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Microwaves and Mind Control in Low Income Communities

Sept. 1995

Muada Shakur

  "Contel Couldn't Con Churchill"

  Contel Cellular's attempt at building cellular phone towers in
the highly populated Black district of Churchill, came to a
screeching halt when residents met with Contel representatives to
voice their concerns. The meeting was held on July 31 at 6 p.m.
at the Salvation Army Boys and Girls club. Organized by Reggie
Malone and Sterling Page, the meeting was to  provide a platform
on the pros and cons of the tower and the health risks involved.
Contel was supposed to provide evidence that microwave radiation
produced by cellular phone towers are harmless. That did not
happen. I was invited by Mr. Malone to be on the panel and
present my research on the effects of microwave radiation and
cited several studies from very credible sources that microwave
radiation is very harmful.
  In attendance for Contel was the Company president Phil Forbes
and Richard Biby a so-called communications engineer expert who
came to the meeting empty handed, with no information, only
rhetoric. A map of Richmond was the only thing presented as
residents began to tear into their backsides for coming
  The channel 12 report broadcast at 11:00 p.m. spared Contel
the embarrassment of how it really was a landslide defeat given to
them by the residents. Channel 12 attempt to lend support and
credibility to Contel was weak and full of holes. The organizers
Reggie Malone and Sterling Page were never even interviewed, in
fact Richard Biby was the only panelist that was interviewed. He
was promoted as an expert that denied any harmful effects from
low-level microwave radiation, although he provided no evidence
to the Churchill residents. I presented several studies myself,
with the documentation in my hand, that microwave radiation is
harmful. But channel 12 didn't seem very interested.
  City manager Robert Bobb, who was also in attendance, said in
the channel 12 interview that the tower would still be built in
the community but at a different site after siding with the
residents in the meeting. You stabbed us in the back again Mr.
  Shirley Harvey, the lone maverick of city council always
standing against the odds for what she believes in, approached
Mr. Bobb when I was with her after the meeting about the video
cameras on the street corners in Black neighborhoods. He replied
he didn't know of them, but he did admit to some closed
discussions of electronic surveillance. They have obviously been
doing more than discussing it. (* check the corner of Brooklyn
Park & Meadowbridge *)
  At this point we will quote several more sources, articles, and
studies on" low-level" microwave radiation since that's the reason
they give us that cellular phone towers are safe.
  In 1971 the Presidents advisory council issued a report that
stated "electromagnetic radiations emanating from radar,
television, communications systems, microwave ovens, permeate the
environment" and warned that "the consequences of undervaluing or
misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low-level
exposure could become a critical problem for the public health,
especially if genetic effects are involved."
  The Environmental Protection Agency released a summary of
scientific reviews in December of 1990 which concluded that
scientific evidence "suggests a causal link " between (ELF)
extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields, (produced by
microwave radiations) and leukemia, lymphoma, and brain cancer.
And "a possible but not proven, cause of cancer in Humans." We
have found that it is very provable.
  In 1976 Professor Przemyslaw Czerski along with Dr. William M.
Leach, chief of the experimental studies branch of the Bureau of
Radiological Health's Division of Biological Effects, told a
seminar that convened in Washington on December 15, 1976 by the
Electromagnetic Radiation Management Advisory Council that it was
"easily demonstrable and easily quantified microwave effects on
the lymphocytes  and lymphocytic systems of mice, rabbits, and
guinea pigs which had been exposed to low doses of radiation."
  Dr. Leach went on to say that up to 20% of the normal
lymphocyte cells (white blood cells) in the irradiated animals
underwent blastic transformation, which means that the cells grew
in size then divided into two. Dr. Leach then told the audience,
"We have a word for that, the word is cancer." The study was
conducted for the first 6 months of 1976.
  A study was compiled about behavior alteration caused by ELF
electromagnetic radiation by William Bise, director of the
Pacific Northwest Center for the study of Non-ionizing Radiation
in Portland, Oregon. The report is called "Radio-frequency
Induced Interference Responses in the Human Nervous System". It
was conducted on 10 human volunteers between July 1975 and June
1976. It states that "biological interference responses in the
human nervous system can be elicited (caused) not only by
pulse-modulated but by continuous wave radio-frequency at power
densities substantially below those levels that exist in a
typical urban environment". In the last section of the Bise report
he suggested that since approximately 5% of the urban population
of the U.S. was believed to be living in an environmental power
density, his findings indicate "a meaningful risk factor for the
general population appears to exist".
  The study published by the U.S. Army mobility Equipment
Research and Development Center in 1972 called, "Analysis of
Microwaves for Barrier Warfare", states that," It is possible to
field a truck- portable microwave barrier system that will
completely "immobilize" (mind-control) personnel in the open with
present day technology and equipment".
  In light of the studies and interest in behavior control using
microwave radiation and it's effects on the nervous system from
the army, scientists, and medical specialists, could the silence
about the real effects of microwave radiation be part of a
plan to alter then eventually control the behavior of an
unsuspecting urban population? Keeping in mind that before
someone can control you, you must give up control of yourself or
be made to lose control of your own behavior. Are people more out
of control these days?
  Are individuals being produced who are extremely susceptible to
these subliminal microwave signals and go out and commit
atrocities? They don't even know why they did it. Some claim to
hear voices that told them to do things. It is not only possible,
it is likely.
  There is great interest in mind-control. Ask Psychotechnologies
of Richmond, Va. which owns the American right to the soviet
mind-control technology that the F.B.I. was going to use on David
Koresh during the Waco stand-off. Dr. Igor Smirnov who developed
it claimed it could be used through the phone. (Defense
Electronics 7/93) Psychotechnologies is not listed in the
  It is time for people to ignore the rhetoric and examine the
facts for ourselves.

Muada Shakur
Minister of Information

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