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War Monger of the New Millennium

By Armen Victorian

June 1996


Six years ago, John Alexander, in a paper submitted to "Forum for
Military Applications of Directed Energy (F-MADE)" at Kirtland
AFB, wrote:

"I submit that we will have to abandon the border-based concept
of 'Fortress America' and recognise that our national interests
may be endangered from within."  In trying to sell his soft-kill
policy option, he did not deny that its use on the American
people is an option.

In submitting the above he further wrote: "The values of conflict
are changing. The side that initiates change [presumably him with
his so called non-lethal concept] usually holds a distinct

How? "To expend force option available to commanders and allow
them to INFLICT control over people," by using:

- "Electromagnetic optional munitions" to blind them.
- "High Power Microwave" to cook their internal organs.
- "Pulsed power weapons" to cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting.
- "Infra-sound" to disorient them.

It doesn't matter if there are any pregnant women, children, or
elderly there. After all, in the list of his 'New Conflict
Values,' as he puts it: "Any target [is] OK."

Vietnam's 'Phoenix' raises again from the ashes.

A. Victorian. JUNE 1996

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