War declared on China and Iraq

contributed by Legion of the Underground
In a very heated and emotional discussion Legion of the Underground declared cyber-war on the information infrastructure of China and Iraq last night. They cited severe civil rights abuses by the governments of both countries as well as the recent sentencing to death of two bank robbers in China and the production of weapons of mass destruction by Iraq as the reasons for their outrage.

Quoting from the Declaration of Independence about the right of the people to govern themselves and stating that the US government will probably stand idly by while these atrocities happen in other countries the Legion of the Underground called for the complete destruction of all computer systems in China and Iraq.

"The Government controls what goes into our mouths lets not let them do the same with what comes out!" said one LoU member during a press conference held on IRC Monday night.

LoU mentioned that they may seek out assistance in their war from the Hong Kong Blondes. The HKBs are a well known group attempting to cause mayhem on China's internetworks from within the Iron Curtain. The HKBs where trained and assisted, until recently, by the infamous Cult of the Dead Cow hacking group.

Legion of Underground gained previous notoriety back in October for defacing the Chinese Human Rights web site a day after it went online.

Legions of the Underground
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