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APFN=> COYLE, M. APFN FAX-BOXX 702-226-9111 10/31/95 23:37:21


3230 E. Flamingo Rd. #352
Las Vegas, NV 89121

| 10/15/95 - APFN a/k/a Kenneth L. Vardon |
|              110 Evergreen              |
|     Imperial Beach, California 91932    |
|          Voice/Fax: 619-429-5268        |

Dear Kenneth,
     Up until now I have been somewhat reticent in my desire to
send  you the information that is enclosed with this letter,
information which concerns the New World Order - Gray Alien
connection.  However, since your acceptance of the Val Valerian
MATRIX II information, and the revelations that Phil Schneider
has made (my information goes far "deeper" than Phil's in regards
to the joint Bavarian-Gray base below Dulce, etc.), I've decided
that the time is now right to pass the information along to you,
with the hopes that you will spread the information that you deem
useful throughout the faxnet.
     The document that I am sending is a synopsis of the combined
research and experiences of myself and many others who have been
involved in all of this, yet who also have a determined desire to
defend "truth, justice and the American way"...
     I am what you might refer to as a "sleeper" agent of
military intelligence. I actually possess two alternate
"personalities" --  a normal "waking" personality which is the
one writing to you now, and an alternate
hypno-electronically-induced alternate "personality" that has
been programmed as an agent of Black Projects and has security
access to "the underground".
     Once one has passed the security levels necessary to gain
access to the subnet where the tube-trains and Alternative 002
underground cities are located, they are usually not questioned
since the rest (both humans and aliens) assume that he or she is
"supposed" to be there. This does not mean that everything is
always nice and peaceful down there, as there is now an
escalating "civil war" taking place in the "underground empire"
as a result of a growing rift between the underground "elite" and
the lower classes who are developing and growing resistance to
the way things are being done down there -- and it is this
resistance which I am serving in this as well as my "alternate"
life. Apparently these secret government fascists in the
underground basenets have such a god complex that they cannot
help but try and enforce their tyranny -- even on their own kind.
     The revelations in the enclosed document is no joke! You may
 at first perceive the information as being similar to a complex
plot for a science fiction-drama-adventure novel, but I assure
you that it is true to the best of my knowledge.
     I am also sending you the core files of my WINDOWS-PC
database which you can pursue (in addition to the Val Valerian
and Phil Schneider information that you already possess). The
database has more than enough documentary information to convince
all but the most naive skeptic that there must be something to
the scenario as related in the enclosed "Cosmic Conflict"
     I am unable to give you my return address at this time, nor
my  true name, as I am walking on thin ice as it is. True, I wish
to help preserve this great nation as our founders established it
through the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration
of Independence, etc., but I also wish to LIVE to see the final
victory  as well.

     Yours in the Resistance...

     [original signed]



APFN=> COYLE, M. APFN FAX-BOXX 702-226-9111 10/31/95 23:29:39

             "Broader Concepts for Better Solutions"
   10734 Jefferson Boulevard, Suite 502, Culver City, CA 90230

To: Ken Vardon, APFN (702) 226-9075

From: Gwenn H. Wycoff

Subject: 8/21/95 fax from Branton

Per your request for information.

| Re: Letter & Info From "Branton" to |
| K.L.V.                              |

The data sounds correct. When one sinks into the depth of the
misery and disgust of what is happening in the underground bases,
one often finds this type of information, and it is fairly

Read the Montauk serious of books by Peter Moon. Here is a deep,
insightful, look at the secret societies and their agenda.

In book 3 of that series is a description of the brain
stimoceiver which is used to create alternate personalities of
the Delta Force who fly the Earth-based UFOs for the Shadow

The problem is not that it is going on, but that people of Earth
are treated like ignorant cattle and not to be educated in what
the rest of the galaxy is doing.

Earth is the final stopping place of the criminal insane exiled
from other worlds because Earth has a magnetic shield that
distorts and weakens telepathic ability and diminishes one's
inner power.  This is why the criminally insane have always
governed here on Earth and there has been such a struggle between
the people and the government. Who but the insane would want to
hold such power?

The other issue about "brain entrainment" is that this works only
if one has been 1) indoctrinated from childhood, and/or 2) is
weak in resolve. The techniques to expand consciousness and to
force one's evolution forward override all frequencies; although,
it is quite a battle.

All of this type of stuff has been attempted on me, and I've
nearly lost my life one time over all this technological effort
to control me. It takes quite an education and much help from
other informed individuals to deal with this type of enslavement.
My video "Patriotism and Mind Control," addresses these issues.

The worst about all this is what Earth people need is a
reasonable leadership, but ALL of our leadership has been
entrained in one form or another. It might be they receive their
paycheck from the Federal Reserve, or they are threatened if they
don't obey they will go to Bethesda Navel Hospital for some
mind-control experimentation, or they are blackmailed by children
who through mind control have seduced them and it is all on video
(See Jon Rappoport's book "CIA Mind Control Experiments on

The battle for basic sanity is where the real issue arise, and
militias are noble and honorable, but the kind of technology we
are up against is way beyond what most people can begin to

The Ashtar Command plays a significant role in enslaving this
planet, for when a person's consciousness rises the brain emits
signals that are picked up on equipment in various space ships
which trigger an electronic-low-frequency attack to destroy the
synapses and render the person sick and helpless. The next stage
after this experience is a visitation by Angeles, and one will
discover Count St. Germane somewhere in the matrix. Most people
are again "entrained," through false information, and often are
used as a channel to promote more disinformation, and to give
significant information out of sequence, such as teaching love
without teaching people to align with the truth of their feelings

It is not that channeling is incorrect, it is what IS being
channeled is only the guards who keep the planet from evolving.
We are surrounded by an electronic net of amazing sophistication,
controlled out of the fourth and fifth dimensions -- things
people can't even begin to imagine because we have been so

We are used as slaves on other worlds because of our propensity
to worship. We have lost so much of ourselves through the horrors
of the past and manipulated frequencies that most people don't
know who they are and why they are here. We've lost purpose and
function by an enslavement that makes the "Creative" realm deeply
worried. The "Good Guys," are locked out -- Read last issue of
Unicus, article by Jerry Willis -- he's ET born, raised by
humans. His people can't get through to help us, had to give up
their child in hopes he could give them some info.

Not all is lost, people are evolving despite the odds, but are
there enough of us? That is why _Perceptions_ magazine covers
Government, Health and Metaphysics. We have to bridge the gap
between Government and Metaphysics. It is metaphysics that is
used against us to keep us in the state of de-evolution. (You
don't think we're going forward do you???)  Metaphysics holds the
key, but most people believe it is evil. Metaphysics is neither
good nor evil, but without the knowledge of it, we will not
defeat the force against us. (You must know Angeles are total
metaphysical beings.)

One more point. Yes it is the government that does abductions AND
it is the aliens that do abductions. Don't think it is one or the
other. Recently one close to me was taken with 4 hours of missing
time by insectoids who was subjected to basic torture and THEN
taken in person to Gorbachev's underground base in San Francisco.
She was there subjected to extreme electronic disruption of her
brain by being forced to be under a metal helmet where they
electrocuted her. Upon her return, I was the first to see her.
She shook for three days, and I administered healing while
assisting her to bring back much of her memory.

Sorry to have carried on, this subject is one of my biggest


cc Judi V. Brewer

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