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Remote Control Electronic Brain Punishment

By David Fratus


                                         David Fratus, 17886
                                         Box 250
                                         Draper, Utah 84020
                                         October 18, 1988

Dear Sir :

     I am currently involved in a crisis of a bizarre nature
which I'm sure will be of utmost interest, providing you can find
credence in what I relate and not summarily dismiss me as being a
fantasy-stricken space case.

     I'm being subjected to some type of remote control
electronic brain punishment, in severity nothing less than
outright torture, and the technology being utilized to execute
this questionable action is not only highly specialized and
sophisticated, but causes me to wonder whether knowledgeable
authorities are even aware that a device of this nature exists.
The credentials I can offer as to the veracity of these
allegations are slim and none. I'm standing in a bad light to
begin with, as I am a 38 year old inmate serving a 1 to 15 year
sentence for 2nd degree burglary at the Utah State Prison, and
the information contained within is in regard to my substantial
problems with prison officials who would gladly have it believed
that my word merits no credibility whatsoever. They have, in
fact, gone to extreme lengths to insure that such is the case,
and you will presently understand why. I have never been
afflicted with psychological disorders of any kind, and am not
given to fabricating stories with which to bother busy people or
cause unnecessary commotion. I'm a convicted thief, not a liar.

     It is a difficult story to tell--and though a bit long
winded as presented, I feel it important to explain these events
in their entirety so as to give the reader a proper picture.
Although not well educated, I am reasonably intelligent and able
to recount the sequences and details to incidents with a great
deal of accuracy, and I swear to you that what is written on
these pages is unembellished and 1000 true. I ask you to please
read and evaluate my letter and hope you will see fit to assist
me with any pertinent information you might possess. Should it
prove to be that you cannot offer an explanation as to what is
happening here, then I'm afraid there is much more amiss than
what I had suspected and would make my position appear most

     Eleven months ago I unfortunately ran afoul of prison
officials as a result of a minor altercation with other inmates
and what was then deemed to be a poor attitude on my part. It has
since been a battle of wills, and what they have done to me for
my failure to kow tow to them is incomprehensible. The hostilities
commenced with guards being ordered to launch an intensive
campaign of harassments against me. Day after day they tampered
with my food, smashing and removing items from my tray, and
threatened to poison me with carcinogens and diseases. My mail
received similar treatment, I was constantly verbally badgered as
well as physically assaulted, and was told my parents would be
murdered should I fail to maintain silence. These methods were
employed to provoke me into losing my temper and acting out,
giving them sufficient cause to impose disciplinary measures and
isolate me in the maximum security unit where I could be dealt
with without their having to be concerned about witnesses. I have
since discovered that these set-up tactics are standard operating
procedure at this prison, and believe me, no one could undergo
the systematic and intense harassment routine I was subjected to
and not lose their temper.

     Once isolated, some extremely peculiar things began to
occur. I became disoriented to the extent that my cell and
surrounding area would take on a surrealistic appearance as
though I were under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, and I
was plagued by severe headaches and insomnia for weeks at a time.
I had absolutely no inkling of what was happening,and after a
couple months of having some fantastically cruel games played
with my mind ultimately reducing me to a state of anxiety, the
psychiatric squad was called in to play their roles in this
colossal "set up" and I was declared to be suffering from a
mental illness after undergoing a farcical and cursory interview
in duration of no more than 15 minutes. Delusional persecution
and paranoia was, I believe, how they so conveniently labeled me.
It was obviously a deliberate and prearranged plan, and
throughout these actions the staff would make malicious comments
as to, "How are you enjoying your headaches?" Need some aspirin?"
and "Are you sleeping well, Mr. Fratus?"  The use of this
fraudulent and adverse psychiatric classification was just one
more nail in my coffin, and intended as a means to cast suspicion
on my credibility, as well as further enable them to keep me
isolated. Now that the frame-up prerequisites were satisfactorily
out of the way, they were able to proceed with their campaign of
mental terrorism.

     I began to receive, or hear, high frequency tones in my
ears. Like the test pattern on a TV set. The volume or intensity
of these frequencies is adjustable and some are so high and
piercing that they've literally had me climbing the walls. When I
plug my ears with cotton or fingertips, the tones are still
inside and become amplified. It's as if they had become
electrified echo chambers with the sounds coming from the inside
out. When I complained or acted out, I was beaten and thrown into
a strip cell with no clothes, mattress, toilet paper or drinking
water. Nothing--and the intensity of these frequency
transmissions would be crescendoed to maddening levels. Much
mental distress! This is still being done to me three shifts, 24
hours a day, and the combination of these demoralizing mental
torments and sleep deprivation for weeks on end has exacted a
heavy toll on me.

     I began to write letters of complaint and question to
various medical and legal associations after the first four
months. It proved futile to complain to prison and state
officials, as they are aware of, and sanctioning this treatment,
and did nothing but use my complaints as a vehicle to further
ridicule and aggravate me. It required upwards of 50 letters
before I finally acquired information which gave me a clue as to
just what kind of a predicament I was in. Most people, it seems,
are understandably reluctant to offer assistance to a convicted
person no matter how serious the situation, and the majority of
my letters went unanswered. No telling if these letters were
actually mailed, however, as prison officials are notorious for
misplacing inmate mail, and these people are definitely trying to
hinder my quest for information and support in this matter. I
subscribe to "U.S. News and World Report" which recently printed
an article concerning the workings of the human mind. I did not
receive this particular issue and became suspicious after hearing
guards make comments like, "I'll be damned if I'll give it to
him," so I had my father, who resides in New Hampshire, mail me
the article which contained the names of several brain research
scientists and their respective universities. The administration
obviously doesn't want me advising research people of my
situation here--and so that is just what I intend to do. Getting
back to the letters I had written requesting information, I was
fortunate in that the folks at the "Coalition for Prisoners'
Rights Newsletter" located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, were
concerned enough by word of my plight to conduct a little
research which resulted in their sending me reprints of three
articles dealing with: Electromagnetic, and Non-Ionizing
Electromagnetic Radiation, and Radio Frequency Weapons--which
were published by "U.S. News," "The Nation" and "The Atlantic"
back in March 1987. I received this information September 22,
1988, and thanks to those kind and conscientious people, I now
have some idea of how such things are being done to me, and most
importantly that such technology does exist.

     These articles cover most of the mental and physical
maladies I've been experiencing for the past eleven months, with
one major exception, and I'll hopefully be able to use this
information to gain further insight as to what is going on, and
to alleviate the hostilities being waged against me. You cannot
imagine what it has been like confined to a cell 24 hours a day
for almost a rear now, being brain blasted by high frequency
impulses--no respite, no place to hide, and having not the
lightest notion what was going on. All three of these articles,
"U.S. News" in particular, describe dire consequences as a result
of over exposure to various radiation and frequency hazards, and
I'm now most apprehensive as to how eleven months of constant
application, by whichever of these means it is being done, might
be affecting my cell chemistry and vital organs.

     I'm sure you'll agree that I've stumbled headlong into the
proverbial hornets nest, but what I have told you thus far is
only the lull before the storm and is quite unremarkable in
comparison to what comes next. What they proceeded to do to me
from approximately the fifth month on is the exception I spoke
of--and is so unimaginable and seemingly preposterous that its
very ludicrousness is obviously one of their primary defense
assets. Even though I have been living with this incredible
phenomenon for months on end and have grown somewhat accustomed
to what is being done, as well as having resigned myself to the
inevitability that I have no escape from this torment as long as
they choose to inflict it, I still find great difficulty in
believing this can be reality. Getting an outsider to accept my
allegations is going to be something else altogether, and that's
just what prison officials are counting on.

     For the climax in this series of weird events, I began to
hear voices in my ears. Voices that change pitch and timbre in
contrast from being a cartoonish high and squeaky, descending
through the octaves, including everything from sinister Darth
Vadorish to basically normal characteristics. The reception of
these voices into my inner ears is as vivid as though I were
listening to a set of stereo headphones, and they are able to
mix, match, and blend them in conjunction with the frequency
tones creating a raucous cacophony of audio discord that
disheartens the soul. Now for the clincher.

     The various effects of this device have been progressively
increased throughout this eleven-month onslaught, finally
arriving at full potential with the end result being that I am
now having my brain monitored by an omnipotent computerized mind
reading or scanning machine of some sort. No hoax, no illusion to
what I'm experiencing. These people have devised or acquired a
specialized unit that reads absolutely everything--physical as
well as mental functions, and are able to cause severe
impairments and dysfunctions via this remote-control scanning
device. I have no memory of having had anything of a physical
nature done to me, but it has somehow been contrived to "wire" me
up to where they have access to instant, and unerringly accurate
comprehension of even my most fragmented and fleeting thoughts.
They are attempting radical behavior modification and thought
control by means of an incessant, round the clock monitoring of
my brain--imposing the various punishments when my thinking or
physical actions fail to conform to what they are demanding of
me. Interesting concept, isn't it? "Big Brother" and the "Thought
Police" have most assuredly become reality.

     This scheme of sleep deprivation, headaches, and audio
torments is relentless and being used to break down my resistance
and wear me to a mental frazzle, permitting no mental privacy,
berating and picking my thoughts apart, and attacking my mind
with an insidious tirade of sickening innuendo and threats. They
are going into my subconscious, or memory bank, bringing forth
unpleasant memories long ago forgotten, and I am being punished
for past as well as present indiscretions. I can think of
anything from the past--a friend or situation from 30 years ago
for instance, and the voices will provide names and particulars.
I have repeatedly tested and attempted to trick them on this. No
way. They have better access to what's in my head with this
nefarious invention than I do. I can converse with my antagonists
merely by thinking what I wish to say.... and I welcome you to
the Twilight Zone!! How the hell is this being done?? They are
using those frequency impulses to perpetrate some very vicious
maltreatment on me. With the apparent ease of manipulating a
keyboard, they can, with a flick of the switch, strip me of all
energy and motivation to where I'm forced to lie on my bunk and
stare at the wall like a-zombie. I've been left in this state for
weeks at a time--literally chained to my bed without the actual
use of physical restraints, having not the energy to walk back
and forth in my cell even a few times. For almost the entire
eleven months I have continuously been made to feel low down and
chronically depressed. The effects of this device have been
cancelled on several occasions, instantly returning me to my
normal self, only to have the voices laugh and taunt, then
reducing me to the former state of despondent misery and
confusion after an all too brief reprieve. The most powerful of
these frequency impulses is jokingly referred to as the "Death
Ray" by guards, and is so potent it causes an intense physical
sensation of having an electrical, or magnetic force field
combined with a vibrating tuning fork in my head. Different parts
of my brain are targeted by this thing, causing a variety of
mental and physical reactions. Sometimes I can feel it at the
base of my brain where it joins the spinal cord, other times up
in the frontal lobes, and it is in fact comparable to a lobotomy,
as it causes my brain to lock up and malfunction to where I
cannot concentrate or spell simple words. It actually blurs my
eyesight and fouls the air I expel from my lungs, giving it a
metallic sulfurish taste and odor. It's a God-awful feeling, I
can tell you. They have, at times, assailed me with this "Death
Ray" in bursts ranging from seconds to minutes, causing me to
psychologically bounce up and down like a human yo-yo. Lobotomies
may have been outlawed in the U.S.A., but they've sure found the
perfect replacement, and I don't see how this treatment can
possibly be construed as anything other than torture.

     It is inconceivable to me that the technology of this
awesome device can be unique and possessed solely by the State of
Utah, but I may very well be wrong. When I first entered the
prison in May, 1986, one of the psychologists who conducted my
initial classification interview inquired as to whether I had
ever heard "voices." That seems to be the key word around here.
This question was posed almost a year before the "U.S. News" and
other articles were published, which seems unlikely, as the
proficiency of the apparatus I'm dealing with is sophisticated
far beyond anything scientists had apparently imagined in use at
that time. I, of course, didn't attach any significance to the
question of voices back then, but remember it well, and have
since heard many references made to people hearing "voices" by
both inmates and staff, which would indicate that these people
were in possession of, and employing this technology at least
that far back. This is what prompts me to wonder how they could
have had such an innovative piece of equipment in use, operating
with apparent perfection of technique, without the scientific and
medical community in general being aware of it. Quit a puzzle.

     In defense of both my sanity and the veracity of my
allegations, I now relate part of a conversation I recently had
with a prison paid, but supposedly independent and neutral
paralegal advisor. He stated that he has received similar
complaints from other inmates, but that nothing can be done for
lack of evidence. He said that one inmate in particular has been
placed on forced medication (Prolixin) because of his hearing
"voices," and unless I'm greatly mistaken, I believe his words
carried an unofficial warning for me. At least two inmates that I
know of have been badgered to the point of having attempted
suicide as a result of this mental torment, and something stinks
to the high heavens here! All of the staff, as well as a number
of inmates, are aware of what is happening, so I can't fathom how
it can remain, or even at this time, be a kept and closed secret
human nature being what it is. For the most part, I believe the
other knowledgeable inmates are intimidated and cowed for fear of
retaliation in the form of a mental torture routine such as I'm
being subjected to should they complain. Threats of additional
time being imposed by the Parole Board are also being used to
coerce silence. Tough odds to buck.

     Prison officials deny that they are perpetrating any such
activities in response to formal inquiry but will grin and smugly
indicate full awareness when no witnesses are present. "Yes, we
are doing this to you, but no one will believe it, and you can do
nothing to deter us." This is the attitude they project, and they
are engaging in a conspiracy of inmate experimentation and
exploitation that defies description. The outside authorities who
even made a pretense of investigating my allegations were told
I'm a habitual trouble maker with a history of psychological
problems, and that effectively frustrates my attempts to have
this situation looked into right there. Who is to dispute the
word of my law-abiding and honorable keepers? How to verify and
impress upon investigators the honesty of my accusations? What
concrete evidence do I have? Even a group of inmates alleging
corresponding facts are subject to skepticism as prison officials
will simply accuse them of collusion. I'm being deliberately
isolated from the inmates who would collaborate my story, by the
way--and legal organizations such as the A.C.L.U., due to lack of
substantiated proof and the absurdity of this horror show, are
hesitant to invest the time and effort necessary to determine
what is actually taking place at the hands of these pious Mormon
inquisitioners. I've seen them in action and they are possessed
of exceptional finesse in their ability to conceal the true
nature of matters and mislead outsiders with their upright and
holier than thou pretentiousness. It has been eleven months of
deception by prison officials, of nonstop elaborate harassments
and vicious mind games, and I would surely like to know just what
provocation I gave to warrant the infliction of such insane
mistreatment. No rhyme or reason--nor justification--either legal
or moral, to any of this. They are so very smug and secure in the
belief that they cannot be brought to account for these blatantly
illegal acts due to their well rehearsed methods of official
denial, isolation, and absence of witnesses, bogus psychiatric
evaluations, and of course, the fact that this mental torment is
being accomplished by a faceless machine, operated by anonymous
antagonists from an unknown location and distance. I overheard
one guard boast that the tactics they've employed have been so
extensive that no one would believe me anyway.

      I was an Air Force brat, born in New Foundland and stubborn
as a Missouri mule. I suppose I could capitulate and eventually
get these people to cease and desist in this mental warfare, but
I vehemently resent and object to this flagrant invasion of the
sanctity of my mind and will be damned if I'll just sit here and
allow them to go unchallenged in this attempted programming and
manipulation of my brain and personality as though I were an
experimental laboratory animal. The judge sentenced me to serve
an atonemental amount of time for my crime and said nothing of
corporal punishments or mental torment and abuse when he passed
judgment. It is plain enough why they went to such extremes to
set me up for isolation and discredit my word. I have to shake my
head in incredulous dismay when I picture the outrageousness of
the circumstances I've been maneuvered into. I recently signed a
release form and obtained, acting through the paralegal I
previously mentioned, partial copies of both my administrative
and medical prison files. I was denied access to all of this
material and told to get a court order if I wished to see what
was withheld. What I did see, however, was enough to convince me
that I'm dealing with some highly unscrupulous people who will
stop at nothing to protect their conspiracy. The chronological
notes contained in these files bore a contrived and twisted mass
of outright lies pertaining to alleged conversations between
myself and both psychological and correctional staff. This deceit
was expressly woven in harmony by the various contributors to
detract from my credibility and make me appear unstable. There
was, in fact, mention of obtaining a court order to force
treatment on me (Prolixin?), and I find it very sad, and hard to
believe, that this type of atrocious inhumanity is being
practiced in this country in this day and age. Equally hard to
understand is the fact that the state officials I have advised of
this situation, including the Governor, Attorney General, State
Senate, County Attorney, and Department of Corrections Personnel,
all choose to ignore and make light of these allegations, even
though there is strong indication of foul play due to the
numerous individual complaints made by inmates at this
institution. I even went so far as to challenge Warden Gerald
Cook, and Gary Deland, who is the Executive Director of the
Department of Corrections, to a $1500.00 wager as to the outcome
of a polygraph test between myself and prison officials to
determine who is speaking the truth. They have declined my
invitation, of course, and I was threatened with the possibility
of disciplinary action for my proposal of illicit gambling. This
is a Mormon state, and there is a deep-rooted conspiracy going on
which apparently encompasses most, if not all of the governmental
structure. Can nothing be done?

     It may very well prove impossible to bring legal action
against these people for what they're doing to me, but I fully
intend to continue my pursuit of the answers--and shall endeavor
to expose this malignant corruption for what it is. I firmly
believe the truth must eventually surface.

     Any consideration you can give this matter--either assisting
me with information, suggesting responsible authorities from whom
I might elicit assistance, or possibly forwarding this letter to
someone who could cause investigation, and perhaps act to prevent
further retaliation by these people, would be ever so greatly
appreciated. This letter has been written in good faith, and I
sincerely hope you will treat it as such. If nothing else, I ask
that you at least accord me the courtesy of acknowledging

                                   David James Fratus (signed)

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