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By Armen Victorian

June 1996


At the time when the Serbian War-lords are chased for their
crimes against humanity for a number of despicable crimes. Types
of which history remembers during the massacre of a million
and half Armenians by the Turkish Ottoman Empire, after that,
the fate of the Jewish people in the hands of Nazi regime, and
long after in Sadam's massacre of Kurds in Sabrah, Shatilah
and Halabjah -- the morality of these type of acts committed
by the military leaders seem seldom changed much, or brought
to close scrutiny. Desert Storm, too, had bloody hands -- the
Kuwait-Baghdad highway massacre -- considered a legitimate
operation. It is quite ironic, since everyone of the
above-mentioned historical massacres were sanctioned by their
contemporary political and military leaders, and at the time,
in the eyes of the acting leaders were also legitimate. Yet,
the human, global consciousness condemned these acts.

In reality there are no properly set laws on the conduct of
wars, military operations, or the types of weapons used.
Usually, the victors who hold the ultimate balance of power --
super-powers -- dictate the terms of what should, or could be
legitimate, and what is not. In setting these rules, the
civilian population have seldom any voice in it -- on the
contrary they often pay heavy price, and are often used as
bargaining chips -- the populations of Hiroshima and Nakazaki
are further examples in this political and military chess games.

By keeping the populations' minds bombarded through political
and military propaganda, ordinary persons in the street learn
about the truth long after the serious carnage is inflicted on
the body of his other fellow man. There are today numerous
regulations in place for propaganda and deception -- one look
at the regulations governing the psychological and
unconventional warfare would make everyone stop and think. And
yet, very few have examined these regulations.

In one such scenario raised the CIA's "Phoenix" program in
Vietnam from the ashes and claimed the lives of over 20,000
Vietnamese victims [according to the agency's public figure].
The "Phung Hoan" goal -- the Vietnamese name given to
this program -- devised by Robert W. Komer, better known as
the "Blowtorch," was to perfect the ultimate mindwar system,
using prisoners of war as guinea-pigs, amongst its other
unconventional warfare operations.

Remnants of the Phoenix heroes linger on, and have their
fingers in another similar pie today -- the Nonlethal Weapons

John Alexander is one such "hero" wearing his medals on his
chest with pride. An ardent participant in several insurgency
operations, guiding the Cambodian mercenaries in their
unconventional war in South-east Asia, made him the iron man
the military industrial complex is looking for. Alexander's
indifference to human values flows continuously through his
propaganda talks in proliferation of a new category of
weapons -- nonlethals. In his mind there is scope for only two
categories; the friend and the foe. Psychological scars left
from the defeats in Korean and Vietnam, has made him more
determined in brainwashing the new, and young generation of
future soldiers. As a defeated "hero," through his promotional
talks on "soft kill policy options," he tries to hammer home
that no longer the old conflict values stand.

In a "Forum for Military Applications of Directed Energy
(F-MADE)" held in Kirtland Air Force Base, on October 1990,
Alexander said; "For the past several months I have been
talking with many people in the defense community about a
concept we at Los Alamos have termed "Non-Lethal Defense." It
is my intent today to address the philosophical aspects of
this strategic concept and cover some of the technologies
that are considered applicable. You will see that Directed
Energy plays a vital role in the Non-Lethal Defense concept."

The reality about the level of their lethality becomes more
apparent when Alexander further states; "In fact, at the
outbreak of a recent conflict, we received a request from the
responsible headquarters for information about a Direct Energy
application as they considered the 'LEAST LETHAL' warfare
option." The concept suddenly is no longer NONLETHAL, but

Furthermore, their use is no longer limited to peace-keeping
missions, anti-terrorist activities, or narco-terrorists
but, as he puts it; "In the future, I submit that we have to
abandon the border-based concept of "Fortress America" and
recognise that our national interest may be endangered from
within." Meaning their use on American people is now a viable

It is quite ironic that on the one hand Alexander suggests to
replace the use of lethal weapons with nonlethal options,
as part of his new strategy for a number of scenarios, as
mentioned above, and in addition he advocates the need for
"further development of precision lethal systems." And, as he
further comments; "I am not suggesting that we will not use
lethal force when appropriate. As Dick Vitali put it, 'You
need a stinger to be believable'."

In digesting his comments it becomes quite clear that the idea
is to add yet more weapons, to already proliferated, and
saturated weapons markets. Weapons with serious question marks
concerning the outcome of their use. Weapons that upon
Alexander's own admission are not totally nonlethal. But as
"nonlethals" above and beyond their highly questionable
characteristics, could inflict lethal casualty.

In the same Forum Alexander changes the so called "Values of
Conflict," which their current moral values in themselves are
questionable, with a new set of more controversial values. He
believes no longer these old shared values that; "Maximum
Force Wins; Attack Enemy Soldiers; Avoid Civilian Casualties;
Hold Terrain; Clear Objectives; Go for Long Haul; Stay
Alive" -- are valid.

Instead he introduces the following in their place;

1. Economic Targets.
2. Inflict Pain.
3. Any Target OK.
4. Hide with Civilians
5. Unclear Objectives.
6. Short Duration Objectives.
7. Death is desirable.

These so called "New Values" introduce a frightening scope,
and raise some extremely serious moral, ethical, political,
and legal questions concerning the future conduct of
conflicts. In fulfilling the objectives of these values
Alexander suggests the use of following Directed Energy

1. "Optical Munitions" to blind.
2. "High Power Microwave" to cook the internal organs.
3. "Pulsed Power Weapons" to inflict long term shock.
4. "Infrasound" with disastrous effects, from nausea,
   dizziness, to vomiting.

Close examination of one of these group of weapons, as an
example, provides a frightening scope of what Alexander has
in mind for the enemy, as well as the American people.

A Confidential report, prepared by the US Army Mobility
Equipment Research and Development Center, Fort Believer,
Virginia, in 1969, titled "An Infrasonic System," in its
section on "Effects - Human" details these frightening

"On tests with cadavers at other facilities, it was found that
the eardrum ruptures at approximately 160db. Also, in tests
made on aircraft carriers, it was found that there exists an
impulse to get away from the sound. This effect occurred at a
sound pressure level of only 130 to 140db. Tests on animals
showed guinea pigs and rats died in 8 minutes at sound
pressure levels of 150db and that mice died within one minute
at 160db.

"In Studies by Z. Angeluscheff, it was determined that energy
of 0.1 w/square cm. (150db) breaks down the nervous cell,
disrupts the molecular structure, and alters its physiological
function in the hearing cell. Chronic stimulation causes
formation of Purkinje cells, indicator of failing functional
capacity of enzymes. The cell is deprived of its physiological
capacity. He concluded that overtaxation by sound of the nerve
cell over the physiological threshold has disastrous effects."


db Rating  Auditory and Eye Effects          Other Effects
110                                          Slight dizziness,
					     nausea, feeling of
					     apprehension. Skin
					     senses sound wave.

120        Discomfort in ear.                Chest and nasal
					     cavities vibrate.

130        Perceptible visual field          Moderate chest
	   vibration, mild middle-ear pain   wall vibration,
					     10-40% increase
					     in pulse rate.
					     fullness (gagging).

140        Sharp ear pain. Hearing loss up   Vomiting, respirat-
	   to 25 db after 3.25 minutes       ory rhythm
	   disrupted.                        disrupted.

	   Visual blurring.                  Anxiety and confus-
					     ion, gagging

150       Threshold of nervous cell          Transient headache
	  breakdown in ear, disruption       testicular aching,
	  of molecular structure,            voluntary human
	  alteration of physiolog-           limit. Death in 8
	  ical functions, indications of     minutes for guinea
	  failing functional capacity of     pigs and rats.

160       Eardrum rupture, ossicular chain   White mice died
	  disruption.                        within one minute.

170                                          Probable organ dam-
					     age (extrapolation
					     of data, maximum of
					     100 msec).

180                                          DEATH?


We should also note that all subjective sensations rose in
intensity very rapidly as sound pressure levels increased
above 145db.

This is only one among the catalogue of weapons John Alexander
is proudly advocating their further development and use. Other
weapons in Alexander's menu have equally terrifying effects. I
will examine each of them, in future papers.

As John Alexander has included in his "New Conflict Values,"
"Every Target [is] OK." It does not matter, if there are
pregnant women, children, or elderly in the targeted area.

Vietnam's "Phoenix" once more raises from the ashes to claim
yet more victims.



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