Hackers Soundtrack
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Hackers 2 Soundtrack
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People who aren't hackers will enjoy the plot. People who are hackers will enjoy the message.

-Emmanuel Goldstein

It remains the most loyal compared to other movies recently released on the subject.

-Phiber Optik


Many of your comments have reflected a belief that we "hacked" our own site. We thought you might be interested in reading the letters that were received a few days ago from the real hackers. After reading these letters, form your own conclusion.

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Cereal Killer, Phantom Phreak, Crash Override...if these handles appear on your computer screen, you're beyond saving--consider yourself hacked.

In our Inventory site, you will discover the world behind-the-scenes, from biographies of the Cast and Filmmakers, to an overview of the production itself. Follow the the crew as they travel from London to Brooklyn to cyberspace -- to bring to life the story of a group of kids who have some fun and Hack the Planet!

Enter the world of HACKERS, the new motion picture from MGM.