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[Continued from part 1]

Bustamante synopsized the reasons Moody made the motion for a
mistrial: "1. The judge would not allow the defense to call any
experts in the area of extraterrestrials; 2. The judge wouldn't
allow him to call witnesses who might impeach the testimony of
three psychiatrists who said Moody was malingering; 3. The judge
won't step down from the case, even though he said at a hearing
he was presiding over that Moody was malingering, which, Moody
said, influenced at least one psychiatrist's conclusion. " The
evening of the 20th, Moody's legal advisor, John Semon held an
impromptu press conference in the hall. "The legal profession,"
he said, "is the only profession that memorializes its

And memorialized they were in the court records. Every line.
Every word. And there were too many of them to believe that this
trial would not be declared null and void.

In his impromptu press conference on the 7th floor of the
Superior Court building, Semon said that "malingering" was just a
fancy term for lying.

"So you have three witnesses ( the shrinks) coming in and saying
you're a liar, and the judge says you're a liar and then they
say, 'Now, Mr. Liar, come up and testify," Semon said. "The jury
may not be convinced by his testimony."

This trial was getting a lot of publicity. It was seen on Court
TV out of Chicago. The Associated Press carried respectable
coverage. HARD COPY, the tabloid syndicated TV show featured it
and the local ACCESS TV station video taped the each days
proceedings and played it back every evening.

While half the courtroom was filled each day with kin of the two
victims, the other half was visited by the curious, students of
law, employees of various other courts, the habitual trial
watchers that haunt the courthouse and a few strange people
rooting not so much for Moody, but against the system no matter

This trial, being one in which the defendant claimed occupation
by Extrasensory Biological Entities, drew its share of Star Trek,
X-Files, and UFO fans of all persuasion. They came in
anticipation of witnessing Moody become possessed again and run
amok in the courtroom. There even was one uncomfortable moment
when Prosecutor White placed one of the murder weapons, a large
butcher knife, in an opened bag on Moody's desk for his

I could imagine Moody taking it, making a sudden menacing gesture
before being shot down in the crossfire of the three deputies in
the courtroom. I imagined that one or more of the legally fired
bullets would pass through Moody or entirely miss him and enter
the gallery of spectators. That day I was sitting directly behind
Moody in hopes of picking up some of his and John Semon's
reactions. I could see myself diving behind the divider when the
shooting started. The next day I moved to the other side of the
room, to the back row, about as far away as I could get from
flying lead in the possibility of a shoot out.

My place was taken by a man I'd met in the courtyard the day
before. He was a veteran trial watcher who was there rooting for
the accused. To want to see Robert Moody get a fair trail and to
see the complete "truth and nothing but the truth" come to light
is not to take a stand against the families of the victims. Nor
is it to exhibit a callous attitude toward the two lives which
were brutally snuffed out. But, to ignore errors of justice is to
pave the way for future errors and jeopardize the future justice
for all.

Moody, being untrained as a lawyer, did an amazingly good job in
court. He said his "mission" was to get convicted and sentenced
to death. He at least got convicted and at the end of January ,
1996, we shall see if he is sentenced to death by lethal
injection, even though the state hasn't put anyone to death in
many years. Moody stated his mission in the opening statement and
the jury gave him what he wanted.

While Moody made no apparent errors, he did not earn his outcome
solely by his efforts alone. The EBEs did not appear in the
courtroom, so they were no help. Moody was helped along by
decisions of the court and blunders from the prosecution. The
errors in justice in this case began in the preliminary hearings
when Judge Howard Hantman made the statement that he believed
Moody was malingering. The defense put Dr. Lawall on the stand
and he testified that the judge's statement influenced his
psychological evaluation.

Moody: Did you review tapes of court hearings and proceedings
provided you by Dan Grills?

Dr. Lawall: Yes.

Moody: Did you hear Judge Hantman's statement about Bob Moody

Dr. Lawall: ...I don't know if Judge Hantman ever made any
statement about malingering...

Moody: Can I refer you to your report of July 21, 1995... page

The judge interrupted for some reason and excused the jury, then
he let Moody continue for the record, keeping this information
from the jury.

Moody: On your report you noted: "these are clear cut hints of
malingering and manipulative behavior particularly what you
yourself noted in court.."

Dr. Lawall: Yes.

Moody: "...he was quite calm and quiet until the cameras were
rolling in the courtroom and then he began mugging and grimacing
in the courtroom..."

Dr. Lawall: Yes.

Moody: When you state "you yourself noted" who were you
referring to?

Dr. Lawall: Judge Hantman.

Moody: Why did you include that in your report?

Dr. Lawall: That whole statement is a reference to two things.
One, I saw the behavior in question myself on the tapes... Judge
Hantman on August 16th, 1994, I believe, in the course of a
hearing observed to Mr. Grills to the effect, "Your client's
demeanor changes depending on whether the cameras are on him or

Moody: So, it affected your evaluation by hearing that and
viewing those tapes?

Dr. Lawall: It was the fact by the change in demeanor verified,
not that the judge said it, but I saw it myself and I'm reminding
him that this is something he knows directly -- that I'm not,
just kind of making this up...

Moody: The point I want to make here is this is your evaluation,

Dr. Lawall: Yes it is.

From their recitation of their vitae on the witness stand under
oath, neither Drs. Lawall nor Dr. Morenz had the requisite
expertise in Dissociative Identity Disorder to diagnose Moody.
Morentz even gave the wrong explanation of why Moody couldn't
have suffered from DID from the witness stand.

Compounding that error was Hantman's decision to let Moody defend
himself. As defense investigator, Ray Morgan said, "I think this
will be grounds for a mistrial because the judge has let Moody
defend himself and the Court of Appeals will catch that it's an
DID defending part of himself. There might be three trials before
this is through."

Hantman next refused to let Robert Moody call most of the
witnesses he wanted. Moody's appeal was before the Court of
Appeals when the trail started. To be sure there were witnesses
who probably wouldn't have come if they'd been called, witnesses
such as Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmie Carter. But to refuse
to allow Moody to call expert witnesses to testify about "alien
possession" was most likely one of the first errors. These
witnesses would have shed light on Moody's state of mind, and
more importantly would have shown that Moody was not the first,
nor far from the only murderer to try to defend himself with the
claim "aliens took over my body and made me murder." ( Had Moody
said, "God took over my body and made me murder," he probably
would have immediately been declared insane.)

One witness Moody wanted to call was Tucson resident Col.
Wendelle Stevens (Ret.) of the USAF's Top Secret Project Bluebook
staff. When asked what he would have said, if he'd been called to
testify he said, "I would have testified about other cases of
this kind."

Another Tucson resident Hantman struck from Moody's list of
requested witnesses was Sgt. Major (Ret.) Robert O. Dean, who'd
won an out-of-court settlement from the Pima County Sheriff's
Department after he was passed over for a job promotion to local
FEMA Director because he "believed in UFOs." Dean's testimony
could have brought Moody's issue very close to home.

Moody wanted to call Dr. John Mack to testify for the defense.
Mack might have spoken to the detailed evidence that was
uncovered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Conference which he edited and published as Alien Discussions.
Dr. Mack, a former CIA contract spychiatrist, now a Harvard
Professor and a Pulitzer Prize winner ( for his book Lawrence of
Arabia), might have spoken from the stand as he wrote in the
book: "How does the abduction impact our world view? First it
attacks the arrogance... The UFOs make a mockery of the
technology that we are so proud of... It shatters our notion of
physical reality. It also attacks the notion that we are separate
and alone, the only intelligence in the universe... They ( the
aliens) seem to belong in the spirit world, but then they become
part of our physical reality... Finally, they commit the most
egregious sin to the Western mind, which is for something that
should remain in the spirit world to penetrate and show up hard,
physically in our world..."

But no such eloquence. This was a dinky little trial in an
overgrown cowboy town near the Mexican border. This was no big
budget show trial, even though it was getting its share of
attention. Still, all the attention was not enough heat to make
the inept turn pro, as Hunter might say.

The prosecutor erred when, in all his years as a trial lawyer,
knowing the rules full well, he led Jerre Malone into speaking
prejudicial hearsay from the witness stand before the jury. White
led Malone into saying that his wife, "didn't like Moody!" With
that John Semon added his voice to Moody's and called for a
mistrial while chastising the experienced prosecutor for the
lack of professionalism demonstrated by that knowing and willful
breach of legal etiquette.

The next prosecution error came when White told the jury that the
defense had requested a particular clause in their direction
which was coming up the next day. This is a big legal no-no.
Either White knew he had Hantman in his pocket, and could get
away with it not fearing the legal finesse and experience of the
amateur attorney, Robert Moody, or he was blundering like a
greenhorn. It was certainly not the kind of lawyerly performance
the people would want to see from their future County Attorney.
Then the whole case began to sink in a quicksand of legal
decisions, when Moody waived his attorney/client privileges so
that former defense attorney Dan Grills could take the stand and
testify ( as it appeared to us -- against his former client.)
White argued that since Moody had waived his rights, Grills
ought to turn all his files on the case over to the court, which
Grills did. Hantman almost let the prosecution read the files,
but then reneged at the last moment and sealed those records
declaring that they could be opened "only by court order." There
was a lot of arguing of precedents, but it appeared that the
questions raised were beyond the clear understanding of anyone in
the courtroom.

Will all this be ironed out by the Court of Appeals? Will there
be a new trial? Stay tuned.


On Robert Moody's list of 200 defense witnesses he submitted to
Judge Hantman were the leading UFO and alien abduction experts.
Near the top of the list was Sergeant Clifford E. Stone, a career
enlisted man who had observed a "flying saucer up close." Only
seven at the time, Stone got within a hundred and fifty feet of
the object and heard the sound it was making. This piqued Stone's
lifelong interest in UFO's.

"I know what I saw and nobody can tell me otherwise," Stone
wrote, in the book he was eventually to publish in 1991, UFO's:
Let the Evidence Speak For Itself. Stone's book contained only 39
pages of Stone's own writing -- summary, observations and
conclusions. The  rest of his self-published book consisted of
193 pages of documents he had succeeded in prying out of various
government agencies through a persistent use of the Freedom of
Information Act.

If he had been allowed to take the witness stand he would have
been able to tell the government's story on alien contact --
things which perhaps were not irrelevant to Robert Moody's claims
that "Extrasensory Biological Entities" had used him to perform
the murders.

In response to FOIA requests filed by Stone on July 16, 1978 and
February 21, 1979, the National Security Agency released two
drafts of documents written in 1968. The most interesting was
entitled UFO Hypothesis and Survival Questions. Its stated
purpose was to, "Consider briefly some of the human survival
implications suggested by the various principal hypothesis
concerning the nature of the phenomena loosely categorized as

Under the heading "Extraterrestrial Hypotheses," the report said,
"If 'they' discover you, it is an old but hardly invalid rule of
thumb, 'they' are your technological superiors. Human history has
shown us time and again the tragic results of a confrontation
between a technologically superior civilization and a
technologically inferior people. The 'inferior' is usually
subject to physical conquest." The report gave some good examples
of how an 'inferior' people might survive and maintain their
identity. These were: "(1) Full and honest acceptance of the
nature of the inferiorities separating you from the advantages of
the other people, (2) complete national solidarity in all
positions taken in dealing with the other culture, (3) highly
controlled and limited intercourse with he other side -- doing
only those actions advantageous to the foreigner which you are
absolutely forced to do by circumstances, (4) a correct but
friendly attitude toward the other people, (5) a national
eagerness to learn everything possible about he other culture --
its technological and cultural strengths and weaknesses. This
often involves sending selected groups and individuals to the
other's country to become one of his kind, or even to help him in
his wars against other adversaries, (6) adopting as many of the
advantages of the opposing people as you can, and doing it as
fast as possible -- while still protecting your own identity by
molding each new knowledge increment into your own cultural

A bibliography report on "Unidentified Flying Saucers" from the
Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) written in the late
1970's contained such interesting titles as "An Approach to
Understanding Psychotronics" and "A Case of 'Autostasis' or
Reverse Autokinesis' as having something to do with UFO's. Stone
obtained a CIA document, dated 29 January 1976 which talked about
the physical effect of magnetic fields on astronauts, the
possible propulsion system of UFO's and even recovered fragments
of a possible UFO in Brazil. This document stated: "US
scientists believe that low magnetic fields do not have a serious
effect on astronauts, but high magnetic fields, oscillating
magnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields can or do have
considerable effect. There is a theory that such fields are
closely associated with superconductivity at very low
temperatures, such as in space. This in turn is related to the
possible propulsion system of UFOs. There is a rumor that
fragments of a possible UFO found in Brazil bore a relationship
to superconductors and magnetohydro-dynamics." This document was
heavily redacted "in the interest of National Security." Had
Moody been allowed to call Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian
University, the jury would  have learned how Persinger had been
experimenting with the induction of "UFO" and "alien abduction
experiences" by playing magnetic fields over the temporal lobes
of subjects. Persinger had been employed by the National Security
Agency to develop behavior-modifying electromagnetic weapons
under project "Sleeping Beauty." Susan Blackmore described her
experience with Persinger's magnetic mind melding in her article
entitled Alien Abduction published in New Scientist in
November, 1994: "Persinger applied a silent and invisible force
to my brain and created a specific experience for me. He claimed
that he was imitating the basic sequences of the processes of
memory and perception and that, by varying those sequences, he
could control my experience. Could he have done it from a
distance? Could it be done on a wider scale? Suddenly prospects
of magnetic mind control seem an awful lot worse than the idea of
being abducted by imaginary aliens..." Striking at the heart of
the questions raised by the Moody case were the anonymous NSA
writer's statements: "Observations of chimpanzees while in a
captive environment have shown that the animals tend to become
confused and disoriented. Since they do not usually have adult
chimps to teach them how to be good apes, they are not even sure
of their behavior. Often their actions are patterned after human
behavior and would have virtually no survival value in the wild.
Lacking the challenge of environmental adaptation, the bodies of
the animals atrophy and become subject to many diseases -- mostly
unknown in their wild counterparts. Reactions to stimuli usually
become less responsive and suitable. Sex often becomes a
year-long preoccupation instead of a seasonal madness.

"Do the captivity characteristics of modern civilization cause a
similar lessening of man's adaptive capability, of his health, of
his ability to recognize reality, of his ability to survive?

"Perhaps the UFO question might even make man undertake studies
which could enable him to construct a society which is most
conducive to developing a completely human being, healthy in all
aspects of mind and body -- and most important able to recognize
and adapt to real environmental situations..."

Are we to read between the lines of this unofficial NSA "draft"?
Is the writer hinting at an unofficial reality of aliens
overhead? Is the human race acting like so many chickens,
scrambling in panic around the yard beneath some high flying

Another NSA unofficial "draft" which was released to Stone
started with the heading "SUBJECT: UFO's" After the redaction of
the first paragraphs it started with: "...2. Scientific Findings:
Dr. Jacques Vallee, famed communications science expert, has
studied thousands of cases where human beings have observed
unusual phenomena. He has found that the human response to such
observation is predictable and graphically depictable. Whether
the person's psychological structure is being assaulted by the
unusual and shocking brutality of a murder or the strangeness of
a UFO sighting, the effect is the same:
     a. Initially as by a kind of psychological inertia, the mind
records fairly objectively what the eye is reporting.
     b. But when it has realized the strange nature of the
phenomena it goes into shock. The mind likes to live in a
comfortable world where it feels it knows what to expect, and
that, is not too threatening either physically or
psychologically. The unusual dispels the comfortable illusion the
mind has created. This shock tears at the very mooring of the
human psychological structure.*
     c. To protect itself against such an intrusive and
threatening reality the mind will begin to add imagination and
interpretation to the incoming data to make it more acceptable.
Since the mind is doing all this in haste some of the hurriedly
added details and suggestions tumble over one another and
contradict one another in a bizarre fashion ( as any police
officer interrogating murder witnesses will tell you).
     d. Once the mind has constructed a "safe" framework for the
new information it may again peek out and collect some more
objective data. If the data is still threatening it will again go
into shock and the process starts all over again.
     e. If the data is at the highest strangeness level where it
brings terror either:
     (1) The mind will pass out and go into amnesia burying the
events perhaps permanently in the unconscious.
     (2) The personal psychological will collapse and the mind
will reach down into its deepest place where "that which cannot
be destroyed" is and it will abandon itself to this entity for
survival protection. Encounter with this changeless
indestructible entity is usually referred to as a religious
experience. In the confusion and the shock, this experience is
often attributed to the shocking event or object and that is why
primitive peoples worship such bizarre things as airplanes or
cigarette lighters.
     f. The degree of strangeness of the phenomena dictates how
many people the mind is willing and able to tell the event to. A
mildly unusual or shocking event will be told to many people. A
very shocking event of high strangeness will be told to few
people or practically none at all. Occasionally the event is so
shockingly unusual that it isn't even reported to the person's
conscious mind but is buried in the unconscious of the person
where it is only accessible to hypnosis or careful level six
communication, sharing with another person."

The declassified documents released to Stone and others will be
presented and brought to bear on Moody's possible state of mind
at the time of the murder and on his claims of "alien
possession." I will backtrack his military career, interviewing
those who knew him when he was active in the USMC with a top
secret clearance. If possible I will interview the Navy Seals who
trained with him, trying to find out why he has amnesia for that
10 month period of time.

Some of the comments from the documents sited above are very
sophisticated. In fact they show insight into the processes of
the human mind which is way beyond the general understanding of
the ordinary "mental health" professional. Some of the remarks
have a direct bearing on that state which has been pigeonholed in
the psychiatrist's latest diagnostic manual, DSM-IV, as
Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified -- Robert Moody's
probable correct diagnosis.

There's no need to touch here on relevant highlights of the fifty
year history ( from declassified MKULTRA and related documents)
of the cryptocracy's investigations and operations in mind
control. There are a number of survivors of mind control and
ritual abuse who have related memories of alien encounters,
something which their therapists and deprogrammers believe are
descriptions of "screen memories" which cloak terrible secrets of
the National Security State.


The problem of an individual is compounded by the effects of
suffering from multiple personalities which are often amnestic
from each other. The problem of Dissociative Identity Disorder in
the courtroom is clearly a political problem. There's not much
hope that it will be changed unless someone like Robert Moody
dedicates his entire remaining days to helping willing
psychologists and psychiatrists find a way through the legal and
psychological maze. Beyond that there is the question of the lack
of education and experience with DID on the part of the supposed
"experts" who probably overlook this diagnosis more times than
they identify it.

Moody, acting as his own attorney called three psychiatrists to
the stand to testify for the defense. The first was Dr. Jack
Potts who was articulate, but had little to say about the
questions addressed here since he was merely asked to determine
if Moody was competent to stand trial. At first he found he was
not, so he was remanded to a psychiatric facility for several
weeks until he was determined to be competent. Those making the
determination were Dr. John Lawall and Dr. Barry Morenz. Moody
called Lawall to the stand first.

Lawall: Bob Moody told me that he'd been chosen by Extrasensory
Biological Entities, which I referred to in my notes as aliens,
to demonstrate to the world their presence and their reality by
being executed and coming back to life.

Moody: And you find that totally implausible, isn't that correct?

Lawall: Yes.

(The UFOAZ crew who were operating the videotaping equipment
bristled. These were true believers learning for the first time
that the majority in the Pima County courthouse, at least,
thought a person was crazy if they believed in UFOs. It turned
out that the same week a national poll showed that half of the
county believed that UFOs were real and that the government was
covering up the fact of their existence.)

Moody: And why is that?

Lawall: I'm not sure. Totally implausible in what sense?

Moody: Well that's one of the reasons that I asked you why you
came up with that determination.

Lawall: Well, first of all there are a number of possible
explanations for this. One is  -- that is a correct statement. I
don't believe there's adequate evidence of alien visitation. I
think it's a possibility, but I don't believe in that myself and
I think that people who do believe in that have a belief that is
just based on inadequate data. And there are groups of people who
believe all kinds of things that appear to be true to more
skeptical and rational people. So I reject that explanation.
Another possible explanation would be that Bob Moody is suffering
from a mental illness. I rejected that explanation also. I don't
think that your statements, your behavior, your way of thinking
really qualify for mental disorder. I considered some
possibilities and rejected them. I could go into a whole big
discussion about the details of why I rejected various possible
mental conditions. And so there remains the third possibility
that you are making up, all or part of this story regarding the
aliens  and your interaction with them and their affect on you.
and the relationship of them to the allegations against you and
your behavior at the time of the alleged offenses.

Moody: As a professional forensic psychiatrist, if I were to
suggest to you that we were going to put a man on the moon and we
were in 1920, you'd call me crazy wouldn't you?

Lawall: I can't say.

Moody: I'm trying to make a comparison to something that's
totally plausible and something that is definitely possible but
not totally believable.

Lawall: I believe that space travel was not widely held to be
possible in 1920.

The next witness called by the defense was Dr. Barry Morenz. He
practiced psychiatry for the past 10 years at the University of
Arizona Medical Center, and has been certified as a forensic
psychiatrist since 1994. His present position is Associate
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry. He said: "My duties include
being medical director of our psychiatry in-patient unit. I also
conduct regular evaluation for courts and attorneys in Arizona."

Morenz: I said on the mental status exam Mister Moody is a
somewhat overweight pale bearded man with long stringy hair
dressed in an orange jail jumpsuit. He has no hint of cognitive
impairment whatsoever -- that refers to thinking, memory,
language function, ability to be logical, coherent -- he is
always extremely coherent and articulate with no derailment of
thinking... Uh, that means he really doesn't digress and talk in
a way that is hard to understand at all the way some type, some
mentally ill people do...

Case in point here: If a DID switches in and out of states that
were relatively incomprehensible then you could say that some
personalities would fit into Dr. Morenz's thinking. However, in
many of these cases the "presenting personality" is very
articulate and well behaved so that they can carry on the
business of the day. It would be very easy to have a newly formed
"lawyer personality" who was representing Moody and had no idea
who he was. Did anybody bother to ask Lawyer Moody if he ever met
Bob or Joe or whoever? If he is an DID he would probably say "no"
but that he is aware of them. If you asked him further what he
meant by being aware of them he might answer that someone told
him about them but he has never actually seen them or met them.
If you asked him if they were inside or outside of him, he might
respond with something like "that is a stupid question of course
they are outside of me, what do you think I am crazy or
something". This could go on and on and on.

Moody: How much time total did you spend with Bob Moody?

Morenz: Two hours and twenty-five minutes.

Moody: How long to put your report together, sum everything

Morenz: Ah, I spent a total of approximately five hours doing
this, including the time I spent with you and an hour and a half
looking at the video tapes and the rest was record review and
dictating a report...

Moody: You also reviewed a video in which Bob Moody was
interviewed by Public Access?

Morenz: I did.

Moody's lawyer personality was adroit. It zeroed in on how Morenz
conducted his Rule 11 findings. He asked what standardized tests
did he use to find him competent and sane.

Morenz: I don't use a standardized test no.

Moody: Any particular reason why you don't?

Morenz: There have been some questionnaires used for Rule 11
evaluations. None of them have been standardized. I don't give
the typical kinds of psychological testing that psychologists do
such as Minnesota Multiphasic Inventories, Rorcharch and the
like. They aren't typically part of my armamentarium. Times when
I feel they are useful I consult with the psychologists who
administer those tests.

[Continued to part 3]
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