NCIC Field Name Abbreviations

ADR  Address 
AGE  Approximate age 
AKA  Also known as 
ATN  Attention 
ARE  Area
BBL  Gun barrel length 
BCO  Boat colo
BHN  Boat hull number 
BLE  Boat length 
BLT  Blood type
BMA  Boat make
BMO  Boat model name 
BNM  Boat name 
BPS  Body part status 
BRA  Brand name 
BRD  Brady indicator 
BTY  Boat type 
BXR  Body x-rays
BYR  Boat year 
CAL  Gun caliber 
CAT  Category 
CDA  Manner and cause of death 
CDE  Canadian date of entry 
CGD  Coast Guard document number
CIS  City and State
CMC  Caution and medical conditions 
CON  Date of conviction 
COU  County 
CRC  Circumcision 
CRR  Conviction that resulted in registration 
CTI  Court identifier 
CTY  City name 
DBF  Date body found
DCH  Dental characteristics 
DEN  Denomination of security-$100, $20, etc. 
DLC  Date of last contact 
DNA  DNA availability 
DOA  Date of arrest 
DOB  Date of birth 
DOE  Date of emancipation 
DOP  Date of purge
DOR  Date of recovery 
DOT  Date of theft 
DOV  Date of violation 
DOW  Date of warrant 
DPE  Date probation expires 
DRE  Dentist's remarks 
DRS  Identifying dress 
DSS  Date supervision starts 
DTE  Date and time of entry into NCIC files 
DUP  Duplicate 
DXR  Dental X-rays available 
EDD  Estimated date of death 
EDS  Ending date of supervision 
ECR  Entry criteria
EPD  Engine power or displacement 
ERD  Ending registration date
EYB  Estimated year of birth
EXP  Expiration date 
EXT  Extradition
EYE  Eye color 
FBI  FBI number 
FPA  Footprints available
FPC  Fingerprint classification
GTI  Identifying graffiti 
GNG  Group name
HAI  Hair color 
HGT  Height
HND  Identifying hand signals 
HPT  Home port 
HSP  Hull shape 
HUL  Hull material
ISD  Issue date 
ISS  Issuer 
JWL  Jewelry description-color, carat, etc. 
JWT  Jewelry type-ring, necklace, etc. 
LIC  License plate number 
LIS  License plate state
LIT  License plate type-auto, truck, apportioned, etc. 
LIY  License plate year of expiration  
MAK  Gun make-Colt, Smith & Wesson, etc.  
MIS  Miscellaneous remarks  
MKE  Message key (type of entry)  
MNP  Missing person  
MNU  Miscellaneous number  
MOD  Model  
MPA  Dental models and/or photos of teeth available  
MPC  Missing person circumstance  
NAM  Name  
NIC  NCIC number  
NOA  Notify originating agency  
OAN  Owner applied number  
OCA  ORI case number  
OFF  Offense  
OLN  Operators license number  
OLS  Operator's license state  
OLY  Operator's license year of e xpiration  
ORD  Offender registry date  
ORI  Originating agency identifier  
OWN  Owner  
PCO  Protection order conditions  
PNO  Protection order #  
POB  Place of birth  
PPB  Protected person DOB  
PPN  Protected person name  
PPR  Protected person race  
PRO  Propulsion  
PSX  Protected person sex  
PUR  Purpose  
RAC  Race  
REG  Registration number  
RES  Registration state  
REY  Registration year  
SCI  Sentencing court identifier  
SCR  Scar  
SDT  Security date  
SER  Serial number  
SEX  Sex  
SGP  Subgroup  
SID  State ID number  
SKN  Skin tone  
SMT  Scars/marks/tattoos  
SNA  Street name  
SNU  Street number 
SOC  Social security number 
SON  Supervising officers name 
SOS  Sexual offender status 
SOT  Supervising officers telephone number
STA  State name 
SXP  Sexual predator indicator 
SUPP Supplemental 
TAT  Tattoo 
TNO  Telephone number
TTO  Identifying tattoos
TYP  Type 
VCO  Vehicle color 
VIN  Vehicle identification #
VLN  Name of validator
VMA  Vehicle make-Ford, Chevy, etc. 
VMO  Vehicle model-Taurus, Blazer, etc. 
VOD  Vehicle ownership data 
VRX  Corrective vision prescription 
VST  Vehicle style-2 door, convertible, etc. 
VYR  Vehicle year 
WGT  Weight 
WNO  Warrant number
ZIP  Zip code