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Mind Control and UFOs

By Alex Constantine

Feb. 1996


Author's Note: The following letter was sent in response to a
query from a writer in Austin, Texas concerning UFOs, Area 51
and mind control.

        Everyone has their own perspective on UFOs and Area 51
and they cling to it passionately. Those who swallow the "alien"
cover story whole loathe the truth, especially those who have
made the intelligence-anchored fantasy the core of their personal
cosmology. But the truth is brighter than the average disk
slipping through the night sky with its running lights blazing.
        If you don't agree with anything I have to say, make it a
gentlemen's debate. Passionate arguments are hard on the
digestive system, and I have seen enough to know that "alien"
adherents don't understand electronic mind control at all. If
they did, they would give up their childhood dreams.
        The organizations turning nonlethals on civilians are
totally stripped of conscience. They are capable of anything. The
hierarchy that controls them has been in place for some time, but
a kind of culmination occurred under Clinton. The most important
defense firm at Area 51 is ESL, once run by William Perry,
secretary of defense. ESL is part owner of Area 51.
        The mind control is central to the function of the disks.
They came together after WW II, because Laurence Rockefeller and
other national security wigs went to Germany to study the
advanced technology at Penemunde, Himmler's redoubt and the
source of the Japanese economic "miracle" - also the R&D center
of the disks. Years later, Laurence headed up a UFO study group.
Of course, they depended heavily on "aliens." Of course, Laurence
today funds Scott-Jones, et.al.
        Once the Pleiadian cover drops away, their greatest fear,
out will come the fact that the Nazi scientists used the disks to
replace Auschwitz and the other camps, where they once
experimented on condemned prisoners. In the U.S. the Paperclip
Nazis were given a craft to transplant victims to the lab and a
post-hypnotic cover story to replace those invaluable camps. That
they pulled it off by making the public believe in aliens is
positively amazing. It's done through repetition. A day doesn't
go by that the media doesn't stick "aliens" in out faces. They
don't have much to say about mind control, however. Which is
really the closely guarded secret?
        Classified technology is beyond the imagination of most
people. Levitation is old hat. Synthetic telepathy is old hat.
When the imaging equipment was used on me, I could remote view
nine areas of the world at the same time. Psi-Tech, the firm run
by chronic confabulator Ed Dames and that complete psychopath
John Alexander, states in the very name of their company how
remote viewing really works - with machines. (I've been linked to
them, so I speak with confidence about all of this.) I'm not
speculating. They were developed by scientists hiding behind the
"alien" cover.
        The mind control arsenal is often used for torture. The
world that emerges with it in the wrong hands will be not worth
living in.
        The list of corporations that have developed the
cybernetic devices currently used to track and communicate with
abductees en masse is a long one. Raytheon and E-Systems are both
involved. Have you seen the article on the many murders at
E-Systems? There are many more around the world.
        The powers that be will eventually get around to tapping
the heads of everyone. The UFOs, which are real enough (I've been
buzzed by three of them at one time in open country, and I was
with a witness), are only one cover story for experimentation.
Another is ritual abuse. Another is esp experimentation.
Sometimes they don't worry about a cover. They simply beam your
home, torture you until your half-nuts, kill friends, ruin
employment, make every day an absolute hell, and when done send
the victim off to kill somebody or simply waste him.
        So much for the "alien" romance.
        Bob Lazar is a Nazi marionette. All of the respected
researchers with military intelligence backgrounds are
collaborators in torture. That also goes for those who come from
defense firms. In Nazi Germany, a quarter of all ruthless
experiments on humans were conducted by academics from leading
institutions of learning. I haven't seen any figures for
contemporary America, so go conjecture, but many Ph.D.s are
steering the public down blind alleys to conceal their own
        As I say, I've seen what the technology can do. One by
one, the weapons have been used on me. Some are miraculous and do
beautiful things. The novelty effects are used to seduce people
onto collaborating. It's a little known fact that there are many
more civilian collaborators trained to keep a secret than there
are experimental victims. The collaborators are in great number.
On this score, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. All I can
say is that if you live long enough, you will find out first hand
what is afoot.
        This thing has gone much farther than most UFO
researchers know. The perfect slave state is in the making, and
it is evolving rapidly. I'm not a right-winger. I don't spout
nonsense about the UN and gun control and "aliens," the bunk that
is circulated to discredit legitimate researchers. The
obfuscations spun by Lazar, Art Bell, Bill Moore and a host of
other operatives and militia groups will create enough confusion
to cover the last leg of the mind control initiative. And then it
will all be in place. This isn't alarmist paranoia.
        If anything I've said strikes you as far-fetched, as I
say, keep your eyes and ears open. Then we will be in complete
agreement. The abductees have glimpsed the future and it's a
horrifying nightmare.
        Nonlethals are nothing more than enhancements in the
CIA's technological base of the 1960s. It's a straight line.
        Subjects to research for an understanding of the above:
Scientific Applications International Corporation, TRW, Stanford
Research Institute, TRW, ESL, Laurence Rockefeller, Operation
Paperclip, man-made UFOs, psi research, the False Memory Syndrome
Foundation, Mankind Research Unlimited, Dorothy Burdick, abductee
case histories, the Aviary, preschool abuse cases (not the
debunkers), MK Ultra, man-machine interface, intelligence-cult
formations, and anything else you find relevant. It all goes in
the same direction - open fascist rule.


Alex Constantine

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