Electronic Warfare Programs by AN Nomenclature

The following is a listing, in alphanumeric sequence, of some current US armed forces EW-related equipment. The joint service AN/-prefix has been omitted. In some instances, the responsibility for development and production of certain systems has changed over time, or has overlapped between two or more companies. In these instances, more than one company may be listed under the "Contractor(s)" category for some products without detailed explanations of the relationship between the companies, due to space considerations.

The following abbreviations are used in system descriptions: ESM = electronic systems measures, IR = infrared, MAWS = missile approach warning system, RWR = radar warning receiver.

		AN/ Number   Contractor(s)      Description 


		AAQ-16       Hughes             Night vision system 

		AAQ-24(V)    Northrop Grumman   Directable IR countermeasures system

		AAR-44       Cincinnati Elect.  IR MAWS 

		AAR-44(V)    Cincinnati Elect.  Upgraded version of AAR-44 

		             Raytheon E-Systems

		AAR-47       Lockheed Martin    IR MAWS 

		             Alliant TechSystems

		AAR-54       Northrop Grumman	Passive MAWS

		ALD-11       Litton             ELINT system 

		ALE-29       Tracor             Countermeasures dispenser used on EA-6B 

		ALE-36       Tracor             Airborne chaff and flare dispensing pod 

		ALE-38       Tracor             Airborne bulk chaff dispenser used by AF 

		ALE-39       Tracor             Airborne expendables dispenser used by Navy 

		ALE-40       Tracor             Principal AF expendable dispenser 

		ALE-41       Tracor             Airborne bulk chaff dispenser used by Navy 

		ALE-43       Lundy              Airborne chaff cutting system 

		ALE-45       Tracor             Airborne countermeasure dispenser, developed for F-15

		ALE-47	     Tracor             ECM dispenser to replace ALE-39 and -40. 

		ALE-50       Raytheon E-Systems Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy 

		ALM-234      AAI                Radar simulator 

		ALQ-99       AIL                Tactical noise jamming system for EA-6B 


		             Raytheon E-Systems

		ALQ-100      Sanders            Deception jammer 

		ALQ-126      Sanders            ECM deception system; multiple band track breaker

		ALQ-131      Northrop Grumman   ECM pod for tactical aircraft (F-16, F-111, A-10)

		             Lockheed Martin


		ALQ-135      Northrop Grumman   Internal ECM jammer, p/o TEWS

		ALQ-136(V)2  ITT                Helicopter radar jammer 

		ALQ-137(V)   Sanders            Jammer on F-111 

		ALQ-142      Raytheon E-Systems Airborne receiver for LAMPS 

		ALQ-144      Sanders            IR jammer for helicopters and surface ships

		ALQ-149      Sanders            Communications jammer 

		ALQ-153      Northrop Grumman   Active missile approach warner 

		ALQ-156      Sanders            Helicopter active missile warning system 

		ALQ-157      Lockhed Martin     IR countermeasures system 

		ALQ-161      Eaton              ECM system for B-1B 


		             Northrop Grumman

		ALQ-162      Northrop Grumman   CW radar jammer 

		ALQ-164      Sanders            Jammer on AV-8B 

		ALQ-165      ITT                ASPJ for F-14, F-16, F-18 and EA-6B 

		             Northrop Grumman

		ALQ-167      Rodale             Modular RF jammer 

		ALQ-172      ITT                Jamming system for B-52 and Special Operations AC-130U/H and MC-130E/H 

		ALQ-178(V)   Lockheed Martin    RF jammer with integrated RWR 

		ALQ-184      Raytheon E-Systems Pod mounted jammer, replaces ALQ-119 

		ALQ-187      Raytheon E-Systems RF jammer 

		ALQ-196      Sanders            RF jammer on C-130 

		ALQ-199      Lockheed Martin    Pulse Doppler missile warning system 

		ALQ-202(V)   Lockheed Martin    RF jammer 

		ALQ-211      ITT                Suite of Integrated RF Countermeasures (ATRJ)

		ALR-46       Litton             RWR on F/RF-4, A-10, B-52, AC/MC-130, F-5 

		ALR-56A/C    Lockheed Martin    Reprogrammable threat-warning receiver 

		ALR-56M      Lockheed Martin    Advanced RWR 


		ALR-59       Litton             ESM for E-2C 

		ALR-62       Litton             Receiver for F-111 and EF-111 

		ALR-66B(V)3  Litton             RWR/ESM for P-3C 

		ALR-67       Litton             RWR for F-14, F-18, EA-6B and AV-8B 

		ALR-67(V)3   Hughes		Advanced Special Receiver RWR

		ALR-69       Litton             RWR for F-16, A-10 and F-4E 

		ALR-73       Litton             ESM for E-2C (update of ALR-59) 

		ALR-74       Litton             RWR (update of ALR-69) 

		ALR-76       Lockheed Martin    RWR for S-3 and EP-3 

		ALR-77       Eaton              ESM for P-3C 


		ALR-91(V)3,4 Litton             ECM receiver on F-4, F-5, F-16 

		ALR-504      Lockheed Martin    Same as ALR-76

		ALR-606      Litton             RWR 

		ALT-40       AEL                CW jammer 

		APG-63       Hughes             Multimode nose radar for the F-15 

		APM-427      AAI                Radar simulator 

		APQ-140      Raytheon E-Systems J-band multi-mode electronic scan radar 

		APQ-144      Raytheon E-Systems Multi-mode nose radar for F-111F 

		APQ-164      Northrop Grumman   Navigational and weapon delivery radar for B-1

		APQ-171      Texas Instruments  Airborne terrain-following and mapping radar

		APQ-174      Texas Instruments  Airborne terrain-following and mapping radar

		APQ-181      Hughes             Multi-mode radar for B-2 

		APD-13       E&S Corp.          Airborne ESM on RC-12K 

		APQ-170      E&S Corp.          Terrain following/avoidance radar 

		APQ-175      E&S Corp.          Airborne nav., ground-mapping radar 

		APR-39       Litton             RWR for use on helicopters 

		APR-43       Lockheed Martin    RWR, used with ALR-45 and ALQ-162 

		APR-47       McDonnell Douglas  RWR (replaces APR-38) 

		APR-48       Lockheed Martin    RF interferometer for Apache

		APR-50       Lockheed Martin    ESM system for B-2 

		APS-94       Motorola           Airborne side-looking surveillance radar 

		APS-116      Texas Instruments  Airborne maritime surveillance radar 

		APS-125      GE	                Airborne early warning radar 

		APS-130      Norden Systems     Airborne search and navigation system 

		APX-76       Hazeltine          Airborne IFF interrogator 

		APX-83       AIL                Airborne IFF interrogator for E-2C 

		AVS-6        ITT                Aviator’s night vision system 


		BLD-1        Litton             Submarine, marine ELINT system 

		BQM-34       Teledyne Ryan      UAV (Firebee) 

		BRD-7        Sanders            Submarine DF system 

		GPQ-11       Metric Systems     Range threat simulator 

		FPS-88       GE	                Medium-range D-band radar, improved version of FPS-8

		FPS-115      Raytheon E-Systems UHF ballistic missile detection (Pave Paws) 

		FPS-117      GE	                3D long-range air defense radar 

		FPS-124      Unisys Corp.       Unattended, medium-range air defense surveillance radar

		FPS-127      Metric Systems     Height-finder radar simulator 

		FSQ-T22      AEL                RF threat simulator 

		FSQ-T25      AAI                EW trainer 

		MLQ-T4(V)1   AEL                Ground Jammer for range applications 

		MLQ-34       AEL                Communications tactical jammer 


		MLQ-36       General Motors     Mobile EW support system 

		MLQ-T6       Cincinnati Elect.  Communications data link jammer 

		MPQ-47       Whittaker          SAM simulator 

		MPQ-T3A      Metric Systems     AAA radar simulator 

		MPS-38       Whittaker          Acquisition radar simulator 

		MPS-T9       Metric Systems     Ground control/intercept radar simulator 

		MPS-T10      Whittaker          SAM fire control radar simulator 

		MSR-3        Sanders            TACJAM-A C3CM system 


		MST-1(V)     General Dynamics   MUTES threat simulator 


		MST-T1A(V)   Harris             Mini-MUTES threat simulator 

		MSQ-103      E&S Corp.          TEAMPACK ESM monitoring system 

		MSQ-T13      Metric Systems     Range threat simulator 

		MSQ-T43      Whittaker          Modular threat emitter 

		PVS-7        ITT                Infantry night vision system 


		SADS-2W      Whittaker          Range emitter simulator 

		SQ-103       E&S Corp.          Ground based ESM system 

		SLQ-32       Raytheon E-Systems Shipboard EW suite 

		SPQ-9        Lockheed Martin    Track-while-scan surface fire control radar 

		SRS-1        Sanders            Shipboard/submarine ELINT/DF system 

		SSQ-95       Litton             Active electronic buoy 

		TLQ-17A      Lockheed Martin    Countermeasures and jamming set 

		TPQ-45       Sierra Research    AAA, SAM simulator 

		TPS-59       GE	                3D tactical radar 

		TPS-63       Northrop Grumman   USMC tactical surveillance radar 

		TPS-73       Unisys             Mobile tactical radar system 

		TPS-75       Northrop Grumman   3D tactical air defense surveillance radar 

		TPT-T1(V)    Sierra Technology  Unmanned Threat Emitter 

		TLQ-17       Lockheed Martin    Portable HF/VHF jammer 

		TSQ-112      GTE                ECM ground warning and jamming system 

		TSQ-138      TRW                Tactical, ground-based comm intercept & DF 

		TSQ-164      Andrew SciComm     HF intercept, DF and analysis system 

		TSQ-166      Raytheon E-Systems Deployable imagery processing system 

		ULQ-16       ESSI               Pulse analyzer with built-in data library 

		ULQ-22       ESSI               Precision microwave pulse analyzer 

		USM-406      Sanders            Flight-line EW tester 

		USQ-103      Condor             Signal intercept and analysis system 

		USR-4        Condor             ELINT system 

		VLQ-5        Loral Fairchild    C3 countermeasures system 

		VPQ-1        E&S Corp.          Tactical radar threat generator