Conductivity and Dielectric Constants for Common Types of Earth

Surface Type									Dielectric	Conductivity 	Relative Quality
                                                                                Constant        (S/m)

Fresh water									80		0.001
Salt water									81		5.0
Pastoral, low hills, rich soil typ Dallas, TX to Lincoln, NE areas		20              0.0303		Very good
Pastoral, low hills, rich soil typ OH and IL					14		0.01
Flat country, marshy, density wooded, typ LA near Miss. River			12		0.0075
Pastoral, medium hills and forestation, typ MD, PA, NY
(exclusive of mountains and coastline)						13		0.006
Pastorall, medium hills and forestation, heavy clay soil, typ central VA	13		0.005		Average
Rocky soil, steep hills, typ mountainous					12 - 14		0.002		Poor
Sandy, dry, flat, coastal							10		0.002			
Cities, industrial areas							5		0.001		Very poor
Cities, heavy industrial areas, high buildings					3		0.001		Extremely poor