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[Continued from part 1]

So, we know that we've got very secret documents which are not
readily available to the usual classified military personnel
looking through their own filing system. So we know he's not an
isolated kook. We know he had a military appointment. We know
he's connected in with all the major hypnotists and we know that
he's claiming from 1943 through 1971 to have created Manchurian
candidates successfully for operational use during WWII. Is there
any other correspondence that might bear on the reality of his
claims? Well, there's a whole bunch of correspondence back and
forth spanning the 1930's to the 1960's -- that is, spanning
four decades -- between him and some guy called J. Edgar Hoover.
So you'll see on Federal Bureau of Investigation stationery,
July 12, 1939:

"Dear Dr. Estabrooks: Permit me to acknowledge receipt of your
letters of June 19th and 27th and July 6th, 1939. I read with
great interest the hypothesis which you put forward concerning
the sinking of submarines. I realize of course (Ross: And this
was the Military use of hypnosis scheme for sinking submarines.)
that you are only suggesting things that could conceivably happen
upon the basis of your experiments and the experiments of others
and you are not suggesting that such a situation actually did
occur in any of the recent submarine disasters."

1962: "Dear Dr. Estabrooks: Your letter of February 27th with
enclosures has been received, and it was good of you to advise me
of the symposium you have scheduled. I appreciate your inviting
us to participate. However, the pressure of official business will
not permit me to designate a representative to attend."

Now, in between those two letters, there is massive
correspondence back and forth between J. Edgar Hoover and
Estabrooks. There are visits of FBI personnel to Estabrooks.
There are many military and FBI psychological warfare personnel
attending various workshops and symposia of Estabrooks, and there
is overt discussion of offensive uses of hypnosis in clandestine
operations. So, from this, I conclude that probably G.H.
Estabrooks actually did create MPD in World War II and that an
awful lot of people knew about it.

Well, maybe it was just G.H. Estabrooks, and that was the end of
the story. We have to have some other body of evidence that
indicates that this continued beyond World War II. And this is
material that is not in your packet, that's from Operation
Artichoke and Bluebird, CIA Mind Control research from 1951-53.
I am going to read you some Artichoke and Bluebird documents
that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. A lot
of stuff is whited out, so I will just say blank whenever it is
necessary to do so. To the files:

"On 6th April, 1954, Tuesday, SI&H (Ross: I haven't figured out
what SI is, H is hypnosis.) Experimentation and Research was
carried on in Building 13 with the following subjects present:
Mrs. __ , in addition to Misses ______. ______ attended in a
consultant capacity. (Ross: One of these Misses was age 19
according to the document) The session opened with slow
induction for all hands, and then a subsequent induction for
Miss ____ to enable her to reconstruct a strange dream she had
the previous week. This was successful, although in the wake
state she could remember no details. The major experiment of
this evening was then conducted as follows. Miss ____ was taken
to Room 23 under full hypnosis and she was instructed by the
writer that she would find a secret document in or on Mr. X at
desk in his room. She was told that she was to conceal this
document next to her person and then she was to return to Room
21, Operations Room, pour herself a drink of water which she
would find on a bookcase, and then stretch out on the sofa, face
down and go into a deep sleep. She was instructed she would not
awaken under any circumstances. She was told she would only
awaken if somebody whispered to her a specific code word and
would recall nothing except sleeping on the couch. Miss ____
performed the entire test in exact as detail outlined above
and had no subsequent memory whatsoever of any of this activity.
During the experiment Miss ____ was taken to the same room and
she was told that a person whom she had never seen had taken a
secret document from the Agency. She was told that this person,
or suspected person, had been given a drug and was unconscious
on the sofa in Room 21. She was told she was to enter the room
and find the document which would probably be on the person on
the sofa. She was given specific instructions that she must
locate the document. She was told that if she found the
document, she was to conceal it on her person and return to Room
23, sit in the chair and go at once into a deep sleep. She was
further told that she would have no memory other than falling
asleep. Miss ____ complied in specific detail and immediately
discovered the document in ____'s sweater sleeve. Miss ____
concealed the document on her person, returned to Room 23 and at
once went into a deep sleep. Subsequently she was brought back
into the Operations Room and she and _____ were awakened. The
experiment was carried off successfully, particularly by _______
with entire amnesia of the work, and cannot even recall it under
hypnosis. ____ however was able to remember a certain part,
though some of her details seemed vague."

Here's another separate Artichoke document:

"3. Agents might be given cover stories under hypnosis, and not
only learn them faultlessly, but believe them. Every detail
could be made to sink in. The conviction and apparent sincerity
with which an individual will defend a false identity given as
post-hypnotic suggestion is almost unbelievable. One's memory
for detail under such conditions appears to be boundless.
Analogous Case #3. A CIA Security Office employee was
hypnotized and given a false identity. She defended it hotly,
denying her true name and rationalizing with conviction the
possession of identity cards made out to her real self. Later,
having had the false identity erased by suggestion, she was
asked if she had ever heard of the name she had been defending
as her own five minutes before. She thought and shook her head
and said, 'That's a pseudo if I ever heard one.' Apparently she
had a true amnesia for the entire episode.

"4. Hypnosis would make the recruitment and handling of high
level political action agents, in particular under ideal
control. Convictions could be reinforced, political courses
suggested, appointments influenced, and with a really good
subject only the imagination and skill of the handling operator
and the inherent limitations of hypnosis as a technique would
limit the possibilities. Double agents could be both discovered
and used with a much higher degree of assurance if hypnotic
control sufficient to permit regression were operative. They
could be given suggestions which would have the force of true
compulsions to tell if approach was made, targets, briefing,
true identity, etc. There is also the possibility that such
persons could be used under control much stronger than any we
now possess."

So, that's experimental use. It's clearly creation of Manchurian
candidates, there is no question whatsoever. This is now in
operational use in the United States.

This is not Manchurian candidates, but it's the use of sodium
amytal and hypnosis for the creation of amnesia barriers and
deliberate insertion of false memories.

"To Director of Security Via Deputy Director of Security Via
Chief Security Research Staff from _____. Subject: Report of
Artichoke Operations 20-23 January 1955. Between Thursday 20
January and Sunday 23 January 1955, the Security Office
Artichoke Team conducted a special operations _____. In the
opinion of Team Members, in this case Officers of the _____,
the Artichoke operation was successful. Details follow.

"It should be noted at this point that because these operations
were the first Artichoke Operations undertaken in the USA, which
is a violation of the CIA's Charter, the full names of those
participating are omitted from this report and will not be
revealed without consent of the Security Office. First names,
titles, or pseudonyms will be used throughout this report. In
view of the highly sensitive nature of the Artichoke techniques
and in view of the fact that this was the first Artichoke
operation carried out in the USA, the operation was conducted
_______. This Safe House is far removed from surrounding
neighbors, it is a large tract of land, and is thoroughly
isolated. A limited, and security-cleared household staff
maintain functions of the House and ____ by unwitting ______.
Actual Artichoke operations as usual were carried out in a
special area on the second floor of the House, and neither the
household staff nor the _____ were permitted in the area during
any of the processing. SSD Division furnished one security
officer during the entire period of the operation to act as
special guard and to handle any unusual situations which arose
during the operation. This guard is hereinafter referred to as
____ in this report. For a matter of record, it should be noted
that the subject was not a confinement problem, and has been at
all times fully cooperative. Guard detail was not present in
connection with the subject, except in a general sense. Technical
matters in the case were handled entirely by the TBPSD under the
personal supervision of _____. Full tape recordings were made of
the entire case, and tapes are to be turned over to the
participating Division in the immediate future. It should be
noted that during this particular operation, a special device was
used in conjunction with the recording. This device, which is
easily concealable, worked with remarkable efficiency and at no
time during the entire recording was there any break due to
technical failure. It should also be noted that a complex two-way
transmitting/receiving unit was again used in this Artichoke
operation. Cover for the actual operation followed standard
procedure. The subject was informed in general terms that before
being sent for further work it was necessary that certain tests
be made on him physically and psychologically as well as his.
Hence a complete physical and psychological/psychiatric
examination was acquired. Subject readily accepted this medical
cover and the Artichoke technique was introduced easily and with
the full consent of the subject.

"The Case: Prior to the commencement of the actual Artichoke
operation, a number of conferences had been held with the various
participating personnel involved. All hands had been briefed and
procedures had been worked out. A general time schedule was
prepared and operating instructions for Artichoke were issued. On
the afternoon of the 20th of January the subject and _______ They
were met by ________ of the interested Division. Under a covert
car subject was taken to the _____, arriving there at
approximately 9.30pm. Prior to this, that is during the day of
20th of January, the technical equipment had been checked out and
installed, and _____ had arrived at the covert area at
approximately 8pm for operational purposes. By previous
arrangement the _____ was picked up by _____ at approximately
9.30pm. _____ was brought to the Safe House at 10.50pm. Shortly
after the arrival of ____, a preliminary conference began at
approximately 11.10pm with the subject.

"Interrogation lasted until 12.25am when all except the subject
____ left the Operations Room. Tape recording was cut off at this
time. As a result of this interview _____ stated that subject's
mental and physical condition was good and noted that the pulse
(Ross: which is actually the blood pressure) at 12.25am was
120/80. (Ross: So these guys are not total wizards.) The doctor
also commented he had noticed an increased amount of talk after a
drink of whiskey and although there was some nervousness present,
it was not excessive. _____ stated he had given subject two grams
of anibarbitol to the subject to assist him to sleep and it was
later confirmed the subject had taken this prior to going to
sleep. (Ross: A half a paragraph is whited out.) Because of the
successful penetration and because of the extremely high quality
of information which the subject was obtaining, the case is
regarded as most sensitive and important by the participating
Division. Since the subject's information had been checked and
cross-checked many times by the Operating Division's Case
Officers, and the Division was of the uniform opinion that the
subject was fully legitimate and fully cooperating with our
efforts; they however desired Artichoke to give added assurance
to the subject's story and to help them determine absolute
suitability for further use of the subject in his work. For the
record, it should be noted that no polygraph techniques had been
applied in this case, since a physical examination by _____
apparently a cleared physician had indicated too much nervousness
for successful polygraph testing. Following established patterns
using medical cover as explained above, the ____ began a physical
and psychological examination at 10am on the morning of Friday 21
January. This examination continued until 1pm when an hour was
taken for lunch. At 2pm _____ again continued the general
examination of the subject with _____ being used, as before
lunch, as interpreter. This examination lasted until 3pm when
the ____ concluded the first medical session and a portable
polygraph was taken in by ____ for the purpose of polygraph
testing. (Ross: There's a bunch of blanked out stuff.) On
Saturday 22 January 1955 subject had breakfast with ____. At
9.35am ____ arrived at the Safe House and at 9.45am ____ arrived.
At 10.35am the subject again, with ____ acting as interpreter,
was examined briefly by Dr. ______. At 10.50am _____ left the
operations area and began polygraph testing. This examination
lasted until 12.37pm when it was concluded. (Ross: Then it goes
on ... I'll skip a little bit.)

"Subject was taken into the Special Operations Room with only the
____ present, and at 2.36pm the first intravenous infusion began.
Slow injections were continued until 2.46pm when the ____
signalled that the subject was fully affected by the chemicals
and at this time special recording and transmitting equipment was
brought into the Operations Room. Also at this time ____ left the
room and ____ entered. From this point until approximately 4.15pm
when the interrogations ended, Artichoke techniques were applied.
These techniques, which followed a previously agreed-upon plan,
were in three stages:

(Ross: This is now deliberate implantation of false memories.)

"A. A fantasy which ______. Results during this phase were good,
and subject had no control. Time approximately 15-20 minutes. B.
A fantasy in which _____. Results were again very good. Time
approximately 40-45 minutes. C. Following development of the
fantasies as noted above, the subject was more or less directly
interrogated by _____, and ____ introduced as _____. Results only
fair, although subject had little control. Time approximately 15

"Immediately following the conclusion of the Artichoke treatments,
a general conference was held with all hands present. It was
agreed at this time that further Artichoke treatments were
unnecessary, that results were as conclusive ... that in view of
the subject's importance, additional work with chemicals or with
the H technique might possibly antagonize the subject, hence
would be unwarranted and unwise. Following the conclusion of the
general discussion all technical apparatus was removed from the
premises, and all participating personnel with the exception of
_____ left the area after the ____ had checked the subject. On
Sunday 23 January between approximately twelve noon and l.30pm,
the _____ returned to the Safe House and again re-examined the
physical and mental condition of the subject. At this time the
subject reported he had slept fairly well but he had a persistent
headache. The _____ pointed out that the headache was a natural
consequence of the "examination" and it would gradually
disappear. In addition the ____ wrote a prescription which was to
be picked up in another name for future use by the subject as a
general sedative. At l.50pm approximately _____ left the Safe
House, and the subject was turned over for handling to Case
Officers of his participating Division.

"CONCLUSIONS: In the opinion of the Artichoke Team the operation
was profitable and successful. In this case the subject was aware
that he had been given certain types of solutions but as to what
he had been given or amounts given, he had no knowledge. Checks
were made by ___ and later ____ and apparently indicated that the
subject, although not having specific amnesia for the Artichoke
treatment, nevertheless was completely confused and his memory
was vague and faulty. This vagueness and failure of memory was
intensified by the _____ explanation that the subject had been
dreaming an opinion which it appeared the subject shared in

So, that's obviously operational use of sophisticated mind
control amnesia inducing and false memory implanting techniques
in the USA in the 1950's by the CIA. It's part of a broad program
of mind control research, experimentation and operational use
which included the creation of Manchurian Candidates. So this is
why I say that I conclude that it's an established fact that the
CIA and the military have been creating Manchurian Candidates for
operational use since World War II at least into the 1950's, and
that it's not plausible denial in my mind to claim that it all
stopped in 1973.

How did this whole network get constructed and how does it work
and how is it supported? We are going to take several steps
beyond Oliver Stone in terms of level of conspiracy theory, but
that's not the point of the talk. The conspiracy theory is
interesting to get into, but what I actually believe is that
there isn't a conspiracy. I think that the Intelligence Community
itself is a polyfragmented entity with Dissociative Identity
Disorder, and that there is no single Executive Host Function.
There is no little where everybody has it all planned out and
under control. That it works sort of as Neural Network with no
Executive Host Function, and that these Old-Boys talk to these
Old-Boys who know this, who don't know this, know that. It's this
kind of Network Model, and that's what you see on the slide. And
all these slides are going to look like this. I am going to walk
you now through all these interconnections in this Network as I
said all of which are documented and tell you about some of the
history and talk about some of the ethical problems that arise.

As a matter of general background now, this slide is called
"Funding Fronts for CIA Mind Control Research." MKULTRA, you have
already seen, was from 1953 to 1963. The major funding fronts for
MKULTRA were the Human Ecology Foundation that Carl Rogers was on
the Board of; the Josiah Macey Jr. Foundation and the Geshickter
Fund. Charles Geshickter was one of the MKULTRA contractors
himself. So what happened was the CIA would have its budget who
would pop money over to the Human Ecology Foundation ... HEF
would put out a call for grants and people would then submit
applications. So it looks like a normal funding foundation, and
some people were unwitting and just thought they were applying
for a grant. And other people knew perfectly well there was a
front, the technical terms for these kinds of funds was a
"Cutout." HEF, Josiah Macey Jr. and Geshickter were CIA cutouts.

This Geshickter Fund was interesting. One of the MKULTRA projects
that they funded was the construction of the Gorman Annex at the
George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. You
have to remember that the military and the CIA are federal
bureaucracies. You anticipate the behavior of federal
bureaucracies in general when you are looking into their history
and operations. So what they did was through MKULTRA they funded
to Geshickter who then funded out to the contractor money to
build the Gorman Annex as an addition to the hospital. Since this
was money coming from a private foundation, it generated matching
funds from another sector of the federal government. So the CIA
got to double its budget by sucking its money out of unwitting
civilian areas of the federal purse. What was the Gorman Annex
for? It was for mind control experimentation on terminal cancer
patients. Three career officers, CIA biochemists, were employed
at the Gorman Annex under full cover. This is not completely
above board and ethical behavior.

So Carl Rogers who is on the board of the Human Ecology
Foundation is himself an MKULTRA contractor, and his specific
projects have got this MKULTRA grant application ... I've got him
on the Board of the HEF, I've got the description of his project
that was funded through MKULTRA and I've got the publication
flowing from the project that exactly matches the grant
application, and in the published paper, he acknowledges funding
from the Human Ecology Foundation. So it's a completely
documented closed loop.

Josiah Macey Jr. Foundation. Who was on the Board? An interesting
fellow named Daniel X. Friedman. Daniel X. Friedman was the
Editor of the Archives of the Journal of Psychiatry from 1970
until his death in 1993. The Archives of the Journal of
Psychiatry is the most referenced psychiatric journal in the
world, by far. In other words, if you do citation index searches
of references of published psychiatry papers, that is it's an
indexing of all the published papers in all the psychiatry
journals in the world (the number of references to articles
published in the Journal of Psychiatry is 7x the number of the
next psychiatry journal in the world). So this "the" number one
great big place to publish. It is very biomedical reductionist
and it's virtually impossible to get a dissociative paper
published in there. So these people, like Daniel Friedman, who
are in network, are incredibly influential, powerful, controlling
people in terms of the history of psychiatry, what gets funded,
what gets reviewed, what gets published, who gets appointments,
etc, etc, etc. It's all part of a very powerful tight structured

MKULTRA connects itself up to Allen Dulles which connects us back
to Human Ecology over to Harold Wolff and back to Allen Dulles.
How does that work? Allen Dulles was the Director of the CIA from
1953 to 1961. He has the longest-running tenure as DCIA --
Director of Central Intelligence Agency. In World War II he was
employed by the OSS -- Offices of Strategic Services -- which is
the pre-cursor of the CIA which was run by a guy called Wild Bill
Donovan. He was stationed in Switzerland and was heavily involved
in, obviously since the enemy was the Germans and the allies were
the Russians, in the War he was supposed to be working with the
Russians against the Germans which he did. However, when you read
the history of the OSS in World War II, in the last years of the
War, the Cold War was already being deliberately planned out and
set up by the Intelligence Agencies, and it was already apparent
to the Intelligence Agencies that things were going to flip --
that Germany would become the Allies and Russia would become the
enemy. There was an awful lot of jockeying about whether the
Germans were going to surrender in North Italy before the
Russians got to Yugoslavia. So there were now negotiations with
the Germans because if they agreed to surrender early before
the Russians got there. Then there would be such-and-such a
payoff which would secure the area for the Allies so they
wouldn't be taken over by the Russians. There was all this
jockeying going on, all this intrigue, communications between the
OSS and some of Hitler's generals. The arch-enemy spymaster, who
Allen Dulles was fighting against was Rhinehart Galen who was
head of German Intelligence in the Eastern Front, which means
Russia. At the end of World War II, Allen Dulles recruited
Rhinehart Galen to become the Head of that Division of the CIA's
operations against Russia. This is a totally established fact.

Harold Wolff who was the Head of the Human Ecology Foundation,
was a neurologist at Cornell. When Allen Dulles' son received a
head wound in the Korean War, he was brought back to the USA and
treated by Harold Wolff. You start to get a feel for why I call
this an Old-Boys Network.

Let's come down here to MKULTRA -- we're over at hallucinogens. A
lot of MKULTRA subprojects had to with funding LSD and other
hallucinogens. A person who did a lot of hallucinogen research
and published a lot of hallucinogen research was Daniel Friedman.
Hallucinogen research also connects us down to Loretta Bender.
Loretta Bender is the much-revered author of "The Bender
Gestalt." Now look at these three names: Loretta Bender, Paul
Hawk and Ewen Cameron. You will see that each of these names
(they are all supposed to connect to the American Journal of
Psychiatry obituaries). Ewen Cameron, Paul Hawk and Loretta had
their obituaries in the American Journal of Psychiatry. So these
are revered people, who are being honored posthumously by the
flagship Journal of the American Psychiatric Association. It's
actually Stella Chess who writes the obituary for Loretta Bender,
very glowing, what a wonderful contributor to child psychiatry,
what a pioneer ... well, she forgot to mention in the obituary --
in a publication that I have in my Loretta Bender file that I got
from a medical school library -- Loretta Bender describes giving
150 mcg per day to children ages 7-11 years for days, weeks,
months, and in some cases, even years in a row. This would not
get through an Ethics Committee. This is discussed at a CIA
sponsored symposium on LSD.

Paul Hawk -- anybody ever hear of a disorder called Borderline
Personality Disorder? Hawk and Pollett[sp?] in 1949 Psychiatric
Quarterly, Pseudoneurotic Forms of Schizophrenia -- these people
are on the borderline between neurosis and schizophrenia -- we
call it pseudoneurotic schizophrenia because they are on the
borderline. It's one of the reasons why the word "borderline"
caught on. Well, he did hallucinogen research in New  York for the
military, and it had one unfortunate side effect -- he killed
Harold Blauer[sp?] a tennis pro, in 1953, with an injection of
Army mescaline, and the family was eventually compensated for
that. He's big-time connected into all the hallucinogen research
by the military, CIA, and he's at many different CIA-sponsored

Ewen Cameron, former Head of the Quebec Psychiatric Association,
the Canadian Psychiatric Association, the American Psychiatric
Association, the World Psychiatric Association -- in fact, the
founder of the World Psychiatric Association -- and also one-time
President of the Association for Biological Psychiatry. As
politically connected a guy as ever existed in the entire field
of psychiatry in the 20th Century, with his obituary in the
American Journal of Psychiatry, funded through MKULTRA and Human
Ecology Foundation, did LSD and other hallucinogen research
funded by Canadian military and the CIA and was successfully sued
(he had already died) -- the CIA settled out of court actually
-- it wasn't a successful suit technically -- with eight of his
patients who had been victims of experimentation that was first
funded directly by the CIA through the Human Ecology Foundation
and then through the Canadian government. One of his papers,
published in the American Journal of Psychiatry is on Psychic
Driving, another is on Production of Differential Amnesia in
Schizophrenia. I interviewed a woman named Linda McDonald, who is
identified in public, this is not a problem with violation of her
confidentiality, and I have a release to talk about her and write
about her. She was 25 years old when she went to McGill to be
treated for a relatively mild post-partum depression. She turned
26 during her hospitalization from March to early September,
1963. During the course of her hospitalization, she received 102
ECT treatments, using the Paige-Russell technique, in which the
button is pushed 6x per treatment, instead of 1x. She also
received about 80 days of barbituate and neuroleptic induced
sleep. During the course of her hospitalization -- now, I have not
only her testimony I also have the actual medical record, with
all of the nursing notes documenting this and Ewen Cameron's
signature in the chart. So this is not rumor or patient
distortion this is the actual record. And this is work that has
been settled out of court by the CIA. She comes in a normal,
somewhat depressed person, who on my interview I would say she
probably had DDNOS before she was admitted -- she gets regressed
back to incontinent of urine, incontinent of feces, totally
disoriented, unable to state her own name, year, where she is,
recognize her children, recognize her husband. She gradually
comes out of this. At the time of discharge she is sent home to
live with her husband and children, resume normal sexual
relations with her husband -- she doesn't know how to drive a car,
read, cook, use a toilet. Not only does she not know exactly what
sex is all about, and she's not exactly sure who her husband is,
she doesn't know what the concept of a husband is. She
neuropsychologically pulls out of this over months, and several
months down the road, she's at the point where a full time
homemaker has taught her how to scramble eggs. She was a fully
competent housewife and mother before this. When her children go
out to play on the street, she is unable to remember 30 seconds
later where they are, so she puts a map of the neighborhood up
on the wall and puts pins in the map to keep track of where her
kids are playing. Otherwise she goes into a panic and doesn't
realize what's going on. By about a year, she appears to have
made a full neuropsychological recovery, and when I interview her
several years ago in Vancouver, she appears to be
neuropsychologically intact and to be suffering from no active
psychiatric disorder.

The problem is that she can't remember anything from the time she
left the hospital back to birth. So this is CIA and Canadian
military research to totally wipe out somebody's memory, which is
very successful.

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