The 486/38.5 Mhz machine that runs on is truly a labor of love. It was assembled from the scrap of others who did not know or value what they had. Each component down to the clock crystal, which was ripped from a discarded video controller, was hand picked from a heap of rubble which graces L0pht Heavy Industries' floor.

The only component of this mongrel system that was purchased for cold hard cash was the Zoom 28.8K modem which connects us to the outside world. Even the state of the art operating system running here, which makes a mockery of such marketing marvels as Windows NT and OS/2, didn't cost a cent. Of course we are talking about Linux. This is the operating system that is making it possible, along with cheap IP access, for us to reverse the trend of media control and consolidation by corporations and put it back in the hands of individuals.

We at L0pht Heavy Industries have earned our technology. We have assembled it by hand. Customizing each piece. Building it from scratch from what others think of as garbage. Recycling equipment, along with its karma, which was destined for the landfill.