Who Are You, anyways?

Who Are You, anyways?

A Social Engineering Competition
For NocFed VI

This year I would like to introduce a new competition to the DefCon lineup. A Social Engineering competition dealing with the creativity aspect of the art. This competition is based on the show 'Who's line is it anyways'. (notice the rip off name) The object of the competition it to see who can bull shit their way in or out of the situation in the best manner, fashion, grace, or whatever. This will require a lot of impromptu Bull Shit.

The situations for the competition will hopefully come from you! We will be accepting ideas for situations to put our competitors into before and during DefCon. The audiance will have to be controlled and discreat as the situations will move around from place to place and we do not need to attract any undo notice. The competitor's will be matching wit's with ppl they have never met (hopefully) and will not have anything to do with the competition. IE...they will be ppl picked at random.

The competition will be broken down into two rounds. The first round will be a phone competition. The winner's of this round will go on to the second round being a up close and personal competition where the competitor will have to SE someone in person.

Prizes will be awarded for the winner(s) of the competition. Rules for the competition will be as follows:

  1. Teams can be of any size.
  2. Anything goes as long as you don't goto jail for it!
  3. No bribing the judges.
  4. Prop's can be used at your leisure. You will have a short time to prepare before the actual competition. (prolly 5-10 mins) for gathering thought's, props, costumes, whatever.
  5. Have Fun!

I will have a sign-up thing here shortly for the competition. I would also like feedback on what you think or maybe suggestions on how to make it better. If you have any questions, please send them to Rev. Krusty. Note: This is not a TDYC! Event...this is a event being put on by me, Rev. Krusty, and is supported by TDYC! If you wish to help out with this please let me know as I will need help to make this happen.

Currently Signed Up
Karma Axea

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