The Hutchison Effect

by Charles A. Yost

Proceedings of the
Denver, Colorado, USA
April 1618,1993

John Hutchison of Vancouver, Canada, tinkered with an array of simultaneously interactive fields; a combination of electrostatic, magnetic, microwave and Tesla Coil fields. Without predictable warning and with some randomness, these fields interacted with objects. Levitations, thrusted weights, glowing, apparent softening and bending of hard metal alloys, and strange alloy separations were some of the phenomena reported. Some events were witnessed and reported by George Hathaway." Additional details of the experiments are related in the Electric Spacecraft journal. One series of experiments was performed while observers from Los Alamos Laboratory, U. S. aircraft firms, and military personnel observed and made video camera recordings. There is no doubt that things happened which were dffficult to explain. However, the experimental procedures were such that John Hutchison would try various combinations of pulsed power, microwaves, etc., without records to correlate what caused what. The best that could be done at the time was to observe. There is no claim of electrogravitic forces here, but massive objects were said to have moved, presumably as a result of the externally applied fields. Mr. Hutchison claimed that the presence of heavy masses was important in his levitation experiments. The phenomenon generated by Mr. Hutchison requires more investigation.

Geroge Hathaway (1988): "The Hutchison Effect A Lift and Disruptive System". Paper presented and published by the Planetart Association for Clean Energy, Hull, Ontario, Canada. Andrew Michrowski, Editor.

Jeanne Manning. (1992). "Rainbow in the Lab: The Hutchison Story," Electric Spacecraft Journal, Issue #4, April 1992, pages 1320.

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