TORN@DO presents: cRACKER's n0TES
Release: January 2000

The cRACKER's n0TES are a compilation of knowledge for all Crackers. The short infos, ... which have been included in them have been found in e-Mails, on the WWW and on IRC Channels. Crackers that have been quite a lot time in the scene can tell you, that the most important thing is to read a lot (+Aesculapius).

Before using the cRACKER's n0TES, ensure you haven't installed Internet Explorer (also known as Internet Exploider). If you have installed this shitty browser, forget about READING this compilation of knowledege! BTW, you can even learn the basics of cracking with this Compilation of Knowledge ... at least some people did so :)

I'd like to thank you the following people that have made the cRACKER's n0tES directly or indirectly what they are in the scene today: +Aesculapius, +Fravia, +Ghiribizzo, +MaLaTTiA, +ORC, +wAj, +Xoanon, ^TheDevil, /Miz, aCiDHaC, aDancer, adenozin, adynts, alpine, Amadeus, AntiMaterie, AppBusta, Azrael, AzzYRiAN, BigJohnson, Black Check, BJanes, ByteBurn, cALiGo, CbD, CoRN2, Carpathia, CrackZ, Crashtest, Cruehead, Dawai, dbCopper, DEATH, Defilter, DEZM, DnNuke, douby, duelist, Eternal Bliss, FireWorx, FLWRight, Goth, HaCkEr^Uk, HarvestR, Icecream, Iczelion, JaZZ, Jeff, josephCo, JudgeD, Kaparo, knotty, Kwai_Lo, LagPRO, LaZaRuS, Lord Soth, Lucifer48, LSD, madmax!, Mammon, Marigold, MisterE, MiZ, McCodEMaN, Mr. NOP, Muad`Dib, Mr. WhiTe (WKT), NaTzGUL, NeuRaL NoiSE, nIabI, NiKai, Nitallica, Nitrus, Noos, Northpole, pain, Pedro, PeeGee, PeeWee, PLUMe, Predator NLS, Quantico, r4lph, R!SC, Rhayader, Rhytm, rudeboy, Santa Clawz, SiONiDE, Steinowitz, Stone, Suby, TaG^, TaMaMBoLo, tHATDUDE, The AntiXryst, The OWL, The +Sandman, Thesmurf, The STaRDoGG Champion, Tin, tKC, u_schall, Victor Porguen, viny, VisionZ, Vladimir, Volatility, yosh, ytc, WarezPup, WhizKiD, widYa@cL 2011, X-Calibre, XLogic.

  The best site on the whole web has been frozen :(       

The cRACKER's n0tES are divided into 10 main parts:
 00. INDEX
 01. Assembly for Crackers (CoRN2)
 02. SoftICE (Boot Menu, Setup, Commands)
 03. Breakpoints & Win API Details
 04. Jump Instructions
 05. SET Instructions
 06. Tips & Tricks for Cracking
 07. Window Messages For Crackers
 08. Identifying Functions, Arguments, and Variables (Rhayader)
 09. Commercial Protection Systems
 10. Bitmanipulation (Cruehead)
 11. General Cracking Theory
 12. FAQ

 +A. How to contact me
 +B. What's New?

The cRACKER's n0TES are Copyright © 1998-2000 by TORN@DO of ID. All Rights Reserved.