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 TELUS - Our Local Telco "Basic human communication at a basic human price"


  • Telus internet accounts vulnerable, hacker says - A man who hacked into thousands of Telus internet accounts in B.C. got into thousands more accounts than the company acknowledges, and says the security flaw allowing him access still hasn't been patched. CBC News, 2012/02/28
  • Leaving Telus - Part III - Telus' abusive and unethical tactics in refusing to cancel cellphone contracts... even after the contract has ended! Robbing your customers and treating them like shit is now standard practice in customer service. MsO, 2011/01/16
  • TELUS Billboard Hack - If you're a TELUS customer you'll already know the feeling. 2010
  • Millennium Payphone Phuck - People hate Telus. 2005/10/11
  • TELUS IDOL! Witness Telus fat-cats making asses of themselves in this 17 minute video [29MB, WMV]. Download the complete transcript with screenshots Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 [PDF]. Story broke around August 2005, though the actual 'event' occurred in 2004. Video and PDF content from cupwnewvision.org.
  • Telus Blocks Consumer Access to Labour Union Web Site and Filters an Additional 766 Unrelated Sites - OpenNet Initiative shows that by blocking that IP address Telus not only blocked access to the union's sites, but also to an engineering company; a breast cancer fundraising site; an Australian alternative medicine site; and a Colorado electronic recycling company, as well as more than 760 other domains. OpenNet Initiative, 2005/08/02
  • Telus Vs Voices-For-Change.com - In the midst of a strike, Telus has decided to block the Telecommunications Workers Union website from their customers. Here's how Telus customers can get around the censorship. h4v3n, 2005/07/25
  • Telus Censoring Customers and Employees - Telus is using censorship to silence its striking employees and deny information to its own customers about the strike. The Clone, 2005/07/24
  • You've been served! - Telus blocks residential customers from using home computers as servers. Paying Telus an extra $50 makes IRC and ftp secure, somehow. Ian King, 2005/02/24
  • Telus Mobility Back Door With The LG 5450 - EL_Storey, 2005/02/17


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