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   Essays on government, politics, religion, history, Vietnam, the emerging Federal police state, and love.
   With so much being written about me, and so little of my work actually on the net, I thought it prudent to make available some of my essays.
   I leave it to the reader to determine the worthiness of my work.

It is clear to me that state sponsored terrorism begins in the mind...

Video now online of my perceptive speech that foreshadowed the American Police State

New Sub-web site being created on Archaeology, Anthropology, and Forbidden History (check back frequently for it to go live)

The six most read essays of 2009 in order of most accessed:


  2. Multiculturalism
  3. Leaderless Resistance  Leaderless Resistance in Russian: "Бескомандное Сопротивление"    Spanish: "Resistencia sin líder"

  4. The Holocaust As A Mechanism Of Suppressing The Truth

  5. Rules To Live By

  6. Kennewick Man

Interesting Mail:

More Letters from a Russian history professor

Some letters I have found most interesting:

First from an Arab: "People like myself used to think that only our leaders were filthy dictators..."

The letter that means the most to me:  I am a survivor of the holocaust...

A letter from a Vietnamese girl speaking out about the Louis Beam she knows "I am appalled "


A Brief Message to my many readers (5,000 per month and counting): I understand from the many e-mails I receive that there is considerable demand for me to add more essays to this site.  Many political science classes, history classes, and various colleges  use my essays for assigned student reading.  From these students I get requests for more information as well as biographical requests.  I have little free time to answer e-mail and no desire to give interviews.  What I have to say I place on this web site.  I am adding more material from time to time, so I hope this helps all of you who are requesting more essays.  As to requests for factual biographical information.  I have never had the desire to make my struggle one about myself, but rather about my ideas and analysis.  Is what I say "true?"  If so, that is the issue to be discussed.  However, several professional hate groups (people who make their living off of "hate" issues) have for years provided almost totally inaccurate and completely misleading information that I have never seen fit to reply to.  Nor do I now see fit to do so.  I am not the issue, the issue is what I say and write about.  Nevertheless, the tactics of those who do not possess the truth is to attack the messenger.  So I am creating a page with some documents of my qualifications to write about what I deem important.  Keep in mind that there are many people with no degrees and a lack of vast world experiences who are far superiour in intellect and knowledge than those holding degrees and titles.  It was my experience in college that the best liars were those with the most degrees. So I make no claim to great knowledge from having attended a four year college. My claim, if any be necessary to write words upon a page, is that I have read, listened and pondered life and it's issues with an open mind that I did not have in my younger years and sharply honed it by great experiences.  You may go to this link to see the first posts to that section of this web site: Biographical  link.

Essays On Government Terror               
Essays From Vietnam
The Seditionist
Letters To Louis Beam

When Enemies Become Friends  (is there any hope for the future?)

The Global Village---Is Sick

World Trade Center Bombing Was Jump Point For Global Police State

On Being your Friend, Or Should This Be: Why Must I Hate?

The Holocaust As A Mechanism Of Suppressing The Truth

Battle In Seattle: Americans Face Off The Police State

Kosovo, The Alamo of Europe


Kennewick Man

Let's Be Honest (an essay on left-wingers, right-wingers, government goons, and the good guys)

The Last Trench

Sam Davis, Southern Patriot And Hero

The Captain (a poem I dearly love)

One Video The Government Would Never Want You To See

Rules To Live By

I Cried Tears For Dresden


Good Quotes

Requests for my 1983 book

Le Fleur Arrangement by Louis Beam


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