MAY 1999
Code Reversing

These +Orc paks were created by +gthorne, all I have done is to create a frontend them in the hope that even more people will get to see and use them.  The  Sandman.

To make it easy on the Aspiring Crackers among us, Here is a master Listing of the contents of all of the OrcPaks I have released to date. 

Since +ORC and his students are still writing many of the tutorials, this is far from complete. I will release additional paks as they come.  It has been said that people need to find these things on the web, well it has taken a couple of us most of a year to locate all this stuff... It is my intention that these paks will stay on the web for some time in order so that some of the close to impossible to find files are not lost in time, which has almost already happened for some of them. Therefore, these orcpaks will be another thing to search for on the web...    And hopefully for a VERY LONG TIME. 

   Please have fun with it, and above all: keep up the good work! 



Howto10.txt     -       Lesson 1: An Approach to Cracking         -       debug 2.0 (no version check)      -       pooldemo game        -       Parity Solutions Hex Editor      -       Softice 2.62 for DOS (Version 2.80 does not SNAP!)        -       symdeb (some like this more than debug


Howto20.txt     -       Lesson 2: Tools and Tricks of the Trade        -       Indiannapolis 500       -       Norton Diskedit (from Norton 8.0)       -       File Dump Utility -           -       File Dump Utility (With C source)        -       Hacker's View version 5.15 - hexeditor for DOS        -       Hacker's View version 5.24 - update to the above       -       Hex Workshop 16-bit version for windows         -       Interrupt Monitor        -       Interrupt Spy from Undocumented DOS            -       Save file accesses at runtime (includes .ASM source)        -       Memory Scanner, Need say more?       -       Periscope Debugger For DOS       - - finds keyboard scan codes          -       Memory Scan Utility (With .ASM Source)          -       Sourcer 6.51        -       Step through DOS programs (With .ASM Source)          -       Shows DOS accesses a program uses including DLL's       -       Winsight From Borland C/C++ 4.5       -       Winspector - also from Borland C/C++ 4.5 
strings.exe        -       View printable ascii in a file with hex offsets


Howto31.txt     -       Lesson 3.1: Hands-on Paper Protections (Basic) 
        Howto32.txt     -       Lesson 3.2: Hands-on Paper Protections (Advanced)            -       F-19 Flight Simulator        -       Lightspeed            -       Memory Mapper with Nigel Nagscreens         -       Monkey Virus and Source Code and a good set of DOCS        -       The Perfect General            -       Populous            -       Tiger on the Prowl            -       Universal Military Simulator 


Howto41.txt     -       Lesson 4.1: Time Protections: An Introduction       -       My Personal command-line Date Cracker program      -       PC-File        -       Super Pad - replacement for notepad (no size limit)      -       16bit commands that DO NOT CARE about file attribs       -       Windows.H and the WM_* commands I extracted from it    -       Wlcheck 5.1 For Win3.X Demo    -       Wlcheck 5.1 For Win'95 Demo    -       Borland Resource Workshop / Toolkit From BCC4.5 

NOTE: now includes the BIVBX11.DLL that somehow got left out of the original distribution 


Howto42.txt     -       Lesson 4.2: A Short History of Time II     -       Answers to this lesson's strainer 
                              (As seen on Fravia's site) 

acroread.exe    - A one-diskette version of the acrobat reader for reading .pdf's     - Demo of Microsoft Money 3 for the Strainer 
patchsrc.asm    - A new patcher by Onurb (source code in assembly) 
cracker.asm     - Re-print of cracker.asm from Uncle Joe's Crackbook      - Turbo Assembler Version 3.1 with Turbo Debugger 
shield.gif      - My personal calling card and coat of arms


In this particular installment, three of the files are particularly large and difficult to include in this format. They include MS publisher'97 which is found on the U.S. Microsoft site, MS Project'97 (french version) called fmsprojeval.exe and MS Money'97 at Microsoft's site in the U.K. 

Once my fortress site is up (hopefully in September) I will be able to put them online for those who may not be able to access them very easily. 

As always, if there is someone who wishes to donate a decent amount of space to hold these files, contact me and I will gladly upload them. 

There will be (hopefully!) active links at my website(s) for you to access these files directly from their home locations until they are removed from the net in lieu of updated versions that always follow 


Howto51.txt     -       Lesson 5.1: Hands-on, Disks & CD-ROM access      -       Mario Andretti Racing Challenge          -       MS FlightSim 2.1 and Case study by ME :)           -       Reach for the Sky - Added loader source code by me       -       UNProtect... remove EXE/COM compression         -       Slow down PC for older games 

SPECIAL NOTE: includes a program called TELEDISK which allows you to make a perfect image of a diskette which can be imaged back using teledisk at another location (like RAWRITE for linux users) - this means that bootable disks and copy protected ones can be copied to a file, and rewritten back to another floppy.


Howto61.txt     -       Lesson 6.1: Funny Tricks        -       Search for the King (Provided by WiZzArD) 

This re-release of OrcPak6 includes a revised disassembly of the important parts of EXE.EXE (this done since the one in the tutorial is slightly different than the release of 'king' that is in this pak) 

Note that only memory locations have changed, and the crack is no different in exception of the fact that a hex search for byte patterns will not work quite as expected. 


Howto81.txt     -       Lesson 8.1: How To WinCrack, an approach (I) 
Howto82.txt     -       Lesson 8.2: How To WinCrack, an approach (II)        -       WinPGP version 4.1          -       Shez, yep that's it's name.        -       Snap32 for Win'95 Shareware           -       Windows Codeback Disassembler      -       WinCat Shareware Demo      -       SoftICE for Windows 3.1 version 1.5        -       WinZip Shareware Demo 

NOTE: Snap32 version has been corrected - it is version 2.54 as it should be 


Howto91.txt     -       Lesson 9.1: How To WinCrack, Hands On (I)    -       SoftICE 3.2 for Windows'95 (updated from 3.0) 
WinIce.exe      -       SoftICE 3.21 Upgrade (Copy Over 3.1 after install)    -       SoftICE 2.8 for DOS (Works with Pentiums)      -       Snap32 Shareware for Win'95 (again)    -       WinForMant Shareware Demo 

NOTE: Snap32 version has been corrected - it is version 2.54 as it should be 


Howto92.txt     -       Lesson 9.2: How To WinCrack, Hands On (II)      -       Paint Shop Pro Demo v2.01       -       Paint Shop Pro Demo v3.0    -       Paint Shop Pro Demo v3.12 


Howto93.txt     -       Lesson 9.3: How to WinCrack, Hands On (III)      -       Hex Workshop Shareware for 32-bit Windows         -       Paint Shop Pro Shareware Version 4.1      -       Windows Disassembler Shareware Version 6 



civetta.txt     -       Info from a friend on how to alter SoftICE  to beat
                        modern anti-debugger tricks    -       Documentation for SoftICE 3.0 ('95 and NT)    -       Video Drivers for SoftICE 3.0 (and higher) for Win'95 

This pack was added after several requests for documentation  and one user who thought video drivers would be a good idea. 



        Yes the puns CAN get worse. And somewhat innaccurate even ;)    -       SoftICE 3.2 for NT - as seen on Aesculapius' page    -       Video Drivers for SoftICE 3.2 for Win'NT 
                        (may not be necessary with the new universal driver)     -       Symantec's Resource Studio 
                        Though rstudio is alot like (BRW) from
                        Borland, I include it here for filing and comparison
                        reasons. Part of the reason for these paks is to 
                        help myself keep organized anyway :)      -       Useful program database of interrupts and calls    -       Complete version of Ralf Brown's Interrupt List 
                        Release 55 (updates are available on the web) 
                        This is the full list pre-compiled by me into one file


HowtoA1.txt     -       Lesson A.1: Advanced Cracking (Internet-Unix)      -       Postscript Document on Tracking a Hacker      -       GhostScript for Windows for viewing .PS files 


HowtoC1.txt    -       Lesson C.1: Cracking as an Art: Barcodes & IA1 
HowtoC2.txt    -       Lesson C.2: Cracking as an Art: IA2 for +HCU'97 
HowtoC3.txt    -       Lesson C.3: Cracking as an Art: IA3 & Win4Mant      -       Windows Program for Creating Laser Bar Codes      -       The Instant Access Browser and 2 files to crack 
penpal.jav       -       A java applet with an interesting point 

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