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Editor's Note:

The Electronic Surveillance Project is no longer in operation
as of Sept. 1995.



By Julianne McKinney

Aug. 1995


             Association of National Security Alumni
                 Electronic Surveillance Project
                         P.O. Box 13625
                   Silver Spring, MD 20911-3625
                         (301) 608-0143

August 22, 1995

Mr. Michael J. Coyle
P.O. Box 32314
Oakland, CA 94604-2314

Dear Mike:

I am enclosing, as discussed, a copy of the IEEE Fellows list. I
am also enclosing a copy of my letter to John Smith, an Oneida
County Legislator, in which I refer specifically to this list,
among other things. David Brinsko -- on whose behalf I wrote
this -- served his time in the Oneida County Jail under hellish
experimental conditions, on theft charges. He is now trying to
get his life back together, holding down two jobs to support his
family. He, his wife and child are now all being subjected to
quite vicious directed-energy harassment -- a case of
government-directed "extrajudicial punishment."

I am sending this to for your disposition as you see fit.
Certainly you will want to make note of my paragraphs concerning
our corruptible government of all-too-human men and women, and
the long-term consequences of "conspiracies of silence." This
should become a standardized response to anyone who claims that
this government cannot POSSIBLY be engaged in these activities.

I've been thinking about your comments regarding the letters you
have been receiving from alleged mind-control experimentees. As
stated, I fully support your decision to not become involved in
this. It is an incredibly time-consuming, draining and expensive
process. What I suggest is that you make it clear, when posting
these materials that you are not in the business of counseling
experimentees and are discouraging any such requests for

Those experimentees who have the wherewithal to be able to read
my materials on the Internet should simply download them and,
using their imagination, take it from there. There is enough
information in those materials to get them started in fighting
their own circumstances in credible and coherent fashion.
Whining on the Internet on a long-term basis will not solve
their problems. Devising clever, innovative and lawful means
for solving their problems should be their foremost concern and

Okay, this is it. This is definitely it. I have drawn the line. I
have packing to do, and I am not writing any more letters. Good


[original signed]

Electronic Surveillance Project


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