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[Continued from part 1]

She conveniently forgot to inform the building manager that she
had assiduously "courted" this individual for several months,
without success; and that she had been stealing his newspapers on
a regular basis. (On one occasion, she handed him a week's
accumulation of those papers, claiming that they had been left
outside the door of another apartment. Her reason for collecting
and saving the newspapers which had not been delivered to her
directly is unknown.)

*  Recurrent confrontations by unusually hostile strangers;
   and comments by strangers which appear intended to evoke
   "paranoid" reactions.

In this context, we note that several individuals have reported
confrontations with "homeless" people who, on closer examination,
were found to be fastidiously clean, though garbed in offbeat
fashion (wigs included). The same "eccentric" confronted two of
the individuals in contact with us, at separate distant
locations. He is reported as having feigned mental illness on
both occasions, and as having apparently enjoyed creating a
public scene.

*  Entries into the individual's residence, during
   late-night hours while he/she is sleeping, and/or during
   the day when the individual is elsewhere.

In virtually all such cases, the burglars leave evidence of their
visits, such as relocating objects, or by committing petty and
not-so-petty acts of vandalism. In two cases, the burglar's
"calling card" was to slaughter caged pets, leaving the mangled
carcasses inside their locked cages.

In one case, the burglar stole several pieces of correspondence
and left a packet of crack cocaine behind as a "calling card."
Our contact in this case -- an individual who has no criminal
record and no history of experimentation with drugs -- is also
being harassed (stalked) by a police officer of her community.
One of his recent acts was to "frame" her with a drug possession
charge. After pulling her off the road (a frequent pastime) and
subjecting her to an illegal search (done, twice, so far), he
conveniently managed to find a glassine packet of cocaine eight
feet away, in front of his squad car. He retrieved the packet
with his fingers and then charged her with Possession. Our
contact found the packet of crack cocaine in her apartment
shortly after this investigator reminded the attorney handling
her case that the police officer had smudged his only piece of
evidence with his own fingerprints. It would appear that someone
is interested in correcting that police officer's oversight.

In another case, the individual reports that a tremendous amount
of money has been stolen from a hiding place in her apartment,
within hours after she had withdrawn the money from her bank.
There was no obvious signs of entry into her apartment. The
police conducted a cursory inquiry which failed to produce
evidence of a crime worthy of investigation. (This case is an
anomaly. Money is usually not stolen. Documents appear to be the
preferred objects of theft, when theft occur.)

In another case, the burglars replaced installed lightbulbs with
"exploding" bulbs, many of which were 'Made in Hungary.'  The
lightbulbs are now in our possession.

*  Rapidly deteriorating health, generally of a digestive

In two cases of the cases reported, massive rectal bleeding
accompanied the sudden onset of sever gastrointestinal
disturbances. One of these individuals abruptly terminated the
deteriorative process simply by changing the locks on her door.

*  Sleep disruption/deprivation

This is achieved by means of overt and electronic harassment.
Sleep deprivation, as a tactic, invariably surfaces when the
targeted individual begins exhibiting a strong emotional and
irrational response to the other forms of harassment.

*  Vandalism of privately-owned vehicles

Vehicles invite peculiarly ferocious attacks in these harassment
campaigns -- slashed tires, smashed windows, oil drainage, oil
contamination, destruction of electronic components and batteries
(frequently involving wildly fluctuating, grounded fuel gages,
often within range of weapons research facilities and/or other
microwave emitters); and suddenly failed brakes and clutches
(possible involving anti-traction polymers, which are also in
DoD's "non-lethal" weapons arsenal). Recurrent auto thefts have
also been reported.

Two individuals reported finding their oil contaminated
immediately after having the oil changed by reputable mechanics.
In one of these cases, the oil viscosified (thickened) while the
individual was driving through a remote rural area. Her car
ground to a halt. Getting the "gunk" cleaned out of her engine
proved to be an expensive ordeal. (Viscosification agents are
also lauded by the U.S. Global Strategy Council as serving
"non-lethal" strategic purposes -- a topic discussed in Part I of
this publication. Had this woman been assaulted while awaiting
help in the said isolated area, the "non-lethal" attributes of
viscosification agents might have required redefinition.)

Most of those who have experienced these attacks on a recurring
basis have abandoned driving all together -- an objective
apparently sought by their tormentors as a means of increasing
their isolation.

*  Staged accidents.

The majority of those in touch with us have reported these types
of experiences. One individual, for example, was tailgated at a
high rate of speed by two vehicles, while concurrently being
threatened with a gun by one of the vehicles' occupants. Two
others narrowly avoided what happened to be deliberately
attempted collisions by drivers who quickly sped away from the
scene. One avoided three attempts in four days at being run off
the road. One survived by being run off the road in two incidents
within a one-week period, which resulted in "totaling" of her two
vehicles. Another narrowly avoided being crushed into an
expressway retaining wall, on four occasions, by an off-duty
metro bus, as well as, within the same time frame, being "fried"
by two suddenly-malfunctioned household appliances which
subsequently repaired themselves. It should be noted that, in
some of these cases, "accidental" deaths do occur.  One
individual in contact with us reported that his mother drove off
a cliff to her death, during a period when he was researching
evidence that a still-respected, high level State Department
official had passed A-bomb secrets to the Soviet Government
during World War II. The accident occurred shortly after her car
had undergone routine maintenance. She was returning from a
dental appointment when the accident occurred. Witnesses state
that it appeared that she had suddenly stepped on the accelerator
before running off the road. The accident served to terminate
this person's research project.

We also look into the recent death of a woman in Lexington, MO,
who was killed when the brakes on her tractor failed. We are
informed that she had been collecting affidavits from persons who
believe they are the targets of government harassment and
experimentation when her "accident" occurred. We are also
informed that these affidavits have disappeared.

Suicides might also qualify as "staged accidents," particularly
where "plausibly deniable" government involvement has been
surfaced. We are currently looking into the recent suicide of a
man in Trappe, PA, who, as early as 1981, had asked the FBI and
CIA to intervene in his case. We have copies of that early
correspondence. The man, a former U.S. Army radar technician, had
a highly technical and -- given date of his correspondence --
"precocious" grasp of the experimental objectives apparently
being sought in his case. It is apparent from his correspondence
that he had wanted to believe that the Soviets were conducting
these experiments. The FBI and CIA, of course, did not intervene.
We are informed that members of his family have also been targets
of this experimentation.

*  Isolation of the individual from members of his/her
   family -- virtually assured when highly focused forms of
   electronic harassment commence.

The exception to this is when elderly parents and young children
in the family become targets for apparent purposes of
intimidation. This situation has been reported in eight of our
cases, to date.

One individual (driven to extremes of stress by ongoing
electronic harassment focusing on her children) killed one child
in an effort to protect her from further pain.(2) It appears
that lasers were being used in this individual's case. The
targeting intensified after she called the Soviet Embassy to
report the harassment, which she believed to be U.S.
Government-sponsored. It became even more deadly when, in a
further show of defiance, she then called the representative of
the Iraqi Government to portray the U.S. Government's war in the
Middle East as "hypocritical." She is now hospitalized in a
midwestern facility, where, apparently, the experimentation is
now continuing.

(That psychiatric facility is in a State where a disproportionate
number of complaints of electronic harassment are beginning to
surface. It is also within range of a U.S. Air Force base which
houses a "super secret" research facility. We are currently
looking into information that spouses and children of persons
employed on that USAF base may be the targets of involuntary
experimentation involving direct-energy weapons technologies.)

Another individual, during a telephone conversation, was told by
an employee of a local power company that, if she valued the
lives of her children, she would drop her public opposition to
the company's installation of high power lines. Since receiving
that threat, the individual's 11-year-old daughter has been
reduced to extremes of pain, resulting in her recurrent
hospitalization for treatment of illnesses which cannot be
diagnosed. It is also apparent to this individual that her
three-year-old son is on the receiving end of externally-induced
auditory input. (DoE figures prominently in this case.)

*  Progressive financial impoverishment, brought on by
   termination of the individual's employment, and
   compounded by expenses associated with the harassment.

The majority of those now in contact with the Project --
educated, white-collar professionals -- have lost their jobs.
Termination of employment in many of these cases involved
prefatory harassment by the employer and co-workers, which
coincided with the other overt forms of harassment discussed

The overt harassment tactics are being described as recurrent,
non-sequential and overlapping. As noted above, the overt
harassment continues even after the electronic harassment


Those individuals who have tried to resolve their respective
situations through resort to "establishment" channels have
invariably encountered the following:

*  Apathy, indifference and/or professed helplessness on the
   part of members of Congress and state legislators.

*  Dismissal and/or attempted discrediting by psychiatrists
   who refuse to include the terms, "government harassment,"
   "mind-control experimentation" and "torture" in their

Several individuals, thinking the psychiatrists might help to
alleviate the extreme stress associated with their harassment,
and accorded "treatment" which clearly pointed to corporation
between their psychiatrists and members of the U.S. Intelligence
community. One such psychiatrist, in fact, bragged about being a
member of the U.S. Intelligence "inner circle," informing our
contact that her harassment was a "Pavlovian Experiment,"
intended to "break" her.

*  Lack of interest, courage and/or competency in legal

Few of those in contact with us have been able to acquire legal
assistance -- not helped by their straitened financial
circumstances. Most have found that few attorneys are willing to
risk their careers by pursuing cases involving what is believed
to be government-sponsored harassment or experimentation.

A few attorneys reportedly engaged in egregious violations of
codes of professional conduct, in what appear to have been
deliberate efforts at sabotaging our contacts' cases. Subsequent
attempts by two individuals at obtaining legal redress were met
with stonewalling, obstruction, and high-level denials of

*  Refusal of the mass media to address this topic, except
   in those cases where suspected experimentees have been
   driven to committing murder or suicide.

Such cases (particularly where an individual has claimed to be a
victim of CIA-directed mind-control involving auditory input) are
treated by the press as "curiosities." An example of this is the
individual who shot a Navy officer outside the Pentagon in
mid-1991.(3)  He claimed to be a victim of CIA mind control,
involving auditory input. According to the press, "he worried
'about being run over by trains'..." (ref. incident described in
following paragraph). He is now permanently residing in a
psychiatric facility. He, being institutionalized, and others in
the preliminary stages of his predicament are no longer of
interest to the media.

Another recent case which received short-lived press attention(4)
involved a woman diagnosed as having "suffered from periods of
confusion" who climbed over a fence onto a railroad track and
walked into an oncoming train. Because the incident occurred in a
community in which an unusually large number of mind-control
experiments have been reported, we are looking into the
situation. The woman was reportedly "under a physician's care"
because of her "periods of confusion." A family member described
the physician to this investigator as "a psychiatrist." We find
that the alleged "psychiatrist" is a General Practitioner,
otherwise non-accredited, practicing out of his home. We find
also that the suicide may have been witnessed under
peculiarly-timed circumstances by an alleged "homeless" person
who has since disappeared. Needless to say, our interest has been

*  Refusal and/or inability of local police to intervene.

The tendency of local police is to dismiss an individual's
complaints of government harassment as the ravings of a
"fruitcake." In one case, discussed above, it is apparent that
one police officer is actively cooperating in the harassment.
Some police agencies, while acknowledging the reality of the
situation, hesitate to intervene in cases involving what they
believe to be U.S. Intelligence. On a few occasions, certain
police officials did attempt to intervene, based on what they
perceived to be evidence of a systematic harassment/illegal
surveillance campaign. Absent a clear mandate to prosecute
"stalkers" acting under the aegis of U.S. Intelligence, the
police obviously had their hands tied.

*  Refusal of the FBI to intervene in any of the cases
   brought to our attention thus far.

FBI spokesmen do acknowledge that they have received a large
number of requests for assistance from "mentally disturbed
persons" who believe that they are being "zapped by radio waves"
and/or "are hearing voices..." "from Mars, that is."

In one case, an FBI spokesman reacted in a angry, defensive and
bizarre fashion when our contact briefly alluded to PROJECT
SLAMMER as possibly being related to her surveillance. (PROJECT
SLAMMER is a CIA-funded study, managed by CIA and FBI behavioral
scientist, which explores the "mental make-up" of alleged
security risks, along with their family members and close
associates. Participants in PROJECT SLAMMER include NSA, DIA, and
Army, Navy and Air Force Intelligence.)

Until PROJECT SLAMMER was mentioned, the FBI spokesman's approach
in this case was to politely and redundantly explain that the
law, as currently constructed, prevents the FBI's intervening in
this individual's case. What she briefly pointed out that the
surveillance activities might fall under the purview of PROJECT
SLAMMER, the spokesman's response was to abruptly and angrily
declaim, "You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! You
don't know if that is a state police surveillance!...or a local
police surveillance! It could be a totally unrelated operation!
You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! [etc.,

It was apparent from that response that the FBI was at least
acknowledging the existence of a surveillance, if in somewhat
emotional fashion. The individual in question subsequently
furnished acquired evidence to the local police, who made it
clear that they are no participants in the surveillance which,
based on the evidence, pointedly suggest that our contact is the

*  Refusal of inability of the ACLU and Amnesty International
   to intervene.

Both organizations acknowledge receiving many complaints from
persons claiming to be the targets of some type of electronic
harassment. An ACLU spokes-woman characterized the complaints as
appearing to be rational, except in a few cases. The complaints
are not being investigated, she said, because of "limited
resources." We have to wonder, of course, why the ACLU could
recently find resources to defend the rights of prostitutes and
the Ku Klux Klan, yet remains incapable of intervening in cases
such as we are now pursuing.

Amnesty International recently informed one of our contacts that
they could not intervene in her case because their focus is on
the U.S. Government's treatment of prison inmates. While
incarceration does appear to be one sought-for objective in this
harassment/mind control experiments, we would like to think that
protection by such organizations as Amnesty International can be
achieved beforehand.


The persons engaged in this harassment tend to become careless,
possibly the result of arrogance born of an assumption that
nobody can stop them. "Harassees" who have noted this
carelessness have furnished us with the following insights into
the covert side of these harassment activities.

*  Impersonation of military officers.

One individual found that her next-door neighbor had claimed to
be a military intelligence officer, assigned to a space
technology unit in California, on year-long "TDY" (temporary
duty) in the individual's apartment building. It is subsequently
determined that this alleged officer is not in fact a member of
the U.S. Armed Forces; and that he had used this bogus status to
acquire information from a major defense contractor. Our contact
is certain that this person's apartment was used as a base of
harassment operations.

*  Use of concealment devices, and emitters detected to date.

Several individuals and supportive associates report having seen
some of the electronic devices being used in these harassment

One saw electronic equipment concealed inside a false-front
upright piano being moved out of her apartment building. She had
previously noted that all of her surrounding neighbors had
identical upright pianos in their apartments, not one of which
was ever played.

Other suspected participants in the harassment may be concealing
devices in oversized stereo speakers, measuring approximately 5'
in height x 3'x3'. Several of our contacts have noted the
presence of such speakers in adjacent dwellings.

One individual was told by a resident of her building that her
upstairs neighbor has "microwave ovens" in his bedroom and
livingroom, but none in the kitchen.

Another individual, while standing outside, looked in her
neighbor's window to find that her bedroom appeared to be the
target of a gray-colored, elongated box-like device, measuring
approximately 1' in length x 5" in height (side view). A large,
black-framed lens protruded from the end facing her window. The
electrical cord, if any, was not visible from that vantage point.
The equipment was being operated by a stranger in a three-piece
suit, who appeared to be quite startled to find that he was being

Another was given strong reason to believe that portable emitters
are being concealed in oversized, extremely heavy, sometimes
expandable "briefcases" for use in places of public assembly,
such as meeting halls, auditoriums and restaurants. Smaller
varieties are apparently being used on aircraft.

On a 3-hour flight, our contact noticed that the man sitting next
to her seemed peculiarly intent on keeping the attache case on
his lap propped open with his fingertips, while he gazed
"blankly" into the distance during the entire flight. She
believed that she was being electronically harassed while on a
flight (a common complaint, in most of these cases now being

Our contact reports that, when they prepared to land, the man
opened his attache case to hastily check his contents, thus
disclosing the presence of a raised, built-in "concealment
device" covering the entire bottom surface of the attache case.
The low-slung, lift-off cover did not appear to be capable of
concealing a laptop computer. At one point during the flight --
apparently aware that his "reverie" was inviting attention, --
the man devoted approximately ten minutes to scribbling assorted
entries on a sheet of lined paper, which he had placed on top of
the briefcase two hours previously. He devoted roughly ten
minutes to the effort (obviously preferring a pen to a laptop
computer). His attache case remained ajar during this process.(5)

One individual reports that mobile emitters may be installed in
certain oversized, non-attributed medical emergency vehicles,
possibly for the eventual use in civil disturbances. Her
unsuccessful attempts at following the "medical emergency"
vehicle which had surfaced in her case ended with a high-speed

The phony military intelligence officer, when recently moving out
of our contact's apartment building, was found to possess a
device which resembles an oversized microwave oven, measuring
approximately 4' in width x 2' in height x 2 1/2' in depth. A
subsequent examination of his apartment revealed that he had
tapped numerous additional lines into existing, in-house
telephone and TV cables; and that he had gone to great pains to
conceal a major excavation into one wall abutting the
"harassee's."  Judging from photographs taken immediately after
this person's departure, the wiring suggests that he was hooked
by modem into a computer network, and at least of some of his
electronic equipment was situated in a large walk-in closet,
again abutting the "harassee's."

When the alleged officer moved out, his equipment (except for the
oversized "microwave oven") was packaged in boxes identifying the
contents only as stereo components. During his year-long
residency in this building, no sounds emanated from his apartment
to indicate use of this "stereo" equipment.

*  Use of modified license plates and vehicle look-alikes.

Some individuals have noted that their neighbors' vehicles are
periodically replaced (during peak periods of harassment) by
others which qualify as "rough look-alikes." These tags on the
latter closely resemble those on the homeowners' vehicles, with a
difference being noted in only one digit or one letter. These
modified plates appear to have been acquired through State DMV
channels, thus suggesting government/intelligence agency

In one case, where the individual has obtained police assistance,
tracking of one plate surfaced evidence of a drug connection. The
plate rapidly disappeared from the vehicle in question, to be
replaced by another, again bearing a one-letter modification.

*  Use of neighbors' residences as bases of operation and

One individual recently saw a team of "technicians" in the house
behind hers -- a consequence of the team's failure to close the
curtains and/or dim the lights when puttering around the kitchen
at 5:00 in the morning. The three men (strangers to this
individual, all stripped down to their T-shirts) behaved as if
they were unaware that they were being watched. Their observer
had long suspected that this house was being used as a base of
electronic harassment operations. The harassment had been going
on throughout the night.

To provoke a response from these men, the individual eventually
commented aloud on their activities. They responded immediately
by turning the lights off and switching to the use of
flashlights. Why they failed to close the curtain is unknown.

This individual is working with the police in a effort at ending
this surveillance and harassment, with mixed results.


Another individual, paying a surprise visit to the apartment
upstairs, overheard one of her own telephone conversations being
played on a tape recorder inside that apartment. Lacking both a
legitimate pretext to enter the apartment and the support of the
building's management personnel and/or the police, she was
prevented from pursuing this further. Her upstairs neighbor is
purportedly employed by Stanford University Hospital, in
Stanford, CA.

The target of surveillance and harassment in this case is still
also trying to recover from the effects of exposure to
potentially lethal doses of radiation, administered in the 1970's
by a dangerously "incompetent" dentist. This might explain the
involvement of alleged Stanford University Hospital personnel in
her situation.

The government is on record as having experimented on unwitting
U.S. citizens with radioactive materials during the 1970's (and
earlier).(6) The House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce based
their investigation into this matter on a 30-year accumulation of
documents maintained by the Department of Energy. Under the
circumstances, it will come as no surprise if it is ultimately
found that DoE has been involved in this woman's surveillance and


Another individual paid a surprise visit to the apartment
immediately below hers, in the attempt to identify the source of
tremendous racket in her ventilation system. Standing outside the
door, she could hear an individual moving around, a short
distance from the door. She also heard the sound of rustling
paper and the steady, sonar-like "pinging" of some type of
electronic device. In response to her repeated knockings on the
door, the person inside simply stopped moving about. The sound of
rustling paper (perhaps a printout of some type) and the steady
"...pin-ng!...pin-ng!" sound continued. The occupant of this
apartment resumed moving about only after it was (incorrectly)
believed that our contact had departed the area. Typically, this
situation could not be pursued further.


All of those who live in apartment buildings report unusual
patterns of occupancy in the apartments surrounding their own;
i.e., upstairs, downstairs and on all sides. They have become
quite convinced -- if only because of the highly focused nature
of the systems being experienced -- that these surrounding
apartments are being used as bases of operation. Perhaps this
encirclement facilities studies of holographic human telemetries;
or perhaps it is intended to increase the prospect of brain
entrainment by electronic means ("entrainment" being one
published objective sought in mind control experiments).(7)

In examining this situation more closely, a number of individuals
have found that surrounding apartments are either permanently
vacant, for unknown reasons, or that they have been "sub-let" by
the original occupants to persons who are purportedly unknown to
the buildings' management personnel. In one case, the surrounding
renters all list two residences in the local telephone book. No
one lives in the apartment building in question, though the
address is identified as one of the renters' places of residence.
One individual suspects that the original occupants of apartments
surrounding hers have been simply relocated to other apartments
in the same (large) building. Another suspects that an adjacent
apartment, which has been permanently rented to the U.S.
Government for use by "visitors" is also being used as a base of

One individual found that an immediate neighbor's housemate has
the same (unusual) name of a university professor who has engaged
in extensive research on behalf of the government, studying the
bioeffects of exposure to microwave radiation.

*  Use of informants/agents provocateurs, frequently members
   of the opposite sex.

As noted in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on
Interior and Insular Affair's draft report, Alyeska Pipeline
Service Company Covert Operation (July 1992), the Wackenhut
Corporation's Special Investigations Division adopted this tactic
when pursuing Alyeska's critics.

A number of individuals in touch with us report a range of
experiences with new "friends" who -- apparently posing as
confidants -- used acquired personalia to abruptly end these
"friendships" under deliberately degrading and humiliating
circumstances. When taken in the context of ongoing surveillance
and harassment, these exercises appear intended to heighten
emotional trauma, perhaps to provoke an uncontrolled response
and/or to enforce isolation.

*  Misuse of covert intelligence personnel (possible former
   case officers).

One individual while under contract to the U.S. Government,
properly reported what he believed to be an approach by a hostile
intelligence service. Within a few weeks, alleged U.S.
Intelligence officers contacted this individual. In addition to
questioning him about his background, these alleged intelligence
officers asked that he keep in constant contact with them,
particularly when planning to travel.

It soon became apparent that the alleged intelligence officers
were intent only on forcing this individual to report to them as
directed, and to account for his activities. He was not asked to
assist the U.S. Government in any form of intelligence operation;
he was not asked to execute any form of secrecy affirmation
statement acknowledging the classified nature of these meetings;
nor was he told why these meetings -- involving a total of seven
alleged case officers -- were necessary.

When he began to balk at a continuation of this process, one of
his "handlers" conveyed a threat, suggesting that his continued
compliance might be "enforced." Finally, when this individual
adamantly refused to corporate further, massive overt harassment
commenced and is currently ongoing.

[Continued to part 3]
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