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The Electronic Surveillance Project is no longer in operation
as of Sept. 1995.


            Association of National Security Alumni
               Electronic Surveillance Project
                       P.O. Box 13625
                 Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
                       (301) 608-3625

                        November 1993

Through a mere preliminary investigative finding, only, Microwave
Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation has invited criticism
in two areas in recent months; viz., (1) No substantive proof has
been furnished in this document which confirms that
directed-energy technologies exist; and (2) The persons whose
circumstances are discussed in this publication may simply be
mentally unbalanced.

In December 1992, when Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control
Experimentation was published, the U.S. Government
representatives routinely took the position that directed-energy
technologies were nothing more than mere figments of physicists'
imaginations, still on the drawing boards. Shortly following
publication of this report, information concerning these
technologies began to appear in some noteworthy organs as, The
Wall Street Journal, Defense News, Aviation Week & Space
Technology, Tactical Technology, Defense Electronics and, most
recently, The Washington Post.

In a flurry of activity in these past 10 months, directed-energy-
based surveillance and anti-personnel systems have suddenly
leaped off of physicists' drawing boards into the world of
reality, thus obviating the criticism, it would appear, that the
attached publication concerns non-existent technologies.

Indeed, directed-energy technologies appear to have evolved at
such a rapid rate that they are now being promoted as the "Final
Solution" to crime -- preliminarily, at a classified conference
sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, hosted by the
John Hopkins Applied Physics, and supported by the American
Defense Preparedness Association.

Clearly, given this conference, data concerning the efficacy of
acoustical, how-power microwave, laser, ELF/RF weapons and
"psychotronic" systems is sufficient to allow for their now being
promoted as tools for law enforcement. What is note worthy in
this sudden flurry of activity is that no one has bothered to ask
the following very basic questions:

(1)  Where is the test data being obtained?

(2)  What, so far, has prevented this government and its
     contractors from testing these technologies on U.S.
     citizens under involuntary circumstances?

Absent answers to -- or government interest -- these questions;
and because the symptoms experienced by those now in touch with
this Project parallel those reported in the media as being the
effects of directed-energy targeting, we conclude that no
restraints have been placed on those charged with the development
and testing of directed-energy systems; and the U.S. citizens are
indeed being experimented upon under involuntary circumstances.

It is in this context that we note that Los Alamos strongly
urges, in their brochure, that "industry" attend the
aforementioned classified conference, since "(i)ndustry,
particularly, will benefit from a more precise understanding
of...operational constraints regarding [these] technologies."
Perhaps "industry," as a minimum, will also be made to understand
that a failure to comprehend that said constraints will
ultimately lead to vigorous, civil rights-based prosecutions.

As to the alleged mental illness of the persons in touch with
this Project, it should be noted that government-sponsored
stalking and harassment, mind control experimentation and simple
torture can indeed produce symptoms which might be regarded as a
form of mental illness. Deliberate terrorization can take a toll.
Mental illness caused by government-sponsored terrorization,
however, does not invalidate that terrorization.

It should be noted that The American Psychiatric Association --
in its various revisions of the Diagnostic and Statistical of
Mental Illness -- seems to have conveniently omitted all
reference to harassment, stalking, mind-control experimentation
and torture as a case for mental illness. (The DSM is a
psychiatric profession's diagnostic "bible.") The APA's refusal
to acknowledge the impact of terrorization upon the human psyche,
even given the publicity stemming from the Church Committee's
findings in 1975, raises serious questions about the validity of
psychiatry as a profession in this country, not to mention, the
APA's ethical intent, in the long term.

Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation, published
in December 1992, furnishes an overview of complaints received
from 25 individuals as of that date. During these 11 intervening
months, the complaints received by this Project have more than
tripled. While the majority of these "experimentees" reside in
the United states, a number of virtually identical complaints
have also been received from England, Canada and Australia. It
would appear that these activities are also ongoing on the
European Continent, and the former Soviet Union. Connections
between this global pattern of activity and the objectives of the
so-called New World Order remain to be determined.

All categories of types of complaints being received by this
Project have also changed since publication of this report.
Survivors of certain satanic cults (alleged to protect the
interest of government and military "political satanists" in this
country; former Vietnam-era "programmed assassins," prison
inmates, and so-called "UFO abductees" are now reporting an
array of experiences (and symptoms) which are remarkable similar
to those addressed in this report. Experimental drugs, induce
auditory input, vicious overt harassment, attempted psychiatric
discrediting (unless the experimentee dutifully claims to be a
UFO abductee), and an extremely painful array of
externally-induced symptoms are included in this shared panoply
of experiences.

The impression created by these burgeoning complaints is that
mind-control experimentation in this country is being pursued in
at least five specific areas. Evidence is more recently surfacing
that unwitting government employees may qualify as yet another
category of experimentee -- those employees, in particular, who
are experiencing the effects of so-called "sick buildings."

It has been suggested that the long-term objective of all this
experimentation is to develop a system by which all (surviving)
citizens of this country can be monitored and tracked by a
sophisticated, perhaps satellite-based cybernetics system.
Certainly some of the research being dedicated to "mapping of the
brain" shows this potential. We are in receipt of preliminary
information which points to magnetic resonant imaging as being
critical to process. Our information is that far too many
physicians are urging patients to undergo unnecessary MRIs --
patients whose short-lived, if painful symptoms surfaced in
so-called "sick buildings." We intend to look into this
situation, of course.

The Electronic Surveillance Project is currently dedicated to
helping victims of directed-energy harassment and experimentation
to survive their respective ordeals until such time that Congress
can be persuaded to intervene. We do believe that polite,
precautionary comments concerning "a more precise understanding
of...operational constraints" should be delegated to government
agencies which have a primary role in development of these

                            /Original signed/
                            JULIANNE MCKINNEY
                            Electronic Surveillance Project

The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by federal
employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever
present -- and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding
scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we
must be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy
could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological

[President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961]

"Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the
national interest of the United States. They are inimical to the
operation and effective national intelligence system, and
corruptive of civil liberties, including the functioning of the
judiciary and free press. Most importantly, they contradict the
principles of democracy, national self-determination and
international law in which the United States is publicly

[Credo of the Association of National Security Alumni]


                    MICROWAVE HARASSMENT

                    by Julianne McKinney

            Director, Electronic Surveillance Project
             Association of National Security Alumni
                       December 1992

Whither the KGB?

In February 1974, Georgetown University's Center for Strategic
and International Studies (CSIS) hosted discussions on the plight
of dissenters in the Soviet Union, and on a means by which the
U.S. Government might most effectively intervene. highlights of
these discussions are reported in "Understanding the Solzhenitzyn
Affair: Dissent and its Control in the USSR," (CSIS, 1974).

KGB strategies were addressed in some detail during these
discussions. It was noted that the KGB's success depended on the
extensive use of informant networks and agent provocateurs; and,
following Brezhnev's rise to power, on the use of drugs and
psychiatrists for further purpose of manipulation and control.
Shadowing, bugging, slandering, blacklisting and other related
tactics were also cited as serving KGB purpose. Participants in
the conference agreed that the KGB's obvious intent was to divide
and isolate the populace, to spread fear, and to silent

Agencies of our own government are on record as having employed
precisely these same tactics on a recurrent basis. The Church and
Rockefeller Committee Hearings in the mid-70's purportedly put an
end to these practices. Based on recent developments, it would
appear that the CIA's and FBI's Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and
COINTELPRO (the focus of these Senate Committee and
Vice-President-level Hearings) were instead merely driven
underground. We are now in contact with a total of 25
individuals, scattered throughout the United states, who firmly
believe they are being harassed by agencies of the U.S.
Government. Others have been brought to our attention whom we
will be contacting in the future. The majority of these
individuals claim that their harassment and surveillance began
in 1989.

The methods reportedly employed in these harassment campaigns
bear a striking resemblance to those attributed to the CIA and
FBI during Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO. The only
difference now is that electronic harassment and experimentation
also appear to be (more blatantly) involved.

The Berlin Wall is down, Communism is in the midst of a death
rattle, and the KGB no longer poses the threat which purportedly
served to justify the U.S. Government's resort to such operations
as MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO. The KGB, since 1989, has been
reduced to an increasingly distant memory.

Reactivation of surveillance/harassment/mind-control operations
in this country suggest that the KGB, as an institution, was
never the real threat. A KGB "mentality," which is underlying
pragmatic contempt for civil liberties, appears, instead, to have
been the driving force behind MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO,
and the operations now being reported to us.

The KGB "mentality" is a matter of personal predilection, not
ideology. Its objective is power and control, regardless of human
cost. It is a corrupting, cancerous influence, which feeds on
fear, conformity and government funding.

Four months ago, when this Project commenced, we approached these
complaints of government harassment and experimentation with an
admitted "high degree of caution."  We are no longer skeptical.
The growing numbers of independent complaints and the
similarities between those complaints cannot be ignored. Under
the circumstances, the KGB should be proud of itself. As a
"mentality," the KGB appears to be accomplishing more in "burying
this country" from within, than it could ever have hoped to have
achieved as an institution. It would appear that this country has
a serious problem on its hands which needs to be resolved.

Part I of this report, which is reprinted from the June-July
edition of the association's publication, Unclassified,
preliminarily addresses the complaints brought to our attention
as of July 1992. Our objective, as noted, was to weigh the
legitimacy of those complaints in terms of the directed-energy
technologies reportedly involved. Part II discusses the overt and
covert patterns of harassment identified as a result of our
investigations, to date. A part of our objective, here, is to
limit the success of such operations in the future, by according
them widespread publicity.

In Part II, we do not identify individuals by name, both to honor
their privacy and because our investigations have not been
completed. Part II, like Part I, is a preliminary finding. Our
focus is on the similarities of the complaints being received --
similarities which Federal and State legislators, the courts, the
FBI, local law enforcement agencies, the medical and psychiatric
professions, and organizations such as the ACLU and Amnesty
International have so far chosen to ignore.

We frankly find it curious that more attention and creditability
is being accorded purported victims of UFO experiences and
spectral visitations, than to persons who complain of systematic
harassment and experimentation by the U.S. Government, involving
technologies which the U.S. Government is only now grudgingly
admitting to possess. These complaints require investigation. In
due course (and provided financial support is obtained), we hope
to be able to acquire the technology and supportive medical
expertise to substantiate the claims being made. We also hope to
alter the institutional mindset that U.S. Intelligence can be
trusted. History, repeatedly, has proven otherwise.


[Reprinted form the June-July 1992 edition of UNCLASSIFIED (Vol.
IV, No. 3), published by The Association of National Security
Alumni, Washington, D.C.]

The August-September 1991 issue of UNCLASSIFIED reviewed Hamline
University's "Public Administration" report on the resolution of
MKULTRA cases in 1988. Although the shocking details of medical
ethics abuses by the U.S. and Canadian governments were amply
detailed, Washington and Ottawa -- citing national security and
government privilege -- stalled for so long that cases never came
to trial. the surviving victims settled for a pittance in an
out-of-court settlement.

Since no individuals or agencies were held legally accountable,
the door was left open for possible resumption of similar
"mind-control" activities.

In the context of that article, we mentioned briefly that some
half-dozen people had contacted us with appeals for assistance
in ending what they believe to be electronic harassment and
mind-control experimentation, possibly involving the CIA. We
decided to take a closer look at the situation.

We are now in touch with approximately a dozen individuals
throughout the United States who appear to be targets of
harassment and mind-control experimentation involving
directed-energy technologies. [By mid-November 1992, the number
had increased to 25.]

Typically, persons who complain of being "zapped by radio waves"
and of "hearing voices" are stigmatized as psychotic, delusional
or schizophrenic. Being mindful of this, as well as aware of the
treatment accorded UFO and psychic phenomena "freaks," we
approach this subject with a high degree of caution. Based on our
preliminary investigation, including interviews with the affected
individuals, we conclude that the matter is serious and should be
pursued further.

The Existing Directed-Energy Arsenal

Our first step was to determine what, if any technology exists
which might be used for electronic harassment. The information
was found in a "white paper" published in 1991 by the U.S. Global
Strategy Council -- a Washington-based organization, under the
chairmanship of Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA, who
maintains very close ties with the U.S. Intelligence community.
The "white paper" describes the foreign and domestic uses
foreseen for laser weapons, isotropic radiators, infrasound,
non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse generators, and high-powered
microwave emitters.

The term, "non-lethal," used to describe this technology is
misleading. the energy emitted from all of these weapons can kill
people when appropriately amplified. At lower levels of
amplified, they can cause extreme forms of physical discomfort
and debilitation.

The Department of the Army (DA) identifies these same weapons as
"non-conventional." They were so identified in an exhibit at a
DA-sponsored symposium on "The Soldier As A System," in Crystal
City, VA, on June 30, 1992. Beta wave incapacitators were
separately mentioned during the symposium as being particular
interested to the U.S. Marine Corps.

We discussed these "non-conventional" directed-energy weapons
with Mr. Vernon Shisler, manager of the exhibit and the Army's
delegate to NATO in matters pertaining to "The Soldier As A
System." Mr. Shisler acknowledged not only that directed-energy
weapons are in the DoD's arsenal, but also that the American
soldier will remain vulnerable to their effects, should they be
employed in the battlefield.

The U.S. Global Strategy Council recognizes the issue of
vulnerability, as well, and urges ongoing research into effective

Interested readers may want to send for the U.S. Global Strategy
Council's complete project proposal on this subject: (Title:
Nonlethality: Development of a National Policy and Employing
Nonlethal Means in a New Strategic Era, prepared by Janet
Morris). A number of references in this Proposal to unidentified,
elusive "enemies" of the U.S. Government and the potential
domestic applications of this "non-lethal" technology invite
serious consideration by the public at large.

The Council's address is 1800 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.
20006, (202) 466-6029.


Research into biological and psychological effects of exposure to
microwave radiation is voluminous. The U.S. public has been led
to believe that the former Soviet Union leads in this research.
The fact is, the CIA and DoD [Department of Defense] have jointly
pursued precisely the same research since commencement of Project
Pandora in the 1950's. The current primary users of this research
appear to be the CIA, DoD, the National Security Agency (NSA) and
the Department of Energy (DoE).

The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has
participated in this research since Project Pandora. In 1973,
WRAIR discovered that externally-induced auditory input could be
achieved by means of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of
spoken words' sounds. The effect on the receiving end is the
(schizophrenic) sensation of "hearing voices" which are no part
of the recipients' own thought processes.

The experiment prompted the following comment in "The Body
Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life," by Robert
O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden (Wm. Morrow & Company, NY,
1985): "Such a device has obvious applications in covert
operations designed to drive a target crazy with 'voices' or
deliver undetected instructions to a programmed assassin."

This research has continued, and the results are published in
various publicly available scientific and technical journals.
Interested readers might consult, for example: Lin, James C.,
Electromagnetic Interaction With Biological Systems (Plenum
Press, NY, 1989). Professor Lin, then with the Department of
Bioengineering, University of Illinois, Chicago, has published a
number of books and articles on this subject. [He has more
recently informed us that he had designed the experiment referred
above in Dr. Becker's book.]

WRAIR has more recently been studying the biological effects of
exposure to high power microwave radiation. WRAIR presented a
paper on this subject to a DoD-sponsored symposium on "MW
[microwave] Weapons" at the Naval Postgraduate School in
Monterey, CA, in mid-1989.

A matter of interest to us is why WRAIR should be experimenting
with auditory effects of pulsed microwave audiograms. Also,
recent statements by an Army psychiatrist assigned to the Walter
Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC) suggest that WRAIR may be
experimenting upon select psychiatric inpatients with microwaves.
This, too, is a matter to us.


The Government's past record of abuses in the area of civil
rights is well documented. Within the past 30 years alone, we
have witnessed the effects of Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and

Primarily because of MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO, Executive
Orders and implementing regulations were published which
prohibited military and CIA domestic covert intelligence
operations. Experiments on involuntary human subjects, and the
surveillance of/collection of personal information on U.S.
citizens, except under strictly regulated conditions were also

Congressional committees were created to oversee compliance with
these (quasi-) legal prohibitions. We have evidence that this is
not being done. Moreover, where there are laws and, in this case,
no laws enacted, there are loopholes, as well as individual and
institutions who deliberately capitalize upon the existence of
loopholes. Iran-Contra is one of the more blatant recent
examples. Loopholes are also found in government resort to
"black" intelligence and weapons programs, in the use of
contractors, and in the absence of clear definitions of such
terms as "national security" and "national security risk."

Executive Orders and regulations which currently limit U.S.
Intelligence activities do not extend to non-intelligence
government agencies or to their contractors. If fact, Executive
Order 12333 specifies that government contractors do not need to
know that their services support U.S. Intelligence objectives.

In its report of July 8, 1992, the Senate Subcommittee on
Oversight of Government Management addresses the problem of
tracking funds granted to government-contracted research and
development (R&D) centers. The report notes that the problem is
compounded by DoD's penchant for creating hard-to-monitor "shell"
contractors as disbursement centers for funding programs.

Neither shell contractors nor their subcontractors are directly
accountable to Congress. Being beyond Congressional oversight,
they have the license to operate as Government surrogates in
intelligence operations about which, "officially" they know

In this context, a publication disseminated at DA's "The Soldier
As A System" symposium noted that the Army's Research and
Technology Program sponsors 42 laboratories and R&D centers,
employing approximately 10,000 scientists and engineers. The
annual budget of $1.3 billion is only a small part of overall DoD
research spending.

Weapons research, which includes the development and testing of
"non-lethal" weapons, is not governed by laws restricting the
activities of U.S. Intelligence agencies, though it may be
presumed that these agencies contribute to and benefit from such


1. The technology exists for the types of harassment and
   experimentation reported to us.

2. About a dozen U.S. citizens have informed us of
   continuing experiments with effects which
   directed-energy weapons are designed to produce.

3. U.S. Government-sponsored research into the bioeffects
   of exposure to microwave radiation is extensive and

4. The U.S. Government has a past record of having engaged
   in mind-control experimentation; and various agencies of
   the Government have a record of circumventing legal
   restrictions upon their activities.

5. Neither Congress nor the courts appear willing to look
   closely into "black" intelligence and weapons
   procurement programs.

6. A number of U.S. Government agencies might have interest
   in testing directed-energy technologies on U.S. citizens
   under non-clinical/non-controlled circumstances -- DoD,
   to test ranges and degrees of "non-lethality"; DoE, to
   explore "safety" limits; CIA, to test "mind-control"
   capabilities, and NSA, for technological refinement.


Since publication of the preceding article less than four months
ago, the association of National Security Alumni/Electronic
Surveillance Project has heard from an additional 13 individuals
who report both overt harassment and a range of symptoms which
coincide with the known effects of exposure to microwaves,
electromagnetic/radio frequency (RF) radiation and/or infrasound.

The similarity of these symptoms will be addressed in greater
detail in future Project reports. Suffice it to say, at this
point, that the physical and psychological symptoms being
reported to us are consistent with the effects which
directed-energy weapons are designed to produce. Indeed, the
numerous afflictions (or "inflictions") being reported appear to
parallel standard torture "sequelae,"(1) (aftereffects).


Overt Harassment -- which obviously is meant to be observed --
may be intended to "precondition" individuals for eventual
long-term electronic harassment. Persons terrified by unexplained
overt harassment are not likely to cope with the sudden onset of
electronic harassment in any more reasoned fashion. This phased
pattern of harassment is apparent in all of the cases now being
investigated. The fact that the overt harassment continues in
these cases even after the electronic targeting commences suggest
that the objective is to maintain long-term extremes of stress.

Many of the overt harassment tactics discussed below are
surfacing in cases which (so far) have not involved discernible
forms of electronic harassment. These are cases involving
so-called "whistleblowers" who, because of their inside knowledge
of certain potentially newsworthy events, pose particular threats
of embarrassment to the Government or to government-affiliated
employers. We have noticed that electronic harassment is
beginning to surface as a form of retaliation against persons who
try to assist electronic "harassees." Retaliation suggest loss
of control. Under these circumstances, we are not entirely
confident that "whistleblowers" will continue to be exempted from
this type of harassment in the long term.

The individuals now in touch with the Project describe their
circumstances as involving most, if not all, of the following
overt forms of harassment:

*  Sudden, bizarrely-rude treatment, isolation and acts of
   harassment and vandalism by formerly friendly neighbors.

*  Harassing telephone calls, which continue even after the
   targeted individual obtains new, unlisted telephone

*  Mail interception, theft and tampering.

*  Noise campaigns.

While unrelenting harassing telephone calls might be considered
in this context, other tactics are employed. Blaring horns,
whistles, sirens, garbage disposal (run concurrently in apartment
settings, for excessively prolonged periods of time), and
amplified transmissions of recorded "general racket" have been
used on a recurrent basis under circumstances intended to
persuade the individual that he or she is under surveillance.

In all of these cases, the individuals' neighbors apparently
pretend to be oblivious and/or indifferent to these sudden,
continuous explosions of noise.

Door slamming is also a popular pastime, particularly in
apartment buildings. One individual reported that, during a peak
period of harassment, the neighbor across the hall began entering
and leaving his apartment every 10 minutes, slamming his door
loudly on each occasion. This was a daily occurrence,
encompassing periods of several hours, over a period of several
months. It is apparently served to trigger a door-slamming "chain
reaction" on the part of neighbors both on that floor and on the
floors immediately above and below. When our contact politely
asked her immediate neighbor to close her door more quietly, he
slammed the door in her face. Prior to commencement of this
harassment, the neighbor had apparently been quite friendly and

In another case, the primary door-slammer is an employee of Radix
Systems, Inc., Rockville, MD, a DoD contractor engaged in the
"super-secret" research and development of some type of
electronic equipment.

Several individuals reported recurrent, loud, strange noises in
their ventilation systems during the preliminary stages of their
harassment. One individual complained of being recurrently
awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of wires being
fed into his (independent) ventilation system. On checking
further, he found that a tubular construction had been built into
his vent system which appears to lead to the apartment upstairs.
His upstairs neighbor is employed by the Department of Justice.

A number of individuals report that occupants of upstairs and
downstairs apartments appear to follow them from room to room,
tapping on the floor or engaging in other activities which appear
intended to advertise an ongoing surveillance.

The Justice Department employee mentioned above went as far as to
offer an unsolicited apology to her downstairs neighbor for an
all-night "pacing about" in her bedroom (in the event he had
happened to notice it). She claimed to be an insomniac. The
pacing-about continued during her recent 36-hour absence from the
area. When her contact politely alerted her to the fact that her
apartment had apparently been entered during her absence, she
told him, in effect, to mind his own business and then
immediately complained to the building manager that he was
stalking her.

[Continued to part 2]
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