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[Continued from part 1]

   The difficulties involved in reading these microwaves became
surmountable with the deployment of SQUID (super conducting
quantum interference device) which uses niobium coils in liquid
helium. It is a circuit capable of measuring minute quantities of
magnetic field or flux, quantum by quantum. It makes possible the
measurement of the smallest magnetic fields. With modern
electronic techniques, environmental magnetic noise is almost
completely eliminated. By using a holographic interferometer
(acoustic telescope) optimized to detect weak signals it would be
possible to read the microwave print of any human brain, since
brain prints are as distinctive as fingerprints. Each individual
has his own characteristic pattern of shifts in frequency and
size. Thus brainwaves of one individual can be distinguished from
those of another.
   Electronic devices use ultrasonic waves to store and recognize
electronic signals for use at a later time, perform operations
that usually requires a computer, and separate one signal from
another. They also amplify weak electrical signals using
ultrasonic waves. It is possible to do things with acoustic
surface waves that are difficult to do with simple electronic
components, i.e. recognize a signal of known form. Laser is so
sensitive that it can actually "hear" and record the electrical
potentials or nerves as they are transmitted.
   The interdigital transducer converts the electrical signal
into an acoustic surface wave and reconverts the acoustic wave
back into an electrical signal. Acoustic surface wave devices can
be made precisely and uniformly by photolithographic reproduction
techniques and are programmable. Such a device recognizes any
desired code or signal from among other digital codes even in the
presence of considerable "noise" responding strongly to the
programmed signal and weakly to all others. This kind of device
is used in radar technology enabling air-traffic controllers to
accurately pick out the unique identification signal of each
aircraft as it comes within range.
   Another silicon chip, IOSA (integrated optic spectrum
analyzer) uses surface acoustic waves to convert processed radar
signals into sound waves. The sound waves interact with light
from a tiny solid state laser and cause the beam to bend toward a
detector array made of charge couple devices. This amount of
deflection indicates the frequency of the radar signal. This
device is part of a telemetry or remote measuring system which
involves picking up signals, transmitting them to a distant
location for conversation into displays, recordings or
comparisons with other data. Automated reaction to information
received directly or indirectly may be programmed.
   Wave analyzers deal with the complex oscillations of the brain
in somewhat the same way that a prism separates the colors of a
beam of light. The components of this complex wave are isolated
by electronic circuits tuned to several frequencies. A
statistical average can be determined from many readings. From
this information, the versatility of the brain under
investigation can be assessed, as well as its repertoire of
adaptive strategems.
   If mind reading is to take place, this technique must be
applied to all parts of the brain at once involving many
analyzers. Problems for researchers used to be found in the fact
that frequency analysis of tactics might come too late to be of
immediate value. In the past, frequency analysis did not give
information on how rapidly changing signals from different parts
of the brain related, or which of suggested meanings would be the
correct choice. Now, via computer, all this can be instantly
   Suppose it is true, as some officials insist, that the MEG
cannot really be read at a distance. What would make one believe
that one's mind was read? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been
developing over a period of at least twenty years. Many scientist
have been engaged in making it seem that the computer can think.
At a 1980 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement
of Science, Robert Wilensky of the University of California at
Berkeley was asked if his program, PAM, had intelligence. PAM
incorporates a sense of how people analyze and reason.
   Does the computer augment human intelligence instead of
interpreting and repeating it? To do this the computer must deal
with a massive volume of data and requires selectivity or the
ability to decide what is or is not relevant. To the group of
programmers at the meeting, the human brain is theoretically
existent proof against computers. Perhaps they do not talk to
   The Cray, a large computer, has twenty to one hundred times
the capacity of the smaller ones. It is different from machines
that simply keep track of facts. It is specially designed for
problem solving and can carry out biomedical experiments with the
computer simulating the human effects. The Cray does one hundred
million calculations a second. The human brain can only process
five thousand bits of information per second. What kind of match
for the Cray would you be?
   The computer works by using an acoustic processor to sample
the wave patterns of the speaker's voice at least 20,000 times a
second. The information in the sample is digitized. A thousand
samples are collected at a time and put through the procedure
called discrete Fourier transform which involves adding,
subtracting and integrating waveforms to produce a useful
synthesis of the information over time. This yields
characteristic patterns known as spectral time samples, one
hundred of them every second. The computer compares these with
prototypes stored in the processor's memory. The processor
classifies the time samples according to the sounds of the
original word. As the acoustic processor puts them out, a
linguistic decoder matches the sound patterns to the most
probable sentence pattern they seem to fit.
   Current "injection logic" circuits, (Josephson junctions)
operate at temperatures so low that metal loses resistance to
electric current. The less resistance, the faster the current
flows and the faster the computer works. Invented by Tushar
Gheewals at IBM, the circuits operate in as little as 13
picoseconds, or trillionth of a second. Roughly, a picosecond
is to a second what a second is to thirty years. This is about
the same as the speed of light.
   Suppose you are observed over a long enough period of time for
analysis of your thoughts, speech, prejudices, view-points,
sexual peculiarities, and likes or dislikes of both people and
things. What kinds of words would make you happy or unhappy if
they were programmed by an artificial intelligence expert with
the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist? "Bizarre," you say.
"Possible," I say, psychological analysis has been a hobby for a
long time.
   Let's take it a little further, and let's assume the computer
program is out to make you as uncomfortable as possible in the
privacy of your own home or anyplace else. "Really, impossible,"
you say. Stop and think a while. It takes a little getting used
to. There will be many things in your life that upset you or make
you unhappy. You may have expressed yourself aloud to close
friends in person or on the phone. You may have blown your stack
at work or been talked about. In our society the walls literally
have ears. Anything that vibrates can be read at a distance, even
your vocal cords. Assume that for some reason you come to the
attention of someone in security, either national or
international. You could do this very easily by making an
overseas phone call or a trip, or you could have a relative who
is involved with someone in whom the U.S. government is
   Originally, when harassment began, I wondered if the
repetition of my thoughts were bounced back by a tape recorder.
Later I realized that only a fast computer could transmit them
back, and that no human could read back so quickly over space.
Human comment, however, might be inserted by an observer reading
some kind of visual display if he was close enough.
   Properly programmed, the Cray can project to you in any voice
selection on the basis of the structure of your sentenced
thought, which will reach it before you have really formulated
it, and select either a suitable programmed answer or read back
to you what you have been thinking. Thus, you may really be
programming yourself. It may even seem to anticipate your
   What I am saying is that you have to transform the thoughts in
your mind verbally but silently. Although they are unspoken, the
muscles that drive speech formulate the words in advance, and can
form an electric potential track in your brain that can be read
at a distance by telemetry. Each nerve impulse causes a sound
imperceptible to the human ear which can be picked up by laser.
   A trained observer or observers can insert speech if they read
what you are about to think or say. There is a lag time between
the formation of the words in your brain and the formed thought
which gives the computer time to read part or all, or guess to a
fair degree of accuracy what you think and return an appropriate
or inappropriate answer depending upon how you feel about it. At
times they may even seem funny. Your electric potentials will
always anticipate you a little.
   The feeling that your mind is being read can be produced by a
thought being verbally introduced at a subliminal level. At that
threshold you are not aware that it is presented, but because
your brain resonates, the thought is received and you become
"conscious" of it. It is designed to be intense enough to
influence the mental processes of behavior of the individual. It
literally "crosses your mind." Next, at a higher sound level a
Voice repeats the thought you just received without knowing it,
thus consciously producing the sensation of mind-reading in the
receiver. You think, "they must be reading my mind!" What they
are really doing is presenting an acceptable idea in your
phraseology that you are most likely to be thinking while you
are involved in a particular kind of activity.
   Subliminal aural suggestion presented in a manner typical of
your habits of thought and speech is hard for the receiver to
distinguish from the original thought -- original in that it
really started in the mind of the receiver and wasn't suggested
to him. Just how hard is it to differentiate between the two,
the original idea and the suggested idea, is hard to estimate.
You really have to be paying strict attention to yourself and
what you are doing. You still might not be certain, because the
presented idea might by typical of your mind set so that you
could accept or go along with it. Should the idea just "pop"
into your head and not be part of a train thought you might be
suspicious. Unfortunately, with this kind of thing, an idea can
be "slipped" in. If it seems logical or fits your mood or mode of
thought, you would not question it. Often it would not matter
but while using machinery, driving a car, or piloting a plane it
could become fatal.
   Suppose you forget something and suddenly were reminded at a
subliminal level. You could not be sure that you yourself
remembered or whether it was called to your attention by an
outside mind keeping track of your activity. You could be
writing something and thinking as you wrote and suddenly write
the wrong word. On rereading you would realize that as you wrote
it, it was "introduced." You might misdial a phone number and not
be sure whether you made a natural mistake or that one that was
inflicted at a subliminal level.
   When you finally realize what is really going on you are
certainly going to be upset, at the very least. High verbals are
natural prey for this kind of situation especially if they can be
observed. They express themselves well, often aloud in writing.
Their thought patterns and methods of arriving at conclusions or
solutions, their modi operandi, can be predicted if they are
observed over time.
   It is extremely debilitating, nightmarish situation to be in.
For instance, during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when you are
dreaming, ideas are verbally suggested to you at a subliminal
level thus controlling or influencing your dream content. With a
combination of subliminal, aural presentation of ideas plus the
introduction or infliction of bizarre physical effects, real
hallucinatory images and effects could be produced. The more
emotionally upset you are, the more effective this kind of
psychological technique is likely to be.
   We used to worry about just being observed in our homes. In
George Orwell's 1984, every home had a watching monitor. It is
now only 1981. The monitor has been around since the fifties in
one form or another. The ultimate in mind control has become
possible. We have the technology, the psychological techniques
and the people willing to use them. It is not preventable at
present. Fortunately we still have time to protect ourselves
from government experimentation if we are aware of it because
only the U.S. government has the technology, manpower and
material to mount such an effort.
   Once you are a victim you become aware of the possibility of
suggestions to people you meet casually, your friends, relatives
your immediate family. There is no one who cannot be reached in
this way. You are never absolutely positive that what they say or
do is suggested, but you may have strong suspicions when
something they do seems atypical or out of context or something
you have been forced to listen to before involuntarily.
   In the future we may all have to go around wearing some
protective device on our heads to prevent our resonating
cortexes from receiving unwanted messages. My brother's
suggestion of putting a bucket over my head was not too far off.
The only problem with his suggestion was that a bucket is not
sophisticated enough.
   You know your cortical signals are read because you receive
obnoxious stimuli to various parts of your anatomy through the
electrical stimulation of the cortical layer or your brain. The
cortex has been mapped and stimulation of the proper section of
cortex will make you salivate, sneeze or jump with muscle spasm,
twitch or jerk. This sounds like a grade B movie, but the script
is programmed by the U.S. intelligence service with your tax
   Cray II was in the works in early 1979, and the prediction was
that it would do 500 million calculations a second, not just 100
million. A third, even faster computer, was taking shape in
Seymour Cray's mind beyond this. At Livermore's fusion computer
center a scientist said, "There's no machine that Seymour Cray
can conceive that would be too fast for us." When it comes
through his bedroom door some night he may change his mind.
Perhaps with his security clearance he won't have to worry, and
will be able to ask it to leave, with the people who are
operating it.
   Now, I know from talking to others that you are going to say,
"But it would take an awful lot of money and manpower to mount
such an effort. Who would be interested in you, or me or anyone?"
The other very human reaction is "Who would be so mean that they
would do such a thing to you?"
   Both of these arguments ignore the facts. We have unlimited
material and manpower on duty twenty-four hours a day. The second
response about mean people is the most naive. Read the newspapers
about what we still do to our Blacks, the reactions of Blacks and
Chicanos to unresponsive government, or the treatment of women by
the military when they have the temerity to enlist. You can still
read about WW II concentration camp victims and operators.
Current European court cases are testimony forty years later to
just how "mean" man can be.
   You should not be optimistic about civil liberties in an age
when you are carefully examined by the Department of Education,
the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service,
the Department of Motor Vehicles, labor unions, medical insurance
companies, credit companies, banks, employers, and all these
facts are carefully stored in some computer to be regurgitated
either by accident, or on purpose, when you least expect it and
for the flimsiest of excuses. Add to this money from the LEAA
(Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) for the police
enforcement, intelligence and so-called crime fighting, and you
will find that it is only a short step from your police
department to your bedroom if some nosy Nellie of either sex
decides to make life hot for you. Our society isn't open, it is
wide open. If anything else is to be done about harassment and
the preservation of privacy, then people must be made aware of
what is possible now, incredible though the facts may seem.
   Among acknowledged gadgets are a police crowd control device
consisting of a high frequency sound generator which produces
about twenty-five to thirty-five hertz coupled to a high
efficiency tweeter and some concentrating baffles. This machine
is something like a bull horn. The beam produces severe nausea,
pain, the desire to urinate and defecate, but more especially to
get out of range. There is no reason why these symptoms cannot be
produced from space.
   In the home sonic cushions that contain transducers which emit
low frequency musical vibrations directly into the body of the
person sitting against them are becoming familiar. The cushion
has a separate power amplifier that hooks to any music system.
Recently a popular magazine suggested that sitting upon such a
cushion produced pleasurable sexual sensations. Teddy bears
similarly equipped are used to lull babies to sleep.
   Hearing aids are available which fit the eyeglass frames to
send vibrating waves through the bone structure at the back of
the ear so that the deaf may hear. This hearing aid is the result
of miniaturization involving an ultra-small microphone and
amplifier. It contains transducers that transmit vibrations
directly into the body of the person in contact with it. The
whole device fits into the stem of the eyeglass frame.
   Such microminiaturization in which a microscope has to be used
to etch or photograph a circuit on a silicon chip is relatively
easy for the layperson to grasp. Not so easy is micromeasurement
and sensing. One type of light sensor or photosensitive matrix is
a composite of 10,000 minute silicon light sensors on a chip
about a quarter of an inch square. Reflected light is focused
onto the matrix. The result pattern of lighted and unlighted
sensors is fed into circuitry for conversion into measurements of
area, height, width, etc., which in turn are converted into a
seven digit code. Field effect transistors calibrate to
infinitesimal accuracy. Small built-in computers convert data
into an audio signal or print. Recorded data can then be
transmitted over ordinary telephone lines to a computer bank.
Some TVs are equipped with a decoder to convert sound to print
for the deaf.
   Much of the technology that we are now using has been under
development over a long period of time. The prototype of the
modern mindreader was developed in 1947 and called the Toposcope.
It was similar to twenty-two small television or radar sets.
   Research on the human brain has been made possible by some of
the newer machines. The Sono Chromoscope is currently being
evaluated at the National Institutes of Health to identify tumors
and abnormalities. Cheaper than X-ray, it is absolutely safe and
permits continuous recording of tissue at work. Computer
technology converts one kind of signal into another to produce
an accurate diagnostic color picture of the human interior. High
frequency sonar is transmitted in blue, while low frequency may
be a red dot.
   NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) tomography can map the
progress of chemicals injected into the brain. The Gamma Ray
camera, consisting of 254 scintillation detectors, each
collimated to scan approximately one square centimeter of brain
cortex is connected to a small digital computer. This, in turn,
is connected to TV where the blood flow level is shown in
specific colors indicating what areas of the brain are active.
   The whole body can be placed in a magnetic field of 450 gauss
exciting body atoms with radio waves. Subsequent measurement of
the intensity of the waves emitted over time gives information
about the chemical composition of the subject's tissues. The time
it takes for the atoms to "relax" after radio wave bombardment
gives some indication of the cell's general nature. NMR employs
no ionizing radiation and therefore seems safer that conventional
techniques like x-ray.
   The PETT (position electron tracking tomogram) tracks
radioactive chemicals and forms a computerized image, providing
the first direct glimpse of the brain at work, plus a more
superior estimate of its condition than CAT (computer assisted
tomography). The computer reconstructs abstract measurements
into images played out in color on a TV screen. PETT scan can be
photographed or videotaped while an individual is walking,
talking, reading or thinking.
   FOCUS (flexible optical control unit simulator) projects
hallucinatory images directly on the retina of the eye. When the
images are projected the subjects show the same bodily responses
that they would by taking a drug. The subjects cannot tell the
machine images from reality. FOCUS was developed at UCLA's
Neuropsychiatric Institute by Ron Siegel, an experimental
psychologist, who eventually hopes to control retrieval of
imagery information at will including that of daydreams, sleep
and hallucinations.
   There is a common wiring and a correspondence of chemical and
electrical properties in the human brain. Fever, delirium,
epilepsy, syphilis, photostimulation, sensory deprivation,
extreme hunger, cold, thirst, crystal gazing, swinging in the
witch's cradle, hypoglycemia and a variety of drug intoxications
make the brain respond in patterns that are definable,
predictable and explainable in terms of where they come from and
how they were produced. This universal experience is probably
what Jung meant by the collective unconscious and typified by
symbols like the mandala.
   Body functions tend to synchronize around stimuli that match
them in frequency. Baselines from normal individuals have been
established through measurements with the EEG
(electroencephalogram). The EEG shows brain waves in both
periodic and pulse mode. At normal frequencies, eight to twelve
alpha waves occur per second. Breathing, heart rate and the
rhythm of alpha waves can be controlled to some extent both by
the individual himself and the external stimuli such as lights
and microwaves.
   Radio-scientist Anthony Fraser-Smith has shown that the third
rail of San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit and Washington
D.C.'s Metro expose people up to 160 kilometers away to
broadcasts of ultra-low frequency radiation from ten hertz to
.001 hertz. Studies have shown that human reaction time
increases at 0.2 hertz. These frequencies make people feel
drowsy and produce changes in their blood.
   With this in mind it is easier to comprehend that brain
control by electronic stimulation is possible in much the same
way that a heart pacer is used to regulate the heart beat. Both
seen and unseen, heard and unheard wave frequencies can affect
the brain and nervous system.
   Some researchers show that theta waves predominate when an
individual is involved in memory storage and learning. They also
seem to occur in times of reverie, annoyance or anxiety. Animals
which retain training best, show the highest levels of theta
waves during training. Ross Adey, however, has shown that he can
increase the rate of learning and memory retention in primates
and cats by using a frequency range similar to the alpha and beta
waves of the brain.
   During hypnotism, synchronization of breathing, heartbeat and
alpha waves takes about ten minutes in a willing subject, and is
associated with feelings of well-being. A simple gadget like a
hypnotism wheel with a special strobe pattern produces a falling
illusion and produces a so-called trance states. These can also
be produced by sound waves. Frequency rates of these biological
signals are reduced during a trance-inducing procedure. As the
mind becomes fixed it becomes more susceptible to suggestion.
Relaxation, resting and sleep are also helpful in inducing a
hypnotic trance. While hypnosis can be a helpful technique, it is
also part of mind control.
   Other brain waves have individual, identifiable frequencies.
Beta, delta and theta brain waves can be separated in any brain
reading because they all have different frequencies. Recently an
N400 wave has been identified, so named because it occurs 400
milliseconds after a sentence had been heard in which there is a
high level of expectancy about its completion, and this
expectancy is violated. The P300 wave occurs in response to a
sudden alarm or flashing light and occurs 300 milliseconds after
the stimulus. A P300 wave comes not from the cortex, but from the
limbic system where feelings originate and occurs only as an
emotional response.
   It is my belief that all these brain waves or electrical
signals can be read at a distance, and that the human brain can
be both a resonating transmitter and receiver. Further I am
saying that I am being harassed by unknown parties with whom I
have been in constant contact for about three years consciously,
and I am not sure how long before that, while base lines of
various kinds were being established.
   I have chosen a time in our national history to protest that
the National Security Agency is undoubtedly experimenting with
some of its more exotic toys on an unsuspecting civilian
population, when we are in the process of giving back to the CIA
and similar agencies some of the powers that had temporarily
been taken away from them due to Watergate. Our Congress is in
disarray, revealed by the FBI to be both gullible and venal. Our
country's petrochemical supply is being threatened by
communist, and in the mist of all this, I come up with the idea
that civil liberties and individual privacy are at stake in ways
that seem inconceivable. Even in the best of times I would have
difficulty getting a hearing for this kind of story.
   Our present electronic laws are constructed to prosecute after
the fact. There seems to be no successful method of proving
harassment with this type of technology because there is no hard
evidence. One of the reasons that it is impossible at present to
prove that no one will admit publicly that the possibility
exists. Despite the fact that William Colby mentions it on a TV
show and that a newspaper reporter was thrown out of a meeting in
which well known Ph.D.s from UCLA, MIT, NYU, NASA and ARPA was
specifically discussing a machine to read minds from a distance
by deciphering the brain's magnetic waves and the specific goal
of which is to exercise control over the brain, nobody will admit
that it can be done. The so-called experts have their jobs and
families to protect. Security agency employees are bound by
secrecy oaths as are many academicians. The professors say,
"That's an area outside my expertise." Paul said, "I am not into
lasers." Very few people have the kind of education necessary to
understand the innate possibilities and dangers of current
   Anonymous phone calls are something for which we are beginning
to find a cure. Anonymous broadcasts are something else,
especially if only one person can hear. This is possible via
laser. It is so precise that a whole new body of measurement is
mandatory and possible.
   Your most private and intimate bodily routines become forced
performances and are commented on as they unfold. Your mentally
verbalized fantasies become public property. You can be
questioned at the subliminal level and started on a whole new
train of thought. Thus the inserter of the question would have a
very good clue as to what you were thinking about. You could also
be made to change or modify your course of action, in other words
"your mind."
   The worst element in all this is subliminal suggestion with
its inherent capability of conditioning and direct thinking, and
through this control or direction of individual behavior both now
and in the future. Young and unformed minds are going to be most
susceptible. The emotionally upset and unstable will be next.
Americans need education and information to defend against this
kind of technocracy. Most of all they need to be told the truth.
   I can keep silent and avoid embarrassment, ridicule and
disbelief. A policeman told me to ignore it. A security man told
me that my life could be made hell on earth. The main inventor,
a physicist, told me it was impossible. The whole thing may be
simply a combination of laser communication and AI, which I
doubt. Regardless of what it is, all Americans can be reached
anywhere at anytime doing anything without attachments and wires.
Communications have come at least that far.
   Currently on planet Earth stone-age man and spaceman coexist.
We have been coming out of an ancient jungle and have stumbled
into a technological battle zone. What man imagines he will
develop and continue to develop.
   Although you cannot see them, only sense them, the largest
unseen monsters are unchanged. They are ignorance, fear and
superstition. The biggest question for our time is: How do we
best adapt to this recent step in communications, and at the same
time preserve the values we cherish?

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