Defcon 6.0, The Plaza Hotel

On The Bus (July 29-30, 1998)

In the bus terminal in Seattle, WA I finally met Techno Dragon, and his bus fare companion, Wanker. (Greyhound had a 2for1 deal going on). Adrian & I, TechnoDragon, and one other person we referred to as "Pat" have set up a room in The Las Vegas Club, across the street from The Plaza in room 309. In Salt Lake City, I had fun downing so much caffeine that I was too caffinated to absorb any more. That was really fun. *G* I made a fool out of myself in front of 4 other DC goers that were in the station, but I don't care. I'm not doing this to impress anyone; I'm doing it for my own enjoyment.
I don't think anyone here on the bus except Adrian knows my real name OR age, it's amusing. I have a diff name/age depending on what I feel like saying when someone asks me.

Before Con Doors Open

Adrian & I sat talking to this guy with a Libretto running Linux .. then mentioned TechnoDragon, and he jumped up and was like "TechnoDragon? Where?!". Apparently he was out mystery "Pat". I got my nametag, it was upside down. I introduced myself to people at the con as "Tananda.. the chiq with the nametag that Bill Gates coded"

The Con (July 31 - August 2, 1998)

Grab some Josta & some goldphishies cuz I'm gonna babble a tad.
The first day of the con Adrian & I were walking around, & Adrian's like "Hey look, there's a guy with a Rammstein shirt". I was like "Woah, where?!", and he pointed to a guy in a Rammstein shirt & an orange vest with the word "FREEK" pasted across the back in letters from a "FREE KEVIN" sticker. I walked up to him, and asked him for his shirt. And he actually gave it to me! I was originally just joking, but hey since he was gonna go thru with it, I wasn't gonna complain!

This one dude fed Adrian & I some water that had this nasty caffinated powder in it. Can you say, insta-rush? *DG* (Warning on label: "This is not intended as a substitute for sleep") There was this one talk @the con about hotel/casino security, and at one point the dude was like, "They don't have cameras in your room".. I turned to Adrian and whispered "Yeah.. that they want us to know about!"

Emmanuel Goldstein did some skit thing w/people acting scenes from the Kevin Mitnick move that's coming out. It's all so stupid & BS that it's hilarious. I've gotta catch it matinee when it comes out (or maybe sneak in even!)

I also met this really gorgeous Australian girl, Vampyress.. we were really into each other for the rest of the actual con (well, at least *I* was into *her*), but then she ran off & got married.. to Cheshire.

The second night of the con was when Vampyress and I were practically inseparable. That was the same night Adrian & I got into this huge fight and I stomped off in a huff. I went to the top floor of the hotel, and sat on the floor about to cry. I started thinking about everything.. about being about to marry Adrian, about being with Vampyress, about Josh, and how much I missed him .. but he had already basically told me to fuck off, so I know I wasn't going to be with him again.. the sudden realization didn't occur quite until just then. Then Vampyress found me, and we talked for a minute. She was telling me how she'd come visit me and stuff after the con.. I was feeling hurt from my sudden realization & mumbled "yeah right" under my breath. She caught it, and called me on it. Then I was like "Look, I'm just your plaything for the con, and afterwards you're probably never going to talk to me or anything again. I doubt you even really like me, I bet you're just feeling sorry for me, or hanging out with me because I'm the only female here that likes you." We went around for another minute or two, and then went back to the con floor to find a party to go to. We went to this party w/Evil Pete & some others. This party consisted of drinking, tasers, & fangs. Use your imagination. *cackle* After we were there for a while, we went to another party where Adrian was at. We hung out there for a while until Matthew came in with a radio & informed us that security was coming. So Adrian & I split to go to bed, and that was the second night. :-)

The afternoon of the last day of the con was neat.. actually the whole last day of the con was interesting. Take Phon-E for example. (I believe that was his name) This guy got escorted from the hotel by a fed with a Humvee. It was hilarious.. he got escorted out of the con, then Evil Pete & Karen followed.. and Emmanuel Goldstein.. and me.. and by the time we got downstairs it seemed like half of the con was with us. The casino people were probably freaking at seeing so many odd-looking people running through the casino at once.. LOL.

This of course, was also the day that Adrian & I played Mediawhore for Emmanuel Goldstein. I asked him to sign the current issue of 2600, and he said he would if I'd be in this documentary he was feeling. So Adrian & I caved.. we were interviewed mostly about our thoughts on Kevin Mitnick. (translation: I stood there, while Adrian talked. Kevin's Emmanuel's friend.. and I have nothing but bad things to say about Kevin, although I still believe he is being unfairly treated.)

After the con the last nite, Illuminati, Infrared (aka Preppy MacBoy), & some others broke into the pool @ The Plaza & went skinny-dipping. This is more difficult than it sounds. The pool was fenced all the way around, the door locked, and they couldn't just climb over the fence.. because it had a fenced roof too! So they had to pry the roof fence open, and climb in. Good thing one of them had a radio set to security's frequency, or they'd've been fucked. Luckily they did, so they knew ahead of time that security was coming, and bolted out. Right back to Li|_ Angel's room!
During that, I was in Li|_ Angel's room talking to some people (I believe Tanis was there..), and wondering how much longer Amber would be in the bathroom fucking that one guy. She had already banged some other guys that night, but this guy was a virgin before her.. but he seemed to last a decent amt of time. Hehe.. Angel started getting pissed though, and chewed them out afterwards. During that chat, I was informed that someone had turned off the outside lights on the plaza, and some other moron had shot a flare from a flaregun @a security guard in one of the elevators. LOL. Now tell me that wasn't dumb as fuck. Then again how dumb is fuck?

When Illuminaeti & the gang got back, Infrared, Dark Cube, some guy whose name escapes me, & I went to go grab something to eat. When we got back, I was informed that I had JUST missed seeing Amber & Illuminaeti making out. Damnit.

The last nite after the last day of the con, there was this group of us outside the con room that was already closed, chatting. I think it was like me, Li|_ Angel, Tanthalis (whom I always call Tanis), Dark Cube, and two other guys whose names escape me. One was drunk AND stoned at the same time, so Li|_ Angel was kinda playing mother to him. He was lying under the payfones we had our chairs set by, and just kind of spacing, but chatting a bit. The other guy, I think he wanted me.. but then again I felt like that a lot at the con. Doubt many people really did, it's just I didn't feel like anyone hated me, so it was different, a LOT different from here in the real world.. but we won't get into my shitty RL life. I love my online life.

So we were all chatting, and Cheshire stops by and helps himself to a seat. He chats with us for a bit, and then mentions to me that he married Vampyress. I glanced over at him, and said "I know." Then I just glared at him so icilly that he got up and walked away. At first I just let him go, but then I stared at him. This surge of emotion came over me, and I knew what I had to do. I took my hat off, my bracelets, my watch, and my wallet/chain. Then I ran as fast as I could across the hall & reached out to grab him, intending to beat the crap out of him of course. I got a bad grip, and he broke free quickly. Boy did that motherfucker run. He ran right down the escalator.. I knew there were tons of guards down there, & didn't feel like getting arrested, so I resisted to urge to run down it after him. I hollered something to the effect of "Don't let me EVER see you again, or next time I won't miss." I never did see him again, coincidence?

All the names of people I remember names of from the con: Furie (thx for the glow-un-the-dark condoms and the subway tokens.. they should come in handy!), Selena Kyle (Thx fer drawing me that pic, it's on my wall!), Li|_ Angel (rad orgy *DG*), Tanis (too bad you couldn't find aspirin chiq), Preppy MacBoy (you never emailed me.. i knew that would happen. prick), Vampyress (yer gorgeous, you're sweet.. I miss you...), Cheshire (asshole), Dark Cube (love MCI summore for me!), Dark Tangent (who DIDN'T meet him?), Emmanuel Goldstein (thx for the mag!), Matthew (love the prision uniform..), The Public (you look good in a dress, but keep your hands off my tail!), Evil Pete (I don't NEED fangs to get a chiq.. try being yourself sometime), Karen (I still say you're beautiful..), Illuminaeti (there should be a LAW against looking that good!), Armadillo (How's my favorite Texas Speedbump doin?), Carolyn Meinel (thx for the book .. was good for a laff), Pinguino (YO QUIERO SYSFAIL .. but get them nudie pix off the web for me ifya can, eh?)