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Editor's Note:

Propaganda -- whether it is liberal or conservative -- is just
that -- propaganda. It serves to distort the truth, and to
control the attitudes of society.

The following author presents here an excellent example of how
double standards can be promoted by the press, and used to
condition an unwitting public.

Propaganda is the most effective form of mind control.



By Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe

April 23, 1996


   That perfect silence you hear is the environmental movement
not being blamed for the crimes of the Unabomber. It is
President Clinton not calling a press conference to denounce the
purveyors of hate and division on the ecological fringe. It is
the Sunday-morning Beltway pundits not accusing environmental
activists of inflaming an unstable creep like Theodore
Kaczynski, the Unabomber suspect. It is editors in America's
great newsrooms not assigning long takeouts on radical groups
like Earth First, which blow up logging equipment and demand the
blood of environmental "villains" -- like those the Unabomber
   There's no disputing the pull of militant environmentalism on
the mind of the Unabomber. His own writings cite "anarchist and
radical environmentalist journals" to justify attacks on "the
industrial-technological system," and he obviously drew his
victims from the  demonology of green extremists. Two examples:
   (*) At a 1994 Earth First meeting in Missoula, Mont., the
public-relations giant Burson-Marsteller was excoriated for
supposedly having helped Exxon recover from the Valdez oil spill
disaster. Kaczynski attended that meeting. One month later,
Thomas Mosser, a former Burson-Marsteller executive, was killed
by a bomb mailed to his home. In a letter to the New York Times,
the Unabomber claimed credit. "Among other misdeeds," he
wrote, "Burston-Marsteller [sic] helped Exxon clean up its
public image after the Exxon Valdez incident."
   (*) In a 1989 tract called "Live Wild or Die," a group of
enviro-nihilists put out an "Eco-[expletive] Hit List." No. 1
on the list was the Timber Association of California. Last year,
the Unabomber addressed an explosive to the association at its
Sacramento headquarters -- unaware that it had been renamed the
California Forestry Association. Gilbert Murray, the group's
president and a father of three, opened the package. He died on
the spot.
   So isn't it odd that the nation's opinion makers aren't
skewering environmentalists for the Unabomber's long trail of
death and mayhem?
   Isn't it curious that editorial writers and "Nightline"
producers aren't hyping Kaczynski's connection to the
eco-fanatics? Isn't it strange that we're not being reminded
that deadly rhetoric can fuel deadly deeds -- that when
environmental advocates put timber executives on a "hit list,"
they are encouraging psychopaths to blow up timber executives?
   Well, no, it isn't strange. It would be absurd to blame decent
environmentalists for the Unabomber's murders. Just as it would
have been absurd to blame decent conservatives for the horror in
Oklahoma City. Or decent pro-lifers for the killing of abortion
   Whoops. Did somebody say ..."double standard?"
   Twelve months ago, when Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were
arrested for the bombing in Oklahoma City, it was open season on
anything right-of-center. President Clinton slammed conservative
talk show hosts as "promoters of paranoia" who "spread hate"
and "leave the impression that ...violence is acceptable."
Washington Post pundit David Broder observed, "The bombing
shows how dangerous it really is to inflame twisted minds with
statements that suggest political opponents are enemies." A
Scripps Howard wire story was headlined: "Did National Rifle
Association Ads Spark Bombing?"
   Even the Republican Party found itself charged with the
terrorism in Oklahoma City.
   When House Speaker Newt Gigrich arrived to pay his respects,
a reporter asked him whether the GOP victory in 1994 had led to
the atrocity. Columnist Carl Rowan echoed that slur. "Unless
Gingrich and Dole and the Republicans say, 'Am I inflaming a
bunch of nuts?'" he said, "you know we're going to have more
events" like the attack on the Murrah Building.
   The same phenomenon was at work four months earlier, when John
Salvi opened fire on two Brookline abortion clinics, killing two
   "The National Right to Life Committee, the Pro-Life Action
League, and Operation Rescue ...are responsible for these
shootings," snarled Kim Gandy of the National Organization for
   "Despite the claims of pro-lifers," the Boston Globe
editorialized, "yesterday's murders were not merely the acts of
a deranged individual."
   Planned Parenthood blasted the "inflammatory rhetoric" of
pro-lifers "that fostered this climate of fear and violence."
One syndicated columnist (my colleague Ellen Goodman) declared:
"The mainstream antiabortion rhetoric that calls abortion
murder has led many, step by step, to the 'logical' conclusion
that killing a 'killer' is justifiable homicide.. ..It's not
surprising that as the whole army moves toward the extreme, a
flank will carry the message over the edge."
   He who says X must say Y. Either Al Gore, Earth First, and
Greenpeace had a hand in the Unabomber's killings -- or Newt
Gingrich, the NRA, and Rush Limbaugh's radio show didn't cause
the carnage in Oklahoma City. If John Salvi is the product of
"mainstream antiabortion rhetoric," then Theodore Kaczynski
was spawned by mainstream environmentalists.
   _Every_ movement has its kooks and degenerates. To blame the
left for the atrocities of the Unabomber would be shameless.
Even as it was shameless to blame the right for the crimes in
Brookline and Oklahoma City.

Jeff Jacoby is a columnist for the Boston Globe. His e-mail
address is .

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