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Excerpted from:

Such Things Are Known

New York: Vantage Press Inc., 1982

By Dorothy Burdick.



Chapter 10

   Recently, through TV and the news media, there has been an
effort toward making parapsychology respectable. A university in
Great Britain gives a Ph.D in the subject. The CIA has a program
of "disinformation" which may be a convenient cover for
scientists working on programs which seem to the uninformed to
border on the occult, such as bioplasma research and Kirlian
photography. Children are being trained to see auras when
exposed to a box containing electrodes. As the voltage increases
they see auras not generally visible to less sensitive adults.
The auras can be photographed using Kirlian photography. Kirlian
photography reveals electrochemiluminesence which surrounds all
living matter. It is named for the Russian electrical engineer,
Seymon Kirlian, who passed his hand through a high energy, high
frequency electromagnetic field and saw an aura around it.
Kirlian produced the first high energy cameras that could
photograph these auras. British biologist, Harvey Oldfield, has
produced a radio device that displays the phenomena on a screen.
British researchers are reported to be using high energy, high
frequency beam of radio signals to monitor organic diseases.
Hearts respond with radio signals in harmonic resonance which are
picked up by the Kirlian "gun" and displayed on an oscilloscope
screen. This instrumentation transposed to space could read
vital signs at a distance. The U.S. government had information
on this process in 1950 and released it to the CIA, Rand, the Air
Force and other government agencies.
   The CIA has advertised for people in psychological services
and they are known to do other things besides prepare statistics.
The combination of psychology, the basis for brainwashing, and
human behavior modification, known as conditioning, and electric
shock has long been a treatment for experimental animals and the
mentally ill humans.
   Various branches of the U.S. government are spending million
of dollars to finance Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU). The
goal of this corporation is mind control. MRU has done
investigations of high frequency Kirlian effect photography,
thought-controlled devices and psycho-kinetic switches. This is
the device which permits a pilot to fire a missile by simply
thinking "fire." Computers can be linked to the brain to
recognize electrical patterns in the cortex word for word.
   MRU has a brochure describing its interests in the fields of
biophysics including "Geo-pathic Efforts on Living Organisms"
which are attempts to induce illness by changing the magnetic
nature of animal magnetic field geography. Another MRU field of
interest is behavioral science which includes the analysis and
measurement of human subjective states by computer analyzed EEGs
and biofeedback. MRU's pioneering use of computer analyzed EEG
probably led to CIA-sponsored Brain Research Labs at San Diego
Hospital, Columbia, Stanford and New York Universities.
   MRU has investigated the computer analysis of psychophysical
recordings including data obtained from EKG, EEG, GSR (galvanic
skin response) and the plethysmography used to measure blood
volume changes in the capillaries of fingers. These measurements
would be supplemented with a recently developed apparatus for
measuring electric field radiations from living bodies (System
Research Lab- oratories of Dayton, Ohio, patent No. 3,555,529 12
January 71).
   MRU facilities are located in seven states. In Mountain View
of Los Altos, California, MRU scientists have tested
psychoacoustical transmitters that produce sound patterns termed
"infra and ultrasonic" that interact with brain cells and erase
information. Studies have been done to develop software systems
to record and evaluate biological effects of special
environmental factors on plants, animals and humans.
   Extensive studies have been conducted in sleep research of
human unconscious behavior patterns whit sensors to determine the
effects of external phenomena on dreams. Interesting features of
this research are the use of electromagnetic recordings of EEGs,
ultra-violet and infra-red sensors, precise weight analysis, and
the correlation of these technical factors with electromagnetic
field, moon and planetary positions, and barometric changes.
   C.G. Jung connected depth psychology  with theoretical physics
and the natural sciences. An examination of what he and others
have had to say about synchronicity leads the scientifically
trained mind to the conclusion that synchronicity is a trickster.
 The clown theme appears in the folklore of many cultures and is
generally connected to a belief in the occult or supernatural
   UFO activity, analyzed by computer, seems to be some kind of
scheduled reinforcement. If it is scheduled reinforcement who is
causing it? Such reinforcement may have been the purpose of the
odd aircraft activity which I observed or it may have been to
make me sure that humans only were involved. Most likely they
were relay stations which have to get close enough to read the
electromagnetic field given off by the human brain and body.
When the CIA says that they cannot read Russian minds, it may be
because they can't get near enough to do so. UFOs may act as
relay stations getting close enough to position the subject, read
signals and transmit them.
   Left to himself, an individual may truly be said to be free
except for his early childhood conditioning, and the values of
his own which he has developed through trial and error which
either negatively or positively reinforce his beliefs and
behavior. Panic or emotionally upsetting conflicts can be evoked
by stimulating conflicting drives. Under ordinary conditions,
when two drives are unequal, the stronger suppresses the weaker.
The manipulation of living creatures becomes possible when the
means exists to activate and combine two different drives or
cause confusion. Ordinary stimuli might be music and alcohol, and
the added artificially-induced drive might be sexual stimulation
with high frequency microwave energy. The automobile and the home
can be invaded with messages from phone or satellite. Traffic
control by aircraft is common. Why not mind control or directed
   Laser-projected Voices tell me, "You are doing what you want
to do," but I am never free of their broadcast stimuli which I
can feel, and microwave or ultrasonic frequencies of which I may
be totally unaware. I cannot be sure that I am not really in pain
due to natural causes. I only feel unaccountable changes in mood
such a depression, euphoria or relief.
   As long as I was unaware of what was going on, I could delude
myself that my spontaneous activity was the result of the
continual shifting and interplay of forces and ideas in my
central nervous system. When I became aware that my environment
was partially controlled, there were a whole new set of variables
with which to cope. For me the price has been a complete turn-off
of sexual fantasy affecting my sex life, and heightened,
unpleasant nervous tension. I cannot pray, dream or aspire
privately. There is no escape from the mundane, continuously
present flat line of con- trolled or directed thinking. It gives
me present and unpleasant, nightmarish, repellent, at times
falsely seductive, intimate, existentialist quality. One is
traveling mentally from nowhere to nowhere. You exist in a
funnyhouse world with distorting mirrors. The reflections are
partly real, partly exaggerated and partly transitional. My
greatest strength has been a sense of humor and proportion. To
fall below the flat line of directed thinking results in
   The physical pain which can be inflicted, and the depression
evoked are the greatest strengths of the operators at the other
end of the beam. I cannot quite imagine how they measure the
distortion they cause except from a reading of verbal thought,
spoken words and unusual physical actions. At the very least they
can immobilize or neutralize to the point of death through the
inhibition of natural physical processes, the use of pain, and
disruption of mental activity. The amount of mental activity
blocked by depression is hard to gage. Since the process began I
have not often had a free choice about what I wanted to think and
even when I did, I was aware that someone was reading my thoughts
either directly through computer printout or indirectly at a
later time and doing programmed bugging. In any case, the human
urge to think, dream, love and create have been frustrated.
   One of the beauties of the situation for the perpetrators is
that the victim has no records, tapes or pictures except those
subjectively stored, written or spoken. The subject is in a
classical neurotic, no-win situation. There are few dates, people
or facts to report. Only a limited number of people in
electronics, and our Federal government, can fit the fragments of
circumstantial evidence together. Those who monitor equipment,
simply monitor equipment. The blips, numbers, tapes and film
clips that might result, are too removed from the flesh and
blood, and transmitted over too great a distance to have any
emotional meaning for the operators. They may not even know what
they are transmitting. The only individuals to whom the object
might be at all human would be a psychological behavioral
   If my premises are true, the United States government is
involved in a program to control behavior through biophysics and
electrochemical control. In July 1977, The New York Times
reported a fourteen-year program by the CIA intelligence services
to control human behavior with drugs, electric shock, radiation,
ultrasonics, psychology and psychosurgery. As reported in Time,
August 17, 1977, Admiral Stanfield Turner, testifying on CIA
activity said that there had been no drug testing since 1973. He
did not say that the use of ultrasonics, microwave and
electrochemical energy had been discontinued. It never will be
because it is the technology of both now and the future.
   It is encouraging that there were difficulties finding
psychiatrists to conduct experiments for the CIA. One memorandum
reported that a particular psychiatrist might not care to
corporate in certain more "revolutionary" phases of the project.
Another psychiatrist was described as having no ethical
compunctions about being completely cooperative in the program
regardless of how bizarre it might be.
   The CIA investigated bioplasma fields or weak electromagnetic
fields surrounding both human and inanimate objects and monitored
the bioplasma fields of agents, according to The New York Times.
I am inclined to think that they were training agents in
receiving laser messages and trying out the reading of unspoken
thoughts formulated into words mentally. They also worked with
trained seals and otters in the well-researched field of
ultrasonics. Humans hear in a range of 15-20,000 cycles per
second of hertz. Any frequency higher than this is ultrasonic,
and cannot be consciously perceived.
   Newspaper accounts based on actual occurrences or unethical
experiments show a procession of unpalatable events exposed due
to the persistence of individuals in freedom-loving
organizations. Attempts have been made to present human
experiments in a favorable light. Our scientific journals are
replete with limited, but existing tales of experiments in which
the individual was too incompetent due to mental capacity or
age to protest being used as a human guinea pig. The fact is that
there are people in this country who have been subjected to
experimentation both willingly and inadvertently.
   In 1950, Army reports show that a cloud of bacteria was
sprayed over the San Francisco Bay area resulting in cases of
pneumonia. In 1956, the CIA and the Army sprayed an unknown
substance in New York City streets and the Holland and Lincoln
Tunnels as part of their MK-Ultra program. Between 1949 and 1969,
a period of twenty years, test were carried out with simulated
bacteriological substances in the United States, Alaska and
Hawaii. These are facts, not fiction involving Dr. Strangelove.
   Under the Freedom of Information Act, a Church of Scientology
group uncovered documents released by the CIA which showed that
someone in this agency signed out a specimen of whooping-cough
bacteria, Hemophilus pertussis, from the Army's biological
warfare center in Fort Deterick, Maryland, on January 26, 1955
for testing. Florida state medical records show that the
whooping cough outbreak killed twelve persons in the mid-1950's.
The whooping cough bacteria was used in tests in Tampa Bay and
near Sebring, Florida. Records show that whooping cough cases
jumped in 1954 from 339 with one death, to 1080 and twelve deaths
in 1955, an increase of over two hundred percent. Tampa Bay was
one of the three places that showed a sharp increase. The CIA now
says that most of its chemical and biological files were
destroyed in 1973 by order of Director Richard Helms.
   In December, 1980, the wife of a member of the Canadian
Parliament and four other Canadians sued the U.S. government for
five million dollars in U.S. District Court charging that a
Montreal psychiatrist conducted CIA-financed brainwashing
experiments on them between 1957 and 1963. During this time they
were given LSD and massive electroshock treatments to wipe out
past behavior patterns. (The government track record on LSD is
well known through the publicized suicide of a U.S. government
scientist and the ensuing, successful suit of his family twenty
years later.) The Canadians were subjected to continuously
played tape messages to induce new brain patterns. The plaintiffs
contended that their mental health remains impaired as a result.
   During Project Dork, the Army released a powerful
hallucinogenic drug, BZ, ten to one hundred times more potent
than LSD, in clouds during tests in Utah in 1964. Between 1960
and 1969, 362 people were involved. The tests were supposed to
prove that enemy soldiers could be incapacitated by inducing
delirium. The effects were measured at a distance of a thousand
yards. The volunteer subjects experienced an increase in heart
rate and blood pressure, increased blood flow or flushing, dry
mouth and loss of appetite, hyperactive peristaltic sounds,
weakness or tightness in legs, persistent blurred vision and
urinary frequency. Except for the visual difficulties, the other
symptoms were at least found to be reversible with adequate
physostigmine treatment. Three dozen individuals who underwent
the tests still complain of aftereffects including the birth of
abnormal children who are mentally deficient. The volunteers
themselves suffer memory lapses, hallucinations and, not
surprisingly, emotional problems.
   Federal snoops have used one-way mirrors to investigate and
record sexual activity in San Francisco. Both the FBI and the CIA
have been used in covering up and disseminating false
   Functions of the FBI or the local police who are responsible
for protecting all Federal installations have been performed by
the CIA, a violation of their CIA charter and resulting in
actions against American citizens. CIA directors have always worn
two hats as heads of the intelligence community and as heads of
their own agency. The supra-directorship of the American
Intelligence Community was enhanced by President Ford on paper
when he made the CIA Director overall head of the intelligence
community. At that time the Director would tell the Secretary of
Defense what to do with his intelligence agencies. Military
intelligence, including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the
National Security Agency and the intelligence arms of the three
services have more than five times as many people, and more than
ten times the budget of the CIA and State Department intelligence
service combined.
   You should not delude yourself that Cabinet Officers appointed
by the President have any real power. Commenting on his official
title as Assistant Secretary for Defense for Public Affairs,
Thomas B. Ross said, "I'm in charge of 300-plus people inside the
building (Pentagon) and 3000 public information people worldwide
and a budget of $50 million, yet I can fire exactly two people,
my civilian deputy and my secretary." What we get for $50
million is debatable.
   The CIA's Science and Technology Directorate's annual budget
was one hundred million dollars per year. The Directorate of
Science and Technology of the CIA includes the Office of
Electronics, the Office of Special Projects and the Office of
Computer Services. Overruns are funded largely by the Air Force
which underwrites the national overhead reconnaissance effort for
the entire U.S. intelligence community. The projected FY 81
budget included a research and development figure for the
Department of Defense of $16.565 billion, forty-six percent of
the total national Research and Development budget. Obviously
with this kind of funding, many universities and industrial
scientists work for the Department of Defense. Many of our
officer cadre have Ph.D.'s. They represent a
technological-military elite and work with the university,
industry and think tank personnel, many of them who have security
clearance and are not allowed to talk to you or me. Our armed
services have sufficient money and instrumentation for national
defense, and unlimited snooping, at home and abroad.
   Several hundred satellites in space give us most of our
early-warning detection of an enemy attack. Much of our
communications intercept capabilities, our ability to intercept
exotic new radars in space are also relayed by satellite. A
hundred percent of our ability to predict the weather is now in
space. Most of our ability to navigate submarines and ships and
aircraft will soon be based there. Theoretically the satellites
make it almost impossible for secret war preparations and thus
keep the peace. This lack of privacy between nations extends to
   The U.S. has more than a dozen satellites watching the Soviet
activities, taking high resolution pictures, collecting
communications signals and penetrating darkness and camouflage
sensing heat and color variations. A world-wide network of
antennae eavesdrops on Russian communications ranging from
telephone calls to sensitive military radio messages. Giant
radars follow test flights of missiles and photograph reentry
vehicles as they land in the Pacific or on the Kamchatka
   It has become difficult to know weather national defense is a
defense or an offense. The National Reconnaissance Office, one of
our country's most expensive and sensitive intelligence
organizations is likely to be reviewed by the Reagan
administration. NRO is known as a black organization; that is,
none of its work is subject to public scrutiny.
   Despite a program lasting many years, U.S. intelligence
complains that the Soviet Union might be ahead technologically
and that the Soviets already have land-based laser capable of
shooting down low-orbiting U.S. spy satellites. They fear that if
the Soviets get their projected 11-ton space station aloft that
they could put such a weapon in space.
   As a result of this the Defense Department awarded a $58.7
million contract for its own ASAT program to Vought Corporation
of Dallas. The U.S. plan was not to use anything so crude as
radar or infra-red, but to put into space hunter-killer
satellites by the mid-1980s armed with lasers that could vaporize
metal in twenty billionths of a second.
   Navstar Global Positioning Systems (GPS) will tell anyone who
tunes in exactly where he is anywhere in the world. It has been
speculated that GPS can eventually be used on anything that
floats, flies, runs, walks, crawls, or slithers. This is a method
which could be used now by any intelligence agency to bug an
   Another method of person-to-person communications through
space without any intervening wires became possible when Elliot
Gruenberg at IBM came up with a retro-directive oscillating loop
for communications instead of a conventional transmitter
receiver. Called Synapz and manufactured by Broad-Com, Inc. of
Cos Cob, Connecticut, its electronic mirrors in the form of
antennas send a microwave signal back where it came from and
leads to two-way TV without cable. Retro-directive arrays across
the country would use atmospheric electronic noise to maintain a
radio link with each other and to send messages from any point in
the system to any other. Such a system, fixed on a human MEG
could account for automatic feedback, plus visualization of any
kind. Engineers reviewing Synapz for NASA say that it appears
promising, and claim that even the experts are not entirely sure
how it works. It was demonstrated to the Department of Defense
and is to be used as a space link and alternative to the
technology proposed by the Bell System to expand use of mobile
telephone service nationwide. Somebody evidently understands
very well how it works.
   At one time radiotelescopes and optical telescopes were not
the same thing. Now we have optical interferometers using laser
which combine listening and optical ability, plus lenses that see
any wave length of the electromagnetic spectrum including
infrared for night vision and smog, gamma rays, ultra-violet,
   Honeywell advertises their manufacture of everything form
thermographic (meaning heat sensitive) body scanners to optical
interferometers. The use of halogen compounds which have broad
transmission capabilities for all types of things from satellite
weather monitoring to infrared night-vision systems through
laser-assisted nuclear fusion for the conversion of energy.
Honeywell's research is partially funded by the Department of
Energy and the Department of Defense. Honeywell advertises that
their scientists worked with both university and commercial
instrumentation experts to develop a holographic and shearing
interferometer system. They say that combined with their
previously developed video digitization/fringe analysis system
this new interferometer provides a unique system for non-contact
optical evaluation.
   Using an electronically powered radiotelescope you have a
machine optimized to detect extremely weak signals. Recently
GEODSS (ground based electro-optical deep space surveillance) was
completed two years ahead of schedule. GEODSS uses three
powerful, miniaturized telescopes to scan the skies. The images
they convey are focused onto sensitive photoimaging tubes rather
than film. Using an outgrowth of military night-vision devices,
these tubes convert the faintest flickers of light into
electronic impulses fed into computers. GEODSS photographs
rapidly several electronic snapshots. Moving objects between
exposures are recorder by computer. Images that remain the same
are erased. The information can be relayed by microwave and
satellite to NORAD's master computers. GEODSS is an optical
digital computer using laser, not integrated circuits to carry
and process signals. It preforms in microseconds tasks that
occupied photogrammetricians for hours, and can spot a soccer
ball 25,000 miles up.
   Magnetic observations by the Stanford Solar Observatory can
detect magnetic intensities to a few hundredths of a gauss. The
MEG (magnetoencephalogram) which records the magnetic field
surrounding the human head is measured in gauss. It is not to
hard to imagine that somewhere there exists a holographic
interferometer specially developed to read the magnetic waves of
the human brain at a distance.
   Since 1973, the Advanced Research Project Agency of the
Defense Department has utilized the combined efforts of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, the
University of California at Los Angeles and the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ames Research Center at
Moffett Field in California to read minds at a distance by
deciphering the brain's magnetic waves. The Pentagon denied the
project was secret although a reporter was ousted from a meeting
on the subject by someone identified as a member of the CIA.
   The MEG (magnetoencephalogram) is many times more sensitive
than EEG (electroencephalogram). MEG was originally reported in
1968. A computer search of the current literature reveals little
published on MEG because it is undoubtedly classified in ARPA's
(Advanced Research Projects Agency) computer network. ARPA
controls and funds a computer network, ARPANET, which connects
various educational and research institutions across the country.
In 1972, twenty-seven institutions were joined by leased lines
capable of handling data at a rate of fifty kilobits a second.
   Searching for help and information, I approached an
acquaintance who unknown to me had been a former member of RAND
and a designer of ARPANET. He represented to me that ARPANET was
a benign activity. He even has a computer terminal in his house
connected to it. ARPA research information is stored in this
"locked computer" and unavailable. Access to "Host" computers
is controlled by an IMP (interface message processor). ARPANET is
also linked to NORSAR (Norwegian Seismic Array) and SDAC (Seismic
Data Analysis Center) in Alexandria, Virginia. A satellite link
transmits NORSTAR real-time data to SDAC. There it is combined
and correlated with data from other non-secret global arrays to
achieve a composite picture and made available to selected
ARPANET users including the NSA (National Security Agency) with
whom it maintains a direct link. Somehow "benign" is not a word I
would use to describe the activity of this computer network.
   All graduations of feeling and action of which we are capable
are provided by variations in the frequency of nerve impulses and
by the number of nerve cells stimulated. The brain signal is even
simpler than Morse code because it uses only dots. All
information can be translated by the number of dots, and the
manner in which they are grouped. Communications engineers call
this system pulse frequency modulation. The cerebral cortex is a
resonator that encodes frequencies. To convert measurable brain
signals or nerve signals to digital code for computer is
extremely easy.
   The computer can recognize approximately sixty-four phonemes
into which the English language has been divided. It is
reasonable to deduce that the computer is capable of recognizing
the patterns these phonemes produced in any human brain.
   Unlike the EEG, the MEG records signals primarily from a small
area of the cortex free of the smearing effects of bone. This
helps scientists pinpoint the source of electrical signals from
the brain and to study the activities of the cortex. The MEG
reads only the magnetic fields produced by nerve fibers close to
the skull which are in the cortex. Any difference between EEG and
MEG signals mean that the source is deep in the brain and not
cortical in nature. Both are necessary for the interpretation of
thought and action of the human being. The MEG provides a map of
the sensory homunculus or Broadmann's cortical areas through
which the human anatomy can be targeted. All parts of the face,
hands, legs, foot, trunk, shoulder, mouth and intra-abdominal
area can be stimulated by electrical contact with the cortex.
   Under ordinary conditions nobody around you is able to hear or
understand your thoughts, but unbeknownst to you, every action,
thought, and emotion, can result in the driving of the muscles
involved in vocalization. The nerve impulses that activate them
produce paths of electric potentials in the brain and muscles.
The nerve impulse or electric potential is a miniature
electrochemical explosion that travels along outside the nerve
fiber as a vortex ring of negative ions.
   The Departments of Neurometrics at Stanford and New York
University have brought the EEG to a new degree of sophistication
by using computers to remove artifacts such as sixty cycle hum,
and eye and body movements to compute the wave shape of the AER
(average evoked response) to a particular stimulus.
   Brain waves of volunteers have been analyzed as they look at
photographs and are presented with true or false questions. The
computer attempts to determine in the volunteer recognizes a
specific photograph or is thinking true or false. Researchers
claim they can determine when a volunteer recognizes another face
by analyzing that volunteer's brainwaves.
   At Stanford scientists are attempting to reverse this process
and are attempting to transmit thoughts and instructions by
playing previously recorded brain waves; thus, "You are
programming yourself." The human brain and eye are also being
studied with computers so that photographic process can be
understood. "We are seeing through your eyes."

[Continued to part 2]
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