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One of the most annoying things we've seen on many hacker web sites is a very lame collection of payphone photos.
We at the IIRG felt that this situation needed to be corrected, and we corrected it properly in the 90's. If individuals and organizations were going to display payphone photos, we suggested the following photos as as a guideline.

With payphones becoming a quaint antiquity and providers exiting their payphone business, most of the hacking community has noted this as the beginning of the end for the century-old technology.

With wireless devices dominating the telecom landscape and getting girls as payphone exhibitionists in the American community is few and far between. We have shifted the focus of our efforts to wireless devices
(digital cameras and cell phones), and created the appropriate page.

We still invite all aspiring payphone exhibitionists and models (while payphones can still be found), to send us their photos. We have no rules of conduct other than you are 18+. We charge no access fee or subscription rate, we truly believe in the hacker credo that "All Information Should be FREE"!

All submissions for either the Payphone Collection, Cam Girls or Hacker Chicks may be sent to:

We would like to thank all the Lovely young ladies and individuals who have mailed in their photos. Please keep them coming!


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