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The Electronic Surveillance Project is no longer in operation
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By Julianne McKinney

August 1995


                 Association of National Security Alumni
                      Electronic Surveillance Project
                              P.O. Box 13625
                       Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
                              (301) 608-0143

August 16, 1995


Dear Mr. Upton:

   I appreciated your having sent me the paper, "Silent
Weapons..." Has anyone determined whether or not this economic
theory was in fact addressed in the September 1980 issue of
_Scientific_American_? Actually, the concept of refocused wealth
is not all that farfetched. I think we saw a couple of "test
runs" on this theory just a few short months ago, when a number
of municipalities and major investors began complaining of
tremendous losses (and bankruptcy) suffered as a result of
investments in "derivatives." What I found even more interesting
was the smirky manner in which an ABC commentator observed that
nobody seems to understand how derivatives work, and nobody seems
to know where all their money disappeared to. He obviously was
trying to convey the impression that he knew more about
derivatives than he was willing to state.
   On hearing these reports, my immediate instinct was that
derivatives were the work of economic wargames in the bowels of
the Pentagon, whose highly sophisticated computer programs were
based on the monitoring and manipulation of the international
exchange rates. At that time, some 147 separate derivative
"wargames" -- or "scenarios," according to Leontief -- were known
to exist. How many forms of derivatives exist at this present
time is unknown, simply because our controlled media have been
told to drop the subject.
   Curiously, I was asked to comment on this by Stan Solomon,
during my last radio interview. I say, "curiously," because I am
not an economist, have never pretended to be, and had been
brought on air to discuss the abuse of directed-energy systems,
not economic misadventures. It was after that interview,
incidentally, that derivatives suddenly became a non-word in the
media. Apparently no one else wanted to ponder the Pentagon's
potential involvement in this area of economics.
   The "Silent Weapons" paper tends to support my theory
regarding the Pentagon's becoming involved in economic
"wargaming," particularly on page 2, where is stated, "The
simultaneous solution of these equations by a computer...provides
a numerical way of calculating possible future states of the
economy. The time variable _derivatives_ of that model -- the
*manipulation* and feedback automation of the World Economic
Model -- produces various options (scenarios) for New Economic
World Orders." (_Emphasis_mine_.)
   Actually, and as noted, Leontief (if real) is not all that
farfetched. We are in the early stages of seeing his alleged
theories of refocused wealth being implemented -- and not just in
the form of derivatives. The lesson learned from the derivatives
scam is that angry investors tend to make too much noise. These
investors have the advantage because their misappropriated
investments were made in good faith, which would thus give them a
justifiable basis for demanding a full-scale investigation.
(Interestingly, I have heard of no such investigation, which says
to me that noisier complainers were probably bought off.)
   There are better ways of stripping the international populace
of vast sums of money under circumstances that invite no
outbursts of righteous indignation or threats of a large-scale
investigation. Gambling, drugs, consumer fraud, sophisticated
philanthropic scams, and arms purchases are amazingly effective
as alternative means.
   The State of Connecticut, for example, is purportedly
receiving $77,000,000/week in taxes from gambling revenues, yet
Hartford is on the verge of bankruptcy. Where indeed is that
money going?
   Lotteries throughout the country are supposed to be used for
improvements in state and municipal facilities and in educational
facilities and programs. After 10-15 years of experience with a
lottery, Detriot's city planners (for example) are only now
beginning top to repair some of the city's main expressways. The
city's schools, meanwhile, remain notoriously substandard. Where
is *that* money going?
   Drug addictions are bringing in billions of dollars. Where is
*that* money going?
   CNN just mentioned, a couple of minutes ago, that consumer
fraud costs the taxpayer about $44,000,000/year. Where is *that*
money going?
   The most sophisticated and yet amazingly primitive
philanthropic scam took place only a few months ago, when major
educational, medical, and research institutions lost many
millions of dollars to the Foundation for New Era Philanthropy.
The money is unrecoverable, and one or two fall guys took the
hit. Where did *that* money go?
   Then we have third world countries selling their souls for
arms so they can decimate their and/or their neighbor's
populations. Where is *that* money going?
   And now we have Congress rechanneling all of the taxpayer's
money into the Department of Defense, to the exclusion of all
else. That money, in turn, is channeled to major contractors who
produce products which are of limited use to the average
consumer, which in many cases are being used to subjugate large
segments of the population on a graduated basis (directed-energy
systems), and which will inspire all sorts of foreign governments
to sell their nations down the river, as is now happening in
Bosnia. And nary a peep from the average taxpayer.
   And then we have the innovative lone wolves who run
centuries-old British banks into the ground from offices in
Singapore, by misappropriating billions of dollars which are
redirected into that mysterious ether where disappearing funds
seem to be going.
   In sum, many trillions of dollars are being redirected into
the hands of a relative few on a gradually-intensified basis,
with the average citizen happily helping the process, blithely
unaware of what the long-term consequences might be. Leontief's
mathematically-based scenarios really aren't necessary at this
stage, since tapping the wellspring of human gullibility, greed,
and foolishness is proving sufficiently profitable. Regardless, I
do anticipate that, at some point during the next few years, all
stops will be pulled, the Pentagon's computers will be geared up,
and a total derivatives plunder will take place. What we saw
previously, as stated, was only a test run. (You can add that to
my "homemaker's recipe for a successful Revolution in Military
   Be that as it may, the nice thing about human nature is that
people who have tasted freedom don't adapt all that well to
enslavement, as a general rule. A global takeover -- much less, a
takeover of this government -- is not going to be easy.
   Well, on that note, I'd better get back to my packing. (As
noted in my correspondence to Gordon Phillips, I am in the
process of closing up shop.)
   Incidentally, I gather from one of your notes that you do in
fact have a copy of the _Report_From_Iron_Mountain_. If I am
mistaken, let me know (as soon as possible, since I am not
leaving a forwarding address), and I will get a complete copy to


[original signed]

Electronic Surveillance Project


P.S. This is the morning following my having drafted the
preceding. Apparently this letter caused some sort of uproar
amongst those who have me under 24-hour surveillance. Aside from
being kept awake until 4:00 a.m. under very painful
circumstances, I was knocked unconscious by directed-energy means
and conjointly reduced to a bizarre "convulsive" process which
did not quite succeed in producing massive vomiting. A variation
on _grand_mal_ seizures, I would say.
   This is a first. I thought I'd been subjected to the gamut of
incredibly painful directed-energy effects these past several
years. Apparently not. Suffice to say, it is not a nice
experience -- less so considering that I came very close to
slamming my head against the sharp corner of a chair when
crashing to the ground.
   Be that as it may, I have to conclude from the assault that my
letter has raised some questions which now warrant consideration
by the public-at-large, so, do not be surprised to hear that
this letter has been circulated. It would appear that the
questions in this letter need to be answered. As a courtesy to
you, I am censoring the address block and headers on this
letter, since I do not have your permission to identify you,
specifically, as the source of the "Silent Weapons" report.

"...Covert actions are counterproductive and damaging to the
national interest of the United States. They are inimical to the
operation of an effective national intelligence system and
corruptive of civil liberties, including the functioning of the
judiciary and a free press. Most importantly, they contradict the
principles of democracy, national self-determination and
international law to which the united States is publicly
committed." (Credo of the Association of National Security

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