Biographical Information on John Hutchison

1950 - Schooling to grade 10 at North Shore College. I then completed 5 years of private tuition. Areas of study included Chemistry, Tool and Die work, and Nuclear and Radio Physics. Theories of Tesla, Einstein, Galvani, Faraday, and others were also thoroughly studied.

1957 - Early experiments were conducted included general chemistry, Tesla coils, gun restoration and design. First laboratory was constructed at 3045 Crescent View Drive, my parents' home. Experiments conducted in the new lab included amateur Radio Astronomy, Tesla coils, R.F. production, and electronic devices.

1960 - Reclusive life style. Heavy study of Maxwell, Einstein, Steinmetz, Tesla, Biochemistry and gunnery. Laboratory expands throughout the basement to include chemistry equipment, Radio Astronomy instrumentation, and an extensive gun collection. I also completed construction jobs building Tesla machines. Studied fundamentals of plumbing, framing, electrical foundations and house building by father prominent businessman.

1965 - First television demonstration at CBC News of Hydrogen Gas and Nylon generation. (Vancouver Sun Newspaper story UFO flap)

1966 - Built energy collectors, Tesla coils, RF generators, spark generators, and static field equipment.

1970 - Moved to 1458 East 29, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. Constructed a 12 ton laboratory and machine shop. Conducted a variety of experiments in Radio waves, Biochemistry, Electro-Chemistry, Earthquake detection, directed energy by way of static generators, RF generators, Gravity, Tesla coils and general Chemistry.
Also constructed a variety of guns and machine tools.

1974 - Worked at Canyor Ecology Centre for three years and later became involved in a television commercial for Argentine TV

1978 - Hampered by a new gun law for 2 years Lawyer R' Flynn Marr amended current laws in court with full media coverage and support of Canadian Gun Collectors. Lawyers and Parliament M.P. Chuck Cook, M.P. Ron Huntington M.P. and RCMP. Judge Cronin resided over the case and the gun law was amended. With the full support of Oms Budman, Dr. Karl Friedman, David Davies, and Douglas Chault we unsuccessfully sued the government for court expenses and damages due to governmental intervention.

1980 - Discovery of Hutchison Effect by Alexis Pezaro and George Hathaway. With its discovery a new company was formed, Pharos Technologies, its mission was to explore the effect named after me by Canadian-US scientists. All equipment used to conduct experiments on the Hutchison Effect was built on my own time and money.

1981 - The Hutchison Effect was extensively studied by Pharos Technologies. A scientific paper was written by Rene Louise Vallee of France and Tony Travis of Pharos on the Hutchison Effect documenting how 400 watts of power at 110 AC 60 cps was able to levitate all varying weight sizes of materials from a few grams to approximately 100 lbs. at a distance. Furthermore, it was demonstrated to be possible to transform the molecular properties of certain metals on only 400 watts power; however, in comparison would require several Terra watts of power to do so conventionally using laser cannons or other thermal methods.

Attended a small lecture by Gene Roddenberry at the PNE.

1982 - Demonstrated the Hutchison Effect at my lab to several observers from Forth Worth, Texas and Washington State University. Guests included Hipotronics Filluppi Gulluppi, Winfield, New York, Alexis Pezaro, George Hathaway, San Diego Laser group, and others.

1983 - Norman Hathaway contacts Inscom Group and Lt. Col. John B Alexander, in Washington D.C. Alexis Pezaro and George Hathaway in Washington D.C. One General in particular wanted to contact Ronald Reagan right away after witnessing the experiment on film. I also had the pleasure of meeting Tom Lee Richardson who was an old friend of Tesla. Tesla had his Vancouver based house full of unpublished materials based on his work.

George Hathaway and Alexis Pezaro receive US funding from Washington D.C. The 15 ton lab was then moved to a 10,000 square foot lab at 141 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver. The move was sponsored by Los Alamos Naval labs of the US Army Intelligence and the Harry Diamond Labs U.S.A Scientific Advisors. Los Alamos set up cameras and sample demonstrations for John Alexander, John Rink, Pharos Technologies, Bob Frieberg and Richard Feyman who attended a month test program under tight security. One such demonstration showed off plastic levitation, bending of Molybdenum bars, (used in nuclear reactors) and mirror breaking on one occasion. During testing the lab was self-powered scaring many of the American scientists. Hand drawn plans were thrown across the room as well as spools of wire and pieces of wood. John Rink measured the effect as far away as 300 feet. After 4 months of testing all material was heavily classified. Lab moved again in the same year to 3744 East Hastings, Vancouver, BC.

1984 - A 5-minute news story by Alyn Edwards of National Canada News BCTV CTV covering a laboratory demonstration of levitating objects. Viewer response was strong so I was persuade by a movie company that wanted to produce a television show based upon my life; however, they lacked the required funds. 1985 - Other demonstrations conducted for viewing of scientists of the Washington's DC Group and Lt. Col. John B. Alexander. George Jack Houck , Head of Advanced Technologies at McDonald Douglas was also invited to witness 2 days of controlled experiments. Dr. Elizibeth Rauscher and Pharos Technologies were also present. All in attendance felt that this could be a break through in physics and that further experimentation and testing should be completed.

CKVU TV shows National News Levitation movements' 3 minutes news broadcast. Grant Frioricks and other scientific visitor's and lawyers.

$36 million dollar contract was offered to us from US Army Command, Joann McLusky. Pharos Technologies lawyers were notified; however after 3 months of waiting no funds were ever received. Erik Nielsen, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Cabinet Ministers and Col. Tim Deer accused the US of stealing project.

1986 - On March 24, 1986 Ottawa ordered Dr. La Kuehne, Dr Wilson, Dr Earl Ledger of Defense Region Pacific and the Director of Scientific Technical Intelligence to investigate the Hutchison Effect with cameras and test samples. I received the results and concluded that more reproducible effects were needed. All videos and statements by Dr La Kuehne were classified; few documents were ever released through C.S.I.S.

Lt. Col. Tom Beardon of U.S.A wanted me to move to U.S.A. but lacked funds. Wrote books describing magnetic monopoles and other effects. A contract was offered to me by Pharos Technologies at this time. I; however, no longer desired governmental intervention into my work anymore, so I parted ways with Alexis Pezaro and George Hathaway. I still I retain the original unsigned contracts given to me. Canadian Security Intelligence Services advised me to part with Pharos Technologies as they would make money in this situation and I would not.

1987 - Lab moved to 560 Cambie Street. I established my own company, Axiom Systems. Axiom Systems was now completely devoted to bettering the Hutchison Effect. Axiom Systems became an independent entity, outside governmental control or intervention from either Alexis Pezaro or George Hathaway.

CBC's first story was based on the moving of the lab, the second story by Cal Barton of CBC TV News is on Hutchison Effect history. Showing scientific interest and all parties involved.

Dennis Edmonson and Jan Roos secure $1, 000, 000 in funding from NASA yet deal turns quiet after no contact from NASA for many months.

Axiom Systems receives $100, 000 in US funds from BOEING Aerospace.

The new rebuilt lab produces fantastic results running to 1989. Several months later an Austrian-German group of scientist invited me to join them in research of the Hutchison Effect. As president of Axiom, I decided to move the laboratory to Austria as the Austrian-German team were more prepared, experienced, and brought a significant amount of scientific expertise to the table.

1988 - June 19, I meet Dr Peter Kokoschinegg of Austria. A decision was made since the German Labs had results, Roland Bredow, Dr Amon and others it was time to move.

1989 - Lab still running showing effect but my partners did not want me to move to Germany. Unfortunately I discovered they were not scientists, having incorrectly wired and inadvertently destroying an expensive piece of apparatus. I informed Boeing Aerospace of the incident, they reneged and stopped funding and my partners withdrew without incident.

I left for Austria with lawyers in Canada and Judge Paris issued a court order stating that the lab would be secured and shipped to Brenam, Austria via ship. Lawyers were to arrange shipment to Germany from here.

With great support in Germany and Austria I met various scientists, attended meetings in Bevaria, Stuttgart, Graz, Vienna, and Salzburg. Over the next 2 years I discovered much interest and support even though there was no lab.

Consistently, many scientists brought new ideas to me regarding the lab.

My metal samples revealed to Germany scientist impossible alloy combinations not found on Earth. One sample of aluminum revealed sawdust in it while others revealed dark matter and transparent properties. To this day these metal samples are still under study in Europe.

Unfortunately I had to return to Canada and deal with my property leaving a wealth of friends and supporters.

The lab destroyed by Canadian government officials as the 2 civilians called the Prime Minister office and lied about the lab and I then was kidnapped in East Germany. Lab was secretly put under Alex Fraser Bridge; however, the press discovered the whereabouts of the lab and the story was printed in the Vancouver Sun. (See Vancouver Sun February 22, 1990 and BCTV story) Consequence my laboratory was totally destroyed.

1990 - Several UFO movies were made including "From Legend to Reality" and "Above Top Secret Chance of Mankind" which aired in 20 countries worldwide in which some of my work was introduced these films. August of 1990 I came back to Canada to recover my destroyed lab. I then decide to immigrate to the University of Belzig in Germany. I was able to immigrate to Germany with the help of Sten Linander.

I was convinced by Japanese scientists to allow them to write a book on my work and magazines, publications and material related to my work have sold over 250, 000 copies to date.

1991 - More Japan scientists write magazines, U.S.A publication videos. Col. Rogers finds US scientific data pertaining to the events that took place on or around the year of 1983 from the CIA and other federal agencies.

1993 - T.V Asahi films in Canada, video releases more U.S.A, England, Publications and videos. Scientific journal videos of my work were made and translated into Japanese.

During 1993 I explored the African ruins of the Great Pyramids and Luxer with Yin filming all our adventures. After we returned a group of Canadian-American Businessmen approached me to build a free energy device and paid a $10, 000 deposit. I built a No. 4 zero point energy unit designed to operate independent of any power source and able to generate power for solid state electronic devices. Unfortunately the deal fell through when the required funding from China did not come.

1994 - I was invited by the Japanese and treated like royalty from Tokyo to Hiroshima City. TV Asahi filmed at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the media coverage was extensive and on station gave a half an hour full news story if our 6 week visit. On some days 500 hundred people would attended the lecture tour, and response was overwhelming. I was invited as a guest of honor at Suky Makari temple with 40, 000 people for most of the day. Other days of the tour brought business people from Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Universities, publishers, and magazines. Many Radio and TV interviews. Colorful large parties at night in the biggest hotels board rooms and honor guards.

1995 - I was once again invited to Japan with Brian O'Leary for a 4 week tour of Hiroshima City. During each day of the tour I would prepare for lectures, TV interviews, meeting universities groups, politicians. Larger lectures were televised throughout Tokyo, Kagoshima, others, and finally Hiroshima city for the 50th anniversary. At this lecture I revealed my crystal energy converter that powered a small motor. My demonstration was also filmed by yet another TV station filming the entire demonstration. At the end of each demonstration I took apart the crystal converter unit to show that there were no tricks involved. During our tour we were under constant security since the recent gas attacks that had taken place. Brian, an ex-astronaut and advisor to Jimmy Carter, I was well protected, and security was extremely tight. Once again I was sad the day I left Japan.

Half an hour long news cast T.V Asahi Hiroshima City Mr. Hino, I was a guest of Honor 40, 000 people at Sükyomakakari temple 6 week tour consisted of meeting large Japanese corporations such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Sony and other large companies.

6-week U.S.A tour I met US scientists in different states. Attended lecture tour at Denver Colorado for INS conference. l had television interviews with National Productions, Kirk Thatcher in LA and others.

TV show, Elaine, Smitha, I gave a lecture in Washington State, U.S.A. Head Civil Engineer Richard Brewer embarks on trying to find funds to support Hutchison Effect work but left for England to rejoin family members.

1996 - Contacted by George Hathaway, whom requested that I move to Toronto to help him reproduce the Hutchison Effect, I refused as I believed in commanding my own situation and disagreed with this backward approach to my work.

BBC contacts for story by Gillian Anderson. Lightworks video productions make a movie on my work called Race to Zero Point where I demonstrate the Hutchison Effect. Also still in the works a 1\2 hour show Tom Valone, Lt. Tom Bearden also gave me support. Marc Millis NASA Program Book published by Jeans Manning covers in part zero point cell technology that I developed and other scientific theories on Hutchison Effect.

Contacted by George Hathaway, whom requested that I move to Toronto to help him reproduce the Hutchison Effect, I refused as I believed in commanding my own situation and disagreed with this backward approach to my work.

1997 - Start work with Artificial Reef Society of BC. I am placed in charge of dismantling the cannons and electronic systems on board the HMS Columbia.

I was also responsible for salvaging valuable items for the Artificial Reef Society, paid in electronics only.

HMS Saskatchewan, yet another 400 ft ship requiring my expertise. I worked on this ship till May of 1996.

I conducted experiments with small Hutchison Effects.
Support groups and scientific journals written on the Hutchison effect.
Journey TV shows USA on Hutchison, 2 episodes aired.
Paris TV makes contact for TV show aired
TV Asahi airs videos in Japan taken by Mr. Yamabe
Telephone interview Japan newspaper
Mr. Yamabe visits representating Japan businessmen
3 books written in England on the Hutchison Effect
Albert Budden gives lecture tour on my work
Lightworks video 110 minutes released USA
Discovery channel TV group films in apartment Lab, 2 episodes airing international in the fall
Strange Universe does USA TV story on Hutchison work
Publications increase and lectures and NASA breakthrough propulsion workshop on Hutchison Effect.

1 month long visit in USA meeting scientists, actors, visited Star Trek set at Paramount Pictures, sort scientific support group Ken Shoulders, or Elizabeth Rauscher. Topics of discussion: the eradication of nuclear waste presented in part by Larry King Live. Met Prince Alfred and Dennis Weaver.

Hutchison Effect duplicated in U.S.A Labs (on small scale) by renowned scientists the metal effect, (without heat and objects turned invisible).

Oct. 11 1999 - First New Demonstration Hutchison Effect Hundreds of Publications in Europe. Nov. 1999 - Fox TV Show 1999 - Dr. Hutchison visits Southern California and meets with scientists, actors, producers with common interests.

Grant Romundt demonstrates small metal ¼ volt energy collector to actors in California (SFB counselor power Log)

Feb. 1-7, 2000 - TV shows TLC

Feb. 2000 - Elaine Smitha 2, 1 hour specials

John wishes to market the tiny power with as a universal detector for environmental biological applications in:
* Healing
* Detecting all types of energy
* Stress Energy from earthquakes
* Gravity distortions from the sun and moon

The device would be marketed as a sensor only:
¨ The Department of Defenses estimates for commercial novelty 1 billion dollars
¨ Also if presented with news media would later on Like mood Rings world Sales
¨ The product would also be useful in hundreds of commercial applications

Would like to present the novelty item for the family market or a novelty item, that everybody would want this would also show Hutchison to bring in funds to move to California to work in his own way self funded to work on the antigravity electro tasks systems for advanced space drive, nuclear waste and paranormal advancements and study of life extension that John has been involved in for 20 years.


Special Invitation by the American Association for Advancement in Science 1995

Some interesting Letters and Visitors
1985 - Old Card from the Shaw of Iran.
1987 - Mail from Oliver North.
1998 - Personal visit from ex-congressman Berkley and Eleanor Beddel.
1999 - Card from President Bill Clinton.

1999 - Steven Seagal, I truly found a common brother equal in our thoughts on our wondrous world of humanity that I am the same as anybody else.
1989 - 2000 Letter pen pal of the Prince of Liechtenstein, for 10 years

I do enjoy the attention. I have no ego and if I had it my way, I enjoy acting out my sense of humour and positive look on life. As I do we are also equal.

That in time we will evolve into a race of non-hatred and violence.

With special understanding of humanity responsibility to chose our inner gifts, whatever they may be.

(I collect old guns) But to me I am responsible and they are only that, old guns. Each one of us is different and our individuality is part of us.

All technologies coming forth has to be held with respect and non-hatred but for humanity that mankind can blossom forth as my hero Gene Roddenberry portrays in his TV series made so long ago.

A Thought From the Doctor

The exploration of the Hutchison Effect will open doors to time, gravity, nuclear reactions and subatomic physics which are the key particles to all existence in the known universe. Speculations on warp drive now explored by NASA's Lewis Amis and Marc Millis will bring us close to star travel, key dynamics of nuclear waste and advanced programs in the medical field that allow for manipulation of the aging process. Computer recognition of life and the aging process and introduction of electro-chemical and biological signatures on the electronic level to transform DNA to a healthy state.
The sub-atomics can put out gravitation waves such as Bosons or Cronons in untold configurations and cause folding of time and space. Simple spark discharges show how particles are frozen in time by the fantastic work of Ken Shoulders. Nuclear Waste may simple be inter-dimensionally reverted to
Hyper propulsion can be achieved quickly by minds of Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and Ken Shoulders who can see short cuts through my work. What is the known universe and the power of it through zero point energy and why the distance from 21 to 24 centimeters is so important. This exploration will be fun, and its all nature just not discovered yet. Today it can be the breakthrough of the century, but a common thing in a decade or two from now. What was science fiction today could simply become science fact tomorrow in the ever-changing world of science.