Doctor Who $LOD$

This is for when the radio is broken and crackles like uranium orchids

If you want to know who I am, first read my Phrack Prophile (from issue 43). It's a little bit out of date and innacurate, but I like it.

The book The Watchman by Joshua Littman, details the exploits of Agent Steal, a.k.a. Justin Petersen. Unfortunately, it inaccurately identifies Petersen as Phucked Agent 004. This is here to set the record straight

RadioPhone is my famous archive on cellular phone programming & more.

Here is my famous 1984 Cosmos document. Its been almost 15 years. wow. And here's another thing I wrote about cracking two Apple ][ programs, also in 1984. If you like this sort of oldy stuff, look at

Death In June

Joy Division

Since it is illegal, amateur broadcasting is called "Pirate Radio". Free Radio Network has a great list of links pertaining to Pirate Radio. Fnord

At the time of this writing, phrack 49 is still not up on the phrack site at So Here it is.