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Top: Jewish References &Documents: Gentiles SpeakingAbout Jews: Henry Ford: "THE INTERNATIONAL JEW" -- TheComplete Text

Jew Watch's Preface
"The International Jew"
by Henry Ford

The International Jew by Henry Ford caused a sensation when it was firstpublished. The book of sixteen chapters loaded with interesting facts representsa gauntlet tossed upon the floor by the first inventor of the assembly line,a man whose company was as personal to him as a wife or child to most men.

When this esteemed industrialist discovered that elitists who were Jewishwere conspiring against him and others and who were bent on owning everythingin the world that non-Jews had created he was determined to undermine theirefforts. Mr. Ford's investigators determined that these Jewish bankers andspeculators had aided in the cause of the Depression, triggering it to forcethe buyout of the world's industries for pennies on the dollar. Now, theywere conspiring to take away his own company using laws which they had paidcorrupt politicians to legislate and with their fake, paper money, whichthey printed and controlled for many governments across the world and inthe American nation as well, and he decided that Americans ought stop it.

Mr. Ford decided to investigate the Jewish Conspiracies, further thanalmost any man in history, and the subversive activities which he soon discoveredwas worse than he had thought. The word at large as a part of a massivemovement including a UnpublishedJewish-Bolshevik-Marxist-Zionist-Internationalist-Banker's Plot to takeover much of the known world--both free and non-free.

Mr. Ford had the money and the presses to do what he knew he needed todo--to investigate thoroughly, author, edit, double-check all factual findingsfor accuracy, and to disseminate the information to the masses, to givethem a chance to take back their dignity and their nations. Mr. Ford wasone of the few owners of presses and of one newspaper who was not a partof what Mr. Ford's investigators discovered was a Jewish plot to controlall of the streams of information worldwide, and that they had done thisas a part of the same world Jewish conspiracy in which these tiny band ofelitists bent on "control" issues worldwide had bought up andcontrolled the nation's presses--except for Ford's.

The battle Henry Ford started is still going on.

This text is a tribute to a great man's genious and desire to do theright thing for America and the world. Although much-maligned, its detractors--mostof them close to or associated with the Jewish cabal of One World Dictatorship--havebeen unable to prove Henry Ford's ideas, facts, and discussions to be incorrect.This, however, has never stopped the elitists who own much of our presses-- 90% of our media -- justas Mr. Ford said they did.

And, of course, that is why the Jews own so much press.The Jews use the presses to define what the non-Jews and Jews alike canknow of their plot toward One World Dictatorship, a dictatorship that givesthe Jews the total control they have always sought over the non-Jews.

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