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Editor's Note:

About the author of the following letter:

"Elizabeth Rauscher, earned her B.A in physics and chemistry,
a Masters in nuclear engineering and a Ph.D. in nuclear
science from Berkeley. She spent 19 years with Lawrence
Berkeley Laboratory, three of them in a theoretical physics
group at Lawrence Livermore Labs. She served as a consultant
with SRI International, NASA, and the Navy. For many years
she has had a special interest in quantum electronics, the
biological effects of electromagnetics, and natural sources
of low-frequency, long wavelength magnetic field emissions
from the earth. She has published influential papers in
nuclear physics, astrophysics, and fusion research. She is
presently engaged full time with the medical research
project that involves the use of electromagnetic frequencies."

From "Review of Patent #4,889,526" by Judy Wall, _Resonance_
newsletter, No. 28, May 1995.


Detecting Magnetic, Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Fields

By Elizabeth Rauscher


October 26, 1995

Cheryl Welsh

Dear Cheryl Welsh,

What I propose is that W.L. Van Bise and I, E.A. Rauscher and an
assistant or volunteer do, is conduct a three day field study.
The more people who wish a study to be conducted the more
additional time we would need. Depending on the complexity of
what we find, we may be able to measure for you and one other
person in three days.

What we will measure is magnetic, electromagnetic and
electrostatic fields in and about your living area (inside and
out) during the day and night, on a weekday and weekend. We will
characterize the frequency, wave forms and intensities of
magnetic fields from 0.1 to 50 K HZ (50,000 HZ) and
electromagnetic fields 0.1 to 50 K Hz with the T - 1050 magnetic
electromagnetic field detector and the spectrum up to 5 M Hz (5 x
106 Hz) with a Tektronix 7L5 plug-in on a 7603 oscilloscope
mainframe. We will also use for measurement recording of the
radio frequency part of the spectrum an HP 8555A system with an
8552 B spectrum analyzer up to 18 G Hz (18 x 109Hz) without
extension. A four channel Tanberg instrument recorder can be used
to record data for later detailed analysis.

In these frequency ranges we will measure emissions from
powerlines (I2R loss) and household appliances such as
refrigerators, space heaters etc. in the ELF region; radio and
video frequencies, and military and civilian communications

From the results of these measurements, we will attempt to
determine what, if any of these fields may possibly be
responsible for any detrimental effects. Sometimes individuals
have been able to determine subjectively certain areas of high
field strength. Field measurements and brain wave (EEG)
monitoring have demonstrated correlation with rapid large field
changes with person's subjective response and other case studies
the electric, magnetic and electromagnetic have been within
normal and probably not harmful frequencies and intensities. We
can only attempt to determine what the problem may be by first
well characterizing the ambient fields in yours and others, who
wish a study, in their environment. I am enclosing a partial list
of equipment. I do not know if Dr. John Zimmerman will be
available to conduct the EEG studies. It is only after such a
study it may be possible to determine any solutions to yours and
others problems.


E.A. Rauscher, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor Department of Physics
University of Nevada, Reno

Attached note: You can also keep in contact with Dr. John
Zimmerman. EAR

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