Last Updated 01.21.98


See Xylorg, DefCon Goon (tm), prepare to consume alcohol!

AM/PM view of the Tropicana.

MGM Hotel.

Thayer buys beer at the AM/PM.

The Luxor (it's by the AM/PM).

DrKool takes a picture of himself.

DrKool and Thayer's fridge. (This all disappeared in 1 day).

Lynch's laptop receives undue attention from sl0ppy, qwik, and Enigma.

Thayer loves his beer.

Lynch and Thayer in the MGM Grand.

Lynch prepares to drink.

The post-DefCon party in Lynch's room.

A truck on fire on the road to DEF CON.

People playing cards or magic.

Cup-Net, a 300 baud paper cup and string modem connection.

Cup-Net in beta test.

Dead Addict and Xylorg at his computer.

Dan Farmer and Muffy.

Dan Farmer and friends.

Fuck you!

No, Fuck you!

The Dark Tangent at the grand canyon.

The Dark Tangent looking over a cliff.

The Dark Tangent risking his life.

Ludi, Torquie, ?, ?, Aleph 1, Veggie, Mike Berch, DT, Muffy, ?, Dan, ?, + Mel and Dover.

Setup for the shot below, plus a thumb over the lens.

RA, Pappy, DT, ?, TDK, Archibald, Maelstrom, Eddie, Dune, K0re, Phax.

DT, Pappy, the back of phax's head, Flatline, and Noid.

A bunch of people at one of the tables.

GTE-MAN, winner of the scavenger contest!

The Tropicana hotel.

The Tropicana hotel.

Haxor Jeopardy.

Haxor Jeopardy.

The Haxor Jr. from Australia.

The Haxor Jr. from Australia.

Erik B. at the Phrack table.

The guys from Sidewinder (Secure Computing).

A Picture of people at the Orange County "Site".

An honest bum on the Santa Monica 3rd St. Prominade.

Thursday night's elite stripper party.

Stuph's hack of the San Remo hotel computer video system.