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Editor's Note:

Please allow me to direct your attention to the following
author's observation with which I concur:

"...the policy decisions they made forever changed how the U.S.
Government interacted with its citizens - i.e., the policy of
treating them in a hostile/subservient manner."

This statement describes the essence of a totalitarian state in
which the rights of its citizens are bestowed or revoked at the
whim and pleasure of the state. So I ask you, my fellow
citizens, how does it feel to live beneath the heel of
murderous thugs and criminals who treat you like cattle and
experiment on your children?


Position Paper #2: How I Decided to Become a Loud-Mouthed Woman

By Kathy Kasten

Feb. 1996


	This position paper posits that the results of my
research shows no evidence of "aliens", nor "abduction by
aliens"; that the truth of the matter is more sinister and more
plausible; that whatever happened in the summer of 1947 in New
Mexico caused a rip in humanity's psyche - i.e., a policy was set
in motion by various U.S. Government agencies in concert with
each other from which there would be no turning back. That is,
that the U.S. Government of the people, for the people, and by
the people turned against its own citizens by utilizing them
unwittingly in covert research projects, without regard for the
consequences of the procedures, and that this policy continues to
this day. At this time, because of the discovery of what I call
the covert research projects/mind control experiments, I am part
of an effort calling for an investigation to be started into
these covert research projects. What we are up against is
discussed in this paper.
	After 20 years of experiencing many highly strange events
which could not be explained away as merely bad dreams, lucid
dreaming, or some type of neurosis, I decided to search for some
answers to my own internal questions - i.e., address the reality
of these highly strange events. I had been trained in empirical
data collection in the field of archaeology. Another scientific
field that seems like an immensely long detective story with
clues surfacing over hundreds of years of time. Patience is a
secondary requirement of that science just as it is for Ufology.
In 1990, I began to think in terms of modeling a scenario which
included the possible method for selection of target individuals
and the possible technology utilized to implement various
procedures which I theorized were being performed on a cross
section of women like myself. I had not yet decided who was the
controller of the highly strange events - "aliens" or humans.
Together with academically written documentation, I read all the
early UFO "abduction" investigators (Hopkins, Jacobs, and
Fuller). In their books, I found no evidence of the types of
experiences I was going through: for example, a period of
gynecological treatments for non-existent abortions, the fact
that I felt a round object in both my nasal passage and left
wrist; a feral awareness that some of my behavior was being
controlled by a source (under surveillance) outside of myself;
the feeling that I had been under permanent house arrest over
most of my life. I was disturbed when later I discovered that
most of "abduction" investigators purposely withheld facts of the
"abduction" scenario that had been related to them by their
"clients." I was told this was to test the reliability of the
individual experiencing the "abduction." Taking this stance did
not allow researchers to do comparison models based on the
literature, as is the standard practice in scientific fields of
study. If an individual was not in the clique of investigators,
the information was not forthcoming. Additionally, the material
was anecdotal without follow-up examinations for physical
evidence. Or, if there was follow-up, it was not discussed
publicly. Therefore, I was left to create my solutions outside
the context of cases similar to mine own.
	I need to diverge for a moment to give you the example of
at what point I decided the direction of my research should go. I
have been trained in a meditation technique which acquaints an
individual with their own internal subconscious language. By
1991, I was fairly comfortable with my own extensive internal
language, was familiar with it. Therefore, one night after my
then current boyfriend was removed from our shared bed under very
strange circumstances, I had the following "dream": The scene
included most of my immediate family and one close friend;
everyone was seated around the big dining room table of my
uncle's house. Everyone at the table was laughing and talking. It
was a pleasant happy dream. Suddenly, without a change of
scenery, and even though I was providing the direction for the
dream, it changed - not in content, but in tenor. (When I first
wrote down this dream, I got a muscle spasm in the muscles
joining the left upper arm and the shoulder to the point where I
needed to stop writing. I understand, according to the psychology
literature, trauma is sometimes stored in the body as a
psycho-chemical deposit which can be reactivated by remembering
the event that caused the deposit in the first place.) The
individuals in the dream became robotic and began speaking in a
metallic voice - each individual person in the dream used the
same metallic voice. Also, I noted the voice was not coming from
within my subconscious, but was audible in my ear. When I awoke
in the morning, I found my boy friend returned to bed, without
the knowledge of his wandering around outside in the middle of
the night in the middle of winter with no clothes on. At some
basic level, it became apparent to me that someone (an external
force) had intentionally intruded into my dream. I decided it was
time to pay closer attention to this type of "more than a dream"
scenario. In other words, no longer be a victim. Additionally, I
realized that there were people with a technology capable of
interring with my perceptions of my own reality. At this point,
my scenario included techniques for general selection, methods of
refinement for determining who were the most receptive/sensitive
target individuals, and the technology to alter the target's
	Because the events of the summer of 1947 at Roswell began
to surface during 1991, I decided to include research into this
event. The hope being that if I could discover the agency
involved, I would find physical proof of who was behind the
"abductions." I began my own investigations in New Mexico and
found evidence for a very different scenario than the one now
considered the traditional explanation by UFO investigators. The
evidence I found involved high level officers from a number of
government agencies, i.e., human beings. However, the policy
decisions they made forever changed how the U.S. Government
interacted with its citizens - i.e., the policy of treating them
in a hostile/subservient manner. Because the pattern of events I
discovered does not follow the one being pursued by most UFO
investigators, and certain events have happened to block my
discovery process, I am not ready to come forward with the
evidence of some other types of experiments that were taking
place during the summer of 1947. However, I do agree with other
investigators that our government still sees a necessity to
continue a very tight cover on those events. Where we separate is
the reasons for doing so.
	During my research work in New Mexico to discover the
agency - human or "alien" - behind the covert research projects,
I had a position on the staff of the University of California -
Los Angeles' Human Subject Protection Committee. It was during my
association with the Committee, as a part of my job, that I
needed to apprise myself of Federal regulations governing human
subjects involved in research projects. I realized that I had
never been consented, nor given permission to unnamed,
unidentified principal investigators, to perform non-therapeutic,
experimental procedures on me or my daughter. Therefore, it
became imperative for me to discover who was responsible for
covert research projects. I still thought that the solution to
Roswell would provide the name of the responsible agency for the
funding/overseeing of the covert projects. For the reasons
stated above, I did not see that option as forthcoming from
mainstream investigators, and had a strong feeling time was
running out.
	Then, strictly by accident, I found Martin Cannon's paper,
"The Controllers," during a search on the INTERNET with the
browser request of "mind control." I must credit this author
with providing the suggestion which sent me in the direction my
research now takes me. Although, Mr. Cannon only suggested the
"alien" scenario as a cover for something else, I feel I have
taken that suggestion to its logical conclusion. In his paper, he
mentions the MKULTRA experiments directed by the CIA, DoE (AEC),
DoD, and the Veterans' Administration, and specifically discusses
the work of Drs. L.J. West, John Lilly, and Martin Orne. All
these scholars/doctors participated in covert research projects
involving mind control, as documented in the Congressional
Hearings of 1977. As I began to search by the names of the
principal investigators, to my surprise, I found ample physical
evidence/proof of human involvement. Not just a few documents,
but hundreds of studies suggesting humans are quite capable of
fulfilling all requirements of my model of altered perceptions of
reality to be able to insert a cover story of "aliens" as part of
the kidnapping procedure. (At this writing, the list of
documents/studies continues to grow.) Additionally, I contacted
the Freedom of Thought Foundation and through that organization
was guided into researching the work of many more
	As a product of my research, I have taken the outcomes of
various studies and found the matching technology (so-called
non-lethal weaponry) to implement the procedures. Procedures that
border on torture, procedures and technology capable of
controlling a target individuals perceptions of the events that
are being staged to cover the true nature of the "abductions."
Yes, it is quite possible to implant false memories, memories
that have no bearing in fact, into the mind of a targeted
individual. Perceptions can be controlled to create an
"abduction"/kidnapping scenario very easily. With the selected
target, one who has the appropriate sensitivity (the probable
clue being the "aliens" statement that "you are chosen"),
perceptions can be altered all too easily. I further discovered
that the impetus/policy to alter a whole society's perceptions
was developed as early as the 1940s by Dr. Jose Delgado. Coupled
with the fact that there are people who think they understand how
to govern, who subscribed to the statement "to control society,
you must control the child." Many societies have started groups
aimed at recruiting children with the highest level of
intelligence, or children nobody cared about, for special
schools/camps (i.e., Tavistock in the 1920s, Nazi youth camps in
the 1930s, etc.) This type of school/camp modeled/molded the
children along whatever the dictates of the predetermined policy.
This is the probable motive behind the covert research projects
which are now coming to fruition. (Please see my extensive
bibliography for specific citations which forms the basis for the
above statements. The briefness of this paper does not allow for
specific quotes of the various texts.)
	Recently, the Final Report from the President's Advisory
Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) has proved
beyond a doubt that various government institutions (Army, Navy,
DoD, DoE, CIA, VA) are quite capable of conducting covert
research utilizing unwitting human subjects. As a part of the
investigatory hearings of the ACHRE, Valerie Wolf presented two
of her cases involving individuals she is working with who are
able to provide verifiable evidence that they were unwittingly
subjected (that is, without informed consent) to mind control
experiments. The scenarios they provided would sound very
familiar to "abductees."
	The ACHRE finished their investigations in the fall of
1995. During their investigation, August 1994, I contacted Donna
Shalala, Secretary of Health and Human Services, who forwarded my
letter to Dr. Lana Skirboll. Dr. Skirboll wrote to me asking me
to provide verifiable evidence if she was to begin an
investigation into covert research projects. On December 5, 1995,
I mailed - Overnight Express - a package containing documentation
from 7 individuals showing that they were involved in covert
research projects. None of the people who participated in this
first mailing remembered signing an Informed Consent Form.
(1/30/96 - I tried to contact Dr. Skirboll only to find that as
of the end of the year (1995) she left her post as Director,
Office of Science and Policy Program Planning for a teaching
position on the campus of NIH. She has been replaced by Dr.
Richard Nakamura, Director, and Andrea Baruichin, Associate
Director. This office is in receipt of the documentation package
and will inform me of its deposition. I told them I expected a
ground swell of responses by March, 1996 and could they please
get back to me before then. I was assured by Dr. Baruichin that
it would be no problem. Dr. Baruichin's letter (mailed 2/09/96)
did not provide the information she agreed to and it was
necessary on 2/14/96 for me to have a conversation with Dr.
Narakura, as Dr. Baruichin had taken a leave of absence - this
after the month furlong and snow storms which disrupted
Washington, D.C. As of this update, Dr. Narakura has not
forwarded his response to my questions.)
	An item in the package discusses MIT's Lincoln
Laboratory and the development of a microchip for implanting;
the Navy sub-contracted the Army who turned around and
sub-contracted MIT. The work was done at MIT's facilities in
Lexington, Massachusetts. This project ended in 1990 when the
project leader left MIT. But like other covert projects, it could
have just gone farther underground - i.e., to another
sub-contractor and MIT only administers the project financially.
In the same way UCLA administers Los Alamos and Sandia
	Efforts to find and obtain responses from individuals
willing to come forward continues even as I write this. Many
individuals are helping, including the tireless efforts of
Melinda Leslie, editors of publications who are willing to
publish what is being referred to as the "5 Questions Letter,"
contact with the Freedom of Thought Foundation, and several
people working through contacts on the INTERNET. The "5 Questions
Letter" addresses the necessary information the NIH needs to
begin an investigation. The next mailing will be done in March,
1996. However, the mail will continue to be forwarded to the NIH
whenever we determine there is an appropriate amount to convey
the message to Dr. Nakamura and the NIH that we are serious
(every other month at the very least). It is not necessary for
anyone who wishes to participate to answer each and every
question in detail. The only requirement is that the information
be verifiable. Some people have provided the details of the
procedures; some the names of the researchers; some the names of
the institutions; some the years when they were involved. The
idea is to put all the pieces together from every source who is
willing to step forward. The people involved in this effort
understand the courage it takes for an individual to come
forward. But, as I see it, there is no alternative. We are
fighting for control over our lives and minds. More important, we
are fighting for our children.
	What do I get out of this? The best thing one can get; I
feel I am doing something worthwhile with my life. Therefore, I
am a winner. Everybody who steps forward is a winner. There are
people who have told me I am a lamb walking into the lion's den
for the slaughter. I see it a little differently. Donna Shalala,
Richard Nakamura, Andrea Baruichin, and the NIH could be winners
by utilizing their offices for the job we Americans charged them
with; i.e., to protect the American public from this insanity to
try to control healthy normal human beings. At its most mundane
level, look at all the tax money that could be refocused into
more realistic projects. Perhaps, the individuals at the NIH see
our request as something above and beyond the call of duty. If
they decide to begin and carry through to its conclusion an
investigation into covert research projects they will be winners.
Or, they could do nothing; that is their decision. It is my hope
that they decide to do the right thing. Whatever happens, what I
take away from this experience has empowered me - made me a


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Pick-up any literature on the Lo-Jack System for locating
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Los Angeles, CA

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