 1926Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 5(4), 529, 1926Radio Signaling System for the New York Police DepartmentAnderson, S.E.
Vol. 5(4), 539, 1926Wave Propagation in Overhead Wires with Ground ReturnCarson, John R.
Vol. 5(4), 555, 1926Electrode Effects in the Measurement of Power Factor and Dielectric Constant of Sheet Insulating MaterialsHoch, E.T.
Vol. 5(4), 573, 1926Load Carrying Capacity of AmplifiersWillis, F.C.; Melhuish, L.E.
Vol. 5(4), 593, 1926Quality Control ChartsShewhart, W.A.
Vol. 5(4), 604, 1926Applications of Poisson's Probability SummationThorndike, Frances
Vol. 5(4), 625, 1926Line Current Regulation in Bridge Polar Duplex Telegraph CircuitsWilburn, S.D.
Vol. 5(4), 636, 1926Carrier-Current Communication on Submarine CablesHitchcock, H.W.
Vol. 5(4), 652, 1926Abstracts of Recent Technical Books And Papers From Bell System Sources
Vol. 5(4), 660, 1926Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 6(1), 1, 1927Electromagnetic Theory and the Foundations of Electric Circuit TheoryCarson, John R.
Vol. 6(1), 18, 1927Toll Switchboard No. 3Davidson, J.
Vol. 6(1), 27, 1927The Location of Opens in Toll Telephone CablesEdwards, P.G.; Herrington, H.W.
Vol. 6(1), 55, 1927Contemporary Advances in Physics - XII RadioactivityDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 6(1), 100, 1927Dynamical Study of the Vowel Sounds, Part IICrandall, Irving B.
Vol. 6(1), 117, 1927Radio Broadcast Coverage of City AreasEspenschied, Lloyd
Vol. 6(1), 142, 1927A Shielded Bridge for Inductive Impedance Measurements at Speech and Carrier FrequenciesShackelton, W.J.
Vol. 6(1), 172, 1927Letters to the Editor
Vol. 6(1), 181, 1927Abstracts of Recent Technical Papers from Bell System Sources
Vol. 6(1), 184, 1927Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 6(2), 187, 1927Developments in the Manufacture of Copper WireShea, John R.; McMullan, Samuel
Vol. 6(2), 217, 1927An Analyzer for the Voice Frequency RangeMoore, C.R.; Curtis, A.S.
Vol. 6(2), 230, 1927Analyzer for Complex Electric WavesLandeen, A.G.
Vol. 6(2), 248, 1927Transatlantic Radio TelephonyBrown, Ralph
Vol. 6(2), 258, 1927A Study of the Regular Combination of Acoustic Elements, with Applications to Recurrent Acoustic Filters, Tapered Acoustic Fibers, And HornsMason, W.P.
Vol. 6(2), 295, 1927Contemporary Advances in Physics-XIII. FerromagnetismDarrow, Karl K
Vol. 6(2), 367, 1927Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 6(2), 372, 1927Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 6(3), 375, 1927Measurement of Inductance by the Shielded Owen BridgeFerguson, J.G.
Vol. 6(3), 387, 1927Determination of Electrical Characteristics of Loaded Telegraph CablesGilbert, J.J.
Vol. 6(3), 402, 1927Automatic Printing Equipment for Long Loaded Submarine Telegraph CablesClokey, A.A.
Vol. 6(3), 425, 1927The Application of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers to Submarine Telegraph CablesCurtis, Austen M.
Vol. 6(3), 442, 1927Modulation in Vacuum Tubes Used As AmplifiersPeterson, Eugene; Evans, Herbert P.
Vol. 6(3), 461, 1927Application of the Theory of Probability To Telephone Trunking ProblemsMolina, Edward C.
Vol. 6(3), 495, 1927Propagation of Periodic Currents Over a System Of Parallel WiresCarson, John R.; Hoyt, Ray S.
Vol. 6(3), 546, 1927Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 6(3), 549, 1927Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 6(4), 551, 1927TelevisionIves, Herbert E.
Vol. 6(4), 560, 1927The Production on Utilization of Television SignalsGray, Frank; Horton, J.W.; Mathes, R.C.
Vol. 6(4), 604, 1927Synchronization of TelevisionStoller, H.M.; Morton, E.R.
Vol. 6(4), 616, 1927Wire Transmission System for TelevisionGannett, D.K.; Green, E.I.
Vol. 6(4), 633, 1927Radio Transmission System for TelevisionNelson, Edward L.
Vol. 6(4), 653, 1927Contemporary Advances in Physics. XIV Introduction to Wave MechanicsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 6(4), 702, 1927Power Plants for Telephone OfficesYoung, R.L.
Vol. 6(4), 722, 1927Quality ControlShewhart, W.A.
Vol. 6(4), 736, 1927The New York-London Telephone CircuitWright, S.B.; Silent, H.C.
Vol. 6(4), 750, 1927Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 6(4), 752, 1927Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 7(1), 1, 1928The Measurement of Acoustic Impedance and the Absorption Coefficient of Porous MaterialsWente, E.C.; Bedell, E.H.
Vol. 7(1), 11, 1928The Rigorous and Approximate Theories of Electrical Transmission Along WiresCarson, John R.
Vol. 7(1), 26, 1928Some General Results of Elementary Sampling Theory for Engineering UseCoggins, Paul P.
Vol. 7(1), 70, 1928Electrical Measurement of Communication ApparatusShackelton, W.J.; Ferguson, J.G.
Vol. 7(1), 90, 1928The Diffraction of Electrons by a Crystal of NickelDavisson, C.J.
Vol. 7(1), 106, 1928Grid Current ModulationPeterson, Eugene; Keith, Clyde R.
Vol. 7(1), 140, 1928A High Efficiency Receiver for a Horn-Type Loud Speaker of Large Power CapacityWente, E.C.; Thuras, A.L.
Vol. 7(1), 154, 1928Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 7(1), 159, 1928Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 7(2), 161, 1928Joint Meeting of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
Vol. 7(2), 168, 1928Transatlantic Telephony - the Technical ProblemBlackwell, O.B.
Vol. 7(2), 187, 1928Transatlantic Telephony - Service and Operating FeaturesWaterson, K.W.
Vol. 7(2), 195, 1928Phase Distortion and Phase Distortion CorrectionMead, Sallie Pero
Vol. 7(2), 225, 1928High-Speed Ocean Cable TelegraphyBuckley, Oliver E.
Vol. 7(2), 268, 1928The Present Status of Wire Transmission Theory and Some of its Outstanding ProblemsCarson, John R.
Vol. 7(2), 281, 1928Contemporary Advances in Physics - XV The Classical Theory of Light, First PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 7(2), 321, 1928Recent Developments in the Process of Manufacturing Lead-Covered Telephone CableHart, C.D.
Vol. 7(2), 343, 1928Bridge for Measuring Small Time IntervalsHerman, J.
Vol. 7(2), 350, 1928A Method of Rating Manufactured ProductDodge, H.F.
Vol. 7(2), 369, 1928Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 7(2), 373, 1928Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 7(3), 375, 1928Precision Tool Making for the Manufacture of Telephone ApparatusKasley, J.H.; Hutchison, F.P.
Vol. 7(3), 404, 1928The Natural Period of Linear ConductorsEnglund, C.R.
Vol. 7(3), 420, 1928The Measurement of Capacitance in Terms of Resistance and FrequencyFerguson, J.G.; Bartlett, B.W.
Vol. 7(3), 438, 1928Distortion Correction in Electrical Circuits with Constant Resistance Recurrent NetworksZobel, Otto J.
Vol. 7(3), 535, 1928Transmission of InformationHartley, R.V.L.
Vol. 7(3), 564, 1928Carrier Systems on Long Distance Telephone LinesAffel, H.A.; Demarest, C.S.; Green, C.W.
Vol. 7(3), 630, 1928Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 7(3), 636, 1928Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 7(4), 639, 1928The Practical Application of the Fourier IntegralCampbell, George A.
Vol. 7(4), 708, 1928Automatic Machine GagingRobbins, C.W.
Vol. 7(4), 730, 1928Contemporary Advances in Physics, XVI The Classical Theory of Light, Second PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 7(4), 762, 1928Harmonic Production in Ferromagnetic Materials at Low Frequencies and Low Flux DensitiesPeterson, Eugene
Vol. 7(4), 797, 1928Airways Communication ServiceCraft, Edward B.
Vol. 7(4), 808, 1928Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 7(4), 814, 1928Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 8(1), 1, 1929Decibel--The Name for the Transmission UnitMartin, W.H.
Vol. 8(1), 3, 1929The Principles of Electric Circuits Applied to CommunicationOsborne, H.S.
Vol. 8(1), 21, 1929Magnetic Properties of PerminvarElmen, G.W.
Vol. 8(1), 41, 1929The Aluminum Electrolytic CondenserSiegmund, H.O.
Vol. 8(1), 64, 1929Contemporary Advances in Physics, XVII, The Scattering of Light with Change of FrequencyDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 8(1), 94, 1929Ground Return Impedance: Underground Wire with Earth ReturnCarson, John R.
Vol. 8(1), 99, 1929Application to the Binomial Summation of a Laplacian Method for the Evaluation of Definite IntegralsMolina, E.C.
Vol. 8(1), 109, 1929A New Method for Obtaining Transient Solutions of Electrical NetworksMason, W.P.
Vol. 8(1), 135, 1929Acoustic Considerations Involved in Steady State Loud Speaker MeasurementsBostwick, L.G.
Vol. 8(1), 159, 1929Recent Advances in Wax RecordingFrederick, Halsey A.
Vol. 8(1), 173, 1929Sound Recording with the Light ValveMacKenzie, Donald
Vol. 8(1), 184, 1929Synchronization and Speed Control of Synchronized Sound PicturesStoller, H.M.
Vol. 8(1), 196, 1929A Sound Projector System for Use in Motion Picture TheatersScriven, E.O.
Vol. 8(1), 209, 1929Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Appearing in this Journal
Vol. 8(1), 214, 1929Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 8(2), 217, 1929Electrons and QuantaDavisson, C.J.
Vol. 8(2), 225, 1929The Predominating Influence of Moisture and Electrolytic Material Upon Textiles as InsulatorsWilliams, R.R.; Murphy, E.J.
Vol. 8(2), 243, 1929Purified Textile Insulation for Telephone Central Office WiringGlenn, H.H.; Wood, E.B.
Vol. 8(2), 257, 1929Telephone Apparatus Springs: A Review of the Principal Types and the Properties Desired of These SpringsTownsend, J.R.
Vol. 8(2), 267, 1929Effect of Signal Distortion on Morse Telegraph Transmission QualityHerman, J.
Vol. 8(2), 286, 1929A Braun Tube HysteresigraphJohnson, J.B.
Vol. 8(2), 309, 1929The Receiving System for Long-Wave Transatlantic Radio TelephonyBailey, Austin; Dean, S.W.; Wintringham, W.T.
Vol. 8(2), 368, 1929Oscillographs for Recording Transient PhenomenaMarrison, W.A.
Vol. 8(2), 391, 1929Contemporary Advances in Physics, XVIII, The Diffraction of Waves by CrystalsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 8(2), 429, 1929Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources
Vol. 8(2), 433, 1929Contributions to this Issue
Vol. 8(3), 435, 1929Magnetic Alloys of Iron, Nickel, and CobaltElmen, G.W.
Vol. 8(3), 466, 1929A Test for Polarization of Electron Waves by ReflectionDavisson, C.J.; Germer, L.H.
Vol. 8(3), 482, 1929A Generalization of Heaviside's Expansion TheoremPennell, W.O.
Vol. 8(3), 493, 1929A High Precision Standard of FrequencyMarrison, W.A.
Vol. 8(3), 515, 1929Observations on Modes of Vibration and Temperature Coefficients of Quartz Crystal PlatesLack, F.R.
Vol. 8(3), 536, 1929Master Reference System for Telephone TransmissionMartin, W.H.; Gray, C.H.G.
Vol. 8(3), 560, 1929Shielding in High-Frequency MeasurementsFerguson, J.G.
Vol. 8(3), 576, 1929Fatigue Studies of Non-Ferrous Sheet MetalsTownsend, John R.; Greenall, Charles H.
Vol. 8(3), 591, 1929An Application of Electron Diffraction to the Study of Gas AdsorptionGermer, L.H.
Vol. 8(3), 605, 1929Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources
Vol. 8(3), 611, 1929Contributions to this Issue
Vol. 8(4), 613, 1929A Method of Sampling InspectionDodge, H.F.; Romig, H.G.
Vol. 8(4), 632, 1929The Frequency Distribution of the Unknown Mean of a Sampled UniverseMolina, E.C.; Wilkinson, R.I.
Vol. 8(4), 646, 1929Speech Power and Its MeasurementSivian, L.J.
Vol. 8(4), 662, 1929Asymptotic Dipole Radiation FormulasWise, W. Howard
Vol. 8(4), 672, 1929Statistical Theories of Matter, Radiation and ElectricityDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 8(4), 749, 1929Physical Properties and Methods of Test For Some Sheet Non-Ferrous MetalsTownsend, J.R.; Straw, W.A.
Vol. 8(4), 806, 1929Articulation Testing MethodsFletcher, H.; Steinberg, J.C.
Vol. 8(4), 855, 1929Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 8(4), 860, 1929Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 9(1), 1, 1930Telephone Communication System of the United StatesGherardi, Bancroft; Jewett, F.B.
Vol. 9(1), 101, 1930Structure and Nature of TroostiteLucas, Francis F.
Vol. 9(1), 121, 1930Radio Broadcasting Transmitters and Related Transmission PhenomenaNelson, Edward L.
Vol. 9(1), 141, 1930Wire Line Systems for National BroadcastingClark, A.B.
Vol. 9(1), 150, 1930Notes on the Heaviside Operational CalculusCarson, John R.
Vol. 9(1), 163, 1930Contemporary Advances in Physics, XIX, Fusion of Wave and Corpuscle TheoriesDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 9(1), 189, 1930Wave Propagation Over Continuously Loaded Fine WiresZinn, M.K.
Vol. 9(1), 207, 1930Theory of Vibration of the LarynxWegel, R.L.
Vol. 9(1), 228, 1930Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources
Vol. 9(1), 234, 1930Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 9(2), 237, 1930Developments in Communication MaterialsFondiller, William
Vol. 9(2), 258, 1930Transoceanic Telephone Service - Short-Wave TransmissionBown, Ralph
Vol. 9(2), 270, 1930Transoceanic Telephone Service - Short-Wave EquipmentOswald, A.A.
Vol. 9(2), 290, 1930The Words and Sounds of Telephone ConversationsFrench, Norman R.; Carter, Charles W., Jr.; Koenig, Walter, Jr.
Vol. 9(2), 325, 1930The Reciprocal Energy TheoremCarson, John R.
Vol. 9(2), 332, 1930The Approximate Networks of Acoustic FiltersMason, W.P.
Vol. 9(2), 341, 1930Contemporary Advances in Physics, XX, Ionization of Gases by LightDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 9(2), 356, 1930Motion of Telephone Wires in WindQuarles, D.A.
Vol. 9(2), 364, 1930Economic Quality Control of Manufactured ProductShewhart, W.A.
Vol. 9(2), 390, 1930Optimum Reverberation Time for AuditoriumsMacNair, Walter A.
Vol. 9(2), 398, 1930Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 9(2), 404, 1930Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 9(3), 407, 1930Radio Telephone Service to Ships at SeaWilson, William; Espenscheid, Lloyd
Vol. 9(3), 429, 1930A General Switching Plan for Telephone Toll ServiceOsbourne, H.S.
Vol. 9(3), 448, 1930Image Transmission System for Two-Way TelevisionIves, Herbert E.; Gray, Frank; Baldwin, M.W.
Vol. 9(3), 470, 1930Synchronization System for Two-Way TelevisionStoller, H.M.
Vol. 9(3), 478, 1930Sound Transmission System for Two-Way TelevisionBlattner, D.G.; Bostwick, L.G.
Vol. 9(3), 483, 1930Transmitted Frequency Range for Telephone Message CircuitsMartin, W.H.
Vol. 9(3), 487, 1930Some Recent Developments in Long Distance Cables in the United States of AmericaClark, A.B.
Vol. 9(3), 493, 1930Phase Distortion in Telephone ApparatusLane, C.E.
Vol. 9(3), 522, 1930Measurement of Phase DistortionNyquist, H.; Brand, S.
Vol. 9(3), 550, 1930Effects of Phase Distortion on Telephone QualitySteinberg, John C.
Vol. 9(3), 567, 1930Long Distance Cable Circuit for Program TransmissionClark, A.B.; Green, C.W.
Vol. 9(3), 595, 1930Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 9(3), 600, 1930Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 9(4), 603, 1930Chemistry in the Telephone IndustryWilliams, Robert R.
Vol. 9(4), 622, 1930The Trend in the Design of Telephone Transmitters and ReceiversMartin, W.H.; Davidson, W.F.
Vol. 9(4), 628, 1930Mutual Impedances of Ground-Return CircuitsBowen, A.E.; Gilkeson, G.L.
Vol. 9(4), 652, 1930A Survey of Room Noise in Telephone LocationsWilliams, W.J.; McCurdy, Ralph G.
Vol. 9(4), 668, 1930Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXI, Interception and Scattering of Electrons and IonsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 9(4), 697, 1930A Study of Telephone Line InsulatorsWilson, L.T.
Vol. 9(4), 730, 1930The Transmission Characteristics of Open-Wire Telephone LinesGreen, E.I.
Vol. 9(4), 760, 1930Transients in Parallel Grounded Circuits, One of Which is of Infinite LengthPeterson, Liss C.
Vol. 9(4), 770, 1930Impedance Correction of Wave FiltersPayne, E.B.
Vol. 9(4), 794, 1930A Method of Impedance CorrectionBode, H.W.
Vol. 9(4), 836, 1930Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 9(4), 840, 1930Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 10(1), 1, 1931The Detection of Two Modulated Waves Which Differ Slightly in Carrier FrequencyAiken, Charles B.
Vol. 10(1), 20, 1931A Magnetic Curve TracerHaworth, F.E.
Vol. 10(1), 33, 1931A Multi-Channel Television ApparatusIves, Herbert E.
Vol. 10(1), 46, 1931Condenser and Carbon Microphones - Their Construction and UseJones, W.C.
Vol. 10(1), 63, 1931Certain Factors Affecting the Gain of Directive AntennasSouthworth, G. C.
Vol. 10(1), 96, 1931Absolute Calibration of Condenser TransmittersSivian, L.J.
Vol. 10(1), 116, 1931Rating the Transmission Performance of Telephone CircuitsMartin, W.H.
Vol. 10(1), 132, 1931Paragutta, A New Insulating Material for Submarine CablesKemp, A.R.
Vol. 10(1), 149, 1931Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 10(1), 153, 1931Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 10(2), 155, 1931Symposium on Coordination of Power and Telephone PlantPack, R.F.
Vol. 10(2), 159, 1931Trends in Telephone and Power Practise as Affecting CoordinationHarrison, W.H.; Silver, A.E.
Vol. 10(2), 184, 1931Status of Joint Development and Research on Noise Frequency InductionWills, H.L.; Blackwell, O.B.
Vol. 10(2), 206, 1931Status of Joint Development and Research on Low-Frequency InductionConwell, R.N.; Warren, H.S.
Vol. 10(2), 231, 1931Status of Cooperative Work on Joint Use of PolesMartin, J.C.; Huber, H.L.
Vol. 10(2), 241, 1931Symposium on Coordination of Power and Telephone Plant, Closing RemarksGherardi, B.
Vol. 10(2), 243, 1931Overseas Radio Extensions to Wire Telephone NetworksEspenschied, Lloyd; Wilson, William
Vol. 10(2), 265, 1931Some Optical Features in Two-Way TelevisionIves, Herbert E.
Vol. 10(2), 273, 1931Bayes' Theorem - An Expository PresentationMolina, Edward C.
Vol. 10(2), 284, 1931Extensions to the Theory and Design of Electric Wave-FiltersZobel, Otto J.
Vol. 10(2), 342, 1931Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources
Vol. 10(2), 346, 1931Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 10(3), 349, 1931Some Physical Characteristics of Speech and MusicFletcher, Harvey
Vol. 10(3), 374, 1931The Statistical Energy-Frequency Spectrum of Random DisturbancesCarson, John R.
Vol. 10(3), 382, 1931Bridge Methods for Locating Resistance Faults on Cable WiresHenneberger, T.C.; Edwards, P.G.
Vol. 10(3), 408, 1931Mutual Impedance of Grounded Wires Lying on the Surface of the EarthFoster, Ronald M.
Vol. 10(3), 420, 1931Transients in Grounded Wires on the Earth's SurfaceRiordan, John
Vol. 10(3), 432, 1931Developments in the Manufacture of Lead-Covered Paper-Insulated Telephone CableShea, John R.
Vol. 10(3), 472, 1931Effect of Ground Permeability on Ground Return CircuitsWise, W. Howard
Vol. 10(3), 485, 1931Negative Impedances and the Twin 21-Type RepeaterCrisson, George
Vol. 10(3), 514, 1931New Standard Specifications for Wood PolesJones, R.L.
Vol. 10(3), 525, 1931Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 10(3), 529, 1931Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 10(4), 3, 1931The Faraday Centenary
Vol. 10(4), 531, 1931The Interconnection of Telephone Systems - Graded MultiplesWilkinson, R.I.
Vol. 10(4), 565, 1931Moving-Coil Telephone Receivers and MicrophonesWente, E.C.; Thuras, A.L.
Vol. 10(4), 577, 1931Some Developments in Common Frequency BroadcastingGillett, G.D.
Vol. 10(4), 601, 1931Application of Printing Telegraph to Long-Wave Radio CircuitsBailey, Austin; McCann, T.A.
Vol. 10(4), 616, 1931Audible Frequency Ranges of Music, Speech and NoiseSnow, W.B.
Vol. 10(4), 628, 1931Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXII - TransmutationDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 10(4), 656, 1931Developments in Short-Wave Directive AntennasBruce, E.
Vol. 10(4), 684, 1931Abstracts of Technical Articles From Bell System Sources
Vol. 10(4), 691, 1931Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 11(1), 1, 1932The Cathode Ray OscillographJohnson, J.B.
Vol. 11(1), 28, 1932The Operation of Vacuum Tubes as Class B and Class C AmplifiersFay, C.E.
Vol. 11(1), 53, 1932The Time Factor in Telephone TransmissionBlackwell, O.B.
Vol. 11(1), 67, 1932Constant Frequency OscillatorsLlewellyn, F.B.
Vol. 11(1), 101, 1932Some Physical Properties of Wiping SoldersMcLean, D.A.; Peek, R.L., Jr.; Schumacher, E.E.
Vol. 11(1), 126, 1932Regeneration TheoryNyquist, H.
Vol. 11(1), 148, 1932Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXIII - Data and Nature of Cosmic RaysDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 11(1), 185, 1932Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 11(1), 195, 1932Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 11(2), 197, 1932A New Key West-Havana Carrier Telephone CableAffel, H.A.; Gorton, W.S.; Chesnut, R.W.
Vol. 11(2), 213, 1932Cellulose Acetate Treatment for Textile Insulation - Engineering DevelopmentWood, E.B.; Brobst, D.R.
Vol. 11(2), 231, 1932Cellulose Acetate Treatment for Textile Insulation - Development of the Manufacturing ProcessAvery, C.R.; Kress, H.
Vol. 11(2), 245, 1932The Development of a Handset for Telephone StationsJones, W.C.; Inglis, A.H.
Vol. 11(2), 264, 1932Precision Methods Used in Constructing Electric Wave Filters for Carrier SystemsHarris, G.R.
Vol. 11(2), 283, 1932Cathode Sputtering - A Commercial ApplicationFruth, Hal F.
Vol. 11(2), 293, 1932A Voice and Ear for Telephone MeasurementsInglis, A.H.; Gray, C.H.G.; Jenkins, R.T.
Vol. 11(2), 318, 1932Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 11(2), 324, 1932Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 11(3), 1, 1932The Electrical Discoveries of Joseph Henry, A Supplement to The Bell System Technical Journal, July 1932
Vol. 11(3), 327, 1932Henry as an Electrical PioneerGherardi, Bancroft
Vol. 11(3), 334, 1932The Caesium-Oxygen-Silver Photoelectric CellPrescott, C.J., Jr.; Kelly, M.J.
Vol. 11(3), 368, 1932Two-Way Radio Telephone CircuitsWright, S.B.; Mitchell, D.
Vol. 11(3), 383, 1932Magnet Steels and Permanent Magnets - Relationships Among Their Magnetic PropertiesScott, K.L.
Vol. 11(3), 402, 1932A Method of Measuring Acoustic ImpedanceFlanders, P.B.
Vol. 11(3), 411, 1932Transmission Lines for Short-Wave Radio SystemsSterba, E.J.; Feldman, C.B.
Vol. 11(3), 451, 1932An Efficient Miniature Condenser Microphone SystemHarrison, H.C.; Flanders, P.B.
Vol. 11(3), 462, 1932Wire Communication Aids to Air TransportationNance, H.H.
Vol. 11(3), 477, 1932Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 11(3), 482, 1932Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 11(4), 485, 1932World-Wide Telephony - Its Problems and FutureGherardi, Bancroft; Jewett, Frank B.
Vol. 11(4), 520, 1932Long Distance Telephone Circuits in CableClark, A.B.; Osborne, H.S.
Vol. 11(4), 546, 1932The Conception and Demonstration of Electron WavesDavisson, C.J.
Vol. 11(4), 563, 1932An Expansion for Laplacian Integrals in Terms of Incomplete Gamma Functions, and Some ApplicationsMolina, Edward C.
Vol. 11(4), 576, 1932Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXIV - High-Frequency Phenomena in Gases, First PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 11(4), 608, 1932Transformer Coupling Circuits for High-Frequency AmplifiersChristopher, A.J.
Vol. 11(4), 622, 1932Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 11(4), 629, 1932Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 12(1), 1, 1933Pulp Insulation for Telephone CablesWalker, H.G.; Ford, L.S.
Vol. 12(1), 22, 1933A Recording Transmission Measuring System for Telephone Circuit TestingBest, F.H.
Vol. 12(1), 35, 1933Probability Theory and Telephone Transmission EngineeringHoyt, Ray S.
Vol. 12(1), 76, 1933An Oscillograph for Ten Thousand CyclesCurtis, A.M.
Vol. 12(1), 91, 1933Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXV, High-Frequency Phenomena in Gases, Second PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 12(1), 119, 1933Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 12(1), 123, 1933Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 12(2), 125, 1933Ultra-Short Wave PropagationSchelleng, J.C.; Burrows, C.R.; Ferrell, E.B.
Vol. 12(2), 162, 1933Mutual Impedance of Grounded Wires for Horizontally Stratified Two-Layer EarthRiordan, John; Sunde, Erling D.
Vol. 12(2), 178, 1933Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Gases in MetalsScaff, J.H.; Schumacher, E.E.
Vol. 12(2), 197, 1933Some Results of a Study of Ultra-Short-Wave Transmission PhenomenaEnglund, C.R.; Crawford, A.B.; Mumford, W.W.
Vol. 12(2), 228, 1933New Results in the Calculation of Modulation ProductsBennett, W.R.
Vol. 12(2), 244, 1933Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 12(2), 248, 1933Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 12(3), 251, 1933Carrier in CableClark, A.B.; Kendall, B.W.
Vol. 12(3), 264, 1933Mutual Impedance of Grounded Wires Lying On or Above the Surface of the EarthFoster, Ronald M.
Vol. 12(3), 288, 1933Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXVI, The Nucleus, First PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 12(3), 331, 1933A System of Effective Transmission Data for Rating Telephone CircuitsMcKown, F.W.; Emling, J.W.
Vol. 12(3), 347, 1933Developments in the Application of Articulation TestingCastner, T.G.; Carter, C.W., Jr.
Vol. 12(3), 371, 1933Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 12(3), 375, 1933Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 12(4), 377, 1933Loudness, Its Definition, Measurement and CalculationFletcher, Harvey; Munson, W.A.
Vol. 12(4), 431, 1933Effect of Atmospheric Humidity and Temperature on the Relation Between Moisture Content and Electrical Conductivity of CottonWalker, Albert C.
Vol. 12(4), 452, 1933Classification of Bridge Methods of Measuring ImpedancesFerguson, John G.
Vol. 12(4), 469, 1933Some Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Noise InductionDavis, R.F.; Huntley, H.R.
Vol. 12(4), 498, 1933Audio Frequency AtmosphericsBurton, E.T.; Boardman, E.M.
Vol. 12(4), 517, 1933Certain Factors Limiting the Volume Efficiency of Repeatered Telephone CircuitsAbraham, Leonard Gladstone
Vol. 12(4), 533, 1933Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 12(4), 538, 1933Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 13(1), 1, 1934Stabilized Feedback AmplifiersBlack, H.S.
Vol. 13(1), 19, 1934Open-Wire CrosstalkChapman, A.G.
Vol. 13(1), 59, 1934Vacuum Tube Electronics at Ultra-high FrequenciesLlewellyn, F.B.
Vol. 13(1), 102, 1934Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXVII The Nucleus, Second PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 13(1), 159, 1934Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 13(1), 161, 1934Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 13(2), 163, 1934The Carbon Microphone: An Account of Some Researches Bearing on Its ActionGoucher, F.S.
Vol. 13(2), 195, 1934Open-Wire CrosstalkChapman, A.G.
Vol. 13(2), 239, 1934Symposium on Wire Transmission of Symphonic Music and Its Reproduction in Auditory Perspective, Basic RequirementsFletcher, Harvey
Vol. 13(2), 245, 1934Physical Factors, Symposium on Wire Transmission of Symphonic Music and Its Reproduction in Auditory PerspectiveSteinberg, J.C.; Snow, W.B.
Vol. 13(2), 259, 1934Loud Speakers and Microphones, Symposium on Wire Transmission of Symphonic Music and Its Reproduction in Auditory PerspectiveWente, E.C.; Thuras, A.L.
Vol. 13(2), 278, 1934Amplifiers, Symposium on Wire Transmission of Symphonic Music and Its Reproduction in Auditory PerspectiveScriven, E.O.
Vol. 13(2), 285, 1934Transmission Lines, Symposium on Wire Transmission of Symphonic Music and Its Reproduction in Auditory PerspectiveAffel, H.A.; Chesnut, R.W.; Mills, R.H.
Vol. 13(2), 301, 1934System Adaptation, Symposium on Wire Transmission of Symphonic Music and Its Reproduction in Auditory PerspectiveBedell, E.H.; Kerney, Iden
Vol. 13(2), 309, 1934Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 13(2), 313, 1934Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 13(3), 315, 1934The Compandor - An Aid Against Static in Radio TelephonyMathes, R.C.; Wright, S.B.
Vol. 13(3), 333, 1934The Effect of Background Noise in Shared Channel BroadcastingAiken, C.B.
Vol. 13(3), 351, 1934Wide-Band Open-Wire Program SystemHamilton, H.S.
Vol. 13(3), 382, 1934Line Filter for Program SystemClement, A.W.
Vol. 13(3), 391, 1934Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXVIII - The Nucleus, Third PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 13(3), 405, 1934Electrical Wave Filters Employing Quartz Crystals as ElementsMason, W.P.
Vol. 13(3), 453, 1934Some Improvements in Quartz Crystal Circuit ElementsLack, F.R.; Willard, G.W.; Fair, I.E.
Vol. 13(3), 464, 1934A Theory of Scanning and Its Relation to the Characteristics of the Transmitted Signal in Telephotography and TelevisionMertz, Pierre; Gray, Frank
Vol. 13(3), 516, 1934Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 13(3), 520, 1934Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 13(4), 523, 1934An Extension of the Theory of Three-Electrode Vacuum Tube CircuitsLevin, S.A.; Peterson, Liss C.
Vol. 13(4), 532, 1934The Electromagnetic Theory of Coaxial Transmission Lines and Cylindrical ShieldsSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 13(4), 580, 1934Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXVIII - The Nucleus, Third PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 13(4), 614, 1934The Measurement and Reduction of Microphonic Noise in Vacuum TubesPenick, D.B.
Vol. 13(4), 634, 1934Fluctuation Noise in Vacuum TubesPearson, G.L.
Vol. 13(4), 654, 1934Systems for Wide-Band Transmission Over Coaxial LinesEspenschied, L.; Strieby, M.E.
Vol. 13(4), 680, 1934Regeneration Theory and ExperimentPeterson, E.; Kreer, J.G.; Ware, L.A.
Vol. 13(4), 701, 1934Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 13(4), 704, 1934Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 14(1), 1, 1935Wide Band Transmission Over Balanced CircuitsClark, A.B.
Vol. 14(1), 8, 1935A Survey of Magnetic Materials in Relation to StructureEllis, W.C.; Schumacher, Earle E.
Vol. 14(1), 44, 1935Theory of Multi-Electrode Vacuum TubesPidgeon, H.A.
Vol. 14(1), 85, 1935Limits to AmplificationJohnson, J.B.; Llewellyn, F.B.
Vol. 14(1), 97, 1935Vacuum Tubes as High-Frequency OscillatorsKelly, M.J.; Samuel, A.L.
Vol. 14(1), 135, 1935Horizontal Rhombic AntennasBruce, E.; Beck, A.C.; Lowry, L.R.
Vol. 14(1), 159, 1935Extraneous Frequencies Generated in Air Carrying Intense Sound WavesThuras, A.L.; Jenkins, R.T.; O'Neil, H.T.
Vol. 14(1), 173, 1935Abstracts of Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 14(1), 176, 1935Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 14(2), 179, 1935Cable Crosstalk--Effect of Non-Uniform Current Distribution in the WiresHunter, R.N.; Booth, R.P.
Vol. 14(2), 195, 1935Experiments with Directivity Steering for Fading ReductionBruce, E.; Beck, A.C.
Vol. 14(2), 211, 1935A General Theory of Electric Wave FiltersBode, H.W.
Vol. 14(2), 215, 1935Ideal Wave FiltersBode, H.W.; Dietzold, R.L.
Vol. 14(2), 253, 1935Ultra-Short-Wave Propagation: Mobile Urban Transmission CharacteristicsBurrows, C.R.; Hunt, L.E.; Decino, A.
Vol. 14(2), 273, 1935An Application of Number Theory to the Splicing of Telephone CablesLawther, H.P., Jr.
Vol. 14(2), 285, 1935Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXIX, The Nucleus, Fourth PartDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 14(2), 322, 1935Ferromagnetic Distortion of a Two-Frequency WaveKalb, Robert M.; Bennett, William R.
Vol. 14(2), 360, 1935Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 14(2), 366, 1935Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 14(3), 369, 1935Further Results of a Study of Ultra-Short-Wave Transmission PhenomenaEnglund, C.R.; Crawford, A.B.; Mumford, W.W.
Vol. 14(3), 388, 1935Acoustical InstrumentsWente, E.C.
Vol. 14(3), 413, 1935Thermionic Electron EmissionBecker, J.A.
Vol. 14(3), 477, 1935Radio Propagation Over Spherical EarthBurrows, Charles R.
Vol. 14(3), 489, 1935A Single-Sideband Short-Wave System for Transatlantic TelephonyPolkinghorn, F.A.; Schlaack, N.F.
Vol. 14(3), 509, 1935Mutual Impedances of Parallel WiresHoyt, Ray S.; Mead, Sallie Pero
Vol. 14(3), 534, 1935An Unattended Ultra-Short-Wave Radio Telephone SystemSchlaack, N.F.; Polkinghorn, F.A.
Vol. 14(3), 542, 1935Around the World by Telephone
Vol. 14(3), 544, 1935Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 14(3), 550, 1935Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 14(4), 553, 1935Dr. George A. CampbellJewett, F.B.
Vol. 14(4), 558, 1935Dr. Campbell's Memoranda of 1907 and 1912
Vol. 14(4), 573, 1935Some Aspects of Low-Frequency Induction Between Power and Telephone CircuitsHuntley, H. R.; O'Connell, E. J.
Vol. 14(4), 600, 1935Circulating Currents and Singing on Two-Wire Cable CircuitsAbraham, Leonard Gladstone
Vol. 14(4), 632, 1935Operation of Ultra-High-Frequency Vacuum TubesLlewellyn, F.B.
Vol. 14(4), 666, 1935Further Extensions of the Theory of Multi-Electrode Vacuum Tube CircuitsLevin, S.A.; Peterson, Liss C.
Vol. 14(4), 680, 1935Transatlantic Long-Wave Radio Telephone Transmission and Related Phenomena from 1923 to 1933Bailey, Austin; Thomson, Howard M.
Vol. 14(4), 698, 1935Technical Digests
Vol. 14(4), 699, 1935Technical Digests: Superiorities of Lead-Calcium Alloys for Storage Battery ConstructionHaring, H.E.; Thomas, U.B.; Schumacher, E.E.; Phipps, G.S.
Vol. 14(4), 702, 1935Technical Digests: Marine Radio Telephone Service for Boston HarborGifford, F.A.; Meader, R.B.
Vol. 14(4), 708, 1935Technical Digests: Harbor Craft Ship-to-Shore Radio Telephone Service in Puget Sound AreaHansen, E.B.
Vol. 14(4), 713, 1935Technical Digests: Ship Sets for Harbor Ship-to-Shore ServiceWillets, H.N.
Vol. 14(4), 718, 1935Technical Digests: An Electromechanical Representation of a Piezoelectric Crystal Used As A TransducerMason, W.P.
Vol. 14(4), 724, 1935Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 14(4), 728, 1935Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 15(1), 1, 1936Long-Wave Radio Transmission Phenomena Associated with a Cessation of the Sun's RaysBailey, Austin; Harper, A.E.
Vol. 15(1), 20, 1936The Corrosion of Metals---I. Mechanism of Corrosion ProcessesBurns, R.M.
Vol. 15(1), 39, 1936Magnetic Measurements at Low Flux Densities Using the Alternating Current BridgeLegg, Victor E.
Vol. 15(1), 63, 1936The Present Status of Ferromagnetic TheoryBozorth, R.M.
Vol. 15(1), 92, 1936Some Equivalence Theorems of Electromagnetics and Their Application to Radiation ProblemsSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 15(1), 113, 1936Magnetic Alloys of Iron, Nickel, and CobaltElmen, G.W.
Vol. 15(1), 136, 1936Improvements in Communication TransformersGanz, A.G.; Laird, A.G.
Vol. 15(1), 151, 1936Technical Digests--Measurement of Telephone Noise and Power Wave ShapeBarstow, J.M.; Blye, P.W.; Kent, H.E.
Vol. 15(1), 157, 1936Technical Digests---On the Correlation of Radio Transmission with Solar PhenomenaSkellett, A.M.
Vol. 15(1), 162, 1936Technical Digests---Eclipse Effects in the IonosphereSchafer, J.P.; Goodall, W.M.
Vol. 15(1), 167, 1936Technical Digests---Earth Resistivity and Geological StructureCard, R.H.
Vol. 15(1), 172, 1936Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 15(1), 177, 1936Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 15(2), 181, 1936The Reliability of Short-Wave Radio Telephone CircuitsPotter, R.K.; Peterson, A.C., Jr.
Vol. 15(2), 197, 1936Spontaneous Resistance Fluctuations in Carbon Microphones and Other Granular ResistancesChristensen, C.J.; Pearson, G.L.
Vol. 15(2), 224, 1936Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXX, The Theory of MagnetismDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 15(2), 248, 1936The Proportioning of Shielded Circuits for Minimum High-Frequency AttenuationGreen, E.I.; Leibe, F.A.; Curtis, H.E.
Vol. 15(2), 284, 1936Hyper-Frequency Wave Guides---General Considerations and Experimental ResultsSouthworth, G.C.
Vol. 15(2), 310, 1936Hyper-Frequency Wave Guides---Mathematical TheoryCarson, John R.; Mead, Sallie P.; Schelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 15(2), 334, 1936A Magneto-Elastic Source of Noise in Steel Telephone WiresPennell, W.O.; Lawther, H.P.
Vol. 15(2), 340, 1936An Extension of Operational CalculusCarson, John R.
Vol. 15(2), 343, 1936Technical Digests---Determination of the Corrosion Behavior of Painted Iron and the Inhibitive Action of PaintsBurns, R.M.; Haring, H.E.
Vol. 15(2), 349, 1936Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 15(2), 351, 1936Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 15(3), 355, 1936A Laplacian Expansion for Hermitian-Laplace Functions of High OrderMolina, E.C.
Vol. 15(3), 363, 1936The Relation Between Penetration and Decay in Creosoted Southern Pine PolesColley, R.H.; Amadon, C.H.
Vol. 15(3), 380, 1936Tandem Operation in the Bell SystemBronson, F.M.
Vol. 15(3), 405, 1936A Non-Directional MicrophoneMarshall, R.N.; Romanow, F.F.
Vol. 15(3), 424, 1936Oscillations in Systems with Non-linear ReactanceHartley, R.V.L.
Vol. 15(3), 441, 1936Oscillations in an Electromechanical SystemHussey, L.W.; Wrathall, L.R.
Vol. 15(3), 446, 1936A New Type of Underground Telephone WireQuarles, D.A.
Vol. 15(3), 455, 1936Technical Digests---Effect of Electric Shock on the HeartFerris, L.P.; King, B.G.; Spence, P.W.; Williams, H.B.
Vol. 15(3), 469, 1936Technical Digests---A New High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for Modulated WavesDoherty, W.H.
Vol. 15(3), 476, 1936Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 15(3), 480, 1936Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 15(4), 1, 1936Technical Developments Underlying the Toll Services of the Bell System: A Supplement to the Bell System Technical Journal, July 1936
Vol. 15(4), 483, 1936Microchemical and Special Methods of Analysis in Communication ResearchClarke, Beverly L.; Hermance, H.W.
Vol. 15(4), 504, 1936Switchboards and Signaling Facilities of the Teletypewriter Exchange SystemKnowlton, A.D.; Locke, G.A.; Singer, F.J.
Vol. 15(4), 529, 1936A Transmission System for Teletypewriter Exchange ServicePierce, R.E.; Bemis, E.W.
Vol. 15(4), 549, 1936A New Telephotograph SystemReynolds, F.W.
Vol. 15(4), 575, 1936Equivalent Networks Of Negative-Grid Vacuum Tubes at Ultra-High FrequenciesLlewellyn, F.B.
Vol. 15(4), 587, 1936Forces of Oblique Winds on Telephone WiresCarr, J.A.
Vol. 15(4), 603, 1936Corrosion of Metals---II. Lead and Lead-Alloy Cable SheathingBurns, R.M.
Vol. 15(4), 626, 1936Technical Digests---Reduction of Airplane Noise and VibrationSpain, C.J.; Loye, D.P.; Templin, E.W.
Vol. 15(4), 628, 1936Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 15(4), 633, 1936Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 16(1), 1, 1937A Million-Cycle Telephone SystemStrieby, M.E.
Vol. 16(1), 10, 1937A Power Amplifier for Ultra-High FrequenciesSamuel, A.L.; Sowers, N.E.
Vol. 16(1), 35, 1937The Physical Reality of Zenneck's Surface WaveWise, W. Howard
Vol. 16(1), 45, 1937Radio Propagation Over Plane Earth - Field Strength CurvesBurrows, Charles R.
Vol. 16(1), 76, 1937The Inductive Coordination of Common-Neutral Power Distribution Systems and Telephone CircuitsColeman, J. O'R.; Davis, R.F.
Vol. 16(1), 101, 1937Series for the Wave Function of a Radiating Dipole at the Earth's SurfaceRice, S.O.
Vol. 16(1), 110, 1937Technical Digests - Currents and Potentials along Leaky Ground-Return ConductorsSunde, E.D.
Vol. 16(1), 113, 1937Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 16(1), 116, 1937Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 16(2), 119, 1937Recent Trends in Toll Transmission in the United StatesColpitts, Edwin H.
Vol. 16(2), 144, 1937Crosstalk Between Coaxial Transmission LinesSchelkunoff, S.A.; Odarenko, T.M.
Vol. 16(2), 165, 1937Sound Recording on Magnetic TapeHickman, C.N.
Vol. 16(2), 178, 1937Constant Resistance with Applications to Filter GroupsNorton, E.L.
Vol. 16(2), 194, 1937A Laboratory Evaluation of Wood PreservativesWaterman, R.E.; Leutritz, John; Hill, Caleb M.
Vol. 16(2), 212, 1937Study of Magnetic Losses at Low Flux Densities in Permalloy SheetEllwood, W.B.; Legg, V.E.
Vol. 16(2), 228, 1937Moisture in TextilesWalker, Albert C.
Vol. 16(2), 247, 1937Abstracts of Technical Papers from Bell System Sources
Vol. 16(2), 249, 1937Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 16(3), 251, 1937Scientific Research Applied to the Telephone Transmitter and ReceiverColpitts, Edwin H.
Vol. 16(3), 275, 1937The Use of Coaxial and Balanced Transmission Lines in Filters and Wide Band Transformers for High Radio FrequenciesMason, W.P.; Sykes, R.A.
Vol. 16(3), 303, 1937A Ladder Network TheoremRiordan, John
Vol. 16(3), 319, 1937Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXXI - Spinning Atoms and Spinning ElectronsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 16(3), 337, 1937A Multiple Unit Steerable Antenna for Short-Wave ReceptionFriis, H.T.; Feldman, C.B.
Vol. 16(3), 420, 1937Abstracts of Technical Papers from Bell System Sources
Vol. 16(3), 422, 1937Contributors in this Issue
Vol. 16(4), 423, 1937Resistance Compensated Band-Pass Crystal Filters for Use in Unbalanced CircuitsMason, W.P.
Vol. 16(4), 437, 1937Magnetic Generation of a Group of HarmonicsPeterson, E.; Manley, J.M.; Wrathall, L.R.
Vol. 16(4), 456, 1937The VodasWright, S.B.
Vol. 16(4), 475, 1937Radio Telephone Noise Reduction by Voice Control at ReceiverTaylor, C.C.
Vol. 16(4), 487, 1937Transmitted Frequency Range for Circuits in Broad-Band SystemsAffel, H.A.
Vol. 16(4), 493, 1937The Dielectric Properties of Insulating MaterialsMurphy, E.J.; Morgan, S.O.
Vol. 16(4), 513, 1937Variable Frequency Electric Circuit Theory with Application to the Theory of Frequency-ModulationCarson, John R.; Fry, Thornton C.
Vol. 16(4), 541, 1937Irregularities in Broad-Band Wire Transmission CircuitsMertz, Pierre; Pfleger, K.W.
Vol. 16(4), 560, 1937Technical Digests - Transoceanic Radio Telephone DevelopmentBown, Ralph
Vol. 16(4), 568, 1937Technical Digests - A Negative-Grid Triode Oscillator and Amplifier for Ultra-High FrequenciesSamuel, A.L.
Vol. 16(4), 574, 1937Addendum to Radio Propagation Over Plane Earth - Field Strength CurvesBurrows, Charles R.
Vol. 16(4), 578, 1937Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 16(4), 581, 1937Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 17(1), 1, 1938New Transmission Measuring Systems for Telephone Circuit MaintenanceBest, F.H.
Vol. 17(1), 17, 1938The Impedance Concept and its Application to Problems of Reflection, Refraction, Shielding and Power AbsorptionSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 17(1), 49, 1938On the Theory of Space Charge Between Parallel Plane ElectrodesFay, C.E.; Samuel, A.L.; Shockley, W.
Vol. 17(1), 80, 1938A Carrier Telephone System for Toll CablesGreen, C.W.; Green, E.I.
Vol. 17(1), 106, 1938Cable Carrier Telephone TerminalsChesnut, R.W.; Ilgenfritz, L.M.; Kenner, A.
Vol. 17(1), 125, 1938Crystal Channel Filters for the Cable Carrier SystemLane, C.E.
Vol. 17(1), 137, 1938Crosstalk and Noise Features of Cable Carrier Telephone SystemWeaver, M.A.; Tucker, R.S.; Darnell, P.S.
Vol. 17(1), 162, 1938A New Single Channel Carrier Telephone SystemFisher, H.J.; Almquist, M.L.; Mills, R.H.
Vol. 17(1), 184, 1938Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 17(1), 191, 1938Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 17(2), 195, 1938Studies of Telephone Line Wire Spacing ProblemsCarr, J.A.; Haskell, F.V.
Vol. 17(2), 229, 1938Variable EqualizersBode, H.W.
Vol. 17(2), 245, 1938An Explanation of the Common Battery Anti-sidetone Subscriber SetGibbon, C.O.
Vol. 17(2), 258, 1938The Occurrence and Effect of Lockout Occasioned by Two Echo SuppressorsHorton, Arthur W., Jr.
Vol. 17(2), 281, 1938Characteristic Time Intervals in Telephonic ConversationNorwine, A.C.; Murphy, O.J.
Vol. 17(2), 292, 1938Radioactivity - Artificial and NaturalDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 17(2), 319, 1938Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 17(2), 324, 1938Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 17(3), 327, 1938Hertz, the Discoverer of Electric WavesBlanchard, Julian
Vol. 17(3), 338, 1938Instruments for the New Telephone SetsJones, W.C.
Vol. 17(3), 358, 1938Transmission Features of the New Telephone SetsInglis, A.H.
Vol. 17(3), 381, 1938Spectrochemical Analysis in Communication ResearchClarke, Beverly L.; Ruehle, A.E.
Vol. 17(3), 393, 1938High Speed Motion Picture PhotographyHerriott, W.
Vol. 17(3), 406, 1938An Optical Harmonic AnalyzerMontgomery, H.C.
Vol. 17(3), 416, 1938Magnetic Shielding of Transformers at Audio FrequenciesGustafson, W.G.
Vol. 17(3), 438, 1938Coaxial Cable System for Television TransmissionStrieby, M.E.
Vol. 17(3), 458, 1938Stabilized Feedback OscillatorsStevenson, G.H.
Vol. 17(3), 475, 1938The Discovery of Electron WavesDavisson, C.J.
Vol. 17(3), 483, 1938Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 17(3), 486, 1938Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 17(4), 489, 1938Ultra-Short-Wave Transmission and Atmospheric IrregularitiesEnglund, C.R.; Crawford, A.B.; Mumford, W.W.
Vol. 17(4), 520, 1938Amplitude Range ControlWright, S.B.
Vol. 17(4), 539, 1938Devices for Controlling Amplitude Characteristics of Telephonic SignalsNorwine, A.C.
Vol. 17(4), 555, 1938The Exponential Transmission LineBurrows, Charles R.
Vol. 17(4), 574, 1938The Bridge Stabilized OscillatorMeacham, L.A.
Vol. 17(4), 592, 1938Effect of Space Charge and Transit Time on the Shot Noise in DiodesRack, A.J.
Vol. 17(4), 620, 1938Fundamentals of Teletypewriters Used in the Bell SystemWatson, E.F.
Vol. 17(4), 640, 1938The Dielectric Properties of Insulating MaterialsMurphy, E.J.; Morgan, S.O.
Vol. 17(4), 670, 1938Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 17(4), 673, 1938Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 18(1), 1, 1939Electrostatic Electron-OpticsGray, Frank
Vol. 18(1), 32, 1939Equivalent Modulator CircuitsPeterson, E.; Hussey, L.W.
Vol. 18(1), 49, 1939An Improved Three-Channel Carrier Telephone SystemO'Leary, J.T.; Blessing, E.C.; Beyer, J.W.
Vol. 18(1), 76, 1939Crossbar Dial Telephone Switching SystemScudder, F.J.; Reynolds, J.N.
Vol. 18(1), 119, 1939A Twelve-Channel Carrier Telephone System for Open-Wire LinesKendall, B.W.; Affel, H.A.
Vol. 18(1), 143, 1939Recent Developments in the Measurement of Telegraph TransmissionShanck, R.B.; Cowan, F.A.; Cory, S.I.
Vol. 18(1), 190, 1939Contemporary Advances in Physics, XXXII, Particles of the Cosmic RaysDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 18(1), 218, 1939Hurricane and Flood - September 1938Harrison, W.H.
Vol. 18(1), 222, 1939A Terrain Clearance IndicatorEspenschied, Lloyd; Newhouse, R.C.
Vol. 18(1), 235, 1939Transcontinental Telephone LinesPilliod, J.J.
Vol. 18(1), 246, 1939Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 18(1), 251, 1939Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 18(2), 255, 1939Some Ceramic Manufacturing Developments of the Western Electric CompanyJohnson, A.G.; Shaw, L.I.
Vol. 18(2), 280, 1939The Production of Ultra-High-Frequency Oscillations by Means of DiodesLlewellyn, F.B.; Bowen, A.E.
Vol. 18(2), 292, 1939A Representation of the Sunspot CycleAnderson, C.N.
Vol. 18(2), 300, 1939The Number of Impedances of an n Terminal NetworkRiordan, John
Vol. 18(2), 315, 1939Copper Oxide Modulators in Carrier Telephone SystemsCaruthers, R.S.
Vol. 18(2), 338, 1939Some Applications of the Type J Carrier SystemStarbird, L.C.; Mathis, J.D.
Vol. 18(2), 363, 1939Line Problems in the Development of the Twelve-Channel Open-Wire Carrier SystemIlgenfritz, L.M.; Hunter, R.N.; Whitman, A.L.
Vol. 18(2), 388, 1939Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 18(2), 391, 1939Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 18(3), 395, 1939Frequency-Modulation: Theory of the Feedback Receiving CircuitCarson, John R.
Vol. 18(3), 404, 1939The Application of Negative Feedback to Frequency-Modulation SystemsChaffee, J.G.
Vol. 18(3), 438, 1939Survey of Magnetic Materials and Applications in the Telephone SystemLegg, V.E.
Vol. 18(3), 465, 1939Impedance Properties of Electron StreamsPeterson, Liss C.
Vol. 18(3), 482, 1939Plastic Materials in Telephone UseTownsend, J.R.; Clarke, W.J.
Vol. 18(3), 502, 1939The Dielectric Properties of Insulating Materials, III Alternating and Direct Current ConductivityMurphy, E.J.; Morgan, S.O.
Vol. 18(3), 538, 1939Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 18(3), 544, 1939Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 18(4), 547, 1939Experience in Applying Carrier Telephone Systems to Toll CablesBedell, W.B.; Ransom, G.B.; Stevens, W.A.
Vol. 18(4), 588, 1939The Toronto-Barrie Toll CableAykroyd, M.J.; Geiger, D.G.
Vol. 18(4), 605, 1939The Computation of the Composite Noise Resulting from Random Variable SourcesDietze, E.; Goodale, W.D., Jr.
Vol. 18(4), 624, 1939Load Rating Theory for Multi-Channel AmplifiersHolbrook, B.D.; Dixon, J.T.
Vol. 18(4), 645, 1939The Quantum Physics of Solids, I. The Energies of Electrons in CrystalsShockley, W.
Vol. 18(4), 724, 1939Dial Clutch of the Spring TypeWiebusch, C.F.
Vol. 18(4), 742, 1939Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Sources
Vol. 18(4), 747, 1939Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 19(1), 1, 1940The Physical Basis of FerromagnetismBozorth, R.M.
Vol. 19(1), 40, 1940Contact Phenomena in Telephone Switching CircuitsCurtis, A.M.
Vol. 19(1), 63, 1940Effect of the Quadrature Component in Single Sideband TransmissionNyquist, H.; Pfleger, K.W.
Vol. 19(1), 74, 1940Low Temperature Coefficient Quartz CrystalsMason, W.P.
Vol. 19(1), 94, 1940A New Standard Volume Indicator and Reference LevelChinn, H.A.; Gannett, D.K.; Morris, R.M.
Vol. 19(1), 138, 1940Metallic Materials in the Telephone SystemSchumacher, Earle E.; Ellis, W.C.
Vol. 19(1), 152, 1940Technical Digests: An Interesting Application of Electron DiffractionGermer, L.H.; Storks, K.H.
Vol. 19(1), 156, 1940Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Authors
Vol. 19(1), 159, 1940Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 19(2), 161, 1940Advances in Carrier Telegraph TransmissionMatte, A.L.
Vol. 19(2), 209, 1940Electrical Drying of Telephone CableWade, L.G.
Vol. 19(2), 221, 1940Electrical Wave Filters Employing Crystals with Normal and Divided ElectrodesMason, W.P.; Sykes, R.A.
Vol. 19(2), 249, 1940The Coronaviser, an Instrument for Observing the Solar Corona in Full SunlightSkellett, A.M.
Vol. 19(2), 262, 1940Lead-Tin-Arsenic Wiping SolderSchumacher, Earle E.; Phipps, G.S.
Vol. 19(2), 267, 1940Nuclear FissionDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 19(2), 290, 1940A Solution for Faults at Two Locations in Three-Phase Power SystemsVaage, E.F.
Vol. 19(2), 306, 1940A Single Sideband Musa Receiving System for Commercial Operation on Transatlantic Radio Telephone CircuitsPolkinghorn, F.A.
Vol. 19(2), 336, 1940Abstracts of Technical Papers by Bell System Authors
Vol. 19(2), 338, 1940Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 19(3), 341, 1940Crosstalk in Coaxial Cables - Analysis Based on Short-Circuited and Open TertiariesGould, K.E.
Vol. 19(3), 358, 1940Crosstalk Between Coaxial Conductors in CableBooth, R.P.; Odarenko, T.M.
Vol. 19(3), 385, 1940Compressed Powered Molybdenum Permalloy for High Quality Inductance CoilsLegg, V.E.; Given, F.J.
Vol. 19(3), 407, 1940High Accuracy Heterodyne OscillatorsSlonczewski, T.
Vol. 19(3), 421, 1940Relations Between Attenuation and Phase in Feedback Amplifier DesignBode, H.W.
Vol. 19(3), 455, 1940Analysis of the IonosphereDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 19(3), 489, 1940Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Authors
Vol. 19(3), 492, 1940Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 19(4), 495, 1940The Carrier Nature of SpeechDudley, Homer
Vol. 19(4), 516, 1940Manufacture of Quartz Crystal FiltersBurns, G.K.
Vol. 19(4), 533, 1940Results of the World's Fair Hearing TestsSteinberg, J.C.; Montgomery, H.C.; Gardner, M.B.
Vol. 19(4), 563, 1940The Subjective Sharpness of Simulated Television ImagesBaldwin, Millard W., Jr.
Vol. 19(4), 587, 1940Cross-Modulation Requirements on Multichannel Amplifiers Below OverloadBennett, W.R.
Vol. 19(4), 611, 1940Radio Extension Links to the Telephone SystemHeising, R.A.
Vol. 19(4), 647, 1940Abstracts of Technical Articles from Bell System Authors
Vol. 19(4), 651, 1940Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 20(1), 1, 1941Single Sampling and Double Inspection TablesDodge, H.F.; Romig, H.G.
Vol. 20(1), 62, 1941Television Transmission Over Wire LinesStrieby, M.E.; Wentz, J.F.
Vol. 20(1), 82, 1941Insulation of Telephone Wire With Paper PulpLittle, J.S.
Vol. 20(1), 95, 1941Design and Operation of New Copper Wire Drawing Plant: Part I - Design and Operation of High Speed Copper Wire Drawing MachinesBlount, H.
Vol. 20(1), 111, 1941Design and Operation of New Copper Wire Drawing Plant: Part II - Equipping and Operating the New Wire MillWiltrakis, J.E.
Vol. 20(1), 125, 1941Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 20(1), 129, 1941Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 20(2), 131, 1941Steady State Solutions of Transmission Line EquationsRice, S.O.
Vol. 20(2), 179, 1941Engineering Problems in Dimensions and TolerancesWerring, W.W.
Vol. 20(2), 199, 1941Time Division Multiplex SystemsBennett, W.R.
Vol. 20(2), 222, 1941Steady State Delay as Related to Aperiodic SignalsHartley, R.V.L.
Vol. 20(2), 235, 1941Engineering Requirements for Program Transmission CircuitsCowan, F.A.; McCurdy, R.G.; Lattimer, I.E.
Vol. 20(2), 250, 1941Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 20(2), 253, 1941Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 20(3), 255, 1941Industrial MathematicsFry, Thornton C.
Vol. 20(3), 293, 1941The Transmission Characteristics of Toll Telephone Cables at Carrier FrequenciesHebbert, C.M.
Vol. 20(3), 331, 1941Some Analyses of Wave Shapes Used in Harmonic ProducersStansel, F.R.
Vol. 20(3), 340, 1941Forces and Atoms: The World of The PhysicistDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 20(3), 359, 1941Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell Systems Authors
Vol. 20(3), 364, 1941Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 20(4), 365, 1941The Reliability of Holding Time MeasurementsWilkinson, Roger I.
Vol. 20(4), 405, 1941Electrical and Mechanical AnalogiesMason, W.P.
Vol. 20(4), 415, 1941The History of Electrical ResonanceBlanchard, Julian
Vol. 20(4), 434, 1941A Rapid Visual Test for the Quantitative Determination of Small Concentrations of Calcium in LeadSchumacher, Earle E.; Bouton, G.M.
Vol. 20(4), 439, 1941Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 20(4), 442, 1941Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 21(1), 1, 1942The Future of Transoceanic TelephonyBuckley, Oliver E.
Vol. 21(1), 20, 1942Diamond Dies for High-Speed Drawing of Copper WirePadowicz, H.N.
Vol. 21(1), 37, 1942Using Double Sampling Inspection in a Manufacturing PlantKeeling, D.B.; Cisne, L.E.
Vol. 21(1), 51, 1942EntropyDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 21(1), 75, 1942Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 21(1), 79, 1942Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 22(1), 1, 1943The Mathematics of Physical Properties of CrystalsBond, Walter L.
Vol. 22(1), 73, 1943The Metallurgy of Fillet Wiped Soldered JointsSchumacher, E.E.; Bouton, G.M.; Phipps, G.S.
Vol. 22(1), 80, 1943A Mathematical Theory of Linear ArraysSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 22(1), 108, 1943Memorial to the Classical StatisticsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 22(1), 136, 1943Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 22(1), 143, 1943Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 22(2), 145, 1943A Mineral Survey for Piezo-Electric MaterialsBond, W.L.
Vol. 22(2), 153, 1943The Fundamental Equations of Electron Motion (Dynamics of High Speed Particles)MacColl, L.A.
Vol. 22(2), 178, 1943Quartz Crystal ApplicationsMason, W.P.
Vol. 22(2), 224, 1943Methods for Specifying Quartz Crystal Orientation and Their Determination by Optical MeansBond, W.L.
Vol. 22(2), 263, 1943A Note on the Transmission Line Equation in Terms of ImpedancePierce, J.R.
Vol. 22(2), 266, 1943Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 22(2), 268, 1943Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 22(3), 269, 1943Effect of Feedback on ImpedanceBlackman, R.B.
Vol. 22(3), 278, 1943Design of Two-Terminal Balancing NetworksVanWynen, K.G.
Vol. 22(3), 293, 1943Use of X-Rays for Determining the Orientation of Quartz CrystalsBond, W.L.; Armstrong, E.J.
Vol. 22(3), 338, 1943Raw Quartz, Its Imperfections and InspectionWillard, G.W.
Vol. 22(3), 362, 1943The New Statistical MechanicsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 22(3), 393, 1943Electromagnetic Waves: Review of S. A. Schelkunoff's BookLeCorbeiller, P.
Vol. 22(3), 397, 1943Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 22(3), 402, 1943Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 23(1), 1, 1944The Discernibility of Changes in Program Band WidthGannett, D.K.; Kerney, Iden
Vol. 23(1), 11, 1944Use of the Etch Technique for Determining Orientation and Twinning in Quartz CrystalsWillard, G.W.
Vol. 23(1), 52, 1944Modes of Motion in Quartz Crystals, the Effects of Coupling and Methods of DesignSykes, R.A.
Vol. 23(1), 97, 1944Response of a Linear Rectifier to Signal and NoiseBennett, W.R.
Vol. 23(1), 114, 1944Dielectric Constants and Power Factors at Centimeter Wave-LengthsEnglund, Carl R.
Vol. 23(1), 130, 1944Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 23(1), 133, 1944Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 23(2), 135, 1944Indicial Response of Telephone ReceiversMott, E.E.
Vol. 23(2), 151, 1944Theoretical Analysis of Modes of Vibration for Isotropic Rectangular Plates Having All Surfaces FreeMcSkimin, H.J.
Vol. 23(2), 178, 1944Principles of Mounting Quartz PlatesSykes, R.A.
Vol. 23(2), 190, 1944The Magnetically Focused Radial Beam Vacuum TubeSkellett, A.M.
Vol. 23(2), 203, 1944Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 23(2), 206, 1944Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 23(3), 207, 1944Effect of Telegraph Distortion on the Margins of Operation of Start-Stop ReceiversRea, W.T.
Vol. 23(3), 234, 1944The Mounting and Fabrication of Plated Quartz Crystal UnitsGreenidge, R.M.C.
Vol. 23(3), 260, 1944Effects of Manufacturing Deviations on Crystal Units for FiltersD'Heedene, A.R.
Vol. 23(3), 282, 1944Mathematical Analysis of Random NoiseRice, S.O.
Vol. 23(3), 333, 1944Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 23(3), 336, 1944Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 23(4), 337, 1944The Conquest of Distance by Wire TelephonyShaw, Thomas
Vol. 23(4), 422, 1944Some Aspects of Powder MetallurgySchumacher, Earle E.; Souden, Alexander G.
Vol. 23(4), 458, 1944Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 23(4), 460, 1944Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 24(1), 1, 1945Intermittent Behavior in OscillatorsEdson, W.A.
Vol. 24(1), 23, 1945Evaluating the Relative Bending Strength of CrossarmsEggleston, Richard C.
Vol. 24(1), 46, 1945Mathematical Analysis of Random NoiseRice, S.O.
Vol. 24(1), 157, 1945Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 24(1), 159, 1945Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 24(2), 161, 1945Piezoelectric Crystals in Oscillator CircuitsFair, I.E.
Vol. 24(2), 217, 1945The Measurement of the Performance Index of Quartz PlatesHarrison, C.W.
Vol. 24(2), 253, 1945Lightning Protection of Buried Toll CableSunde, E.D.
Vol. 24(2), 301, 1945Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 24(2), 303, 1945Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 24(3), 305, 1945Physical Limitations in Electron BallisticsPierce, J.R.
Vol. 24(3), 322, 1945Electron Ballistics in High-Frequency FieldsSamuel, A.L.
Vol. 24(3), 353, 1945Dynamics of Package CushioningMindlin, Raymond D.
Vol. 24(3), 462, 1945Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 24(3), 467, 1945Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 25(1), 1, 1946Early Fire-Control Radars for Naval VesselsTinus, W.C.; Higgins, W.H.C.
Vol. 25(1), 48, 1946The Gas-Discharge Transmit-Receive SwitchSamuel, A.L.; Clark, J.W.; Mumford, W.W.
Vol. 25(1), 102, 1946A Wood Soil Contact Culture Technique for Laboratory Study of Wood-Destroying Fungi, Wood Decay and Wood PreservationLeutritz, John Jr.
Vol. 25(1), 136, 1946X-Ray Studies of Surface Layers of CrystalsArmstrong, Elizabeth J.
Vol. 25(1), 156, 1946Some Novel Expressions for the Propagation Constant of a Uniform LineClarke, J.L.
Vol. 25(1), 158, 1946Decibel TablesJohnson, K.S.
Vol. 25(1), 159, 1946Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 25(1), 165, 1946Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 25(2), 167, 1946The Magnetron as a Generator of Centimeter WavesFisk, J.B.; Hagstrum, H.D.; Hartman, P.L.
Vol. 25(2), 349, 1946Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 25(3), 351, 1946Some Recent Contributions to Synthetic Rubber ResearchFuller, C.S.
Vol. 25(3), 385, 1946Characteristics of Vacuum Tubes for Radar Intermediate Frequency AmplifiersFord, G.T.
Vol. 25(3), 408, 1946High Q Resonant Cavities for Microwave TestingWilson, I.G.; Schramm, C.W.; Kinzer, J.P.
Vol. 25(3), 435, 1946Techniques and Facilities for Microwave Radar TestingGreen, E.I.; Fisher, H.J.; Ferguson, J.G.
Vol. 25(3), 483, 1946Performance Characteristics of Various Carrier Telegraph MethodsJones, T.A.; Pfleger, K.W.
Vol. 25(3), 532, 1946Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 25(3), 537, 1946Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 25(4), 539, 1946A Study of the Delays Encountered by Toll Operators in Obtaining an Idle TrunkRappleye, S.C.
Vol. 25(4), 563, 1946Spark Gap Switches for RadarGoucher, F.S.; Haynes, J.R.; Depp, W.A.; Ryder, E.J.
Vol. 25(4), 603, 1946Coil Pulsers for RadarPeterson, E.
Vol. 25(4), 616, 1946Linear Servo TheoryGraham, Robert E.
Vol. 25(4), 652, 1946Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 25(4), 655, 1946Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 26(1), 1, 1947Development of Silicon Crystal Rectifiers for Microwave Radar ReceiversScaff, J.H.; Ohl, R.S.
Vol. 26(1), 31, 1947End Plate and Side Wall Currents in Circular Cylinder Cavity ResonatorKinzer, J.P.; Wilson, I.G.
Vol. 26(1), 80, 1947First and Second Order Equations for Piezoelectric Crystals Expressed in Tensor FormMason, W.P.
Vol. 26(1), 139, 1947The Biased Ideal RectifierBennett, W.R.
Vol. 26(1), 170, 1947Properties and Uses of Thermistors--Thermally Sensitive ResistorsBecker, J.A.; Green, C.B.; Pearson, G.L.
Vol. 26(1), 213, 1947Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 26(1), 217, 1947Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 26(2), 219, 1947Radar AntennasFriis, H.T.; Lewis, W.D.
Vol. 26(2), 318, 1947Probability Functions for the Modulus and Angle of the Normal Complex VariateHoyt, Ray S.
Vol. 26(2), 360, 1947Spectrum Analysis of Pulse Modulated WavesLozier, J.C.
Vol. 26(2), 388, 1947Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 26(2), 394, 1947Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 26(3), 395, 1947Telephony by Pulse Code ModulationGoodall, W.M.
Vol. 26(3), 410, 1947Some Results on Cylindrical Cavity ResonatorsKinzer, J.P.; Wilson, I.G.
Vol. 26(3), 446, 1947Precision Measurement of Impedance Mismatches in WaveguidePomeroy, Allen F.
Vol. 26(3), 460, 1947Reflex OscillatorsPierce, J.R.; Shepherd, W.G.
Vol. 26(3), 682, 1947Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 26(3), 691, 1947Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 26(4), 693, 1947The Radar ReceiverMorrison, L.W., Jr.
Vol. 26(4), 818, 1947High-Vacuum Oxide-Cathode Pulse Modulator TubesFay, C.E.
Vol. 26(4), 837, 1947Polyrod AntennasMueller, G.E.; Tyrrell, W.A.
Vol. 26(4), 852, 1947Targets for Microwave Radar NavigationRobertson, Sloan D.
Vol. 26(4), 870, 1947Tables of Phase Associated with a Semi-Infinite Unit Slope of AttenuationThomas, D.E.
Vol. 26(4), 900, 1947Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 26(4), 904, 1947Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 27(1), 1, 1948An Experimental Multichannel Pulse Code Modulation System of Toll QualityMeacham, L.A.; Peterson, E.
Vol. 27(1), 44, 1948Electron Beam Deflection Tube for Pulse Code ModulationSears, R.W.
Vol. 27(1), 58, 1948Metallic Delay LensesKock, Winston E.
Vol. 27(1), 83, 1948A Non-reflecting Branching Filter for MicrowavesLewis, W.D.; Tillotson, L.C.
Vol. 27(1), 96, 1948A Note on Parallel-Tuned Transformer DesignRideout, V.C.
Vol. 27(1), 109, 1948Statistical Properties of a Sine Wave Plus Random NoiseRice, S.O.
Vol. 27(1), 158, 1948Noise in Resistances and Electron StreamsPierce, J.R.
Vol. 27(1), 175, 1948Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 27(1), 181, 1948Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 27(2), 183, 1948Microwave Repeater ResearchFriis, H.T.
Vol. 27(2), 247, 1948The Measurement of Delay Distortion in Microwave RepeatersRing, D.H.
Vol. 27(2), 265, 1948Frequency Shift Telegraphy -- Radio and Wire ApplicationsDavey, J.R.; Matte, A.L.
Vol. 27(2), 305, 1948Reflections from Circular Bends in Rectangular Wave Guides -- Matrix TheoryRice, S.O.
Vol. 27(2), 350, 1948The Approximate Solution of Linear Differential EquationsGray, Marion C.; Schelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 27(2), 365, 1948Potential Coefficients for Ground Return CircuitsWise, W. Howard
Vol. 27(2), 372, 1948Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 27(2), 377, 1948Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 27(3), 379, 1948A Mathematical Theory of CommunicationShannon, C.E.
Vol. 27(3), 424, 1948An Aspect of the Dialing Behavior of Subscribers and Its Effect on the Trunk PlantClos, Charles
Vol. 27(3), 446, 1948Spectra of Quantized SignalsBennett, W.R.
Vol. 27(3), 473, 1948Analysis and Performance of Waveguide-Hybrid Rings for MicrowavesBudenbom, H.T.
Vol. 27(3), 487, 1948Methods of Electromagnetic Field AnalysisSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 27(3), 510, 1948The Evolution of the Quartz Crystal ClockMarrison, Warren A.
Vol. 27(3), 589, 1948Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 27(3), 591, 1948Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 27(4), 593, 1948Equivalent Circuits of Linear Active Four-Terminal NetworksPeterson, Liss C.
Vol. 27(4), 623, 1948A Mathematical Theory of CommunicationShannon, C.E.
Vol. 27(4), 657, 1948Transients in Mechanical SystemsMuller, J.T.
Vol. 27(4), 684, 1948Maximally-Flat Filters in WaveguideMumford, W.W.
Vol. 27(4), 714, 1948Transient Response of an FM ReceiverZinn, Manvel K.
Vol. 27(4), 732, 1948Transverse Fields in Traveling-Wave TubesPierce, J.R.
Vol. 27(4), 747, 1948Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 27(4), 752, 1948Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 28(1), 1, 1949Propagation of TE01 Waves in Curved Wave GuidesAlbersheim, W.J.
Vol. 28(1), 33, 1949A New Type of High-Frequency AmplifierPierce, J.R.; Hebenstreit, W.B.
Vol. 28(1), 52, 1949Experimental Observation of Amplification by Interaction Between Two Electron StreamsHollenberg, A.V.
Vol. 28(1), 59, 1949The Synthesis of Two Terminal Switching CircuitsShannon, Claude E.
Vol. 28(1), 99, 1949A Method of Measuring Phase at Microwave FrequenciesRobertson, Sloan D.
Vol. 28(1), 104, 1949Reflection from Corners in Rectangular Wave Guides - Conformal TransformationRice, S.O.
Vol. 28(1), 136, 1949A Set of Second-Order Differential Equations Associated with Reflections in Rectangular Wave Guides - Application to Guide Connected to HornRice, S.O.
Vol. 28(1), 157, 1949Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 28(1), 162, 1949Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 28(2), 165, 1949A Carrier System for 8000-Cycle Program TransmissionLeconte, R.A.; Penick, D.B.; Schramm, C.W.; Wier, A.J.
Vol. 28(2), 181, 1949Delay Equalization of Eight-Kilocycle Carrier Program CircuitsDagnall, C.H.; Rounds, P.W.
Vol. 28(2), 196, 1949Band Pass Filter, Band Elimination Filter and Phase Simulating Network for Carrier Program SystemsFarkas, F.S.; Hallenbeck, F.J.; Stehlik, F.E.
Vol. 28(2), 221, 1949A Precise Direct Reading Phase and Transmission Measuring System for Video FrequenciesAlsberg, D.A.; Leed, D.
Vol. 28(2), 239, 1949Physical Principles Involved in Transistor ActionBardeen, J.; Brattain, W.H.
Vol. 28(2), 278, 1949Lightning Current Observations in Buried CableTrueblood, H.M.; Sunde, E.D.
Vol. 28(2), 303, 1949The Electrostatic Field in Vacuum Tubes with Arbitrarily Spaced ElementsBennett, W.R.; Peterson, L.C.
Vol. 28(2), 315, 1949Transconductance as a Criterion of Electron Tube PerformanceSlonczewski, T.
Vol. 28(2), 329, 1949Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 28(2), 332, 1949Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 28(3), 335, 1949Editorial Note Regarding Semiconductors
Vol. 28(3), 344, 1949Hole Injection in Germanium - Quantitative Studies and Filamentary TransistorsShockley, W.; Pearson, G.L.; Haynes, J.R.
Vol. 28(3), 367, 1949Some Circuit Aspects of the TransistorRyder, R.M.; Kircher, R.J.
Vol. 28(3), 401, 1949Theory of Transient Phenomena in the Transport of Holes in an Excess SemiconductorHerring, Conyers
Vol. 28(3), 428, 1949On the Theory of the A-C. Impedance of a Contact RectifierBardeen, J.
Vol. 28(3), 435, 1949The Theory of p-n Junctions in Semiconductors and p-n Junction TransistorsShockley, W.
Vol. 28(3), 490, 1949Band Width and Transmission PerformanceFeldman, C.B.; Bennett, W.R.
Vol. 28(3), 596, 1949Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 28(3), 599, 1949Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 28(4), 601, 1949Reactance Tube Modulation of Phase Shift OscillatorsDennis, F.R.; Felch, E.P.
Vol. 28(4), 608, 1949A Broad-Band Microwave Noise SourceMumford, W.W.
Vol. 28(4), 619, 1949Electronic Admittances of Parallel-Plane Electron Tubes at 4000 MegacyclesRobertson, Sloan D.
Vol. 28(4), 647, 1949Passive Four-Pole Admittances of Microwave TriodesRobertson, Sloan D.
Vol. 28(4), 656, 1949Communication Theory of Secrecy SystemsShannon, C.E.
Vol. 28(4), 716, 1949The Design of Reactive EqualizersBrogle, A.P., Jr.
Vol. 28(4), 751, 1949Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 28(4), 753, 1949Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 29(1), 1, 1950Traveling-Wave TubesPierce, J. R.
Vol. 29(1), 60, 1950Communication in the Presence of Noise - Probability of Error for Two Encoding SchemesRice, S. O.
Vol. 29(1), 94, 1950Realization of a Constant Phase DifferenceDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 29(1), 105, 1950Conversion of Concentrated Loads on Wood Crossarms to Loads Distributed at Each Pin PositionEggleston, Richard C.
Vol. 29(1), 117, 1950The Linear Theory of Fluctuations Arising from Diffusional Mechanisms - An Attempt at a Theory of Contact NoiseRichardson, J.M.
Vol. 29(1), 142, 1950Abstracts of Technical Articles by Bell System Authors
Vol. 29(1), 146, 1950Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 29(2), 147, 1950Error Detecting and Error Correcting CodesHamming, R.W.
Vol. 29(2), 161, 1950Optical Properties and the Electro-optic and Photoelastic Effects in Crystals Expressed in Tensor FormMason, W.P.
Vol. 29(2), 189, 1950Traveling-Wave Tubes (Second Installment)Pierce, J.R.
Vol. 29(2), 251, 1950Factors Affecting Magnetic QualityBozorth, R.M.
Vol. 29(2), 287, 1950Technical Articles by Bell System Authors Not Appearing in the Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. 29(2), 294, 1950Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 29(3), 295, 1950Principles and Applications of Waveguide TransmissionSouthworth, George C.
Vol. 29(3), 343, 1950Memory Requirements in a Telephone ExchangeShannon, Claude E.
Vol. 29(3), 350, 1950Matter, A Mode of MotionHartley, R.V.L.
Vol. 29(3), 369, 1950The Reflection of Diverging Waves by a Gyrostatic MediumHartley, R.V.L.
Vol. 29(3), 390, 1950Traveling-Wave Tubes (Third Installment)Pierce, J.R.
Vol. 29(3), 461, 1950Technical Publications by Bell System Authors Other Than in the Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. 29(3), 468, 1950Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 29(4), 469, 1950Theory of Relation Between Hole Concentration and Characteristics of Germanium Point ContactsBardeen, J.
Vol. 29(4), 496, 1950Design Factors of the Bell Telephone Laboratories 1553 TriodeMorton, J.A.; Ryder, R.M.
Vol. 29(4), 531, 1950A New Microwave Triode: Its Performance as a Modulator and as an AmplifierBowen, A.E.; Mumford, W.W.
Vol. 29(4), 553, 1950A Wide Range Microwave Sweeping OscillatorHines, M.E.
Vol. 29(4), 560, 1950Theory of the Flow of Electrons and Holes in Germanium and Other SemiconductorsVan Roosbroeck, W.
Vol. 29(4), 608, 1950Traveling-Wave Tubes (Fourth Installment)Pierce, J.R.
Vol. 29(4), 672, 1950Technical Publications by Bell System Authors Other Than in the Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. 29(4), 674, 1950Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 30(1), 1, 1951The Type N-1 Carrier Telephone System: Objectives and Transmission FeaturesCaruthers, R.S.
Vol. 30(1), 33, 1951Television by Pulse Code ModulationGoodall, W.M.
Vol. 30(1), 50, 1951Prediction and Entropy of Printed EnglishShannon, C.E.
Vol. 30(1), 65, 1951A Submarine Telephone Cable with Submerged RepeatersGilbert, J.J.
Vol. 30(1), 88, 1951Theory of the Negative Impedance ConverterMerrill, J.L., Jr.
Vol. 30(1), 110, 1951The Ring Armature Telephone ReceiverMott, E.E.; Miner, R.C.
Vol. 30(1), 141, 1951Internal Temperatures of Relay WindingsPeek, R.L., Jr.
Vol. 30(1), 149, 1951The Evolution of Inductive Loading for Bell System Telephone FacilitiesShaw, Thomas
Vol. 30(1), 205, 1951Technical Publications by Bell System Authors Other Than in the Bell System Technical Journal
Vol. 30(1), 211, 1951Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 30(2), 213, 1951The Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of the Telephone
Vol. 30(2), 215, 1951Seventy-Five Years of the Telephone: An Evolution in TechnologyMartin, W.H.
Vol. 30(2), 239, 1951An Improved Telephone SetInglis, A.H.; Tuffnell, W.L.
Vol. 30(2), 271, 1951Pyrolytic Film Resistors: Carbon and BorocarbonGrisdale, R.O.; Pfister, A.C.; Van Roosbroeck, W.
Vol. 30(2), 315, 1951The Potential Analogue Method of Network SynthesisDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 30(2), 366, 1951Zero Temperature Coefficient Quartz Crystals for Very High TemperaturesMason, W.P.
Vol. 30(2), 381, 1951Duality as a Guide in Transitor Circuit DesignWallace, R.L., Jr.; Raisbeck, G.
Vol. 30(2), 418, 1951Some Design Features of the N-1 Carrier Telephone SystemKahl, W.E.; Pedersen, L.
Vol. 30(2), 447, 1951The Evolution of Inductive Loading for Bell System Telephone Facilities Part III: Loading For Exchange Area CablesShaw, Thomas
Vol. 30(2), 473, 1951Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 30(2), 488, 1951Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 30(3), 491, 1951Reduction of Skin Effect Losses by the Use of Laminated ConductorsClogston, A.M.
Vol. 30(3), 530, 1951Some Circuit Properties and Applications of n-p-n TransistorsWallace, R.L., Jr.; Pietenpol, W.J.
Vol. 30(3), 564, 1951A Photographic Method for Displaying Sound Wave and Microwave Space PatternsKock, W.E.; Harvey, F.K.
Vol. 30(3), 588, 1951Some Basic Concepts of Translators and Identifiers Used in Telephone Switching SystemsSchneckloth, H.H.
Vol. 30(3), 626, 1951Waves in Electron Streams and CircuitsPierce, J.R.
Vol. 30(3), 652, 1951Interaxial Spacing and Dielectric Constant of Pairs in Multipaired CablesMaupin, J.T.
Vol. 30(3), 668, 1951N-Terminal Switching CircuitsGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 30(3), 689, 1951Coaxial Impedance StandardsKempf, R.A.
Vol. 30(3), 706, 1951Instantaneous CompandorsMallinckrodt, C.O.
Vol. 30(3), 721, 1951The Evolution of Inductive Loading for Bell System Telephone FacilitiesShaw, Thomas
Vol. 30(3), 765, 1951Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 30(3), 777, 1951Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 30(4), 779, 1951Dr. C. J. DavissonKelly, M.J.
Vol. 30(4), 786, 1951The Scientific Work of C. J. DavissonDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 30(4), 798, 1951Inorganic Replication in Electron MicroscopyCalbick, C.J.
Vol. 30(4), 825, 1951A Gun for Starting Electrons Straight in a Magnetic FieldPierce, J.R.
Vol. 30(4), 830, 1951Electron Streams in a DiodeGray, Frank
Vol. 30(4), 855, 1951The Davisson Cathode Ray Television Tube Using Deflection ModulationJensen, A.G.
Vol. 30(4), 867, 1951Electron Transmission Through Thin Metal Sections with Application to Self-Recovery in Cold Worked AluminumHeidenreich, R.D.
Vol. 30(4), 888, 1951On the Reflection of Electrons by Metallic CrystalsMacColl, L.A.
Vol. 30(4), 907, 1951The Use of the Field Emission Electron Microscope in Absorption Studies of W on W and Ba on WBecker, J.A.
Vol. 30(4), 933, 1951Heat Dissipation at the Electrodes of a Short Electric ArcGermer, L.H.
Vol. 30(4), 945, 1951Detwinning Ferroelectric CrystalsWood, Elizabeth A.
Vol. 30(4), 956, 1951Longitudinal Modes of Elastic Waves in Isotropic Cylinders and SlabsHolden, A.N.
Vol. 30(4), 970, 1951Frequency Dependence of Elastic Constants and Losses in NickelBozorth, R.M.; Mason, W.P.; McSkimin, H.J.
Vol. 30(4), 990, 1951Hot Electrons in Germanium and Ohm's LawShockley, W.
Vol. 30(4), 1035, 1951Published Writings of C. J. Davisson
Vol. 30(4), 1038, 1951Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 30(4), 1041, 1951The TD-2 Microwave Radio Relay SystemRoetken, A.A.; Smith, K.D.; Friis, R.W.
Vol. 30(4), 1078, 1951Deterioration of Organic PolymersBiggs, B.S.
Vol. 30(4), 1103, 1951The Development of Electron Tubes for a New Coaxial Transmission SystemFord, G.T.; Walsh, E.J.
Vol. 30(4), 1129, 1951Telephone Traffic Time AverageRiordan, John
Vol. 30(4), 1145, 1951The Reproduction of Magnetically Recorded SignalsWallace, R.L., Jr.
Vol. 30(4), 1174, 1951Some Results Concerning the Partial Differential Equations Describing the Flow of Holes and Electrons in SemiconductorsPrim, R.C. III
Vol. 30(4), 1214, 1951Instantaneous Compandors on Narrow Band Speech ChannelsLozier, J.C.
Vol. 30(4), 1221, 1951The Evolution of Inductive Loading for Bell System Telephone FacilitiesShaw, Thomas
Vol. 30(4), 1244, 1951Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 30(4), 1254, 1951Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 31(1), 1, 1952The Ferromagnetic Faraday Effect at Microwave Frequencies and its Applications: The Microwave GyratorHogan, C.L.
Vol. 31(1), 32, 1952Dialing Habits of Telephone CustomersClos, Charles; Wilkinson, Roger I.
Vol. 31(1), 68, 1952Selective Fading of MicrowavesCrawford, A.B.; Jakes, W.C., Jr.
Vol. 31(1), 91, 1952Propagation Studies at Microwave Frequencies by Means of Very Short PulsesDe Lange, O.E.
Vol. 31(1), 104, 1952Properties of Ionic Bombarded SiliconOhl, Russell S.
Vol. 31(1), 122, 1952Mechanical Properties of Polymers at Ultrasonic FrequenciesMason, Warren P.; McSkimin, H.J.
Vol. 31(1), 172, 1952Relay Armature Rebound AnalysisSumner, Eric Eden
Vol. 31(1), 201, 1952Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 31(1), 213, 1952Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 31(2), 217, 1952Introduction to Formal Realizability Theory - IMcMillan, Brockway
Vol. 31(2), 280, 1952An Application of Boolean Algebra to Switching Circuit DesignStaehler, Robert E.
Vol. 31(2), 306, 1952Interaction of Polymers and Mechanical WavesBaker, W.O.; Heiss, J.H.
Vol. 31(2), 357, 1952The Reliability of Telephone Traffic Load Measurements by Switch CountsHayward, W.S., Jr.
Vol. 31(2), 378, 1952Network Representation of Transcendental Impedance FunctionsZinn, M.K.
Vol. 31(2), 405, 1952Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 31(2), 409, 1952Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 31(3), 411, 1952Present Status of Transistor DevelopmentMorton, J.A.
Vol. 31(3), 443, 1952An Experimental Electronically Controlled Automatic Switching SystemMalthaner, W.A.; Vaughan, H. Earle
Vol. 31(3), 469, 1952New Techniques for Measuring Forces and Wear in Telephone Switching ApparatusMason, Warren P.; White, Samuel D.
Vol. 31(3), 504, 1952A Comparison of Signalling AlphabetsGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 31(3), 523, 1952Principle Strains in Cable Sheaths and Other Buckled SurfacesHopkins, I.L.
Vol. 31(3), 530, 1952A New Recording Medium For Transcribed Message ServicesMenard, James Z.
Vol. 31(3), 541, 1952Introduction to Formal Realizability Theory - IIMcMillan, Brockway
Vol. 31(3), 601, 1952Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 31(3), 608, 1952Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 31(4), 611, 1952Thirtieth Anniversary
Vol. 31(4), 613, 1952Network Synthesis Using Tchebycheff Polynomial SeriesDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 31(4), 666, 1952A Carrier Telegraph System for Short-Haul ApplicationsHysko, J.L.; Rea, W.T.; Roberts, L.C.
Vol. 31(4), 688, 1952The Type-O Carrier SystemEdwards, Paul G.; Montfort, L.R.
Vol. 31(4), 724, 1952Efficient CodingOliver, B.M.
Vol. 31(4), 751, 1952Statistics of Television SignalsKretzmer, E.R.
Vol. 31(4), 764, 1952Experiments with Linear Prediction in TelevisionHarrison, C.W.
Vol. 31(4), 784, 1952Generalized Telegraphist's Equations for WaveguidesSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 31(4), 802, 1952Photoelectric Properties of Ionically Bombarded SiliconKingsbury, Edwin F.; Ohl, Russell S.
Vol. 31(4), 816, 1952Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 31(4), 820, 1952Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 31(5), 823, 1952Automatic Switching for Nationwide Telephone ServiceClark, A.B.; Osborne, H.S.
Vol. 31(5), 832, 1952Fundamental Plans for Toll Telephone PlantPilliod, J.J.
Vol. 31(5), 851, 1952Nationwide Numbering PlanNunn, W.H.
Vol. 31(5), 860, 1952Automatic Toll Switching SystemsShipley, F.F.
Vol. 31(5), 883, 1952Mathematical Theory of Laminated Transmission Lines - Part IMorgan, Samuel P., Jr.
Vol. 31(5), 950, 1952Electrical Noise in SemiconductorsMontgomery, H.C.
Vol. 31(5), 976, 1952Important Design Factors Influencing Reliability of RelaysFry, J.R.
Vol. 31(5), 999, 1952Impedance Bridges for the Megacycle RangeWilhelm, H.T.
Vol. 31(5), 1013, 1952Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 31(5), 1020, 1952Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 31(6), 1023, 1952A New General Purpose Relay for Telephone Switching SystemsKeller, Arthur C.
Vol. 31(6), 1068, 1952Comparison of Mobile Radio Transmission at 150, 450, 900, and 3700 McYoung, W. Rae, Jr.
Vol. 31(6), 1086, 1952Common Control Telephone Switching SystemsMyers, Oscar
Vol. 31(6), 1121, 1952Mathematical Theory of Laminated Transmission Lines - Part IIMorgan, Samuel P., Jr.
Vol. 31(6), 1207, 1952Transistors in Switching CircuitsAnderson, A. Eugene
Vol. 31(6), 1250, 1952Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 31(6), 1256, 1952Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 32(1), 1, 1953Surface Properties of GermaniumBrattain, Walter H.; Bardeen, John
Vol. 32(1), 42, 1953Frequency Economy in Mobile Radio BandsBullington, Kenneth
Vol. 32(1), 63, 1953Intermodulation Interference in Radio Systems: Frequency of Occurrence and Control by Channel SelectionBabcock, Wallace C.
Vol. 32(1), 74, 1953Magnetic Resonance: Part I - Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 32(1), 100, 1953Delay Curves for Calls Served at RandomRiordan, John
Vol. 32(1), 120, 1953The Evaluation of Wood Preservatives: Part I - Interpretation and Correlation of the Results of Laboratory Soil-Block Tests and Outdoor Test Plot Experience, with Special Reference to Oil-Type MaterialsColley, Reginald H.
Vol. 32(1), 170, 1953Motion of Gaseous Ions in Strong Electric FieldsWannier, Gregory H.
Vol. 32(1), 255, 1953Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 32(1), 261, 1953Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 32(2), 265, 1953Ferrite Core InductorsStone, H.A., Jr.
Vol. 32(2), 292, 1953A Throwdown Machine for Telephone Traffic StudiesFrost, G.R.; Keister, William; Ritchie, Alistair E.
Vol. 32(2), 360, 1953Working Curves for Delayed Exponential Calls Served in Random OrderWilkinson, Roger I.
Vol. 32(2), 384, 1953Magnetic Resonance: Part II - Magnetic Resonance of ElectronsDarrow, Karl K.
Vol. 32(2), 406, 1953A Study of Non-Blocking Switching NetworksClos, Charles
Vol. 32(2), 425, 1953The Evaluation of Wood Preservatives: Part IIColley, Reginald H.
Vol. 32(2), 506, 1953Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 32(2), 519, 1953Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 32(3), 523, 1953Solderless Wrapped Connections - IntroductionMcRae, J. W.
Vol. 32(3), 525, 1953Solderless Wrapped Connections: Part I - Structure and ToolsMallina, R.F.
Vol. 32(3), 557, 1953Solderless Wrapped Connections: Part II - Necessary Conditions for Obtaining a Permanent ConnectionMason, W.P.; Osmer, T.F.
Vol. 32(3), 591, 1953Solderless Wrapped Connections: Part III - Evaluation and Performance TestsVan Horn, R.H.
Vol. 32(3), 611, 1953An Improved Circuit for the Telephone SetBennett, A.F.
Vol. 32(3), 627, 1953Automatic Line Insulation Test Equipment for Local Crossbar SystemsBurns, R.W.; Dehn, J.W.
Vol. 32(3), 647, 1953Theory of Magnetic Effects on the Noise in a Germanium FilamentSuhl, Harry
Vol. 32(3), 665, 1953DC Field Distribution in a Swept Intrinsic Semiconductor ConfigurationPrim, R.C.
Vol. 32(3), 695, 1953Transmission Properties of Laminated Clogston Type ConductorsVaage, E.F.
Vol. 32(3), 715, 1953A Coupled Resonator Reflex KlystronReed, E.D.
Vol. 32(3), 767, 1953Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 32(3), 775, 1953Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 32(4), 779, 1953The L3 Coaxial System - Foreword
Vol. 32(4), 781, 1953The L3 Coaxial System: System DesignElmendorf, C.H.; Ehrbar, R.D.; Klie, R.H.; Grossman, A.J.
Vol. 32(4), 833, 1953The L3 Coaxial System: Equalization and RegulationKetchledge, R.W.; Finch, T.R.
Vol. 32(4), 879, 1953The L3 Coaxial System: AmplifiersMorris, L.H.; Lovell, G.H.; Dickinson, F.R.
Vol. 32(4), 915, 1953The L3 Coaxial System: Television TerminalsRieke, John W.; Graham, R. S.
Vol. 32(4), 943, 1953The L3 Coaxial System: Quality Control RequirementsDodge, H.F.; Kinsburg, B.J.; Kruger, M.K.
Vol. 32(4), 969, 1953The L3 Coaxial System: Application of Quality Control Requirements in the Manufacture of ComponentsGarrett, R.F.; Tuffnell, T.L.; Waddell, R.A.
Vol. 32(4), 1007, 1953Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 32(4), 1015, 1953Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 32(5), 1019, 1953Transmission Design of Intertoll Telephone TrunksHuntley, H.R.
Vol. 32(5), 1037, 1953The Card Translator for Nationwide DialingHampton, L.N.; Newsom, J.B.
Vol. 32(5), 1099, 1953Development and Manufacture of Electroformed Conductor for Telephone Drop WireGray, A.N.; Murray, G.E.
Vol. 32(5), 1137, 1953Semiconductor Diode GatesHussey, Luther W.
Vol. 32(5), 1155, 1953A Review of New Magnetic PhenomenaAlley, R.E., Jr.
Vol. 32(5), 1173, 1953The Correlatograph: A Machine for Continuous Display of Short Term CorrelationBennett, W.R.
Vol. 32(5), 1187, 1953A Statistical Study of Selective Fading of Super-High Frequency Radio SignalsKaylor, R.L.
Vol. 32(5), 1203, 1953Acceleration Effects on Electron TubesStubner, F.W.
Vol. 32(5), 1231, 1953Arcing of Electrical Contacts in Telephone Switching Circuits: Part I - Theory of the Initiation of the Short ArcAtalla, M.M.
Vol. 32(5), 1245, 1953Polyethylene Insulated Telephone CableWindeler, A.S.
Vol. 32(5), 1257, 1953Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 32(5), 1266, 1953Addendum to Delay Curves For Calls Served At RandomRiordan, John
Vol. 32(5), 1267, 1953Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 32(6), 1271, 1953Design Theory of Junction TransistorsEarly, J.M.
Vol. 32(6), 1313, 1953Transistor Oscillator for Use in Multifrequency Pulsing Current SupplyBlount, F.E.
Vol. 32(6), 1333, 1953Ferrites in Microwave ApplicationsRowen, J.H.
Vol. 32(6), 1371, 1953Cold Cathode Tubes for Transmission of Audio Frequency SignalsTownsend, M.A.; Depp, W.A.
Vol. 32(6), 1393, 1953Balanced Polar Mercury Contact RelayBrown, J.T.L.; Pollard, C.E.
Vol. 32(6), 1413, 1953Dynamic Measurements on Electromagnetic DevicesLogan, M.A.
Vol. 32(6), 1469, 1953Selenium Rectifiers--Factors in Their ApplicationGramels, J.
Vol. 32(6), 1493, 1953Arcing of Electrical Contacts in Telephone Switching Circuits - Part II -Characteristics of the Short ArcAtalla, M.M.
Vol. 32(6), 1507, 1953Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 32(6), 1515, 1953Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 33(1), 1, 1954Design of Relays - Introduction
Vol. 33(1), 3, 1954Relay Measuring EquipmentWagar, H.N.
Vol. 33(1), 23, 1954Magnetic Design of RelaysPeek, R.L., Jr.; Wagar, H.N.
Vol. 33(1), 79, 1954Analysis of Measured Magnetization and Pull CharacteristicsPeek, R.L., Jr.
Vol. 33(1), 109, 1954Estimation and Control of the Operate Time of Relays: Part I - TheoryPeek, R.L., Jr.
Vol. 33(1), 144, 1954Estimation and Control of the Operate Time of Relays: Part II - Design of Optimum WindingsLogan, M.A.
Vol. 33(1), 187, 1954Principles of Slow Release Relay DesignPeek, R.L., Jr.
Vol. 33(1), 218, 1954Economics of Telephone Relay ApplicationsWagar, H.N.
Vol. 33(1), 257, 1954Symbols
Vol. 33(1), 260, 1954Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(1), 274, 1954Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 33(2), 277, 1954Traffic Engineering Techniques for Determining Trunk Requirements in Alternate Routing Trunk NetworksTruitt, C.J.
Vol. 33(2), 303, 1954Intertoll Trunk Concentrating EquipmentJohnston, D.F.
Vol. 33(2), 329, 1954The Transistor as a Network ElementBangert, J.T.
Vol. 33(2), 353, 1954Continuous Incremental Thickness Measurements of Non-Conductive Cable SheathWojciechowski, B.M.
Vol. 33(2), 369, 1954The Application of Designed Experiments to the Card TranslatorBrown, C.B.; Terry, M.E.
Vol. 33(2), 399, 1954Wave Propagation Along a Magnetically-Focused Cylindrical Electron BeamRigrod, W.W.; Lewis, J.A.
Vol. 33(2), 417, 1954Diffraction of Plane Radio Waves by a Parabolic CylinderRice, S.O.
Vol. 33(2), 505, 1954Abstracts of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(2), 514, 1954Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 33(3), 517, 1954P-N-I-P and N-P-I-N Junction Transistor TriodesEarly, J.M.
Vol. 33(3), 535, 1954Arcing of Electrical Contacts in Telephone Switching Circuits: Part III - Discharge Phenomena on Break of Inductive CircuitsAtalla, M.M.
Vol. 33(3), 559, 1954Thickness Measurement and Control in the Manufacture of Polyethylene Cable SheathEppler, W.T.
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Vol. 33(3), 661, 1954Coupled Wave Theory and Waveguide ApplicationsMiller, S.E.
Vol. 33(3), 721, 1954Theoretical Fundamentals of Pulse Transmission - ISunde, E.D.
Vol. 33(3), 789, 1954Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(3), 797, 1954Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 33(4), 799, 1954Negative Resistance Arising from Transit Time in Semiconductor DiodesShockley, W.
Vol. 33(4), 827, 1954Transistors and Junction Diodes in Telephone Power PlantsChase, F.H.; Hamilton, B.H.; Smith, D.H.
Vol. 33(4), 859, 1954Wire Straightening and Molding for Wire Spring RelaysBrunner, A.J.; Cosson, H.E.; Strickland, R.W.
Vol. 33(4), 885, 1954Some Fundamental Problems in Percussive WeldingSumner, Eric Eden
Vol. 33(4), 897, 1954Automatic Contact Welding in Wire Spring Relay ManufactureQuinlan, A.L.
Vol. 33(4), 925, 1954Electronic Relay TransferDavis, T.E.; Blaha, A.L.
Vol. 33(4), 939, 1954Topics in Guided Wave Propagation Through Gyromagnetic Media: Part II - Transverse Magnetization and the Non-Reciprocal HelixSuhl, H.; Walker, L.R.
Vol. 33(4), 987, 1954Theoretical Fundamentals of Pulse Transmission - IISunde, E.D.
Vol. 33(4), 1011, 1954Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(4), 1017, 1954Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(4), 1019, 1954Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 33(5), 1023, 1954Motion of Individual Domain Walls in a Nickel-Iron FerriteGalt, J.K.
Vol. 33(5), 1055, 1954Negative Impedance Telephone RepeatersMerrill, J.L., Jr.; Rose, A.F.; Smethurst, J.O.
Vol. 33(5), 1093, 1954Stress Systems in the Solderless Wrapped Connection and Their PermanenceMason, W.P.; Anderson, O.L.
Vol. 33(5), 1111, 1954A New Multicontact Relay for Telephone Switching SystemsRafuse, I.S.
Vol. 33(5), 1133, 1954Topics in Guided Wave Propagation Through Gyromagnetic Media: Part III - Perturbation Theory and Miscellaneous ResultsSuhl, H.; Walker, L.R.
Vol. 33(5), 1195, 1954Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(5), 1201, 1954Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(5), 1206, 1954Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 33(6), 1209, 1954Waveguide as a Communications MediumMiller, S.E.
Vol. 33(6), 1267, 1954A Governor for Telephone Dials - Principles of DesignPferd, W.
Vol. 33(6), 1309, 1954In-Band Single-Frequency SignalingWeaver, A.; Newell, N.A.
Vol. 33(6), 1331, 1954Centralized Automatic Message Accounting SystemKing, G.V.
Vol. 33(6), 1343, 1954The Wave Picture of Microwave TubesPierce, J.R.
Vol. 33(6), 1373, 1954Theory of Open-Contact Performance of Twin ContactsAtalla, M.M.; Cox, Miss R.E.
Vol. 33(6), 1387, 1954Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(6), 1392, 1954Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 33(6), 1398, 1954Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 34(1), 1, 1955George A. Campbell, 1870 - 1954
Vol. 34(1), 5, 1955Behavior and Applications of Ferrites in the Microwave RegionFox, A.G.; Miller, S.E.; Weiss, M.T.
Vol. 34(1), 104, 1955Correction
Vol. 34(1), 105, 1955The Potentials of Infinite Systems of Sources and Numerical Solutions of Problems in Semiconductor EngineeringUhlir, Arthur Jr.
Vol. 34(1), 129, 1955Experiments on the Interface Between Germanium and an ElectrolyteBrattain, W.H.; Garrett, C.G.B.
Vol. 34(1), 177, 1955Boolean Matrices and the Design of Combinational Relay Switching CircuitsHohn, Franz E.; Schissler, L. Robert
Vol. 34(1), 203, 1955Arcing of Electrical Contacts in Telephone Switching Systems: Part IV - Mechanism of the Initiation of the Short ArcAtalla, M.M.
Vol. 34(1), 221, 1955Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(1), 230, 1955Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(1), 234, 1955Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 34(2), 237, 1955Transport Properties of a Many-Valley SemiconductorHerring, Conyers
Vol. 34(2), 291, 1955New Manufacturing Techniques For Precision Transformers for the L3Coaxial Carrier SystemEarle, Norman E.
Vol. 34(2), 309, 1955Development of Reed Switches and RelaysHovgaard, O.M.; Perreault, G.E.
Vol. 34(2), 333, 1955Stability of Negative Impedance Elements in Short Transmission LinesGammie, J.; Merrill, J.L., Jr.
Vol. 34(2), 361, 1955A Telephone Switching Network and Its Electronic ControlsBrewer, S.T.; Hecht, G.
Vol. 34(2), 403, 1955Signal-Detection Studies, with ApplicationsKaplan, E.L.
Vol. 34(2), 439, 1955Motion of Individual Domain Walls in a Nickel-Iron FerriteGalt, J.K.
Vol. 34(2), 443, 1955Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(2), 448, 1955Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 34(2), 450, 1955Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 34(3), 453, 1955A Revised Telephone Transmission Rating PlanBlye, P.W.; Coolidge, O.H.; Huntley, H.R.
Vol. 34(3), 473, 1955Protection of Service in the TD-2 Radio Relay System by Automatic Channel SwitchingWelber, I.; Evans, H.W.; Pullis, G.A.
Vol. 34(3), 511, 1955Transmission of Digital Information over Telephone CircuitsHorton, A.W., Jr.; Vaughan, H.E.
Vol. 34(3), 529, 1955Experimental Extrusion of Aluminum Cable Sheath at Bell Telephone LaboratoriesBouton, G.M.; Heiss, J.H.; Phipps, G.S.
Vol. 34(3), 563, 1955A Tunable, Low-Voltage Reflex Klystron for Operation in the 50 to 60-kmc BandReed, E.D.
Vol. 34(3), 601, 1955Interchannel Interference in FM and PM Systems Under Noise Loading ConditionsBennett, W.R.; Curtis, H.E.; Rice, S.O.
Vol. 34(3), 637, 1955Optimum Design of Directive Antenna Arrays Subject to Random VariationsGilbert, E.N.; Morgan, S.P.
Vol. 34(3), 665, 1955Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(3), 670, 1955Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(3), 672, 1955Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 34(4), 677, 1955A New Local Video Transmission SystemDoba, Stephen Jr.; Kolding, A. Robert
Vol. 34(4), 713, 1955Equalization of Cables for Local Television TransmissionRounds, P.W.; Lakin, Miss G.L.
Vol. 34(4), 739, 1955Relaxation Phenomena in FerritesClogston, A.M.
Vol. 34(4), 761, 1955Design of Alloyed Junction Germanium Transistors for High-Speed SwitchingEbers, J.J.; Miller, S.L.
Vol. 34(4), 783, 1955An Experimental Polytonic Signaling SystemLovell, C.A.; McGuigan, J.H.; Murphy, O.J.
Vol. 34(4), 807, 1955Tapered Velocity CouplersCook, J.S.
Vol. 34(4), 823, 1955Wave Coupling by Warped Normal ModesFox, A.G.
Vol. 34(4), 853, 1955Analysis of the Single Tapered Mode CouplerLouisell, W.H.
Vol. 34(4), 871, 1955Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(4), 876, 1955Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(4), 879, 1955Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 34(5), 883, 1955Alloyed Junction Avalanche TransistorsMiller, S.L.; Ebers, J.J.
Vol. 34(5), 903, 1955Effect of Dislocations on Ultrasonic Wave Attenuation in MetalsMason, W.P.
Vol. 34(5), 943, 1955Magnetic Pulse ModulatorsBusch, K.J.; Hasley, A.D.; Neitzert, Carl
Vol. 34(5), 994, 1955Correction
Vol. 34(5), 995, 1955Conversion of Maxwell's Equations into Generalized Telegraphist's EquationsSchelkunoff, S.A.
Vol. 34(5), 1045, 1955A Method for Synthesizing Sequential CircuitsMealy, George H.
Vol. 34(5), 1081, 1955Arcing of Electrical Contacts in Telephone Switching Circuits: Part V -Mechanisms of the Short Arc and Erosion of ContactsAtalla, M.M.
Vol. 34(5), 1103, 1955Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(5), 1109, 1955Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(5), 1112, 1955Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 34(6), 1115, 1955Silver Migration in Electrical InsulationKohman, G.T.; Hermance, H.W.; Downes, G.H.
Vol. 34(6), 1149, 1955The Field Effect TransistorDacey, G.C.; Ross, I.M.
Vol. 34(6), 1191, 1955The Measurement of the Transient Power and Energy Dissipated in Closing Switch ContactsEllwood, W.B.
Vol. 34(6), 1225, 1955Dual Voltage Operation of Relays and Crossbar SwitchesMehring, A.C.; Erwin, E.L.
Vol. 34(6), 1241, 1955Digital Memory in Barrier-Grid Storage TubesHines, M.E.; Chruney, M.; McCarthy, J.A.
Vol. 34(6), 1265, 1955Distortion in Feedback AmplifiersKetchledge, R.W.
Vol. 34(6), 1287, 1955Analysis of Switching NetworksLee, C.Y.
Vol. 34(6), 1317, 1955Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(6), 1323, 1955Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 34(6), 1327, 1955Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 35(1), 1, 1956Diffused Emitter and Base Silicon TransistorsTanenbaum, M.; Thomas, D.E.
Vol. 35(1), 23, 1956A High-Frequency Diffused Base Germanium TransistorLee, Charles A.
Vol. 35(1), 35, 1956Waveguide Investigations with Millimicrosecond PulsesBeck, A.C.
Vol. 35(1), 67, 1956Experiments on the Regeneration of Binary Microwave PulsesDeLange, O.E.
Vol. 35(1), 91, 1956Crossbar Tandem as a Long Distance Switching SystemAdam, A.O.
Vol. 35(1), 109, 1956Growing Waves Due to Transverse VelocitiesPierce, J.R.; Walker, L.R.
Vol. 35(1), 127, 1956Coupled HelicesCook, J.S.; Kompfner, R.; Quate, C.F.
Vol. 35(1), 179, 1956Statistical Techniques for Reducing the Experiment Time in Reliability StudiesSobel, Milton
Vol. 35(1), 203, 1956A Class of Binary Signaling AlphabetsSlepian, David
Vol. 35(1), 235, 1956Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(1), 242, 1956Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(1), 244, 1956Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 35(2), 249, 1956An Experimental Remote Controlled Line ConcentratorJoel, A.E., Jr.
Vol. 35(2), 295, 1956Transistor Circuits for Analog and Digital SystemsBlecher, Franklin H.
Vol. 35(2), 333, 1956Electrolytic Shaping of Germanium and SiliconUhlir, A., Jr.
Vol. 35(2), 349, 1956A Large Signal Theory of Traveling Wave Amplifiers: Including the Effects of Space Charge and Finite Coupling Between the Beam and the CircuitTien, Ping King
Vol. 35(2), 375, 1956A Detailed Analysis of Beam Formation with Electron Guns of the Pierce TypeDanielson, W.E.; Rosenfeld, J.L.; Saloom, J.A.
Vol. 35(2), 421, 1956Theories for Toll Traffic Engineering in the U.S.A.Wilkinson, Roger I.
Vol. 35(2), 515, 1956Crosstalk on Open-Wire LinesBabcock, W.C.; Rentrop, Esther; Thaeler, C.S.
Vol. 35(2), 519, 1956Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(2), 527, 1956Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(2), 531, 1956Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 35(3), 535, 1956Chemical Interactions Among Defects in Germanium and SiliconReiss, Howard; Fuller, C.S.; Morin, F.J.
Vol. 35(3), 637, 1956Single Crystals of Exceptional Perfection and Uniformity by Zone LevelingBennett, D.C.; Sawyer, B.
Vol. 35(3), 661, 1956Diffused p-n Junction Silicon RectifiersPrince, M.B.
Vol. 35(3), 685, 1956The Forward Characteristic of the PIN DiodeKleinman, D.A.
Vol. 35(3), 707, 1956A Laboratory Model Magnetic Drum Translator for Toll Switching OfficesBuhrendorf, F.G.; Henning, H.A.; Murphy, O.J.
Vol. 35(3), 747, 1956Tables of Phase of a Semi-Infinite Unit Attenuation SlopeThomas, D.E.
Vol. 35(3), 751, 1956Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 35(3), 759, 1956Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(3), 762, 1956Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 35(4), 767, 1956The Effect of Surface Treatments on Point-Contact Transistor CharacteristicsForster, J.H.; Miller, L.E.
Vol. 35(4), 813, 1956The Design of Tetrode Transistor AmplifiersLinvill, J.G.; Schimpf, L.G.
Vol. 35(4), 841, 1956The Nature of Power Saturation in Traveling Wave TubesCutler, C.C.
Vol. 35(4), 877, 1956The Field Displacement IsolatorWeisbaum, S.; Seidel, H.
Vol. 35(4), 899, 1956Transmission Loss Due to Resonance of Loosely-Coupled Modes in a Multi-Mode SystemKing, A.P.; Marcatili, E.A.
Vol. 35(4), 907, 1956Measurement of Atmospheric Attenuation at Millimeter WavelengthsCrawford, A.B.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 35(4), 917, 1956A New Interpretation of Information RateKelly, J.L., Jr.
Vol. 35(4), 927, 1956Automatic Testing of Transmission and Operational Functions of Intertoll TrunksFelder, H.H.; Pascarella, A.J.; Shoffstall, H.F.
Vol. 35(4), 955, 1956Intertoll Trunk Net Loss Maintenance under Operator Distance and Direct Distance DialingFelder, H.H.; Little, E.N.
Vol. 35(4), 973, 1956Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(4), 979, 1956Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(4), 985, 1956Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 35(5), 991, 1956Electronics in Telephone Switching SystemsJoel, A.E.
Vol. 35(5), 1019, 1956Combined Measurements of Field Effect, Surface Photo-Voltage and PhotoconductivityBrattain, W.H.; Garrett, C.G.B.
Vol. 35(5), 1041, 1956Distribution and Cross-Sections of Fast States on Germanium SurfacesGarrett, C.G.B.; Brattain, W.H.
Vol. 35(5), 1059, 1956Transistorized Binary Pulse RegeneratorWrathall, L.R.
Vol. 35(5), 1085, 1956Transistor Pulse Regenerative AmplifiersTendick, F.H., Jr.
Vol. 35(5), 1115, 1956Observed 5-6 mm Attenuation for the Circular Electric Wave in Small and Medium-Sized PipesKing, A.P.
Vol. 35(5), 1129, 1956Automatic Testing in Telephone ManufactureRobb, D.T.
Vol. 35(5), 1155, 1956Automatic Manufacturing Testing of Relay Switching CircuitsHansen, L.D.
Vol. 35(5), 1179, 1956Automatic Machine for Testing Capacitors and Resistance-Capacitance NetworksCole, C.C.; Shillington, H.R.
Vol. 35(5), 1199, 1956A 60-Foot Diameter Parabolic Antenna for Propagation StudiesCrawford, A.B.; Friis, H.T.; Jakes, W.C., Jr.
Vol. 35(5), 1209, 1956The Use of an Interference Microscope for Measurement of Extremely Thin Surface LayersBond, W.L.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 35(5), 1223, 1956Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(5), 1230, 1956Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(5), 1233, 1956Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 35(6), , 1956Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Transistor Inventors
Vol. 35(6), 1239, 1956Theory of the Swept Intrinsic StructureRead, W.T., Jr.
Vol. 35(6), 1285, 1956A Medium Power Traveling-Wave Tube for 6,000-Mc Radio RelayLaico, J.P.; McDowell, H.L.; Moster, C.R.
Vol. 35(6), 1347, 1956Helix WaveguideMorgan, S.P.; Young, J.A.
Vol. 35(6), 1385, 1956Wafer-Type Millimeter Wave RectifiersSharpless, W.M.
Vol. 35(6), 1403, 1956Frequency Conversion by Means of a Nonlinear AdmittanceEdwards, C.F.
Vol. 35(6), 1417, 1956Minimization of Boolean FunctionsMcCluskey, E.J., Jr.
Vol. 35(6), 1445, 1956Detection of Group Invariance or Total Symmetry of a Boolean FunctionMcCluskey, E.J., Jr.
Vol. 35(6), 1454, 1956Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(6), 1461, 1956Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 35(6), 1465, 1956Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 36(1), 1, 1957Transatlantic Communications - An Historical ResumeKelly, Dr. Mervin J.; Radley, Sir Gordon
Vol. 36(1), 7, 1957Transatlantic Telephone Cable System - Planning and Over-All PerformanceMottram, E.T.; Halsey, R.J.; Emling, J.W.; Griffith, R.G.
Vol. 36(1), 29, 1957System Design for the North Atlantic LinkLewis, H.A.; Tucker, R.S.; Lovell, G.H.; Fraser, J. M.
Vol. 36(1), 69, 1957Repeater Design for the North Atlantic LinkGleichmann, T.F.; Lince, A.H.; Wooley, M.C.; Braga, F.J.
Vol. 36(1), 103, 1957Repeater Production for the North Atlantic LinkLamb, H.A.; Heffner, W.W.
Vol. 36(1), 139, 1957Power Feed Equipment for the North Atlantic LinkMeszaros, G.W.; Spencer, H.H.
Vol. 36(1), 163, 1957Electron Tubes for the Transatlantic Cable SystemMcNally, J.O.; Metson, G.H.; Veazie, E.A.; Holmes, M.F.
Vol. 36(1), 189, 1957Cable Design and Manufacture for the Transatlantic Submarine Cable SystemLebert, A.W.; Fischer, H.B.; Biskeborn, M.C.
Vol. 36(1), 217, 1957System Design for the Newfoundland-Nova Scotia LinkHalsey, R.J.; Bampton, J.F.
Vol. 36(1), 245, 1957Repeater Design for the Newfoundland-Nova Scotia LinkBrockbank, R.A.; Walker, D.C.; Welsby, V.G.
Vol. 36(1), 277, 1957Power-Feed System for the Newfoundland-Nova Scotia LinkThomas, J.F.P.; Kelly, R.
Vol. 36(1), 293, 1957Route Selection and Cable Laying for the Transatlantic Cable SystemJack, J.S.; Leech, Capt. W.H.; Lewis, H.A.
Vol. 36(1), 327, 1957Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(1), 335, 1957Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(1), 338, 1957Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 36(2), 349, 1957A New Carrier System for Rural ServiceBoyd, R.C.; Howard, J.D., Jr.; Pedersen, L.
Vol. 36(2), 391, 1957An Experimental Dual Polarization Antenna Feed for Three Radio Relay BandsDawson, R.W.
Vol. 36(2), 409, 1957The Character of Waveguide Modes in Gyromagnetic MediaSeidel, H.
Vol. 36(2), 427, 1957Measurement of Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials at Microwave FrequenciesVon Aulock, Wilhelm; Rowen, John H.
Vol. 36(2), 449, 1957Sensitivity Considerations in Microwave Paramagnetic Resonance Absorption TechniquesFeher, G.
Vol. 36(2), 485, 1957The Determination of Pressure Coefficients of Capacitance for Certain GeometriesMcCall, D.W.
Vol. 36(2), 496, 1957Errata: BSTJ v35n4, pages 776 and 787; BSTJ v36n1 page 207
Vol. 36(2), 497, 1957Reading Rates and the Information Rate of a Human ChannelPierce, J.R.; Karlin, J.E.
Vol. 36(2), 517, 1957Binary Block CodingLloyd, S.P.
Vol. 36(2), 537, 1957Selecting the Best One of Several Binomial PopulationsSobel, Milton; Huyett, Marilyn J.
Vol. 36(2), 577, 1957Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(2), 583, 1957Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(2), 588, 1957Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 36(3), 593, 1957Radio Propagation FundamentalsBullington, Kenneth
Vol. 36(3), 627, 1957A Reflection Theory for Propagation Beyond the HorizonFriis, H.T.; Crawford, A.B.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 36(3), 645, 1957Interchannel Interference Due to Klystron PullingCurtis, H.E.; Rice, S.O.
Vol. 36(3), 653, 1957Instantaneous Companding of Quantized SignalsSmith, Bernard
Vol. 36(3), 710, 1957W. D. Bulloch Appointed Editor of B. S. T. J.
Vol. 36(3), 711, 1957An Electrically Operated Hydraulic Control ValveSchaefer, J.W.
Vol. 36(3), 737, 1957Strength Requirements for Round ConduitWeissmann, G.F.
Vol. 36(3), 755, 1957Cold Cathode Gas Tubes for Telephone Switching SystemsTownsend, M.A.
Vol. 36(3), 769, 1957Activation of Electrical Contacts by Organic VaporsGermer, L.H.; Smith, J.L.
Vol. 36(3), 813, 1957Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 36(3), 823, 1957Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(3), 828, 1957Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 36(4), 831, 1957Noise Spectrum of Electron Beam in Longitudinal Magnetic Field: Part I -The Growing Noise PhenomenonRigrod, W.W.
Vol. 36(4), 855, 1957Noise Spectrum of Electron Beam in Longitudal Magnetic Field: Part II -The UHF Noise SpectrumRigrod, W.W.
Vol. 36(4), 879, 1957Distortion Produced in a Noise Modulated FM Signal by Nonlinear Attenuation and Phase ShiftRice, S.O.
Vol. 36(4), 891, 1957Self-Timing Regenerative RepeatersSunde, E.D.
Vol. 36(4), 939, 1957A Sufficient Set of Statistics for a Simple Telephone Exchange ModelBenes, V.E.
Vol. 36(4), 965, 1957Fluctuation of Telephone TrafficBenes, V.E.
Vol. 36(4), 975, 1957High-Voltage Conductivity-Modulated Silicon RectifierVeloric, H.S.; Prince, M.B.
Vol. 36(4), 1005, 1957Coincidences in Poisson PatternsGilbert, E.N.; Pollak, H.O.
Vol. 36(4), 1035, 1957Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 36(4), 1043, 1957Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(4), 1045, 1957Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 36(5), 1047, 1957Oceanographic Information for Engineering Submarine Cable SystemsElmendorf, C.H.; Heezen, Bruce C.
Vol. 36(5), 1095, 1957Resistance of Organic Materials and Cable Structures to Marine Biological AttackSnoke, Lloyd R.
Vol. 36(5), 1129, 1957Dynamics and Kinematics of the Laying and Recovery of Submarine CableZajac, E.E.
Vol. 36(5), 1209, 1957Theory of Curved Circular Waveguide Containing an Inhomogeneous DielectricMorgan, Samuel P.
Vol. 36(5), 1253, 1957Circular Electric Wave Transmission in a Dielectric-Coated WaveguideUnger, H.G.
Vol. 36(5), 1279, 1957Circular Electric Wave Transmission Through Serpentine BendsUnger, H.G.
Vol. 36(5), 1292, 1957Normal Mode Bends for Circular Electric WavesUnger, H.G.
Vol. 36(5), 1308, 1957Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(5), 1313, 1957Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 36(5), 1317, 1957Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 36(6), 1319, 1957A New Storage Element Suitable for Large-Sized Memory Arrays- The TwistorBobeck, Andrew H.
Vol. 36(6), 1341, 1957Non-Binary Error Correction CodesUlrich, Werner
Vol. 36(6), 1389, 1957Shortest Connection Networks And Some GeneralizationsPrim, R.C.
Vol. 36(6), 1403, 1957A Network Containing a Periodically Operated Switch Solved by Successive ApproximationsDesoer, C.A.
Vol. 36(6), 1429, 1957Experimental Transversal Equalizer for TD-2 Radio Relay SystemBellows, B.C.; Graham, R.S.
Vol. 36(6), 1451, 1957Transmission Aspects of Data Transmission Service Using Private Line Voice Telephone ChannelsMertz, P.; Mitchell, D.
Vol. 36(6), 1487, 1957Design, Performance and Application of the Vernier ResolverKronacher, G.
Vol. 36(6), 1501, 1957Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 36(6), 1508, 1957Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 36(6), 1511, 1957Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 37(1), 1, 1958Nature and Origin of Standards of QualityShewhart, W.A.
Vol. 37(1), 23, 1958Contribution of Statistics to the Development Program of a Transformer for L3 Carrier SystemLevenbach, G.J.
Vol. 37(1), 55, 1958Runs Determined in a Sample by an Arbitrary CutOlmstead, Paul S.
Vol. 37(1), 83, 1958Properties of Control Chart Zone TestsRoberts, S.W.
Vol. 37(1), 115, 1958A Criterion to Limit Inspection Effort in Continuous Sampling PlansMurphy, R.B.
Vol. 37(1), 135, 1958Nonparametric Definition of the Representativeness of a Sample - with TablesSobel, Milton; Huyett, Marilyn J.
Vol. 37(1), 163, 1958Fluctuations of Random Noise PowerSlepian, D.
Vol. 37(1), 185, 1958The Measurement of Power Spectra from the Point of View of Communications Engineering - Part IBlackman, R.B.; Tukey, J.W.
Vol. 37(1), 283, 1958Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 37(1), 285, 1958Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 37(2), 289, 1958TelephoneGreen, E.I.
Vol. 37(2), 339, 1958Tone Ringing and Pushbutton CallingMeacham, L.A.; Power, J.R.; West, F.
Vol. 37(2), 361, 1958Attenuation in Continuously Loaded Coaxial CablesRaisbeck, Gordon
Vol. 37(2), 375, 1958New Developments in Military SwitchingGilmore, A.C.; Gray, P.R.; Irvine, W.S.
Vol. 37(2), 401, 1958A Proposed High-Frequency, Negative-Resistance DiodeRead, W.T., Jr.
Vol. 37(2), 447, 1958Broadband Oscilloscope TubeBrangaccio, D.J.; Dietrich, A.F.; Sullivan, J.W.
Vol. 37(2), 461, 1958Optimum Tolerance Assignment to Yield Minimum Manufacturing CostEvans, David H.
Vol. 37(2), 485, 1958The Measurement of Power Spectra from the Point of View of Communications Engineering - Part IIBlackman, R.B.; Tukey, J.W.
Vol. 37(2), 571, 1958Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 37(2), 576, 1958Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 37(3), 581, 1958Distribution of the Duration of Fades in Radio Transmission: Gaussian Noise ModelRice, S.O.
Vol. 37(3), 637, 1958Frequency Shifts in Cavities with Longitudinally Magnetized Small Ferrite DiscsSeidel, H.; Boyet, H.
Vol. 37(3), 657, 1958The Effects of Mode Filters on the Transmission Characteristics of Circular Electric Waves in a Circular WaveguideWarters, W.D.
Vol. 37(3), 679, 1958Research Models of Helix WaveguidesRose, C.F.P.
Vol. 37(3), 689, 1958Table of First 700 Zeros of Bessel Functions - J l (x) and J' l (x)Beattie, Curtis L.
Vol. 37(3), 699, 1958Evaluation of the Surface Concentration of Diffused Layers in SiliconBackenstoss, Gerhard
Vol. 37(3), 711, 1958Measurement of Sheet Resistivities with the Four-Point ProbeSmits, F.M.
Vol. 37(3), 719, 1958Piezoelectric and Dielectric Characteristics of Single-Crystal Barium Titanate PlatesMeitzler, A.H.; Stadler, H.L.
Vol. 37(3), 739, 1958Organic Deposits on Precious Metal ContactsHermance, H.W.; Egan, T.F.
Vol. 37(3), 777, 1958Relay Contact Behavior Under Non-Eroding Circuit ConditionsKeefer, H.J.; Gumley, R.H.
Vol. 37(3), 815, 1958Gray Codes and Paths on the n-cubeGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 37(3), 827, 1958Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 37(3), 831, 1958Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 37(4), 835, 1958Transmission Characteristics of a Three-Conductor Coaxial Transmission Line with TranspositionsRaisbeck, G.; Manley, J.M.
Vol. 37(4), 877, 1958Synthesis of Series-Parallel Network Switching FunctionsSemon, Warren
Vol. 37(4), 899, 1958Circular Waveguide Taper of Improved DesignUnger, Hans-Georg
Vol. 37(4), 913, 1958The Nonuniform Transmission Line as a Broadband TerminationJacobs, Ira
Vol. 37(4), 925, 1958Using Contact Resistance to Measure Adsorption of Gases on MetalsKisliuk, P.
Vol. 37(4), 951, 1958Shot Noise in p-n Junction Frequency ConvertersUhlir, A., Jr.
Vol. 37(4), 989, 1958Gain and Noise Figure of a Variable-Capacitance Up-ConverterLeenov, D.
Vol. 37(4), 1009, 1958Nonstationary Velocity EstimationBurford, T.M.
Vol. 37(4), 1023, 1958Amplitude Modulation Suppression in FM SystemsRuthroff, C.L.
Vol. 37(4), 1047, 1958Oxides of the 3d Transition MetalsMorin, F.J.
Vol. 37(4), 1085, 1958Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers not Published in this Journal
Vol. 37(4), 1088, 1958Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 37(5), , 1958The First Ten Years of the Transistor: A Guest EditorialBaker, W.O.
Vol. 37(5), 1091, 1958An Experimental Switching System Using New Electronic TechniquesJoel, A.E., Jr.
Vol. 37(5), 1125, 1958Semiconductor Circuit Design Philosophy for the Central Control of an Electronic Switching SystemYokelson, B.J.; Cagle, W.B.; Underwood, M.D.
Vol. 37(5), 1161, 1958Fundamental Concepts in the Design of the Flying Spot StoreHoover, C.W., Jr.; Staehler, R.E.; Ketchledge, R.W.
Vol. 37(5), 1195, 1958A High-Speed Barrier Grid StoreGreenwood, T.S.; Staehler, R.E.
Vol. 37(5), 1221, 1958Linear Least-Squares Smoothing and Prediction, with ApplicationsDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 37(5), 1295, 1958Automatic Number Identification and Its Application to No. 1 Crossbar, Panel and Step-by Step OfficesPennoyer, D.H.
Vol. 37(5), 1319, 1958Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 37(5), 1323, 1958Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 37(6), 1327, 1958Functional Design of a Stored-Program Electronic Switching SystemSeckler, Howard N.; Yostpille, John J.
Vol. 37(6), 1383, 1958A High-Speed Line Scanner for Use in an Electronic Switching SystemFeiner, A.; Goeller, L.F., Jr.
Vol. 37(6), 1405, 1958A Signal Distributor for Electronic Switching SystemsFreimanis, L.
Vol. 37(6), 1421, 1958Application of Breakdown Devices to Large Multistage Switching NetworksFeldman, T.; Rieke, J.W.
Vol. 37(6), 1455, 1958The Timing of High-Speed Regenerative RepeatersDe Lange, O.E.
Vol. 37(6), 1487, 1958Experiments on the Timing of Regenerative RepeatersDe Lange, O.E.; Pustelnyk, M.
Vol. 37(6), 1501, 1958Statistics of Regenerative Digital TransmissionBennett, W.R.
Vol. 37(6), 1543, 1958Timing in a Long Chain of Regenerative Binary RepeatersRowe, H.E.
Vol. 37(6), 1599, 1958Helix Waveguide Theory and ApplicationUnger, Hans-Georg
Vol. 37(6), 1649, 1958Attenuation of the TE01 Wave Within the Curved Helix WaveguideMarcuse, D.
Vol. 37(6), 1663, 1958Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 37(6), 1670, 1958Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 38(1), 1, 1959Logic for a Digital Servo SystemKetchledge, R.W.
Vol. 38(1), 18, 1959H.S. Renne Is New Editor of B.S.T.J.
Vol. 38(1), 19, 1959Logic Synthesis of Some High-Speed Digital ComparatorsNesenbergs, M.; Mowery, V.O.
Vol. 38(1), 45, 1959The Laddic - A Magnetic Device for Performing LogicGianola, U.F.; Crowley, T.H.
Vol. 38(1), 73, 1959Radio Attenuation at 11 kmc and Some Implications Affecting Relay System EngineeringHathaway, S.D.; Evans, H.W.
Vol. 38(1), 99, 1959Space-Charge Wave Excitation in Solid-Cylindrical Brillouin BeamsRigrod, W.W.; Pierce, J.R.
Vol. 38(1), 119, 1959Space-Charge Wave Harmonics and Noise Propagation in Rotating Electron BeamsRigrod, W.W.
Vol. 38(1), 141, 1959An Experimental Visual Communication SystemBecker, F.K.; Hefele, J.R.; Wintringham, W.T.
Vol. 38(1), 177, 1959The Z TransformationHelm, H.A.
Vol. 38(1), 197, 1959Radio Transmission into Buildings at 35 and 150 mcRice, L.P.
Vol. 38(1), 211, 1959On Trunks with Negative Exponential Holding Times Serving a Renewal ProcessBenes, Vaclav E.
Vol. 38(1), 259, 1959High-Frequency Gallium Arsenide Point-Contact RectifiersSharpless, W.M.
Vol. 38(1), 271, 1959Paramagnetic Spectra of Substituted Sapphires--Part I: RubySchulz-DuBois, E.O.
Vol. 38(1), 291, 1959Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of Cr+++ in EmeraldGeusic, J.E.; Peter, Martin; Schulz-DuBois, E.O.
Vol. 38(1), 297, 1959Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 38(1), 300, 1959Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 38(2), 305, 1959The Three-Level Solid State Traveling-Wave MaserDeGrasse, R.W.; Schulz-DuBois, E.O.; Scovil, H.E.D.
Vol. 38(2), 335, 1959Use of Active Material in Three-Level Solid State MasersSchulz-DuBois, E.O.; Scovil, H.E.D.; DeGrasse, R.W.
Vol. 38(2), 353, 1959Engineering Aspects of TASIBullington, K.; Fraser, J.M.
Vol. 38(2), 365, 1959System Design of the Flying Spot StoreHoover, C.W., Jr.; Haugk, G.; Herriott, D.R.
Vol. 38(2), 403, 1959Optics and Photography in the Flying Spot StorePurvis, M.B.; Deverall, G.V.; Herriott, D.R.
Vol. 38(2), 425, 1959Beam-Positioning Servo System for the Flying Spot StoreGallaher, L.E.
Vol. 38(2), 445, 1959Stable High-Speed Digital-to-Analog Conversion for Storage Tube DeflectionAult, C.F.
Vol. 38(2), 467, 1959Verification of the Logic Structure of an Experimental Switching System on a Digital ComputerLeagus, Dolores C.; Lee, C.Y.; Mealy, George H.
Vol. 38(2), 477, 1959Nonuniformities in Laminated Transmission LinesRaisbeck, Gordon
Vol. 38(2), 517, 1959An Experimental Clogston 2 Transmission LineKing, Mrs. R.A.
Vol. 38(2), 537, 1959Fundamental Processes of the Short Arc: With Applications to Contact Erosion and Percussion WeldingSmith, J.L.; Boyle, W.S.
Vol. 38(2), 553, 1959A Method of Computing Bivariate Normal Probabilities: With an Application to Handling Errors in Testing and MeasuringOwen, D.B.; Wiesen, J.M.
Vol. 38(2), 573, 1959The Anelasticity of Natural and Synthetic Quartz at Low TemperaturesKing, J.C.
Vol. 38(2), 603, 1959Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 38(2), 606, 1959Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 38(3), 611, 1959Probability of Error for Optimal Codes in a Gaussian ChannelShannon, Claude E.
Vol. 38(3), 657, 1959Analysis of Phonon-Drag Thermomagnetic Effects in n-Type GermaniumHerring, C.; Geballe, T.H.; Kunzler, J.E.
Vol. 38(3), 749, 1959Stabilization of Silicon Surfaces by Thermally Grown OxidesAtalla, M.M.; Tannenbaum, E.; Scheibner, E.J.
Vol. 38(3), 785, 1959Analysis and Design of a Transistor Blocking Oscillator Including Inherent NonlinearitiesNarud, J.A.; Aaron, M.R.
Vol. 38(3), 853, 1959Hall Effect DevicesGrubbs, W.J.
Vol. 38(3), 877, 1959An Appraisal of Received Telephone Speech VolumeCoolidge, O.H.; Reier, G.C.
Vol. 38(3), 899, 1959Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 38(3), 905, 1959Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 38(4), 909, 1959Research Model for Time-Separation Integrated CommunicationVaughan, H.E.
Vol. 38(4), 933, 1959Variable-Length Binary EncodingsGilbert, E.N.; Moore, E.F.
Vol. 38(4), 969, 1959Recurrent Codes: Easily Mechanized, Burst-Correcting, Binary CodesHagelbarger, D.W.
Vol. 38(4), 985, 1959Representation of Switching Circuits by Binary-Decision ProgramsLee, C.Y.
Vol. 38(4), 1001, 1959A Method of Coding Television Signals Based on Edge DetectionJulesz, Bela
Vol. 38(4), 1021, 1959Equilibrium Delay Distribution for One Channel With Constant Holding Time, Poisson Input and Random ServiceBurke, Paul J.
Vol. 38(4), 1033, 1959Evaluation of Solderless Wrapped Connections for Central Office UseElliott, S.J.
Vol. 38(4), 1061, 1959Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 38(4), 1065, 1959Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 38(5), 1067, 1959Studies in Tropospheric Propagation Beyond the HorizonCrawford, A.B.; Hogg, D.C.; Kummer, W.H.
Vol. 38(5), 1179, 1959Group Testing to Eliminate Efficiently All Defectives in a Binomial SampleSobel, Milton; Groll, Phyllis A.
Vol. 38(5), 1253, 1959A Network for Combining Radio Systems at 4, 6 and 11 kmcHarkless, Earl T.
Vol. 38(5), 1269, 1959Synthesis of Active RC NetworksKinariwala, B.K.
Vol. 38(5), 1317, 1959Mode Conversion at the Junction of Helix Waveguide and Copper PipeLechleider, J.W.
Vol. 38(5), 1331, 1959Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 38(5), 1335, 1959Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 38(6), 1337, 1959An Experimental Transistorized Artificial LarynxBarney, H.L.; Haworth, F.E.; Dunn, H.K.
Vol. 38(6), 1357, 1959Ideal Binary Pulse Transmission by AM and FMSunde, E.D.
Vol. 38(6), 1427, 1959Gyromagnetic Modes in Waveguide Partially Loaded with FerriteSeidel, H.; Fletcher, R.C.
Vol. 38(6), 1457, 1959Waveguide Bending Design Analysis: Theory of Bending and Formulae for Determination of Wall ThicknessesFuchs, F.J., Jr.
Vol. 38(6), 1485, 1959Error-Correcting Codes--A Linear Programming ApproachMcCluskey, E.J., Jr.
Vol. 38(6), 1513, 1959The Analysis of Valve-Controlled Hydraulic ServomechanismsRausch, R.G.
Vol. 38(6), 1551, 1959Some Design Considerations for High-Frequency Transistor AmplifiersThomas, D.E.
Vol. 38(6), 1581, 1959Effects of Tamping and Pavement Breaking on Round ConduitWeissmann, G.F.; Mitchel, Duncan M.
Vol. 38(6), 1595, 1959Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in this Journal
Vol. 38(6), 1601, 1959Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 39(1), 1, 1960The Ferreed - A New Switching DeviceFeiner, A.; Lovell, C.A.; Lowry, T.N.; Ridinger, P.G.
Vol. 39(1), 31, 1960A Remote Line Concentrator for a Time-Separation Switching ExperimentJames, D.B.; Johannesen, J.D.
Vol. 39(1), 59, 1960Controller for a Remote Line Concentrator in a Time-Separation Switching ExperimentMalthaner, W.A.; Runyon, J.P.
Vol. 39(1), 87, 1960Electrical Properties of Gold-Doped Diffused Silicon Computer DiodesBakanowski, A.E.; Forster, J.H.
Vol. 39(1), 105, 1960Analysis of Quality Factor of Annular Core InductorsLegg, V.E.
Vol. 39(1), 127, 1960General Stochastic Processes in Traffic Systems with One ServerBenes, V.E.
Vol. 39(1), 161, 1960Round Waveguide with Double LiningUnger, Hans-Georg
Vol. 39(1), 169, 1960Germanium and Silicon Liquidus CurvesThurmond, C.D.; Kowalchik, M.
Vol. 39(1), 205, 1960Solid Solubilities of Impurity Elements in Germanium and SiliconTrumbore, F.A.
Vol. 39(1), 235, 1960Pushbutton Calling with a Two-Group Voice-Frequency CodeSchenker, L.
Vol. 39(1), 257, 1960Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 39(1), 261, 1960Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 39(2), 265, 1960Fundamental Considerations in the Design of a Voice-Switched SpeakerphoneBusala, A.
Vol. 39(2), 295, 1960Integrated Magnetic Circuits for Synchronous Sequential Logic MachinesGianola, U.F.
Vol. 39(2), 333, 1960Amplitude Distribution of Shot NoiseGilbert, E.N.; Pollak, H.O.
Vol. 39(2), 351, 1960On the Recovery of a Band-Limited Signal, After Instantaneous Companding and Subsequent Band LimitingLandau, H.J.
Vol. 39(2), 365, 1960Certain Mean Values in the Theory of the Traveling-Wave AmplifierMacColl, L.A.
Vol. 39(2), 369, 1960Radio Frequency Interference Considerations in the TD-2 Radio Relay SystemCurtis, H.E.
Vol. 39(2), 389, 1960Diffused Junction Depletion Layer CalculationsLawrence, H.; Warner, R.M. Jr.
Vol. 39(2), 405, 1960A Transversal Equalizer for Television CircuitsSperry, R.V.; Surenian, D.
Vol. 39(2), 423, 1960Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 39(2), 428, 1960Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 39(3), 431, 1960Capabilities of the Telephone Network for Data TransmissionAlexander, A.A.; Gryb, R.M.; Nast, D.W.
Vol. 39(3), 477, 1960High-Frequency Negative-Resistance Circuit Principles for Esaki Diode ApplicationsHines, M.E.
Vol. 39(3), 515, 1960Theory of Current-Carrier Transport and Photoconductivity in Semiconductors with TrappingVan Roosbroeck, W.
Vol. 39(3), 615, 1960The Charge and Potential Distributions at the Zinc Oxide ElectrodeDewald, J.F.
Vol. 39(3), 641, 1960The Square of a TreeRoss, Ian C.; Harary, Frank
Vol. 39(3), 649, 1960Theory of a Frequency-Synthesizing NetworkWojciechowski, B.M.
Vol. 39(3), 675, 1960An Evaluation of AM Data System Performance by Computer SimulationGibby, R.A.
Vol. 39(3), 705, 1960Semiconductor Strain TransducersGeyling, F.T.; Forst, J.J.
Vol. 39(3), 733, 1960Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 39(3), 742, 1960Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 39(4), 745, 1960The Theory and Design of Chirp RadarsKlauder, J.R.; Price, A.C.; Darlington, S.; Albersheim, W.J.
Vol. 39(4), 809, 1960The Design of Radar Signals Having Both High Range Resolution and High Velocity ResolutionKlauder, J.R.
Vol. 39(4), 821, 1960The TJ Radio Relay SystemGammie, J.; Hathaway, S.D.
Vol. 39(4), 879, 1960Evaluation of Message Circuit NoiseAikens, A.J.; Lewinski, D.A.
Vol. 39(4), 911, 1960A New Measuring Set for Message Circuit NoiseCochran, W.T.; Lewinski, D.A.
Vol. 39(4), 933, 1960Impurity Redistribution and Junction Formation in Silicon by Thermal OxidationAtalla, M.M.; Tannenbaum, E.
Vol. 39(4), 947, 1960Synthesis of Driving-Point Impedances with Active RC NetworksSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 39(4), 963, 1960Pressure at the Interface of Inner Conductor and Dielectric of Armorless Ocean CableBhuta, P.G.
Vol. 39(4), 973, 1960The Construction of Missile Guidance Codes Resistant to Random InterferenceEckler, A.R.
Vol. 39(4), 995, 1960Human Factors Engineering Studies of the Design and Use of Pushbutton Telephone SetsDeininger, R.L.
Vol. 39(4), 1013, 1960Passage Effects in Paramagnetic Resonance ExperimentsWeger, M.
Vol. 39(4), 1113, 1960Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 39(4), 1121, 1960Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 39(5), 1125, 1960Binocular Depth Perception of Computer-Generated PatternsJulesz, Bela
Vol. 39(5), 1163, 1960Models for Approximating Basilar Membrane DisplacementFlanagan, J.L.
Vol. 39(5), 1192, 1960Erratum: BSTJ v39n4, page 747
Vol. 39(5), 1193, 1960Design and Performance of Ultraprecise 2.5-mc Quartz Crystal UnitsWarner, A.W.
Vol. 39(5), 1219, 1960Some Further Theory of Group CodesSlepian, David
Vol. 39(5), 1253, 1960Capacity of a Burst-Noise ChannelGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 39(5), 1267, 1960Automata and Finite AutomataLee, C.Y.
Vol. 39(5), 1297, 1960Transition Probabilities for Telephone TrafficBenes, V.E.
Vol. 39(5), 1321, 1960An Alternative Approach to the Realization of Network Transfer Functions: The N-Path FilterFranks, L.E.; Sandberg, I.W.
Vol. 39(5), 1351, 1960Magnetic Latching Crossbar Switches: A New Development in Magnetic Properties of Tool SteelZupa, F.A.
Vol. 39(5), 1375, 1960Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 39(5), 1379, 1960Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 39(6), 1381, 1960Signaling Systems for Control of Telephone SwitchingBreen, C.; Dahlbom, C.A.
Vol. 39(6), 1445, 1960The E6 Negative Impedance RepeaterBonner, A.L.; Garrison, J.L.; Kopp, W.J.
Vol. 39(6), 1505, 1960Interstitial Channels for Doubling TD-2 Radio System CapacityCurtis, H.E.; Collins, T.R.D.; Jamison, B.C.
Vol. 39(6), 1529, 1960A Study of Talking Distance and Related Parameters in Hands-Free TelephonyGardner, Mark B.
Vol. 39(6), 1553, 1960Magnetic Latching Relays Using Glass-Sealed ContactsHusta, P.; Perreault, G.E.
Vol. 39(6), 1573, 1960Potential Distribution and Capacitance of a Graded p-n JunctionMorgan, S.P.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 39(6), 1603, 1960Transverse Electron Beam Waves in Varying Magnetic FieldsGordon, E.I.
Vol. 39(6), 1617, 1960Ionic Radii, Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Geometrical Stability of Inorganic ComplexesLiehr, Andrew D.
Vol. 39(6), 1627, 1960Molecular Structure in Crystal Aggregates of Linear PolyethyleneBurbank, R.D.
Vol. 39(6), 1665, 1960Recent Monographs of Bell System Technical Papers Not Published in This Journal
Vol. 39(6), 1670, 1960Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 40(1), 1, 1961Proving Theorems by Pattern Recognition - IIWang, Hao
Vol. 40(1), 43, 1961Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainty - ISlepian, D.; Pollak, H.O.
Vol. 40(1), 65, 1961Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainty - IILandau, H.J.; Pollak, H.O.
Vol. 40(1), 85, 1961Considerations on the Solar CellKleinman, D.A.
Vol. 40(1), 117, 1961The Covariance Function of a Simple Trunk Group, with Applications to Traffic MeasurementBenes, V.E.
Vol. 40(1), 149, 1961Mode-Conversion FiltersMarcatili, E.A.
Vol. 40(1), 185, 1961A Circular-Electric Hybrid Junction and Some Channel-Dropping FiltersMarcatili, E.A.
Vol. 40(1), 197, 1961Band-Splitting FilterMarcatili, E.A.; Bisbee, D.L.
Vol. 40(1), 213, 1961Margin Considerations for an Esaki Diode Resistor OR GateGummel, H.K.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 40(1), 233, 1961Noncylindrical Helix WaveguideUnger, H.G.
Vol. 40(1), 255, 1961Normal Modes and Mode Conversion in Helix WaveguideUnger, H.G.
Vol. 40(1), 281, 1961Error-Correcting Codes for Multiple-Level TransmissionMacWilliams, Jessie
Vol. 40(1), 309, 1961Short-Term Memory in VisionAverbach, E.; Coriell, A.S.
Vol. 40(1), 329, 1961Synthesis of N-Port Active RC NetworksSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 40(1), 349, 1961Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 40(2), 353, 1961Pulse Transmission by AM, FM, and PM in the Presence of Phase DistortionSunde, E.D.
Vol. 40(2), 423, 1961Further Results on the Detectability of Known Signals in Gaussian NoiseMartel, H.C.; Mathews, M.V.
Vol. 40(2), 452, 1961G.E. Schindler, Jr., New Editor of B.S.T.J.
Vol. 40(2), 453, 1961Resonant Modes in a Maser InterferometerFox, A.G.; Li, Tingye
Vol. 40(2), 489, 1961Confocal Multimode Resonator for Millimeter Through Optical Wavelength MasersBoyd, G.D.; Gordon, J.P.
Vol. 40(2), 509, 1961Relation Between Surface Concentration and Average Conductivity in Diffused Layers in GermaniumCuttriss, D.B.
Vol. 40(2), 523, 1961Magnetization and Pull Characteristics of Mating Magnetic ReedsPeek, R.L. Jr.
Vol. 40(2), 547, 1961Lightning Surges in Paired Telephone Cable FacilitiesBodle, D.W.; Gresh, P.A.
Vol. 40(2), 577, 1961A General Method of Applying Error Correction to Synchronous Digital SystemsArmstrong, D.B.
Vol. 40(2), 595, 1961On the Construction of Minimally Redundant Reliable System DesignsRay-Chaudhuri, D.K.
Vol. 40(2), 613, 1961Mode Conversion in Metallic and Helix WaveguideUnger, H.G.
Vol. 40(2), 627, 1961Winding Tolerances in Helix WaveguideUnger, H.G.
Vol. 40(2), 645, 1961Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 40(3), 649, 1961Functional Design of a Voice-Switched SpeakerphoneClemency, W.F.; Goodale, W.D. Jr.
Vol. 40(3), 669, 1961A Block Diagram CompilerKelly, John L. Jr.; Lochbaum, Carol; Vyssotsky, V.A.
Vol. 40(3), 677, 1961An Acoustic Compiler for Music and Psychological StimuliMathews, Max V.
Vol. 40(3), 695, 1961Minimum Noise Figure of the Variable-Capacitance AmplifierKurokawa, K.; Uenohara, M.
Vol. 40(3), 723, 1961Design of a High-Resolution Electrostatic Cathode Ray Tube for the Flying Spot StoreCooper, H.G.
Vol. 40(3), 761, 1961Synthesis of Transformerless Active N-Port NetworksSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 40(3), 785, 1961Delays for Last-Come First-Served Service and the Busy PeriodRiordan, John
Vol. 40(3), 795, 1961Stochastic Processes with Balking in the Theory of Telephone TrafficTakacs, Lajos
Vol. 40(3), 821, 1961A New Technique for Increasing the Flexibility of Recursive Least Squares Data SmoothingLevine, N.
Vol. 40(3), 841, 1961A Loss and Phase Set for Measuring Transistor Parameters and Two-Port Networks Between 5 and 250 mcLeed, D.; Kummer, O.
Vol. 40(3), 885, 1961An AC Bridge for Semiconductor Resistivity Measurements Using a Four-Point ProbeLogan, M.A.
Vol. 40(3), 921, 1961Errors in Detection of RF Pulses Embedded in Time Crosstalk, Frequency Crosstalk, and NoiseMarcatili, E.A.
Vol. 40(3), 951, 1961Time and Frequency Crosstalk in Pulse-Modulated SystemsMarcatili, E.A.
Vol. 40(3), 971, 1961Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 40(4), 975, 1961Participation of Bell Telephone Laboratories in Project Echo and Experimental ResultsJakes, William C. Jr.
Vol. 40(4), 1029, 1961Project Echo: System CalculationsRuthroff, Clyde L.; Jakes, William C. Jr.
Vol. 40(4), 1041, 1961Project Echo: 960-mc, 10-kw TransmitterSchafer, J.P.; Brandt, R.H.
Vol. 40(4), 1065, 1961Project Echo: Receiving SystemOhm, E.A.
Vol. 40(4), 1095, 1961Project Echo: A Horn-Reflector Antenna for Space CommunicationCrawford, A.B.; Hogg, D.C.; Hunt, L.E.
Vol. 40(4), 1117, 1961Project Echo: The Dual Channel 2390-mc Traveling-Wave MaserDe Grasse, R.W.; Kostelnick, J.J.; Scovil, H.E.D.
Vol. 40(4), 1129, 1961Project Echo: Standby Receiver SystemKibler, L.U.
Vol. 40(4), 1149, 1961Project Echo: FM Demodulators with Negative FeedbackRuthroff, Clyde L.
Vol. 40(4), 1157, 1961Project Echo: Satellite Tracking RadarDe Lange, O.E.
Vol. 40(4), 1183, 1961Project Echo: 961-mc Lower-Sideband Up-Converter for Satellite-Tracking RadarUenohara, M.; Seidel, H.
Vol. 40(4), 1207, 1961Project Echo: Antenna Steering SystemKlahne, R.; Norton, J.A.; Githens, J.A.
Vol. 40(4), 1227, 1961Project Echo: Boresight CamerasWarthman, K.L.
Vol. 40(4), 1235, 1961Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 40(5), 1239, 1961A 150-mc Personal Radio Signaling SystemMitchell, Doren; Van Wynen, K.G.
Vol. 40(5), 1259, 1961The Effect of Driving Electrode Shape on the Electrical Properties of Piezoelectric CrystalsLewis, J.A.
Vol. 40(5), 1281, 1961Asymptotic Behavior of General Queues with One ServerBenes, V.E.
Vol. 40(5), 1309, 1961A Nonlinear Integral Equation from the Theory of ServomechanismsBenes, V.E.
Vol. 40(5), 1323, 1961The Observed 33 to 90 kmc Attenuation of Two-Inch Improved WaveguideKing, A.P.; Mandeville, G.D.
Vol. 40(5), 1331, 1961The Effect of Rain and Water Vapor on Sky Noise at Centimeter WavelengthsHogg, D.C.; Semplak, R.A.
Vol. 40(5), 1349, 1961The Calculations of Metallic Hall Constants: Topological Aspects and Applications to CopperKlauder, John R.
Vol. 40(5), 1369, 1961The Resistance of Organic Materials to Attack by Marine Bacteria at Low TemperaturesSteinberg, Priscilla L.
Vol. 40(5), 1397, 1961The Influence of Crystallization Conditions on Radiation Effects in Polyethylene - I. Crystallization from Dilute Solution and from the MeltSalovey, R.; Keller, A.
Vol. 40(5), 1409, 1961The Influence of Crystallization Conditions on Radiation Effects in Polyethylene - II. Crystallization from Concentrated SolutionsSalovey, R.; Keller, A.
Vol. 40(5), 1421, 1961Compression, Filtering, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio in a Pulse-Modulated SystemMarcatili, E.A.
Vol. 40(5), 1455, 1961Contributors to the Issue
Vol. 40(6), 1459, 1961Engineering Aspects of the TH Microwave Radio Relay SystemKinzer, J.P.; Laidig, J.F.
Vol. 40(6), 1495, 1961TH Radio System Equipment AspectsHaury, P.T.; Fullerton, W.O.
Vol. 40(6), 1521, 1961The TH Broadband Radio Transmitter and ReceiverSproul, P.T.; Griffiths, H.D.
Vol. 40(6), 1569, 1961The TH Radio Microwave Carrier Supply SystemSusen, C.P.; Degan, J.J.
Vol. 40(6), 1587, 1961FM Terminal Transmitter and Receiver For the TH Radio SystemHoughton, E.W.; Hatch, R.W.
Vol. 40(6), 1627, 1961Power Systems for the TH Radio SystemGay, R.R.; Hamilton, B.H.; Spencer, H.H.
Vol. 40(6), 1647, 1961Auxiliary Radio Channels for the TH Radio Relay SystemHatch, R.W.; Wickliffe, P.R.
Vol. 40(6), 1665, 1961The Automatic Protection Switching System of TH RadioGiger, A.J.; Low, F.K.
Vol. 40(6), 1717, 1961Test Equipment for the TH Radio SystemHoughton, E.W.; Drazy, E.J.
Vol. 40(6), 1745, 1961Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 41(1), 1, 1962An Experimental Pulse Code Modulation System for Short-Haul TrunksDavis, C.G.
Vol. 41(1), 25, 1962A Bipolar Repeater for Pulse Code Modulation SignalsMayo, J.S.
Vol. 41(1), 99, 1962PCM Transmission in the Exchange PlantAaron, M.R.
Vol. 41(1), 143, 1962Performance Limitations of a Practical PCM TerminalShennum, R.H.; Gray, J.R.
Vol. 41(1), 173, 1962A Companded Coder for an Experimental PCM TerminalMann, H.; Straube, H.M.; Villars, C.P.
Vol. 41(1), 227, 1962Variational Techniques Applied to Capture in Phase-Controlled OscillatorsBarnard, R.D.
Vol. 41(1), 257, 1962Ultimately Periodic Solutions to a Non-Linear Integrodifferential EquationBenes, V.E.
Vol. 41(1), 269, 1962Single Server Systems -- I. Relations Between Some AveragesRice, S.O.
Vol. 41(1), 279, 1962Single Server Systems -- II. Busy PeriodsRice, S.O.
Vol. 41(1), 311, 1962Delay Distributions for Simple Trunk Groups with Recurrent Input and Exponential Service TimesTakacs, Lajos
Vol. 41(1), 321, 1962The Transistorized A5 Channel Bank for Broadband SystemsBlecher, F.H.; Hallenbeck, F.J.
Vol. 41(1), 361, 1962On the Use Of Passive Circuit Measurements for the Adjustment of Variable Capacitance AmplifiersKurokawa, Kaneyuki
Vol. 41(1), 383, 1962Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 41(2), 387, 1962Resistivity of Bulk Silicon and of Diffused Layers in SiliconIrvin, John C.
Vol. 41(2), 411, 1962A Miniature Tuned Reed Selector of High Sensitivity and StabilityBostwick, L. G.
Vol. 41(2), 425, 1962An X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Structure of Guanidinium Aluminum Sulfate Hexahydrate446 - 447Geller, S.; Katz, H.
Vol. 41(2), 453, 1962Discrimination Against Unwanted Orders in the Fabry-Perot ResonatorKleinman, D.A.; Kisliuk, P.P.
Vol. 41(2), 463, 1962The One-Sided Barrier Problem for Gaussian NoiseSlepian, David
Vol. 41(2), 503, 1962Probability Distribution for the Phase Jitter in Self-Timed Reconstructive Repeaters for PCMAaron, M.R.; Gray, J.R.
Vol. 41(2), 559, 1962Properties and Design of the Phase-Controlled Oscillator with a Sawtooth ComparatorByrne, C.J.
Vol. 41(2), 603, 1962Analysis of the Phase-Controlled Loop with a Sawtooth ComparatorGoldstein, A. Jay
Vol. 41(2), 635, 1962Reliability of Components for Communication SatellitesRoss, I.M.
Vol. 41(2), 663, 1962Automatic Stereoscopic Presentation of Functions of Two VariablesJulesz, Bela; Miller, Joan E.
Vol. 41(2), 677, 1962Maximization of the Fundamental Power in Nonlinear Capacitance DiodesMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 41(2), 723, 1962The Design and Analysis of Pattern Recognition ExperimentsHighleyman, W.H.
Vol. 41(2), 745, 1962Lined WaveguideUnger, H.G.
Vol. 41(2), 769, 1962Some Traffic Characteristics of Communications Networks with Automatic Alternate RoutingWeber, J.H.
Vol. 41(2), 797, 1962Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 41(3), 803, 1962Semiconductor Surface VaractorLindner, R.
Vol. 41(3), 833, 1962Reswitching of Connection NetworksPaull, M.C.
Vol. 41(3), 857, 1962The Realizability of Multiport Structures Obtained by Imbedding a Tunnel Diode in a Lossless Reciprocal NetworkSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 41(3), 877, 1962On Non-Computable FunctionsRado, T.
Vol. 41(3), 885, 1962On the Theory of Shrink Fits with Application to Waveguide Pressure SealsSchepis, A.J.
Vol. 41(3), 909, 1962Monte Carlo Solution of Bond Percolation Processes in Various Crystal LatticesFrisch, H.L.; Gordon, S.B.; Vyssotsky, V.A.; Hammersley, J.M.
Vol. 41(3), 921, 1962Interference between Satellite Communication Systems and Common Carrier Surface SystemsCurtis, Harold E.
Vol. 41(3), 945, 1962Long-Term Frequency Stability for a Reflex Klystron without the Use of External CavitiesGucker, George B.
Vol. 41(3), 959, 1962Models for Approximating Basilar Membrane Displacement - Part II. Effects of Middle-Ear Transmission and Some Relations between Subjective and Physiological BehaviorFlanagan, James L.
Vol. 41(3), 1011, 1962Approximate Solutions for the Coupled Line EquationsRowe, H.E.
Vol. 41(3), 1031, 1962Transmission in Multimode Waveguide with Random ImperfectionsRowe, H.E.; Warters, W.D.
Vol. 41(3), 1171, 1962Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 41(4), 1175, 1962Foreword
Vol. 41(4), 1177, 1962Automatic Trouble Diagnosis of Complex Logic CircuitsTsiang, S.H.; Ulrich, W.
Vol. 41(4), 1201, 1962Heuristic Remarks and Mathematical Problems Regarding the Theory of Connecting SystemsBenes, V.E.
Vol. 41(4), 1249, 1962Algebraic And Topological Properties of Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 41(4), 1275, 1962Solution of Systems of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations with Periodic CoefficientsMeadows, H.E.
Vol. 41(4), 1295, 1962Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainty -- III: The Dimension of the Space of Essentially Time- and Band-Limited SignalsLandau, H.J.; Pollak, H.O.
Vol. 41(4), 1337, 1962A Method for Simplifying Boolean FunctionsScheinman, A.H.
Vol. 41(4), 1347, 1962Generalized Confocal Resonator TheoryBoyd, G.D.; Kogelnik, H.
Vol. 41(4), 1371, 1962A Unidirectional Traveling-Wave Optical MaserGeusic, J.E.; Scovil, H.E.D.
Vol. 41(4), 1399, 1962Further Analysis of Errors Reported in Capabilities of the Telephone Network for Data TransmissionMorris, Robert
Vol. 41(4), 1415, 1962Grade of Service of Direct Traffic Mixed with Store-and-Forward TrafficOtterman, Joseph
Vol. 41(4), 1439, 1962Over-All Characteristics of a TASI SystemFraser, J.M.; Bullock, D.B.; Long, N.G.
Vol. 41(4), 1455, 1962TASI Quality - Effect of Speech Detectors and InterpolationMiedema, H.; Schachtman, M.G.
Vol. 41(4), 1475, 1962Comment on Discrimination Against Unwanted Orders in the Fabry-Perot Resonator
Vol. 41(4), 1477, 1962Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 41(5), 1481, 1962On Rearrangeable Three-Stage Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 41(5), 1493, 1962A High-Precision Direct-Reading Loss and Phase Measuring Set for Carrier FrequenciesElliott, J.S.
Vol. 41(5), 1519, 1962Thermoelastic Stresses in Balanced and Unbalanced SealsRiney, T.D.; Elek, J.W.
Vol. 41(5), 1537, 1962The Tunnel Diode as a Linear Network ElementSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 41(5), 1557, 1962Stimulated Emission of BremsstrahlungMarcuse, D.
Vol. 41(5), 1573, 1962Diffusion Length Measurement by Means of Ionizing RadiationRosenzweig, W.
Vol. 41(5), 1589, 1962Imperfections in Lined WaveguideKreipe, H.L.; Unger, H.G.
Vol. 41(5), 1621, 1962Characteristics of the Service Provided by Communications Satellites in Uncontrolled OrbitsRinehart, J.D.; Robbins, M.F.
Vol. 41(5), 1671, 1962Intervals Between Periods of No Service in Certain Satellite Communication Systems -- Analogy with a Traffic SystemRice, S.O.
Vol. 41(5), 1691, 1962Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 41(6), 1695, 1962An Analysis of Inherent Distortion in Asynchronous Frequency-Shift ModulatorsBowyer, L.R.; Highleyman, W.H.
Vol. 41(6), 1737, 1962Scheduling of Pole Line InspectionsRoberts, S.W.
Vol. 41(6), 1759, 1962Minimum-State Sequential Circuits for a Restricted Class of Incompletely Specified Flow TablesMcCluskey, E.J. Jr.
Vol. 41(6), 1769, 1962Timing Errors in a Chain of Regenerative Repeaters, IKinariwala, B.K.
Vol. 41(6), 1781, 1962Timing Errors in a Chain of Regenerative Repeaters, IIKinariwala, B.K.
Vol. 41(6), 1799, 1962The Use of Solar Radio Emission for the Measurement of Radar Angle ErrorsKennedy, J.T.; Rosson, J.W.
Vol. 41(6), 1813, 1962Integral Representation of Zero-Memory Nonlinear FunctionsHsu, J.C.
Vol. 41(6), 1831, 1962The Solid-State Receiver in the TL Radio SystemBallentine, W.E.; Saari, V.R.; Witt, F.J.
Vol. 41(6), 1865, 1962Evaluation of the Net Radiant Heat Transfer between Specularly Reflecting PlatesHolt, V.E.; Grosh, R.J.; Geynet, R.
Vol. 41(6), 1875, 1962Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(1), 1, 1963A Method for Predicting Interchannel Modulation due to Multipath Propagation in FM and PM Tropospheric Radio SystemsBeach, C.D.; Trecker, J.M.
Vol. 42(1), 37, 1963A Wideband Transistor IF Amplifier for Space and Terrestrial Repeaters Using Grounded-Base Transformer-Coupled StagesBodtmann, W.F.; Ruthroff, C.L.
Vol. 42(1), 55, 1963Monitoring the Percussive Welding Process for Attaching Wires to TerminalsCoyne, J.C.
Vol. 42(1), 79, 1963A Theorem on the Distribution of Weights in a Systematic CodeMacWilliams, Jessie
Vol. 42(1), 95, 1963Surface Effects of Radiation on TransistorsPeck, D.S.; Blair, R.R.; Brown, W.L.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 42(1), 131, 1963Development of Solderless Wire Connector for Splicing Multipair CableGraff, H.J.; Peacock, J.M.; Zalmans, J.J.
Vol. 42(1), 155, 1963The Fabry-Perot Electrooptic ModulatorGordon, E.I.; Rigden, J.D.
Vol. 42(1), 181, 1963Properties of Fast-Decay Cathode-Ray Tube PhosphorsPfahnl, Arnold
Vol. 42(1), 203, 1963Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(2), 207, 1963The New L Multiplex - System Description and Design ObjectivesHallenbeck, F.J.; Mahoney, J.J. Jr.
Vol. 42(2), 223, 1963New Group and Supergroup Terminals for L MultiplexGraham, R.S.; Adams, W.E.; Powers, R.E.; Bies, F.R.
Vol. 42(2), 279, 1963Carrier Supplies for L-Type MultiplexAlbert, W.G.; Evans, J.B. Jr; Ginty, J.J.; Harley, J.B.
Vol. 42(2), 319, 1963A Phase-Locked Primary Frequency Supply for the L MultiplexClark, O.P.; Drazy, E.J.; Weller, D.C.
Vol. 42(2), 341, 1963Telephone Switching and the Early Bell Laboratories ComputersAndrews, E.G.
Vol. 42(2), 355, 1963On the Theory of Linear Multi-Loop Feedback SystemsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 42(2), 383, 1963On Overflow Processes of Trunk Groups with Poisson Inputs and Exponential Service TimesDescloux, A.
Vol. 42(2), 399, 1963Solar Cell Degradation under 1-Mev Electron BombardmentRosenzweig, W.; Gummel, H.K.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 42(2), 415, 1963A Further Discussion of Stimulated Emission of BremsstrahlungMarcuse, Dietrich
Vol. 42(2), 431, 1963Engineering of T1 Carrier System Repeatered LinesCravis, H.; Crater, T.V.
Vol. 42(2), 487, 1963Delay Distributions for One Line with Poisson Input, General Holding Times, and Various Orders of ServiceTakacs, L.
Vol. 42(2), 505, 1963A Single-Server Queue with FeedbackTakacs, L.
Vol. 42(2), 521, 1963Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(3), 527, 1963Design of a 150-magacycle Pocket Receiver for the BELLBOY Personal Signaling SystemKerwien, A.E.; Steiff, L.H.
Vol. 42(3), 567, 1963A Thermodynamic Theory of Traffic in Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 42(3), 609, 1963Flexural Vibrations of a Propped CantileverPeek, R.L. Jr.
Vol. 42(3), 637, 1963Numerical Computation of Phase from Amplitude at Optical FrequenciesThomas, D.E.
Vol. 42(3), 681, 1963Bounds on CommunicationSlepian, David
Vol. 42(3), 709, 1963Analysis of Delay in Mathematical Switching Models for Data SystemsHaenschke, D.G.
Vol. 42(3), 737, 1963Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(4), 739, 1963The Telstar ExperimentDickieson, A.C.
Vol. 42(4), 747, 1963The Research Background of the Telstar ExperimentCrawford, A.B.; Cutler, C.C.; Kompfner, R.; Tillotson, L.C.
Vol. 42(4), 765, 1963The Telstar Satellite SystemHoth, D.F.; O'Neill, E.F.; Welber, I.
Vol. 42(4), 801, 1963A General Description of the Telstar SpacecraftShennum, R.H.; Haury, P.T.
Vol. 42(4), 831, 1963The Spacecraft Communications RepeaterDavis, C.G.; Hutchison, P.T.; Witt, F.J.; Maunsell, H.I.
Vol. 42(4), 869, 1963The Spacecraft AntennasBangert, J.T.; Engelbrecht, R.S.; Harkless, E.T.; Sperry, R.V.; Walsh, E.J.
Vol. 42(4), 899, 1963The Spacecraft Radiation ExperimentsBrown, W.L.; Buck, T.M.; Medford, L.V.; Thomas, E.W.; Gummel, H.K.; Miller, G.L.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 42(4), 943, 1963The Spacecraft Power Supply SystemBomberger, D.C.; Feldman, D.; Trucksess, D.E.; Brolin, S.J.; Ussery, P.W.
Vol. 42(4), 973, 1963The Spacecraft Structure and Thermal Design ConsiderationsHrycak, P.; Koontz, D.E.; Maggs, C.; Stafford, J.W.; Unger, B.A.; Wittenberg, A.M.
Vol. 42(4), 1007, 1963The Spacecraft Test and Evaluation ProgramDelchamps, T.B.; Jonasson, G.C.; Swift, R.A.
Vol. 42(4), 1027, 1963Command and Telemetry SystemsChapman, R.C. Jr.; Critchlow, G.F.; Mann, H.
Vol. 42(4), 1063, 1963The Ground Transmitter and ReceiverGiger, A.J.; Pardee, S. Jr.; Wickliffe, P.R. Jr.
Vol. 42(4), 1109, 1963The FM Demodulator with Negative FeedbackGiger, A.J.; Chaffee, J.C.
Vol. 42(4), 1137, 1963The Mechanical Design of the Horn-Reflector Antenna and RadomeDolling, J.C.; Blackmore, R.W.; Kindermann, W.J.; Woodard, K.B.
Vol. 42(4), 1187, 1963The Electrical Characteristics of the Conical Horn-Reflector AntennaHines, J.N.; Li, Tingye; Turrin, R.H.
Vol. 42(4), 1213, 1963Antenna Pointing System: Organization and PerformanceGithens, J.A.; Kelly, H.P.; Lozier, J.C.; Lundstrom, A.A.
Vol. 42(4), 1223, 1963Digital Equipment for the Antenna Pointing SystemGithens, J.A.; Peters, T.R.
Vol. 42(4), 1253, 1963The Servo System for Antenna PositioningLozier, J.C.; Norton, J.A.; Iwama, M.
Vol. 42(4), 1283, 1963The Autotrack SystemCook, J.S.; Lowell, R.
Vol. 42(4), 1309, 1963The Precision TrackerAnders, J.V.; Higgins, E.F. Jr.; Murray, J.L.; Schaefer, F.J. Jr.
Vol. 42(4), 1357, 1963Orbit Determination and Prediction, and Computer ProgramsClaus, A.J.; Blackman, R.B.; Halline, E.G.; Ridgway, W.C. III
Vol. 42(4), 1383, 1963Planning, Operation and External Communications of the Andover Earth StationSmith, D.H.; Carlson, C.P.; McCune, R.J.; Elicker, R.E.; Sageman, R.E.
Vol. 42(4), 1421, 1963Participation of the Holmdel Station in the Telstar ProjectJakes, W.C. Jr.
Vol. 42(4), 1449, 1963Launching of the Telstar SatelliteUpthegrove, H.N.; D'Albora, J.B. Jr.; Kolding, A.R.; McLeod, B.A.
Vol. 42(4), 1475, 1963Results of the Telstar Satellite Space ExperimentsHutchison, P.T.; Swift, R.A.
Vol. 42(4), 1505, 1963Results of the Telstar Radiation ExperimentsBrown, W.L.; Gabbe, J.D.; Rosenzweig, W.
Vol. 42(4), 1561, 1963Results of the Telstar System Communication TestsHatch, R.W.; Bennett, S.D.; Kinzer, J.P.
Vol. 42(4), 1631, 1963The Command System Malfunction of the Telstar SatelliteMayo, J.S.; Mann, H.; Witt, F.J.; Peck, D.S.; Gummel, H.K.; Brown, W.L.
Vol. 42(4), 1659, 1963Components for the Telstar ProjectHittinger, W.C.
Vol. 42(4), 1665, 1963Component Design, Construction and Evaluation for SatellitesPeck, D.S.; Wooley, M.C.
Vol. 42(4), 1687, 1963Nickel-Cadmium Cells for the Spacecraft BatteryBomberger, D.C.; Moose, L.F.
Vol. 42(4), 1703, 1963The Satellite Traveling-Wave TubeBodmer, M.G.; Laico, J.P.; Olsen, E.G.; Ross, A.T.
Vol. 42(4), 1749, 1963The Design and Construction of the Electronics PackageShennum, R.H.; Reid, E.J.
Vol. 42(4), 1765, 1963The Solar Cells and Their MountingSmith, K.D.; Gummel, H.K.; Bode, J.D.; Cuttriss, D.B.; Nielsen, R.J.; Rosenzweig, W.
Vol. 42(4), 1817, 1963The Satellite Ferrimagnetic Power LimiterVarnerin, L.J.; Comstock, R.L.; Dean, W.A.; Kordos, R.W.
Vol. 42(4), 1829, 1963The Ground Station High-Power Traveling-Wave TubeCollier, R.J.; Helm, G.D.; Laico, J.P.; Striny, K.M.
Vol. 42(4), 1863, 1963Masers for the Telstar Satellite Communications ExperimentTabor, W.J.; Sibilia, J.T.
Vol. 42(4), 1887, 19634-gc Parametric Amplifier for Satellite Communication Ground Station ReceiverUenohara, M.; Chruney, M.; Eisele, K.M.; Hanson, D.C.; Stillwell, A.L.
Vol. 42(4), 1909, 1963Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(5), 1941, 1963Phase-Lock Loop Design for Coherent Angle-Error Detection in the Telstar Satellite Tracking SystemNelson, W.L.
Vol. 42(5), 1977, 1963Estimates of Error Rates for Codes on Burst-Noise ChannelsElliott, E.O.
Vol. 42(5), 1999, 1963Speech Volumes on Bell System Message Circuits -- 1960 SurveyMc Adoo, Kathryn L.
Vol. 42(5), 2013, 1963A Self-Steering Array RepeaterCutler, C.C.; Kompfner, R.; Tillotson, L.C.
Vol. 42(5), 2033, 1963On the Properties of Some Systems that Distort Signals -- ISandberg, I.W.
Vol. 42(5), 2047, 1963A Radiometer for a Space Communications ReceiverOhm, E.A.; Snell, W.W.
Vol. 42(5), 2081, 1963The ALPAK System for Nonnumerical Algebra on a Digital Computer --- I: Polynomials in Several Variables and Truncated Power Series with Polynomial CoefficientsBrown, W.S.
Vol. 42(5), 2121, 1963Discrete Smoothing Filters for Correlated NoiseMusa, J.D.
Vol. 42(5), 2153, 1963Command Guidance of Telstar Launch VehicleEvens, M.J.; Myers, G.H.; Timko, J.W.
Vol. 42(5), 2169, 1963Spin Decay, Spin-Precession Damping, and Spin-Axis Drift of the Telstar SatelliteYu, E.Y.
Vol. 42(5), 2195, 1963A Passive Gravitational Attitude Control System for SatellitesPaul, B.; West, J.W.; Yu, E.Y.
Vol. 42(5), 2239, 1963Dynamics Analysis of a Two-Body Gravitationally Oriented SatelliteFletcher, H.J.; Rongved, L.; Yu, E.Y.
Vol. 42(5), 2267, 1963Innage and Outage Intervals in Transmission Systems Composed of LinksRice, S.O.
Vol. 42(5), 2285, 1963Wide-Angle Radiation Due to Rough Phase FrontsDragone, C.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 42(5), 2297, 1963The TL Radio Relay SystemHathaway, S.D.; Sagaser, D.D.; Word, J.A.
Vol. 42(5), 2355, 1963Spectral Density and Autocorrelation Functions Associated with Binary Frequency-Shift KeyingBennett, W.R.; Rice, S.O.
Vol. 42(5), 2387, 1963Binary Data Transmission by FM over a Real ChannelBennett, W.R.; Salz, J.
Vol. 42(5), 2427, 1963A Functional Analysis Relating Delay Variation and Intersymbol Interference in Data TransmissionLucky, R.W.
Vol. 42(5), 2485, 1963Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(5), 2493, 1963B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Self-Reorganizing Synchronization NetworkScattaglia, J.V.
Vol. 42(5), 2496, 1963B.S.T.J. Briefs: Point-Contact Wafer Diodes for Use in the 90 - to 140- Kilomegacycle Frequency RangeSharpless, W.M.
Vol. 42(6), 2501, 1963An Automated 20-20,000-cps Transmission Measuring Set for Laboratory UseHaynie, G.D.; Rosenfeld, P.E.
Vol. 42(6), 2533, 1963Signal Distortion in Nonlinear Feedback SystemsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 42(6), 2551, 1963A Three-Conductor Elementary Clogston Coaxial Transmission Line --- Calculation, Fabrication and ExperimentManley, J.M.
Vol. 42(6), 2575, 1963Linear Time-Varying Circuits --- Matrix Manipulations, Power Relations, and Some Bounds on StabilityDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 42(6), 2609, 1963Mode Selection in an Aperture-Limited Concentric Maser InterferometerLi, Tingye
Vol. 42(6), 2621, 1963Broadband Electro-Optic Traveling-Wave Light ModulatorsDiDomenico, M. Jr.; Anderson, L.K.
Vol. 42(6), 2679, 1963Systematic Jitter in a Chain of Digital RegeneratorsByrne, C.J.; Karafin, B.J.; Robinson, D.B. Jr.
Vol. 42(6), 2715, 1963Satellite System Interference Tests at Andover, MaineCurtis, Harold E.
Vol. 42(6), 2741, 1963The Nature of and System Inferences of Delay Distortion Due to Mode Conversion in Multimode Transmission SystemsMiller, S.E.
Vol. 42(6), 2761, 1963Model for Relating Coupled Power Equations to Coupled Amplitude EquationsYoung, D.T.
Vol. 42(6), 2765, 1963Interchannel Interference in FM Systems Produced by Continuous Random Mode Conversion in Circular Electric WaveguideEnloe, L.H.
Vol. 42(6), 2787, 1963Effect of Differential Loss on Approximate Solutions to the Coupled Line EquationsYoung, D.T.
Vol. 42(6), 2795, 1963Markov Processes Representing Traffic in Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 42(6), 2839, 1963Spectral Characteristics of Digit-Stimulating Speech SoundsBorenstein, D.P.
Vol. 42(6), 2849, 1963Reflections from an Exponential AtmosphereBullington, K.
Vol. 42(6), 2869, 1963The Effects of Time Delay and Echoes on Telephone ConversationsEmling, J.W.; Mitchell, D.
Vol. 42(6), 2893, 1963Echo Suppressor Design in Telephone CommunicationsBrady, P.T.; Helder, G.K.
Vol. 42(6), 2919, 1963Subjective Evaluation of Delay and Echo Suppressors in Telephone CommunicationsRiesz, R.R.; Klemmer, E.T.
Vol. 42(6), 2943, 1963Calculation of the Spin-Axis Orientation of the TELSTAR Satellites from Optical DataHill, D.W.
Vol. 42(6), 2961, 1963Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 42(6), 2967, 1963B.S.T.J. Briefs: On the Spectrum of Optical Waves Propagated through the AtmosphereHogg, D.C.
Vol. 42(6), 2970, 1963B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Relation Between the Basis Functions of Periodically Varying Nondissipative CircuitsDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 42(6), 2972, 1963B.S.T.J. Briefs: A 5-Gigacycle Tunnel Diode Oscillator with 9-Milliwatt Output from a Single DiodeSchneider, M.V.
Vol. 43(1), 1, 1964The FerreedFeiner, A.
Vol. 43(1), 15, 1964Recent Developments in Bell System Relays - Particularly Sealed Contact and Miniature RelaysKeller, A.C.
Vol. 43(1), 45, 1964Overflow Traffic from a Trunk Group with BalkingLinhart, Peter
Vol. 43(1), 91, 1964On the Properties of Some Systems that Distort Signals - IISandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(1), 113, 1964Existence of Eigenvalues of a Class of Integral Equations Arising in Laser TheoryNewman, D.J.; Morgan, S.P.
Vol. 43(1), 127, 1964Deposition of Tantalum Films with an Open-Ended Vacuum SystemBalde, J.W.; Charschan, S.S.; Dineen, J.J.
Vol. 43(1), 143, 1964Digital Troposcatter Transmission and Modulation TheorySunde, E.D.
Vol. 43(1), 215, 1964Au-n-Type GaAs Schottky Barrier and Its Varactor ApplicationKahng, D.
Vol. 43(1), 225, 1964Gold-Epitaxial Silicon High-Frequency DiodesKahng, D.; D'Asaro, L.A.
Vol. 43(1), 233, 1964On the Discrete Spectral Densities of Markov Pulse TrainsBarnard, R.D.
Vol. 43(1), 261, 1964Imperfections in Active Transmission LinesRowe, H.E.
Vol. 43(1), 293, 1964Stability of Active Transmission Lines with Arbitrary ImperfectionsRowe, H.E.
Vol. 43(1), 329, 1964Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 43(1), 333, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: Quantum Efficiency of the Green and Red Electroluminescence of GaPPfahnl, A.
Vol. 43(1), 334, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: Matching of Optical ModesKogelnik, H.
Vol. 43(1), 339, 1964Demodulation of Wideband, Low-Power FM SignalsDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 43(1), 375, 1964Data Transmission over a Self-Contained Error Detection and Retransmission ChannelFroehlich, F.E.; Anderson, R.R.
Vol. 43(1), 399, 1964Intermodulation Distortion in Analog FM Troposcatter SystemsSunde, E.D.
Vol. 43(1), 437, 1964Cutoff Frequencies of the Dielectrically Loaded Comb Structure as Used in Traveling-Wave MasersHarris, S.E.; DeGrasse, R.W.; Schulz-Dubois, E.O.
Vol. 43(1), 485, 1964Permutation Decoding of Systematic CodesMacWilliams, Jessie
Vol. 43(1), 507, 1964Optical Maser Oscillators and NoiseGordon, Eugene I.
Vol. 43(1), 541, 1964The 80 Diperiodic Groups in Three DimensionsWood, Elizabeth A.
Vol. 43(1), 561, 1964Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 43(2), 565, 1964Importance of Intrasublattice Magnetic Interactions and of Substitutional Ion Type in the Behavior of Substituted Yttrium Iron GarnetsGeller, S.; Williams, H.J.; Espinosa, G.P.; Sherwood, R.C.
Vol. 43(2), 625, 1964Pulse Sharpening and Gain Saturation in Traveling-Wave MasersSchulz-Dubois, E.O.
Vol. 43(2), 659, 1964Microwave Heating of a Luneberg LensMorgan, Samuel P.
Vol. 43(2), 679, 1964Scattering Losses in a Large Luneberg Lens Due to Random Dielectric InhomogeneitiesMorgan, Samuel P.
Vol. 43(2), 697, 1964The 1962 Survey of Noise and Loss on Toll ConnectionsNasell, Ingemar
Vol. 43(2), 719, 1964A New Objective for Message Circuit NoiseLewinski, D.A.
Vol. 43(2), 741, 1964Propagation of Light Rays through a Lens-Waveguide with Curved AxisMarcuse, D.
Vol. 43(2), 755, 1964Circular Electric Wave Propagation in Periodic StructuresLuderer, G.W.; Unger, H.G.
Vol. 43(2), 785, 1964The ALPAK System for Nonnumerical Algebra on a Digital Computer - II: Rational Functions of Several Variables and Truncated Power Series with Rational-Function CoefficientsBrown, W.S.; Hyde, J.P.; Tague, B.A.
Vol. 43(2), 805, 1964The Theory of Direct Transitions in SemiconductorsPantell, R.H.; DiDomenico, M. Jr.; Svelto, O.
Vol. 43(2), 817, 1964Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 43(3), 821, 1964Digital Light DeflectionNelson, T.J.
Vol. 43(3), 847, 1964Perturbation Methods for Satellite OrbitsGeyling, F.T.
Vol. 43(3), 885, 1964Methods of Orbit RefinementBlackman, R.B.
Vol. 43(3), 911, 1964On the Response of Nonlinear Control Systems to Periodic Input SignalsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(3), 927, 1964Digital Computer Simulation of a Four-Phase Data Transmission SystemRappeport, M.A.
Vol. 43(3), 965, 1964NEASIM: A General-Purpose Computer Simulation Program for Load-Loss Analysis of Multistage Central Office Switching NetworksGrantges, R.F.; Sinowitz, N.R.
Vol. 43(3), 1005, 1964Filling Factor and Isolator Performance of the Traveling-Wave MaserChen, F.S.; Tabor, W.J.
Vol. 43(3), 1035, 1964The Comb-Type Slow-Wave Structure for TWM ApplicationsChen, F.S.
Vol. 43(3), 1067, 1964A Comparison of Permanent Electrical ConnectionsMills, G.W.
Vol. 43(3), 1103, 1964Evaluation of Solar Cells by Means of Spectral AnalysisGummel, H.K.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 43(3), 1123, 1964A Theory of a Unilateral Parametric Amplifier Using Two DiodesHamasaki, J.
Vol. 43(3), 1149, 1964Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 43(3), 1153, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Use of Wollaston Prisms for a High-Capacity Digital Light DeflectorTabor, W.J.
Vol. 43(4), 1155, 1964The SD Submarine Cable SystemEhrbar, R.D.; Fraser, J.M.; Kelley, R.A.; Morris, L.H.; Mottram, E.T.; Rounds, P.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1185, 1964Design of Armorless Ocean CableBowker, M.W.; Nutt, W.G.; Riley, R.M.
Vol. 43(4), 1209, 1964Armorless Cable ManufactureLerch, B.W.; Phelps, J.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1243, 1964Repeaters and Equalizers for the SD Submarine Cable SystemBrewer, S.T.; Dickinson, F.R.; Von Roesgen, C.A.
Vol. 43(4), 1275, 1964Manufacture of Rigid Repeaters and Ocean-Block EqualizersJohansson, S.G.
Vol. 43(4), 1311, 1964Electron Tubes for the SD Submarine Cable SystemHoldaway, V.L.; Van Haste, W.; Walsh, E.J.
Vol. 43(4), 1339, 1964Cable Power FacilityBishop, J.D.; Mottel, S.
Vol. 43(4), 1367, 1964A Cable Laying FacilityEhrbar, R.D.
Vol. 43(4), 1373, 1964Cable and Repeater Handling SystemGrismore, O.D.
Vol. 43(4), 1395, 1964Cable Payout SystemGretter, R.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1435, 1964Design and Powering of Cable Ship Long LinesButler, J.H.; Altenburg, C.J.; McSweeney, R.J.; Sutton, L.E.
Vol. 43(4), 1461, 1964Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 43(4), 1469, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Lens or Light Guide Using Convectively Distorted Thermal Gradients in GasesBerreman, D.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1476, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Gas Lens Using Unlike, Counter-Flowing GasesBerreman, D.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1481, 1964Timing Errors in a Chain of Regenerative Repeaters, IIIKinariwala, B.K.
Vol. 43(4), 1505, 1964The Maser Rate Equations and SpikingKleinman, D.A.
Vol. 43(4), 1533, 1964Design of Wideband Sampled-Data FiltersGolden, R.M.; Kaiser, J.F.
Vol. 43(4), 1547, 1964The ALPAK System for Nonnumerical Algebra on a Digital Computer - III: Systems of Linear Equations and a Class of Side RelationsHyde, J.P.
Vol. 43(4), 1563, 1964A Technique for Measuring Small Optical Loss Using an Oscillating Spherical Mirror InterferometerRack, A.J.; Biazzo, M.R.
Vol. 43(4), 1581, 1964On the L2 - Boundedness of Solutions of Nonlinear Functional EquationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1600, 1964Errata: BSTJ v42n2, pages 361 and 377
Vol. 43(4), 1601, 1964A Frequency-Domain Condition for the Stability of Feedback Systems Containing a Single Time-Varying Nonlinear ElementSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1609, 1964The Resistance of an Infinite Slab with a Disk ElectrodeFoxhall, G.F.; Lewis, J.A.
Vol. 43(4), 1619, 1964Permutation Groups, Complexes, and Rearrangeable Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 43(4), 1641, 1964Optimal Rearrangeable Multistage Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 43(4), 1657, 1964Attitude Determination and Prediction of Spin-Stabilized SatellitesThomas, L.C.; Cappellari, J.O.
Vol. 43(4), 1727, 1964Directional Control in Light-Wave GuidanceMiller, S.E.
Vol. 43(4), 1741, 1964Alternating-Gradient Focusing and Related Properties of Conventional Convergent Lens FocusingMiller, S.E.
Vol. 43(4), 1759, 1964Analysis of a Tubular Gas LensMarcuse, D.; Miller, S.E.
Vol. 43(4), 1783, 1964Hollow Metallic and Dielectric Waveguides for Long Distance Optical Transmission and LasersMarcatili, E.A.J.; Schmeltzer, R.A.
Vol. 43(4), 1811, 1964Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 43(4), 1815, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Condition for the L8-Stability of Feedback Systems Containing a Single Time-Varying Nonlinear ElementSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(4), 1818, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: Thermal Gas Lens MeasurementsBeck, A.C.
Vol. 43(4), 1821, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: Gas Mixture Lens MeasurementsBeck, A.C.
Vol. 43(4), 1826, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Circle Diagram for Optical ResonatorsGordon, J.P.
Vol. 43(4), 1827, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: Gas Pumping In Continuously Operated Ion LasersGordon, E.I.; Labuda, E.F.
Vol. 43(5), 1831, 1964No: 1 ESS System Organization and ObjectivesKeister, W.; Ketchledge, R.W.; Vaughan, H.E.
Vol. 43(5), 1845, 1964Organization of No. 1 ESS Central ProcessorHarr, J.A.; Taylor, F.F.; Ulrich, W.
Vol. 43(5), 1923, 1964Organization of No. 1 ESS Stored ProgramHarr, J.A.; Hoover, Mrs.E.S.; Smith, R.B.
Vol. 43(5), 1961, 1964No. 1 ESS Maintenance PlanDowning, R.W.; Nowak, J.S.; Tuomenoksa, L.S.
Vol. 43(5), 2021, 1964No. 1 ESS Bus SystemConnell, J.B.; Hussey, L.W.; Ketchledge, R.W.
Vol. 43(5), 2055, 1964No. 1 ESS Logic Circuits and Their Application to the Design of the Central ControlCagle, W.B.; Menne, R.S.; Skinner, R.S.; Staehler, R.E.; Underwood, M.D.
Vol. 43(5), 2097, 1964No. 1 ESS Program StoreAult, C.F.; Gallaher, L.E.; Greenwood, T.S.; Koehler, D.C.
Vol. 43(5), 2147, 1964No. 1 ESS Call Store - A 0.2-Megabit Ferrite Sheet MemoryGenke, R.M.; Harding, P.A.; Staehler, R.E.
Vol. 43(5), 2193, 1964No.1 ESS Switching Network PlanFeiner, A.; Hayward, W.S.
Vol. 43(5), 2221, 1964No.1 ESS Switching Network Framers and CircuitsDanielsen, D.; Dunlap, K.S.; Hofmann, H.R.
Vol. 43(5), 2255, 1964No. 1 ESS Scanner, Signal Distributor, and Central Pulse DistributorFreimanis, L.; Guercio, A.M.; May, H.F.
Vol. 43(5), 2283, 1964No.1 ESS Master Control CenterDougherty, H.J.; Raag, H.; Ridinger, P.G.; Stockert, A.A.
Vol. 43(5), 2321, 1964Line, Trunk, Junctor, and Service Circuits for No. 1 ESSBiddulph, R.; Budlong, A.H.; Casterline, R.C.; Funk, D.L.; Goeller, L.F. Jr.
Vol. 43(5), 2355, 1964No. 1 ESS Apparatus and EquipmentFerguson, J.G.; Grutzner, W.E.; Koehler, D.C.; Skinner, R.S.; Skubiak, M.T.; Wetherell, D.H.
Vol. 43(5), 2441, 1964No. 1 ESS Circuit Packs and ConnectorsChevalier, J.G.; Eisenhart, R.K.
Vol. 43(5), 2457, 1964PROCESS III - A Compiler-Assembler for No. 1 ESSMartellotto, N.A.; Oehring, H.; Paull, M.C.
Vol. 43(5), 2483, 1964No. 1 ESS Call ProcessingCarbaugh, D.H.; Drew, G.G.; Ghiron, H.; Hoover, Mrs. E.S.
Vol. 43(5), 2533, 1964Translations in the No. 1 Electronic Switching SystemUrlich, W.; Vellenzer, Mrs. H.M.
Vol. 43(5), 2575, 1964System Testing of the No.1 Electronic Switching SystemHaugk, G.; Tsiang, S.H.; Zimmerman, L.
Vol. 43(5), 2593, 1964Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 43(6), 2611, 1964Effectiveness of Error Control In Data Communication over the Switched Telephone NetworkTownsend, R.L.; Watts, R.N.
Vol. 43(6), 2639, 1964A Simulation Study of Routing and Control in Communications NetworksWeber, J.H.
Vol. 43(6), 2677, 1964An Experimental Study of Near-Field Cassegrainian AntennasHogg, D.C.; Semplak, R.A.
Vol. 43(6), 2705, 1964A Two-Gyro, Gravity-Gradient Satellite Attitude Control SystemLewis, J.A.; Zajac, E.E.
Vol. 43(6), 2766, 1964Errata: BSTJ v43n4, pages 1197 and 1778
Vol. 43(6), 2767, 1964Optimum Reception of Binary Gaussian SignalsKadota, T.T.
Vol. 43(6), 2811, 1964On the Spectral Properties of Single-Sideband Angle-Modulated SignalsBarnard, R.D.
Vol. 43(6), 2839, 1964On The Properties of Nonlinear Integral Equations That Arise in the Theory of Dynamical SystemsSandberg, I.W.; Benes, V.E.
Vol. 43(6), 2855, 1964Applications of a Theorem of Dubrovskii to the Periodic Responses of Nonlinear SystemsBenes, V.E.; Sandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(6), 2873, 1964Equivalence Relations among Spherical Mirror Optical ResonatorsGordon, J.P.; Kogelnik, H.
Vol. 43(6), 2887, 1964Modes in a Sequence of Thick Astigmatic Lens-Like FocusersMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 43(6), 2905, 1964Substitution of Laminated Low-Carbon Steel for Silicon Steel in the Cores for Wire Spring RelaysSlauson, William C.
Vol. 43(6), 2935, 1964A Model For Mobile Radio Fading Due to Building Reflections: Theoretical and Experimental Fading Waveform Power SpectraOssanna, Joseph F. Jr.
Vol. 43(6), 2973, 1964Digital Data Signal Space DiagramsDavey, J.R.
Vol. 43(6), 2985, 1964Using Digit Statistics to Word-Frame PCM SignalsGray, J.R.; Pan, J.W.
Vol. 43(6), 3009, 1964Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis and Uncertainty - IV: Extensions to Many Dimensions; Generalized Prolate Spheroidal FunctionsSlepian, David
Vol. 43(6), 3059, 1964Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 43(6), 3065, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Note on a Signal Recovery ProblemSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 43(6), 3068, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: Detection of Weakly Modulated Light at Microwave FrequenciesCohen, M.G.; Gordon, E.I.
Vol. 43(6), 3070, 1964B.S.T.J. Briefs: An Improved Error Bound for Gaussian ChannelsWyner, A.D.
Vol. 44(1), 1, 1965A Technique for Investigating On-Off Patterns of SpeechBrady, Paul T.
Vol. 44(1), 23, 1965Interaction of Adaptive Antenna Arrays in an Arbitrary EnvironmentMorgan, Samuel P.
Vol. 44(1), 49, 1965Optimum Design of a Gravitationally Oriented Two-Body SatelliteYu, E.Y.
Vol. 44(1), 77, 1965The Existence of Eigenvalues for the Integral Equations of Laser TheoryCochran, J. Alan
Vol. 44(1), 89, 1965A Model of the Switched Telephone Network for Data CommunicationsElliott, E.O.
Vol. 44(1), 111, 1965Differential Detection of Binary FMAnderson, R.R.; Bennett, W.R.; Davey, J.R.; Salz, J.
Vol. 44(1), 161, 1965Nonlinear RLC NetworksDesoer, Charles A.; Katzenelson, Jacob
Vol. 44(1), 199, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(1), 203, 1965B.S.T.J. Brief: A Note on a Special Class of One-Sided Distribution SumsBarnard, R.D.
Vol. 44(2), 207, 1965Numerical Evaluation of Electron Image Phase ContrastHeidenreich, R.D.; Hamming, R.W.
Vol. 44(2), 235, 1965Design of Bandlimited Signals for Binary Communication Using Simple Correlation DetectionSaltzberg, B.R.; Kurz, L.
Vol. 44(2), 253, 1965Four-Phase Data Systems in Combined Delay Distortion, Gaussian Noise, and Impulse NoiseRappeport, M.A.
Vol. 44(2), 261, 1965Atomic Hydrogen as a Reducing AgentBergh, A.A.
Vol. 44(2), 273, 1965Measured TE01 Attenuation in Helix Waveguide with Controlled Straightness DeviationsYoung, D.T.
Vol. 44(2), 283, 1965Losses Suffered by Coherent Light Redirected and Refocused Many Times in an Enclosed MediumDeLange, O.E.
Vol. 44(2), 303, 1965The Structure and Properties of Binary Cyclic AlphabetsMacWilliams, Jessie
Vol. 44(2), 333, 1965Eigenmodes of a Symmetric Cylindrical Confocal Laser Resonator and Their Perturbation by Output-Coupling AperturesMcCumber, D.E.
Vol. 44(2), 365, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(2), 369, 1965B.S.T.J. Brief: A Silicon Diode Microwave OscillatorJohnston, R.L.; De Loach, B.C. Jr.; Cohen, B.G.
Vol. 44(3), 373, 1965New Concepts in Exchange Outside Plant EngineeringEdwards, H.S.; Hardaway, H.Z.
Vol. 44(3), 401, 1965Epoch Detection -- A Method for Resolving Overlapping SignalsYoung, Tzay Y.
Vol. 44(3), 427, 1965Computation of Lattice Sums: Generalization of the Ewald MethodGrant, W.J.C.
Vol. 44(3), 439, 1965On the Boundedness of Solutions of Nonlinear Integral EquationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 44(3), 455, 1965Imaging of Optical Modes -- Resonators with Internal LensesKogelnik, Herwig
Vol. 44(3), 495, 1965Geometrical Optics of Magnetoelastic Wave Propagation in a Nonuniform Magnetic FieldAuld, B.A.
Vol. 44(3), 509, 1965Properties of Random Traffic in Nonblocking Telephone Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 44(3), 527, 1965Gain of Electromagnetic HornsChu, T.S.; Semplak, R.A.
Vol. 44(3), 539, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(3), 543, 1965B.S.T.J. Briefs: Modulation of Laser Beams by Atmospheric TurbulenceSubramanian, M.; Collinson, J.A.
Vol. 44(4), 547, 1965Automatic Equalization for Digital CommunicationLucky, R.W.
Vol. 44(4), 589, 1965Index Reduction of FM Waves by Feedback and Power-Law NonlinearitiesBenes, V.E.
Vol. 44(4), 603, 1965Generation of Orbital Elements for the TELSTAR Communications SatellitesThomas, L.C.
Vol. 44(4), 675, 1965Analysis of Varactor Frequency Multipliers for Arbitrary Capacitance Variation and Drive LevelBurckhardt, C.B.
Vol. 44(4), 693, 1965Acoustic Beam Probing Using Optical TechniquesCohen, M.G.; Gordon, E.I.
Vol. 44(4), 723, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(4), 725, 1965B.S.T.J. Brief: On the Simultaneous Measurement of a Pair of Conjugate ObservablesArthurs, E.; Kelly, J. L. Jr.
Vol. 44(5), 731, 1965The N2 Carrier Terminal -- Objectives and AnalysisBoyd, R.C.; Herr, F.J.
Vol. 44(5), 761, 1965The N2 Carrier Terminal -- Circuit DesignLundry, W.R.; Willey, L.F.
Vol. 44(5), 787, 1965Equipment Aspects of Packaged N2 Carrier System TerminalsBell, D.T.; Steiff, L.H.; Taylor, E.R.
Vol. 44(5), 823, 1965Miniaturized RC Filters Using Phase-Locked LoopMoschytz, G.S.
Vol. 44(5), 871, 1965Some Results on the Theory of Physical Systems Governed by Nonlinear Functional EquationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 44(5), 899, 1965The Attenuation of the Holmdel Helix Waveguide in the 100-125-Kmc BandSteier, William H.
Vol. 44(5), 907, 1965The Optical Ring ResonatorRigrod, W.W.
Vol. 44(5), 917, 1965Diffraction Loss and Selection of Modes in Maser Resonators with Circular MirrorsLi, Tingye
Vol. 44(5), 933, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(6), 937, 1965A Survey of Bell System Progress in Electronic SwitchingHiggins, W.H.C.
Vol. 44(6), 999, 1965Core Materials for Magnetic Latching Wire Spring RelaysGrau, T.G.; Spiegler, A.K.
Vol. 44(6), 1019, 1965A Precise Measurement of the Gain of a Large Horn-Reflector AntennaHogg, D.C.; Wilson, R.W.
Vol. 44(6), 1031, 1965A General Statistical Determination of Transmission Characteristics Applied to L MultiplexSuyderhoud, H.G.
Vol. 44(6), 1061, 1965Capabilities of Bounded Discrepancy DecodingWyner, A.D.
Vol. 44(6), 1123, 1965On the Reception of Binary Signals in the Presence of a Small Random DelaySchwartz, M.I.
Vol. 44(6), 1139, 1965On the Accuracy of Loss EstimatesDescloux, A.
Vol. 44(6), 1165, 1965Spectra of Digital FMAnderson, R.R.; Salz, J.
Vol. 44(6), 1191, 1965On the Decomposition of Lattice-Periodic FunctionsGraham, R.L.
Vol. 44(6), 1215, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(6), 1219, 1965B.S.T.J. Brief: Axis-Crossing Intervals of Rayleigh ProcessesRainal, A.J.
Vol. 44(7), 1225, 1965All-Weather Earth Station Satellite Communication AntennasCook, J.S.; Giger, A.J.
Vol. 44(7), 1229, 1965The Triply-Folded Horn Reflector: A Compact Ground Station Antenna Design for Satellite CommunicationsGiger, A.J.; Turrin, R.H.
Vol. 44(7), 1255, 1965The Open Cassegrain Antenna: Part I. Electromagnetic Design and AnalysisCook, J.S.; Elam, E.M.; Zucker, H.
Vol. 44(7), 1301, 1965The Open Cassegrain Antenna: Part II. Structural and Mechanical EvaluationDenkmann, W.J.; Geyling, F.T.; Pope, D.L.; Schwarz, A.O.
Vol. 44(7), 1321, 1965Mode Conversion in Circular WaveguidesNagelberg, E.R.; Shefer, J.
Vol. 44(7), 1339, 1965Hydrodynamic Techniques for Study of Wind Effects on Antenna StructuresCoyne, K.N.
Vol. 44(7), 1367, 1965Autotrack Control Systems for Antenna Mounts with Non-Orthogonal AxesNelson, W.L.; Cole, W.J.
Vol. 44(7), 1405, 1965The T1 Carrier SystemFultz, K.E.; Penick, D.B.
Vol. 44(7), 1453, 1965A Statistical Basis for Objective Measurement of Speech LevelsBrady, Paul T.
Vol. 44(7), 1487, 1965Some Extensions of Nyquist's Telegraph Transmission TheoryGibby, R.A.; Smith, J.W.
Vol. 44(7), 1511, 1965A Stable, Single-Frequency RF-Excited Gas Laser at 6328ACollinson, J.A.
Vol. 44(7), 1521, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(7), 1525, 1965BSTJ Brief: Planar Epitaxial Silicon Schottky Barrier DiodesKahng, D.; Lepselter, M.P.
Vol. 44(7), 1528, 1965BSTJ Brief: 4-gc Transmission Degradation Due to Rain at the Andover, Maine, Satellite StationGiger, A.J.
Vol. 44(8), 1535, 1965The 2A Line ConcentratorStagg, U.K.
Vol. 44(8), 1567, 1965Wideband Data on T1 CarrierTravis, L.F.; Yaeger, R.E.
Vol. 44(8), 1605, 1965An Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Resistor NetworksKatzenelson, Jacob
Vol. 44(8), 1621, 1965Optimum Reception of Binary Sure and Gaussian SignalsKadota, T.T.
Vol. 44(8), 1659, 19650.63u Scatter Measurements from Teflon and Various Metallic SurfacesSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 44(8), 1675, 1965Design Theory of Balanced Transistor AmplifiersKurokawa, K.
Vol. 44(8), 1699, 1965Digital Transmission in the Presence of Impulsive NoiseEngel, J.S.
Vol. 44(8), 1745, 1965Eigenvalues Associated with Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions of Zero OrderSlepian, David; Sonnenblick, Estelle
Vol. 44(8), 1761, 1965Cosine Sum Approximation and Synthesis of Array AntennasJagerman, D.
Vol. 44(8), 1779, 1965Energy Reception for Mobile RadioGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 44(8), 1805, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(8), 1809, 1965B.S.T.J. Brief: An Observation Concerning the Application of the Contraction-Mapping Fixed-Point Theorem, and a Result Concerning the Norm-Boundedness of Solutions of Nonlinear Functional EquationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 44(9), 1813, 1965Experimental 224 Mb/s PCM TerminalsMayo, J.S.
Vol. 44(9), 1843, 1965An Experimental 224 Mb/s Digital Multiplexer-Demultiplexer Using Pulse Stuffing SynchronizationWitt, F.J.
Vol. 44(9), 1887, 1965Broadband Codecs for an Experimental 224 Mb/s PCM TerminalEdson, J.O.; Henning, H.H.
Vol. 44(9), 1941, 1965Some Inequalities in the Theory of Telephone TrafficBenes, V.E.
Vol. 44(9), 1977, 1965An 80-Megabit 15-Watt Transistor Pulse AmplifierKibler, L.U.
Vol. 44(9), 2003, 1965A 14-Watt Transistor CW Amplifier with a 50-mc BandwidthKibler, L.U.
Vol. 44(9), 2017, 1965Light Propagation in Generalized Lens-Like MediaMiller, S.E.
Vol. 44(9), 2065, 1965Statistical Treatment of Light-Ray Propagation in Beam-WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 44(9), 2083, 1965Properties of Periodic Gas LensesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 44(9), 2117, 1965Growth of Oscillations of a Ray about the Irregularly Wavy Axis of a Lens Light GuideBerreman, D.W.
Vol. 44(9), 2133, 1965Some Stability Results Related to Those of V. M. PopovSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 44(9), 2149, 1965Spectra for a Class of Asynchronous FM WavesAnderson, R.R.; Mazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
Vol. 44(9), 2165, 1965Probability of Errors for Quadratic DetectorsMazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
Vol. 44(9), 2187, 1965Optimum Reception of M-ary Gaussian Signals in Gaussian NoiseKadota, T.T.
Vol. 44(9), 2199, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(10), 2203, 1965Measurements of Electromagnetic Back-scattering from Known, Rough SurfacesRenau, Jacques; Collinson, James A.
Vol. 44(10), 2227, 1965The Effects of Digital Errors on PCM Transmission of Compandored SpeechDostis, I.
Vol. 44(10), 2245, 1965Computer Solutions of the Traveling Salesman ProblemLin, Shen
Vol. 44(10), 2271, 1965On Definitions of Congestion in Communication NetworksWolman, Eric
Vol. 44(10), 2295, 1965100A Protection Switching SystemGriffiths, H.D.; Nedelka, J.
Vol. 44(10), 2337, 1965Maximally Reliable Exponential Prediction Equations for Data-Rate-Limited Tracking ServomechanismsHelms, H.D.
Vol. 44(10), 2363, 1965The Joint Optimization of Transmitted Signal and Receiving Filter for Data Transmission SystemsSmith, J.W.
Vol. 44(10), 2393, 1965Some Effects of Laminar and Turbulent Flow on Breakdown in GasesBugnolo, D.S.
Vol. 44(10), 2409, 1965Transient Motion of Circular Elastic Plates Subjected to Impulsive and Moving LoadsWeiner, R.S.
Vol. 44(10), 2433, 1965Computation of Lattice Sums: Generalization of the Ewald Method IIGrant, Walter J.C.
Vol. 44(10), 2447, 1965Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 44(10), 2451, 1965B.S.T.J. Brief: Holographic Image Projection Through Inhomogeneous MediaKogelnik, H.
Vol. 45(1), 1, 1966The TM-1 / TL-2 Short Haul Microwave SystemsFriis, R.W.; Jansen, J.J.; Jensen, R.M.; King, H.T.
Vol. 45(1), 97, 1966Light Transmission in a Multiple Dielectric (Gaseous and Solid) GuideMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 45(1), 105, 1966Ray Propagation in Beam-Waveguides with RedirectorsMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 45(1), 117, 1966Delta Modulation Quantizing Noise Analytical and Computer Simulation Results for Gaussian and Television Input SignalsO'Neal, J.B. Jr.
Vol. 45(1), 143, 1966Phase Principle for Detecting Narrow Band Gaussian SignalsRainal, A.J.
Vol. 45(1), 149, 1966Sequential Decoding - The Computation ProblemSavage, E.J.
Vol. 45(1), 177, 1966A Mathematical Model Of a Vibrating Soil-Foundation SystemWeissmann, G.F.
Vol. 45(1), 229, 1966Contributors To This Issue
Vol. 45(2), 233, 1966Beam-Lead TechnologyLepselter, M.P.
Vol. 45(2), 255, 1966Techniques for Adaptive Equalization of Digital Communication SystemsLucky, R.W.
Vol. 45(2), 287, 1966Geometrical Representation of Gaussian Beam PropagationChu, T.S.
Vol. 45(2), 301, 1966The Attenuation of 3.392 He-Ne Laser Radiation by Methane in the AtmosphereChu, T.S.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 45(2), 307, 1966The Effect of a Finite-Width Decision Threshold on Binary Differentially Coherent PSK SystemsHubbard, W.M.
Vol. 45(2), 321, 1966Optics of General Guiding MediaGordon, J.P.
Vol. 45(2), 333, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(2), 335, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Hologram Transmission via TelevisionEnloe, L.H.; Murphy, J.A.; Rubinstein, C.B.
Vol. 45(2), 339, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Laser Cavities with Increased Axial Mode SeparationWhite, A.D.
Vol. 45(3), 345, 1966Digital Computer Simulation of Sampled-Data Communication Systems Using the Block Diagram Compiler: BLODIBGolden, Roger M.
Vol. 45(3), 359, 1966The Capacity of the Band-Limited Gaussian ChannelWyner, A.D.
Vol. 45(3), 397, 1966An Insertion Loss, Phase and Delay Measuring Set for Characterizing Transistors and Two-Port Networks Between 0.25 and 4.2 gcLeed, D.
Vol. 45(3), 441, 1966Computing the Spectrum of a Binary Group CodeBuchner, M.M. Jr.
Vol. 45(3), 451, 1966The Statistical Effects of Random Variations in the Components of a Beam WaveguideSteier, William H.
Vol. 45(3), 473, 1966Signal-Noise Ratio Maximization Using the Pontryagin Maximum PrincipleHoltzman, J.M.
Vol. 45(3), 491, 1966Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 45(4), 493, 1966Design Considerations and Proposals for Compatible U.S. Subsidiary CoinageKimber, R.A.; Stokes, R.R.
Vol. 45(4), 523, 1966Bounds on Communication with Polyphase CodingWyner, A.D.
Vol. 45(4), 561, 1966Synchronization Recovery Techniques for Binary Cyclic CodesTong, S.Y.
Vol. 45(4), 597, 1966Increasing the Memory Capacity of the Digital Light Deflector by "Color Coding"Skinner, J.G.
Vol. 45(4), 609, 1966A Model for the Random Video ProcessFranks, L.E.
Vol. 45(4), 631, 1966Theory of Cascaded Structures: Lossless Transmission LinesKinariwala, B.K.
Vol. 45(4), 651, 1966Electron Phase Contrast Images Of Molecular DetailHeidenreich, R.D.
Vol. 45(4), 657, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(4), 659, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Multicolor Holographic Image Reconstruction with White-Light IlluminationLin, L.H.; Pennington, K.S.; Stroke, G.W.; Labeyrie, A.E.
Vol. 45(5), 661, 1966Electron Beam Heating of a Thin Film on a Highly Conducting SubstrateMorrison, J.A.; Morgan, S.P.
Vol. 45(5), 689, 1966Predictive Quantizing Systems (Differential Pulse Code Modulation) for the Transmission of Television SignalsO'Neal, J.B. Jr.
Vol. 45(5), 723, 1966Observed 50 to 60 Gc/s Attenuation for the Circular Electric Wave in Dielectric-Coated Cylindrical Waveguide BendsConklin, Glenn E.
Vol. 45(5), 733, 1966Estimation of the Mean of a Stationary Random Process by Periodic SamplingBalch, H.T.; Dale, J.C.; Eddy, T.W.; Lauver, R.M.
Vol. 45(5), 743, 1966Physical Limitations on Ray Oscillation SuppressorsMarcuse, D.
Vol. 45(5), 753, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(5), 755, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: A New Signal Format for Efficient Data TransmissionBecker, F.K.; Kretzmer, E.R.; Sheehan, J.R.
Vol. 45(5), 759, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Performance of a Forward-Acting Error-Control System on the Switched Telephone NetworkWeldon, E.J. Jr.
Vol. 45(5), 761, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Note on a Type of Optimization Problem that Arises in Communication TheorySandberg, I.W.
Vol. 45(6), 765, 1966B.S.T.J. Recommendation for Adopting the International System (SI) of Units
Vol. 45(6), 767, 1966The N3 Carrier System: Objectives and Transmission FeaturesBleisch, G.W.; Irby, C.W.
Vol. 45(6), 801, 1966Circuit Design of the N3 Carrier TerminalHaner, R.L.; Wood, I.E.
Vol. 45(6), 845, 1966Equipment Design of N3 Carrier Terminals and Carrier SupplyGiguere, W.J.; Bowie, L.A.; Watters, J.A.
Vol. 45(6), 895, 1966The SNOBOL3 Programming LanguageFarber, D.J.; Griswold, R.E.; Polonsky, I.P.
Vol. 45(6), 945, 1966Acoustic Scattering of Light in a Fabry-Perot ResonatorCohen, M.G.; Gordon, E.I.
Vol. 45(6), 967, 1966A Bound on the Reliability of Block Coding with FeedbackSavage, J.E.
Vol. 45(6), 979, 1966Error Probabilities in Data System Pulse Regenerator with DC RestorationZador, P.L.
Vol. 45(6), 985, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(6), 989, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: A 1/4- Watt Si PvN X-Band IMPATT (IMPact Avalanche Transit Time) DiodeMisawa, T.; Marinaccio, L.P.
Vol. 45(6), 992, 1966Errata: BSTJ v45n5, page 763
Vol. 45(7), 993, 1966An Experimental 224 Mb/s Digital Repeatered LineDorros, I.; Sipress, J.M.; Waldhauer, F.D.
Vol. 45(7), 1045, 1966Difference-Set Cyclic CodesWeldon, E.J. Jr.
Vol. 45(7), 1057, 1966On the Number of Information Symbols in Difference-Set Cyclic CodesGraham, R.L.; MacWilliams, Jessie
Vol. 45(7), 1071, 1966Simultaneously Orthogonal Expansion of Two Stationary Gaussian Processes- ExamplesKadota, T.T.
Vol. 45(7), 1097, 1966Ideal MOS Curves for SiliconGoetzberger, A.
Vol. 45(7), 1123, 1966Signal-to-Noise and Idle Channel Performance of Differential Pulse Code Modulation Systems - Particular Applications to Voice SignalsMcDonald, R.A.
Vol. 45(7), 1153, 1966A Stability Criterion for Nonuniformly Sampled and Distributed Parameter SystemsKinariwala, B.K.; Gersho, A.
Vol. 45(7), 1157, 1966Customer Evaluation of Telephone Circuits with DelayHelder, George K.
Vol. 45(7), 1193, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(8), 1197, 1966Information Rate of a Coaxial Cable with Various Modulation SystemsPierce, J.R.
Vol. 45(8), 1209, 1966Design of an Electro-Optic Polarization Switch for a High-Capacity High-Speed Digital Light Deflecting SystemKurtz, S.K.
Vol. 45(8), 1247, 1966On the Optimality of the Regular Simplex CodeLandau, H.J.; Slepian, David
Vol. 45(8), 1273, 1966On the Use and Performance of Error-Voiding and Error-Marking CodesElliott, E.O.
Vol. 45(8), 1285, 1966Duration of Fades Associated with Radar ClutterRainal, A.J.
Vol. 45(8), 1299, 1966A Geometric Interpretation of Diagnostic Data from a Digital Machine: Based on a Study of the Morris, Illinois Electronic Central OfficeKruskal, J.B.; Hart, R.E.
Vol. 45(8), 1339, 1966Comparison Between a Gas Lens and Its Equivalent Thin LensMarcuse, D.
Vol. 45(8), 1345, 1966Deformation of Fields Propagating Through Gas LensesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 45(8), 1369, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(9), 1373, 1966Programming and Control Problems Arising from Optimal Routing in Telephone NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 45(9), 1439, 1966Random Tropospheric Angle Errors in Microwave Observations of the Early Bird SatelliteUnger, J.H.W.
Vol. 45(9), 1475, 1966On the Sensitivity of Channel Capacity for the Gaussian Bandlimited ChannelSandberg, I.W
Vol. 45(9), 1493, 1966Phase VocoderFlanagan, J.L.; Golden, R.M.
Vol. 45(9), 1511, 1966Theory of Error Rates for Digital FMMazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
Vol. 45(9), 1537, 1966Noise in an FM System Due to an Imperfect Linear TransducerLiou, M.L.
Vol. 45(9), 1563, 1966Bounds for Certain Multiprocessing AnomaliesGraham, R.L.
Vol. 45(9), 1583, 1966Phase and Amplitude Measurements of Coherent Optical WavefrontsRuscio, Joseph T.
Vol. 45(9), 1599, 1966State of the Art in GaP Electroluminescent JunctionsGershenzon, M.
Vol. 45(9), 1611, 1966Schottky Barrier Photodiodes with Antireflection CoatingSchneider, M.V.
Vol. 45(9), 1639, 1966Topology of Thin Film RC CircuitsSinden, F.W.
Vol. 45(9), 1663, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(9), 1667, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Realizability Conditions for the Impedance Function of the Lossless Tapered Transmission LineZador, P.L.
Vol. 45(10), 1673, 1966The Effects of Transmission Delay in Four-Wire TeleconferencingVartabedian, A.G.
Vol. 45(10), 1689, 1966Mutual Synchronization of Geographically Separated OscillatorsGersho, A.; Karafin, B.J.
Vol. 45(10), 1705, 1966A Model for the Organic Synchronization of Communications SystemsKarnaugh, M.
Vol. 45(10), 1737, 1966The Determination of Frequency in Systems of Mutually Synchronized OscillatorsBrilliant, M.B.
Vol. 45(10), 1749, 1966Intermodulation Noise in FM Systems Due to Transmission Deviations and AM/PM ConversationCross, T.G.
Vol. 45(10), 1775, 1966Synthesis of Band-Limited Orthogonal Signals for Multichannel Data TransmissionChang, Robert W.
Vol. 45(10), 1797, 1966Avalanche Region of IMPATT DiodesGummel, H.K.; Scharfetter, D.L.
Vol. 45(10), 1829, 1966Some Examples of Comparisons of Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 45(10), 1837, 1966Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 45(10), 1841, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Display of Holograms in White LightBurckhardt, C.B.
Vol. 45(10), 1845, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Approximation of the Error Probability in a Regenerative Repeater with Quantized FeedbackAaron, M.R.; Simon, M.K.
Vol. 45(10), 1847, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: Application of Automatic Transversal Filters to the Problem of Echo SuppressionBecker, F.K.; Rudin, H.R.
Vol. 45(10), 1851, 1966B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Self-Adaptive Echo CancellerSondhi, M.M.; Presti, A.J.
Vol. 46(1), 1, 1967Surface Effects of Radiation on Semiconductor DevicesMitchell, J.P.; Wilson, D.K.
Vol. 46(1), 81, 1967A High-Quality Waveguide Directional FilterAbele, T.A.
Vol. 46(1), 105, 1967On Some Proposed Models for Traffic in Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 46(1), 117, 1967A Series of Miniature Wire Spring RelaysBrown, C.B.
Vol. 46(1), 149, 1967Off-Axis Wave-Optics Transmission in a Lens-Like Medium with AberrationMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 46(1), 167, 1967Low-Resolution TV: An Experimental Digital System for Evaluating Bandwidth Reduction TechniquesMounts, F.W.
Vol. 46(1), 199, 1967Low-Resolution TV: Subjective Comparison of Interlaced and Noninterlaced PicturesBrown, Earl F.
Vol. 46(1), 233, 1967Low Resolution TV: Subjective Effects of Noise Added to a SignalBrainard, R.C.
Vol. 46(1), 261, 1967Low Resolution TV: Subjective Effects of Frame Repetition and Picture ReplenishmentBrainard, R.C.; Mounts, F.W.; Prasada, B.
Vol. 46(1), 273, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(1), 277, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Effect of Noise Correlation on Binary Differentially Coherent PSK Communication SystemsHubbard, W.M.
Vol. 46(1), 281, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: Excited Level Populations in High Current Density Argon DischargesMiller, R.C.; Labuda, E.F.; Webb, C.E.
Vol. 46(1), 284, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: CW Operation of LSA Oscillator Diodes - 44 to 88 GHzCopeland, John A.
Vol. 46(2), 289, 1967Methods of Interpreting Diagnostic Data for Locating Faults in Digital MachinesChang, H.Y.; Thomis, W.
Vol. 46(2), 319, 1967Dynamic Response of Systems of Mutually Synchronized OscillatorsBrilliant, M.B.
Vol. 46(2), 357, 1967Deformation of Gas Lenses by GravityGloge, D.
Vol. 46(2), 367, 1967Acoustic Light Modulators Using Optical Heterodyne MixingDixon, R.W.; Gordon, E.I.
Vol. 46(2), 391, 1967Water Vapor Permeability of Polyethylene and Other Plastic MaterialsHamilton, R.L.
Vol. 46(2), 417, 1967Statistical Analysis of the Level Crossings and Duration of Fades of the Signal from an Energy Density Mobile Radio AntennaLee, W.C.Y.
Vol. 46(2), 449, 1967Some Simple Self-Synchronizing Digital Data ScramblersSavage, J.E.
Vol. 46(2), 489, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(2), 491, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Camera Tube with a Silicon Diode Array TargetCrowell, M.H.; Buck, T.M.; Labuda, E.F.; Dalton, J.V.; Walsh, E.J.
Vol. 46(3), 497, 1967An Adaptive Echo CancellerSondhi, M.M.
Vol. 46(3), 513, 1967Temperature Dependence of Inversion-Layer Frequency Response in SiliconGoetzberger, A.; Nicollian, E.H.
Vol. 46(3), 523, 1967The Charge Controlled Concept in the Form of Equivalent Circuits, Representing a Link Between Classic Large Signal Diode and Transistor ModelsKoehler, Dankwart
Vol. 46(3), 577, 1967Generalized Optimum Receivers of Gaussian SignalsKadota, T.T.
Vol. 46(3), 593, 1967Timing Recovery for Synchronous Binary Data TransmissionSaltzberg, Burton R.
Vol. 46(3), 623, 1967Modulation of Laser Beams by Atmospheric Turbulence - Depth of ModulationSubramanian, M.; Collinson, J.A.
Vol. 46(3), 649, 1967Iterative Solution of Waveguide Discontinuity ProblemsCole, W.J.; Nagelberg, E.R.; Nagel, C.M.
Vol. 46(3), 673, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(4), 677, 1967An Improved High-Frequency Radiotelephone System Featuring Constant Net Loss OperationFraser, J.M.; Haas, H.H.; Schachtman, M.G.
Vol. 46(4), 721, 1967Experiments with an Underground Lens WaveguideGloge, D.
Vol. 46(4), 737, 1967Axis-Crossings of the Phase of Sine Wave Plus NoiseRainal, A.J.
Vol. 46(4), 755, 1967Operating Characteristics for a Linear Detector of CW Signals in Narrow-Band Gaussian NoiseRobertson, G.H.
Vol. 46(4), 775, 1967Phase and Amplitude Modulation in High Efficiency Varactor Frequency Multipliers - General Scattering PropertiesDragone, C.
Vol. 46(4), 797, 1967Phase and Amplitude Modulation in High-Efficiency Varactor Frequency Multipliers of Order N = 2n - Stability and NoiseDragone, C.
Vol. 46(4), 835, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(5), 837, 1967Unit-Cube Expression for Space-Charge ResistanceSze, S.M.; Shockley, W.
Vol. 46(5), 843, 1967Comparison of M-ary Modulation SystemsJacobs, Ira
Vol. 46(5), 865, 1967Combinatorial Solution to the Problem of Optimal Routing in Progressive GradingsBenes, V.E.
Vol. 46(5), 883, 1967Integral Equation for Simultaneous Diagonalization of Two Covariance KernelsKadota, T.T.
Vol. 46(5), 893, 1967Principles of Design of Magnetic Devices for Attitude Control of SatellitesGlass, M.S.
Vol. 46(5), 913, 1967Nonlinear Optical CoefficientsRobinson, F.N.H.
Vol. 46(5), 957, 1967A High-Capacity Digital Light Deflector Using Wollaston PrismsTabor, W.J.
Vol. 46(5), 991, 1967Transistor Distortion Analysis Using Volterra Series RepresentationNarayanan, S.
Vol. 46(5), 1025, 1967Coding for Numerical Data TransmissionBuchner, M.M. Jr.
Vol. 46(5), 1043, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(5), 1047, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: Realizability Conditions for the Impedance Function of the Lossless Tapered Transmission line - A CritiqueProtonotarios, E.N.
Vol. 46(6), 1055, 1967The Si-SiO2 Interface - Electrical Properties as Determined by the Metal-Insulator-Silicon Conductance TechniqueNicollian, E.H.; Goetzberger, A.
Vol. 46(6), 1135, 1967The Nonlinearity of the Reverse Current-Voltage Characteristics of a p-n Junction Near Avalanche BreakdownSze, S.M.; Ryder, R.M.
Vol. 46(6), 1141, 1967Subjective Evaluation of Transmission Delay in Telephone ConversationsKlemmer, E.T.
Vol. 46(6), 1149, 1967The Effect of Intersymbol Interference on Error Rate in Binary Differentially-Coherent Phase-Shifted-Keyed SystemsHubbard, W.M.
Vol. 46(6), 1173, 1967Experimental Verification of the Error-Rate Performance of Two Types of Regenerative Repeaters for Differentially Coherent Phase-Shift-Keyed SignalsHubbard, W.M.; Mandeville, G.D.
Vol. 46(6), 1203, 1967The Suppression of Monocularly Perceivable Symmetry During Binocular FusionJulesz, Bela
Vol. 46(6), 1223, 1967Large-Signal Calculations for the Overdriven Varactor Upper-Sideband Upconverter Operating at Maximum Power OutputGewartowski, J.W.; Minetti, R.H.
Vol. 46(6), 1243, 1967Two Theorems on the Accuracy of Numerical Solutions of Systems of Ordinary Differential EquationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 46(6), 1267, 1967Design Considerations for a Semipermanent Optical MemorySmits, F.M.; Gallaher, L.E.
Vol. 46(6), 1279, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(6), 1283, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: Estimation of the Variance of a Stationary Gaussian Random Process by Periodic SamplingDale, J.C.
Vol. 46(6), 1288, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Floating Gate and its Application to Memory DevicesKahng, D.; Sze, S.M.
Vol. 46(6), 1296, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: Semipermanent Memory Using Capacitor Charge Storage and IGFET Read-outKahng, D.
Vol. 46(7), 1301, 1967Statistical Analysis and Modeling of the High-Energy Proton Data from the Telstar I SatelliteGabbe, J.D.; Wilk, M.B.; Brown, W.L.
Vol. 46(7), 1451, 1967Gold Doped Silicon Compandor Diodes for N2 and N3 Carrier SystemsGardner, K.R.; Robillard, T.R.
Vol. 46(7), 1479, 1967Noise-Like Structure in the Image of Diffusely Reflecting Objects in Coherent IlluminationEnloe, L.H.
Vol. 46(7), 1491, 1967The Excitation of Planar Dielectric Waveguide at p-n Junctions, IMcKenna, J.
Vol. 46(7), 1527, 1967Demagnetizing Fields in Thin Magnetic FilmsDove, D.B.
Vol. 46(7), 1561, 1967Some Properties and Limitations of Electronically Steerable Phased Array AntennasVaron, D.; Zysman, G.I.
Vol. 46(7), 1587, 1967An Energy-Density Antenna for Independent Measurement of the Electric and Magnetic FieldLee, W.C.Y.
Vol. 46(7), 1601, 1967Error Probability for Binary Signaling Through a Multipath ChannelAiken, R.T.
Vol. 46(7), 1633, 1967Precoding for Multiple-Speed Data TransmissionChang, Robert W.
Vol. 46(7), 1651, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(7), 1655, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: Axis-Crossing Intervals of Sine Wave Plus NoiseRainal, A.J.
Vol. 46(8), 1659, 1967Convection and Conduction Cooling of Substrates Containing Multiple Heat SourcesHein, V.L.
Vol. 46(8), 1679, 1967Characteristics of Superconductor Strip Transmission Lines with Periodic LoadHsiao, J.K.
Vol. 46(8), 1699, 1967Scattering Relations in Lossless Varactor Frequency MultipliersDragone, C.; Prabhu, V.K.
Vol. 46(8), 1733, 1967Effect of Redirectors, Refocusers, and Mode Filters on Light Transmission Through Aberrated and Misaligned LensesMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 46(8), 1753, 1967Communications and Radar Receiver Gains for Minimum Average Cost of Excluding Randomly Fluctuating Signals in Random NoiseRappaport, Stephen S.
Vol. 46(8), 1775, 1967Floating-Point-Roundoff Accumulation in Digital-Filter RealizationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 46(8), 1793, 1967An Approach to a Unified Theory of AutomataHopcroft, J.E.; Ullman, J.D.
Vol. 46(8), 1831, 1967Extensions to the Analysis of Regenerative Repeaters with Quantized FeedbackSimon, M.K.
Vol. 46(8), 1853, 1967Factoring Polynomials Over Finite FieldsBerlekamp, E.R.
Vol. 46(8), 1861, 1967The Enumeration of Information Symbols in BCH CodesBerlekamp, E.R.
Vol. 46(8), 1881, 1967Equations Governing the Electrical Behavior of an Arbitrary Piezoelectric Resonator Having N ElectrodesLloyd, P.
Vol. 46(8), 1901, 1967Properties and Device Applications of Magnetic Domains in OrthoferritesBobeck, A.H.
Vol. 46(8), 1927, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(8), 1931, 1967B.S.T.J. Briefs: Interpolation of Data With Continuous Speech SignalsSchroeder, M.R.; Hanauer, S.L.
Vol. 46(9), 1935, 1967An Automatic Transmission Measuring System for Telephone TrunksIngle, J.F.; Kokinda, J.J.; McLaughlin, G.E.
Vol. 46(9), 1977, 1967A Solid-State Regenerative Repeater for Guided Millimeter-Wave Communication SystemsHubbard, W.M.; Goell, J.E.; Warters, W.D.; Standley, R.D.; Mandeville, G.D.; Lee, T.P.; Shaw, R.C.; Clouser, P.L.
Vol. 46(9), 2019, 1967A Quantitative Theory of 1/f Type Noise Due to Interface States in Thermally Oxidized SiliconNicollian, E.H.; Melchior, H.
Vol. 46(9), 2035, 1967Stability Considerations in Lossless Varactor Frequency MultipliersPrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 46(9), 2061, 1967Some Properties of a Classic Numerical Integration FormulaSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 46(9), 2081, 1967A Normal Limit Theorem for Power Sums of Independent Random VariablesMarlow, N.A.
Vol. 46(9), 2091, 1967Some Properties of Power Sums of Truncated Normal Random VariablesNasell, Ingemar
Vol. 46(9), 2111, 1967Random Packings and Coverings of the Unit n-SphereWyner, A.D.
Vol. 46(9), 2119, 1967Slope Overload Noise in Differential Pulse Code Modulation SystemsProtonotarios, E.N.
Vol. 46(9), 2163, 1967A Generalized Nyquist Criterion and an Optimum Linear Receiver for a Pulse Modulation SystemShnidman, D.A.
Vol. 46(9), 2179, 1967An Automatic Equalizer for General-Purpose Communication ChannelsLucky, R.W.; Rudin, H.R.
Vol. 46(9), 2209, 1967Minimum Cost Communication NetworksGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 46(9), 2229, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 46(10), 2235, 1967The Dynamics of High-Field Propagating Domains in Bulk SemiconductorsKurokawa, K.
Vol. 46(10), 2261, 1967A Millimeter Wave, Two-Pole, Circular-Electric Mode, Channel-Dropping Filter StructureStandley, R.D.
Vol. 46(10), 2277, 1967Sheet Resistivity Measurements on Rectangular Surfaces - General Solution for Four Point Probe Conversion FactorsLogan, M.A.
Vol. 46(10), 2323, 1967Scaling Laws for Large Shields in Quasi-Stationary Magnetic FieldsKronacher, G.
Vol. 46(10), 2341, 1967Optimal Routing in Connecting Networks Over Finite Time IntervalsBenes, V.E.
Vol. 46(10), 2353, 1967Restoration of Photographs Blurred by Image MotionSlepian, David
Vol. 46(10), 2363, 1967Cathode Activity Measurement: A Modification of the Dip TestMaurer, D.W.
Vol. 46(10), 2375, 1967The CPC: A Medium Current Density, High Reliability CathodeMaurer, D.W.; Pleass, C.M.
Vol. 46(10), 2405, 1967Contraction Maps and Equivalent LinearizationHoltzman, J.M.
Vol. 46(10), 2437, 1967Power Density Spectrum of the Sum of Two Correlated Intermodulation Noise Contributors in FM SystemsCross, T.G.
Vol. 46(10), 2453, 1967Phase Progression in Conical WaveguidesNagelberg, Elliott R.
Vol. 46(10), 2467, 1967Mode Conversion in Lens Guides with Imperfect LensesGloge, D.
Vol. 46(10), 2485, 1967Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(1), 1, 1968An Improved Design of Waveguide Band-Rejection FiltersWang, H.C.
Vol. 47(1), 17, 1968Speech Synthesis by Rule: An Acoustic Domain ApproachRabiner, Lawrence
Vol. 47(1), 39, 1968Unified Matrix Theory of Lumped and Distributed Directional CouplersMurray-Lasso, M.A.
Vol. 47(1), 73, 1968A Statistical Analysis of On-Off Patterns in Sixteen ConversationsBrady, Paul T.
Vol. 47(1), 93, 1968Dielectric Loaded and Covered Rectangular Waveguide Phased ArraysGalindo, V.; Wu, C.P.
Vol. 47(1), 117, 1968Surface-Wave Effects on Dielectric Sheathed Phased Arrays of Rectangular WaveguidesWu, C.P.; Galindo, V.
Vol. 47(1), 143, 1968Sequence-State Coding for Digital TransmissionFranaszek, P.A.
Vol. 47(1), 159, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(2), 161, 1968Optical Heterodyne Experiments with Enclosed Transmission PathsDeLange, O.E.; Dietrich, A.F.
Vol. 47(2), 179, 1968Measured Beam Deformations in a Guide Made of Tubular Gas LensesDaiser, P.
Vol. 47(2), 195, 1968Silicon Schottky Barrier Diode with Near-Ideal I-V CharacteristicsLepselter, M.P.; Sze, S.M.
Vol. 47(2), 209, 1968Design of a Simulator for Investigating Organic Synchronization SystemsBosworth, R.H.; Kammerer, F.W.; Rowlinson, D.E.; Scattaglia, J.V.
Vol. 47(2), 227, 1968Organic Synchronization: Design of the Controls and Some Simulation ResultsCandy, J.C.; Karnaugh, M.
Vol. 47(2), 261, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(2), 265, 1968B.S.T.J. Briefs: AC Focusing of an Electron Microscope Objective LensHeidenreich, R.D.
Vol. 47(2), 269, 1968B.S.T.J. Briefs: Air-Insulated Beam-Lead Crossovers for Integrated CircuitsLepselter, M.P.
Vol. 47(3), 273, 1968A Unified View of Synchronous Data Transmission System DesignSmith, James W.
Vol. 47(3), 301, 1968Click Comparison of Digital and Matched Filter ReceiversSchneider, H.L.
Vol. 47(3), 315, 1968Eliminating Broadband Distortion in Transistor AmplifiersThomas, Lee C.
Vol. 47(3), 343, 1968Identification and Synthesis of Linear Sequential MachinesMarino, P.J.
Vol. 47(3), 385, 1968Laser Machining of Thin Films and Integrated CircuitsCohen, M.I.; Unger, B.A.; Milkosky, J.F.
Vol. 47(3), 407, 1968Performance Degradation by Postdetector NonlinearitiesRobertson, George H.
Vol. 47(3), 415, 1968Phase Principle for Measuring Location or Spectral Shape of a Discrete Radio SourceRainal, A.J.
Vol. 47(3), 429, 1968Some Considerations of Broadband Noise Performance of Optical Heterodyne ReceiversPrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 47(3), 459, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(3), 461, 1968B.S.T.J. Briefs: Approximate and Exact Results Concerning Zeros of Gaussian NoiseRainal, A.J.
Vol. 47(3), 464, 1968Erratum: BSTJ v47n2, page 205
Vol. 47(4), 465, 1968Some Theorems and Procedures for Loop-Free Rooting in Directed Communications NetworksMagnani, R.
Vol. 47(4), 487, 1968Diode and Transistor Self-Analogues for Circuit AnalysisMurphy, Bernard T.
Vol. 47(4), 503, 1968Nonlinear Distortion in Feedback SystemsHoltzman, J.M.
Vol. 47(4), 511, 1968Numerical Integration of Systems of Stiff Nonlinear Differential EquationsSandberg, I.W.; Shichman, H.
Vol. 47(4), 529, 1968An Upper Bound on the Zero-Crossing DistributionStrakhov, Nicholas A.; Hurz, Ludwik
Vol. 47(4), 549, 1968Adaptive Redundancy Removal in Data TransmissionLucky, R.W.
Vol. 47(4), 575, 1968Group Codes for Gaussian ChannelSlepian, David
Vol. 47(4), 603, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(5), 605, 1968The Design of Active Distributed FiltersParkin, Robert E.
Vol. 47(5), 623, 1968Design of Monopulse Antenna Difference Patterns with Low SidelobesBayliss, E.T.
Vol. 47(5), 651, 1968Error-Controlled High Power Linear Amplifiers at VHFSeidel, H.; Beurrier, H.R.; Friedman, A.N.
Vol. 47(5), 723, 1968Effects of Precipitation on Propagation at 0.63, 3.5, and 10.6 MicronsChu, T.S.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 47(5), 761, 1968The Stream Guide, a Simple, Low-Loss Optical Guiding MediumKaiser, P.
Vol. 47(5), 767, 1968Pulse Shuttling in a Half-Mile Optical Lens GuideGloge, D.; Steier, W.H.
Vol. 47(5), 783, 1968Linear Beam Position Control in Optical WaveguidesDaly, James C.
Vol. 47(5), 801, 1968Communication of Analog Data from a Gaussian Source Over a Noisy ChannelWyner, A.D.
Vol. 47(5), 813, 1968On Permutation Switching NetworksJoel, A. E. Jr.
Vol. 47(5), 823, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(6), 827, 1968The Transmission Distortion of a Source as a Function of the Encoding Block LengthPilc, R.J.
Vol. 47(6), 887, 1968Some Considerations of Stability in Lossy Varactor Harmonic GeneratorsDragone, C.; Prabhu, V.K.
Vol. 47(6), 897, 1968Computer-Aided Analysis of Cassegrain AntennasZucker, H.; Ierley, W.H.
Vol. 47(6), 933, 1968Precise 50 to 60 GHz Measurements on a Two-Mile Loop of Helix WaveguideWarters, W.D.; Young, D.T.
Vol. 47(6), 957, 1968A Statistical Theory of Mobile-Radio ReceptionClarke, R.H.
Vol. 47(6), 1001, 1968Some Transmission Characteristics of Bell System Toll ConnectionsNasell, I.
Vol. 47(6), 1019, 1968Negative Impedance BoostingMeacham, L.A.
Vol. 47(6), 1043, 1968Computation of FM Distortion in Linear Networks for Bandlimited Periodic SignalsRuthroff, Clyde L.
Vol. 47(6), 1065, 1968Linear-Real Codes and CodersPierce, William H.
Vol. 47(6), 1099, 1968Matrix Multiplication and Fast Fourier TransformsGentleman, W.Morven
Vol. 47(6), 1105, 1968On a Class of Configuration and Coincidence ProblemsMelzak, Z.A.
Vol. 47(6), 1131, 1968Data Transmission with FSK Permutation ModulationSchneider, H.L.
Vol. 47(6), 1139, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(7), 1143, 1968TD-3 Microwave Radio Relay SystemHathaway, S.D.; Hensel, W.G.; Jordan, D.R.; Prime, R.C.
Vol. 47(7), 1189, 1968TD-3 System: Microwave Transmitter and ReceiverJensen, R.M.; Rowe, R.E.; Sherman, R.E.
Vol. 47(7), 1227, 1968TD-3 System: Active IF Units for the Transmitter and ReceiverFenderson, G.L.; Jansen, J.J.; Lee, S.H.
Vol. 47(7), 1257, 1968TD-3 System: Schottky Barrier Receiver ModulatorAbele, T.A.; Alberts, A.J.; Ren, C.L.; Tuchen, G.A.
Vol. 47(7), 1289, 1968TD-3 System: Transmitter Modulator and Receiver Shift ModulatorHamori, Andras; Penney, Paul L.
Vol. 47(7), 1301, 1968TD-3 System: Microwave GeneratorAbele, T.A.; Leonard, D.J.
Vol. 47(7), 1323, 1968TD-3 System: Active Solid-State DevicesElder, H.E.
Vol. 47(7), 1379, 1968TD-3 System: The Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifier for the Microwave TransmitterBradford, C.E.
Vol. 47(7), 1397, 1968TD-3 System: NetworksDrazy, E.J.; MacLean, R.C.; Sheehey, R.E.
Vol. 47(7), 1423, 1968TD-3 System: 3A FM Terminal Transmitter and ReceiverBarry, J.F.; Gammie, J.; Lentz, N.E.; Salvage, R.C.
Vol. 47(7), 1459, 1968TD-3 System: Test EquipmentCooney, R.T.; Klisch, F.M.; Susen, C.P.
Vol. 47(7), 1487, 1968TD-3 System: Power SystemJewett, W.E.; Mottle, S.
Vol. 47(7), 1511, 1968TD-3 System: Microwave Radio Equipment and Building ConsiderationsSkrabal, R.J.; Word, J.A.
Vol. 47(7), 1531, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(8), 1539, 1968Step Stress Aging of Plated Wire MemoriesDanylchuk, I.; Gianola, U.F.; Sibilia, J.T.
Vol. 47(8), 1561, 1968The Transmission Performance of Bell System Intertoll TrunksNasell, I.; Ellison, C.R. Jr.; Holmstrom, R.
Vol. 47(8), 1615, 1968Effects Associated with the Thermal Response of the T1 Telephone TransmitterFritsch, C.A.
Vol. 47(8), 1637, 1968Gain of Antennas with Random Surface DeviationsZucker, H.
Vol. 47(8), 1653, 1968Injection-Locked-Oscillator FM Receiver AnalysisRuthroff, C.L.
Vol. 47(8), 1663, 1968Hybrid Digital Transmission Systems Part I: Joint Optimization of Analog and Digital RepeatersChang, Robert W.; Freeny, S.L.
Vol. 47(8), 1687, 1968Hybrid Digital Transmission Systems Part II: Information Rate of Hybrid Coaxial Cable SystemsFreeny, S.L.; Chang, Robert W.
Vol. 47(8), 1713, 1968The Binary Regenerative ChannelMcCullough, Richard H.
Vol. 47(8), 1737, 1968Quantizing Noise and Data TransmissionMazo, James E.
Vol. 47(8), 1755, 1968On the Solutions of Equations for Nonlinear Resistive NetworksWillson, A.N. Jr.
Vol. 47(8), 1775, 1968Convergence Criteria for Transversal EqualizersLytle, D.W.
Vol. 47(8), 1801, 1968On Solutions for Two Waves with Periodic CouplingMiller, S.E.
Vol. 47(8), 1823, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(9), 1827, 1968Influence of Bulk and Surface Properties on Image Sensing Silicon Diode ArraysBuck, T.M.; Casey, H.C. Jr.; Dalton, J.V.; Yamin, M.
Vol. 47(9), 1855, 1968A Charge Storage Target for Electron Image SensingGordon, Eugene I.; Crowell, Mweron H.
Vol. 47(9), 1875, 1968Hologram Heterodyne ScannersEnloe, L.H.; Jakes, W.C. Jr.; Rubinstein, C.B.
Vol. 47(9), 1883, 1968Analysis of Thermal and Shot Noise in Pumped Resistive DiodesDragone, Corrado
Vol. 47(9), 1903, 1968The Analysis of Circular Waveguide Phased ArraysAmitay, N.; Galindo, Victor
Vol. 47(9), 1933, 1968The Effects of Strain on Electromagnetic Modes of Anisotropic Dielectric Waveguides at p-n JunctionsMcKenna, James; Morrison, J.A.
Vol. 47(9), 1957, 1968A State Variable Method of Circuit Analysis Based on a Nodal ApproachParkin, R.E.
Vol. 47(9), 1971, 1968Uniform Asymptotic Expansions for Saddle Point Integrals - Application to a Probability Distribution Occurring in Noise TheoryRice, Stephen O.
Vol. 47(9), 2015, 1968Gain Control for Diversity ReceiversRappaport, Stephen S.
Vol. 47(9), 2029, 1968Multimoding and its Suppression in Twisted Ring CountersBleickardt, W.
Vol. 47(9), 2051, 1968Synthesis of Rational Transfer Function Approximations Using a Tapped Distributed RC Line with FeedbackSpaulding, David A.
Vol. 47(9), 2071, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 47(10), 2075, 1968Mental Holography: Stereograms Portraying Ambiguously Perceivable SurfacesJulesz, Bela; Johnson, Stephen C.
Vol. 47(10), 2095, 1968The Capacity of Multiple Beam Waveguides and Optical Delay LinesGloge, D.; Weiner, D.
Vol. 47(10), 2111, 1968A Model of a Domestic Satellite Communication SystemTillotson, Leroy C.
Vol. 47(10), 2139, 1968Path Length Variation in a Synchronous Satellite Communications LinkLubowe, Anthony G.
Vol. 47(10), 2145, 1968Parametric Representation of Ground Antennas for Communication Systems StudiesPope, D.L.
Vol. 47(10), 2169, 1968Radiating Properties of Dielectric Covered AperturesNagelburg, Elliott R.
Vol. 47(10), 2183, 1968A New Reference Frequency Standard for the L Multiplex SystemKester, W.A.
Vol. 47(10), 2207, 1968Analysis and Synthesis of a Digital Phase-Locked Loop for FM DemodulationPasternack, G.; Whalin, R.L.
Vol. 47(10), 2239, 1968First and Second Passage Times of Sine Wave Plus NoiseRainal, A.J.
Vol. 47(10), 2259, 1968The Spectrum of a Simple Nonlinear SystemLiu, S.C.
Vol. 47(10), 2273, 1968Statistical Analysis and Stochastic Simulation of Ground-Motion DataLiu, S.C.
Vol. 47(10), 2299, 1968Reliable Information Storage in Memories Designed from Unreliable ComponentsTaylor, Michael G.
Vol. 47(10), 2339, 1968Reliable Computation in Computing Systems Designed from Unreliable ComponentsTaylor, Michael G.
Vol. 47(10), 2367, 1968A Self-Healing ControlBriley, Bruce E.
Vol. 47(10), 2379, 1968Efficient Spacing of Synchronous Communication SatellitesRowe, Harrison E.; Penzias, Arno A.
Vol. 47(10), 2435, 1968Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(1), 1, 1969Some Theorems on Properties of DC Equations of Nonlinear NetworksSandberg, I.W.; Willson, A.N. Jr.
Vol. 48(1), 35, 1969Some Theorems on the Dynamic Response of Nonlinear Transistor NetworksSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 48(1), 55, 1969Adaptive Equalization of Highly Dispersive Channels for Data TransmissionGersho, Allen
Vol. 48(1), 71, 1969On The Probability of Error Using a Repeat-Request Strategy on the Additive White Gaussian Noise ChannelWyner, A.D.
Vol. 48(1), 87, 1969Second and Third Order Modulation Terms in the Distortion Produced when Modulated FM Waves are FilteredRice, S.O.
Vol. 48(1), 143, 1969Frequency Modulation of a Millimeter-Wave IMPATT Diode Oscillator and Related Harmonic Generation EffectsLee, T.P.; Standley, R.D.
Vol. 48(1), 163, 1969Minimal Synthesis of Two-Variable Reactance MatricesRao, T.N.
Vol. 48(1), 201, 1969Computation of the Noncentral Chi-Square DistributionRobertson, G.H.
Vol. 48(1), 209, 1969Uniform Approximation of Linear SystemsHeffes, Harry; Sarachik, Philip E.
Vol. 48(1), 233, 1969A Second Order Statistical Analysis of the Operation of a Limiter-Phase Detector-Filter CascadeWynn, W.D.
Vol. 48(1), 249, 1969Multiplex Touch-Tone Detection Using Time Speed-UpO'Neill, J.F.
Vol. 48(1), 255, 1969Data Transmission Error Probabilities in the Presence of Low-Frequency Removal and NoiseSaltzberg, B.R.; Simon, M.K.
Vol. 48(1), 275, 1969Computer-Aided Circuit Design by Singular ImbeddingKozemchak, E.B.; Murray-Lasso, M.A.
Vol. 48(1), 317, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(2), 321, 1969The Application of Delta Modulation to Analog-to-PCM EncodingGoodman, David J.
Vol. 48(2), 345, 1969Diode Array Camera Tubes and X-Ray ImagingChester, Arthur N.; Loomis, Thomas C.; Weiss, M.M.
Vol. 48(2), 383, 1969Approximate Large-Signal Analysis of IMPATT OscillatorsBlue, J.L.
Vol. 48(2), 397, 1969Digital PM Spectra by Transform TechniquesLundquist, Leif
Vol. 48(2), 413, 1969PSK Error Performance with Gaussian Noise and InterferenceRosenbaum, Arnold S.
Vol. 48(2), 443, 1969New Time Division Switch Units for No. 101 ESSBrowne, T.E.; Wadsworth, D.J.; York, R.K.
Vol. 48(2), 477, 1969No. 101 ESS 4A Switch UnitPriebe, H.F. Jr.; Seley, E.L.
Vol. 48(2), 497, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(3), 501, 1969Frequency Sampling Filters - Hilbert Transformers and ResonatorsBogner, R.E.
Vol. 48(3), 511, 1969Scattering from Dielectric MirrorsGloge, D.; Chinnock, E.L.; Earl, H.E.
Vol. 48(3), 527, 1969Apparent Increase in Noise Level When Television Pictures are Frame-RepeatedMounts, F.W.; Pearson, D.E.
Vol. 48(3), 541, 1969The Generation and Accumulation of Timing Noise in PCM Systems - An Experimental and Theoretical StudyManley, J.M.
Vol. 48(3), 615, 1969Synchronizing Digital NetworksPierce, J.R.
Vol. 48(3), 637, 1969Extension of Bode's Constant Resistance Lattice Synthesis of Transfer Impedance FunctionLee, S.Y.
Vol. 48(3), 659, 1969Recirculating Ultrasonic Stores: An Economical Approach To Sequential Storage with Bit Rates Beyond 100 MHzSittig, E.K.; Smits, F.M.
Vol. 48(3), 675, 1969Queues Served in Cyclic OrderCooper, R.B.; Murray, G.
Vol. 48(3), 691, 1969A Hybrid Coding Scheme for Discrete Memoryless ChannelsFalconer, D.D.
Vol. 48(3), 729, 1969Convolutional Reed-Solomon CodesEbert, P.M.; Tong, S.Y.
Vol. 48(3), 743, 1969Error Rate Considerations for Coherent Phase-Shift Keyed Systems with Co-Channel InterferencePrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 48(3), 769, 1969Spectral Density Bounds of a PM WavePrabhu, V.K.; Rowe, H.E.
Vol. 48(3), 813, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(3), 817, 1969B.S.T.J. Briefs: Correction Concerning Reflecting Objects in Coherent IlluminationEnloe, L.H.
Vol. 48(4), 819, 1969Foreword: The L-4 Coaxial System
Vol. 48(4), 821, 1969L-4 System: The L-4 Coaxial SystemBlecher, F.H.; Boyd, R.C.; Hallenbeck, F.J.; Herr, F.J.
Vol. 48(4), 841, 1969L-4 System: Basic and Regulating RepeatersGarrison, J.L.; Labbe, L.P.; Rock, C.C.
Vol. 48(4), 889, 1969L-4 System: Equalizing and Main Station RepeatersKelcourse, F.C.; Sheerer, W.G.; Wirtz, R.J.
Vol. 48(4), 953, 1969L-4 System: The Equalizer Remote-Control SystemAnderson, R.E.; Crue, C.R.
Vol. 48(4), 983, 1969L-4 System: Solid State DevicesChaplin, Norman J.; Dodson, Graydon A.; Jacobs, Richard M.
Vol. 48(4), 993, 1969L-4 System: Terminal ArrangementsAlbert, W.G.; Evans, J.B. Jr.; Haley, T.J.; Merrick, T.B.; Simmonds, T.H. Jr.
Vol. 48(4), 1041, 1969L-4 System: Power SuppliesBishop, J.D.; Mottel, S.
Vol. 48(4), 1065, 1969L-4 System: Coaxial Cable and ApparatusDuvall, G.H.; Rackson, L.M.
Vol. 48(4), 1095, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(5), 1101, 1969On the Identification of Linear Time-Invariant Systems from Input-Output DataGopinath, B.
Vol. 48(5), 1115, 1969Uniform Synthesis of Sequential CircuitsUllman, J.D.; Weiner, Peter
Vol. 48(5), 1129, 1969Propagation from a Point Source in a Randomly Refracting MediumAiken, R.T.
Vol. 48(5), 1167, 1969Response of Delta Modulation to Gaussian SignalsAaron, M.R.; Fleischman, J.S.; McDonald, R.A.; Protonotarios, E.N.
Vol. 48(5), 1197, 1969Delta Modulation Granular Quantizing NoiseGoodman, David J.
Vol. 48(5), 1219, 1969A System Approach to Quantization and Transmission ErrorBuchner, M.M. Jr.
Vol. 48(5), 1249, 1969The Chirp z-Transform Algorithm and Its ApplicationRabiner, Lawrence R.; Schafer, Ronald W.; Rader, Charles M.
Vol. 48(5), 1293, 1969Some Network-Theoretic Properties of Nonlinear DC Transistor NetworksSandberg, I.W.; Willson, A.N. Jr.
Vol. 48(5), 1313, 1969Measuring Frequency Characteristics of Linear Two-Port Networks AutomaticallyEvans, James G.
Vol. 48(5), 1339, 1969A 50 Hz-250 MHz Computer-Operated Transmission Measuring SetGeldart, W.J.; Haynie, G.D.; Schleich, R.G.
Vol. 48(5), 1383, 1969Sun Tracker Measurements of Attenuation by Rain at 16 and 30 GHzWilson, Robert W.
Vol. 48(5), 1405, 1969High-Power Single-Frequency Lasers Using Thin Metal Film Mode-Selection FiltersSmith, Peter W.; Schneider, M.V.; Danielmeyer, Hans G.
Vol. 48(5), 1421, 1969Microstrip Lines for Microwave Integrated CircuitsSchneider, M.V.
Vol. 48(5), 1445, 1969Experimental Simulation of a Multiple Beam Optical WaveguideGloge, D.; Steier, W.H.
Vol. 48(5), 1459, 1969A Companded One-Bit Coder for Television TransmissionBosworth, R.H.; Candy, J.C.
Vol. 48(5), 1481, 1969The Silicon Diode Array Camera TubeCrowell, Merton H.; Labuda, Edward F.
Vol. 48(5), 1529, 1969Television Transmission of Holograms with Reduced Resolution Requirements on the Camera TubeBurckhardt, C.B.; Enloe, L.H.
Vol. 48(5), 1537, 1969A Sliding-Scale Direct-Feedback PCM Coder for TelevisionBrown, Earl F.
Vol. 48(5), 1555, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(6), 1563, 1969Use of Frequencies Above 10 GHz for Common Carrier ApplicationsTillotson, LeRoy C.
Vol. 48(6), 1577, 1969Short Hop Radio System ExperimentRuthroff, C.L.; Osborne, T.L.; Bodtmann, W.F.
Vol. 48(6), 1605, 1969A Packaged Antenna for Short-Hop Microwave Radio SystemsCrawford, A.B.; Turrin, R.H.
Vol. 48(6), 1623, 1969Design of Efficient Broadband Varactor UpconvertersOsborne, T.L.
Vol. 48(6), 1651, 1969Low Noise Receiving DownconverterOnborne, T.L.; Kibler, L.U.; Snell, W.W.
Vol. 48(6), 1665, 1969Broadband 300 MHz IF Amplifier DesignBodtmann, W.F.; Guilfoyle, F.E.
Vol. 48(6), 1687, 1969Design of Efficient Broadband VariolossersBodtmann, W.F.
Vol. 48(6), 1703, 1969Microwave and Millimeter Wave Hybrid Integrated Circuits for Radio SystemsSchneider, M.V.; Glance, Bernard; Bodtmann, W.F.
Vol. 48(6), 1727, 1969Interference in a Dense Radio NetworkRuthroff, Clyde L.; Tillotson, LeRoy C.
Vol. 48(6), 1745, 1969A Dense Network for Rapid Measurement of Rainfall RateSemplak, R.A.; Keller, H.E.
Vol. 48(6), 1757, 1969Statistical Treatment of Rain Gauge Calibration DataFreeny, Mrs. A.E.
Vol. 48(6), 1767, 1969Some Measurements of Attenuation by Rainfall at 18.5 GHzSemplak, R.A.; Turrin, R.H.
Vol. 48(6), 1789, 1969A Statistical Description of Intense RainfallFreeny, Mrs. A.E.; Gabbe, J.D.
Vol. 48(6), 1853, 1969Overload Stability Problem in Submarine Cable SystemsAnderson, Cleo D.
Vol. 48(6), 1865, 1969A Continuously Adaptive Equalizer for General-Purpose Communication ChannelsRudin, H.R. Jr.
Vol. 48(6), 1885, 1969An Imaging System Exhibiting Wavelength-Dependent ResolutionChai, S.Y.
Vol. 48(6), 1909, 1969Step Correction of Misaligned Beam WaveguidesDaly, J.C.
Vol. 48(6), 1919, 1969Eigenmodes of an Asymmetric Cylindrical Confocal Laser Resonator with a Single Output-Coupling ApertureMcCumber, D.E.
Vol. 48(6), 1937, 1969Some Basic Characteristics of Broadband Negative Resistance Oscillator CircuitsKurokawa, K.
Vol. 48(6), 1957, 1969A Method for Digitally Simulating Shorted Input Diode FailuresChang, Herbert Y.
Vol. 48(6), 1967, 1969Amplitude and Phase Modulation In Resistive Diode MixersDragone, C.
Vol. 48(6), 1999, 1969On Conditions Under Which It Is Possible to Synchronize Digital Transmission SystemsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 48(6), 2023, 1969Bounds on the Bias of Signal Parameter EstimatorsZiv, Jacob
Vol. 48(6), 2031, 1969Solution of Fokker-Planck Equation with Applications in Nonlinear Random VibrationLiu, S.C.
Vol. 48(6), 2053, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(7), 2059, 1969Integrated Optics: An IntroductionMiller, Stewart E.
Vol. 48(7), 2071, 1969Dielectric Rectangular Waveguide and Directional Coupler for Integrated OpticsMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 48(7), 2103, 1969Bends in Optical Dielectric GuidesMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 48(7), 2133, 1969A Circular-Harmonic Computer Analysis Of Rectangular Dielectric WaveguidesGoell, J.E.
Vol. 48(7), 2161, 1969Improved Relations Describing Directional Control In Electromagnetic Wave GuidanceMarcatili, E.A.J.; Miller, S.E.
Vol. 48(7), 2189, 1969Some Theory and Applications of Periodically Coupled WavesMiller, Stewart E.
Vol. 48(7), 2221, 1969The Cutoff Region of a Rectangular Waveguide with Losses, Its Properties and UsesKibler, L.U.
Vol. 48(7), 2259, 1969Intermodal Coupling at the Junction Between Straight and Curved WaveguidesBates, C.P.
Vol. 48(7), 2281, 1969A Quadratic Conduction Gas LensFritsch, C.A.; Prager, D.J.
Vol. 48(7), 2305, 1969Resonances in Waveguide Antennas with Dielectric PlugsWu, C.P.
Vol. 48(7), 2325, 1969Resonances Loss in Integrated Microwave CircuitsSchneider, M.V.
Vol. 48(7), 2333, 1969Interchannel Interference Considerations in Angle-Modulated SystemsPrabhu, V.K.; Enloe, L.H.
Vol. 48(7), 2359, 1969Calculated Quantizing Noise of Single-Integration Delta-Modulation CodersIwersen, J.E.
Vol. 48(7), 2391, 1969Computer Study of Quantizer Output SpectraRobertson, G.H.
Vol. 48(7), 2405, 1969Adding Two Information Symbols to Certain Nonbinary BCH Codes and Some ApplicationsWolf, Jack Keil
Vol. 48(7), 2425, 1969Synthesis of Pulse-Shaping Networks in the Time DomainSpaulding, David A.
Vol. 48(7), 2445, 1969A Model for Generating On-Off Speech Patterns in Two-Way ConversationBrady, Paul T.
Vol. 48(7), 2473, 1969Mobile Radio Diversity ReceptionGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 48(7), 2493, 1969An Analysis of Time Usage in Bell System Business OfficesWilliams, W.H.; Chen, H.
Vol. 48(7), 2507, 1969A Heterodyne Scanning System for Hologram TransmissionLarsen, Arthur B.
Vol. 48(7), 2529, 1969Jump Criteria of Nonlinear Control Systems and the Validity of Statistical Linearization ApproximationKyong, Sang H.
Vol. 48(7), 2545, 1969A Video Encoding System With Conditional Picture-Element ReplenishmentMounts, F.W.
Vol. 48(7), 2555, 1969Design of Dither Waveforms for Quantized Visual SignalsLimb, J.O.
Vol. 48(7), 2583, 1969Digital Differential Quantizer for TelevisionLimb, J.O.; Mounts, F.W.
Vol. 48(7), 2601, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(8), 2607, 1969No. 2 ESS System Organization and ObjectivesSpencer, A.E.; Vigilante, F.S.
Vol. 48(8), 2619, 1969Control Unit SystemBrowne, Thomas E.; Quinn, Thomas M.; Toy, Wing N.; Yates, John E.
Vol. 48(8), 2669, 1969Peripheral SystemDigrindakis, John; Freimanis, Laimons; Hofmann, H. Robert; Taylor, Robert G.
Vol. 48(8), 2713, 1969Service Features and Call Processing PlanAndrews, Robert J.; Driscoll, John J.; Herndon, John A.; Richards, Philip C.; Roberts, L. Ralph
Vol. 48(8), 2765, 1969Administration and Maintenance PlanBeuscher, Hugh J.; Fessler, George E.; Huffman, D. Wayne; Kennedy, Peter J.; Nussbaum, Eric
Vol. 48(8), 2817, 1969Apparatus and EquipmentLonnquist, Chester W.; Manganello, Joseph C.; Skinner, Robert S.; Skubiak, Michael T.; Wadsworth, Donald J.
Vol. 48(8), 2865, 1969Service ProgramsBarton, Marshall E.; Haller, Neil M.; Ricker, Guy W.
Vol. 48(8), 2897, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(9), 2909, 1969Coupled Wave Theory for Thick Hologram GratingsKogelnik, Herwig
Vol. 48(9), 2949, 1969Statistics an Attenuation of Microwaves by Intense RainHogg, D.C.
Vol. 48(9), 2963, 1969Work-Scheduling Algorithms: A Nonprobabilistic Queuing Study (with Possible Application to No. 1 ESS)Kruskal, Joseph B.
Vol. 48(9), 2975, 1969Some Properties of a Nonlinear Model of a System for Synchronizing Digital Transmission NetworksSandberg, Irwin W.
Vol. 48(9), 2999, 1969Overflow Oscillations in Digital FiltersEbert, P.M.; Maxo, James E.; Taylor, Michael G.
Vol. 48(9), 3021, 1969Rate Optimization for Digital Frequency ModulationMazo, J.E.; Rowe, Harrison E.; Salz, J.
Vol. 48(9), 3031, 1969Power Spectrum of Hard-Limited Gaussian ProcessesHall, Harry M.
Vol. 48(9), 3059, 1969Rate-Distortion Function for Gaussian Markov ProcessesBunin, Barry J.
Vol. 48(9), 3075, 1969The Optimum Linear Modulator for a Gaussian Source Used with a Gaussian ChannelPilc, Randolph J.
Vol. 48(9), 3091, 1969Communication Systems Which Minimize Coding NoiseMcMillan, Brockway
Vol. 48(9), 3113, 1969The Equivalence of Certain Harper CodesBuchner, Morgan M. Jr.
Vol. 48(9), 3131, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(9), 3135, 1969B.S.T.J. Briefs: Solving Nonlinear Network Equations Using Optimization TechniquesGersho, Allen
Vol. 48(10), 3139, 1969On Communication of Analog Data From a Bounded Source SpaceWyner, Aaron D.; Ziv, Jacob
Vol. 48(10), 3173, 1969On Digital Communication Over a Discrete-Time Gaussian Channel with Noisy FeedbackWyner, Aaron D.
Vol. 48(10), 3187, 1969Mode Conversation Caused by Surface Imperfections of a Dielectric Slab WaveguideMarcuse, Dietrich
Vol. 48(10), 3217, 1969Mode Conversation Caused by Diameter Changes of a Round Dielectric WaveguideMarcuse, Dietrich; Derosier, Richard M.
Vol. 48(10), 3233, 1969Radiation Losses of Dielectric Waveguides in Terms of the Power Spectrum of the Wall Distortion FunctionMarcuse, Dietrich
Vol. 48(10), 3243, 1969Amplitude Distributions of Television Channel Noise and a Model for Impulse NoiseFennick, J.H.
Vol. 48(10), 3265, 1969The Determinability of Classes of Noisy ChannelsForys, Leonard J.
Vol. 48(10), 3287, 1969The Theory of Cylindrical Magnetic DomainsThiele, A.A.
Vol. 48(10), 3337, 1969Physical and Transmission Characteristics of Customer Loop PlantGresh, Philip A.
Vol. 48(10), 3387, 1969Radio-Relay Antenna Pointing for Controlled Interference with Geostationary SatellitesLundgren, C.W.; May, A.S.
Vol. 48(10), 3423, 1969An Extended Correlation Function of Two Random Variables Applied to Mobile Radio TransmissionLee, W.C.Y.
Vol. 48(10), 3441, 1969Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 48(10), 3445, 1969B.S.T.J. Briefs: Sputtered Glass Waveguide for Integrated Optical CircuitsGoell, J.E.; Standley, R.D.
Vol. 49(1), 1, 1970Analytical Approximations to Approximations in the Chebyshev SenseDarlington, Sidney
Vol. 49(1), 33, 1970Multilevel Modulation Techniques for Millimeter Guided WavesHubbard, W.M.; Manderville, G.D.; Goell, J.E.
Vol. 49(1), 55, 1970Crosstalk in Multiple-Beam WaveguidesGloge, Detlef
Vol. 49(1), 73, 1970Asymptotic Analysis of a Nonlinear Autonomous Vibratory SystemMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 49(1), 81, 1970The Capacity of Linear Channels with Additive Gaussian NoiseMueller, R.K.; Foschini, G.J.
Vol. 49(1), 95, 1970Theorems on the Analysis of Nonlinear Transistor NetworksSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 49(1), 115, 1970A Charge Control Relation for Bipolar TransistorsGummel, H.K.
Vol. 49(1), 121, 1970Rain Attenuation and Radio Path DesignRuthroff, C.L.
Vol. 49(1), 137, 1970An Improved Thermal Gas Lens for Optical Beam WaveguidesKaiser, P.
Vol. 49(1), 155, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(2), 159, 1970On the Interaction of Roundoff Noise and Dynamic Range in Digital FiltersJackson, Leland B.
Vol. 49(2), 185, 1970An Optimization Method for Cascaded FiltersHalfin, Shlomo
Vol. 49(2), 191, 1970Measured Quantizing Noise Spectrum for Single-Integration Delta-Modulation CodersLaane, R.R.
Vol. 49(2), 197, 1970Use of the Discrete Fourier Transform in the Measurement of Frequencies and Levels of TonesRife, D.C.; Vincent, G.A.
Vol. 49(2), 229, 1970Reed-Contact Switch Series for the I.F. BandPurvis, M.B.; Kordos, R.W.
Vol. 49(2), 255, 1970A Lumped-Circuit Study of Basic Oscillator BehaviorKenyon, N.D.
Vol. 49(2), 273, 1970Radiation Losses of Tapered Dielectric Slab WaveguidesMarcuse, Dietrich
Vol. 49(2), 291, 1970An Efficient Heuristic Procedure for Partitioning GraphsKernighan, B.W.; Lin, S.
Vol. 49(2), 309, 1970Laser Speckle Pattern - A Narrowband Noise ModelBurckhardt, Christoph B.
Vol. 49(2), 317, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(2), 320, 1970Erratum: BSTJ v48n10, page 3440
Vol. 49(3), 321, 1970Adaptive Delta Modulation with a One-Bit MemoryJayant, N.S.
Vol. 49(3), 343, 1970On an Anomaly in the Mobility of Gaseous IonsWannier, Gregory H.
Vol. 49(3), 355, 1970The Enumeration of Neighbors on Cubic and Hexagonal-Based LatticesWiley, J.D.; Seman, J.A.
Vol. 49(3), 379, 1970An Asymmetric Encoding Scheme for Word StuffingBuchner, M.M. Jr.
Vol. 49(3), 399, 1970Queues Served in Cyclic Order: Waiting TimesCooper, R.B.
Vol. 49(3), 415, 1970On the Capacity of an Ensemble of Channels with Differing ParametersWalvick, E.A.
Vol. 49(3), 431, 1970A Stationary Phase Method for the Computation of the Far Field of Open Cassegrain AntennasIerley, W.H.; Zucker, H.
Vol. 49(3), 455, 1970A Decomposition of a Transfer Function Minimizing Distortion and Inband LossesLueder, Ernst
Vol. 49(3), 471, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(3), 473, 1970BSTJ Briefs: Electrochemically Controlled Thinning of SiliconWaggener, H.A.
Vol. 49(4), 477, 1970Performance of Burst-Trapping CodesTong, S.Y.
Vol. 49(4), 493, 1970Analysis of a Burst-Trapping Error Correction ProcedurePehlert, W.K. Jr.
Vol. 49(4), 521, 1970Synthesis of Stochastic Representations of Ground MotionsLiu, S.C.
Vol. 49(4), 543, 1970Limiting Behaviors of Randomly Excited Hyperbolic Tangent SystemsLiu, S.C.; Cohoon, D.K.
Vol. 49(4), 561, 1970Masking of Crosstalk by Speech and NoiseSen, Tapas K.
Vol. 49(4), 585, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(4), 587, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: Charge Coupled Semiconductor DevicesBoyle, W.S.; Smith, G.E.
Vol. 49(4), 593, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: Experimental Verification of the Charge Coupled Device ConceptAmelio, G.F.; Tompsett, M.F.; Smith, G.E.
Vol. 49(5), 601, 1970SF Submarine Cable System - ForewordBrewer, S.T.
Vol. 49(5), 605, 1970SF System: An Overview: Requirements and PerformanceAnderson, Cleo D.; Easton, Robert L.
Vol. 49(5), 631, 1970SF System: Repeater and Equalizer DesignBuus, R.G.; Kassig, J.J.; Yeisley, P.A.
Vol. 49(5), 663, 1970SF System: Manufacture of Submarine Cable Repeaters and Ocean Block EqualizersChapman, Alan T.
Vol. 49(5), 683, 1970SF System: Transistors, Diodes and ComponentsWahl, A.J.; McMahon, W.; Lesh, N.G.; Thompson, W.J.
Vol. 49(5), 699, 1970SF System: Ocean Cable and CouplingsLebert, A.W.; Schaible, G.J.
Vol. 49(5), 721, 1970SF System: Shore Terminal Facilities and Fault LocationLynch, R.L.; Thomas, J.L.; Von Roesgen, C.A.
Vol. 49(5), 749, 1970SF System: Power ConversionCalkin, E.T.; Golioto, I.
Vol. 49(5), 767, 1970SF System: Submarine Cable Route EngineeringAllen, R.C.; Ort, D.H.; Schindel, L.M.
Vol. 49(5), 783, 1970SF System: Transmission Tests, Computations and Equalization During InstallationHirt, W.B.; Oldfather, D.O.
Vol. 49(5), 799, 1970Power-Frequency Characteristics of the TRAPATT Diode Mode of High Efficiency Power Generation in Germanium and Silicon Avalanche DiodesScharfetter, D.L.
Vol. 49(5), 827, 1970An Integral Charge Control Model of Bipolar TransistorsGummel, H.K.; Poon, H.C.
Vol. 49(5), 853, 1970The Potential Due to a Charged Metallic Strip on a Semiconductor SurfaceWasserstrom, E.; McKenna, J.
Vol. 49(5), 879, 1970Television Transmission of Holograms Using a Narrow-Band Video SignalBerrang, J.E.
Vol. 49(5), 889, 1970Burst Distance and Multiple-Burst CorrectionBridwell, J.D.; Wolf, J.K.
Vol. 49(5), 911, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(5), 919, 1970Erratum: BSTJ v49n2, page 281
Vol. 49(6), 921, 1970Picturephone Silicon Target Signal AnalysisBeadle, W.E.; Schorr, A.J.
Vol. 49(6), 953, 1970Image Storage and Display Devices Using Fine-Grain, Ferroelectric CeramicsMeitzler, A.H.; Maldonado, J.R.; Fraser, D.B.
Vol. 49(6), 969, 1970Some Mathematical Properties of a Scheme for Reducing the Bandwidth of Motion Pictures by Hadamard SmearingBerlekamp, E.R.
Vol. 49(6), 987, 1970Binary Codes Which Are Ideals in the Group Algebra of an Abelian GroupMacWilliams, Mrs. F.J.
Vol. 49(6), 1013, 1970Delta Modulation Codec for Telephone Transmission and Switching ApplicationsLaane, R.R.; Murphy, B.T.
Vol. 49(6), 1033, 1970On the Performance of Digital Modulation Systems That Expand BandwidthPrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 49(6), 1059, 1970Transit-Time Variations in Line-of-Sight Tropospheric Propagation PathsGray, D.A.
Vol. 49(6), 1069, 1970Joint Optimization of Automatic Equalization and Carrier Acquisition for Digital CommunicationChang, Robert W.
Vol. 49(6), 1105, 1970A General Approach to Twin-T Design and Its Application to Hybrid Integrated Linear Active NetworksMoschytz, G.S.
Vol. 49(6), 1151, 1970Thermal and Electrical Properties of Coated Conductive Substrates for Integrated Circuit Chip MountingMattes, H.G.
Vol. 49(6), 1183, 1970The Field Singularity at the Edge of an Electrode on a Semiconductor SurfaceLewis, J.A.; Wasserstrom, E.
Vol. 49(6), 1195, 1970Determination of the Shape of the Human Vocal Tract from Acoustical MeasurementsGopinath, B.; Sondhi, M.M.
Vol. 49(6), 1215, 1970Analysis of a Thin Circular Loop Antenna Over a Homogeneous EarthMoorthy, S.C.
Vol. 49(6), 1235, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(6), 1239, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Three-Radiometer Path-Diversity ExperimentWilson, R.W.
Vol. 49(6), 1242, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: First Result from 15.3-GHz Earth-Space Propagation StudyPenzias, A.A.
Vol. 49(6), 1245, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: Intersymbol Interference and the P/AR MeterFennick, J.H.
Vol. 49(7), 1249, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: ForewordGarrett, C.G.B.
Vol. 49(7), 1253, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Reserve Batteries for Bell System Use: Design of the New CellKoontz, D.E.; Feder, D.O.; Babusci, L.D.; Luer, H.J.
Vol. 49(7), 1279, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Positive Grid Design PrinciplesCannone, A.G.; Feder, D.O.; Biagetti, R.V.
Vol. 49(7), 1305, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Tetrabasic Lead Sulfate as a Paste Material for Positive PlatesBiagetti, R.V.; Weeks, M.C.
Vol. 49(7), 1321, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Float Behavior of the Lead-Acid Battery SystemMilner, Paul C.
Vol. 49(7), 1335, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Electrochemical Characterization of the Bell System Battery: Field Trials of the BatteryO'Sullivan, T.D.; Biagetti, R.V.; Weeks, M.C.
Vol. 49(7), 1359, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Polyvinyl Chloride Battery Jars and CoversHuseby, T.W.; Ryan, J.T.; Hubbauer, P.
Vol. 49(7), 1377, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Electrochemical Compatibility of PlasticsButherus, A.D.; Lindenberger, W.S.; Vaccaro, F.J.
Vol. 49(7), 1393, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Jar-Cover SealsDahringer, D.W.; Shroff, J.R.
Vol. 49(7), 1405, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Post Seals for the New Bell System BatterySharpe, L.H.; Shroff, J.R.; Vaccaro, F.J.
Vol. 49(7), 1419, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Techniques for Bonding the Positive PlatesCushman, R.H.
Vol. 49(7), 1447, 1970Lead-Acid Battery: Incorporating the New Battery into the Telephone PlantLuer, H.J.
Vol. 49(7), 1471, 1970Traffic in Connecting Networks When Existing Calls are RearrangedBenes, V.E.
Vol. 49(7), 1483, 1970The Flat Plate Problem for a SemiconductorLewis, J.A.
Vol. 49(7), 1491, 1970Some Calculations on Coupling Between Satellite Communications and Terrestrial Radio-Relay Systems Due to Scattering by RainGusler, L.T.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 49(7), 1513, 1970The Number of Fades in Space-Diversity ReceptionVigants, Arvids
Vol. 49(7), 1531, 1970Optimum Phase Equalization of Filters for Digital SignalsShnidman, David A.
Vol. 49(7), 1555, 1970A Unified Formulation of Segment Companding Laws and Synthesis of Codecs and Digital CompandorsKaneko, H.
Vol. 49(7), 1589, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(7), 1595, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: On The Computation of the Far Field of Open Cassegrain AntennasZucker, H.
Vol. 49(7), 1602, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: Holographic Thin Film CouplersKogelnik, H.; Sosnowski, T.P.
Vol. 49(8), 1609, 1970On the Distribution of NumbersHamming, R.W.
Vol. 49(8), 1627, 1970A Mathematical Study of a Model of Magnetic Domain InteractionsGraham, R.L.
Vol. 49(8), 1645, 1970Dielectric Guide with Curved Axis and Truncated Parabolic IndexMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 49(8), 1665, 1970Radiation Losses of the Dominant Mode in Round Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, Dietrich
Vol. 49(8), 1695, 1970Excitation of the Dominant Mode of a Round Fiber by a Gaussian BeamMarcuse, Dietrich
Vol. 49(8), 1705, 1970The Capacity of the Gaussian Channel with FeedbackEbert, P.M.
Vol. 49(8), 1713, 1970New Theorems on the Equations of Nonlinear DC Transistor NetworksWilson, Alan N. Jr.
Vol. 49(8), 1739, 1970Theorems on the Computation of the Transient Response of Nonlinear Networks Containing Transistors and DiodesSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 49(8), 1777, 1970Characterization of Second-Harmonic Effects in IMPATT DiodesBrackett, C.A.
Vol. 49(8), 1811, 1970An Analysis of Adaptive Retransmission Arrays in a Fading EnvironmentYeh, Y.S.
Vol. 49(8), 1827, 1970Microwave Line-of-Sight Propagation With and Without Frequency DiversityBarnett, W.T.
Vol. 49(8), 1873, 1970Computed Transmission Through Rain at Microwave and Visible FrequenciesSetzer, David E.
Vol. 49(8), 1893, 1970A Linear Phase Modulator for Large Baseband BandwidthsRuthroff, C.L.; Bodtmann, W.F.
Vol. 49(8), 1905, 1970Eventual Stability for Lipschitz Functional Differential SystemsShanholt, Gerald A.
Vol. 49(8), 1911, 1970Information Theory and Approximation of Bandlimited FunctionsJagerman, David
Vol. 49(8), 1943, 1970A Satellite System for Avoiding Serial Sun-Transit Outages and EclipsesLundgren, C.W.
Vol. 49(8), 1973, 1970Adaptive Predictive Coding of Speech SignalsAtal, B.S.; Schroeder, M.R.
Vol. 49(8), 1987, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(8), 1991, 1970B.S.T.J. Briefs: All Terminal Bubbles Programs Yield the Elementary Symmetric PolynomialsKurshan, R.P.
Vol. 49(9), 1995, 1970Device Photolithography: ForwardBlecher, Franklin H.
Vol. 49(9), 1997, 1970Device Photolithography: An Overview of the New Mask-Making SystemHowland, F.L.; Poole, K.M.
Vol. 49(9), 2011, 1970Device Photolithography: Computer Systems for Pattern Generator ControlGross, A.G.; Raamot, J.; Watkins, Mrs. S.B.
Vol. 49(9), 2031, 1970Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: IntroductionPoole, K.M.
Vol. 49(9), 2033, 1970Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part I - Optical DesignCowan, M.J.; Herriott, D.R.; Johnson, A.M.; Zacharias, A.
Vol. 49(9), 2043, 1970Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part II - Mechanical DesignKossyk, G.J.W.; Laico, J.P.; Rongved, L.; Stafford, J.W.
Vol. 49(9), 2061, 1970Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part III - The Control SystemDowd, P.G.; Cowan, M.J.; Rosenfeld, P.E.; Zacharias, A.
Vol. 49(9), 2069, 1970Device Photolithography: The Primary Pattern Generator: Part IV - Alignment and Performance EvaluationJohnson, A.M.; Zacharias, A.
Vol. 49(9), 2077, 1970Device Photolithography: The Electron Beam Pattern GeneratorSamaroo, W.; Raamot, J.; Parry, P.; Robertson, G.
Vol. 49(9), 2095, 1970Device Photolithography: Electron-Sensitive MaterialsBroyde, Barret
Vol. 49(9), 2105, 1970Device Photolithography: Lenses for the Photolithographic SystemHerriott, Donald R.
Vol. 49(9), 2117, 1970Device Photolithography: Reduction Cameras: Optical Design and AdjustmentRawson, Eric G.
Vol. 49(9), 2129, 1970Device Photolithography: Reduction Cameras: Mechanical Design of the 3.5Xand 1.4X Reduction CamerasPoulsen, M.E.; Stafford, J.W.
Vol. 49(9), 2145, 1970Device Photolithography: The Step-and-Repeat CameraAlles, D.S.; Elek, J.W.; Howland, F.L.; Nevis, B.; Nielsen, R.J.; Schlegel, W.A.; Skinner, J.G.; Stout, C.E. Jr.
Vol. 49(9), 2179, 1970Device Photolithography: Thin Photosensitive MaterialsKerwin, R.E.
Vol. 49(9), 2193, 1970Device Photolithography: A Computer Controlled Coordinate Measuring MachineAshley, F.R.; Murphy, Miss E.B.; Savard, H.J. Jr.
Vol. 49(9), 2203, 1970Device Photolithography: The Mask Shop Information SystemBrinsfield, Mrs. J.G.; Pardee, S.
Vol. 49(9), 2221, 1970Response of Periodically Varying Systems to Shot Noise - Application to Switched RC CircuitsRice, S.O.
Vol. 49(9), 2249, 1970A New Approach for Evaluating the Error Probability in the Presence of Intersymbol Interference and Additive Gaussian NoiseHo, E.Y.; Yeh, Y.S.
Vol. 49(9), 2267, 1970Upper Bound on the Efficiency of dc-Constrained CodesChien, Ta-Mu
Vol. 49(9), 2289, 1970Pull-In Range of a Phase-Locked Loop With a Binary Phase ComparatorOberst, James F.
Vol. 49(9), 2303, 1970A Fast Method of Generating Digital Random NumbersRader, C.M.; Rabiner, L.R.; Schafer, R.W.
Vol. 49(9), 2311, 1970Nonorthogonal Optical Waveguides and ResonatorsArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 49(9), 2349, 1970Optical Resonators With Variable Reflectivity MirrorsZucker, H.
Vol. 49(9), 2377, 1970Projecting Filters for Recursive Prediction of Discrete-Time ProcessesGersho, Allen; Goodman, David J.
Vol. 49(9), 2405, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 49(10), 2417, 1970TSPS No.1: System Organization and ObjectivesJaeger, R.J. Jr.; Joel, A.E. Jr.
Vol. 49(10), 2445, 1970TSPS No. 1: Stored Program Control No. 1ADurney, G.R.; Kettler, H.W.; Prell, E.M.; Riddell, G.; Rohn, W.B.
Vol. 49(10), 2509, 1970TSPS No. 1: Stored Program Control No. 1A StoreBaker, W.A.; Culp, G.A.; Kinder, G.W.; Myers, F.H.
Vol. 49(10), 2561, 1970TSPS No. 1: Peripheral CircuitsComella, W.K.; Day, C.M. Jr.; Hackett, J.A.
Vol. 49(10), 2625, 1970TSPS No. 1: Operational ProgramsKettley, A.W.; Pasternak, E.J.; Sikorsky, M.F.
Vol. 49(10), 2685, 1970TSPS No. 1: Physical DesignBaldinger, W.R.; Clark, G.T.
Vol. 49(10), 2711, 1970TSPS No. 1: System TestingHeller, K.A.; Schmitt, D.A.; Taylor, R.M.
Vol. 49(10), 2729, 1970Index to TSPS No. 1 Articles
Vol. 49(10), 2733, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: System Organization and ObjectivesEwin, J.C.; Giloth, P.K.
Vol. 49(10), 2753, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: Message Processing Program OrganizationKienzle, H.G.; Nicodemus, K.L.; Smith, M.T. Jr.; Weber, E.W.; Zydney, H.M.
Vol. 49(10), 2831, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: Maintenance PlanAitcheson, E.J.; Cook, R.F.
Vol. 49(10), 2857, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: Autonomous Data Scanner and DistributorCorbin, J.E.; Lehman, H.R.; Townley, R.C.
Vol. 49(10), 2887, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: Message Store - A Disk Message SystemAitcheson, E.J.; Ault, C.F.; Spencer, R.G.
Vol. 49(10), 2915, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: Magnetic Tape SubsystemPotter, J.L.; Strebendt, Mrs. F.B.; Williams, J.R.
Vol. 49(10), 2941, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: Teletypewriter Stations and Transmission FacilitiesCarney, A.C.; Fitch, S.M.; Parker, G.
Vol. 49(10), 2975, 1970No. 1 ESS ADF: System Testing and Early Field Operation ExperienceBarney, D.R.; Giloth, P.K.; Kienzle, H.G.
Vol. 49(10), 3005, 1970Index to No. 1 ESS ADF Articles
Vol. 49(10), 3009, 1970Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(1), 1, 1971A Method for Measurement of the Duration of Picosecond Pulses by Beat Frequency Detection of Laser OutputHubbard, W.M.
Vol. 50(1), 23, 1971Measured Attenuation and Depolarization of Light Transmitted Along Glass FibersCohen, L.G.
Vol. 50(1), 43, 1971Excitation of Waveguides for Integrated Optics with Laser BeamsMarcuse, D.; Marcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 50(1), 59, 1971Rain Outage Performance of Tandem and Path Diversity 18-GHz Short Hop Radio SystemsOsborne, T.L.
Vol. 50(1), 81, 1971Model for Computation of Interference to Radio-Relay Systems From Geostationary SatellitesMay, A.S.; Pagones, M.J.
Vol. 50(1), 103, 1971Measurements of Atmospheric Attenuation on an Earth-Space Path at 90 GHz Using a Sun TrackerWrixon, G.T.
Vol. 50(1), 115, 1971Effects of Transmission Delay on Conversational Behavior on Echo-Free Telephone CircuitsBrady, Paul T.
Vol. 50(1), 135, 1971Inherent Load-Balancing in Step-by-Step Switching SystemsBuchner, M.M. Jr.; Neal, S.R.
Vol. 50(1), 167, 1971New Results on Avalanche Multiplication Statistics with Applications to Optical DetectionPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 50(1), 191, 1971Exchange of Spatial and Temporal Resolution in Television CodingPease, R.F.W.; Limb, J.O.
Vol. 50(1), 201, 1971On Benes Rearrangeable NetworksHwang, F.K.
Vol. 50(1), 209, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(1), 213, 1971B.S.T.J. Briefs: An Image Band Interpretation of Optical Heterodyne NoisePersonick, S.D.
Vol. 50(1), 217, 1971Erratum: BSTJ v49n7, page 1291
Vol. 50(2), 219, 1971The Picturephone System: ForewordBaird, Jack A.
Vol. 50(2), 221, 1971The Picturephone System: The NetworkDorros, Irwin
Vol. 50(2), 235, 1971The Picturephone System: Service StandardsCrater, T.V.
Vol. 50(2), 271, 1971The Picturephone System: The Station: 2C Video Telephone Station SetCagle, W.B.; Strokes, R.R.; Wright, B.A.
Vol. 50(2), 313, 1971The Picturephone System: Station Set ComponentsGordon, A.M.; Singleton, J.B.
Vol. 50(2), 351, 1971The Picturephone System: Transmission PlanBrown, H.E.
Vol. 50(2), 395, 1971The Picturephone System: Baseband Video Transmission on Loops and Short-Haul TrunksBrown, J.M.
Vol. 50(2), 427, 1971The Picturephone System: Crosstalk Considerations in the Transmission of Analog Signals on Paired CableBunin, B.J.; Hirsch, R.B.; Olsen, R.E.
Vol. 50(2), 459, 1971The Picturephone System: Digital Encoding of the Video SignalMillard, J.B.; Maunsell, H.I.
Vol. 50(2), 481, 1971The Picturephone System: A Digital Transmission System for TD-2 RadioBroderick, C.W.
Vol. 50(2), 501, 1971The Picturephone System: Mastergroup Digital Transmission on Modern Coaxial SystemsGunn, J.F.; Ronne, J.S.; Weller, D.C.
Vol. 50(2), 521, 1971The Picturephone System: Switching PlanUrich, J.F.
Vol. 50(2), 533, 1971The Picturephone System: Central Office SwitchingBurgess, P.N.; Stickel, J.E.
Vol. 50(2), 553, 1971The Picturephone System: Customer Switching SystemsBreen, Charles
Vol. 50(2), 567, 1971The Picturephone System: Key Telephone SystemsDaskalakis, A.
Vol. 50(2), 585, 1971The Picturephone System: The 850A PBXAnderson, H.P.
Vol. 50(2), 605, 1971The Picturephone System: No. 101 ESSBrown, D.W.; Horvath, J.R.; Paxton, T.S.
Vol. 50(2), 621, 1971The Picturephone System: Maintenance PlanDougherty, H.J.; Peterson, E.B.; Schachtman, M.G.
Vol. 50(2), 645, 1971The Picturephone System: Line and Trunk Maintenance ArrangementsFavin, D.L.; Gilmore, J.F.
Vol. 50(2), 667, 1971The Picturephone System: Wideband Data ServiceBender, E.C.; Howson, R.D.
Vol. 50(2), 683, 1971The Picturephone System: Computer AccessWarwick, P.S.; Phipps, G.W.
Vol. 50(2), 701, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(3), 711, 1971The Energy and General Translation Force of Cylindrical Magnetic DomainsThiele, A.A.; Bobeck, A.H.; Della Torre, E.; Gianola, U.F.
Vol. 50(3), 725, 1971Device Implications of the Theory of Cylindrical Magnetic DomainsThiele, A.A.
Vol. 50(3), 775, 1971Spreading Resistance Between Constant Potential SurfacesBrooks, R.D.; Mattes, H.G.
Vol. 50(3), 785, 1971Performance of an Adaptive Echo Canceller Operating in a Noisy, Linear, Time-Invariant EnvironmentRosenberger, J.R.; Thomas, E.J.
Vol. 50(3), 815, 1971Number and Duration of Fades at 6 and 4 GHzVigants, Arvids
Vol. 50(3), 843, 1971Time Dispersion in Dielectric WaveguidesPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 50(3), 861, 1971Anisotropic Scattering Due to Rain at Radio-Relay FrequenciesSetzer, David E.
Vol. 50(3), 869, 1971Channel Spacing and Necessary Bandwidth in FDM-FM SystemsLundquist, Leif
Vol. 50(3), 881, 1971Short-Term Frequency Stability of Precision Oscillators and Frequency GeneratorsBarber, Raymond E.
Vol. 50(3), 917, 1971On the Design and Analysis of a Class of PCM SystemsHeffes, H.; Horing, S.; Jagerman, D.L.
Vol. 50(3), 933, 1971Digital Phase DemodulatorGlance, Bernard
Vol. 50(3), 951, 1971Self-Synchronizing Sequential Coding with Low RedundancyNeumann, Peter G.
Vol. 50(3), 983, 1971Theory for Some Asynchronous Time-Division SwitchesMazo, J.E.
Vol. 50(3), 1017, 1971Error Probability of a Multilevel Digital System with Intersymbol Interference and Gaussian NoiseHo, E.Y.; Yeh, Y.S.
Vol. 50(3), 1025, 1971Spectral Density of a Nonlinear Function of a Gaussian ProcessNeal, Scotty
Vol. 50(3), 1049, 1971Television Coding Using Two-Dimensional Spatial PredictionConnor, D.J.; Pease, R.F.W.; Scholes, W.G.
Vol. 50(3), 1063, 1971On the Control of Linear Multiple Input-Output SystemsGopinath, B.
Vol. 50(3), 1083, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(3), 1089, 1971B.S.T.J. Briefs: HILO - An Improved Transmission Scheme for Semiconductor Switching NetworksLaane, R.R.
Vol. 50(3), 1094, 1971B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Telephone Traffic Model Based on Randomly Closing Crosspoints, and its Relationships to Other ModelsBenes, V.E.
Vol. 50(4), 1099, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: History and IntroductionDickieson, A.C.; Chernak, J.
Vol. 50(4), 1105, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: Characterization and Modeling for Statistical DesignLogan, John
Vol. 50(4), 1149, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: Linear Circuits and Statistical DesignSemmelman, C.L.; Walsh, E.D.; Daryanani, G.T.
Vol. 50(4), 1173, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: Nonlinear Circuits and Statistical DesignCermak, I.A.; Kirby, Mrs. D.B.
Vol. 50(4), 1197, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: Confirmation of Design Using Computer-Controlled Test SetsHaynie, G.D.; Yang, S.
Vol. 50(4), 1209, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: Large Change Sensitivities for Statistical DesignsButler, E.M.
Vol. 50(4), 1225, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: The Optimum Assignment of Component Tolerances for Electrical NetworksKarafin, B.J.
Vol. 50(4), 1243, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: A Case Study of the Use of Computer Aids in Circuit Design - Pulse Equalizers for the T2 Digital Transmission LineO'Neill, L.A.
Vol. 50(4), 1263, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: A Monte Carlo Tolerance Analysis of the Integrated, Single-Substrate, RC, Touch-Tone OscillatorBalaban, P.; Karafin, B.J.; Snyder, Mrs. D.B.
Vol. 50(4), 1293, 1971Statistical Circuit Design: The Application of Monte Carlo Techniques to the Study of Impairments in the Waveguide Transmission SystemOlsen, R.G.
Vol. 50(4), 1311, 19711969-70 Connection Survey: Analog Transmission Performance on the Switched Telecommunications NetworkDuffy, F.P.; Thatcher, T.W. Jr.
Vol. 50(4), 1349, 19711969-70 Connection Survey: High-Speed Voiceband Data Transmission Performance on the Switched Telecommunications NetworkBalkovic, M.D.; Klancer, H.W.; Klare, S.W.; McGruther, W.G.
Vol. 50(4), 1385, 19711969-70 Connection Survey: Low-Speed Data Transmission Performance on the Switched Telecommunications NetworkFleming, H.C.; Hutchinson, R.M. Jr.
Vol. 50(4), 1407, 1971Maximum Power Transmission Between Two Reflector Antennas in the Fresnel ZoneChu, T.S.
Vol. 50(4), 1421, 1971A Digital Approach to Adaptive Delta ModulationGoodman, David J.
Vol. 50(4), 1427, 1971Statistical Techniques for Talker IdentificationBricker, P.D.; Gnanadesikan, R.; Mathews, M.V.; Pruzansky, Miss S.; Tukey, P.A.; Wachter, K.W.; Warner, J.L.
Vol. 50(4), 1455, 1971Estimated Outage in Long-Haul Radio Relay Systems with Protection SwitchingChen, W.Y.S.
Vol. 50(4), 1487, 1971Some Extensions of the Innovations TheoremKailath, Thomas
Vol. 50(4), 1495, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(5), 1503, 1971Stability of Frequency Feedback Receivers Under Steps in Input FrequencyBenes, V.E.
Vol. 50(5), 1525, 1971Some Computer Experiments in Picture Processing for Bandwidth ReductionLandau, H. J.; Slepian, D.
Vol. 50(5), 1541, 1971Computer Synthesis of Speech by Concatenation of Formant-Coded WordsRabiner, L.R.; Shafer, R.W.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 50(5), 1559, 1971Listener Evaluation of Stimulated Telephone Calling SignalsBricker, P.D.
Vol. 50(5), 1579, 1971On a Class of Rearrangeable Switching Networks - Part I: Control AlgorithmOpferman, D.C.; Tsao-Wu, N.T.
Vol. 50(5), 1601, 1971On a Class of Rearrangeable Switching Networks - Part II: Enumeration Studies and Fault DiagnosisOpferman, D.C.; Tsao-Wu, N.T.
Vol. 50(5), 1619, 1971A Full-Duplex Echo Suppressor Using Center-ClippingMracek Mitchell, O.M.; Berkley, David A.
Vol. 50(5), 1631, 1971Low-Loss Modes in Dielectric Lined WaveguideCarlin, J.W.; D'Agostino, P.
Vol. 50(5), 1639, 1971A Relation for the Loss Characteristics of Circular Electric and Magnetic Modes in Dielectric Lined WaveguideCarlin, J.W.
Vol. 50(5), 1645, 1971Timing Recovery in PAM SystemsGitlin, R.D.; Salz, J.
Vol. 50(5), 1671, 1971Optimum Equalization and the Effect of Timing and Carrier Phase on Synchronous Data SystemsHo, E.Y.
Vol. 50(5), 1691, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(5), 1695, 1971B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Low-Noise Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) Microwave OscillatorColeman, D.J. Jr.; Sze, S.M.
Vol. 50(6), 1701, 1971Mathematical Models of Computation Using Magnetic Bubble InteractionsFriedman, A.D.; Menon, P.R.
Vol. 50(6), 1721, 1971A Nonlinear Diffusion Analysis of Charge-Coupled-Device TransferStrain, R.J.; Schryer, N.L.
Vol. 50(6), 1741, 1971Linearized Dispersion Relation and Green's Function for Discrete-Charge-Transfer Devices with Incomplete TransferJoyce, W.B.; Bertram, W.J.
Vol. 50(6), 1761, 1971Micromachining and Image Recording on Thin Films by Laser BeamsMaydan, D.
Vol. 50(6), 1791, 1971The Coupling of Degenerate Modes in Two Parallel Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 50(6), 1817, 1971Crosstalk Caused by Scattering in Slab WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 50(6), 1833, 1971Dynamic Channel Assignment in High-Capacity Mobile Communications SystemsCox, D.C.; Reudink, D.O.
Vol. 50(6), 1859, 1971Antenna Spacing Requirement for a Mobile Radio Base-Station DiversityLee, W.C.Y.
Vol. 50(6), 1877, 1971A Simple Interframe Coder for Video TelephonyLimb, J.O.; Pease, R.F.W.
Vol. 50(6), 1889, 1971Transmitting Television as Clusters of Frame-to-Frame DifferencesCandy, J.C.; Franke, Mrs. M.A.; Haskell, B.G.; Mounts, F.W.
Vol. 50(6), 1919, 1971Low-Loss Microstrip Filters Developed by Frequency ScalingSnell, W.W. Jr.
Vol. 50(6), 1933, 1971A Scaled Hybrid Integrated Multiplier from 10 to 30 GHzSchneider, M.V.; Snell, W.W. Jr.
Vol. 50(6), 1943, 1971Some Analytical Investigations of Phase Contrast ImagingNagel, C.M. Jr.
Vol. 50(6), 1969, 1971A New Equalizer Structure for Fast Start-Up Digital CommunicationsChang, Robert W.
Vol. 50(6), 2015, 1971Combining Correlated Streams of Nonrandom TrafficNeal, Scotty
Vol. 50(6), 2039, 1971Phase and Amplitude Variations in Multipath Fading of Microwave SignalsBullington, K.
Vol. 50(6), 2055, 1971The Computation of Error Probability for Digital TransmissionHill, F.S. Jr.
Vol. 50(6), 2079, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(7), 2085, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: System ConsiderationsJansen, R.M.; Prime, R.C.
Vol. 50(7), 2117, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: Microwave Transmitter and ReceiverHamori, A.; Jensen, R.M.
Vol. 50(7), 2137, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: NetworksDrazy, E.J.; Sheehey, R.E.; Wang, H.C.
Vol. 50(7), 2155, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: ModulatorsGiust, O.
Vol. 50(7), 2175, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: Microwave Integrated CircuitsDietrich, N.R.
Vol. 50(7), 2195, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: The IF Main AmplifierFenderson, G.L.
Vol. 50(7), 2205, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: Microwave GeneratorBedell, H.R.; Judkins, R.W.; Lahlum, R.L.
Vol. 50(7), 2223, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: The Traveling-Wave Tube AmplifierBradford, C.E.; Waldron, C.J.
Vol. 50(7), 2235, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: Power SystemBalicki, J.F.; Chun, P.S.; Salvo, F.J.
Vol. 50(7), 2249, 1971TH-3 Microwave Radio System: 4A FM Transmitter and ReceiverAndroski, F.J.; Lentz, N.E.; Salvage, R.C.
Vol. 50(7), 2271, 1971TH-3 Medium-Haul Application: System ConsiderationsSeastrand, K.L.; Williams, D.S.
Vol. 50(7), 2287, 1971TH-3 Medium-Haul Application: Frequency-Diplexed Auxiliary ChannelKnapp, J.W.; Seastrand, K.L.
Vol. 50(7), 2315, 1971TH-3 Medium-Haul Application: Protection SwitchingCooney, R.T.; Griffiths, H.D.; Lanigan, F.H.
Vol. 50(7), 2345, 1971TH-3 Medium-Haul Application: Equipment and Building ConsiderationsSwift, R.A.; Word, J.A.
Vol. 50(7), 2355, 1971On the Intersymbol Interference Problem for the Gaussian ChannelWyner, A.D.
Vol. 50(7), 2365, 1971Time-Varying Spectra and Linear TransformationLiu, S.C.
Vol. 50(7), 2375, 1971Multiple-Path Fading on Line-of-Sight Microwave Radio Systems as a Function of Path Length and FrequencyRuthroff, C.L.
Vol. 50(7), 2399, 1971Data Transmission by Combined AM and PMSalz, J.; Sheehan, J.R.; Paris, D.J.
Vol. 50(7), 2421, 1971Crosstalk in Outside Plant Cable SystemsFoschini, G.J.
Vol. 50(7), 2449, 1971Performance of a System of Mutually Synchronized ClocksMoreland, J.P.
Vol. 50(7), 2465, 1971A Combinatorial Analysis of the Main Distributing Frame: Spare Requirements for Conversion to Preferential Assignment from Random AssignmentSchumer, M.A.
Vol. 50(7), 2485, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(8), 2495, 1971On the Addressing Problem for Loop SwitchingGraham, R.L.; Pollak, H.O.
Vol. 50(8), 2521, 1971Heavy Traffic Characteristics of a Circular Data NetworkAvi Itzhak, B.
Vol. 50(8), 2551, 1971Bending Losses of the Asymmetric Slab WaveguideMarcuse, D.
Vol. 50(8), 2565, 1971Attenuation of Unwanted Cladding ModesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 50(8), 2585, 1971Improved Intersymbol Interference Error Bounds in Digital SystemsYeh, Y.S.; Ho, E.Y.
Vol. 50(8), 2599, 1971Dual Frequency Measurements of Rain Induced Microwave Attenuation on a 2.6-Kilometer Propagation PathSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 50(8), 2607, 1971Optical Modulation at High Information RatesWhite, Gerard
Vol. 50(8), 2647, 1971Analysis of Dependence Effects in Telephone Trunking NetworksHoltzman, J.M.
Vol. 50(8), 2663, 1971A Laboratory System for Measuring Loudness Loss of Telephone ConnectionsSullivan, J.L.
Vol. 50(8), 2741, 1971The Transmission Performance of Bell System Toll Connecting TrunksKessler, J.E.
Vol. 50(8), 2779, 1971An Adaptive Echo Canceller in a Nonideal Environment (Nonlinear or Time Variant)Thomas, E.J.
Vol. 50(8), 2797, 1971Some Considerations on the Application of the Volterra Representation or Nonlinear Networks to Adaptive Echo CancellersThomas, E.J.
Vol. 50(8), 2807, 1971Some Comparisons of Load and Loss Data with Current Teletraffic TheoryWilkinson, R.I.
Vol. 50(8), 2835, 1971When Are Transistors Passive?Gopinath, B.; Mitra, D.
Vol. 50(8), 2849, 1971A Fast Amplitude Approximation For Quadrature PairsRobertson, G.H.
Vol. 50(8), 2853, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(9), 2857, 1971Power Spectra of Multilevel Digital Phase-Modulated SignalsGlance, B.
Vol. 50(9), 2879, 1971A Microwave Feed-Forward ExperimentSeidel, H.
Vol. 50(9), 2917, 1971An Experimental MM-Wave Path Length ModulatorClemetson, W.J.; Kenyon, N.D.; Kurokawa, K.; Owen, B.; Schlosser, W.O.
Vol. 50(9), 2947, 1971Traffic Analysis of a Ring Switched Data Transmission SystemHayes, J.F.; Sherman, D.N.
Vol. 50(9), 2979, 1971Analysis and Design of Elementary Blinders for Large Horn Reflector AntennasThomas, David T.
Vol. 50(9), 2997, 1971Transient Effect in Telephone Switching Circuits When Relay Windings are DisconnectedWagar, H.N.
Vol. 50(9), 3063, 1971Restoring the Orthogonality of Two Polarizations in Radio Communication Systems, IChu, T.S.
Vol. 50(9), 3071, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 50(10), 3075, 1971Statistics of a General Class of Avalanche Detectors With Applications to Optical CommunicationPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 50(10), 3097, 1971Design of Digital Filter Banks for Speech AnalysisSchafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 50(10), 3117, 1971The Preference of Slope Overload to Granularity in the Delta Modulation of SpeechJayant, N.S.; Rosenberg, A.E.
Vol. 50(10), 3127, 1971Some Considerations of Error Bounds in Digital SystemsPrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 50(10), 3153, 1971Optical Fiber Joining TechniqueBisbee, D.L.
Vol. 50(10), 3159, 1971Measurements of Loss Due to Offsets and End Separations of Optical FibersBisbee, D.L.
Vol. 50(10), 3169, 1971Zero Loss Transfer Across Gaps in a CCDKrambeck, R.H.
Vol. 50(10), 3177, 1971A General Class of Rate-Change CircuitsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 50(10), 3195, 1971The Overflow Distribution for Constant Holding TimeBurke, P.J.
Vol. 50(10), 3211, 1971Statistical Behavior of a Fading SignalLin, S.H.
Vol. 50(10), 3271, 1971Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(1), 1, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Soil Burial of Materials and StructuresConnolly, R.A.
Vol. 51(1), 23, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Molded PlasticsMiner, R.J.
Vol. 51(1), 43, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Casting ResinsVentrice, F.X.
Vol. 51(1), 47, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Electrical Grade Reinforced Plastic LaminatesKwei, T.K.
Vol. 51(1), 51, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Structural Grade Reinforced Plastic LaminatesKlein, T.H.
Vol. 51(1), 63, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Plastics for Wire and CableDeCoste, J.B.
Vol. 51(1), 87, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Rubber, Crosslinked Polyethylene, and Vulcanized Wire CoatingsBebbington, G.H.
Vol. 51(1), 123, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Effect of Soil Burial Exposure on the Properties of Adhesives and Pressure-Sensitive TapesDahringer, D.W.
Vol. 51(1), 151, 1972Soil Burial Tests: Trends in Material Behavior After Eight Years of Soil ExposureConnolly, R.A.
Vol. 51(1), 165, 1972Waiting Time JitterDuttweiler, D.L.
Vol. 51(1), 209, 1972Coupled Line Equations with Random CouplingMorrison, J.A.; McKenna, J.
Vol. 51(1), 229, 1972Derivation of Coupled Power EquationsMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(1), 239, 1972Buffering of Data Generated by the Coding of Moving ImagesLimb, J.O.
Vol. 51(1), 261, 1972Buffer and Channel Sharing by Several Interframe Picturephone CodersHaskell, B.G.
Vol. 51(1), 291, 1972Optimal Test Point Selection for Sequential Manufacturing ProcessesGarey, M.R.
Vol. 51(1), 301, 1972The General Second-Order Twin-T and Its Application to Frequency-Emphasizing NetworksLueder, E.
Vol. 51(1), 317, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(2), 321, 1972Multipath Propagation at 4, 6, and 11 GHzBarnett, W.T.
Vol. 51(2), 363, 1972A Fast Bipolar-IGFET Buffer-DriverMarr, G.; Cheney, G.T.; King, E.F.; Parks, E.G.
Vol. 51(2), 371, 1972On Finding the Paths Through a NetworkSloane, N.J.A.
Vol. 51(2), 391, 1972Wiring Telephone Apparatus from Computer-Generated SpeechFlanagan, J.L.; Rabiner, L.R.; Schafer, R.W.; Denman, J.D.
Vol. 51(2), 399, 1972Man-Machine Interaction in Human-Face IdentificationGoldstein, A.J.; Harmon, I.D.; Lesk, A.B.
Vol. 51(2), 429, 1972Power Distribution and Radiation Losses in Multimode Dielectric Slab WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(2), 455, 1972Hot Carrier Effects in the Integral Charge-Control Model for Bipolar TransistorsPersky, G.
Vol. 51(2), 461, 1972The Design and Embodiment of Magnetic Domain Encoders and Single-Error Correcting Decoders for Cyclic Block CodesAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 51(2), 487, 1972Delay Distortion in Weakly Guiding Optical Fibers Due to Elliptic Deformation of the BoundarySchlosser, W.O.
Vol. 51(2), 493, 1972Optimal Reception for Binary Partial Response ChannelsFerguson, M.J.
Vol. 51(2), 507, 1972Controllability and Observability in Linear Time-Variable Networks With Arbitrary Symmetry GroupsRubin, H.; Meadows, H.E.
Vol. 51(2), 543, 1972Controlled Response of a Ceramic MicrophoneNickell, R.E.; Stickler, D.C.
Vol. 51(2), 563, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(2), 569, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Effect of Ambient Temperature on Infrared Transmission Through a Glass FiberDawson, R.W.
Vol. 51(3), 573, 1972Power Coupling from GaAs Injection Lasers into Optical FibersCohen, L.G.
Vol. 51(3), 595, 1972The Identification of Modal Resonances in Ferrite Loaded Waveguide Y-Junctions and Their Adjustment for CirculationOwen, B.
Vol. 51(3), 629, 1972On Maxentropic Discrete Stationary ProcessesSlepian, D.
Vol. 51(3), 655, 1972Fabrication and Performance Considerations of Charge-Transfer Dynamic Shift RegistersBerglund, C.N.; Strain, R.J.
Vol. 51(3), 705, 1972Computer Modeling of Charge-Coupled Device CharacteristicsAmelio, G.F.
Vol. 51(3), 731, 1972A Study of Frequency Selective Fading for a Microwave Line-of-Sight Narrowband Radio ChannelBabler, G.M.
Vol. 51(3), 759, 1972Capacitances of a Shielded Balanced-Pair Transmission LineMiller, C.M.
Vol. 51(3), 777, 1972The Equivalent Group Method for Estimating the Capacity of Partial-Access Service Systems Which Carry Overflow TrafficNeal, Scotty
Vol. 51(3), 785, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(4), 787, 1972Conditional Vertical Subsampling - A Technique to Assist in the Coding of Television SignalsPease, R.F.W.
Vol. 51(4), 803, 1972The MacWilliams Identities for Nonlinear CodesMacWilliams, Mrs. F.J.; Sloane, N.J.A.; Goethals, J.M.
Vol. 51(4), 821, 1972Stochastic Stability of Delta ModulationGersho, Allen
Vol. 51(4), 843, 1972Perspective Drawing of Surfaces With Hidden Line EliminationGraham, N.Y.
Vol. 51(4), 863, 1972Some Effects of Quantization and Adder Overflow on the Forced Response of Digital FiltersWillson, A.N. Jr.
Vol. 51(4), 889, 1972Three-Dimensional Small-Signal Analysis of Bipolar TransistorsBlue, J.L.
Vol. 51(4), 903, 1972Stability of Distributed Systems With Feedback via Michailov's CriterionReis, G.C.
Vol. 51(4), 921, 1972The Spectral Density of a Coded Digital SignalBosik, B.S.
Vol. 51(4), 933, 1972Objective Measures of Peak Clipping and Threshold Crossings in Continuous SpeechBrady, Paul T.
Vol. 51(4), 947, 1972Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 51(4), 951, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Proof of a Convexity Property of the Erlang B FormulaMesserli, E.J.
Vol. 51(5), 955, 1972Where on the Moon? An Apollo Systems Engineering ProblemCappellari, J.O. Jr.
Vol. 51(5), 1127, 1972Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 51(6), 1129, 1972Fifty Years of BSTJ
Vol. 51(6), 1133, 1972Network for Block Switching of DataPierce, J.R.
Vol. 51(6), 1147, 1972An Experimental Data Block Switching SystemKropfl, W.J.
Vol. 51(6), 1167, 1972An Experimental Interconnection of Computers Through a Loop Transmission SystemCoker, C.H.
Vol. 51(6), 1177, 1972The Design of Finite Impulse Response Digital Filters Using Linear Programming TechniquesRabiner, L.R.
Vol. 51(6), 1199, 1972Pulse Propagation in Multimode Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(6), 1233, 1972Synthesis of Voiced Sounds From a Two-Mass Model of the Vocal ChordsIshizaka, K.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 51(6), 1269, 1972Exact Solutions to Some Deterministic and Random Transmission Line ProblemsMcKenna, J.; Morrison, J.A.
Vol. 51(6), 1293, 1972The Application of Dither to the Quantization of Speech SignalsJayant, N.S.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 51(6), 1305, 1972Queues with Mixed Renewal and Poisson InputsKuczura, A.
Vol. 51(6), 1327, 1972Optimal Equalization of Wideband Coaxial Cable Channels Using Bump EqualizersCho, Y.S.
Vol. 51(6), 1347, 1972Dimensionality of Crosstalk FunctionsLenahan, T.A.
Vol. 51(6), 1363, 1972The Camp-On Problem for Multiple-Address TrafficWolman, Eric
Vol. 51(6), 1423, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(6), 1427, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: A New Type of Cylindrical Magnetic Domain (Bubble Isomers)Tabor, W.J.; Bobeck, A.H.; Vella Coleiro, G.P.; Rosencwaig, A.
Vol. 51(6), 1431, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Multilayer Epitaxial Garnet Films for Magnetic Bubble Devices - Hard Bubble SuppressionBobeck, A.H.; Blank, S.L.; Levinstein, H.J.
Vol. 51(6), 1436, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Suppression of Hard Bubbles in Magnetic Garnet Films by Ion ImplantationWolfe, R.; North, J.C.
Vol. 51(6), 1440, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Effect of a Second Magnetic Layer on Hard BubblesRosencwaig, A.
Vol. 51(7), 1445, 1972On the Addressing Problem of Loop SwitchingBrandenburg, L.H.; Gopinath, B.; Kurshan, R.P.
Vol. 51(7), 1471, 1972On the Accuracy of the Depletion Layer Approximation for Charge Coupled DevicesMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.
Vol. 51(7), 1487, 1972Perceptual Evaluation of the Effects of Dither on Low Bit Rate PCM SystemsRabiner, L.R.; Johnson, J.A.
Vol. 51(7), 1495, 1972Methods for Designing Differential Quantizers Based on Subjective Evaluations of Edge BusynessCandy, J.C.; Bosworth, R.H.
Vol. 51(7), 1517, 1972Modeling the Growth of Jumpers on the Main Distributing FrameHalfin, S.; McCallum, C.J. Jr; Segal, M.
Vol. 51(7), 1535, 1972Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra for Bubble CircuitsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 51(7), 1559, 1972Applications of Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra to Bubble CircuitsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 51(7), 1581, 1972XYTOLR - A Computer Program for Integrated Circuit Mask Design CheckoutYamin, Michael
Vol. 51(7), 1595, 1972Derivation of All Figures Formed by the Intersection of Generalized PolygonsYamin, Michael
Vol. 51(7), 1611, 1972Dynamic Channel Assignment in Two-Dimensional Large-Scale Mobile Radio SystemsCox, D.C.; Reudink, D.O.
Vol. 51(7), 1631, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(7), 1635, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Buried Channel Charge Coupled DeviceWalden, R.H.; Krambeck, R.H.; Strain, R.J.; McKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.; Smith, G.E.
Vol. 51(8), 1641, 1972D2 Channel Bank: System AspectsHenning, H.H.; Pan, J.W.
Vol. 51(8), 1659, 1972D2 Channel Bank: Per-Channel EquipmentMaddox, C.L.; Thovson, D.K.
Vol. 51(8), 1675, 1972D2 Channel Bank: Multiplexing and CodingDammann, C.L.; McDaniel, L.D.; Maddox, C.L.
Vol. 51(8), 1701, 1972D2 Channel Bank: Digital FunctionsCirillo, A.J.; Thovson, D.K.
Vol. 51(8), 1713, 1972D2 Channel Bank: Power ConversionBloom, S.D.; Swanson, G.F.
Vol. 51(8), 1725, 1972D2 Channel Bank: Physical Design and Introductory ProgramVanSlooten, D.J.; Gluckow, K.A.
Vol. 51(8), 1743, 1972D2 Channel Bank: Manufacturing and TestingBatson, J.E.D. Jr.; Gorman, J.W.
Vol. 51(8), 1767, 1972Optical Power Flow in Multimode FibersGloge, D.
Vol. 51(8), 1785, 1972Pulse Propagation in a Two-Mode WaveguideMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(8), 1793, 1972Fluctuations of the Power of Coupled ModesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(8), 1801, 1972Higher-Order Scattering Losses in Dielectric WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(8), 1819, 1972Higher-Order Loss Processes and the Loss Penalty of Multimode OperationMarcuse, D.
Vol. 51(8), 1837, 1972A Linear Phase Modulator for a Short-Hop Microwave Radio SystemShah, S.R.
Vol. 51(8), 1849, 1972A Doped Surface Two-Phase CCDKrambeck, R.H.; Walden, R.H.; Pickar, K.A.
Vol. 51(8), 1867, 1972Almost-Coherent Detection of Phase-Shift-Keyed Signals Using an Injection-Locked OscillatorEisenberg, M.
Vol. 51(8), 1881, 1972Analysis of a Dual Mode Digital Synchronization System Employing Digital Rate-Locked LoopsChang, R.W.
Vol. 51(8), 1913, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(8), 1919, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Extension of Multidimensional Polynomial Algebra to Domain Circuits With Multiple Propagation VelocitiesAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 51(8), 1923, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Blooming Suppression in Charge Coupled Area Imaging DevicesSequin, C.H.
Vol. 51(8), 1927, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: Data Transmission Performance in the Presence of Carrier Phase Jitter and Gaussian NoiseHo, E.Y.; Spaulding, D.A.
Vol. 51(9), 1933, 1972The Static Stability of Half-BubblesDeBonte, W.J.
Vol. 51(9), 1957, 1972Earthquake Environment for Physical Design: A Statistical AnalysisLiu, S.C.; Fagel, L.W.
Vol. 51(9), 1983, 1972A Study of Data Multiplexing Techniques and Delay PerformanceHayes, J.F.; Sherman, D.N.
Vol. 51(9), 2013, 1972On Fast Start-Up Data Communication Systems Using Pseudo-Random Training SequencesChang, R.W.; Ho, E.Y.
Vol. 51(9), 2029, 1972Stability Considerations in Nonlinear Feedback Structures as Applied to Active NetworksBaumwolspiner, M.
Vol. 51(9), 2065, 1972Waveguide Breakdown Effects at High Average Power and Long Pulse LengthAcampora, A.S.; Sproul, P.T.
Vol. 51(9), 2093, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 51(9), 2095, 1972B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Table Look Up Approach to Loop SwitchingBrandenburg, L.H.; Gopinath, B.
Vol. 51(10), 2101, 1972On Delta ModulationSlepian, David
Vol. 51(10), 2139, 1972Conditions of High Gain in Mixers and Their Relation to the Jump PhenomenonDragone, C.
Vol. 51(10), 2169, 1972Performance and Stability of Schottky Barrier MixersDragone, C.
Vol. 51(10), 2197, 1972The Accuracy of Call-Congestion Measurements for Loss Systems with Renewal InputKuczura, A.; Neal, S.R.
Vol. 51(10), 2209, 1972A Cost Optimization Model for Seismic Design of StructuresLiu, S.C.; Neghabat, F.
Vol. 51(10), 2227, 1972Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(1), 1, 1973Measurements of Transfer Inefficiency of 250-Element Undercut-Isolated Charge Coupled DevicesTompsett, M.F.; Kosicki, B.B.; Kahng, D.
Vol. 52(1), 9, 1973Formulas on Queues in Burst Processes--IGopinath, B.; Mitra, Debasis; Sondhi, M.M.
Vol. 52(1), 35, 1973A Frame-to-Frame Picturephone Coder for Signals Containing Differential Quantizing NoiseConnor, D.J.; Haskell, B.G.; Mounts, F.W.
Vol. 52(1), 53, 1973A DC-to-2.3-GHz Amplifier Using an Embedding SchemeWhite, Gerard; Chin, Gen M.
Vol. 52(1), 63, 1973Coupling Coefficients for Imperfect Asymmetric Slab WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 52(1), 83, 1973Batch Input to a Multiserver Queue With Constant Service TimesKuczura, A.
Vol. 52(1), 101, 1973Crosstalk in Uniformly Coupled Lossy Transmission LinesIsaacs, J.C. Jr.; Strakhov, N.A.
Vol. 52(1), 117, 1973Applications for Quantum Amplifiers in Simple Digital Optical Communication SystemsPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 52(1), 135, 1973A Proper Model for Testing the Planarity of Electrical CircuitsGoldstein, A.J.; Schweikert, D.G.
Vol. 52(1), 143, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(2), 147, 1973A Fundamental Comparison of Incomplete Charge Transfer in Charge Transfer DevicesBerglund, C.N.; Thornber, K.K.
Vol. 52(2), 183, 1973Quantizing Noise of DELTA M/PCM EncodersGoodman, David J.; Greenstein, Larry J.
Vol. 52(2), 205, 1973Scattering Losses Caused by the Support Structure of an Uncladded FiberMarcuse, D.
Vol. 52(2), 219, 1973Passband Equalization of Differentially Phase-Modulated Data SignalsGitlin, R.D.; Ho, E.Y.; Mazo, J.E.
Vol. 52(2), 239, 1973Selectively Faded Nondiversity and Space Diversity Narrowband Microwave Radio ChannelsBabler, G.M.
Vol. 52(2), 263, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(2), 265, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: A New Optical FiberKaiser, P.; Marcatili, E.A.J.; Miller, S.E.
Vol. 52(3), 271, 1973The Elimination of Tuning-Induced Burnout and Bias-Circuit Oscillations in IMPATT OscillatorsBrackett, C.A.
Vol. 52(3), 307, 1973Dynamic Data Reallocation in Bubble MemoriesBonyhard, P.I.; Nelson, T.J.
Vol. 52(3), 319, 1973Restoring the Orthogonality of Two Polarizations in Radio Communication Systems, IIChu, T.S.
Vol. 52(3), 329, 1973Theory of Roundoff Noise in Cascade Realizations of Finite Impulse Response Digital FiltersChan, D.S.K.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 52(3), 347, 1973An Algorithm for Minimizing Roundoff Noise in Cascade Realizations of Finite Impulse Response Digital FiltersChan, D.S.K.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 52(3), 387, 1973Slope Overload Noise in Linear Delta Modulators With Gaussian InputsGreenstein, L.J.
Vol. 52(3), 423, 1973Tube Waveguide for Optical TransmissionMarcuse, D.; Mammel, W.L.
Vol. 52(3), 437, 1973The Interrupted Poisson as an Overflow ProcessKuczura, Anatol
Vol. 52(3), 449, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(4), 453, 1973Normal Modes in Overmoded Dielectric-Lined Circular WaveguideCarlin, J.W.; D'Agostino, P.
Vol. 52(4), 487, 1973Experimental Verification of Low-Loss TM Modes in Dielectric-Lined WaveguideCarlin, J.W.; Maione, A.
Vol. 52(4), 497, 1973Prefilters, Sampling, and Transmission Rates for Intraframe Codecs for Picturephone ServiceBobilin, R.T.
Vol. 52(4), 527, 1973Synthesis of Multiple-Feedback Active FiltersSzentirmai, G.
Vol. 52(4), 557, 1973Statistical Behavior of Rain AttenuationLin, S.H.
Vol. 52(4), 583, 1973Simple, Low-Loss Joints Between Single-Mode Optical FibersSomeda, C.G.
Vol. 52(4), 597, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(4), 599, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: Rain-Induced Differential Attenuation and Differential Phase Shift at Microwave FrequenciesMorrison, J.A.; Cross, M.J.; Chu, T.S.
Vol. 52(5), 605, 1973Distortion Produced by Band Limitation of an FM WaveRice, S.O.
Vol. 52(5), 627, 1973Computing Distortion in Analog FM Communication SystemsRainal, A.J.
Vol. 52(5), 649, 1973A Volterra Series Description of Crosstalk Interference in Communications SystemsGoldman, Joel
Vol. 52(5), 669, 1973The Potential in a Charge Coupled Device With No Mobile Minority Carriers and Zero Plate SeparationMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.
Vol. 52(5), 697, 1973Semilattice Characterization of Nonblocking NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 52(5), 707, 1973Efficient Evaluation of Integrals of Analytic Functions by the Trapezoidal RuleRice, S.O.
Vol. 52(5), 723, 1973A New Approach to Optimum Pulse Shaping in Sampled Systems Using Time-Domain FilteringMueller, K.H.
Vol. 52(5), 731, 1973Utilization of Optical-Frequency Carriers for Low- and Moderate-Bandwidth ChannelsHubbard, W.M.
Vol. 52(5), 767, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(6), 769, 1973Practical Design Rules for Optimum Finite Impulse Response Low-Pass Digital FiltersHerrmann, O.; Rabiner, L.R.; Chan, D.S.K.
Vol. 52(6), 801, 1973Impulse Response of Clad Optical Multimode FibersGloge, D.
Vol. 52(6), 817, 1973Coupled Mode Theory of Round Optical FibersMarcuse, D.
Vol. 52(6), 843, 1973Receiver Design for Digital Fiber Optic Communication Systems, IPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 52(6), 875, 1973Receiver Design for Digital Fiber Optic Communication Systems, IIPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 52(6), 887, 1973Gain-Induced Modes in Planar StructuresSchlosser, W.O.
Vol. 52(6), 907, 1973Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems With Emphasis on Asymmetric HeatingAung, W.
Vol. 52(6), 927, 1973On the Selection of a Two-Dimensional Signal Constellation in the Presence of Phase Jitter and Gaussian NoiseFoschini, G.J.; Gitlin, R.D.; Weinstein, S.B.
Vol. 52(6), 967, 1973A Theory of Traffic-Measurement Errors for Loss Systems With Renewal InputNeal, S.R.; Kuczura, A.
Vol. 52(6), 991, 1973Switching Networks of Planar Shifting ArraysKrupp, R.S.; Tomko, L.A.
Vol. 52(6), 1009, 1973Charge Distribution in Buried-Channel Charge-Coupled DevicesKent, W.H.
Vol. 52(6), 1025, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(6), 1029, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Effect of Rain on Circular Polarization at 18 GHzSemplack, R.A.
Vol. 52(6), 1031, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: Attenuation Through the Clear Atmosphere at 30, 19, and 13 GHz for Low Elevation AnglesHenry, Paul S.
Vol. 52(7), 1037, 1973A Coding Theorem for Multiple Access Channels With Correlated SourcesSlepian, D.; Wolf, J.K.
Vol. 52(7), 1077, 1973A Compromise Equalizer Design Incorporating Performance InvarianceBrophy, F.J.; Foschini, G.J.; Gitlin, R.D.
Vol. 52(7), 1097, 1973Distribution of the Summation of A-Sub N/N; A-Sub N Randomly Equal to Plus Or Minus 1Rice, S.O.
Vol. 52(7), 1105, 1973Adaptive Quantization in Differential PCM Coding of SpeechCummiskey, P.; Jayant, N.S.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 52(7), 1119, 1973Adaptive Quantization With a One-Word MemoryJayant, N.S.
Vol. 52(7), 1145, 1973Heuristic Solution of a Signal Design OptimizationKernighan, B.W.; Lin, S
Vol. 52(7), 1161, 1973Impulse Response of Fibers With Ring-Shaped Parabolic Index DistributionGloge, D.; Marcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 52(7), 1169, 1973The Impulse Response of an Optical Fiber With Parabolic Index ProfileMarcuse, D.
Vol. 52(7), 1175, 1973Baseband Linearity and Equalization in Fiber Optic Digital Communication SystemsPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 52(7), 1195, 1973Optimum Network Call-Carrying CapacityFranks, R.L.; Rishel, R.W.
Vol. 52(7), 1215, 1973Analysis of First-Come First-Served Queuing Systems With Peaked InputsHeffes, H.
Vol. 52(7), 1229, 1973Low-Loss Splices in Optical FibersDerosier, R.M.; Stone, J.
Vol. 52(7), 1237, 1973A Note on Optimal Approximating Manifolds of a Function ClassNetravali, Arun
Vol. 52(7), 1243, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(7), 1249, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Finline RadiatorHogg, D.C.; Legg, W.E.
Vol. 52(8), 1255, 1973Volterra Systems With More Than One Input Port-Distortion in a Frequency ConverterRice, S.O.
Vol. 52(8), 1271, 1973Picture Coding: The Use of a Viewer Model in Source EncodingLimb, J.O.
Vol. 52(8), 1303, 1973Statistical Properties of Gilbert's Burst Noise ModelChao, Min Te
Vol. 52(8), 1325, 1973The Metallurgy of Remendur: Effects of Processing VariationsPinnel, M.R.; Bennett, J.E.
Vol. 52(8), 1341, 1973Optimum Mean-Square Decision Feedback EqualizationSalz, J.
Vol. 52(8), 1375, 1973Traffic Measurement Biases Induced by Partial SamplingDescloux, A.
Vol. 52(8), 1403, 1973Use of a Gate to Reduce the Variance of Delays in Queues With Random ServiceColeman, R.D.
Vol. 52(8), 1423, 1973Losses and Impulse Response of a Parabolic Index Fiber With Random BendsMarcuse, D.
Vol. 52(8), 1439, 1973Effect of Misalignments on Coupling Efficiency of Single-Mode Optical Fiber Butt JointsCook, J.S.; Mammel, W.L.; Grow, R.J.
Vol. 52(8), 1449, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(9), 1453, 1973Operational Limitations of Charge Transfer DevicesThornber, K.K.
Vol. 52(9), 1483, 1973A Geometric Theory of Intersymbol Interference, Part I: Zero-Forcing and Decision-Feedback EqualizationMesserschmitt, D.G.
Vol. 52(9), 1521, 1973A Geometric Theory of Intersymbol Interference, Part II: Performance of the Maximum Likelihood DetectorMesserschmitt, D.G.
Vol. 52(9), 1541, 1973Adaptive Channel Memory Truncation for Maximum Likelihood Sequence EstimationFalconer, D.D.; Magee, F.R. Jr.
Vol. 52(9), 1563, 1973Multimode Theory of Graded-Core FibersMarcatili, E.A.J.; Gloge, D.
Vol. 52(9), 1579, 1973Optical Fiber End Preparation for Low-Loss SplicesGloge, D.; Smith, P.W.; Bisbee, D.L.; Chinnock, E.L.
Vol. 52(9), 1589, 1973Overload Model of Telephone Network OperationFranks, R.L.; Rishel, R.W.
Vol. 52(9), 1617, 1973Peakedness of Traffic Carried by a Finite Trunk Group With Renewal InputHeffes, H.; Holtzman, J.M.
Vol. 52(9), 1643, 1973Model Approximations to Visual Spatio-Temporal Sine-Wave Threshold DataBudrikis, Z.L.
Vol. 52(9), 1669, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(9), 1673, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: The Accuracy of the Equivalent Random Method With Renewal InputsHoltzman, J.M.
Vol. 52(10), 1681, 1973Interactive Information Management SystemsChai, D.T.; Wier, J.M.
Vol. 52(10), 1691, 1973Information Management System: MASTER LINKS--A Hierarchical Data SystemGibson, T.A.; Stockhausen, P.F.
Vol. 52(10), 1725, 1973Information Management System: The Natural Dialogue SystemPuerling, B.W.; Roberto, J.T.
Vol. 52(10), 1743, 1973Information Management System: The-Off-The-Shelf System---A Packaged Information Management SystemHeindel, L.E.; Roberto, J.T.
Vol. 52(10), 1765, 1973The Potential in a Charge-Coupled Device With No Mobile Minority CarriersMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.
Vol. 52(10), 1795, 1973Error Rates of Digital Signals in Charge Transfer DevicesThornber, K.K.
Vol. 52(10), 1811, 1973Stability of a General Type of Pulse-Width-Modulated Feedback SystemWalk, R.; Rootenburg, J.
Vol. 52(10), 1821, 1973Theory of Minimum Mean-Square-Error QAM Systems Employing Decision Feedback EqualizationFalconer, D.D.; Foschini, G.J.
Vol. 52(10), 1851, 1973A Universal Digital Data ScramblerLeeper, David G.
Vol. 52(10), 1867, 1973Dispersion and Equalization in Fiber Optic Communication SystemsHenderson, D.M.
Vol. 52(10), 1877, 1973Phase Dispersion Characteristics During Fade in a Microwave Line-of-Sight Radio ChannelSubramanian, M.; O'Brien, K.C.; Puglis, P.J.
Vol. 52(10), 1903, 1973Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 52(10), 1907, 1973B.S.T.J. Briefs: Perturbation Calculations of Rain-Induced Differential Attenuation and Differential Phase Shift at Microwave FrequenciesMorrison, J.A.; Chu, T.S.
Vol. 52(10), 1915, 1973Erratum: BSTJ v52n6, page 975
Vol. 53(1), 1, 1974Automatic Intercept System: Organization and ObjectivesByrne, C.J.; Winckelmann, W.A.; Wolfe, R.M.
Vol. 53(1), 19, 1974Automatic Intercept System: Operational ProgramsCohen, H.; Confalone, D.E.; Wagner, B.D.; Wood, W.W.
Vol. 53(1), 71, 1974Automatic Intercept System: Peripheral CircuitsBrendel, P.J.; Comella, W.K.; Markson, R.N.; Moylan, P.J.; Orost, J.
Vol. 53(1), 107, 1974Automatic Intercept System: File SubsystemHopkins, J.W.; Hunter, P.D.; Machol, R.E.; DiSalvo, J.J.; Piereth, R.J.
Vol. 53(1), 133, 1974Automatic Intercept System: Administering the Intercept Data BaseCarran, J.H.; Greisen, K.E.; Hall, W.G.; Wells, D.J.
Vol. 53(1), 155, 1974Automatic Intercept System: Development Support SystemsBuck, I.D.; Crudup, G.D.; Kemp, C.W.; Vogel, G.C.
Vol. 53(1), 171, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(2), 177, 1974Delay Distortion in Generalized Lens-Like MediaMiller, S.E.
Vol. 53(2), 195, 1974Losses and Impulse Response in Parabolic Index Fibers with Square Cross SectionMarcuse, D.
Vol. 53(2), 217, 1974Transverse Coupling in Fiber Optics Part I: Coupling Between Trapped ModesArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 53(2), 225, 1974Performance Models of an Experimental Computer Communication NetworkHayes, J.F.
Vol. 53(2), 261, 1974Peak-Load Traffic Administration of a Rural Multiplexer with ConcentrationGershwin, S.B.; Laue, R.V.; Wolman, Eric
Vol. 53(2), 283, 1974Time Domain Analysis and Synthesis of Notch FiltersZucker, H.
Vol. 53(2), 305, 1974Some Comparisons Between FIR and IIR Digital FibersRabiner, L.R.; Kaiser, J.F.; Herrmann, O.; Dolan, M.T.
Vol. 53(2), 333, 1974On the Behavior of Minimax Relative Error FIR Digital DifferentiatorsSchafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 53(2), 363, 1974On the Behavior of Minimax FIR Digital Hilbert TransformersRabiner, L.R.; Schafer, R.W.
Vol. 53(2), 391, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(2), 395, 1974B.S.T.J. Briefs: Interframe Picturephone Coding Using Unconditional Vertical and Temporal Subsampling TechniquesBobilin, R.T.
Vol. 53(2), 400, 1974Simultaneous Measurements of Depolarization by Rain Using Linear and Circular Polarizations at 18 GHzSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 53(3), 405, 1974Codes Which Detect DeceptionGilbert, E.N.; MacWilliams, F.J.; Sloane, N.J.A.
Vol. 53(3), 425, 1974Formulas on Queues in Burst Processes - IISondhi, M.M.; Gopinath, B.; Mitra, Debasis
Vol. 53(3), 449, 1974Adaptive Coding for Coherent Detection of Digital Phase ModulationRuthroff, C.L.; Bodtmann, W.F.
Vol. 53(3), 467, 1974Controlled Current Filaments in PNIPN Structures with Application to Magnetic Field DetectionPersky, G.; Bartelink, D.J.
Vol. 53(3), 503, 1974Design of Transmitter and Receiver Filters for Decision Feedback EqualizationSalazar, Andres C.
Vol. 53(3), 525, 1974Some Properties of the Erlang Loss FunctionJagerman, D.L.
Vol. 53(3), 553, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(4), 557, 1974Statistical Properties of a Sum of Sinusoids and Gaussian Noise and its Generalization to Higher DimensionsGoldman, Joel
Vol. 53(4), 581, 1974Experimental Investigation of a Linear 500-Element 3-Phase Charge-Coupled DeviceSequin, C.H.
Vol. 53(4), 611, 1974Sampled-Data System Approach to Model Time-Division SwitchesLiu, C.K.; Wang, T.L.
Vol. 53(4), 629, 1974An Optical Repeater with High-Impedance Input AmplifierGoell, J.E.
Vol. 53(4), 645, 1974Slab-Coupled WaveguidesMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 53(4), 675, 1974Transverse Coupling in Fiber Optics Part II: Coupling to Mode SinksArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 53(4), 697, 1974Strip-Loaded Film WaveguideRamaswamy, V.
Vol. 53(4), 705, 1974Rayleigh Scattering and the Impulse Response of Optical FibersMarcuse, D.
Vol. 53(4), 717, 1974Coupling of Nearly Degenerate Modes in Parallel Asymmetric Dielectric WaveguidesReinhart, F.K.; Wilson, L.O.
Vol. 53(4), 741, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(5), 745, 1974Capacity of the Gaussian Channel with Memory: The Multivariate CaseBrandenburg, L.H.; Wyner, A.D.
Vol. 53(5), 779, 1974Experimental Results on a Single-Material Optical FiberStandley, R.D.; Holden, W.S.
Vol. 53(5), 785, 1974Optimal Trade-Off of Mode-Mixing Optical Filtering and Index Difference in Digital Fiber Optic Communication SystemsPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 53(5), 801, 1974A Map Technique for Identifying Variables of SymmetryGoodrich, L.M.
Vol. 53(5), 827, 1974Finite-Element Method for the Determination of Thermal Stresses in Anisotropic Solids of RevolutionKaufman, S.
Vol. 53(5), 847, 1974Mean-Squared-Error Equalization Using Manually Adjusted EqualizersCho, Y.S.
Vol. 53(5), 867, 1974Mathematical Analysis of an Adaptive QuantizerMitra, Debasis
Vol. 53(5), 899, 1974Spectra of Digital Phase Modulation by Matrix MethodsPrabhu, V.K.; Rowe, H.E.
Vol. 53(5), 937, 1974On the Correlation Between Bit Sequences in Consecutive Delta Modulations of a Speech SignalJayant, N.S.
Vol. 53(5), 947, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(5), 951, 1974B.S.T.J. Briefs: Optical Waveguides with Very Low LossesFrench, W.G.; MacChesney, J.B.; O`Connor, P.B.; Tasker, G.W.
Vol. 53(6), 955, 1974Scattering of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave by Axisymmetric RaindropsMorrison, J.A.; Cross, M.J.
Vol. 53(6), 1021, 1974Low-Loss Single-Material Fibers Made from Pure Fused SilicaKaiser, P.; Astle, H.W.
Vol. 53(6), 1041, 1974Treatment of Microscopic Fluctuations in Noise TheoryThornber, K.K.
Vol. 53(6), 1079, 1974Bent Optical Waveguide with Lossy JacketMarcuse, D.
Vol. 53(6), 1103, 1974Spectrum of a Binary Signal Block Coded for DC SuppressionGreenstein, L.J.
Vol. 53(6), 1127, 1974An Algorithm for Locating the Beginning and End of an Utterance Using ADPCM Coded SpeechRosenthal, L.H.; Schafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 53(6), 1137, 1974Combining Intraframe and Frame-to-Frame Coding for TelevisionLimb, J.O.; Pease, R.F.W.; Walsh, K.A.
Vol. 53(6), 1175, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(6), 1179, 1974B.S.T.J. Briefs: Stripline Downconverter with Subharmonic PumpSchneider, M.V.; Shell, W.W. Jr.
Vol. 53(6), 1183, 1974B.S.T.J. Briefs: Fiber Ribbon Optical Transmission LinesStandley, R.D.
Vol. 53(7), 1187, 1974Spurious Parametric Oscillations in IMPATT Diode CircuitsSchroeder, W.E.
Vol. 53(7), 1211, 1974Theory of Noise in Charge-Transfer DevicesThornber, K.K.
Vol. 53(7), 1263, 1974A Statistical Analysis of Telephone NoiseStuck, B.W.; Kleiner, B.
Vol. 53(7), 1321, 1974Low-Noise, Integrated, Millimeter-Wave ReceiverGlance, B.; Snell, W.W. Jr.
Vol. 53(7), 1329, 1974Rain Attenuation on Short Radio Paths: Theory, Experiment, and DesignBodtmann, W.F.; Ruthroff, C.L.
Vol. 53(7), 1351, 1974An Improved Antenna for Microwave Radio Systems Consisting of Two Cylindrical Reflectors and a Corrugated HornDragone, C.
Vol. 53(7), 1379, 1974Transverse Coupling in Fiber Optics Part III: Bending LossesArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 53(7), 1395, 1974Optimum Refractive-Index Difference for Graded-Index Fibers Resulting From Concentration-Fluctuation ScatteringOstermayer, F.W. Jr.; Pinnow, D.A.
Vol. 53(7), 1403, 1974Application of Response-Bound Method in Shock and Vibration Analysis of Telephone StructuresLiu, S.C.
Vol. 53(7), 1427, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(8), 1431, 1974LAMP: System DescriptionChang, H.Y.; Smith, G.W. Jr.; Walford, R.B.
Vol. 53(8), 1451, 1974LAMP: Logic-Circuit SimulatorsChappell, S.G.; Elmendorf, C.H.; Schmidt, L.D.
Vol. 53(8), 1477, 1974LAMP: Automatic Test Generation for Asynchronous Digital CircuitsChappell, S.G.
Vol. 53(8), 1505, 1974LAMP: Controllability, Observability, and Maintenance Engineering Technique (COMET)Chang, H.Y.; Heimbigner, G.W.
Vol. 53(8), 1535, 1974LAMP: Application to Switching-System DevelopmentButler, T.T.; Hallin, T.G.; Kulzer, J.J.; Johnson, K.W.
Vol. 53(8), 1557, 1974Rain-Induced Cross-Polarization at Centimeter and Millimeter WavelengthsChu, T.S.
Vol. 53(8), 1581, 1974Design Considerations for a Two-Phase, Buried-Channel, Charge-Coupled DeviceMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.; Walden, R.H.
Vol. 53(8), 1599, 1974Pulse Spreading in Multimode, Planar, Optical FibersArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 53(8), 1619, 1974Theory of The Single-Material FiberMarcuse, D.
Vol. 53(8), 1643, 1974Theory of the Single-Material, Helicoidal FiberArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 53(8), 1657, 1974A Proposed Multiple-Beam Microwave Antenna For Earth Stations and SatellitesOhm, E.A.
Vol. 53(8), 1667, 1974Limiting the Propagation of Errors in One-Bit Differential CODECsCandy, J.C.
Vol. 53(8), 1677, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(9), 1681, 1974Source Coding for a Simple NetworkGray, R.M.; Wyner, A.D.
Vol. 53(9), 1723, 1974Interfacial Dopants for Dual-Dielectric, Charge-Storage CellsKahng, D.; Sundburg, W.J.; Boulin, D.M.; Ligenza, J.R.
Vol. 53(9), 1741, 1974Bias-Temperature-Stress Studies of Change Retention in Dual-Dielectric, Charge-Storage CellsThornber, K.K.; Kahng, D.; Neppell, C.T.
Vol. 53(9), 1771, 1974Input Amplifiers for Optical PCM ReceiversGoell, J.E.
Vol. 53(9), 1795, 1974Reduction of Multimode Pulse Dispersion by Intentional Mode CouplingMarcuse, D.
Vol. 53(9), 1817, 1974Outage of the L4 System and the Geomagnetic Disturbances of 4 August 1972Anderson, C.W.; Lanzerotti, L.J.; MacLennan, C.G.
Vol. 53(9), 1839, 1974New Frontiers of Varactor Harmonic Power Generation in the C-BandAhamed, S.V.; Irvin, J.C.
Vol. 53(9), 1845, 1974The Use of Negative-Impedance Units Inserted Uniformly Into a Transmission Line Reduce AttenuationManley, J.M.
Vol. 53(9), 1893, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 53(10), 1897, 1974L5 Coaxial-Carrier Transmission System, Foreword
Vol. 53(10), 1901, 1974L5 System: Overall Description and System DesignKelcourse, F.C.; Herr, F.J.
Vol. 53(10), 1935, 1974L5 System: Repeatered LineAngell, H.E.; Cho, Y.S.; Kretsch, K.P.; Luniewicz, M.M.
Vol. 53(10), 1987, 1974L5 System: Line-Power FeedHamilton, B.H.; Mottel, S.
Vol. 53(10), 2011, 1974L5 System: Line-Protection SwitchingGreen, J.H.; Sanders, R.W.
Vol. 53(10), 2035, 1974L5 System: Centralized Transmission SurveillanceThomas, J.L.; Anderson, R.E.; Baun, P.J.
Vol. 53(10), 2065, 1974L5 System: Jumbogroup Multiplex TerminalMaurer, R.E.
Vol. 53(10), 2097, 1974L5 System: 39A Precision OscillatorFlint, A.F.; Pustarfi, H.S.
Vol. 53(10), 2109, 1974L5 System: Jumbogroup Frequency SupplyBarry, J.F.; Narayanan, S.; Oberst, J.F.
Vol. 53(10), 2129, 1974L5 System: Signal Administration and InterconnectionBates, R.K.; Zorn, D.J.
Vol. 53(10), 2147, 1974L5 System: Physical DesignWirtz, R.J.; Albert, W.G.
Vol. 53(10), 2195, 1974L5 System: Ultralinear TransistorsD'Altroy, F.A.; Jacobs, R.M.; Nacci, J.M.; Panner, E.J.
Vol. 53(10), 2203, 1974L5 System: Transmission Networks and Magnetic ComponentsGarrison, J.L.; Olsen, A. Jr.; Simmonds, T.H. Jr.
Vol. 53(10), 2249, 1974L5 System: Role of Computing and Precision MeasurementsChen, R.M.M.; Hempstead, C.F.; Kuo, Y.L.; Liou, M.L.; Snicer, R.P.; Walsh, E.D.
Vol. 53(10), 2269, 1974Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(1), 1, 1975Bell Laboratories Fiftieth AnniversaryDanielson, W.E.
Vol. 54(1), 3, 1975Mode Coupling in an Optical Fiber with Core DistortionsMarcuse, D.; Presby, H.M.
Vol. 54(1), 17, 1975Quasi-Ray Analysis of Crosstalk Between Multimode Optical FibersCherin, A.H.; Murphy, E.J.
Vol. 54(1), 47, 1975Two Derivations of the Time-Dependent Coupled-Power EquationsPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 54(1), 53, 1975Effect of Junction Capacitance on the Rise Time of LED's and on the Turn-on Delay of Injection LasersLee, T.P.
Vol. 54(1), 69, 1975A Depletion-Load, p-Channel, Bipolar-IGFET TechnologyMarr, G.; Mowery, G.L.
Vol. 54(1), 81, 1975A Speaker-Independent Digit-Recognition SystemSambur, M.R.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 54(1), 103, 1975Space-Diversity EngineeringVigants, A.
Vol. 54(1), 143, 1975A New, Fast-Converging Mean-Square Algorithm for Adaptive Equalizers With Partial-Response SignalingMueller, K.H.
Vol. 54(1), 155, 1975Numerical Evaluation of Integrals With Infinite Limits and Oscillating IntegrandsRice, S.O.
Vol. 54(1), 165, 1975An Experiment on Propagation of 60-GHz Waves Through RainDeLange, O.E.; Dietrich, A.F.; Hogg, D.C.
Vol. 54(1), 177, 1975Rain-Scatter Interference in Terrestrial Microwave SystemsBullington, K.
Vol. 54(1), 189, 1975Optimum Timing Phase for an Infinite EqualizerMazo, J.E.
Vol. 54(1), 203, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(1), 207, 1975Erratum: BSTJ v53n2, page 183
Vol. 54(2), 209, 1975Echo Performance of Toll Telephone Connections in the United StatesDuffy, F.P.; McNees, G.K.; Nasell, I.; Thatcher, T.W. Jr.
Vol. 54(2), 245, 1975Optical-Fiber Packaging and Its Influence on Fiber Straightness and LossGloge, D.
Vol. 54(2), 263, 1975Resonant-Grid Quasi-Optical DiplexersArnaud, J.A.; Pelow, F.A.
Vol. 54(2), 285, 1975An Optical-Frequency Pulse-Position-Modulation ExperimentHolden, W.S.
Vol. 54(2), 297, 1975An Algorithm for Determining the Endpoints of Isolated UtterancesRabiner, L.R.; Sambur, M.R.
Vol. 54(2), 317, 1975Analysis of Specially Doped Varactors for Direct Frequency TriplingAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 54(2), 335, 1975New Results From a Mathematical Study of an Adaptive QuantizerMitra, Debasis
Vol. 54(2), 369, 1975Cyclic Equalization--A New Rapidly Converging Equalization Technique for Synchronous Data CommunicationMueller, K.H.; Spaulding, D.A.
Vol. 54(2), 407, 1975Applications of Group Theory to Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 54(2), 421, 1975Proving the Rearrangeability of Connecting Networks by Group CalculationsBenes, V.E.
Vol. 54(2), 435, 1975Some Effects of Measurement Errors on Rain Depolarization ExperimentsCox, D.C.
Vol. 54(2), 451, 1975Permanent Multiple Splices of Fused-Silica FibersDabby, F.W.
Vol. 54(2), 457, 1975Microbending Loss in Optical FibersGardner, W.B.
Vol. 54(2), 467, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(3), 471, 1975Preparation of Optical-Fiber Ends for Low-Loss Tape SplicesChinnock, E.L.; Gloge, D.; Bisbee, D.L.; Smith, P.W.
Vol. 54(3), 479, 1975All-Glass Optical-Fiber TapesBisbee, D.L.; Smith, P.W.
Vol. 54(3), 485, 1975Synthesis of Speech From a Dynamic Model of Vocal Cords and Vocal TractFlanagan, J.L.; Ishizaka, K.; Shipley, K.L.
Vol. 54(3), 507, 1975RC Active Filters for the D3 Channel BankFriedenson, R.A.; Daniels, R.W.; Dow, R.J.; McDonald, P.H.
Vol. 54(3), 531, 1975FIR Digital Filter Banks for Speech AnalysisSchafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.; Herrmann, O.
Vol. 54(3), 545, 1975Design and Evaluation of Shifted-Companion-Form Active FiltersTow, J.
Vol. 54(3), 569, 1975Timing Recovery and Scramblers in Data TransmissionGitlin, R.D.; Hayes, J.F.
Vol. 54(3), 595, 1975Analysis and Optimal Design of a Multiserver, Multiqueue System With Finite Waiting Space in Each QueueWhitaker, B.A.
Vol. 54(3), 625, 1975Nonstationary Blocking in Telephone TrafficJagerman, D.L.
Vol. 54(3), 663, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(4), 667, 1975Analysis of Field-Aided, Charge-Coupled Device TransferMcKenna, J.; Schryer, N.L.
Vol. 54(4), 687, 1975Aluminum Oxide/Silicon Dioxide, Double-Insulator, MOS StructureClemens, J.T.; Labuda, E.F.; Berglund, C.N.
Vol. 54(4), 721, 1975A 1-Watt, 6-Gigahertz IMPATT Amplifier for Short-Haul Radio ApplicationsMorris, J.E.; Gewartowski, J.W.
Vol. 54(4), 735, 1975Line-of-Sight Paths Over Random TerrainGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 54(4), 767, 1975Two Design Techniques for Digital Phase NetworksBrophy, F.J.; Salazar, A.C.
Vol. 54(4), 783, 1975The Effect of Small Phase Errors Upon Transmission Between Confocal AperturesAnderson, I.
Vol. 54(4), 797, 1975Toward a Group-Theoretic Proof of the Rearrangeability Theorem for Clos' NetworkBenes, V.E.
Vol. 54(4), 807, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(5), 811, 1975Digital Data System: System OverviewSnow, N.E.; Knapp, N. Jr.
Vol. 54(5), 833, 1975Digital Data System: User's View of the NetworkMahoney, J.J. Jr.; Mansell, J.J.; Matlack, R.C.
Vol. 54(5), 845, 1975Digital Data System: Testing and MaintenanceFitch, S.M.; Rechtenbaugh, D.L.
Vol. 54(5), 861, 1975Digital Data System: Network PlanningBrown, P.F.; Phipps, G.W.; Spindel, L.A.
Vol. 54(5), 879, 1975Digital Data System: Network SynchronizationSaltzberg, B.R.; Zydney, H.M.
Vol. 54(5), 893, 1975Digital Data System: Digital MultiplexersBenowitz, P.; Butterfield, S.J.; Cichetti, M.P. Jr.; Cross, T.G.
Vol. 54(5), 919, 1975Digital Data System: Local Distribution SystemBender, E.C.; Kneuer, J.G.; Lawless, W.J.
Vol. 54(5), 943, 1975Digital Data System: Physical DesignIllium, H.C.; Lueft, W.B.; Rice, D.W.
Vol. 54(5), 965, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(6), 971, 1975A Molded-Plastic Technique for Connecting and Splicing Optical-Fiber Tapes and CablesSmith, P.W.; Bisbee, D.L.; Gloge, D.; Chinnock, E.L.
Vol. 54(6), 985, 1975Coupled-Mode Theory For Anisotropic Optical WaveguidesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 54(6), 997, 1975Influences of Glass-to-Metal Sealing on the Structure and Magnetic Properties of an Fe/Co/V AlloyPinnel, M.R.; Bennett, J.E.
Vol. 54(6), 1011, 1975A Multibeam, Spherical-Reflector Satellite Antenna for the 20- and 30-GHz BandsTurrin, R.H.
Vol. 54(6), 1027, 1975Polarization-Independent, Multilayer Dielectrics at Oblique IncidenceSaleh, A.A.M.
Vol. 54(6), 1051, 1975A Method for Calculating Rain Attenuation Distributions on Microwave PathsLin, S.H.
Vol. 54(6), 1087, 1975A Geometric Derivation of Forney's Upper BoundMazo, J.E.
Vol. 54(6), 1095, 1975Power Spectrum of a Digital, Frequency-Modulation SignalRowe, H.E.; Prabhu, V.K.
Vol. 54(6), 1127, 1975Analysis of Trunk Groups Containing Short-Holding-Time TrunksForys, L.J.; Messerli, E.J.
Vol. 54(6), 1155, 1975Entropy Measurements for Nonadaptive and Adaptive, Frame-to-Frame, Linear-Predictive Coding of Video Telephone SignalsHaskell, B.G.
Vol. 54(6), 1175, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(7), 1179, 1975Pulse Broadening in Multimode Optical FibersArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 54(7), 1207, 1975Effects of Environmental Nuclear Radiation on Optical FibersShah, J.
Vol. 54(7), 1215, 1975Loose Tube Splices for Optical FibersMiller, C.M.
Vol. 54(7), 1227, 1975The Effects of Longitudinal Imbalance on CrosstalkMiller, G.
Vol. 54(7), 1253, 1975Wideband Amplifier Design Using Major Multiloop Feedback TechniquesAprille, T.J. Jr.
Vol. 54(7), 1277, 1975Variance of Load Measurements in Markovian Service SystemsDescloux, A.
Vol. 54(7), 1301, 1975TI Carbon Transmitter Model for Use in Computer-Sided Analysis of Telephone Set Transmission CharacteristicsMeans, D.R.
Vol. 54(7), 1319, 1975Some Far-Field Studies of an Offset LauncherGans, M.J.; Semplak, R.A.
Vol. 54(7), 1341, 1975Upper Bound on Error Probability for Detection With Unbounded Intersymbol InterferenceWyner, A.D.
Vol. 54(7), 1353, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(8), 1355, 1975The Wire-Tap ChannelWyner, A.D.
Vol. 54(8), 1389, 1975Optimum Direct Detection for Digital Fiber-Optic Communication SystemsFoschini, G.J.; Gitlin, R.D.; Salz, J.
Vol. 54(8), 1431, 1975Transverse Coupling in Fiber Optics Part IV: CrosstalkArnaud, J.A.
Vol. 54(8), 1451, 1975Faster-Than-Nyquist SignalingMazo, J.E.
Vol. 54(8), 1463, 1975Single-Integration, Adaptive Delta ModulationCummiskey, P.
Vol. 54(8), 1475, 1975A Low-Bit-Rate Interframe Coder for VideotelephoneHaskell, B.G.; Schmidt, R.L.
Vol. 54(8), 1497, 1975A Novel Implementation of Digital Phase ShiftersCrochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Shively, R.R.
Vol. 54(8), 1503, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(9), 1507, 1975Excitation of Parabolic-Index Fibers With Incoherent SourcesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 54(9), 1531, 1975An Analysis of the Effect of Lossy Coatings on the Transmission Energy in a Multimode Optical FiberCherin, A.H.; Murphy, E.J.
Vol. 54(9), 1547, 1975A Fiber-Optic-Cable ConnectorMiller, C.M.
Vol. 54(9), 1557, 1975Step-Size Transmitting Differential Coders for Mobile TelephonyJayant, N.S.
Vol. 54(9), 1583, 1975An Autocorrelation Criterion for the Time-Diversity Reception of Speech Over Burst-Error ChannelsJayant, N.S.
Vol. 54(9), 1597, 1975A Comparative Study of Various Quantization Schemes for Speech EncodingNoll, P.
Vol. 54(9), 1615, 1975Effects of Channel Errors on the Signal-to-Noise Performance of Speech-Encoding SystemsNoll, P.
Vol. 54(9), 1637, 1975A Diffusion Model Approximation for the GI/G/1 Queue in Heavy TrafficHeyman, D.P.
Vol. 54(9), 1647, 1975Optimal Rearrangeable GraphsChung, F.R.K.
Vol. 54(9), 1663, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(10), 1665, 1975Quasi-Optical Polarization Diplexing of MicrowavesChu, T.S.; Gans, M.J.; Legg, W.E.
Vol. 54(10), 1681, 1975Material Structure of Germanium-Doped Optical Fibers and PreformsPresby, H.M.; Standley, R.D.; MacChesney, J.B.; O'Connor, P.B.
Vol. 54(10), 1693, 1975An Efficient Linear-Prediction VocoderSambur, M.R.
Vol. 54(10), 1725, 1975On the Theory of Self-Resonant GridsAnderson, I.
Vol. 54(10), 1733, 1975An Approximate Method for Calculation Delays for a Family of Cyclic-Type QueuesHalfin, S.
Vol. 54(10), 1755, 1975The Effect of Frame Load and Balance on Dial-Tone Delay in No. 5 CrossbarGuess, H.A.
Vol. 54(10), 1795, 1975Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 54(10), S001, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System, Preface
Vol. 54(10), S003, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: ForewordCrowley, Thomas H.
Vol. 54(10), S009, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Introduction and OverviewBrown, N.H.; Fabisch, M.P.; Rifenberg, C.J.
Vol. 54(10), S029, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: The Data-Processing System Performance Requirements in RetrospectMeseke, D.W.
Vol. 54(10), S041, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Architecture of the Central Logic and ControlOlson, J.W.
Vol. 54(10), S063, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Maintenance and Diagnostic SubsystemHahn, J.R. Jr.; Slojkowski, F.E.
Vol. 54(10), S073, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: The Dictionary Approach to Digital MaintenanceRifenberg, C.J.
Vol. 54(10), S089, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Central Logic and Control Operating SystemHaggerty, J.P.
Vol. 54(10), S101, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Process Design in the Structure of Real-Time Software SystemsDoyle, W.S.; Gibbons, J.R.
Vol. 54(10), S111, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Process-System Testing and the System ExerciserDonohue, B.P. III; McDonald, J.F.
Vol. 54(10), S123, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: System Error ControlGawron, L.J.
Vol. 54(10), S133, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Debugging a Real-Time Multiprocessor SystemPhillips, A.K.
Vol. 54(10), S149, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Support Software and Support Computers: An OverviewConners, R.R.
Vol. 54(10), S161, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: CENTRAN-A Case History in Extendible Language DesignDickman, B.N.
Vol. 54(10), S173, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Systems Programming in PL/1Van Sciver, P.A.
Vol. 54(10), S181, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: SAFEGUARD Data Reduction SystemHoover, E.S.; Jacoby, R.A.
Vol. 54(10), S191, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: A Means to Effective Computer Resource UtilizationKuoni, J.P.
Vol. 54(10), S199, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: An Experiment in Software DevelopmentFreeman, R.D.
Vol. 54(10), S211, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Structured Programming and Program Production LibrariansNichols, B.C.
Vol. 54(10), S223, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Management OverviewDavis, E.J.; Jackson, H.M. II
Vol. 54(10), S231, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Software Change ControlVan Haften, D.
Vol. 54(10), S237, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: A Cost-Plus-Award-Fee Contract for a Large Software Development ProgramMac Williams, W.H.; Petersen, J.E.
Vol. 54(10), S245, 1975SAFEGUARD Data-Processing System: Software Project ManagementMusa, J.D.; Woomer, F.N. Jr.
Vol. 54(10), S261, 1975Glossary
Vol. 54(10), S263, 1975List of Contributors
Vol. 55(1), 1, 1976Loss-Noise-Echo Study of the Direct Distance Dialing NetworkSpang, T.C.
Vol. 55(1), 37, 1976The Jitter Performance of Phase-Locked Loops Extracting Timing From Baseband Data WaveformsDuttweiler, D.L.
Vol. 55(1), 59, 1976Some Properties of the Variance of the Switch-Count LoadDescloux, A.
Vol. 55(1), 89, 1976An Algorithmic Procedure for Designing Hybrid FIR/IIR Digital FiltersCampbell, M.R.; Crochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 55(1), 109, 1976Filter Response of Nonuniform Almost-Periodic StructuresKogelnik, H.
Vol. 55(1), 127, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(1), 129, 1976B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Simple Method for Estimating Five-Minute Point Rain-Rate Distributions Based on Available Climatological DataChen, W.Y.S.
Vol. 55(1), 135, 1976Dependence of Rain-Rate Distribution on Rain-Gauge Integration TimeLin, S.H.
Vol. 55(2), 143, 1976Spectral Moment Estimators: A New Approach to Tone DetectionDenenberg, J.N.
Vol. 55(2), 157, 1976A Simple Description of an Error-Correcting Code for High-Density Magnetic TapeSloane, N.J.A.
Vol. 55(2), 167, 1976A 10-W, 6-GHz, GaAs IMPATT Amplifier for Microwave Radio SystemsTatsuguchi, I.; Gewartowski, J.W.
Vol. 55(2), 183, 1976Design of a Microprogram Control for a Processor in an Electronic Switching SystemStorey, T.F.
Vol. 55(2), 233, 1976Temperature Rise at a Constriction in a Current-Carrying Printed ConductorRainal, A.J.
Vol. 55(2), 271, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(3), 273, 1976Bell System Centennial: 100 Years of Publishing on Telecommunications
Vol. 55(3), 278, 1976Researches in Telephony and Sciences Vol. XIIBell, A. Graham
Vol. 55(3), 289, 1976Cross Polarization in Reflector-Type Beam Waveguides and AntennasGans, M.J.
Vol. 55(3), 317, 1976Jointly Adaptive Equalization and Carrier Recovery in Two-Dimensional Digital Communication SystemsFalconer, D.D.
Vol. 55(3), 335, 1976The Field of a Line Charge Near the Tip of a Dielectric WedgeLewis, J.A.; McKenna, J.
Vol. 55(3), 343, 1976A Note on the Capacity of the Band-Limited Gaussian ChannelWyner, A.D.
Vol. 55(3), 347, 1976On Optical Data Communication Via Direct Detection of Light PulsesMazo, J.E.; Salz, J.
Vol. 55(3), 371, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(4), 373, 1976Step Response of an Adaptive Delta ModulatorBoyce, W.M.
Vol. 55(4), 395, 1976On The Design of All-Pass Signals With Peak Amplitude ConstraintsRabiner, L.R.; Crochiere, R.E.
Vol. 55(4), 409, 1976Analysis of a Gradient Algorithm for Simultaneous Passband Equalization and Carrier Phase RecoveryFalconer, D.D.
Vol. 55(4), 429, 1976Spectral Occupancy of Digital Angle-Modulation SignalsPrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 55(4), 455, 1976A Touch-Tone Receiver-Generator With Digital Channel FiltersGopinath, B.; Kurshan, R.P.
Vol. 55(4), 469, 1976Digital Single-Tone Generator-DetectorsKurshan, R.P.; Gopinath, B.
Vol. 55(4), 497, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(4), 499, 1976Abstracts of Bell System Papers Appearing in Other Publications
Vol. 55(5), 503, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: System OverviewHaugk, G.; Walsh, E.G.
Vol. 55(5), 511, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Development of a Remanent Reed Sealed ContactArcher, W.E.; Olsen, K.M.; Renaut, P.W.
Vol. 55(5), 537, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Remreed SwitchesGashler, R.J.; Archer, W.E.; Wasserman, N.; Yano, D.H.; Zolnoski, R.C.
Vol. 55(5), 565, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Remreed Network Electronic ControlDanielsen, D.; Liss, W.A.
Vol. 55(5), 597, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Remreed Line ScannerKennedy, J.C.; Liss, W.A.; Smith, J.R.
Vol. 55(5), 607, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Physical Design of Remreed Switching NetworksKlein, H.J.
Vol. 55(5), 637, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Transmission Design and Environmental Protection of Remreed NetworksKlosterman, C.H.; Unrue, J.E. Jr.
Vol. 55(5), 663, 1976Remreed Switching Networks for No. 1 and No. 1A ESS: Remreed Contact and Switching Network EvaluationGrau, T.G.; Barzilai, E.; Narney, R.I.; Rath, R.N.; Tompsett, D.E.; Whitfield, R.G.
Vol. 55(5), 681, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(5), 687, 1976Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 55(6), 691, 1976Automated Network Analyzers for the 0.9- to 12.4-GHz RangeEvans, J.G.; Kerfoot, F.W.; Nichols, R.L.
Vol. 55(6), 723, 1976Evaluation of an Automatic Speaker-Verification System Over Telephone LinesRosenberg, A.E.
Vol. 55(6), 745, 1976Statistical Evaluation of the Error Rate of the Fiberguide Repeater Using Importance SamplingBalaban, P.
Vol. 55(6), 767, 1976A Phased, Optical, Coupler-Pair SwitchRamaswamy, V.; Standley, R.D.
Vol. 55(6), 777, 1976Mode Mixing With Reduced Losses in Parabolic-Index FibersMarcuse, D.
Vol. 55(6), 803, 1976The Boundary Layer in a Concentrated, Multicomponent ElectrolyteLewis, J.A.
Vol. 55(6), 825, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(6), 827, 1976Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 55(7), 831, 1976Traffic Capacity of a Probability-Engineered Trunk GroupHill, D.W.; Neal, S.R.
Vol. 55(7), 843, 1976Analysis of Toll Switching NetworksKrupp, R.S.
Vol. 55(7), 857, 1976Test Facility for a Message-Switching SystemBracker, W.E.; Sears, E.R.
Vol. 55(7), 875, 1976Calculation of Multidisturber Crosstalk Probabilities - Application to Subscriber-Loop GainLapsa, P.M.
Vol. 55(7), 905, 1976Offset and Tilt Loss in Optical Fiber SplicesGloge, D.
Vol. 55(7), 917, 1976Transmission vs Transverse Offset for Parabolic-Profile Fiber Splices With Unequal Core DiametersMiller, C.M.
Vol. 55(7), 929, 1976Laminated Fiber Ribbon for Optical Communication CablesMiller, C.M.
Vol. 55(7), 937, 1976Microbending Losses of Single-Mode, Step-Index and Multimode, Parabolic-Index FibersMarcuse, D.
Vol. 55(7), 957, 1976Comparison of Equalizing and Nonequalizing Repeaters for Optical Fiber SystemsPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 55(7), 973, 1976Derivative Measurements of Light-Current-Voltage Characteristics of (Al,Ga)As Double-Heterostructure LasersDixon, R.W.
Vol. 55(7), 981, 1976On Kailath's Innovations Conjecture HoldBenes, V.E.
Vol. 55(7), 1003, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(7), 1007, 1976Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 55(8), 1011, 1976Basic Fluid-Dynamic Considerations in the Drawing of Optical FibersGeyling, F.T.
Vol. 55(8), 1057, 1976An Injection-Molded Plastic Connector for Splicing Optical CablesCherin, A.H.; Rich, P.J.
Vol. 55(8), 1069, 1976Digital Coding of Speech in Sub-bandsCrochiere, R.E.; Webber, S.A.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 55(8), 1087, 1976Subjective Evaluation of PCM Coded SpeechGoodman, D.J.; McDermott, B.J.; Nakatani, L.H.
Vol. 55(8), 1111, 1976Rain-Rate Distributions and Extreme-Value StatisticsLin, S.H.
Vol. 55(8), 1125, 1976Distinguishing Stable Probability Measures - Part I: Discrete TimeStuck, B.W.
Vol. 55(8), 1183, 1976Distinguishing Stable Probability Measures - Part II: Continuous TimeStuck, B.W.
Vol. 55(8), 1197, 1976Alarm Statistics of the Violation Monitor and RemoverFang, G.S.
Vol. 55(8), 1219, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(8), 1221, 1976Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 55(9), 1225, 1976An Optical Apparatus for Very-Small-Angle Light Scattering - Design, Analysis, and PerformanceLastovka, J.B.
Vol. 55(9), 1295, 1976Exact Theory of TE-Wave-Scattering From Blazed Dielectric GratingsMarcuse, D.
Vol. 55(9), 1319, 1976Models for the Subjective Effects of Loss, Noise, and Talker Echo on Telephone ConnectionsCavanaugh, J.R.; Hatch, R.W.; Sullivan, J.L.
Vol. 55(9), 1373, 1976Speech Encryption by Manipulations of LPC ParametersSambur, M.R.; Jayant, N.S.
Vol. 55(9), 1389, 1976Multiple Tone Parameter Estimation From Discrete-Time ObservationsRife, D.C.; Boorstyn, R.R.
Vol. 55(9), 1411, 1976On the Rearrangeability of Some Multistage Connecting NetworksHwang, F.K.
Vol. 55(9), 1423, 1976Optimum Quantizer Design Using a Fixed-Point AlgorithmNetravali, A.N.; Saigal, R.
Vol. 55(9), 1437, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(9), 1441, 1976Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 55(10), 1445, 1976Steady-State Losses of Optical Fibers and Fiber ResonatorsMarcuse, D.
Vol. 55(10), 1463, 1976Scattering and Absorption Losses of Multimode Optical Fibers and Fiber LasersMarcuse, D.
Vol. 55(10), 1489, 1976Novel Technique for Measuring the Index Profile of Optical FibersArnaud, J.A.; Derosier, R.M.
Vol. 55(10), 1509, 1976Wavelength Dependence of Frequency-Response Measurements in Multimode Optical FibersCohen, L.G.; Astle, H.W.; Kaminow, I.P.
Vol. 55(10), 1525, 1976Geometrical Uniformity of Plastic Coatings on Optical FibersPresby, H.M.
Vol. 55(10), 1539, 1976Ordering Techniques for Coding of Two-Tone Facsimile PicturesNetravali, A.N.; Mounts, F.W.; Bowen, E.G.
Vol. 55(10), 1553, 1976Last-Trunk-Usage Measurements in Step-by-Step Switching SystemsLaCava, B.R.; Miller, W.D.; Yaged, B.
Vol. 55(10), 1573, 1976Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 55(10), 1577, 1976Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 56(1), 1, 1977Engineering Traffic Networks for More Then One Busy HourEisenberg, M.
Vol. 56(1), 21, 1977Design of Quantizers for Real-Time Hadamard-Transform Coding of PicturesMounts, F.W.; Netravali, A.N.; Prasada, B.
Vol. 56(1), 49, 1977Modal Dispersion in Optical Fibers With Arbitrary Numerical Aperture and Profile DispersionMarcatili, E.A.J.
Vol. 56(1), 65, 1977An Experimental Optical-Fiber Link for Low-Bit-Rate ApplicationsMuska, W.M.
Vol. 56(1), 77, 1977Propagation of High-Frequency Elastic Surface Waves Along Cylinders With Various Cross-Sectional ShapesMorrison, J.A.; Seery, J.B.; Wilson, L.O.
Vol. 56(1), 115, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(1), 117, 1977Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 56(2), 119, 19771A Processor: Organization and ObjectivesStaehler, R.E.
Vol. 56(2), 135, 19771A Processor: Control SystemBudlong, A.H.; DeLugish, B.G.; Neville, S.M.; Nowak, J.S.; Quinn, J.L.; Wendland, F.W.
Vol. 56(2), 181, 19771A Processor: Memory SystemsAult, C.F.; Brewster, J.H.; Greenwood, T.S.; Haglund, R.E.; Read, W.A.; Rolund, M.W.
Vol. 56(2), 207, 19771A Processor: Technology and Physical DesignBecker, J.O.; Chevalier, J.G.; Eisenhart, R.K.; Forster, J.H.; Fulton, A.W.; Harrod, W.L.
Vol. 56(2), 237, 19771A Processor: Control, Administrative, and Utility SoftwareClement, G.F.; Fuss, P.S.; Griffith, R.J.; Lee, R.C.; Royer, R.D.
Vol. 56(2), 255, 19771A Processor: Maintenance SoftwareBowman, P.W.; Dubman, M.R.; Goetz, F.M.; Kranzmann, R.F.; Stredde, E.H.; Watters, R.J.
Vol. 56(2), 289, 19771A Processor: Testing and IntegrationHilsinger, H.A.; Mozingo, K.D.; Starnes, C.F.; VanDine, G.A.
Vol. 56(2), 313, 1977Glossary
Vol. 56(2), 317, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(2), 325, 1977Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 56(3), 329, 1977Thick Dielectric Grating on Asymmetric Slab WaveguideMarcuse, D.
Vol. 56(3), 355, 1977Photon Tube - An Optical-Fiber Time-Domain ReflectometerPersonick, S.D.
Vol. 56(3), 367, 1977Computer Displays Optically Superimposed on Input DevicesKnowlton, K.C.
Vol. 56(3), 385, 1977100-GHz Measurements on a Multiple-Beam Offset AntennaSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 56(3), 399, 1977Detection and Selective Smoothing of Transmission Errors in Linear PCMSteele, R.; Goodman, D.J.
Vol. 56(3), 411, 1977On the Angle Between Two Fourier SubspacesMazo, J.E.
Vol. 56(3), 427, 1977Rate vs. Fidelity for the Binary SourceLloyd, S.P.
Vol. 56(3), 439, 1977Pitch-Adaptive DPCM Coding of Speech With Two-Bit Quantization and Fixed Spectrum PredictionJayant, N.S.
Vol. 56(3), 455, 1977Evaluation of a Statistical Approach to Voiced-Unvoiced-Silence Analysis for Telephone-Quality SpeechRabiner, L.R.; Schmidt, C.E.; Atal, B.S.
Vol. 56(3), 483, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(4), 487, 1977Information in the Zero Crossings of Bandpass SignalsLogan, B.F. Jr.
Vol. 56(4), 511, 1977Pseudorandom Noise Loading for Noise Power Ratio and Law of AdditionMoseley, R.H.; Pirkau, S.B.; Swerdlow, R.B.
Vol. 56(4), 535, 1977On the Occurrence of Caustics in the Drawdown Zone of Silica FibersSimpkins, P.G.; Dudderar, T.D.; McKenna, J.; Seery, J.B.
Vol. 56(4), 561, 1977The Effects of Traffic Load Variation on Measurement AccuracyHill, D.W.
Vol. 56(4), 575, 1977Reliability Considerations for Multiple-Spot-Beam Communication SatellitesAcampora, A.S.
Vol. 56(4), 597, 1977The Theory of Uniform Cables - Part I: Calculation of Propagation ParametersLenahan, T.A.
Vol. 56(4), 611, 1977The Theory of Uniform Cables - Part II: Calculation of Charge ComponentsLenahan, T.A.
Vol. 56(4), 627, 1977Experimental Test of Propagation-Parameter Calculations for Shielded Balanced Pair CablesLenahan, T.A.
Vol. 56(4), 637, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(4), 641, 1977Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 56(5), 645, 1977Impact of Microwave Depolarization During Multipath Fading on Digital Radio PerformanceLin, S.H.
Vol. 56(5), 675, 1977Dual-Polarized Channel Outages During Multipath FadingMottl, T.O.
Vol. 56(5), 703, 1977Loss Analysis of Single-Mode Fiber SplicesMarcuse, D.
Vol. 56(5), 719, 1977Minimum Impulse Response in Graded-Index FibersCook, J.S.
Vol. 56(5), 729, 1977Simplified Theory of the Multimode Fiber CouplerOgawa, K.
Vol. 56(5), 747, 1977On the Design of Sub-band Coders for Low-Bit-Rate Speech CommunicationCrochiere, R.E.
Vol. 56(5), 771, 1977A Variable-Band Coding Scheme or Speech Encoding at 4.8 kb/sCrochiere, R.E.; Sambur, M.R.
Vol. 56(5), 781, 1977On Speech Encryption Using Waveform ScramblingKak, S.C.; Jayant, N.S.
Vol. 56(5), 809, 1977Techniques for Coding Dithered Two-Level PicturesNetravali, A.N.; Mounts, F.W.; Beyer, J.D.
Vol. 56(5), 821, 1977A Probability Inequality and Its Application to Switching NetworksHwang, F.K.; Odlyzko, A.M.
Vol. 56(5), 827, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(5), 831, 1977Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 56(6), 835, 1977Reflection, Transmission, and Mode Conversion in a Corrugated FeedDragone, C.
Vol. 56(6), 869, 1977Characteristics of a Broadband Microwave Corrugated Feed: A Comparison Between Theory and ExperimentDragone, C.
Vol. 56(6), 889, 1977Acoustic Properties of Longitudinal Displacement in Vocal Cord VibrationIshizaka, K.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 56(6), 919, 1977Faulty-Trunk Detection Algorithms Using EADAS/ICUR Traffic DataKaufman, J.S.
Vol. 56(6), 977, 1977Cancellation of Polarization Rotation in an Offset Paraboloid by a Polarization GridChu, T.S.
Vol. 56(6), 987, 1977Ten Years of Power Aging of the Same Group of Submarine Cable Semiconductor DevicesWahl, A.J.
Vol. 56(6), 1007, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(6), 1009, 1977Abstracts of Papers by Bell System Authors Published in Other Journals
Vol. 56(6), 1013, 1977B.S.T.J. Briefs: Adhesive Sandwich Optical Fiber RibbonsSaunders, M.J.; Parham, W.L.
Vol. 56(7), 1015, 1977No. 4 ESS: PrologueSpencer, A.E. Jr.
Vol. 56(7), 1017, 1977No. 4 ESS: System Objectives and OrganizationRitchie, A.E.; Tuomenoksa, L.S.
Vol. 56(7), 1029, 1977No. 4 ESS: Peripheral SystemHuttenhoff, J.H.; Janik, J. Jr.; Johnson, G.D.; Schleicher, W.R.; Slana, M.F.; Tendick, F.H. Jr.
Vol. 56(7), 1057, 1977No. 4 ESS: Transmission/Switching Interfaces and Toll Terminal EquipmentBoyle, J.F.; Colton, J.R.; Dammann, C.L.; Karafin, B.J.; Mann, H.
Vol. 56(7), 1099, 1977No. 4 ESS: System PowerLuer, H.J.; Ostapiak, R.
Vol. 56(7), 1113, 1977No. 4 ESS: Software Organization and Basic Call HandlingCieslak, T.J.; Croxall, L.M.; Roberts, J.B.; Saad, M.W.; Scanlon, J.M.
Vol. 56(7), 1139, 1977No. 4 ESS: Maintenance SoftwareMeyers, M.N.; Routt, W.A.; Yoder, K.W.
Vol. 56(7), 1169, 1977No. 4 ESS: Network Management and Traffic AdministrationGreene, T.V.; Haenschke, D.G.; Hornbach, B.H.; Johnson, C.E.
Vol. 56(7), 1203, 1977No. 4 ESS: Data/Trunk Administration and MaintenanceGuinta, J.A.; Heath, S.F. III; Raleigh, J.T.; Smith, M.T. Jr.
Vol. 56(7), 1239, 1977No. 4 ESS: Program Administration, Test, and EvaluationMcCabe, P.S.; Otto, J.B.; Roy, S.; Sellers, G.A. Jr.; Zweifel, K.W.
Vol. 56(7), 1279, 1977No. 4 ESS: System Integration and Early Office ExperienceCompton, H.B.; Giloth, P.K.; Waverly, M.B.; Niedfeldt, B.G.
Vol. 56(7), 1297, 1977No. 4 ESS: The Switched Digital Network PlanAbate, J.E.; Brandenberg, L.H.; Lawson, J.C.; Ross, W.L.
Vol. 56(7), 1321, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(7), 1333, 1977Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 56(8), 1337, 1977Anticausal Analysis of Feedback AmplifiersWaldhauer, F.D.
Vol. 56(8), 1387, 1977Vibrations of a Lithium Niobate FiberWilson, Lynn O.
Vol. 56(8), 1405, 1977A Descent Algorithm for the Multihour Sizing of Traffic NetworksElsner, W.B.
Vol. 56(8), 1431, 1977On Blocking Probabilities for Switching NetworksChung, F.R.K.; Hwang, F.K.
Vol. 56(8), 1447, 1977Coupled Surface-Acoustic-Wave ResonatorsCross, P.S.; Schmidt, R.V.
Vol. 56(8), 1483, 1977A Quasioptical Feed System for Radioastronomical Observations at Millimeter WavelengthsGoldsmith, P.F.
Vol. 56(8), 1503, 1977Analysis of Longitudinal Stress Imparted to Fibers in Twisting an Optical Communication Cable UnitEichenbaum, B.R.; Santana, M.R.
Vol. 56(8), 1513, 1977An Evaluation of Two Simple Methods for Detecting Tones over Telephone LinesChristopher, D.K.; Rabiner, L.R.; Schweitzer, P.; Bock, D.E.
Vol. 56(8), 1531, 1977Some Experiments in Adaptive and Predictive Hadamard Transform Coding of PicturesNetravali, A.N.; Presada, B.; Mounts, F.W.
Vol. 56(8), 1549, 1977A Scanning Spot-Beam Satellite SystemReudink, D.O.; Yeh, Y.S.
Vol. 56(8), 1561, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(8), 1565, 1977Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 56(8), 1569, 1977B.S.T.J. Briefs: Use of Variable-Quality Coding and Time-Interval Modification in Packet Transmission of SpeechWebber, S.A.; Harris, C.J.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 56(9), i, 1977Bell Laboratories Scientist Named Nobel Laureate
Vol. 56(9), 1575, 1977The Influence of Rain on Design of 11-GHz Terrestrial Radio RelayHogg, D.C.; Giger, A.J.; Longton, A.C.; Muller, E.E.
Vol. 56(9), 1581, 197711-GHz Radio: Nationwide Long-Term Rain Rate Statistics and Empirical Calculation of 11-GHz Microwave Rain AttenuationLin, S.H.
Vol. 56(9), 1605, 197711-GHz Radio: Application of Rain Attenuation Data to 11-GHz Radio Path EngineeringOsborne, T.L.
Vol. 56(9), 1629, 1977Optimum Digital Filters for Interpolative A/D ConvertersNetravali, A.N.
Vol. 56(9), 1643, 1977Construction for Group-Balanced Connecting NetworksHwang, F.K.; Liang, T.C.
Vol. 56(9), 1651, 1977Automatic Numerical QuadratureBlue, James L.
Vol. 56(9), 1679, 1977Criteria for Determining if a High-Order Digital Filter Using Saturation Arithmetic is Free of Overflow OscillationsMitra, Debasis
Vol. 56(9), 1701, 1977Tandem Connections of Wideband and Narrowband Speech Communications Systems: Part 1 - Narrowband-to-Wideband LinkCrochiere, R.E.; Goodman, D.J.; Rabiner, L.R.; Sambur, M.R.
Vol. 56(9), 1723, 1977Tandem Connections of Wideband and Narrowband Speech Communication Systems: Part 2 - Wideband-to-Narrowband LinkRabiner, L.R.; Sambur, M.R.; Crochiere, R.E.; Goodman, D.J.
Vol. 56(9), 1743, 1977Discrete-Time Single Server Queues with Correlated InputsGopinath, B.; Morrison, J.A.
Vol. 56(9), 1769, 1977Spectrum Estimation Techniques for Characterization and Development of WT4 Waveguide - 1Thomson, David J.
Vol. 56(9), 1817, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(9), 1821, 1977Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 56(10), 1825, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: IntroductionWarters, W.D.
Vol. 56(10), 1829, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: The WT4/WT4A Millimeter-Wave Transmission SystemAlsberg, D.A.; Bankert, J.C.; Hutchison, P.T.
Vol. 56(10), 1849, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide: TEo1 Transmission in Waveguide with Axial CurvatureCarlin, J.W.; Moorthy, S.C.
Vol. 56(10), 1873, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Waveguide Design and FabricationBoyd, R.J. Jr.; Cohen, W.E.; Doran, W.P.; Tuminaro, R.D.
Vol. 56(10), 1899, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Mechanical Design of Sheathed Waveguide MediumGretter, R.W.; Guenther, R.P.; Lutchansky, M.; Olasin, D.; Watrous, A.B.
Vol. 56(10), 1923, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Waveguide InstallationRutledge, D.R.; Baxter, H.A.; Hauser, W.M.
Vol. 56(10), 1953, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Route Engineering and Sheath InstallationAnderson, J.C.; Gretter, R.W.; West, T.J.
Vol. 56(10), 1983, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Spectrum Estimation Techniques for Characterization and Development of WT4 Waveguide - IIThomson, D.J.
Vol. 56(10), 2007, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Mechanical Gauging TechniquesFox, P.E.; Harris, S.; Thomson, D.J.
Vol. 56(10), 2025, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Electrical Transmission Measurement SystemGerdine, M.A.; Hinderks, L.W.; Williams, S.D.; Young, D.T.
Vol. 56(10), 2035, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Reliability and Maintenance of the WT4 Transmission MediumGuenther, R.P.; Hauser, W.M.
Vol. 56(10), 2055, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Regenerative RepeatersBarnes, C.E.; Brostrup-Jensen, P.; Harkless, E.T.; Muise, R.W.; Nardi, A.J.
Vol. 56(10), 2077, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Line and Repeater EqualizationBrown, R.J.; Brostrup-Jensen, P.; Schottle, J.J.; Tu, P.J.
Vol. 56(10), 2089, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: ChannelizationHarkless, E.T.; Nardi, A.J.; Wang, H.C.
Vol. 56(10), 2103, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Protection Switching, Auxiliary Communication, and MaintenanceBonomi, M.J.; Brostrup-Jensen, P.; Marcotte, D.R.; Muise, R.W.; Tu, P.J.
Vol. 56(10), 2119, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Semiconductor Devices for the WT4 RepeaterDunn, C.N.; Petersen, O.G.; Redline, D.C.
Vol. 56(10), 2135, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: The WT4 Repeater StationLiss, W.J.; Olasin, D.; Osmun, J.W.; Shapiro, S.
Vol. 56(10), 2147, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Field Evaluation Test System PerformanceCheng, S.S.; Harkless, E.T.; Muise, R.W.; Studdiford, W.E.; Zuckerman, D.N.
Vol. 56(10), 2157, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Field Evaluation Test - Transmission Medium AchievementsAnderson, J.C.; Carlin, J.W.; Thomson, D.J.; West, T.J.
Vol. 56(10), 2179, 1977WT4 Millimeter Waveguide System: Waveguide Medium Manufacturing Process Research and DevelopmentEleftherion, M.P.
Vol. 56(10), 2197, 1977Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 56(10), 2208, 1977Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 57(1), 1, 1978A Study of Network Performance and Customer Behavior During Direct-Distance-Dialing Call Attempts in The U.S.A.Duffy, F.P.; Mercer, R.A.
Vol. 57(1), 35, 1978Physical and Transmission Characteristics of Customer Loop PlantManhire, L.M.
Vol. 57(1), 61, 1978Level Reassignment: A Technique for Bit-Rate ReductionPrasada, B.; Mounts, F.W.; Netravali, A.N.
Vol. 57(1), 75, 1978Fiber-Optic Array Splicing with Etched Silicon ChipsMiller, C.M.
Vol. 57(1), 91, 1978Accurate Silicon Spacer Chips for an Optical-Fiber Cable ConnectorSchroeder, C.M.
Vol. 57(1), 99, 1978On the Phase of the Modulation Transfer Function of a Multimode Optical-Fiber GuideSandberg, I.W.; Kaminow, I.P.; Cohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.
Vol. 57(1), 111, 1978Reduction of Network States Under SymmetriesBenes, V.E.
Vol. 57(1), 151, 1978Elastic State of Stress in a Stalpeth Cable Jacket Subjected to Pure BendingBrockway, G.S.; Yanizeski, G.M.
Vol. 57(1), 171, 1978A Generalization of Takagi's Theorem on Optimal Channel GraphsChung, F.R.K.; Hwang, F.K.
Vol. 57(1), 179, 1978Computer-Aided Magnetic Circuit Design for a Bell RingerHunt, R.M.; Nippert, J.W.
Vol. 57(1), 205, 1978The Preparation of Optical Waveguide Preforms by Plasma DepositionJaeger, R.E.; MacChesney, J.B.; Miller, T.J.
Vol. 57(1), 211, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(1), 217, 1978Errata: BSTJ v56n8, pages 1454 and 1455
Vol. 57(1), 219, 1978Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 57(2), 221, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: An OverviewRitchie, A.E.; Menard, J.Z.
Vol. 57(2), 225, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: History and Description of a New Signaling SystemDahlbom, C.A.; Ryan, J.S.
Vol. 57(2), 251, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: Implementation PlanningBohacek, P.K.; Kalro, A.L.; Tomko, L.A.
Vol. 57(2), 263, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: Signaling NetworkMiller, P.R.; Wallace, R.E.
Vol. 57(2), 283, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: 4A Toll Crossbar ApplicationCrawford, K.E.; Funk, C.J.; Miller, P.R.; Sipes, J.D.
Vol. 57(2), 325, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: Peripheral Maintenance and Administration Support SystemSnare, R.C.
Vol. 57(2), 361, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: No. 4 ESS ApplicationCroxall, L.M.; Stone, R.E.
Vol. 57(2), 379, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: Technology and HardwareKaskey, B.; Colson, J.S.; Mills, R.F.; Myers, F.H.; Raleigh, J.T.; Schweizer, A.F.; Tauson, R.A.
Vol. 57(2), 429, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: Development ToolsColson, J.S.; Massery, J.E.; Raack, G.A.
Vol. 57(2), 449, 1978Common Channel Interoffice Signaling: Field ImplementationLittle, R.S.
Vol. 57(2), 467, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(2), 475, 1978Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 57(3), 479, 1978A Low-Noise Gallium Arsenide Field Effect Transistor Amplifier for 4-GHz RadioKnerr, R.H.; Swan, C.B.
Vol. 57(3), 491, 1978Theory of Analytic Modulation SystemsLogan, B.F. Jr.
Vol. 57(3), 577, 1978Inductive Post Arrays in Rectangular WaveguideAbele, T.A.
Vol. 57(3), 595, 1978Measurement of Loss Due to Offset, End Separation, and Angular Misalignment in Graded Index Fibers Excited by an Incoherent SourceChu, T.C.; McCormick, A.R.
Vol. 57(3), 603, 1978Design and Experimental Optimization of a Canister Antenna for 18-GHz OperationSiller, C.A. Jr.; Butzien, P.E.; Richard, J.E.
Vol. 57(3), 635, 1978Polarization Effects in Short Length, Single Mode FibersRamaswamy, V.; Standley, R.D.; Sze, D.; French, W.G.
Vol. 57(3), 653, 1978Steady-State Response of a Well-Balanced Wire Pair to Distributed InterferenceBell, W.N.
Vol. 57(3), 669, 1978An Inversion Technique for the Laplace Transform with Application to ApproximationJagerman, D.L.
Vol. 57(3), 711, 1978Observations of Errors and Error Rates on T1 Digital Repeatered LinesBrilliant, M.B.
Vol. 57(3), 747, 1978On the Stability of Higher Order Digital Filters Which Use Saturation ArithmeticMazo, J.E.
Vol. 57(3), 765, 1978Sequentially Companded Modulation for Low-Clock-Rate Speech Codec ApplicationsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 57(3), 779, 1978Gradient Encoding for Low-Bit-Rate Stored Speech ApplicationsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 57(3), 791, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(4), 797, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: OverviewLong, N.G.
Vol. 57(4), 807, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: A Simple Model for Studying Feeder Capacity ExpansionFriedenfelds, J.
Vol. 57(4), 825, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: Economic Evaluation of Subscriber Pair Gain System ApplicationsKoontz, W.L.G.
Vol. 57(4), 849, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: A Model of Cable Pairs Added at the Main Frames for a Large EntityBell, W.N.; Blum, S.
Vol. 57(4), 869, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: The Feeder Allocation ProcessMarsh, B.L.
Vol. 57(4), 891, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: An Approach to Modeling Operating Costs in the Loop NetworkKoontz, W.L.G.
Vol. 57(4), 911, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: Optimal Operating Policies for Serving Areas Using Connect-Through AdministrationFreedman, H.T.
Vol. 57(4), 927, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: Cost Models for Loop Plant Work Operations Using Semi-Markov ProcessesGibson, A.E.
Vol. 57(4), 941, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: Economic Design of Distribution Cable NetworksStiles, J.A.
Vol. 57(4), 965, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: Statistical Analyses of Costs in Loop Plant OperationsDunn, D.M.; Landwehr, J.M.
Vol. 57(4), 999, 1978Loop Plant Modeling: The Facility Analysis Plan: New Methodology for Improving Loop Plant OperationsAughenbaugh, G.W.; Stump, H.T.
Vol. 57(4), 1025, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: OverviewAndrews, F.T. Jr.
Vol. 57(4), 1035, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: Planning for Loop Electronic SystemsSchatz, J.G.; Schwartz, M.A.
Vol. 57(4), 1055, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: Maintenance and Administration of Loop ElectronicsMorgen, D.H.
Vol. 57(4), 1071, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: Voice Frequency Electronics for Loop ApplicationsHawley, G.T.; Stiefel, K.E.
Vol. 57(4), 1109, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: Analog Loop Carrier SystemsRao, T.N.
Vol. 57(4), 1129, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: Digital Loop Carrier SystemsManfred, M.T.; Nelson, G.A.; Sharpless, C.H.
Vol. 57(4), 1157, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: The Loop Switching SystemAvaneas, N.G.; Brown, J.M.
Vol. 57(4), 1185, 1978Loop Plant Electronics: Physical Design ConsiderationsHenn, R.W.; Williamson, D.H.
Vol. 57(4), 1225, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(5), 1231, 1978COMSTAR Experiment: An Overview of the Bell Laboratories 19- And 28-GHz COMSTAR Beacon Propagation ExperimentsCox, D.C.
Vol. 57(5), 1257, 1978COMSTAR Experiment: The Crawford Bill 7-Meter Millimeter Wave AntennaChu, T.S.; Wilson, R.W.; England, R.W.; Gray, D.A.; Legg, W.E.
Vol. 57(5), 1289, 1978COMSTAR Experiment: The 19- And 28-GHz Receiving Electronics for the Crawford Hill COMSTAR Beacon Propagation ExperimentArnold, H.W.; Cox, D.C.; Hoffman, H.H.; Brandt, R.H.; Leck, R.P.; Wazowicz, M.F.
Vol. 57(5), 1331, 1978COMSTAR Experiment: The 19-GHz Receiving System for an Interim COMSTAR Beacon Propagation Experiment at Crawford HillArnold, H.W.; Cox, D.C.; Gray, D.A.
Vol. 57(5), 1341, 1978COMSTAR Experiment: COMSTAR Beacon Receiver Diversity ExperimentDinn, N.F.; Zimmerman, G.A.
Vol. 57(5), 1369, 1978COMSTAR Experiment: Notes on the COMSTAR Beacon ExperimentMuller, E.E.
Vol. 57(5), 1371, 1978Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions, Fourier Analysis, and Uncertainty - V: The Discrete CaseSlepian, D.
Vol. 57(5), 1431, 1978An Earth-Space Propagation Measurement at Crawford Hill Using the 12-GHz CTS Satellite BeaconRustako, A.J. Jr.
Vol. 57(5), 1449, 1978Fault Modeling and Logic Simulation of CMOS and MOS Integrated CircuitsWadsack, R.L.
Vol. 57(5), 1475, 1978Fault Coverage in Digital Integrated CircuitsWadsack, R.L.
Vol. 57(5), 1489, 1978Jitter Comparison of Tones Generated by Squaring and by Fourth-Power CircuitsMazo, J.E.
Vol. 57(5), 1499, 1978On Predictive Quantizing SchemesNoll, P.
Vol. 57(5), 1533, 1978An Automatic Bias Control (ABC) Circuit for Injection LasersAlbanese, A.
Vol. 57(5), 1545, 1978More On Rain Rate Distributions and Extreme Value StatisticsLin, S.H.
Vol. 57(5), 1569, 1978Nonlinear Analysis of a Photovoltaic Optical Telephone ReceiverKleinman, D.A.; Nelson, D.F.
Vol. 57(5), 1597, 1978Perceptual and Objective Evaluation of Speech Processed by Adaptive Differential PCMMcDermott, B.; Scagliola, C.; Goodman, D.
Vol. 57(5), 1619, 1978Evaluation of a Word Recognition System Using Syntax AnalysisLevinson, S.E.; Rosenberg, A.E.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 57(5), 1627, 1978The Effects of Syntactic Analysis on Word Recognition AccuracyLevinson, S.E.
Vol. 57(5), 1645, 1978A Combinatorial Lemma and Its Application to Concentrating Trees of Discrete-Time QueuesMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 57(5), 1653, 1978Pulse Dispersion Properties of Fibers With Various Material ConstituentsCohen, L.G.; DiMarcello, F.V.; Fleming, J.W.; French, W.G.; Simpson, J.R.; Weiszmann, E.
Vol. 57(5), 1663, 1978Analytical Foundation for Low-Frequency Power-Telephone InterferenceParker, J.C. Jr.
Vol. 57(5), 1699, 1978Idle Channel Noise Suppression by Relaxation of Binary ADM-Encoded SpeechAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 57(5), 1707, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(6), 1717, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: OverviewJacobs, Ira
Vol. 57(6), 1723, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Reproducibility of Optical Fibers Prepared by a Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition ProcessDiMarcello, F.V.; Williams, J.C.
Vol. 57(6), 1735, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Preform Fabrication and Fiber Drawing by Western Electric Product Engineering Control CenterMyers, D.L.; Partus, F.P.
Vol. 57(6), 1745, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Lightguide Cable Manufacture and PerformanceBuckler, M.J.; Santana, M.R.; Saunders, M.J.
Vol. 57(6), 1759, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Optical Crosstalk Evaluation for Two End-to-End Lightguide System InstallationsBuckler, M.J.; Miller, C.M.
Vol. 57(6), 1771, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Demountable Single-Fiber Optic Connectors and Their Measurement on LocationRunge, P.K.; Cheng, S.S.
Vol. 57(6), 1791, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Planar Epitaxial Silicon Avalanche PhotodiodeMelchior, H.; Hartman, A.R.; Schinke, D.P.; Seidel, T.E.
Vol. 57(6), 1809, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Optical Detector PackageSmith, R.G.; Brackett, C.A.; Reinbold, H.W.
Vol. 57(6), 1823, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: GaAIAs Laser Transmitter for Lightwave Transmission SystemsShumate, P.W. Jr.; Chen, F.S.; Dorman, P.W.
Vol. 57(6), 1837, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Practical 45-Mb/s Regenerator for Lightwave TransmissionMaione, T.L.; Sell, D.D.; Wolaver, D.H.
Vol. 57(6), 1857, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: Results of the Atlanta ExperimentKerdock, R.S.; Wolaver, D.H.
Vol. 57(6), 1881, 1978Atlanta Fiber System Experiment: The Chicago Lightwave Communications ProjectSchwartz, M.I.; Reenstra, W.A.; Mullins, J.H.; Cook, J.S.
Vol. 57(6), 1889, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(6), 1897, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: PrefaceCrowley, T.H.
Vol. 57(6), 1899, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: ForwardMcIlroy, M.D.; Pinson, E.N.; Tague, B.A.
Vol. 57(6), 1905, 1978The UNIX Time-Sharing SystemRitchie, D.M.; Thompson, K.
Vol. 57(6), 1931, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: UNIX ImplementationThompson, K.
Vol. 57(6), 1947, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: A RetrospectiveRitchie, D.M.
Vol. 57(6), 1971, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: The UNIX ShellBourne, S.R.
Vol. 57(6), 1991, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: The C Programming LanguageRitchie, D.M.; Johnson, S.C.; Lesk, M.E.; Kernighan, B.W.
Vol. 57(6), 2021, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: Portability of C Programs and the UNIX SystemJohnson, S.C.; Ritchie, D.M.
Vol. 57(6), 2049, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: The MERT Operating SystemLycklama, H.; Bayer, D.L.
Vol. 57(6), 2087, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: UNIX on a MicroprocessorLycklama, H.
Vol. 57(6), 2103, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: A Minicomputer Satellite Processor SystemLycklama, H.; Christensen, C.
Vol. 57(6), 2115, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: Document PreparationKernighan, B.W.; Lesk, M.E.; Ossanna, J.F. Jr.
Vol. 57(6), 2137, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: Statistical Text ProcessingMcMahon, L.E.; Cherry, L.L.; Morris, R.
Vol. 57(6), 2155, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: Language Development ToolsJohnson, S.C.; Lesk, M.E.
Vol. 57(6), 2177, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: The Programmer's WorkbenchDolotta, T.A.; Haight, R.C.; Mashey, J.R.
Vol. 57(6), 2201, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: The UNIX Operating System as a Base for ApplicationsLuderer, G.W.R.; Maranzano, J.F.; Tague, B.A.
Vol. 57(6), 2209, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: Microcomputer Control of Apparatus, Machinery, and ExperimentsWonsiewicz, B.C.; Storm, A.R.; Sieber, J.D.
Vol. 57(6), 2233, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: Circuit Design AidsFraser, A.G.
Vol. 57(6), 2251, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: A Support Environment for MAC-8 SystemsRovegno, H.D.
Vol. 57(6), 2265, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: No. 4 ESS Diagnostic EnvironmentPekarich, S.P.
Vol. 57(6), 2275, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: RBCS/RCMAS - Converting to the MERT Operating SystemNagelberg, E.R.; Pilla, M.A.
Vol. 57(6), 2289, 1978UNIX Time-Sharing System: The Network Operations Center SystemCohen, H.; Kaufeld, J.C. Jr.
Vol. 57(6), 2305, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(7), 2313, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Introduction and Development PlanEhrbar, R.D.; Ford, A.E.; Gerbier, G.
Vol. 57(7), 2319, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Requirements and PerformanceBrewer, S.T.; Easton, R.L.; Soulier, H.; Taylor, S.A.
Vol. 57(7), 2355, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Repeater and Equalizer Design and ManufactureAnderson, C.D.; Hower, W.E.; Kassig, J.J.; Krygowski, V.M.; Lynch, R.L.; Reinold, G.A.; Yeisley, P.A.
Vol. 57(7), 2405, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Semiconductor Devices and Passive ComponentsFox, W.M.; Yocom, W.H.; Munk, P.R.; Sartori, E.F.
Vol. 57(7), 2435, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Cable and Coupling DesignMorse, G.E.; Ayers, S.; Gleason, R.F.; Stauffer, J.R.
Vol. 57(7), 2471, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Terminal Transmission EquipmentBrouant, M.; Chalhoub, C.; Delage, P.; Harper, D.N.; Soulier, H.; Lynch, R.L.
Vol. 57(7), 2497, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Undersea System PowerCalkin, E.T.; Golioto, I.; Schatz, W.J.; Schroeder, R.E.; Shull, D.S.
Vol. 57(7), 2523, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Installation and Maintenance of the Undersea SystemCosier, J.E.H.; Davies, A.P.; Dawson, S.W. Jr.; Gleason, R.F.; Kirkland, F.E.; McKenzie, T.A.
Vol. 57(7), 2547, 1978SG Undersea Cable System: Commissioning: Final System Alignment and EvaluationHarper, D.N.; Larson, B.O.; Laurette, M.
Vol. 57(7), 2565, 1978Contributors of this Issue
Vol. 57(7), 2575, 1978An Approximation for the Variance of the UPCO Offered Load EstimateMesserli, E.J.
Vol. 57(7), 2589, 1978Adaptive Equalization of Channel Nonlinearities in QAM Data Transmission SystemsFalconer, D.D.
Vol. 57(7), 2613, 1978Spectral Sharing in Hybrid Spot and Area Coverage Satellite Systems via Channel Coding TechniquesAcampora, A.S.
Vol. 57(7), 2633, 1978Reliability of a Microprocessor-Based Protection Switching SystemFang, G.S.
Vol. 57(7), 2663, 1978Offset Multireflector Antennas with Perfect Pattern Symmetry and Polarization DiscriminationDragone, C.
Vol. 57(7), 2685, 1978Radiation Patterns From Parallel, Optical Waveguide Directional Couplers - Parameter MeasurementsRamaswamy, V.; Standley, R.D.
Vol. 57(7), 2695, 1978Speech Signal Power in the Switched Message NetworkAhern, W.C.; Duffy, F.P.; Maher, J.A.
Vol. 57(7), 2727, 1978An Adaptive PCM System Designed for Noisy Channels and Digital ImplementationsMitra, Debasis; Gotz, B.
Vol. 57(7), 2765, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(8), 2769, 1978A Statistical Analysis of Bell System Building Fires, 1971-1977Eckler, A.R.
Vol. 57(8), 2797, 1978Boundary Integral Solutions of Laplace's EquationBlue, J.L.
Vol. 57(8), 2823, 1978Failure Mechanisms and Reliability of Low-Noise GaAs FETsIrvin, J.C.; Loya, A.
Vol. 57(8), 2847, 1978Estimation of Point-to-Point Telephone TrafficMoreland, J.P.
Vol. 57(8), 2865, 1978Buffering of Slow TerminalsFraser, A.G.; Gopinath, B.; Morrison, J.A.
Vol. 57(8), 2887, 1978Speaker Verification by Human Listeners over Several Speech Transmission SystemsMcGonegal, C.A.; Rabiner, L.R.; McDermott, B.J.
Vol. 57(8), 2901, 1978Efficient Utilization of Satellite Transponders via Time-Division Multibeam ScanningAcampora, A.S.; Davis, B.R.
Vol. 57(8), 2915, 1978On Blocking Probabilities for a Class of Linear GraphsChung, F.R.K.; Hwang, F.K.
Vol. 57(8), 2927, 1978An Analysis of 16 kb/s Sub-Band Coder Performance: Dynamic Range, Tandem Connections, and Channel ErrorsCrochiere, R.
Vol. 57(8), 2953, 1978A Mid-Range/Mid-Tread Quantizer Switch for Improved Idle-Channel Performance in Adaptive CodersCrochiere, R.E.
Vol. 57(8), 2957, 1978Zone-Balanced Networks and Block DesignsChung, F.R.K.
Vol. 57(8), 2973, 1978The Construction for Symmetrical Zone-Balanced NetworksHwang, F.K.; Liang, T.C.
Vol. 57(8), 2983, 1978The Reliability of 302A NumericsJordan, A.S.; Peaker, R.H.; Saul, R.H.; Braun, H.J.; Wade, H.H.
Vol. 57(8), 3001, 1978Intelligible Crosstalk Performance of Voice-Frequency Customer LoopsPark, K.I.
Vol. 57(8), 3031, 1978On the Stability of Interconnected SystemsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 57(8), 3047, 1978A Note Concerning Optical-Waveguide Modulation Transfer FunctionsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 57(8), 3057, 1978Some Extensions of the Ordering Techniques for Compression of Two-Level Facsimile PicturesMounts, F.W.; Netravali, A.N.; Walsh, K.A.
Vol. 57(8), 3069, 1978Free Electron LaserHasegawa, A.
Vol. 57(8), 3091, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(9), i, 1978Bell Laboratories Scientists Named 1978 Nobel Prize Laureates
Vol. 57(9), 3097, 1978Calculation of Steady-State Probabilities for Content of Buffer with Correlated InputsMassey, W.A.; Morrison, J.A.
Vol. 57(9), 3119, 1978A Subjective Comparison of Selected Digital Codecs for SpeechDaumer, W.R.; Cavanaugh, J.R.
Vol. 57(9), 3167, 1978A Loss Model for Parabolic-Profile Fiber SplicesMiller, C.M.; Mettler, S.C.
Vol. 57(9), 3181, 1978Optimum Reception of Digital Data Signals in the Presence of Timing-Phase HitsFalconer, D.D.; Gitlin, R.D.
Vol. 57(9), 3209, 1978Caustic Patterns Associated With Melt Zones in Solidified Glass Samples - Part I: Symmetric CasesDudderar, T.D.; Seery, J.B.; Simpkins, P.G.
Vol. 57(9), 3227, 1978Caustic Patterns Associated With Melt Zones in Solidified Glass Samples - Part II: Asymmetric CasesSeery, J.B.; Dudderar, T.D.; Simpkins, P.G.
Vol. 57(9), 3253, 1978Measurement of Echoes Due to Spurious TE0n Modes in a Long-Distance 60-mm Waveguide Communication SystemDoane, J.L.
Vol. 57(9), 3267, 1978Dependence of Depolarization on Incident Polarization for 19-GHz Satellite SignalsArnold, H.W.; Cox, D.C.
Vol. 57(9), 3277, 1978Signal Design for PAM Data Transmission to Minimize Excess BandwidthWyner, A.D.
Vol. 57(9), 3309, 1978Sound Alerter Powered Over an Optical FiberDeLoach, B.C. Jr.; Miller, R.C.; Kaufman, S.
Vol. 57(9), 3317, 1978Contributors to This Issue
Vol. 57(9), 3321, 1978Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 57(10), 3325, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: OverviewFitzwilliam, J.W.; Wagner, R.L.
Vol. 57(10), 3331, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Transaction Network ServiceHeffron, W.G. Jr.; Snow, N.E.
Vol. 57(10), 3349, 1978Transaction Networks, Telephones, and Terminals: Communication Network and EquipmentBuzzard, C.A.; Drager, J.A.; Saltzberg, B.R.
Vol. 57(10), 3371, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Transaction Network Operational ProgramsRodriguez, E.J.
Vol. 57(10), 3409, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Maintenance and AdministrationBeaumont, L.R.; Sussman, K.W.
Vol. 57(10), 3427, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Polled Access InterfaceGordon, T.H.; Reid, R.E.
Vol. 57(10), 3441, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Dial Access InterfaceCohen, K.L.; Ricca, R.F.
Vol. 57(10), 3455, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Customer Service Center InterfaceBodner, H.A.; Johnson, D.R.; Omohundro, W.E.
Vol. 57(10), 3475, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: The Switched Network Transaction Telephone SystemFroehlich, F.E.; McDowell, C.B.; Sansone, F.P.; Zally, G.D.
Vol. 57(10), 3487, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Transaction StationsBaker, W.E.; Dudonis, R.M.; Kee, J.H.
Vol. 57(10), 3503, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Physical DesignBanks, D.D.; Bhat, G.A.; Wesner, J.W.
Vol. 57(10), 3517, 1978Transaction Network, Telephones, and Terminals: Transaction PrinterMattes, H.G.; Wright, B.A.
Vol. 57(10), 3531, 1978Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 57(10), 3539, 1978Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(1), 1, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Introduction Background and ObjectivesYoung, W.R.
Vol. 58(1), 15, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: The Cellular ConceptMacDonald, V.H.
Vol. 58(1), 43, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Control ArchitectureFluhr, Z.C.; Porter, P.T.
Vol. 58(1), 71, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Mobile Telephone Switching OfficeChadha, K.J.S.; Hunnicutt, C.F.; Peck, S.R.; Tebes, J. Jr.
Vol. 58(1), 97, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Voice and Data TransmissionArredondo, G.A.; Feggeler, J.C.; Smith, J.I.
Vol. 58(1), 123, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: A Subscriber Set for the Equipment TestFisher, R.E.
Vol. 58(1), 145, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: A Service Test Mobile Telephone Control UnitWalker, J.T.
Vol. 58(1), 153, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Cell-Site HardwareEhrlich, N.; Fisher, R.E.; Wingard, T.K.
Vol. 58(1), 201, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: Development Support SystemsTsiang, S.H.
Vol. 58(1), 215, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: The Cellular Test BedDiPiazza, G.C.; Plitkins, A.; Zysman, G.I.
Vol. 58(1), 249, 1979Advanced Mobile Phone Service: The Developmental SystemHuff, D.L.
Vol. 58(1), 271, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(1), 277, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(2), 279, 1979A Queuing Model for a Hybrid Data MultiplexerAnderson, R.R.; Foschini, G.J.; Gopinath, B.
Vol. 58(2), 301, 1979On the Required Tap-Weight Precision for Digitally Implemented, Adaptive, Mean-Squared EqualizersGitlin, R.D.; Weinstein, S.B.
Vol. 58(2), 323, 1979Wear of Gold Electrodeposits: Effect of Substrate and of Nickel UnderplateAntler, M.; Drozdowicz, M.H.
Vol. 58(2), 351, 1979A Model Relating Measurement and Forecast Errors to the Provisioning of Direct Final Trunk GroupsFranks, R.L.; Heffes, H.; Holtzman, J.M.; Horing, S.; Messerli, E.J.
Vol. 58(2), 379, 1979A New and Interesting Class of Limit Cycles in Recursive Digital FiltersLawrence, V.B.; Mina, K.V.
Vol. 58(2), 409, 1979Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Scattering by Perfect Conductors with Two-Dimensional GeometryMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 58(2), 427, 1979The Evolution and Special Features of Bell System Telephone Equipment BuildingsPferd, W.
Vol. 58(2), 467, 1979Monolithic Electronic Devices Based on Domain Wall Motion in a Ferroelectric CrystalGeary, J.M.
Vol. 58(2), 491, 1979Combining Echo Cancellation and Decision Feedback EqualizationMueller, K.H.
Vol. 58(2), 501, 1979Imaging Reflector Arrangements to Form a Scanning Beam Using a Small ArrayDragone, C.; Gans, M.J.
Vol. 58(2), 517, 1979Properties of Kruithof's Projection MethodKrupp, R.S.
Vol. 58(2), 539, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(2), 545, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(2), 549, 1979B.S.T.J. Briefs: Effects of Sandstorms on Microwave PropagationChu, T.S.
Vol. 58(3), 557, 1979Approximations to Stochastic Service Systems, with an Application to a Retrial ModelFredericks, A.A.; Reisner, G.A.
Vol. 58(3), 577, 1979Variable Rate Coding of SpeechDubnowski, J.J.; Crochiere, R.E.
Vol. 58(3), 601, 1979Objective and Subjective Performance of Tandem Connections of Waveform Coders with an LPC VocoderGoodman, D.J.; Scagliola, C.; Cochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Goodman, J.
Vol. 58(3), 631, 1979Motion-Compensated Television Coding: Part 1Netravali, A.N.; Robbins, J.D.
Vol. 58(3), 671, 1979Multiqueue Systems with Nonexhaustive Cyclic ServiceKuehn, P.J.
Vol. 58(3), 699, 1979A Comparison of the Performance of Four Low-Bit-Rate Speech Waveform CodersTribolet, J.M.; Noll, P.; McDermott, B.J.; Crochiere, R.E.
Vol. 58(3), 713, 1979LED Array Package for Optical Data LinksAlbanese, A.; Holden, W.S.
Vol. 58(3), 721, 1979DPCM With Forced Updating and Partial Correction of Transmission ErrorsSteele, R.; Goodman, D.J.; McGonegal, C.A.
Vol. 58(3), 729, 1979Equivalent Circuits for the Analysis and Synthesis of Switched Capacitor NetworksLaker, K.R.
Vol. 58(3), 771, 1979Determination of the Basic Device Parameters of a GaAs MESFETFukui, H.
Vol. 58(3), 799, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(3), 805, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(4), 809, 1979Spurious Signal Criteria for Voiceband Telephone EquipmentMiller, G.; Spang, T.C.
Vol. 58(4), 839, 1979A Digital Simulation of the Telephone SystemSchmidt, C.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Berkley, D.A.
Vol. 58(4), 857, 1979Adaptation of Ordering Techniques for Facsimile Pictures with No Single Element RunsNetravali, A.N.; Mounts, F.W.; Walsh, K.A.
Vol. 58(4), 867, 1979Rapid Automatic Index Profiling of Whole-Fiber Samples: Part IBoggs, L.M.; Presby, H.M.; Marcuse, D.
Vol. 58(4), 883, 1979Rapid Automatic Index Profiling of Whole-Fiber Samples: Part IIPresby, H.M.; Marcuse, D.; Astle, H.W.; Boggs, L.M.
Vol. 58(4), 903, 1979Acoustic Filters to Aid Digital VoiceFlanagan, J.L.
Vol. 58(4), 945, 1979Effect of Temperature on Transmission in LightguidesCohen, L.G.; Fleming, J.W.
Vol. 58(4), 953, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(4), 957, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(4), 959, 1979B.S.T.J. Briefs: MAC-4: A Single-Chip MicrocomputerChow, W.F.; Troutman, W.W.
Vol. 58(5), 963, 1979On the Independence Theory of Equalizer ConvergenceMazo, J.E.
Vol. 58(5), 995, 1979Transmission Properties of Various Styles of Printed Wiring BoardsRainal, A.J.
Vol. 58(5), 1027, 1979High Resolution, Steep Profile, Resist PatternsMoran, J.M.; Maydan, D.
Vol. 58(5), 1037, 1979A New Selective Fading Model: Application to Propagation DataRummler, W.D.
Vol. 58(5), 1073, 1979Digital Radio Outage Due to Selective Fading - Observation vs Prediction from Laboratory SimulationLundgren, C.W.; Rummler, W.D.
Vol. 58(5), 1101, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(5), 1103, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(5), 1107, 1979B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Counterexample to a Conjecture on the Blocking Probabilities of Linear GraphsBerkowitz, H.W.
Vol. 58(6), 1109, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Recent Developments, An OverviewStaehler, R.E.; Hayward, W.S. Jr.
Vol. 58(6), 1119, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Remote Trunk Arrangement: Overall Description and Operational CharacteristicsBauman, S.M.; DiPietro, R.S.; Jaeger, R.J. Jr.
Vol. 58(6), 1137, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Remote Trunk Arrangement and Position Subsystem No. 2: Transmission and Signaling ConsiderationsBrune, W.L.; Piereth, R.J.; Weygand, A.G.
Vol. 58(6), 1167, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Remote Trunk Arrangement: Hardware and Software ImplementationBulfer, A.F.; Gibbons, W.E.; Hackett, J.A.
Vol. 58(6), 1207, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Automated Coin Toll Service: Overall Description and Operational CharacteristicsBerger, M.; Dalby, J.C. Jr.; Ransom, V.L.; Prell, E.M.
Vol. 58(6), 1225, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Station Signaling and Announcement Subsystem: Hardware for Automated Coin Toll ServiceClark, G.T.; Streisand, K.; Larson, D.H.
Vol. 58(6), 1251, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Automated Coin Toll Service: SoftwareAhmari, R.; Hsu, J.C.; Potter, R.L.; Reed, S.C.
Vol. 58(6), 1291, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Automated Coin Toll Service: Human Factors StudiesYoungs, E.A.; Bushnell, W.J.; Barone-Wing, A.
Vol. 58(6), 1307, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Software Development ToolsStanaway, J.J. Jr.; Victor, J.J.; Welsch, R.J.
Vol. 58(6), 1335, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: System Verification and Evaluation ProceduresDelatore, J.P.; VanHaften, D.; Weber, L.A.
Vol. 58(6), 1347, 1979Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Operator Training FacilitiesRiddell, G.; Swanson, C.R.; Steinbrenner, R.T.
Vol. 58(6), 1359, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(6), 1369, 1979Evaluation of Adaptive Speech Coders Under Noisy Channel ConditionsScagliola, C.
Vol. 58(6), 1395, 1979An Adaptive Intraframe DPCM Codec Based Upon Nonstationary Image ModelMaxemchuk, N.F.; Stuller, J.A.
Vol. 58(6), 1413, 1979Reduction of Transmission Error Propagation in Adaptively Predicted, DPCM Encoded PicturesMaxemchuk, N.F.; Stuller, J.A.
Vol. 58(6), 1425, 1979Application of Optimization Theory to the Control of the Optical Fiber Drawing ProcessSmithgall, D.H.
Vol. 58(6), 1437, 1979On the Structure of Real-Time Source CodersWitsenhausen, H.S.
Vol. 58(6), 1453, 1979Current-Access Magnetic Bubble CircuitsBobeck, A.H.; Blank, S.L.; Butherus, A.D.; Ciak, F.J.; Strauss, W.
Vol. 58(6), 1541, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(6), 1545, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(6), 1549, 1979Errata: BSTJ v57n8, page 2918; BSTJ v58n4 pages 859 and 861
Vol. 58(6), 1551, 1979B.S.T.J. Briefs: A 30-GHz Scale Model, Pyramidal, Horn-Reflector AntennaSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 58(7), 1557, 1979The EL2 Electret Transmitter: Analytical Modeling, Optimization, and DesignBaumhauer, J.C.; Brzezinski, A.M.
Vol. 58(7), 1579, 1979Comparison of Single Heterostructure and Double Heterostructure GaAs - GaAIAs LEDs for Optical Data LinksChin, A.K.; Berkstresser, G.W.; Keramidas, V.G.
Vol. 58(7), 1593, 1979Adaptive Echo Cancellation/AGC Structures for Two-Wire, Full-Duplex Data TransmissionFalconer, D.D.; Mueller, K.H.
Vol. 58(7), 1617, 1979Laser Transmitters for 70-MHz Entrance LinksChen, F.S.; Karr, M.A.; Shumate, P.W.
Vol. 58(7), 1631, 1979Adaptive Aperture Coding for Speech Waveforms-IJayant, N.S.; Christensen, S.W.
Vol. 58(7), 1647, 1979Statistical Block Protection Coding for DPCM-Encoded SpeechSteele, R.; Jayant, N.S.; Schmidt, C.E.
Vol. 58(7), 1659, 1979An ADPCM Approach to Reduce the Bit Rate of u-Law Encoded SpeechAdelmann, H.W.; Ching, Y.C.; Gotz, B.
Vol. 58(7), 1673, 1979Transform Domain Motion EstimationStuller, J.A.; Netravali, A.N.
Vol. 58(7), 1703, 1979Motion-Compensated Transform CodingNetravali, A.N.; Stuller, J.A.
Vol. 58(7), 1719, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(7), 1725, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(7), 1735, 1979B.S.T.J. Briefs: Optically Powered Speech Communication Over a Fiber LightguideMiller, R.C.; Lawry, R.B.
Vol. 58(8), 1743, 1979Unbiased Spectral Estimation and System Identification Using Short-Time Spectral Analysis MethodsAllen, J.B.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 58(8), 1765, 1979On Concentrators, Superconcentrators, Generalizers, and Nonblocking NetworksChung, F.R.K.
Vol. 58(8), 1779, 1979Transmission Unavailability of Frequency-Diversity Protected Microwave FM Radio Systems Caused by Multipath FadingVigants, A.; Pursley, M.V.
Vol. 58(8), 1797, 1979Automatic Recognition of Spoken Spelled Names for Obtaining Directory ListingsRosenberg, A.E.; Schmidt, C.E.
Vol. 58(8), 1825, 1979A Vacuum-Assisted Plastic Repair Splice for Joining Optical Fiber RibbonsCherin, A.H.; Rich, P.J.; Aloisio, C.J.; Cammons, R.R.
Vol. 58(8), 1839, 1979Design of a Wideband, Constant Beamwidth, Array Microphone for Use in the Near FieldPirz, F.
Vol. 58(8), 1851, 1979Fast Simultaneous Thickness Measurements of Gold and Nickel Layers on Copper SubstratesMaldonado, J.R.; Maydan, D.
Vol. 58(8), 1869, 1979The Nature and Use of Limit Cycles in Determining the Behavior of Certain Semideterminate SystemsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 58(8), 1885, 1979A Characterization of the Invariance of Positivity for Functional Differential EquationsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 58(8), 1895, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(8), 1899, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(9), 1909, 1979A Gallium-Arsenide Laser Facsimile PrinterMiller, R.C.; Willens, R.H.; Watson, H.A.; D'Asaro, L.A.; Feldman, M.
Vol. 58(9), 1999, 1979Sequencer Designs for Scanning-Beam SatellitesAranguren, W.L.; Langseth, R.E.; Woodworth, C.B.
Vol. 58(9), 2013, 1979Some Theoretical Observations on Spread-Spectrum CommunicationsMazo, J.E.
Vol. 58(9), 2025, 1979Transistor Surface Effects Responsible for Anomalous Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion in Undersea Cable Telephone SystemDuff, D.G.; Olson, H.M.
Vol. 58(9), 2071, 1979The Effects of Several Transmission Systems on an Automatic Speaker Verification SystemMcGonegal, C.A.; Rosenberg, A.E.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 58(9), 2089, 1979Periodic Sequences that Facilitate Data Set Spectrum MeasurementsRife, D.C.
Vol. 58(9), 2097, 1979A Shared Resource TDMA Approach to Increase the Rain Margin of 12/14GHz Satellite SystemsAcampora, A.S.
Vol. 58(9), 2113, 1979An Ordering Scheme for Facsimile CodingMounts, F.W.; Bowen, E.G.; Netravali, A.N.
Vol. 58(9), 2129, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(9), 2135, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 58(10), 2143, 1979The Packing Problem for Twisted PairsGilbert, E.N.
Vol. 58(10), 2163, 1979A General Characterization of Splice Loss for Multimode Optical FibersMettler, S.C.
Vol. 58(10), 2183, 1979Three-Stage Multiconnection Networks Which Are Nonblocking in the Wide SenseHwang, F.K.
Vol. 58(10), 2189, 1979An Interactive Terminal for the Design of AdvertisementsCaspers, B.E.; Denes, P.B.
Vol. 58(10), 2217, 1979Application of Clustering Techniques to Speaker-Trained Isolated Word RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
Vol. 58(10), 2235, 1979A Family of Active Switched Capacitor Biquad Building BlocksFleischer, P.E.; Laker, K.R.
Vol. 58(10), 2271, 1979The BELLPAC Modular Electronic Packaging SystemHarrod, W.L.; Lubowe, A.G.
Vol. 58(10), 2289, 1979Numerical Integration of Stochastic Differential EquationsHelfand, E.
Vol. 58(10), 2301, 1979Coefficient Inaccuracy in Transversal FilteringGersho, A.; Gopinath, B.; Odlyzko, A.M.
Vol. 58(10), 2317, 1979Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 58(10), 2321, 1979Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(1), 1, 1980Two Dimensional Concentration Dependent DiffusionWarner, D.D.; Wilson, C.L.
Vol. 59(1), 43, 1980Copper Conductivity at Millimeter-Wave FrequenciesHinderks, L.W.; Maione, A.
Vol. 59(1), 67, 1980Multiple Commitment of Feeder Capacity in the Loop PlantDattatreya, E.S.
Vol. 59(1), 81, 1980A Discrete-Event Simulation Analysis of Loop Network Assignment OperationsFreedman, H.T.; Harms, T.R.
Vol. 59(1), 99, 1980Critical Section Methods for Loop Plant AllocationGibson, A.E.; Luber, D.B.
Vol. 59(1), 119, 1980A Conversational-Mode Airline Information and Reservation System Using Speech Input and OutputLevinson, S.E.; Shipley, K.L.
Vol. 59(1), 139, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(1), 143, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(2), 149, 1980A Single-Chip VLSI Echo CancelerDuttweiler, D.L.; Chen, Y.S.
Vol. 59(2), 161, 1980Reliable, High-Speed LEDs for Short-Haul Optical Data LinksDawson, L.R.; Keramidas, V.G.; Zipfel, C.L.
Vol. 59(2), 169, 1980Efficient Calculation of Current Flow in Electroplating CellsBlue, James L.
Vol. 59(2), 183, 1980Rain Attenuation on Earth-Satellite Paths - Summary of 10-Year Experiments and StudiesLin, S.H.; Bergmann, H.J.; Pursley, M.V.
Vol. 59(2), 229, 1980Design of Bubble Device Elements Employing Ion-Implanted Propagation PatternsNelson, T.J.; Wolfe, R.; Blank, S.L.; Bonyhard, P.I.; Johnson, W.A.; Roman, B.J.; Vella Coleiro, G.P.
Vol. 59(2), 259, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(2), 265, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(2), 269, 1980B.S.T.J. Briefs: Serial Coding for Cyclic Block CodesAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 59(3), 277, 1980Economic Evaluation of Loop Feeder Relief AlternativesKoontz, W.L.G.
Vol. 59(3), 295, 1980Direct Distance Dialing: Call Completion and Customer Retrial BehaviorLiu, K.S.
Vol. 59(3), 313, 1980The Centering of Optical Fiber Coatings by Monitoring Forward Scattering Patterns - Theory and PracticeEichenbaum, B.R.
Vol. 59(3), 333, 1980Effects of Lightning Punctures on the Core-Shield Voltage of Buried CableUngar, S.G.
Vol. 59(3), 367, 1980On Prediction of Moving-Average ProcessesShepp, L.A.; Slepian, D.; Wyner, A.D.
Vol. 59(3), 417, 1980Electronics in the Suburban and Light Urban Loop NetworksCiesielka, A.J.; Douglas, D.C.
Vol. 59(3), 441, 1980Lightguide Splice Loss - Effects of Launch Beam Numerical ApertureKummer, R.B.
Vol. 59(3), 449, 1980Satellite Phased Arrays: Use of Imaging Reflectors with Spatial Filtering in the Focal Plane to Reduce Grating LobesDragone, C.; Gans, M.J.
Vol. 59(3), 463, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(3), 467, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(3), 471, 1980B.S.T.J. Briefs: Adaptive Aperture Coding for Speech Waveforms - IIJayant, N.S.; Christensen, S.W.
Vol. 59(4), 79, 1980The Application of Mathematical Programming to Loop Feeder AllocationElken, T.R.
Vol. 59(4), 501, 1980SARTS - An Overview of Remote Special-Service Testing in the Bell SystemGiguere, W.J.
Vol. 59(4), 529, 1980The Human Interface to the Switched Access Remote Test SystemPfeufer, F.J.
Vol. 59(4), 557, 1980Spectral Shaping by Simultaneous Amplitude and Frequency ModulationSalz, J.; Werner, J.J.
Vol. 59(4), 571, 1980Recognition of Spoken Spelled Names for Directory Assistance Using Speaker-Independent TemplatesRosenberg, A.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
Vol. 59(4), 593, 1980A Thermoelastic Analysis of Dislocation Generation in Pulled GaAs CrystalsJordan, A.S.; Caruso, R.; VonNeida, A.R.
Vol. 59(4), 639, 1980The Detection Efficiency of 16-ary QAMPrabhu, V.K.
Vol. 59(4), 657, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(4), 661, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(5), 669, 1980Current Directions in GaAs Laser Device DevelopmentDixon, R.W.
Vol. 59(5), 723, 1980Series- and Shunt-Tuned Lumped-Element Microwave CirculatorsKnerr, R.H.
Vol. 59(5), 731, 1980Measuring the Utilization of a Synchronous Data Link: An Application of Busy-Period AnalysisYum, T.
Vol. 59(5), 745, 1980The EL2 Electret Transmitter: Technology DevelopmentKhanna, S.P.; Remke, R.L.
Vol. 59(5), 763, 1980Time- and Frequency-Domain Representation of Multipath Fading on Line-of-Sight Microwave PathsRummler, W.D.
Vol. 59(5), 797, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(5), 799, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(6), 805, 1980Congestion in Blocking Systems - A Simple Approximation TechniqueFredericks, A.A.
Vol. 59(6), 829, 1980Blocking Distributions for Trunk Network AdministrationNeal, S.R.
Vol. 59(6), 845, 1980Trunk Demand Servicing in the Presence of Measurement UncertaintySzelag, C.R.
Vol. 59(6), 861, 1980Frequency-Hopping, Multiple-Access, Phase-Shift-Keying System Performance in a Rayleigh Fading EnvironmentYue, O.
Vol. 59(6), 881, 1980Decision Criteria for Rehabilitation of the Distribution NetworkSethi, D.P.S.; Freedman, H.T.
Vol. 59(6), 897, 1980A Class of Data Traffic Processes - Covariance Function Characterization and Related Queuing ResultsHeffes, H.
Vol. 59(6), 931, 1980Relationships Between the Demand for Local Telephone Calls and Household CharacteristicsInfosino, W.J.
Vol. 59(6), 955, 1980Statistical Behavior of Multipair CrosstalkLin, S.H.
Vol. 59(6), 975, 1980(AL,GA)As Double-Heterostructure Lasers: Comparison of Devices Fabricated with Deep and Shallow Proton BombardmentDixon, R.W.; Joyce, W.B.
Vol. 59(6), 987, 1980Microwave Depolarization of an Earth-Space PathChu, T.S.
Vol. 59(6), 1009, 1980A Model for the Subjective Effects of Listener Echo on Telephone ConnectionsCavanaugh, J.R.; Hatch, R.W.; Neigh, J.L.
Vol. 59(6), 1061, 1980Propagation Characteristics of Double-Mode FibersCohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.; Lin, C.; French, W.G.
Vol. 59(6), 1073, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(6), 1079, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(6), 1083, 1980B.S.T.J. Briefs: On Source Networks with Minimal Breakdown DegradationWitsenhausen, H.S.
Vol. 59(7), 1089, 1980The Ultimate Capacity of Frequency-Reuse Communication SatellitesAcampora, A.S.
Vol. 59(7), 1123, 1980Dimensioning Trunk Groups for Digital NetworksElsner, W.B.
Vol. 59(7), 1139, 1980Saddle-Point Approximation for M-ary Phase-Shift Keying with Adjacent Satellite InterferenceYue, O.
Vol. 59(7), 1153, 1980A Voice-Controlled, Repertory-Dialer SystemRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.; Rosenberg, A.E.
Vol. 59(7), 1165, 1980On Switching Networks and Block Designs, IIChung, F.R.K.
Vol. 59(7), 1175, 1980An Exact Numerical Solution to Maxwell's Equations for LightguidesPeterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.; Paek, U.C.; Berreman, D.W.
Vol. 59(7), 1197, 1980A Polynomial Model for Multipath Fading Channel ResponsesGreenstein, L.J.; Czekaj, B.A.
Vol. 59(7), 1227, 1980Interframe Television Coding Using Gain and Displacement CompensationStuller, J.A.; Netravali, A.N.; Robbins, J.D.
Vol. 59(7), 1241, 1980Address Assignment for a Time-Frequency-Coded, Spread-Spectrum SystemEinarsson, G.
Vol. 59(7), 1257, 1980Frequency-Hopped Multilevel FSK for Mobile RadioGoodman, D.J.; Henry, P.S.; Prabhu, V.K.
Vol. 59(7), 1277, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(7), 1283, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(7), 1289, 1980B.S.T.J. Briefs: Least-Squares Estimator for Frequency-Shift Position Modulation in White NoiseBenes, V.E.
Vol. 59(8), 1297, 1980Two-Port Analysis of SC Networks With Continuous Input SignalsKurth, C.F.
Vol. 59(8), 1317, 1980A Study on the Reliability of the Circuit Maintenance System-1BAveyard, R.L.; Man, F.T.
Vol. 59(8), 1333, 1980Horn-Reflector Antenna - Eliminating Weather-Cover ReflectionsSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 59(8), 1343, 1980A Minimum-Distance Search Technique and Its Application to Automatic Directory AssistanceAldefeld, B.; Levinson, S.E.; Szymanski, T.G.
Vol. 59(8), 1357, 1980Steady-State Stability of a Synchronous MachineKarmakar, S.B
Vol. 59(8), 1365, 1980High-Speed Digital Lightwave Communication Using LEDs and PIN Photodiodes at 1.3 umGloge, D.; Albanese, A.; Burrus, C.A.; Chinnock, E.L.; Copeland, J.A.; Dentai, A.G.; Lee, T.P.; Li, Tingye; Ogawa, K.
Vol. 59(8), 1383, 1980An Experimental Speech Storage and Editing FacilityMaxemchuk, N.F.
Vol. 59(8), 1397, 1980Traffic Service Position System No. 1: Busy Line Verification FeatureAtkins, J.; Raschke, K.A.; Woody, D.L.
Vol. 59(8), 1417, 1980Source Coding for Multiple DescriptionsWolf, J.K.; Wyner, A.D.; Ziv, J.
Vol. 59(8), 1427, 1980Analysis of Some Overflow Problems with QueuingMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 59(8), 1463, 1980Some Traffic Overflow Problems with a Large Secondary QueueMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 59(8), 1483, 1980A Class of Lossless, Reciprocal Anti-Sidetone Networks for Telephone SetsMeans, D.R.
Vol. 59(8), 1493, 1980Computation of the Frequency Response of a Class of Symmetric N-Way Power DividersSaleh, A.A.M
Vol. 59(8), 1513, 1980Effects of Scanning Interval on Peak Load MeasurementsConte, R.
Vol. 59(8), 1525, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(8), 1533, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(8), 1541, 1980B.S.T.J. Briefs: Reduction of the 1.38-um Water Peak in Optical Fibers by Deuterium-Hydrogen ExchangeStone, J.; Burrus, C.A.
Vol. 59(9), 1549, 1980Planar, Fast, Reliable, Single-Heterojunction Light-Emitting Diodes for Optical LinksKeramidas, V.G.; Berkstresser, G.W.; Zipfel, C.L.
Vol. 59(9), 1559, 1980Approximations for Customer-Viewed Delays in Multiprogrammed, Transaction-Oriented Computer SystemsFredericks, A.A.
Vol. 59(9), 1575, 1980Finite Precision Design of Linear-Phase FIR FiltersLawrence, V.B.; Salazar, A.C.
Vol. 59(9), 1599, 1980A Memory Implementation of a Fully Programmable Digital ControllerKartalopoulos, S.V.
Vol. 59(9), 1609, 1980Loop Transients at the Customer SiteCarroll, R.L.; Miller, P.S.
Vol. 59(9), 1645, 1980Loop Transient Measurements in Cleveland, South CarolinaCarroll, R.L.
Vol. 59(9), 1681, 1980Comparison of Vector and Scalar Modes in a Lightguide with a Hyperbolic Secant Index DistributionPeterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.; Paek, U.C.
Vol. 59(9), 1693, 1980Direct Digital-to-Analog Conversion of Acoustic SignalsFlanagan, J.L.
Vol. 59(9), 1721, 1980Diffeomorphisms and Newton-Direction AlgorithmsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 59(9), 1735, 1980Motion-Compensated Coding: Some New ResultsNetravali, A.N.; Robbins, J.D.
Vol. 59(9), 1747, 1980Sensitivity Analysis of the 47A SignalLonghitano, R.
Vol. 59(9), 1757, 1980Designer's Workbench: PhilosophyO'Neill, L.A.
Vol. 59(9), 1767, 1980Designer's Workbench: The User EnvironmentBreiland, J.R.; Friedenson, R.A.
Vol. 59(9), 1793, 1980Designer's Workbench: The Programmer EnvironmentMcDonald, P.H.; Thompson, T.J.
Vol. 59(9), 1811, 1980Designer's Workbench: Providing a Production EnvironmentThompson, T.J.
Vol. 59(9), 1827, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(9), 1833, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(10), 1839, 1980Improved Decoding Scheme for Frequency-Hopped Multilevel FSK SystemTimor, U.
Vol. 59(10), 1857, 1980Analysis of Decision-Directed Equalizer ConvergenceMazo, J.E.
Vol. 59(10), 1877, 1980Sensitivity Loss of Digital Optical Receivers Caused by Intersymbol InterferenceChen, F.S.; Chen, Y.S.
Vol. 59(10), 1893, 1980Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Scattering by Wide ScatterersBlue, J.L.
Vol. 59(10), 1909, 1980On a Source-Coding Problem with Two Channels and Three ReceiversOzarow, L.
Vol. 59(10), 1923, 1980Impairment Mechanisms for SSB Mobile Communications at UHF with Pilot-Based Doppler/Fading CorrectionLeland, K.W.; Sollenberger, N.R.
Vol. 59(10), 1943, 1980Transmission Performance of Mu-255 Quantization in a Local Digital OfficeMcNees, G.K.
Vol. 59(10), 1965, 1980Developing Space Planning Aids for Central Office Equipment SystemsWarren, R.E.
Vol. 59(10), 2001, 1980Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 59(10), 2003, 1980Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 59(10), 2007, 1980B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Microprocessor-Based Automatic Frequency ControllerLeck, R.P.
Vol. 60(1), 1, 1981An Overflow System in Which Queuing Takes PrecedenceMorrison, J.A.
Vol. 60(1), 13, 1981Absenteeism of Operators: A Statistical Study with Managerial ApplicationsVardi, Y.
Vol. 60(1), 39, 1981Resource Sharing For Efficiency in Traffic SystemsSmith, D.R.; Whitt, W.
Vol. 60(1), 57, 1981Transient Behavior of the Kendall Birth-Death Process - Applications to Capacity Expansion for Special ServicesNucho, R.N.
Vol. 60(1), 89, 1981High-Frequency Behavior of Waveguides with Finite Surface ImpedancesDragone, C.
Vol. 60(1), 117, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(1), 119, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(2), 121, 1981A Digital Concentrator for the SLC-96 SystemCanniff, R.J.
Vol. 60(2), 159, 1981Compiling Three-Address Code for C ProgramsReiser, J.F.
Vol. 60(2), 167, 1981Rain Margin Improvement Using Resource Sharing in 12-GHz Satellite DownlinksAcampora, A.S.
Vol. 60(2), 193, 1981Modeling Multipath Fading Responses Using Multitone Probing Signals and Polynomial ApproximationGreenstein, L.J.; Czekaj, B.A.
Vol. 60(2), 215, 1981The Quality Measurement Plan (QMP)Hoadley, Bruce
Vol. 60(2), 275, 1981Fractionally-Spaced Equalization: An Improved Digital Transversal EqualizerGitlin, R.D.; Weinstein, S.B.
Vol. 60(2), 297, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(2), 299, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(3), 303, 1981On the Use of Dynamic Time Warping for Word Spotting and Connected Word RecognitionMyers, C.S.; Rabiner, L.R.; Rosenberg, A.E
Vol. 60(3), 327, 1981The Material Dispersion Zero in Infrared Optical Waveguide MaterialsNassau, K.
Vol. 60(3), 339, 1981On Newton-Direction Algorithms and DiffeomorphismsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 60(3), 347, 1981Program Development by Stepwise Refinement and Related TopicsGehani, N.
Vol. 60(3), 379, 1981A New Code for Transmission of Ordered Dithered PicturesJohnsen, O.
Vol. 60(3), 391, 1981An Extension of the CCITT Facsimile Codes for Dithered PicturesJohnsen, O.; Netravali, A.N.
Vol. 60(3), 405, 1981A 200-Hz to 30-MHz Computer-Operated Impedance/Admittance Bridge (COZY)White, L.D.; Coons, R.W.; Strum, R.C.
Vol. 60(3), 445, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(3), 449, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(4), 455, 1981Numerical Calculation of Optimum a for a Germania-Doped Silica LightguidePeterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.; Paek, U.C.; Fleming, J.W.
Vol. 60(4), 471, 1981Multistage Decoding of Frequency-Hopped FSK SystemTimor, Uzi
Vol. 60(4), 485, 1981A Bubble Memory Differential DetectorWynn, W.D.
Vol. 60(4), 501, 1981Subsampling of a DPCM Speech Channel to Provide Two Self-Contained Half-Rate ChannelsJayant, N.S.
Vol. 60(4), 511, 1981Blocking States in Connecting Networks Made of Square Switches Arranged in StagesBenes, V.E.
Vol. 60(4), 523, 1981Optical Fibers for Scanning DigitizersPferd, W.; Stocker, G.C.
Vol. 60(4), 535, 1981Magnetic Localization of Buried Cable by the SCARAB SubmersibleFrancis, S.H.; Lunde, H.R.; Reinold, G.A.; Talpey, T.E.
Vol. 60(4), 575, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(4), 579, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(5), 583, 1981Dispersionless Single-Mode Lightguides With Alpha Index ProfilePaeke, U.C.; Peterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.
Vol. 60(5), 599, 1981A Class of Closed Markovian Queuing Networks: Integral Representations, Asymptotic Expansions, and GeneralizationsMcKenna, J.; Mitra, D.; Ramakrishnan, K.G.
Vol. 60(5), 643, 1981Time-Frequency Multiplexing (TFM) of Two NTSC Color TV Signals - Simulation ResultsHaskell, B.G.
Vol. 60(5), 661, 1981Overflow Models for Dimension PBX Feature PackagesKaufman, L.; Seery, J.B.; Morrison, J.A.
Vol. 60(5), 677, 1981Impact of Forecast Uncertainty on Feeder-Cable SizingNoe, N.H.
Vol. 60(5), 697, 1981The Effects of Misclassification Error on the Estimation of Several Population ProportionsHealy, J.D.
Vol. 60(5), 707, 1981Adaptive Post-Filtering of ADPCM SpeechJayant, N.S.
Vol. 60(5), 719, 1981Variable Bandwidth Adaptive Delta ModulationSmith, J.O.; Allen, J.B.
Vol. 60(5), 739, 1981A Two-Pass Pattern-Recognition Approach to Isolated Word RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
Vol. 60(5), 767, 1981B.S.T.J. Brief: Fast Decryption Algorithm for the Knapsack Cryptographic SystemHenry, P.S.
Vol. 60(5), 775, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(5), 779, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(6), 785, 1981Microwave Radio Obstruction FadingVigants, A.
Vol. 60(6), 803, 1981Prediction of Positive Refractivity Gradients for Line-of-Sight Microwave Radio PathsSchiavone, J.A.
Vol. 60(6), 823, 1981MULGA - An Interactive Symbolic Layout System for the Design of Integrated CircuitsWeste, N.H.E.
Vol. 60(6), 859, 1981The Effect of Optical Fiber Core and Cladding Diameter on the Loss Added by Packaging and Thermal CyclingGardner, W.B.; Nagel, S.R.; Schwartz, M.I.; DiMarcello, F.V.; Lovelace, C.R.; Brownlow, D.L.; Santana, M.R.; Sigety, E.V.
Vol. 60(6), 865, 1981Analysis of Maximum-Likelihood Sequence Estimation Performance for Quadrature Amplitude ModulationAcampora, A.S.
Vol. 60(6), 887, 1981Characterization for Series-Parallel Channel GraphsChang, X.M.; Du, D.Z.; Hwang, F.K.
Vol. 60(6), 893, 1981On the Effects of Varying Analysis Parameters on an LPC-Based Isolated Word RecognizerRabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.; Ackenhusen, J.G.
Vol. 60(6), 913, 1981Three-Dimensional Radiation Characteristics of a Pyramidal Horn-Reflector AntennaButzien, P.E.
Vol. 60(6), 923, 1981Noise Caused by GaAs MESFETs in Optical ReceiversOgawa, K.
Vol. 60(6), 929, 1981T-Carrier Characterization Program - OverviewDavis, J.R.; Reilly, A.K.
Vol. 60(6), 933, 1981The Metropolitan Digital Trunk PlantDavis, J.R.; Forman, L.E.; Nguyen, L.T.
Vol. 60(6), 965, 1981T1 Carrier Characterization - Field-Measurement ResultsKaup, T.C.; Leeper, D.G.; Reilly, A.K.; Scheffler, P.E.
Vol. 60(6), 1005, 1981Automated Measurement System for T1 CharacterizationErbrecht, G.F.; Gentry, J.H. Jr.; Kaup, T.C.; Schweizer, R.J.
Vol. 60(6), 1027, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(6), 1035, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(6), 1041, 1981No. 4 ESS: PrologueMartersteck, K.E.
Vol. 60(6), 1049, 1981No. 4 ESS: Mass Announcement CapabilityFrank, R.J.; Keevers, R.J.; Strebendt, F.B.; Waninski, J.E.
Vol. 60(6), 1083, 1981No. 4 ESS: Mass Announcement SubsystemAnderson, T.W.; Bobsin, J.H.; Cook, R.F.; Gingerich, L.; Marouf, M.A.; Milczarek, R.J.
Vol. 60(6), 1109, 1981No. 4 ESS: Network Clock SynchronizationMetz, R.; Reible, E.L.; Winchell, D.F.
Vol. 60(6), 1131, 1981No. 4 ESS: Digital InterfaceHoppner, K.M.; Mann, H.; Panyko, S.F.; VanZweden, J.
Vol. 60(6), 1167, 1981No. 4 ESS: Evolution of Software StructureCarestia, P.D.; Hudson, F.S.
Vol. 60(6), 1203, 1981No. 4 ESS: Performance Objectives and Service ExperienceDavis, E.A.; Giloth, P.K.
Vol. 60(6), 1225, 1981Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 60(6), 1229, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(7), 1235, 1981Sampling From Structured Populations: Some Issues and AnswersNair, V.N.; Dalenius, T.E.
Vol. 60(7), 1257, 1981A First-Come-First-Serve Bus-Allocation Scheme Using Ticket AssignmentsSharma, D.K.; Ahuja, S.R.
Vol. 60(7), 1271, 1981Accurate Logic Simulation Models for TTL Totempole and MOS Gates and Tristate DevicesLevendel, Y.L.; Menon, P.R.; Miller, C.E.
Vol. 60(7), 1289, 1981Special-Information-Tone Frequency DetectionFeuer, A.
Vol. 60(7), 1313, 1981Effect of Echo Canceler on Common-Channel Interoffice Signaling Continuity CheckFang, G.S.
Vol. 60(7), 1335, 1981Profile Characterization of Optical Fibers - A Comparative StudyPresby, H.M.
Vol. 60(7), 1363, 1981Statistical Behavior of Crosstalk Power Sum With Dominant ComponentsLin, S.H.
Vol. 60(7), 1375, 1981Current-Carrying Capacity of Fine-Line Printed ConductorsRainal, A.J.
Vol. 60(7), 1389, 1981A Comparative Study of Several Dynamic Time-Warping Algorithms for Connected-Word RecognitionMyers, C.S.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 60(7), 1411, 1981A Comparison of Three Speech Coders to be Implemented on the Digital Signal ProcessorCox, R.V.
Vol. 60(7), 1423, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(7), 1427, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(7), 1431, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Overview: The Device, Support Facilities, and ApplicationsBoddie, J.R.
Vol. 60(7), 1441, 1981Digital Signal Processor: An Overview of the Silicon Very-Large-Scale-Integration ImplementationBarber, F.E.; Bartoli, T.J.; Freyman, R.L.; Grant, J.A.; Kane, J.; Kershaw, R.N.
Vol. 60(7), 1449, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Architecture and PerformanceBoddie, J.R.; Daryanani, G.T.; Eldumiati, I.I.; Gadenz, R.N.; Thompson, J.S.; Walters, S.M.
Vol. 60(7), 1463, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Logic and Fault SimulationsEldumiati, I.I.; Gadenz, R.N.
Vol. 60(7), 1475, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Software SimulatorAagesen, J.
Vol. 60(7), 1483, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Design of the AssemblerSemmelman, C.L.
Vol. 60(7), 1499, 1981Digital Signal Processor: A Tutorial Introduction to Digital FilteringAngelo, E.J. Jr.
Vol. 60(7), 1547, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code-Modulation CodingBoddie, J.R.; Johnston, J.D.; McGonegal, C.A.; Upton, J.W.; Berkley, D.A.; Crochiere, R.E.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 60(7), 1563, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Private CommunicationsMcGonegal, C.A.; Berkley, D.A.; Jayant, N.S.
Vol. 60(7), 1573, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Receiver for Touch-Tone ServiceBoddie, J.R.; Sachs, N.; Tow, J.
Vol. 60(7), 1585, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Voice-Frequency Transmission Treatment for Special-Service Telephone CircuitsBlake, R.B.; Bolling, A.C.; Farah, R.L.
Vol. 60(7), 1621, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Speech SynthesisBuric, M.R.; Kohut, J.; Olive, J.P.
Vol. 60(7), 1633, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Sub-band CodingCrochiere, R.E.
Vol. 60(7), 1655, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Tone GenerationFavin, D.L.
Vol. 60(7), 1673, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Power MeasurementsFavin, D.L.; Yorkgitis, D.P.; Cordray, S.
Vol. 60(7), 1687, 1981Digital Signal Processor: Tone Detection for CCITT No. 5 TransceiverGadenz, R.N.
Vol. 60(7), 1699, 1981Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 60(7), 1703, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(8), 1713, 1981Transmission Studies of a Long Single-Mode Fiber - Measurements and Consideration for Bandwidth OptimizationCohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.; Stone, J.; Pearson, A.D.
Vol. 60(8), 1727, 1981Electromagnetic Fields, Field Confinement, and Energy Flow in Dispersionless Single-Mode Lightguides With Graded-Index ProfilesPaek, U.C.; Peterson, G.E.; Carnevale, A.
Vol. 60(8), 1745, 1981Priority Queuing NetworksMorris, R.J.T.
Vol. 60(8), 1771, 1981Efficient Realization Techniques for Network Flow PatternsChung, F.R.K.; Graham, R.L.; Hwang, F.K.
Vol. 60(8), 1787, 1981Design and Optimization of Networks With Dynamic RoutingAsh, G.R.; Cardwell, R.H.; Murray, R.P.
Vol. 60(8), 1821, 1981Servicing and Real-Time Control of Networks With Dynamic RoutingAsh, G.R.; Kafker, A.H.; Krishnan, K.R.
Vol. 60(8), 1847, 1981Improving the Quality of a Noisy Speech SignalSondhi, M.M.; Schmidt, C.E.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 60(8), 1861, 1981Cutoff Calls and Telephone Equipment ReliabilityTortorella, M.
Vol. 60(8), 1891, 1981A New Approach to High-Capacity Digital Mobile RadioHenry, P.S.; Glance, B.S.
Vol. 60(8), 1905, 1981Least-Squares Algorithms for Adaptive EqualizersMueller, M.S.
Vol. 60(8), 1927, 1981Numerical Integration of Stochastic Differential Equations - IIGreenside, H.S.; Helfand, E.
Vol. 60(8), 1941, 1981Using Documentation as a Software Design MediumHester, S.D.; Parnas, D.L.; Utter, D.F.
Vol. 60(8), 1979, 1981Minimizing the Worst-Case Distortion in Channel SplittingWitsenhausen, H.S.
Vol. 60(8), 1985, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(8), 1993, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(9), 1997, 1981Adaptive Cancellation of Intersymbol Interference for Data TransmissionGersho, A.; Lim, T.L.
Vol. 60(9), 2023, 1981A Unified Theory of Data-Aided EqualizationMueller, M.S.; Salz, J.
Vol. 60(9), 2039, 1981Adaptive Equalization and Phase Tracking for Simultaneous Analog/Digital Data TransmissionLim, T.L.; Mueller, M.S.
Vol. 60(9), 2065, 1981High-Speed Measurement and Control of Fiber-Coating ConcentricitySmithgall, D.H.; Frazee, R.E.
Vol. 60(9), 2081, 1981Simultaneous Transmission of Speech and Data Using Code-Breaking TechniquesSteele, R.; Vitello, D.
Vol. 60(9), 2107, 1981Frequency Scaling of Speech Signals by Transform TechniquesMalah, D.; Flanagan, J.L.
Vol. 60(9), 2157, 1981McDonald's Problem - An Example of Using Dijkstra's Programming MethodSharma, D.K.
Vol. 60(9), 2167, 1981Spectral Properties and Band-Limiting Effects of Time-Compressed TV Signals in a Time-Compression Multiplexing SystemEng, K.Y.; Yue, O.C.
Vol. 60(9), 2187, 1981Transmission CathodoluminescenceChin, A.K.; Temkin, H.; Mahajan, S.
Vol. 60(9), 2227, 1981Detecting the Occurrence of an Event by FM Through NoiseBenes, V.E.
Vol. 60(9), 2235, 1981Fault-Simulation Methods - Extensions and ComparisonLevendel, Y.H.; Menon, P.R.
Vol. 60(9), 2259, 1981A Fault-Collapsing Analysis in Sequential Logic NetworksChang, S.J.; Breuer, M.A.
Vol. 60(9), 2273, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(9), 2279, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 60(10), 2281, 1981Source Coding for Multiple Descriptions II: A Binary SourceWitsenhausen, H.S.; Wyner, A.D.
Vol. 60(10), 2293, 1981Microprocessor Firmware Update Inventory ModelBrecher, S.M.
Vol. 60(10), 2307, 1981On the Performance of Phase-Shift-Keying SystemsPrabhu, V.K.; Salz, J.
Vol. 60(10), 2345, 1981On the Rapid Initial Convergence of Least-Squares Equalizer Adjustment AlgorithmsMueller, M.S.
Vol. 60(10), 2359, 1981Criteria for the Response of Nonlinear Systems to be L-Asymptotically PeriodicSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 60(10), 2373, 1981Study of a Time-Compression Technique for TV Transmission Using a Chirp Filter and Envelope DetectionEng, K.Y.; Haskell, B.G.
Vol. 60(10), 2397, 1981Conformal Mapping and Complex Coordinates on Cassegrainian and Gregorian Reflector AntennasDragone, C.
Vol. 60(10), 2421, 1981Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 60(10), 2425, 1981Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(1), 1, 1982Kalman Filter Models for Network ForecastingPack, C.D.; Whitaker, B.A.
Vol. 61(1), 15, 1982A Robust Sequential Projection Algorithm for Traffic Load ForecastingMoreland, J.P.
Vol. 61(1), 39, 1982A Sequential Projection Algorithm for Special-Services DemandIonescu-Graff, A.
Vol. 61(1), 67, 1982A Short-Term Forecasting Algorithm for Trunk Demand ServicingSzelag, C.R.
Vol. 61(1), 97, 1982Fast Recursive Estimation Using the Lattice StructureShichor, E.
Vol. 61(1), 117, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(1), 119, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(2), 123, 1982Effects of Day-to-Day Load Variation on Trunk Group BlockingKashper, A.; Rocklin, S.M.; Szelag, C.R.
Vol. 61(2), 137, 1982The Continuing Evolution of the Military Standard 105D Sampling SystemLiebesman, B.S.
Vol. 61(2), 159, 1982Expansions for Nonlinear SystemsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 61(2), 201, 1982Volterra Expansions for Time-Varying Nonlinear SystemsSandberg, I.W.
Vol. 61(2), 227, 1982An Approximate Thermal Model for Outdoor Electronics CabinetsCoyne, J.C.
Vol. 61(2), 247, 1982Fail-Safe Nodes for Lightguide Digital NetworksAlbanese, A.
Vol. 61(2), 257, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(2), 259, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(2), 262, 1982B.S.T.J. Briefs: Fabrication and Properties of Single-Mode Optical Fiber Exhibiting Low Dispersion, Low Loss, and Tight Mode Confinement SimultaneouslyPearson, A.D.; Lazay, P.D.; Reed, W.A.
Vol. 61(3), 267, 1982Video Colorization Diagnostics in Optical TelecommunicationsPresby, H.M.; Chang, R.
Vol. 61(3), 283, 1982Measurements of OH Diffusion in Optical-Fiber CoresPhilen, D.L.
Vol. 61(3), 295, 1982A Class of Approximations for the Waiting Time Distribution in a GI/G/1 Queueing SystemFredericks, A.A.
Vol. 61(3), 327, 1982A General Class of Zero- or Minimum-Delay Fractional Rate Change CircuitsAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 61(3), 347, 1982Peak Signal-to-Noise Formulas for Multistage Delta Modulation with RC-Shaped Gaussian Input SignalsSteele, R.
Vol. 61(3), 363, 1982Note on Some Factors Affecting Performance of Dynamic Time Warping Algorithms for Isolated Word RecognitionRabiner, L.R.
Vol. 61(3), 375, 1982Letter to the Editor
Vol. 61(3), 377, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(3), 379, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(3), 385, 1982B.S.T.J. Briefs: Experimental Verification of Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Spectra in Double-Clad Single-Mode FiberJang, S.J.; Cohen, L.G.; Mammel, W.L.; Saifi, M.A.
Vol. 61(4), 391, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: System OverviewAbbott, N.B.; Chadha, K.J.S.; Smith, D.P.; Wickham, T.F.
Vol. 61(4), 419, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: Control-Complex Architecture and Circuit DesignNichols, R.K.; Starr, T.J.J.
Vol. 61(4), 451, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: Peripheral Systems Architecture and Circuit DesignAdrian, J.M.; Freimanis, L.; Sparber, R.G.
Vol. 61(4), 491, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: Host SoftwareBrown, D.W.; Driscoll, J.J.; Lax, F.M.
Vol. 61(4), 525, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: Physical DesignJeschke, C.E.; Kranenborg, A.E.; Thakkar, B.S.
Vol. 61(4), 565, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: Remote Terminal FirmwareAnderson, D.A.; Fuller, D.R.; Hanson, D.R.; Schmidt, R.B.
Vol. 61(4), 597, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: System MaintenanceKeeve, F.H.; Martin, J.C.; McRoberts, T.L.
Vol. 61(4), 627, 1982No. 10A Remote Switching System: Transmission PlanBurgess, P.N.; Neigh, J.L.; Sparber, R.G.
Vol. 61(4), 643, 1982Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 61(4), 647, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(4), 653, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(5), 661, 1982Integral Representations and Asymptotic Expansions for Closed Markovian Queueing Networks: Normal UsageMcKenna, J.; Mitra, D.
Vol. 61(5), 685, 1982Parasitic Insensitive, Biphase Switched Capacitor Filters Realized With One Operational Amplifier Per Pole PairLaker, K.R.; Fleischer, P.E.; Ganesan, A.
Vol. 61(5), 709, 1982Moment Formulae for a Class of Mixed Multi-Job-Type Queueing NetworksHeffes, H.
Vol. 61(5), 747, 1982Adaptive Intra-Interframe DPCM CoderPirsch, P.
Vol. 61(5), 765, 1982Human Performance Engineering Considerations for Very Large Computer-Based Systems: The End UserYavelberg, I.S.
Vol. 61(5), 799, 1982Graphic Displays of Combined Presentations of Acoustic and Articulatory InformationMiller, J.E.; Fujimura, O.
Vol. 61(5), 811, 19821A Voice Storage System: Voice Storage in the Network - Perspective and HistoryNussbaum, E.
Vol. 61(5), 815, 19821A Voice Storage System: PrologueBergland, G.D.; Hartwell, W.T.; Smith, G.W. Jr.
Vol. 61(5), 821, 19821A Voice Storage System: New Custom Calling ServicesWorrall, D.P.
Vol. 61(5), 841, 19821A Voice Storage System: Architecture and Physical DesignCornell, R.G.; Smith, J.V.
Vol. 61(5), 863, 19821A Voice Storage System: SoftwareGates, G.W.; Kranzmann, R.F.; Whitehead, L.D.
Vol. 61(5), 885, 19821A Voice Storage System: Office Engineering, Maintenance, and ReliabilityBowman, P.W.; Kennedy, J.C.; VanDine, G.A.
Vol. 61(5), 913, 1982Acronyms and Abbreviations For Voice Storage System
Vol. 61(5), 915, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(5), 923, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(5), 931, 1982B.S.T.J. Briefs: A Josephson Parallel MultiplierFulton, T.A.; Dunkleberger, L.N.
Vol. 61(6), 935, 1982Electromagnetic Propagation in Homogeneous Media With Hermitian Permeability and PermittivityBergmann, E.E.
Vol. 61(6), 949, 1982A Primal Algorithm For Finding Minimum-Cost Flows in Capacitated Networks With ApplicationsMonma, C.L.; Segal, M.
Vol. 61(6), 969, 1982Improved Reconstruction of DPCM-Coded PicturesNetravali, A.N.; Bowen, E.G.
Vol. 61(6), 981, 1982An Improved Training Procedure for Connected-Digit RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Bergh, A.; Wilpon, J.G.
Vol. 61(6), 1003, 1982Simulation and Design Studies of Digital Subscriber LinesAhamed, S.V.
Vol. 61(6), 1079, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(6), 1083, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(6), 1095, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: PrefaceSchenker, L.; Barbera, S.J.
Vol. 61(6), 1097, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: EvolutionBoggs, P.S.; Bowker, M.W.; Overstreet, E.A.; Vetter, R.W. Jr.
Vol. 61(6), 1115, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: System ArchitectureMartin, R.L.
Vol. 61(6), 1131, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Data Base SystemFranklin, C.M.; Vogler, J.F.
Vol. 61(6), 1153, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: The Trouble Report Evaluation and Analysis ToolRhodes, S.P.; Dickert, L.S.
Vol. 61(6), 1165, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: The Front-End SystemChappell, S.G.; Henig, F.H.; Watson, D.S.
Vol. 61(6), 1177, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Software Tools and ComponentsBergeron, R.F.; Rochkind, M.J.
Vol. 61(6), 1197, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: The Context-Sensitive Switch of the Loop Maintenance Operations SystemHoltman, J.P.
Vol. 61(6), 1209, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Mechanized Loop Testing Strategies and TechniquesUhrhane, F.J.
Vol. 61(6), 1235, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Mechanized Loop Testing DesignDale, O.B.; Robinson, T.W.; Theriot, E.J.
Vol. 61(6), 1257, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Second-Generation Mechanized Loop Testing System - A Distributed Microprocessor ApplicationRubin, H.
Vol. 61(6), 1275, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Cable Repair Administrative SystemBoggs, P.S.; Mashey, J.R.
Vol. 61(6), 1293, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Human Performance Design TechniquesLeonard, G.H.; Zielinski, J.E.
Vol. 61(6), 1301, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Two Examples of Human Performance Analysis and Design in Planning the ARSBGauthier, R.F.; Harris, W.A.
Vol. 61(6), 1313, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: On-line Documentation: Mechanizing Development, Delivery, and UseGlushko, R.J.; Bianchi, M.H.
Vol. 61(6), 1325, 1982Automated Repair Service Bureau: Economic EvaluationOverstreet, E.A.
Vol. 61(6), 1345, 1982Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 61(6), 1349, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(7), 1359, 1982Wideband, Bidirectional Lightguide Communication With An Optically Powered Audio ChannelMiller, R.C.; DeLoach, B.C.; Stakelon, T.S.; Lawry, R.B.
Vol. 61(7), 1367, 1982Equalization of Multimode Optical Fiber SystemsKasper, B.L.
Vol. 61(7), 1389, 1982Frequency-Hopped Single-Sideband Modulation for Mobile RadioPrabhu, V.K.; Steele, R.
Vol. 61(7), 1413, 1982Description of Fasnet - A Unidirectional Local-Area Communications NetworkLimb, J.O.; Flores, C.
Vol. 61(7), 1441, 1982On The Distribution Function and Moments of Power Sums With Log-Normal ComponentsSchwartz, S.C.; Yeh, Y.S.
Vol. 61(7), 1463, 1982Piecewise Linear Approximation of Multivariate FunctionsLee, G.S.
Vol. 61(7), 1487, 1982A Traffic Overflow System With A Large Primary QueueMorrison, J.A.; Wright, P.E.
Vol. 61(7), 1519, 1982Memoryless Nonlinearities With Gaussian Inputs: Elementary ResultsRowe, H.E.
Vol. 61(7), 1527, 1982A Variation on CSMA/CD That Yields Movable TDM Slots in Integrated Voice/Data Local NetworksMaxemchuk, N.F.
Vol. 61(7), 1551, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(7), 1555, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(7), 1567, 1982B.S.T.J. Briefs: Low-Elevation-Angle Propagation Effects on COMSTAR Satellite SignalsTitus, J.M.; Arnold, H.W.
Vol. 61(7), 1575, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: PrologueAndrews, F.T. Jr.; Martersteck, K.E.
Vol. 61(7), 1579, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: OverviewHoring, S.; Menard, J.Z.; Staehler, R.E.; Yokelson, B.J.
Vol. 61(7), 1589, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Generic Network PlanLawser, J.J.; LeCronier, R.E.; Simms, R.L.
Vol. 61(7), 1599, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Routing of Direct-Signaling Messages in the CCIS NetworkFrerking, R.F.; McGrew, M.A.
Vol. 61(7), 1611, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: No. 1/1A ESS - SPC Network Capabilities and Signaling ArchitectureGawron, L.J.; Lueders, S.J.; Moeller, K.L.
Vol. 61(7), 1637, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: CCIS and SPC Network PerformanceDavis, E.A.; Funk, C.J.; Sebeson, J.M.
Vol. 61(7), 1655, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Calling Card Service - Overall Description and Operational CharacteristicsBasinger, R.G.; Berger, M.; Prell, E.M.; Ransom, V.L.; Williams, J.R.
Vol. 61(7), 1675, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Calling Card Service - TSPS Hardware, Software, and Signaling ImplementationConfalone, D.E.; Rogers, B.W.; Thornberry, R.J. Jr.
Vol. 61(7), 1715, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Calling Card Service - Human Factors StudiesEigen, D.J.; Youngs, E.A.
Vol. 61(7), 1737, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: 800 Service Using SPC Network CapabilitySheinbein, D.; Weber, R.P.
Vol. 61(7), 1745, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: 800 Service Using SPC Network Capability - Network Implementation and Administrative FunctionsHaas, C.W.; Salerno, D.C.; Sheinbein, D.
Vol. 61(7), 1759, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Data Base Administration System - Overall Description and Operational CharacteristicsBarrere, R.G.; Delatore, J.P.; Lurtz, J.W.; Piereth, R.J.; Rubald, C.M.
Vol. 61(7), 1779, 1982Stored Program Controlled Network: Data Base Administration System - Architecture and Data Base DesignSampson, S.F.; Tietz, D.W.
Vol. 61(7), 1799, 1982Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 61(7), 1805, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(8), 1817, 1982The Tap-Leakage Algorithm: An Algorithm for the Stable Operation of a Digitally Implemented, Fractionally Spaced Adaptive EqualizerGitlin, R.D.; Meadors, H.C. Jr.; Weinstein, S.B.
Vol. 61(8), 1841, 1982Using Magnetic Bubble Memories to Provide Recorded AnnouncementsRowley, J.E.; Bernardini, J.
Vol. 61(8), 1863, 1982Application of Graph Theory to the Solution of a Nonlinear Optimal Assignment ProblemMalek-Zavarei, M.
Vol. 61(8), 1871, 1982Stochastic Theory of a Data-Handling System with Multiple SourcesAnick, D.; Mitra, D.; Sondhi, M.M.
Vol. 61(8), 1895, 1982Spatial Subsampling in Motion-Compensated Television CodersRobbins, J.D.; Netravali, A.N.
Vol. 61(8), 1911, 1982The Detection of Long Error Bursts During Transmission of Video SignalsJanac, K.; Sloane, N.J.A.
Vol. 61(8), 1919, 1982Considerations for Single-Mode Fiber SystemsOgawa, K.
Vol. 61(8), 1933, 1982Error Probability of Partial-Response Continuous-Phase Modulation with Coherent MSK-Type Receiver, Diversity, and Slow Rayleigh Fading in Gaussian NoiseSundberg, C.E.
Vol. 61(8), 1965, 1982Comparisons on Blocking Probabilities for Regular Series Parallel Channel GraphsDu, D.Z.; Hwang, F.K.
Vol. 61(8), 1975, 1982On The Physical Limits of Digital Optical Switching and Logic ElementsSmith, P.W.
Vol. 61(8), 1995, 1982An Inversion Technique for the Laplace TransformJagerman, D.L.
Vol. 61(8), 2003, 1982Approximate Mean Waiting Times in Transient GI/G/1 QueuesJagerman, D.L.
Vol. 61(8), 2023, 1982An Analysis of the Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access ProtocolHeyman, D.P.
Vol. 61(8), 2053, 1982Implementing and Testing New Versions of a Good, 48-Bit, Pseudo-Random Number GeneratorRoberts, C.S.
Vol. 61(8), 2065, 1982Some Extremal Markov ChainsMazo, J.E.
Vol. 61(8), 2081, 1982Quality Evaluation Plan Using Adaptive Kalman FilteringPhadke, M.S.
Vol. 61(8), 2109, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(8), 2117, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(9), 2129, 1982Feeder Planning Methods for Digital Loop CarrierBulcha, B.; Kodrich, L.E.; Luber, D.B.; Mitchell, W.J.; Schwartz, M.A.; Woomer, F.N.
Vol. 61(9), 2143, 1982Evaluation of Private NetworksKaufman, R.L.; Kester, A.J.M.
Vol. 61(9), 2167, 1982A Description of the Bell Laboratories Scanned Acoustic MicroscopeSulewski, P.; Bishop, D.J.; Dynes, R.C.
Vol. 61(9), 2185, 1982A Statistical Model of Multipath Fading on a Space-Diversity Radio ChannelRummler, W.D.
Vol. 61(9), 2221, 1982Matrix Analysis of Mildly Nonlinear, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Systems With MemorySaleh, A.A.M.
Vol. 61(9), 2245, 1982Computing the Distribution of a Random Variable via Gaussian Quadrature RulesMeyers, M.H.
Vol. 61(9), 2263, 1982A 9.6-kb/s DSP Speech CoderCrochiere, R.E.; Cox, R.V.; Johnston, J.D.; Seltzer, L.A.
Vol. 61(9), 2289, 1982An Improved Model for Isolated Word RecognitionTribolet, J.M.; Rabiner, L.R.; Wilpon, J.G.
Vol. 61(9), 2313, 1982A Theoretical Model of Transient Heat Transfer in a Firestopped Cable BundleGrimado, P.B.
Vol. 61(9), 2333, 1982Planning and Conducting Field-Tracking StudiesAmster, S.J.; Brush, G.G.; Saperstein, B.
Vol. 61(9), 2367, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(9), 2373, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 61(9), 2383, 1982Database Systems: Database Work at Bell LaboratoriesAho, A.V.
Vol. 61(9), 2387, 1982Database Systems: Structure of a Database File System for the UNIX Operating SystemRochkind, M.J.
Vol. 61(9), 2407, 1982Database Systems: Making UNIX Operating Systems Safe for DatabasesWeinberger, P.J.
Vol. 61(9), 2423, 1982Database Systems: A Real-Time Database Management System for No. 5 ESSBarclay, D.K.; Byrne, E.R.; Ng, F.K.
Vol. 61(9), 2439, 1982Database Systems: Database Administration System - Architecture and Design IssuesWang, C.C.; Huang, C.P.
Vol. 61(9), 2459, 1982Database Systems: Implementation of a Distributed Database Management System to Support Logical SubnetworksCohen, D.
Vol. 61(9), 2475, 1982Database Systems: Design of a Prototype Videotex SystemGoguen, N.H.
Vol. 61(9), 2487, 1982Database Systems: Human Factors in a Data AccessLandauer, T.K.; Dumais, S.T.; Gomez, L.M.; Furnas, G.W.
Vol. 61(9), 2511, 1982Database Systems: Design and Implementation of a Production Database Management System (DBM-2)Chiang, T.C.; Rose, G.R.
Vol. 61(9), 2529, 1982Database Systems: A Directed Hypergraph Database: A Model for the Local Loop Telephone PlantGoldstein, A.J.
Vol. 61(9), 2555, 1982Database Systems: Issues in the Design of a Distributed Record Management SystemLinderman, J.P.
Vol. 61(9), 2567, 1982Database Systems: The Intelligent Store: A Content-Addressable Page ManagerRoome, W.D.
Vol. 61(9), 2597, 1982Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 61(9), 2599, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(9), 2607, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: OverviewChernak, J.; Lang, J.J.
Vol. 61(9), 2611, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: The Channel BankCrue, C.R.; Gaunt, W.B. Jr.; Green, J.H.; Landry, J.E.; Spires, D.A.
Vol. 61(9), 2665, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: The Maintenance BankBenjamin, R.E.; Mahn, H.H.
Vol. 61(9), 2677, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: The SLC-96 SystemCho, Y.S.; Olson, J.W.; Williamson, D.H.
Vol. 61(9), 2703, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Dataport - Digital Access Through D4Aprille, T.J.; Narayanan, S.; St. Amand, P.G.; Weber, F.E.
Vol. 61(9), 2721, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Dataport - Channel Units for Digital Data System SubratesAprille, T.J.; Gupta, D.V.; St. Amand, P.G.
Vol. 61(9), 2741, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Dataport - Channel Units for Digital Data System 56-kb/s RateDunbar, B.J.; Gupta, D.V.; Horvath, M.P.; Verma, S.P.; Sheehey, R.E.
Vol. 61(9), 2757, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Digital Terminal Physical DesignAlbert, W.G.; Favale, A.G.; Hall, J.R.; Klockow, D.H.
Vol. 61(9), 2791, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Custom-Integrated Circuits for Digital TerminalsGoldstein, R.M.; Leggett, J.D.; Mowery, G.L.; Sodomsky, K.F.
Vol. 61(9), 2815, 1982D4 Digital Channel Bank Family: Thin-Film Dual Active Filter for Pulse Code Modulation SystemsAdams, R.L.; Fisher, J.S.; Petersen, O.G.; Post, I.G.
Vol. 61(9), 2835, 1982Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 61(9), 2839, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(10), 2849, 1982An Overview of PANACEA, a Software Package for Analyzing Markovian Queueing NetworksRamakrishnan, K.G.; Mitra, D.
Vol. 61(10), 2873, 1982Special-Purpose Computer for Logic Simulation Using Distributed ProcessingLevendel, Y.H.; Menon, P.R.; Patel, S.H.
Vol. 61(10), 2911, 1982The Limit of the Blocking as Offered Load Decreases With Fixed PeakednessBurke, P.J.
Vol. 61(10), 2917, 1982TV Bandwidth Compression Techniques Using Time-Companded Differentials and Their Applications to Satellite TransmissionsEng, K.Y.; Haskell, B.G.
Vol. 61(10), 2929, 1982Sensitivity of Avalanche Photodetector Receivers for Long-Wavelength Optical CommunicationsSmith, R.G.; Forrest, S.R.
Vol. 61(10), 2947, 1982Transmitting Data on the Phase of Speech SignalsWong, W.C.; Steele, R.; Xydeas, C.S.
Vol. 61(10), 2971, 1982On the Use of Energy in LPC-Based Recognition of Isolated WordsBrown, M.K.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 61(10), 2989, 1982Isolated Word Recognition for Large VocabulariesRabiner, L.R.; Rosenberg, A.E.; Wilpon, J.G.; Keilin, W.J.
Vol. 61(10), 3007, 1982Multitone Frequency-Hopped MFSK System for Mobile RadioTimor, Uzi
Vol. 61(10), 3019, 1982Design of Recovery Strategies for a Fault-Tolerant No. 4 Electronic Switching SystemWillett, R.J.
Vol. 61(10), 3041, 1982Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 61(10), 3047, 1982Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(1), 1, 1983InGaAsP LEDs for 1.3-um Optical TransmissionTemkin, H.; Zipfel, C.L.; DiGiuseppe, M.A.; Chin, A.K.; Keramidas, V.G.; Saul, R.H.
Vol. 62(1), 25, 1983Analog Scramblers for Speech Based on Sequential Permutations in Time and FrequencyJayant, N.S.; Cox, R.V.; McDermott, B.J.; Quinn, A.M.
Vol. 62(1), 47, 1983Analog Voice Privacy Systems Using TFSP Scrambling: Full Duplex and Half DuplexCox, R.V.; Tribolet, J.M.
Vol. 62(1), 63, 1983Maximum-Power and Amplitude-Equalizing Algorithms for Phase Control in Space Diversity CombiningKarabinis, P.D.
Vol. 62(1), 91, 1983Stochastic Analysis of Mechanizing Transaction Data BasesMorrison, J.A.; Yale, W.W.
Vol. 62(1), 101, 1983Smoothing With Periodic Cubic SplinesGraham, N.Y.
Vol. 62(1), 111, 1983Hybrid-Mode, Shielded, Offset Parabolic AntennaSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 62(1), 121, 1983An Experimental Teleterminal - The Software StrategyBayer, D.L.; Thompson, R.A.
Vol. 62(1), 145, 1983Experimental Teleterminals - HardwareHagelbarger, D.W.; Anderson, R.V.; Kubik, P.S.
Vol. 62(1), 153, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(1), 159, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(1), 167, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: PrologueScanlon, J.M.
Vol. 62(1), 171, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D Processor & DMERT as a Base for Telecommunications ApplicationsMitze, R.W.; Bosco, H.L.; DeLessio, N.X.; Frank, R.J.; Martellotto, N.A.; Schwartz, W.C.; Wolfe, R.M.
Vol. 62(1), 181, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Overview and Architecture of the 3B20D ProcessorToy, W.N.; Gallaher, L.E.
Vol. 62(1), 191, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D Central Processing UnitRolund, M.W.; Beckett, J.T.; Harms, D.A.
Vol. 62(1), 207, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D Processor Memory SystemsHetherington, I.K.; Kusulas, P.
Vol. 62(1), 221, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D Packaging and TechnologyKulpa, S.H.; Brown, J.M.; Fulton, A.W.
Vol. 62(1), 235, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D File Memory SystemsHaglund, R.E.; Peterson, L.D.
Vol. 62(1), 255, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D Input/Output SystemBudlong, A.H.; Wendland, F.W.
Vol. 62(1), 275, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Software Development SystemRowland, B.R.; Welsch, R.J.
Vol. 62(1), 291, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Overview, Architecture, and Performance of DMERTKane, J.R.; Anderson, R.E.; McCabe, P.S.
Vol. 62(1), 303, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: DMERT Operating SystemGrzelakowski, M.E.; Campbell, J.H.; Dubman, M.R.
Vol. 62(1), 323, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Field Administration SubsystemsYacobellis, R.H.; Miller, J.H.; Niedfeldt, B.G.; Weber, S.S.
Vol. 62(1), 341, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20 Field UtilitiesEldredge, G.P.; Chevalier, J.C.
Vol. 62(1), 349, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Fault Detection and RecoveryHansen, R.C.; Peterson, R.W.; Whittington, N.O.
Vol. 62(1), 367, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Diagnostic Tests and Control SoftwareQuinn, J.L.; Engram, R.L.; Goetz, F.M.
Vol. 62(1), 383, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: 3B20D Craft InterfaceBarton, M.E.; Schmitt, D.A.
Vol. 62(1), 399, 1983The 3B20D Processor & DMERT Operating System: Integration and System TestKlinksiek, W.F.; Mitchell, H.L.
Vol. 62(1), 411, 1983Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 62(1), 417, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(2), 429, 1983Digital Communications Over Fading Radio ChannelsFoschini, G.J.; Salz, J.
Vol. 62(2), 457, 1983Chromatic Dispersion Measurements in Single-Mode Fibers Using Picosecond InGaAsP Injection Lasers in the 1.2- to 1.5-um Spectral RegionLin, C.; Tynes, A.R.; Tomita, A.; Liu, P.L.; Philen, D.L.
Vol. 62(2), 463, 1983High-Frequency Impedance of Proton-Bombarded Injection LasersHakki, B.W.; Holbrook, W.R.; Gaw, C.A.
Vol. 62(2), 477, 1983An Analysis of the Derivative Weight-Gain Signal From Measured Crystal Shape: Implications of Diameter Control of GaAsJordan, A.S.; Caruso, R.; VonNeida, A.R.
Vol. 62(2), 499, 1983Growth, Complexity, and Performance of Telephone Connecting NetworksBenes, V.E.
Vol. 62(2), 541, 1983Upper and Lower Bounds on Mean Throughput Rate and Mean Delay in Memory-Constrained Queueing NetworksArthurs, E.; Stuck, B.W.
Vol. 62(2), 583, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(2), 587, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(3), 595, 1983Measurements of Selective Near-In Sidelobe Reduction of a Pyramidal, Horn-Reflector AntennaSemplak, R.A.
Vol. 62(3), 607, 1983An Experimental Study of Atmospheric Optical TransmissionKing, B.G.; Fitzgerald, P.J.; Stein, H.A.
Vol. 62(3), 631, 1983Star Network With Collision-Avoidance CircuitsAlbanese, A.
Vol. 62(3), 639, 1983Pressure-Volume-Temperature Behavior in the System H20-NaOH-Si02 And Its Relationship to the Hydrothermal Growth of QuartzKolb, E.D.; Key, P.L.; Laudise, R.A.; Simpson, E.E.
Vol. 62(3), 657, 1983Variable Rate ADPCM Based on Explicit Noise CodingJayant, N.S.
Vol. 62(3), 679, 1983Random Processes With Specified Spectral Density and First-Order Probability DensitySondhi, M.M.
Vol. 62(3), 703, 1983A Method to Characterize the Mechanical Properties of Undersea CablesChu, T.C.
Vol. 62(3), 717, 1983Performance of a Fast Algorithm for FIR System Identification Using Least-Squares AnalysisMarple, S.L. Jr.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 62(3), 743, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(3), 747, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(3), 755, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Overview and ObjectivesStaehler, R.E.; Cochrane, J.I.
Vol. 62(3), 765, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: System DescriptionDeLessio, N.X.; Martellotto, N.A.
Vol. 62(3), 775, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Real-Time Architecture Utilizing the DMERT Operating SystemGill, R.J.; Kujawinski, G.J.; Stredde, E.H.
Vol. 62(3), 827, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Hardware ConfigurationClark, G.T.; Hilsinger, H.A.; Tendick, J.H.; Weber, R.A.
Vol. 62(3), 859, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Software Development SystemHack, T.G.; Huang, T.; Stecher, L.C.
Vol. 62(3), 885, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Integration and System TestingAhmari, R.; DiPietro, R.S.; Reed, S.C.; Williams, J.R.
Vol. 62(3), 907, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Retrofitting the ProcessorDalby, J.C. Jr.; Van Haften, D.; Weber, L.A.
Vol. 62(3), 919, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Capacity and Reliability EvaluationCrane, B.A.; Suk, D.S.
Vol. 62(3), 941, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Switching Control Center System InterfaceBodnar, J.J.; Daino, J.R.; VanderMeulen, K.A.
Vol. 62(3), 959, 1983Traffic Service Position System No. 1B: Long-Range Planning ToolsBastien, P.L.; Wycherley, B.R.
Vol. 62(3), 979, 1983Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 62(3), 985, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(4), 993, 1983Analysis of Thermally Induced Loss in Fiber-Optic RibbonsBrockway, G.S.; Santana, M.R.
Vol. 62(4), 1019, 1983Adaptive Linearization of Power Amplifiers in Digital Radio SystemsSaleh, A.A.M.; Salz, J.
Vol. 62(4), 1035, 1983An Introduction to the Application of the Theory of Probabilistic Functions of a Markov Process to Automatic Speech RecognitionLevinson, S.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Sondhi, M.M.
Vol. 62(4), 1075, 1983On the Application of Vector Quantization and Hidden Markov Models to Speaker-Independent, Isolated Word RecognitionRabiner, L.R.; Levinson, S.E.; Sondhi, M.M.
Vol. 62(4), 1107, 1983A Lithographic Mask System for MOS Fine-Line Process DevelopmentAndrews, J.M.
Vol. 62(4), 1161, 1983A Circuit That Changes the Word Rate of Pulse Code Modulated SignalsCandy, J.C.; Benjamin, O.J.
Vol. 62(4), 1169, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(4), 1173, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(5), 1181, 1983A Long-Wavelength Optical Receiver Using a Short-Channel Si-MOSFETOgawa, K.; Owen, B.; Boll, H.J.
Vol. 62(5), 1189, 1983Modal Analysis of Loss and Mode Mixing in Multimode Parabolic Index SplicesWhite, I.A.; Mettler, S.C.
Vol. 62(5), 1209, 1983Experimental Results of 20-Mb/s FSK Digital Transmission on 4-GHz (TD) RadioWang, Y.Y.
Vol. 62(5), 1233, 1983An Experimental Broadband Imaging FeedChu, T.S.; England, R.W.
Vol. 62(5), 1251, 1983An M/G/1 Queue With a Hybrid DisciplineDoshi, B.T.
Vol. 62(5), 1273, 1983Off-Line Quality Control in Integrated Circuit Fabrication Using Experimental DesignPhadke, M.S.; Kackar, R.N.; Speeney, D.V.; Grieco, M.J.
Vol. 62(5), 1311, 1983The Effects of Selected Signal Processing Techniques on the Performance of a Filter-Bank-Based Isolated Word RecognizerDautrich, B.A.; Rabiner, L.R.; Martin, T.B.
Vol. 62(5), 1337, 1983Contributors to this Issue
Vol. 62(5), 1341, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(6), 1353, 1983On the Start-Up Problem in Digital Echo CancelersSalz, J.
Vol. 62(6), 1365, 1983Sample Reduction and Subsequent Adaptive Interpolation of Speech SignalsSteele, R.; Benjamin, F.
Vol. 62(6), 1399, 1983Practical Design Considerations for Coupled-Single-Amplifier-Biquad Active Bandpass FiltersTow, J.
Vol. 62(6), 1415, 1983Modal Structure of an MCVD Optical Waveguide FiberCarnevale, A.; Paek, U.C.
Vol. 62(6), 1433, 1983Asymptotic Analysis of a Queueing Model With Bursty TrafficBurman, D.Y.; Smith, D.R.
Vol. 62(6), 1455, 1983Modernization of the Suburban ESS: Overview: Evolution of the Suburban ESSGrassman, T.E.; Yates, J.E.
Vol. 62(6), 1467, 1983Modernization of the Suburban ESS: Adding Data Links to an Existing ESSIshman, C.E.; Sanderson, R.B.; Taff, L.M.; Truax, D.P.; Tulloss, C.T.
Vol. 62(6), 1497, 1983Modernization of the Suburban ESS: Hosting the No. 10A Remote Switching SystemBrown, D.W.; Driscoll, J.J.; Lax, F.M.; Saad, M.W.; Whitemyer, J.G.
Vol. 62(6), 1537, 1983Modernization of the Suburban ESS: Billing and Measurements ModernizationLodwig, J.P.; Ward, D.A.
Vol. 62(6), 1551, 1983Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 62(6), 1553, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(6), 1561, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: IntroductionSumner, E.E.
Vol. 62(6), 1569, 1983History and Methods
Vol. 62(6), 1571, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: A Brief History of Applied Behavioral Science at Bell LaboratoriesHanson, B.L.
Vol. 62(6), 1591, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Methods for Field Testing New Telephone ServicesEigen, D.J.
Vol. 62(6), 1617, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Characteristics of Human Performance
Vol. 62(6), 1619, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Textons, The Fundamental Elements in Preattentive Vision and Perception of TexturesJulesz, B.; Bergen, J.R.
Vol. 62(6), 1647, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Central Control of Movement TimingRosenbaum, D.A.
Vol. 62(6), 1659, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Experiments on Quantitative Judgments of Graphs and MapsCleveland, W.S.; Harris, C.S.; McGill, R.
Vol. 62(6), 1675, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Retrospective Reports Reveal Differences in People's ReasoningEgan, D.E.
Vol. 62(6), 1699, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: New Technological Demands
Vol. 62(6), 1701, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Human Factors Engineering for the Loop PlantDonegan, J.; Koppes, D.N.
Vol. 62(6), 1705, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Effects of Shape and Size of Knobs on Maximal Hand-Turning Forces Applied by FemalesKohl, G.A.
Vol. 62(6), 1713, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Human Factors Comparison of Two Fiber-Optic Continuous-Groove Field-Repair Splicing TechniquesPaul, L.M.
Vol. 62(6), 1723, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Performance in Locating Terminals on a High-Density ConnectorFlamm, L.E.
Vol. 62(6), 1733, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Membrane Keyboards and Human PerformanceCohen Loeb, K.M.
Vol. 62(6), 1751, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Interface Design
Vol. 62(6), 1753, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Statistical Semantics: Analysis of the Potential Performance of Key-Word Information SystemsFurnas, G.W.; Landauer, T.K.; Gomez, L.M.; Dumais, S.T.
Vol. 62(6), 1807, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: On Abbreviating Command NamesStreeter, L.A.; Ackroff, J.M.; Taylor, G.A.
Vol. 62(6), 1827, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Designing and Evaluating Standard Instructions for Public TelephonesKarhan, C.J.; Riley, C.A.; Schoeffler, M.S.
Vol. 62(6), 1849, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: A Study of the Match Between the Stylistic Difficulty of Technical Documents and the Reading Skills of Technical PersonnelCoke, E.U.; Koether, M.E.
Vol. 62(6), 1865, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: Toward Bell System Applications of Automatic Speech RecognitionHolmgren, J.E.
Vol. 62(6), 1881, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: New Functions for Technology
Vol. 62(6), 1883, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: The UNIX Writer's Workbench Software: PhilosophyFrase, L.T.
Vol. 62(6), 1891, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: The UNIX Writer's Workbench Software: Rationale and DesignMacdonald, N.H.
Vol. 62(6), 1909, 1983Human Factors and Behavioral Science: The UNIX Writer's Workbench Software: Results of a Field StudyGingrich, P.S.
Vol. 62(7), 1923, 1983Stabilized Biasing of Semiconductor LasersSwartz, R.G.; Wooley, B.A.
Vol. 62(7), 1937, 1983Empirical Evaluation of Profile Variations in an MCVD Optical Waveguide Fiber Using Modal Structure AnalysisCarnevale, A.; Paek, U.C.
Vol. 62(7), 1955, 1983A Comparison of Line Difference Predictions for Time-Frequency Multiplexing of Television SignalsSchmidt, R.L.
Vol. 62(7), 1977, 1983On the Recognition of Isolated Digits From a Large Telephone Customer PopulationWilpon, J.G.; Rabiner, L.R.
Vol. 62(7), 2001, 1983Comparing Batch Delays and Customer DelaysWhitt, W.
Vol. 62(7), 2011, 1983Batch Delays Versus Customer DelaysHalfin, S.
Vol. 62(7), 2017, 1983Combined Source and Channel Coding for Variable-Bit-Rate Speech TransmissionGoodman, D.J.; Sundberg, C.E.
Vol. 62(7), 2037, 1983Alternative Cell Configurations for Digital Mobile Radio SystemsSundberg, C.E.
Vol. 62(7), 2067, 1983On Continuous Phase Modulation in Cellular Digital Mobile Radio SystemsSundberg, C.E.
Vol. 62(7), 2091, 1983A Compatible High-Definition Television SystemRzeszewski, T.S.
Vol. 62(7), 2113, 1983Letter to the Editor
Vol. 62(7), 2115, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(7), 2123, 1983Total Network Data System: IntroductionSchenker, L.
Vol. 62(7), 2127, 1983Total Network Data System: Environment and ObjectivesBarrese, A.L.; Parker, D.E.; Robbins, T.E.; Steele, L.M.
Vol. 62(7), 2147, 1983Total Network Data System: System PlanHall, M.S. Jr.; Kohut, J.A.; Riesz, G.W.; Steifle, J.W.
Vol. 62(7), 2183, 1983Total Network Data System: Theoretical and Engineering FoundationsHayward, W.S.; Moreland, J.P.
Vol. 62(7), 2209, 1983Total Network Data System: Data Acquisition and Near-Real-Time Surveillance by EADASByrne, C.J.; Gagne, D.J.; Grandle, J.A. Jr.; Wedemeyer, G.H.
Vol. 62(7), 2239, 1983Total Network Data System: Network ManagementEbner, G.C.; Haenschke, D.G.
Vol. 62(7), 2261, 1983Total Network Data System: National Network ManagementBartz, W.S.; Patterson, R.W.
Vol. 62(7), 2281, 1983Total Network Data System: Equipment SystemsFulton, N.D.; Galiardi, J.J.; Pasternak, E.J.; Schulman, S.A.; Voigt, H.E.
Vol. 62(7), 2345, 1983Total Network Data System: Trunking SystemBezdek, P.V.; Collins, J.P.
Vol. 62(7), 2365, 1983Total Network Data System: Central Office Equipment Reports for Stored Program Control SystemsGrantges, R.F.; Fahrmann, V.L.; Gibson, T.A.; Brown, L.M.
Vol. 62(7), 2397, 1983Total Network Data System: Small Office Network Data SystemBarnes, D.H.; O'Connor, J.J.
Vol. 62(7), 2433, 1983Total Network Data System: Performance Measurement/Trouble LocationAnderson, D.R.; Evans, M.J.
Vol. 62(7), 2459, 1983Total Network Data System: Operating Company PerspectivePfeiffer, J. Jr.
Vol. 62(7), 2473, 1983Acronyms and Abbreviations
Vol. 62(8), 2479, 1983High-Power Lasers and Optical Waveguides for Robotic Material-Processing ApplicationsLin, Chinlon; Beni, G.; Hackwood, S.; Bridges, T.J.
Vol. 62(8), 2493, 1983Estimates of Path Loss and Radiated Power for UHF Mobile-Satellite SystemsReudink, D.O.
Vol. 62(8), 2513, 1983Coding of Two-Level Pictures by Pattern Matching and SubstitutionJohnsen, O.; Segen, J.; Cash, G.L.
Vol. 62(8), 2547, 1983Data-Transport Performance Analysis of FasnetHeyman, D.P.
Vol. 62(8), 2561, 1983Forecasting With Adaptive Gradient Exponential SmoothingFeuer, A.
Vol. 62(8), 2581, 1983Application of the Minimum-Weight Spanning-Tree Algorithm to Assignment of Communication FacilitiesStrakhov, N.A.
Vol. 62(8), 2603, 1983Note on the Properties of a Vector Quantizer for LPC CoefficientsRabiner, L.R.; Sondhi, M.M.; Levinson, S.E.
Vol. 62(8), 2617, 1983Upper Bounds on the Minimum Distance of Trellis CodesCalderbank, A.E.; Mazo, J.E.; Shapiro, H.M.
Vol. 62(8), 2647, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(9), 2663, 1983Calculation of Modes in an Optical Fiber Using the Finite Element Method and EISPACKLenahan, T.A.
Vol. 62(9), 2695, 1983Measurements of 800-MHz Radio Transmission Into Buildings With Metallic WallsCox, D.C.; Murray, R.R.; Norris, A.W.
Vol. 62(9), 2719, 1983Penetration of Radio Signals Into Buildings in the Cellular Radio EnvironmentWalker, E.H.
Vol. 62(9), 2735, 1983Transmission Errors and Forward Error Correction in Embedded Differential Pulse Code ModulationGoodman, D.J.; Sundberg, C.E.
Vol. 62(9), 2765, 1983CCITT Compatible Coding of Multilevel PicturesGharavi, H.; Netravali, A.N.
Vol. 62(9), 2779, 1983The Queueing Network AnalyzerWhitt, W.
Vol. 62(9), 2817, 1983Performance of the Queueing Network AnalyzerWhitt, W.
Vol. 62(9), 2845, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(10), 2853, 1983Time-Compression Multiplexing (TCM) of Three Broadcast-Quality TV Signals in a Satellite TransponderEng, K.Y.; Haskell, B.G.; Schmidt, R.L.
Vol. 62(10), 2867, 1983Synchronization of Noncolocated TV Signals in a Satellite Time-Compression Multiplexing SystemEng, K.Y.; Haskell, B.G.
Vol. 62(10), 2885, 1983Theory of Reflection From Antireflection CoatingsClarke, R.H.
Vol. 62(10), 2893, 1983Equivalent Queueing Networks and Their Use in Approximate Equilibrium AnalysisKumar, A.
Vol. 62(10), 2911, 1983A Model for Special-Service Circuit ActivitySmith, D.R.
Vol. 62(10), 2935, 1983TELBECC - A Computational Method and Computer Program for Analyzing Telephone Building Energy Consumption and ControlGrimado, P.B.
Vol. 62(10), 2961, 1983Recursive Fixed-Order Covariance Least-Squares AlgorithmsHonig, M.L.
Vol. 62(10), 2993, 1983On the Average Product of Gauss-Markov VariablesLogan, B.F. Jr.; Mazo, J.E.; Odlyzko, A.M.; Shepp, L.A.
Vol. 62(10), 3007, 1983Series Solutions of Companding ProblemsLogan, B.F. Jr.
Vol. 62(10), 3053, 1983Bandwidth-Conserving Independent Amplitude and Phase ModulationLogan, B.F. Jr.
Vol. 62(10), 3063, 1983Papers by Bell Laboratories Authors
Vol. 62(10), 3073, 1983Theory of Program Testing - An OverviewPrather, R.E.
Vol. 62(10), 3107, 1983Parallel Fault Simulation Using Distributed ProcessingLevendel, Y.H.; Menon, P.R.; Patel, S.H.
Vol. 62(10), 3139, 1983Two New Kinds of Biased Search TreesFeigenbaum, J.; Tarjan, R.E.
Vol. 62(10), 3159, 1983An Algebraic Theory of Relational DatabasesLee, T.T.
Vol. 62(10), 3205, 1983Generation of Syntax-Directed Editors With Text-Oriented FeaturesBottos, B.A.; Kintala, C.M.R.
Vol. 62(10), 3225, 1983Performance Analysis of a Preemptive Priority Queue With Applications to Packet Communication SystemsHluchyj, M.G.; Tsao, C.D.; Boorstyn, R.R.
Vol. 62(10), 3249, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: PrologueMarkle, R.E.
Vol. 62(10), 3255, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: System Design and PerformanceGammie, J.; Moffatt, J.P.; Moseley, R.H.; Robinson, W.A.
Vol. 62(10), 3313, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Radio-Line Physical DesignHarvey, S.A.; Patel, P.D.
Vol. 62(10), 3337, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Radio Transmitter-Receiver UnitsHeidt, R.C.; Cook, E.F.; Hecken, R.P.; Judkins, R.W.; Kiker, J.M. Jr.; Provenzano, F.J. Jr.; Wang, H.C.
Vol. 62(10), 3357, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Terminal Multiplex EquipmentDubois, A.; Ritchie, D.N.; Smith, F.M.
Vol. 62(10), 3377, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Frequency ControlKiker, J.M. Jr.; Pirkau, S.B.
Vol. 62(10), 3391, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Microwave Carrier SupplyGonda, J.; Kiker, J.M. Jr.
Vol. 62(10), 3409, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Equalization for Multipath FadingBurgess, N.O.; MacLean, R.C.; Mandeville, G.J.; McLean, D.I.; Sands, M.E.; Snicer, R.P.
Vol. 62(10), 3429, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: The Traveling-Wave-Tube AmplifierBalicki, J.F.; Cook, E.F.; Heidt, R.C.; Rutter, V.E.
Vol. 62(10), 3447, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Predistortion for the Traveling-Wave-Tube AmplifierHecken, R.P.; Heidt, R.C.; Sanford, D.E.
Vol. 62(10), 3465, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Systems NetworksAdams, R.L.; Donoghue, J.L.; Georgiades, A.N.; Sundquist, J.R.; Sheehey, R.E.; Walker, C.F.
Vol. 62(10), 3477, 1983The AR6A Single-Sideband Microwave Radio System: Special Test EquipmentFelsberg, R.I.; Sands, M.E.
Vol. 62(10), 3491, 1983Acronyms and Abbreviations

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