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Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 05:26:43 -0500
From: CMullen267@aol.com
To: vericomm@c2.org, MindNet@c2.org
Subject: Re: MindNet Journal - Vol. 1, No. 14

Dear Readers, Victims, Survivors & anyone else who CARES,

     I am writing in support of Dr. Ross' statement re: FMSF
and one of its most offensive; yet influential Board members. Dr.
Martin T. Orne of The Institute of PA.; The HEC (Human Ecology
Society); The Scientific Intelligence office of the C.I.A.; The
Institute for Experimental Research; and originally with the
N.I.H. in Phil. PA.

     This "scientist", as he referred to himself was trained well
by his German mother, Dr. Brunner, in the art of mind control;
hypnotic techniques; use of unorthodox drugs; sexual humiliation;
shock treatment (with no sedatives/hypnotics given first);
chemical, physical, mental and emotional torture (or "stressors",
as HE termed it). This is a doctor of questionable ethics, at the
very least; who was not only elected president of the American
Psychiatric Assoc.; but was assigned by the Director of the
C.I.A. to be the head of ORD (Office of Research & Development)!

     The above facts, are not intended to be slanderous or libel
in anyway; nor are they harassment of any kind (Though I wish I
could say the same for Dr. Orne). They are simply statements of
fact; which can not only be researched and found all true; but
appear as a sworn, public statement before the President's
Committee on Radiation, as held in Washington D.C. last April.
They are also not the words of anyone connected to Dr. Ross,
Freedom of Thought Foundation or MindNet Journal or their
editors. I take full responsibility for printing the truth; as
I remember it--and no, Pamela, they are NOT False Memories
implanted by an overzealous therapist!

     I was a research subject of the U.S. Government for many
years and still am being harassed by those who were involved
and are still living. I have adequate documentation and
affidavits and witnesses to back up my statements. I only wished
to bring this to your attention; because it is imperative that
the free-thinking public KNOW who is behind this False Memory
Syndrome Foundation. It was initially begun as a C.Y.A. (Cover
Your Ass!) project spurned on by Drs. such as Dr. Orne, who (for
obvious reasons) do not want the public to know the TRUTH! That
some scientists, Drs., researchers and Gov. agency officials
used CHILDREN (such as myself) as human guinea pigs to prove
they could control the minds of the Russians or even their own
citizens; if the Cold War came down to such drastic measures.
Obviously, these measures were not needed, nor should they have
ever been used on innocent children or adults, without their
knowledge! How do we know this is not continuing today and the
FMSF is helping to mask the ugly truth??? We don't--anymore than
we did in the 50's and 60's. Dr. Orne would have us believe that
what we remember are fabrications of overactive imaginations of
abused children! This is far from the truth. I was not really
abused (except sexually from the age of 2) until Drs. like Dr.
Orne got their "professional" hands on me. THAT, my friends, WAS
ABUSE--worse than you could ever imagine!!

     ...or maybe you CAN???? Does anyone out there have a
similar experience they can share and not be intimidated by Drs.
who wield very little power any longer???

     Stand up and tell your story!!! Don't be afraid. The TRUTH
needs to be out in the open and NOT whispered behind closed
therapist's offices. TELL THE PUBLIC NOW!!! While we still have
the freedom to talk! Otherwise it WILL go on and people like Dr.
Orne and Dr. Robert G. Heath of Tulane University in New Orleans
and Dr. Charles L. Brown Jr. of the New Orleans' Saints; and Dr.
Sid Gottlieb will never need to answer for their crimes.

     I know it is unrealistic to think they will pay justly for
them; but at least they will not be able to hide behind masks of
innocence any longer. THINK ABOUT IT!!! If you have the guts
(I'm still here, aren't I--and I've been talking for 3 years
now!) Stand up and be counted as a victim; and more importantly
...be PROUD you are a survivor!! Thank You!



CMullen267@aol.com (Chrystal Stone)

New Orleans, LA.

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