Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a Possibility

By Lydia Picklejar
   The National Association of Broadcasters' latest effort to convince the
Federal Communications Commission to outlaw micropower radio stations, a
demo CD of simulated levels of interference and cross-talk, has proven an
unexpected hit with the buying public, which pushed sales past 2.4 million
copies, a record set recently by the teenage pop group 'N Sync.
     "It's pretty staggering," commented Barry Weiss, Jive Records
president. "It's kind of a cross between industrial rock and spoken word."
     The NAB is currently turning down offers to tour, but may reconsider if
sales of the "interference" CD continue at the current record-breaking pace.
     "We love it," enthused local DJ Richard Edmondson. "It's a real hit on
micropower stations."

Micropower Demonstrators Take It to the NAB's Doorstep
NAB Convention April 1998, Las Vegas, Nevada