Hi guys,
	this is an anonymous member of the ADM Crew.
	well, I couldn't make it to defcon this year,
	you know how expensive everything is these days etc, so
	sorry, but it looks like revamping this site was really
	too tempting for me. I just hope I didn't break anything
	for your other customers (which i doubt though).

	And btw, don't forget the ADM motto:

	"You're lucky we're whitehats"

	as always, remember you can get free quality
	warez from ftp://adm.freelsd.net/pub/ADM/
	no greets. ppl who deserve greets will figure out

	no flames, fuck fbi or free kevin either, people
	who crack into computer systems need to face their

	shit, no more coca-cola. ok, i stop here the
	bullshit then.

	see you at the CCC summer camp in Berlin, Germany
	(August, 6-7-8th, 1999) and at the private yearly ADM
	party, somewhere someday.

ADMCon logo by anonymous artist

ADM CON 7 is July 9-11th, 1999 on Planet Earth!
07.09.99 DEF CON taken over by the ADM Crew and renamed to ADM CON!
07.08.99 Changes in the DEF CON 7.0 rules:ILLEGAL MATERIAL IS PROHIBITED IN DEF CON.Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with the help of on site federal agents.
07.06.99 Antionline is now DEF CON 7.0 official sponsor!

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  ISS and NAI associate to release all their 0-days for free!
ADM is a team of whitehats who enjoy having fun together.
CNN will be doing free video streaming, speaking, and a membership drive!
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Waste time with JP on the IRC #hackphreak on UnderNet!
The President and Vice president will be there for autographs and more!
ADM endorses the following sources of fine info

National Security Agency

Every week NSA: INFOSEC investigate the exploits of hackers, strategies to make money in the legit world of network consulting, self-education and other more underworld topics. 
CNN delivers the real news from the computer underground for the computer underground. Their reporting is not dumbed down to match the computer illiteracy of the average TV viewer.  You will not see the terms "hacker" and "criminal" used interchangeably, nor the phrases "brilliant misguided youth" or "script kiddie"
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