Can You Spot The Real Fed?

The man shown above in the scratchy shady picture is not who he seems to be. At first he seems to be the harmless host of the annual hacker's convention known as DefCon. This convention is held every year in Las Vegas and is open to everyone including feds. He makes you think there's nothing to fear by including the feds in the convention ongoings including the Spot The Fed competition. In this competition, attendees are encouraged to see if they can spot who in the room are true feds. If they think they have one, they and the spotee go up on stage and the attendee is given the opportunity to prove his case. After his/she is done, the spotee is given time to defend him/herself. If the audience thinks that the attendee is right in his/her accusations, then the spotee is dubded a fed whether or not he/she actually is. The spotter get's a I spotted the Fed shirt and the spotee get's a I was spotted shirt. And life goes on.

What I am about to share with you will just about make you sick. This man, Dark Tangent, isn't who he crack's up to be. We think he's a good guy just trying to get hackers together to share knowledge and have fun and build the hacker image up. But I give you a possible alterier motive. I believe that we have put together enough evidence to prove that Dark a fed! Now, you can take what we have here as gossip or as a pile of rubbish. When we are finished, if you don't see the light, then go about your merry business. But I and those of us attendee's who witnessed the spotting on Sunday morning of the con know the truth...or is it.

Reason's why Dark Tangent could be a Fed

  1. No Facial Hair
  2. Inability to identify old school hardware
  3. Superspiffy gimp haircut
  4. Actually uses 'w3rd' in a sentance
  5. Looks good in vinal
  6. Try's to blend in (wore a tdyc shirt)
  7. Lies like a fed (said he'd wear it Sunday --- said he forgot)
  8. Hold's a convention for hackers and invites feds to it...
  9. Is the definitive judge in the spot the fed competition
  10. Possess's superior athletic abilities
  11. Was in High School when 128K of RAM was state of the art (GATO)
  12. Encourages other feds to meet with him in private to trade fed parapharnalia.
  13. He seems to like us??? (or acts like he does)
  14. We don't know where he works (may be becuase we never asked)
  15. He convienently ran out of shirts so we'd have to give him our address
  16. He finally get's to wear his I'm A Fed shirt
  17. Ain't we all just feds at heart?
  18. Defcon backwards spells NOCFed!
  19. Each year, DefCon get's closer and closer to the Fed Center in Vegas!

© 1997-98, The Dismembered Youth Corps!