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Directed-Energy Harassment Defense

By Julianne McKinney

July 1995


             Association of National Security Alumni
                Electronic Surveillance Project
                        P.O. Box 13625
                 Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
                        (301) 608-0143

July 27, 1995

John Gregory Lambros
Reg. No. 00436-124
U.S.P. Leavenworth
P.0. Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS 66048-1000

Dear Mr. Lambros:

My apologies for the extreme delay in responding to your letter
dated March 5, 1995. Being required to earn a living by means
other than this Project, I have had to refocus my priorities.
Letters such as yours have fallen by the wayside, as a

For financial reasons, I am in the process of closing up shop
where this Project is concerned. I do not intend to leave a
forwarding address with the Post Office when I depart this area
on August 31, 1995. Harlan Girard, being aware of this has asked
that I at least try to respond to your letter before departing.
I am aware that Harlan and your attorney had a rather heated
exchange at some time in the past. He nevertheless remains
concerned about your situation which is why I have agreed to
write to you.

Since I am hard-pressed for time, I trust that the following will
not come across as being too "hurried." I do not intend to
devote a lot of time to editing its contents, since I have a lot
of packing to do. Glean from it what you can, and ignore the
tone, should it grate.

What you describe as being an ongoing form of neurocybernetic
control and experimentation in your situation is in fact
extremely widespread on a global basis. Implanted electrodes are
not a necessary aspect of these experiments, whether for purposes
of inducing auditory input or for monitoring the thoughts of
targeted experimentees. This is not to say that electrodes have
not been implanted in your case.

They probably have been, which is why you have been denied the
opportunity to undergo an MRI or other form of scan.

There are disadvantages to your arguing your position exclusively
from a standpoint of what has been written about these types of
experiments in such publications as Scheflin's _The Mind
Manipulators_ or Delgado's _The Psychocivilization of Society_.
The argument, "What's discussed in these books seems to parallel
what is happening in my case," does not hold much water in a
courtroom setting. Certainly it did not in your proceedings
before the District Court back in January 1993.

It would seem to me that your best approach to exposing these
experiments would be to prove that their effects can be
neutralized and/or obstructed. These experiments are indeed
susceptible to sabotage. For starters, what I suggest is that you
arrange with Mr. Orren and/or Mr. Faulkner to equip you with the
following items, as a minimum: (1) a radio frequency scanner
which has the capacity to pick up frequencies in the Megaherz
range; (2) a portable acoustical frequency detector, (3) a
portable EMF detector with a loop antenna; and (4) a substantial
quantity of copper wire mesh.

My reasons for suggesting that you acquire these items are as

First, the auditory input is being conveyed to you on microwave
frequencies which can be picked up, if not immediately
deciphered, on relatively sophisticated radio frequency scanners
(something above a standard police scanner, in other words).

What sounds to you like "voices in the head" can be discerned by
the astute casual bystander as a classic high-pitched microwave
"hum"; that is, assuming this bystander is not equipped with
cochlear implants (receivers) which operate on the same frequency
or frequencies being employed in your case; and assuming, absent
cochlear implants, that the bystander's skull and brain are not
structured like yours and, thus, are non-responsive to the
auditory signal embedded in the frequency being aimed at you.

Your scanner should have the capacity to track broad-band
spectrum transmissions, in the event the transmissions being
aimed at you are being rotated from one frequency to another for
disguise purposes. My current suspicion is that some of these
auditory transmissions are occurring in the 27-29 Megaherz range
--a frequency range being rather too-ferociously protected by the
U. S. Government, given their assaults on outlaw CB'rs who try to
communicate on these frequencies so as to avoid having to pay FCC
licensing fees.

When I say that the auditory input may be picked up but may not
necessarily be decipherable on a scanner, I am alluding to the
fact that some of these induced voices in the head involve the
transmission of speech analogs, which, in effect, are
encryptations of human speech which the brain has been found
capable of deciphering. I refer to this preliminarily in the
enclosed monograph, _Microwave Harassment and Mind Control
Experimentation_. If it happens that you have been equipped with
cochlear implants, then the analog process should not be
necessary--in which case, you should have a fair amount of
success in picking up decipherable transmissions on a
high-frequency scanner.

I recommend the acquisition of portable acoustic and
electromagnetic frequency detectors because I rather doubt that
you, your family and or your friends can afford to acquire a more
sophisticated spectrum analyzer and non-linear junction
detector. These experiments, as a rule, involve highly-focused
directed energy, which can be detected by all of the equipment
just mentioned.

A spectrum analyzer would let you know what frequencies are
involved; however, spectrum analyzers cost about $25,000 to
$50,000 and are probably beyond your means.

The loop antenna on a portable EMF detector will give you some
limited direction-finding capability, but will not identify the
frequencies involved. Me thinks that you will probably find a
significant amount of focused energy coming from the
air/air-conditioning ventilation systems in your cell, which are
usually covered by a screen. Surveillance systems are usually
also built into those vents, and into adjacent sprinkler systems.
(A few "thwacks" at any sprinkler devices hanging in your cell,
such as with a book or broom handle, should have the security
guards on your back in no time.)

One thing these freaks are having a terrible time overriding is
copper-wire mesh. In order or a focused signal to have the
desired impact in these directed-energy experiments the signal
must remain focused. Copper-wire mesh deflects focused EMF in
the Hertz to Megahertz ranges.

Other types of frequencies can be physically obstructed/deflected
by other physical means for examples, mirrors can deflect certain
forms of lasers. Radar is susceptible to absorption and/or
deflection by heavy-duty plasticized rubber and rubberized

Ultrasound and infrasound--acoustical frequencies used in these
experiments--can be disrupted abruptly by means of loud FM or AM
radio broadcasts--so abruptly as to suggest that this method may
damage acoustical transmitters. "Bee-sting" laser burns can be
neutralized by commonly available forms of dental anesthetics
(Anbesol or SensoGuard) and can be deflected by generous
applications of medicated Vaseline on the  area being targeted.
I could go on and on; however, I think you get my  point.

Copper-wire mesh, incidentally, is readily available in the form
of such things as Brillo pot scrubbers. The pot scrubbers are in
fact tubes of copper wire mesh, measuring about 10-12" in length
by about 7" in circumference, held into a wadded shape by a metal
ring, or glue.

I suggest that, if it can be arranged, you start with about 30-50
of those mesh tubes in constructing your assorted barriers to
directed-energy harassment. The barrier effect is instantaneous.
Covering any area of your body being targeted by EMF will result
in an instant "cure" of the symptoms being experienced. All-day
headaches focused in one area of your brain will be immediately
cured without resort to pain medications. Arthritic and
bursitis-like pains in your joints and spinal nerves (under the
shoulder blades) will disappear abruptly, as will sudden muscle
"spasms" in your upper arms and thighs when the areas are covered
with copper-wire mesh.

Rest assured that, if you are even allowed to bring these
materials into your cell, you will incur the wrath of the freaks
involved in these experiments. Expect them to try to make your
life miserable by other means.

The freaks may be able to knock you out by targeting the back of
your skull with highly-intense EMF (an exercise which does not
require implants); however, once you start using these barriers,
you will find that they cannot communicate with you quite as
effectively as has been the case, so far; nor will they be quite
so successful in monitoring your speech and thought patterns. (My
policy is, "Make them work.")

The induced dreams, incidentally, are also easy to obstruct. The
activity occurs when you have reached the REM (rapid-eye
movement) stage of sleep. Your brain, at that stage, is entrained
by ELF, which deepens your sleep, thus eliminating the prospect
of your being cognizant of the quasi-subliminal auditory input
being pumped into the back of your skull by bone-conducted
means. The quasi-subliminal auditory input is what influences
the course of your dreams. In a semi-conscious state, you can
physically recognize this attempted input as resembling
short-burst transmissions which, when impacting upon the back of
your skull, create a hissing sound, rather like "PF-FFT!
...PF-FFT!" at five-second intervals. This can be blocked. All
that is required is that you protect the back of your skull with
the aforementioned materials before you fall asleep.

I would assume that you are also subjected to recurrent thermal
heating, usually caused by microwaves or--the big thing now
--infrared lasers. (The Air Force is trying to create a
battlefield communications systems which exploits this latter
phenomenon.) Thermal heating of the brain leaves outward
evidence. Your hair and hair follicles are heated at the point of
frequency impact. I recommend you keep your hair somewhat longer
than a brushcut if you want to effectively monitor this effect.
You will also want to have your cell equipped with a couple of
large fans, which can quickly neutralize the more unpleasant
aspects of this heating.

What long-term microwave and infrared laser targeting do to the
brain and other organs is cause "autolysis" (a softening brought
on by the destruction of surface capillaries). This destructive
process should be discernible by means of properly conducted
scans, such as an MRI, (...which are being denied to all
obstreperous mind-control experimentees).

Again, the foregoing is for starters.

Now to the matter of your public appeals. You might want to
change your strategy there. What I suggest is that, instead of
asking the public to intervene in your case specifically, you
alert the public to the widescale nature of these abuses,
generally. As a lone convicted felon, you are not likely to
garner any type of broad public support in our current
environment, simply because the public sentiment today is to
toss criminals in jail and throw away the key.

Given the horrendous nature of the crimes now being deliberately
induced and perpetrated in this country, the American public's
inclination is to view all criminals as scum who deserve to be
tortured to death. What they need to be reminded of is that our
Bill of Rights proscribes cruel and unusual punishment. They
will be less likely to remember this if there is no evidence
that these prison-based human and civil rights abuses are as
widespread as they in fact are.

Clearly you have the writing skills to be able to make the public
sit up and take notice. I would hope that you have touched bases
with other inmates who have similar writing skills and a strong
basis for supporting  your own efforts. As a suggestion, you
might want to contact David Fratus at Utah State Prison (ID
#17886, P.0. Box 250, USD, Draper, UT 84020), if you haven't
already done so. You and your more combative colleagues might
also want to begin working with other, more vulnerable inmates
who are on the receiving end of this b.s., if only to eliminate
the prospect of their committing suicide.

Speaking of b.s., the garbage being conveyed through you to the
Court by your "handlers," according to your transcripts, was just
that. Garbage, b.s. and the blowing of smoke. Theater. Hokum. You
are not being manipulated by Brazilian government officials who
have an axe to grind with the U.S. Department of Justice.

This is global fascist movement involving major multinational
corporations, persons within the broad spectrum of government
agencies worldwide (with emphasis being on the military), satanic
cults, academic researchers who are bypassing restrictions on
involuntary human experimentation, BIG money and a number of
other things. You are just a drop in the bucket where
experimentation is concerned.

The psychological operations associated with these experiments
invariably involve attempts at focusing an experimentee's
attention (and hatred) on a decoy, to the exclusion of all else.
Your decoy is the Brazilian government and a couple of American
stooges. The use of foreign nationals is standard in these
operations. Keep in mind the fact that, at a moment's notice, the
freaks running you can switch their input for purposes of
re-persuading you that extraterrestrials, Satan and/or the U.S.
military are in fact involved. Whatever turns them on. Your best
approach is to ignore the attempts at controlling your beliefs
and perceptions; and that you instead focus on their tantrums
when you start obstructing their activities and running up their
expenses. (You got a taste of that when you threw water on their
microwave emittor down in Brazil. ...Lot's of fun, wasn't it?)

Incidentally, if you want to make a dramatic appearance in your
next court proceeding, should there be one, you might want to
purchase your own handy-dandy hand-held microwave emittor from
Consumertronics down in Alamagordo, NM, beforehand. For a mere
$4,000, according to this firm's catalogue, you, TOO, can
"scramble the brains" of your neighbor, even "from a distance of
one kilometer." AND, for a mere $350, you can purchase a phasor
pain field generator from Information Unlimited, up in Amherst,
NH. Take these items into the courtroom with you and aim them at
the genitals of the government's attorneys while you argue your
case, and you will have them making a few concessions, no doubt.

If you wish to continue pursuing the issue of your suspected
brain implants, your attorney should consider focusing his
attention on the research being conducted by (and publications
being put out by) such agencies as FDA and NIH. This is the
Decade of the Brain, don't forget. These agencies are doling out
millions of dollars to grantees who, among other things, are
testing out the efficacy of brain implants. Since this research
is being funded by taxpayers' dollars, the information is public
domain. Many, many types of biomedical implants are being tested
by researchers under the auspices of these agencies.

Finally, regarding the government's defense against your
allegations, as addressed in your transcripts, I note that no one
addressed the obvious fact that you were held incommunicado in a
foreign prison system for a prolonged period of time under
apparently unjustifiable circumstances. Unless you were engaged
in drug trafficking while in Brazil, your being detained for this
unnecessarily prolonged period of time undoubtedly violated the
spirit and intent of U.S. laws, which invites media publicity.

Also if you were apprehended in Brazil because of a U.S. warrant,
I trust that you have seen the warrant and found it to have been
legally issued, and that you have weighed the associated actions
of U.S. officials in terms of their to-the-letter compliance with
U.S. laws governing extradition. If the warrant was illegal, and
if the government can be found to have violated specific U.S.
laws during the extradition process, you might want to get that
into the press, as well. (You won't get anywhere in court on
these matters.)

In closing, and assuming you don't mind, I am sending a copy of
this letter to Mr. Orren and to David Fratus, at Utah State
Prison, as well as to Marlene Smith (KBOO, Portland, OR), who
conducted one helluva an interview of me last week, and to Glenn
Krawczyk, down in Australia, who published  one helluva an
article about my letter to the Army War College (see below) in
_NEXUS New Times_ not too long ago. (The publicity being accorded
these experiments is becoming more and more widespread.) Since I
do not expect to be corresponding with you again, I trust that
the foregoing has been of some assistance and wish you luck with
your future endeavors.


[original signed]
Electronic Surveillance Project


*Copy of _Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation_
*Copy of list of References and Supplement dated November 1993
*Copy of letter to Christopher Lamb, DoD, re. Draft Policy on Use
 of Non-Lethal Weapons, along with copy of referenced document
*Copy of letter to Metz & Kievit, Strategic Studies
 Institute, Army War College re. publication entitled _The
 Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War_,
 along with copy of referenced document
*Copy of two letters to Johnnie Cochran re. O.J. Simpson case
*Copy of article from _Los Angeles Sentinel_ re. my letters to
*Copy of letter to Louis Freeh, FBI, re. Oklahoma Bombing and
 these directed-energy experiments.

"...Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the
national interest of the United States. They are inimical to the
operation of an effective national intelligence system and
corruptive of civil liberties, including the functioning of the
judiciary and a free press. Most importantly, they contradict
the principles of democracy, national self-determination and
international law to which the united States is publicly
committed." (Credo of the Association of National Security

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