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By Dan Harr

Feb. 1996


This revised version was updated on 2-10-96. The first copy
was written in May, 1995, while I was still under the influence
of Dr. Hollie Sarramif. Since that time, many memories have
become more clear and I have been able to "weed out" memory
overlays that she inserted. I continue to update as more is

In approximately April of 1984, while a student at the
University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, I was approached by a man
who identified himself as "Charlie McBride," a recruiter for the
C.I.A. I was asked if I would like to enlist under a special
program. At that time, I said no. Upon further recent
examination, I believe I was approached for several reasons:
Because of my high intelligence and technical aptitude, certain
personality quirks, and because of some possible related
ritualistic abuses I suffered as a child. I've also found out
this was not my families first contact with the CIA.

My maternal grandfather worked at Badger Ordinance Plant near
Baraboo, Wisconsin during World War II and for the Atomic Energy
Commission around 1947-48. In 1949, he went back to work at the
plant. I the 50's and 60's, he became chief civilian officer at
the Badger Army Ammunition Ordinance plant. He retired in 1972.
He worked for the government, _not_ the army or Olin Corporation.
My  grandmother believes he may have had some close association
with the CIA at times. Further research indicates that the
Baraboo plant has been one of several locations at which "PROJECT
PAPERCLIP" occurred. "Project Paperclip" was an operation by the
US military and Intelligence agencies to "naturalize" Nazi war
criminals, scientists, and Gestapo and SS intelligence officers
into the U.S. It occurred from 1940, after the war, up into the

I am adopted. I met my natural mother in 1986 when she sought
me out. We attempted to locate my natural father but there was no
trace of him. She said he had been "secretive" and "disappeared
for days at a time" when she had known him, and believed him to
be part of the "shadowy underworld." It is possible he was in
intelligence. It is further suspicious that my natural mother
decided to finally contact me during the time I was going through
my NOC training.

In late 1985, due to financial problems, I called "Charlie
McBride" at the telephone number he had given me. Throughout 1986
I spent almost every other weekend, usually Thursday through
Monday, at a "farm" near Fairfax (?), Virginia. It was a working
farm, but was also a series of underground rooms used for
classrooms and such. The training was called N.O.C. for
Non-Official Cover. We called it the "school of hard knocks
(NOCS)." I believe that the project under which I was trained,
the NOC training, was _Project Pegasus_. My memories have become
clearer about Pegasus and _Orion_. Pegasus was the operation of
"programmed responders" and Orion the operatives, the Hunters.
Orion may have been my original code. I believe these to be my
core memories and they have taken time, and were very hard to
access. I believe that many layers of deception memories were
later implanted during my time at Mare Island. From what I have
learned, layer upon layer of false trails are created to protect
these core memories.

At the NOC training, I learned weapons training, extensive
computer knowledge for "hacking," use of radios and other
communication devices, and certain evasion techniques. Some of
the memories are blurred because, I believe, they were later
"wiped," and overlaid with fake trails, although I still retain
the skills I was taught.

In January 1987, I entered the Navy as my "cover" and received
electronics training, although I retain _none_ of that today.
Eventually, in the spring of '88, I was transferred to Mare
Island, a "special projects" submarine base near Vallejo,
California. The CIA and NSA had a strong presence at Mare Island.
My cover was to go there for schooling, although the Navy records
I have show no indication of any schooling while there.

I had retained some records from my discharge time but none
were complete. The ones I did have indicated a "T-secret"
clearance with some other codes behind the phrase. Recently, US
Senator Herb Kohl's office obtained my service records from the
MILPERS record bureau. The record his office received contained
_only_ medical records (most, of which, I have no memory of
receiving services for), and no actual service time records for
my Navy time. His office has rewritten asking the MILPERS bureau
to further their search, and have acknowledged to my family the
possibility of a "cover-up."

I have almost NO memory of _on-base_ time while at Mare Island,
but can remember approximately three months of "off-base"
entertainment time, although I was there for over 8 months. It is
during this period that I believe I went through extensive mind-
control programming/experimentation, possibly at Oakland Naval
Hospital, as that is what I associate with my memories. Recently,
I've had memories of something called the "Berekely" or "Barclay"
Institute, but I am not yet clear what it means. I just know it
relates somehow.

I have memories of taking a trip to L.A. in May/June of '88
while at Mare Island. I believe this trip was to be involved with
a sanctioned action against a former military officer. I
sometimes associate "Bedrock-Stalemate," with this project,
although that term may be related to what I discuss later about
being placed into "Right Wing" groups. My memory of the project
is as follows:

In 1968, a 19 man squad operating under MAC-SOG was dropped
into Laos to assassinate Laotian leaders. The hit never happened
because the team was pulled out. I believe the team was called
operation "Black Stripe." In 1980's, a team member wanted to go
public (there were 14 still alive). Someone decided not to allow
that to happen and NOC "programmed responders" were activated to
plug the leaks. I was assigned, with two others I remember as
Forseyth/Forest and Simonds/Simons, to a Captain Michael McHenry.
(Sometimes I remember him as "Col." instead of "Capt." He may
have retired a Col.) These were more than likely not their real
names, as I was under the cover of "David Hanson". (I still
retained the false ID, i.e. passport, drivers license, etc. until
my ex-wife found them in 1990. I then destroyed the ID's.) There
have recently been more memories of an additional target, but
name and places have not yet come clear.

In May of '88, my right knee was damaged. My memory is that I
was dancing, but I now question that. I remember spending time at
Oakland Naval Hospital. During the end of July, first week of
August, I was home on medical leave. After August '88, my memory
is very blurred, with a period from mid-Oct. through mid-Dec.
completely blank. I have been able to reconstruct the following
memories through therapy, and attribute them to that time frame.

I have regained VERY CLEAR memories of a room with a chair,
two stands with strobe lights and speakers, and a movie screen.
Behind the movie screen was a large window/mirror (sometimes I
could see through it!). The room:

||||||||||||||||  1  |||||||||||||||     1. Window/Mirror
|              -------             -     2. Door
|             _________            2     3. Movie Screen
|                 3                -     4. Strobe lights and
|                                  |     5. speakers on stands
|    -----                -----    |     6. Tray
|    | 4 |                | 5 |    |     7. Chair
|    -----                -----    |
|               _____  -           |
|               | 7 | |6|          |
|               -----  -           |

I remember being strapped to the chair. My right hand was
splayed out and had rubber cups on the ends of my fingers with
wires running out of them. There was an IV needle in my hand. I
remember hearing four drug names -- Scopolamine, Sodium
Pentothal, Nebutal, and Xanax. The strobes and speakers would
flash and sound in sync, about one per second unless something
was said to me or shown to me, which caused them to flash very
fast. I think I had a metal band around my left leg, and I
remember sometimes feeling shocks with the strobe lights. They
would ask me questions and give directions. "They," I think, was
a Dr. O'Connor(?).

I remember some of the things I saw on the movie screen. There
were many different pictures - dogs having sex, my parents with
their heads cut off, a movie of a human sacrifice and some
cannibalism, mixed with pictures of flowers, porno, cars,
animals, and such. Over and over again. Good, and bad, good and
bad. Recently, my memories of the cannibalism viewing have
become more clear and, while I will not describe them in extreme
detail, I fear they were not a movie but live action. There were
three females and four males, naked, around a table with a seven
or eight year old child on it. He was the victim. In the
background I can vaguely see a figure in a red robe and there are
candles all about.

I also remember something that felt like a coffin. It was all
dark and filled with warm water. After awhile, I felt like a HEAD
just floating without a body. There were also strobe lights and
speakers in there as well. I remember feeling "high" all the
time. I also spent time in a small room where there was only a
hole in the floor. The lights would go on and off and days would
pass in hours, and hours in days. There was no sense of time.

I am not sure if it is from that time, or from some things
that happened to me as a child, but I also remember 3 men in red
robes, candles around the room, and me laying face up on some
sort of hard cot or bed. One of them said, "NO, it is not time
yet." I always feel the same thing about all these memories -
that I am _supposed_ to forget and NOT tell. I always feel that
something bad will happen if I tell.

I was HONORABLY discharged in December 1988, 23 months into a
supposed 6 year hitch. I returned to Wisconsin but came back
different. My parents and my ex-wife Susan noticed. I had
suddenly acquired "Right-Wing, Christian Fanatic, Militia, Posse
Committatus" type views. I had never held these views before. In
retrospect, I believed that what happened at the end of '88 may
have been to "re-program" me as a "human tape recorder" to spy on
certain right-wing groups. Susan used to complain that
periodically I would disappear for a day at a time. In the spring
of '95, I had an experience which fully leads me to believe my

I completely lost a 24-hour period of time April 2-3, 1995. I
"came to" in a strange place, a restaurant in Madison, sitting
across from a woman I did not know. She said, "good you're back,"
and left. Later, I noticed I had a needle mark in my right arm
and a puncture-welt on my right hip.

Through research, my family has found out that the Reagan/Bush
administration actively used intelligence personnel to infiltrate
these "Right-Wing" groups. NOC personnel were probably first
choice because it was a domestic operation and we had existing
covers. I feel this project may have been the "Bedrock Stalemate"
I mentioned earlier.

In November of 1994, I contacted Dr. Hollie Sarramif at
"Survivors In Crisis," in Stoughton, Wisconsin. My father says I
picked the "Survivors In Crisis" name out a list of
psychologists. She was originally hired to review material from
my custody battle. Almost immediately, though, I was seeing her
on a therapeutic basis. She claims to have ties to the
intelligence community and claims to have, at one time, been a
psychologist involved with the deprogramming of the Iranian

I remember almost none of our sessions, even though I saw her
weekly for about 5 months. I _do_ know that she was using
hypnosis on me and may have used drugs as well. I remember being
given "Pepsi" when I got to her place, and then nothing more.
One time, in early February '95, I appeared "under the influence"
to two jail guards at the Sauk Co. Huber Center (where I was
serving out a jail sentence) after returning from a session with
Sarramif. She wrote an extremely bizarre account of her own life
of which I have copies.

Currently she is under investigation by the Stoughton Police
and the Wisconsin Dept. of Regulation and Licensing for
malpractice, injury to patients (there are others), and other
possible charges.

I believe she IS a programmer with a cult, or the agency, and
was sent to disrupt my re-building of my memories, and to create
more "layers" of bad memories to protect the core. I believe it
was she that attempted to overlay false memories of Cornell
University, project Monarch, and Dr. Cameron and others, into my
programming network. In the 7 months since breaking contact with
her, my existing memories have become more clear and I continue
to remember new ones.


[A request for donations from Dan Harr]:

"I need major financial assistance.

"For a minimum of $20.00, I'll send copies of my story, the
'Advisory Committee Report on Human Radiation Experimentation'
(which is mostly about mind control), and copies of other
materials we have. For $30.00 minimum, I'll also include a
copy of a taped interview I did with Tom Valentine on 'Radio
Free America.' I really need the monetary help because I have
been working for a year making calls, copies, etc. at my cost
while I've been incarcerated without income."

Dan Harr - 2/10/96
POB 159
New Glarus, Wisconsin 53574

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