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Telecom R & D

Cellular, Payphone, Pager, VMB, PBX, Wardial, PSTN, DATU, ...

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Wetware Hacking

Advances in the enhancement and manipulation of the human bio-computer are sought.

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Palm Computing

Development of Hack/Phreak utilities for palm platforms.

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Assorted Releases

Oh, the things we do... we just never stop...

Porno-Burger - Deliciously demented smut or biting social commentary? Either way, I'd hit it. CYBØRG/ASM, 2007/10/31

The Year Was 1978 - A little slice of Hack Canada history. The Question, 2007/06/11

Canada Post: A Phacker's Guide v2 - PHACKING is the art of Postal Hacking; or manipulating the mail system in a variety of high and low tech ways; sometimes legal, sometimes illegal; sometimes to get free delivery, sometimes to get faster delivery, and sometimes to just be a pain in the ass. CYBØRG/ASM, 2005/11/04

BarLink: Stealing Your Personal Information and Putting You at Risk - It's a new year and a new name for BarWatch! These sleazy scumbags have re-branded in an attempt to fool you. CYBØRG/ASM, 2005/02/02

Scream in your Pants - A timeline of violent crimes related to the Scream movie trilogy. Written as a pre-introduction for the 2004 Halloween issue of K-1ine #45. CYBØRG/ASM, 2004/10/31

Hacking Mircom Technologies Telephone Access Systems - Ok, first of all, I don't think you're ready for this jelly. You are simply not worthy. You want to gain unauthorized access to thousands of buildings? Access unlimited free long-distance calling? Cause super-sized chaos and anguish? And you want all of this in one convenient exploit!? Are you fucking insane!?!! Yeah, so are we. Now bow down and then hit the town this Halloween with your new found fuck-around. Trick or Treat? Definately Trick. The Clone, 2004/10/19

][.SQR.CLOCK - A square clock program for the Apple ][ with hands that elongate and contract as they follow the square shape of the clockface. Old-school cool. CYBØRG/ASM, 2004/07/07

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