DefCon 98:

This year's DefCon was weird. I can't quite explain the whole thing but it was weird. This year I decided I would drive to Vegas so that I could migrate some equipment to friends of mine. I ended up leaving monday evening as I was also going to be attending The Black Hat Briefings. I arrived in Vegas around Noon on Tuesday and got all hooked up with my hotel at the Fremont Hotel and Casino. (hey, my company paid for everything so I can't complain). After several hours of trying to get in contact with j0ker so that I would know someone in that god forsaken town, he called me. We ended up hooking up at one of his favorite jack in the box's.

Don't remember what all we did for a while but we ended up at the Plaza in J-Dog and Rooster's room talking all sorts of shit about important things I can't remember anymore. Once they got tired of us we took off and I was supposed to take j0ker's ass home but we never made it. Instead we stayed up all night messing around on a hp machine I brought with me. I finally ended up dropping him off at home around 7 am after having breakfest at a local IHOP and watching j0ker get eaten alive by grasshoppers. (oh yea, and the sucky/fucky $5 with the jailbait)...anyways...I headed over the Ceaser's and stood inline for registration. As I looked around I realized I knew absolutly nobody except Dark Tangent. Oh well, life goes on. I don't remember much of that day other than I really needed sleep. Later that night I did go see Penn and Teller with my dad who came up to visit with me.

The next day I could barely pull myself out of bed. Scary, DefCon hadn't even started yet and I already felt wasted. I hardly remember this day either. Damn, I hope my company get's there money's worth. Oh yea, I picked NightChaser up from the airport around 2 and dropped him off at the Plaza where we saw a bunch of the 303 folks. And like later that night we played craps. And somewhere in there was the titty bar, but that was $100 bucks that I wish I remembered more of.

Friday came and I was woken up by my phone. Apparantly Nightchaser had hooked up with other fewls who made it and they were looking for me. I remember white trash saying, get your ass down here, say your with and you don't need money. I was like...huh??? I don't need money anywayz...(blackhat=free-defcon). So I wondered down there and as I was walking through the doors, this freak with blue hair stopped me. He was like, 'who the hell are you?'. I answered, 'uhhh...Rev Krusty I think'. He's like 'I'm white trash, I pictured you different'. Everyone pictures me different. I think they expect some dweeb..wait...nevermind...anywayz. Somewhere along in here I ran into nee and some other people. Blurrr...(and I wasn't even drinking).

Oh yea, side note. I did run into Dark Tangent and yelled at him for a couple items. First, my 'spot the fed' shirt which was owed from last year. (took a year to get it, but I got it...gotta wonder about his affiliations). The other was the fact that he scheduled the SE competition. (which ended up getting rescheduled and then cut down to 30 minutes.)

Later that evening I ran into nox and TrueCynic and got them moved into a room. Broke out the shirts and a kick ass banner. (tho I didn't agree with the slogan at the top...but that can get changed). Later that afternoon we setup a booth and they sold shirts and stickers and we had the signup for the SE comp as well. Sometime in here I ran into Dark Cube and a few other's. That night I sat around waiting for the SE comp time to come, but Emmanual Goldstein got up on stage and seemed to be there forever doing a play by play from the script for the Kevin Mitnick movie. (he proved it was a horrible script within the first 5 mins). So, the SE compe got bumped due to time. Rescheduled for the 1 1/2 hour block of time the Black and White was going on.

Oh yea, during friday night, I was haveing a good discussion with a couple ppl along with a reporter from CNN and in comes fruity and PbS. They run over, start molesting me and one of them knee'd me in the balls. The reporter really got a kick out of that.

Other things happened that night, but I don't remember what they were. Saturday I got up at some time and headed over to the Plaza. I wondered around aimlessly and actually had a few beers. I don't remember alot of the goings on of that day, but I do remember the two speakers before the SE comp that were kind enough to cut their speaches down (since again, we were behind in time) so that the competition would happen.

The SE comp seemed to go off well. For it being the first time and all and the fact that I was rushed to fit it into a 30 minute block of time. We had about 12 competitors and about 6 judges. (god, I don't remember the exact numbers). We have it on video and will be porting it over to some sort of digital media soon. CNN even got some of it recorded as well as an interview with me about it that they did earlier in the day. The audiance seemed to enjoy the competition as they were laughing quite a bit and I was having a hard time keeping from falling down laughing. Next year I think it will be alot better as now I know what works and what doesnt.

The second round of the competition was ok. Some people liked the idea and others didn't. That's ok. The finalists were El Jefe, Pandora, and Burrows. Burrows ended up winning and walking away with a Pay phone that someone donated. Dark Tangent asked me to get with him later that night to give him a run down on what happened as he was in the Black and White all night. I kept going up to him and he was like...later, not now. (this kept up until I left the floor around 7pm Sunday) :)

Sunday was a lagged day. It just seemed to go on forever. Several of the speakers didn't show up and one guy got hauled off by Dept. of Corrections. Later that night, NightChaser, fruity, PbS, White Trash, and myself headed down to the 50's diner at the Stratosphere for dinner before taking Whity to the airport. I ended up singing to a few of the waiters and making an ass of my self as usual. After that I ended up going back to the hotel and asking for a 3am wake up call.

Monday was the weirdest day of them all. I slept through the wakeup call. Woke up, it was light out, went shit!!! Took a look at my pager (my version of a watch) and it said 9:something pm. I head was all wacked as I was tripping cuz my watch said it was night, and the light outside said it was day. I grabbed all my shit and got the fuck out of the hotel. Jumped in my car and proceeded to get gas. I figured the receipt would tell me if my pager was correct or not. (thank got it was morning and my pager was just whacked). I was perty much whacked the rest of the trip home.

I did stop 1/2 way through the eisenhower tunnel to place a 0wned by cDc sticker on one of the signs. Wonder how long it will stay there.

Well, that's about it. It's only been a few days and I'm already getting things mixed up about the week. Oh well. If I get things figured out, I'll fix this. We got some pictures from the weeked, but the digital camera's were all brokt so we have to wait for the pics to get developed, and then scanned. We'll get them up soon.

Rev. Krusty

© 1998, The Dismembered Youth Corps!