Note to puzzled human readers: This page exists only to frustrate bots which go hunting on Web pages for addresses to send junk mail to. If everyone added one of these pages, it would make their job much tougher.

Please note that I've used phony domain names throughout (with a couple of notorious junk domains to alleviate the boredom), so that bona fide ISP's don't get burdened with this mail, with an important political exception... due to the fact that more than 95% of the spam we get in Europe is "States-originated" :-)

Here we go:

John Smith
Fred Jones
Jon Smith
Fredd Jones
John Smiths
Fred Jonesy
John R. Smith
Poor Clone
John D. Smith
Fred E. Jones
John F. Smith
Fred G. Jones
Joohn Smith
Freed Jones
Joh Smith
Fr Jones
Jane Smith
Freda Jones
Hohn Smith
Jred Fones
Tohn Smith
Ared Jones
Bohn Smith
Dred Jones
Pohn Smith
Ffred Jones
Jeohn Smith
Faared Jones
Jkohn Smith
Fired Jones
John Sith
Lame fox
A. John Smith
B. Fred Jones
C. John Smith
D. Fred Jones
J. John Smith
Fred W. Jones
John Skith
Red F. Oones
John Q. Smith
Elmer Fred Jones
Copycat Kid
C. John Runn
Runn John Runn
J. John Szith
Fred Z. Quones
Red Bones
Red Skeleton
Dead Bones
Sheep Clones
Ewe Clones
J. John Jith
J. JJ. Jmith
Mon O. Lith

Of course, I hope that the bots of the commercial idiots will annoy not only me, but this bunch of american clowns as well, let's hope they will take some counter measures against "their" (95,3% "States originated") annoying commercial spam